By Erick Szilagyi

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An atmospheric podcast of topics that reside on the fringes of our reality.

Episode Date
ep78 Robert Kryder presentation Michigan Bigfoot Conference 7/30/22










Aug 16, 2022
ep77 Serpent Mounds, Holy Stones and the Giants of North America
A fun episode with the brother sister team Joe and Jennifer Shortridge from 222 Paranormal Podcast. We get into some of the weird archaelogical finds throughout North Americas past. From the mysterious Serpent Mounds, ancient Hebrew inscribed holy stones and the excavation of giant bones.
Aug 09, 2022
ep76 A Michigan Chupacabra?
Tim and his daughter Aliie both check in with seperate accounts of a strange four legged beast neither recognized as being native to their area of eastern Michigan. Much to my suprise Allie then goes into some ghostly adventures her and her whole family have experienced with the guidance from a family friend.
Aug 02, 2022
ep75 Paranormal Podcasts United
Josh Parsons of Hide and Seek Archives put together a comingling of paranormal podcat hosts for a unique show. Originaly airing on his YouTube channel July 12th, I thought it would be nice to give my listeners a chance to preview the hosts of someother worthwile shows they may not have found yet. All in all there was Josh, yours truly, Juntin and Jay from Cryptids of the Corn and Joe and Jen Shortridge from 222 Paranormal sitting in on this panel. Head over to each of their shows and check them out!
Jul 26, 2022
ep74 Delving into Dogman with Joedy Cook
The North American Dogman Project's founder Joedy Cook sits in with us tonight. We dig into much of the evidence and reports his group has collected and he shares some of the more horrific accounts of this wickedly aggressive Cryptid.
Jul 19, 2022
ep73 God and the Paranormal
A brilliant conversation with Arch Bishop Kristina Rake. An incredibly refreshing take on the paranormal, psychics, mediums and just about everyother fringe topic you can think of. This episode took some turns I did not see coming. I've recieved some profound confirmations during other interviews but shook me during this interview. No spoilers... you'll know it when you hear it.
Jul 12, 2022
uNcomfortable Rewind The Dewey Lake Monster
I took a well deserved holiday weekend off. Please enjoy this Rewind back to ep50 The Dewey Lake Monster in preperation of my September 10th event. Bigfoot & Brews is being held at Sister Lakes Brewing Company in Dowigiac Michigan mere minutes from where this fantastic tale occured 58 years ago. Seating is limited and tickets are going fast so go to bigfootandbrews.com for more information and get your tickets while you still can!
Jul 05, 2022
VOTE! paranormalitymag.com
Just a reminder if you havent seen my recent posts. Please head over to paranormallitymag.com and cast a vote for uNcomfortable as your favorite paranormal podcast. 1 vote per email. Thank you all and lets see if we can shake things up a bit. Deadline is July 10th. we'll see you Tuesday with a new episode!
Jun 30, 2022
ep71 Townhall Experiences
Shane Petri, with some help from his son Kayden describe some out of place footprints they discovered in western mid Michigan. Shane was a townhall participant this past May at the West Branch Bigfoot Discovery Days and shares a few other unusual possibly related experiences.
Jun 28, 2022
ep70 The Not So Scary Paranormal With Jay Lynch


Jun 21, 2022
ep69 The Hale Michigan Hairy Man
Don Moffatt joins us via an introduction at arecent townhall meeting I MC'd last month. Don saw an interesting sight during an early morning drive this past February. A very interesting roadside sighting with a bit of a humorous twist.
Jun 14, 2022
ep68 Opening Day Rewind
Im rereleasing a classic from way back. This one never gets old and I'm hoping to bring you some new revalations on this hunting property very soon. As I write this former guest and documentary filmaker Jason Kenzie, is planning an overnight stay at the location of Johns encounter. The plan is to have Jason and his team back on to review their experiences in the next week or two. Enjoy
Jun 07, 2022
ep67 tales_from_the_gridsquare



May 30, 2022
ep 66 IKNOWSQUATCH with Rick Reles
BFRO investigator and co operator of IKNOWSQUATCH.LLC Rick Reles joins the show tonight. Great conversation on the topic with an established, openminded researcher.
May 24, 2022
ep65 Morgan County Howler Updates and Creepy Ambulance Rides
ep30's Jill taps in with some updates on the now infamous Morgan County Howler ( credit her and I for the name lol).Jill also brings to us some odd and creepy experiences she had during her stint as a EMT
May 17, 2022
ep64 Buckeye Manifestation
LAST MINUTE UPDATE: I'm waiting on the particulars but I'm honored to have been asked to appear at May 14ths Bigfoot Discovery Day in West Branch MI. Not sure exactlywhat my role will be but at this point it sounds like I may be MC the townhall meeting! Come out and enjoy an afternoon with Ken Gerhard and Daniel Perez! Tonight Mike Whitley joins us with a face to face meeting with one bully of a ghost he witnessed in southern Ohio durning his stint as a paranormal investigator. Thanks to Mike for touching base with us at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference.
May 10, 2022
ep63 “my spider -sense was tinglin’”
A very unique set of experiences from Scott "captain" Bloom recorded live at this years OBC. "Cap" is an oil field trucker in sw PA running the midnight shift into some very remote locations and experiencing some very unusual things in the course of doing his job! Enjoy!
May 03, 2022
ep62 uNcomfortable Rewind Quantum Thoughts with Ron Morehead
A crazy busy week here folks. Packing and peparing for this weekends Ohio Bigfoot Conference has left me short on time to work on editing new content for you. I thought this would be a good opportunity for an uNcomfortable Rewind and revisit one of my favorite interviews to date...Mr. Ron Morehead. We'll be back soon with new episodes but in the meantime enjoy this classic!
Apr 26, 2022
ep 61 Metaphysical Muskegon
Listener Alan comes to us tonight with some unnerving tales of voices from beyond and things that do a little more than just go bump in the night. One of the experiences finds some validation in a recent TikTok video from Russia of all places.
Apr 19, 2022
ep60 The Hopkinsville Goblins
Something a bit different for you guys tonight. This is an oldie but goody, one of the accounts that really captured my attention as a young boy and helped to shape my love of these topics. This was a lot of fun for me and I hope you enjoy listening. Dont worry I'm not abandoning my normal format, just wanted to change it up tonight.
Apr 12, 2022
ep59 My Summer With Mike
Randy Cutrara from the Yankee Springs area sits in and details some truly incredible accounts he had with a juvenile Sasquatch when he was a young boy. Get your score cards out for this one guys. As if the his interactions with this creature aren't enough... lets throw in some cover up, military involvment, attempted memory wiping and a murder!
Apr 05, 2022
ep58 Michigan Researcher Phil Shaw
One of the more recognizable names in Michigan Bigfoot research and reporting. Phil Shaw sits down with us tonight and discusses some of his insights on Bigfoot in mid Michigan. This conversation jogs a memory of a bizarre site I witnessed up in the Upper Peninsula several years back.
Mar 29, 2022
ep57 The Bigfoot Mapping Project with Scott Tompkins
Scott Tompkins, the creator of the Bigfoot Mapping Project app is tonights guest. This episode has it all... science, controversy and personal experiences. What an informative and entertaining episode. Make sure to give this project a follow on Instagram for relavant information and if you havent installed the app yet...go check it out now! It's available for iOS and Android and will be the best $2 you'll spend this year!
Mar 22, 2022
ep56 Attacked in East Texas
David joins us tonight with a frank discussion of an attack he experienced some 40 years ago in East Texas. Daybreak at a Sulfer River boat launch is the setting for this terrifying and brutal account.
Mar 15, 2022
ep55 Your Land Is Their Land
Rob joins us tonight with some incredible observations gained over 30 plus years of sharing his property with what he believes to be 2 Bigfoot family groups. Robs property is located in lower central Michigan's Jackson county.
Mar 08, 2022
ep54 Believer and the Realist
A change of pace tonight. I asked a friend of mine to sit in with me. Just your average Joe, not an investigator...not a researcher... not an experiencer. We take casual dive into his perceptions of the finge topics we usually cover on this show. I think we become conditioned to placing ourselves in one camp or another when it comes to hearing extraordinary accounts, I think this discussion shows there can be a middle of the road perspective that does not have to result in polarizing oppositions we see so often in these topics.
Mar 01, 2022
ep53 The Crumstown Connection
Audio at the 33 minute mark fixed. CORRECTION!!! The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is April 30th not May 1st Dave joins us tonight in an episode filled with corroborating stories of a wooded property first discussed in episode 22. Strikingly similar experiences leading me to think there is something very strange going on in this somewhat rural northwest Indiana community.
Feb 22, 2022
ep52 Cryptid Conversations with Justin England
Cryptids of the Corn host Justin England joins us with some compelling personal encounters that led him to researching and ultimately podcasting about these elusive beings.
Feb 15, 2022
ep51 Father and son Bigfoot researchers Todd and Josh Parsons
Thanks to Josh Parsons , host of Hide and Seek Archives podcast/ researcher and his father Todd of the east Texas group T.A.A.P.S. for sitting in tonight. We get into personal experiences, field research equipment and personal beliefs on what Sasquatch is and why they do what they do.
Feb 08, 2022
ep50 The Dewey Lake Monster
Woo Hoo !!! we did it! The 50th episode!!! Just me tonight folks. This is a bit different from our other episodes. Tonight I go into as much detail as I can thru the use of the actual news paper articles written during this rash of sightings in southwest Michigan. Plenty of announcements for upcoming events I'll be involved with as well. Let us know if you'd like more episodes in this format, I really enjoyed putting it together for you.
Feb 01, 2022
ep49 Mysterious Triangles with Cheryl Lynn Carter
Cheryl revisits the show this week as we discuss selections from her newest effort Dimensions : Mysterious Triangles of the U.S. Fear not as usual, we digress into some other related stories, conspiracies and experiences. Don't forget to head over to www.bigfootandbrews.com to get your tickets for this Septembers Bigfoot & Brews conference! It's shaping up to be a BEST OF uNcomfrotable event.
Jan 25, 2022
ep48 Searching for Sasquatch with Filmmaker Jason Kenzie
Searching for Sasquatch documentarian Jason Kenzie sits in with us tonight. We talk about his award winning streaming series and the Michigan Upper Peninsula expedition featured in chapters 3 and 4.
Jan 18, 2022
ep47 A Life In Mediumship pt2 with Karen Tatro
As promised, continuation of conversation with east coast Medium Karen Tatro. We dig into her early years and what it was like growing up with abilities that set her apart from others. I asked Karen to bring us some of her experiences with spirit that spans from the uplifting to the rather terrifying and she did just that!
Jan 11, 2022
ep46 a Life in Mediumship with Karen Tatro pt1
Happy New Year my friends! Part 1 of 2 with Medium Karen Tatro. A very interesting and frank discussion of the experiences and defining moments which led to the eventual realization of her gifts. Many Thanks to Courtlan Gordon from ep41 for his unintentional introduction of this woman. Merely seeing a picture of her during his investigation of the Conjuring House spoke to me and prompted my reaching out to her. So glad I did! Lots of great info here folks!
Jan 04, 2022
ep45 Robert Kryder pt2
A continuation of ep44 with Robert going in depth with some fascinating observations on his continuing research of these elusive beings. All ears on this one folks, some of this info is truly mind boggling. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to speak with this man. His insights are indispensable.
Dec 28, 2021
Kristmas Krampus Tales 4 Merry Christmas Everyone!
One more from Jeff Spezial to round out the Holiday. Enjoy and I truly hope you've all had a wonderful day! Merry Christmas!
Dec 26, 2021
ep44 Robert Kryder pt1
Southwest native Robert Kryder of Kryder Exploration camps out with us tonight in a marathon session. In this first 90 minutes we take an in depth look at the orchestrated attempts to discredit the research, disrepute the community and push disinformation on the truth seekers who want to learn about the Bigfoot / Sasquatch coterie.
Dec 21, 2021
Kristmas Krampus Tales3
More gruesome holiday poetry by Jeff Speziale
Dec 19, 2021
ep43 Extraterrestrials, Masonic recruitment, a deal with the Devil and Gematria proves God exists
@beserkspacecowboy Mr. Ron Weed joins us tonight with a cornucopia of bizarre seemingly related events including reptilian agents encouraging a deal with the Devil, and an early brush with Masonic recruitment exposing Gematria and Numerology as possibly proving the existence of God. Strap up those thinking caps for this one guys!
Dec 14, 2021
Kristmas Krampus Tales 2
another kreepy Krampus poem from the talented Jeff Speziale. Visit more of his work at jspeziale.com
Dec 12, 2021
ep42 uNearthly glow, uNinvited visitors and iNvisibility spells?
Salt Lake City Utah checks in with us tonight with a number of unusual topics. This one takes a turn I wasn't expecting.
Dec 07, 2021
Kristmas Krampus Tales
A special thanks to J Speziale for letting me read his Krampus poems for you all. Visit his gruesome titles at jspeziale.com
Dec 05, 2021
ep41 Courtlan Gordon The Conjuring House, Haunted Dolls and a SW Michigan Squatch?
Film maker, YouTuber, investigator and all around adventurer Courtlan Gordon sits in with me tonight. We cover some of his paranormal projects that are in the works, his investigation of the Conjuring House, haunted dolls and a possible Sasquatch encounter in southwest Michigan back in his youth. Oddly enough a direct correlation to the area in my Opening Day episodes
Nov 30, 2021
ep40 Keepin' it in the family with some experiences from the mitten state
My son Jake and his friend Chelsea sit in with me tonight. We cover a series of odd events he experienced while working in the Petoskey Michigan wilderness in August of 2020. Chelsea enters the conversation when we move south to Wellston Michigan and their weekend getaway at an airbnb within the Huron Manistee National Forest this October. If you're keeping score...there are a lot of boxes checked by these two.
Nov 23, 2021
ep39 pt2 Spiritual awakenings with Jen Kruse
part 2 with Jen Kruse. A continuation of topics including the Mandela effect, spiritual awakenings and the positioning of ones self to receive the benefits from the long forgotten Universes Law of Attraction . A fascinating discussion with someone who has fully embraced and revels in the experiences she's had.
Nov 15, 2021
ep38 Spiritual awakenings with Jen Kruse
part 1 of 2 with the lovely Jen Kruse. We cover a myriad of topics including the Mandela effect, spiritual awakenings and psychic intuitions. A fascinating discussion with someone who has fully embraced and revels in the experiences she's had.
Nov 09, 2021
ep37 Bigfoot discussed with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Naturalist with Ohio's Salt Fork State Park, John Hickenbottom sits in with me tonight. We discuss the DNR sanctioned Bigfoot webinar series John produced and hosted and the open and accepting relationship the park has with enthusiasts and serious researchers alike.
Nov 02, 2021
uNcomfortable Campfire Stories
Oct 31, 2021
ep36 Justin's Journey
Justin joins us from the Sunshine State. For the last 15 years he has been on a journey of spiritual entanglement through of all things.....occultism. Now that you've a preconceived notion of what you're about to hear, I assure you by the end of this discussion you'll look at practitioners of Magick a bit differently.
Oct 26, 2021
uNcomfortable Campfire Stories chapter 3
Oct 24, 2021
ep35 Psyop with Joel Thomas
Joel Thomas is back with us for a woke wonderland of critical insights into what's going on in the elitist underbelly of todays world. This is a deep one boys and girls so grab that bottle of reds from the cabinet and settle in. Was the worship of Baphomet over 700 years ago a catalyst to the trans humanism we see today? Are pocket tech and visionaries like Elon Musk leading us into a hive mind? Did todays cryptids receive their DNA from the Nephilim? All this and much more plus a special early release of Joel's newest solo effort. Hear it here first, only on uNcomfortable
Oct 19, 2021
uNcomfortable Campfire Stories chapter 2
Another creepy installment of uNcomfortable Campfire Stories to help get you in the mood. Pull the speaker close or better yet pop in your ear buds and lets stoke the fire.
Oct 17, 2021
ep34 Minnesota Grid Marks and much more
Our second dive into this topic. Ellie joins us from Minnesota with her and her husbands experiences regarding the Red Grid Marks. We quickly learn that this experience is just scratching the surface of our guests lifetime of unusual occurrences. A fascinating conversation with turns I was not expecting.
Oct 12, 2021
uNcomfortable Campfire Stories
I thought we'd try something special for you guys since it was October! I thought you might like some short creepy stories to listen to just before bed. If you enjoy this and would like to hear more stories like this please let us know on social media or via email. Stay safe and stay uNcomfortable my friends.
Oct 10, 2021
ep33 the Holguin Files
You may recognize tonight's guest from her first appearance back in episode 20. Emily returns to tell us the ins and outs of being part of a not for profit paranormal investigation team in Texas. We cover some of her more recent memorable investigations.
Oct 05, 2021
ep32 The Red Grid Mark Phenomenon with Justin Sanderson
As advertised, this is the first of what I assume will be several looks at this not so well known topic. Justin joins the show with a very concise mapping of these bizarre markings people are experiencing throughout the world. Allergic reaction, autoimmune response, internal manifestation or extraterrestrial intervention? I invite you to visit Red Grid Mark Phenomenon Experiencers and Researchers page on Facebook while listening to this episode to have a better idea of what exactly we are talking about tonight.
Sep 28, 2021
ep31 Jeff's grab bag of historical High Strangeness
UFO's, Polar Nazi hideouts, lost Amazon cultures, catastrophic civilization resets... take your pick! tonight Jeff returns to the show and we cover a litany of strange topics. Just enough to wet your whistles and hopefully encourage you to do some personal research into these fascinating topics. Strap in folks this is a grocery list of historical weirdness.
Sep 21, 2021
ep30 The Morgan County Howler
Jill joins us with unusual happenings on and around her property in southern Indiana. Missing livestock, strange gifts and eerie singular howls from the woods.
Sep 14, 2021
ep29 Val "The Gumshoguy" Zavala pt2
Val is back with a treasure trove of recurring but less often talked about attributes of these beings. Another information filled conversation with anecdotal and historical referencing thrown in for good measure. If you're open minded and crave "filling in the blanks" on this topic... this will be one you ought not miss!
Sep 07, 2021
ep28 "The Gumshoguy" Val Zavala pt1
A 25+ year veteran of law enforcement has an unexpected encounter that drastically reroutes his plans for retirement.
Aug 31, 2021
ep27 Psychic Medium Cheryl Lynn Carter
Michigan based psychic Cheryl Lynn Carter joins us as we cover her wealth of experiences. Psychic medium, MUFON ufo investigator and remote viewer.
Aug 24, 2021
Bonus Cliff Barackman at the Michigan Bigfoot Conference 07/17/21
Short and sweet! 20 minutes spent with Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot and the podcast Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo. Cliff was gracious enough to sit down with me at a recent Bigfoot conference and do a lightning round between visitor to our vendors booths.
Aug 19, 2021
ep26 I don't know what it was... but I know what it wasn't!
Listener Angel relives an experience from 2019 in the Uinta Mountains. Two years have passed and she's still plagued with almost daily reminders of that summer night.
Aug 17, 2021
ep25 Prayers Answered?
Niko Polizzi, host of Upstate Unconventional podcast joins us with episodes of missing time, bizarre markings on his body and other odd experiences.
Aug 10, 2021
ep24 City Slickers and a Squatch?
A married couple sit in with me tonight and we discuss some odd experiences they've had while camping in Marquette Michigan.
Aug 03, 2021
ep23 The Lady In The Window
More weirdness from the Great Lakes state! Listener Jeff sits in with us to relay some odd peripheral experiences throughout living in several locations in his home state and a great childhood story.
Jul 27, 2021
ep22 Nicholas, let it go
Tonight, Nicholas, a listener lays out the very outstretched and seemingly paranormal experiences he and his loved ones have been tormented by in their northern Indiana town. I'll leave this one up to you to figure out.
Jul 20, 2021
ep21 Mike Familant of Sussex County Bigfoot Research
East coast researcher Mike Familant joins us to discuss the how's, where's, and why's of investigating Bigfoot in of all places New Jersey. Let's find out what it's like living In The Shadow Of Big Red Eye!
Jul 13, 2021
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Jul 09, 2021
ep20 Third Times A Charm
One of my earliest reviewers joins me to discuss her brushes with unexplainable. With a resilient positivity, she relays these interactions that have spanned the majority of her life putting her on a journey of investigation. Our collaboration on this episode was bizarrely plagued from the start with emails not sending properly, a power outage, multiple cell phone failures, corrupted files and re recordings. Her willingness to complete this episode has endeared her to me to no end.
Jul 06, 2021
ep19 Mischievous in Michigan
A listener submission. Jamie takes us on a journey throughout northern Michigan and the mischievous events that seemed to follow her there. Listen past the shows outro, I've added an additional event Jamie sent me several days after our recording. This one will get you. I will tell you this, I had already named this episode and uploaded it a week prior to Jamie sending me her additional audio.
Jun 29, 2021
ep18 Physicians' Untold Stories with Scott Kolbaba
Tonight we step out of the darkness to bask in the light of seemingly Devine interventions. Scott Kolbaba MD joins us with several cases from his book Physicians' Untold Stories. Amazing stories of miraculous medical entanglements from credible doctors that rarely if ever acknowledged
Jun 22, 2021
ep17 Warnings from Beyond
Local listener Josh sits down with me and details some of the odd experiences throughout his growing up. A possible series of warnings the would possibly payoff years later.
Jun 15, 2021
ep16 Quantum thoughts with Ron Morehead
The legend Ron Morehead reflects on a nearly 50 year entanglement with the Sasquatch phenomena and how quantum physics may be the key to explaining its existence and abilities.
Jun 08, 2021
ep15 Cognitive Dissonance
Musical artist Joel Thomas joins us to in an enlightening conversation. We tackle the inconsistencies details and ideals that are conveyed to us through todays media. Many of us feel these perspectives are forced on us and are contrary to what we know in our gut to be the truth. This is a wild one friends so pop that red pill and check this one out.
Jun 01, 2021
ep14 Blake Duescher of the Lost Cryptids Conservatory
Founder of the Lost Cryptids Conservatory Blake Duescher joins tonight's show. We delve into the world of Sasquatch investigations from the standpoint of what is involved with putting a team in the field. A very informative, kind of behind the scenes, take on the life of an investigator and his team.
May 25, 2021
ep13 Bonus Mini My Local Legends Challenge
Local Legends Challenge! This is a mini bonus episode of several haunted locals that shaped my love of the paranormal. Now we want to hear about yours! Simply open the voice recorder app on your smart phone, record your hometown legends and email us! Challenge accepted? We'll collect your submissions and put them together for an upcoming episode!
May 13, 2021
ep12 Michigan Dogman and the Paulding Light
Originally slated to be about the Michigan Dogman, consider this a "two fer" as we run off the rails and discuss our experiences at The Paulding Light. I need to make a correction in that segment we we give the location as being between Watersmeet and Bruce Landing... It's actually Bruce Crossing.
May 11, 2021
ep11 Big Momma in the Alabama Skies
A listener submission from northeastern Alabama. Nathan throws some shade on the possibilities of extraterrestrial flyovers but questions what he's consistently seeing in the night time skies above his rural home. Then he throws me a curveball I never saw coming!
May 04, 2021
ep10 The Weekend Squatcher
Travis Bell from the greater Kalamazoo Michigan area joins me tonight. Travis is a great representation of an average weekend Sasquatch researcher. No high end specialized equipment just a boots on the ground common sense approach. Personal experiences and the a couple of terrifying accounts he's collected through interviews
Apr 27, 2021
ep9 The Serpents of the Great Lakes with Shetan Noir
A deep dive into the serpents and monstrous native American legends of the Great Lakes with author Shetan Noir
Apr 20, 2021
ep8 Suburban Sasquatch with James Lady
James Lady of the Michigan Aboriginal Project joins the show. We discuss his unique views on the phenomena and get to preview some incredibly disturbing audio captures of his. Much of his research takes place in some surprisingly suburban areas of Michigan.
Apr 13, 2021
ep7 the Church of Satan with Rev. Eric Vernor
An hour well spent with the Rev. Eric Vernor from Ft Wayne Indiana's Church of Satan.
Apr 06, 2021
ep6 Graveyard

A listener details her and her friends experiences while trying to document the paranormal.

Mar 30, 2021
ep5 Dinner with a Witch

An evening spent with the lovely Susan Moore. A modern day Witch of Native American heritage discusses her craft and the many unusual spirits and creatures she spends her daily life with. A number of unusual experiences happened during this interview, some of which has changed my perspective on some of these subjects

Mar 23, 2021
ep4 The Entity : Friend or Fiend

As a young man Cory was visited by what he believes was an extraterrestrial entity. At first the encounter seemingly aggressive in nature but seems to play out differently as the years have passed.  

Mar 16, 2021
ep3 Opening Day pt2

Opening Day pt2 is a continuation of accounts by "John" and his two daughters in southwest Michigan. Additional activity at the homestead and some insightful commentary on their feelings of why the phenomena may have followed them home. 
Please contact me at contact.uncomfortable@gmail.com with your experiences or topics you'd like to hear covered on future episodes of the podcast 

Mar 02, 2021
ep2 Opening Day pt 1
First of a two part episode with "John" and his 2 daughters who have experienced some truly unusual encounters. Three family members tell their accounts spread across two locations but all in southwest Michigan a stones throw from a sizable populous.
Feb 24, 2021
ep1 Visit with a demonologist

Reverend Robert DuShane joins the show.  We journey through the many experiences and revelations that led to his formation of a ghost hunting group as a young man and ultimately heading his group Paranormal Michigan Inc. There are a variety of related topics covered, some frank discussion of demonology and what he witnessed during a church sanctioned exorcism. A very interesting conversation with an accomplished individual.

Feb 14, 2021