By Dor R.

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Category: Relationships

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I began my personal journey through poetry, prose and photography on IG and missed the element of verbally expressing them, which led to this platform. I elaborate on topics that occupy my over working mind and everything from relationships to mindfulness and the depth of a journey we call life. Thank you for listening! Music by Ivan Gomez

Episode Date
20. Good enough
In this episode, I'm discussing the feeling we carry with us often, of feeling like we are not good enough, in certain situations and or relationships. Always happy to hear your thoughts, you can DM me on Instagram @DorDornyc and if you enjoy, please share and subscribe and listen to previous episodes. Thank you to Ivan Gomez for the music and all of you, for listening.
Nov 21, 2022
19. Down memory lane
On my last night in Israel, I walked over to my old childhood building and the experience brought a lot of clarity and maybe some sort of closure.
Sep 07, 2022
18. Attraction and Repulsion
Newly single, I'm navigating the many different experiences and this one in particular is one to mention as it highlights many changes within me. Thank you to Ivan Gomez for the music.
Jul 13, 2022
17. Are you OK? Openess and vulnerability
Ever been asked that question, or asked it and gotten the same response, a "yes I'm ok" , or "it will be ok", knowing it isn't the case? What happens to all sides, when we share our truth? Listen and share and subscribe if you connect. Thank you Ivan Gomez for your music.
Jun 20, 2022
In this episode I'm concluding the last 12 months and what I have learned in the process about endings, beginnings, life in general and mostly where I have changed. Thank you for being here and thank you Ivan Gomez for the music!
May 25, 2022
15. Red flags
What are red flags? Which should we pay attention to in any relationship and more so, how do we know to acknowledge them in time? Lots to ponder. Thank you Ivan Gomez for the music
Apr 08, 2022
14. Reinventing yourself - mid life
One of the biggest fears as you get older is that sense of needing to reinvent yourself or rediscover yourself amidst a major life shift or event. The older we get, the more set in our ways we are, and the more difficult we think it is. This episode examines (very much on the surface) the notion that we can't and what it brings with it from my experience. Music by the lovely Ivan Gomez
Mar 06, 2022
13. Alone vs. Lonely
A while back, I had posted in my story on Instagram, a few subjects that may interest people and one of them, that caught the most attention was about how we sometimes feel lonely within relationships (any type) and how hard it is to not be alone, but feel that way. In this episode, I am discussing my experience with that feeling and how I managed it (ongoing) and what it brought up to the surface. I hope you enjoy this. If you relate, please consider sharing, rating and or subscribing  My best, Dor Music by Ivan Gomez
Jan 13, 2022
12. Death
For me, death is always a rebirth . The physical one is an unknown and even then, it will end something that signifies a beginning of sorts It is the living, that I want to focus on, knowing it has cycles of death, even within it -Dorin music by Ivan Gomez
Oct 30, 2021
11. Needs vs. Being comfortable
I have been struggling in a very specific area of my life with staying in a place that is comfortable and familiar, even when it doesn't serve my needs, wants or even healthy. I'm exploring this topic across the many aspects of my life and situations. Music by Ivan Gomez
Sep 25, 2021
10. Closure
Closure? For my last episode in my first season, this seems like a fitting subject. I have yet to truly plan an episode, or even write it down like I have this one. As opposed to my stream or consciousness ones thus far, this one I felt that I needed to mindfully give an extra time to dissect. What is closure? How do we achieve it? Is it really possible to have a full closure ? Does it come from within, or from an external source? I can't say there is a definitive answer, but there are a few point of views to look into. Enjoy listening and consider subscribing, sharing and following me on Instagram. Music by Ivan Gomez
Sep 09, 2021
9. The need to connect and then.. silence
I have learned a lot about myself that is very new, in the past few months. Mostly about how to ask for help and the other, how to sit in silence. Both are very hard for me to do, but were part of this new process I've never encountered before and a learning curve that I have yet to master (or ever wish to). Thank you for Ivan Gomez for the music!
Sep 01, 2021
8. Setbacks
How many times did you work so hard on healing from something , only to find yourself either self sabotaging the process or allowing for such from an outside source? The setbacks can be extremely lengthy and painful. This episode deals with them in a stream of consciousness, that hopefully will make sense. Music by Ivan Gomez
Aug 27, 2021
7. The art of letting go/ Endings
Hey everyone, this is a new episode after a long hiatus and some recent changes. I hope you connect with this episode and thank you for being here. As always, big thanks to Ivan Gomez for the music
Aug 17, 2021
6. The asking vs. Expecting
I have been battling with this for as long as I remember. I have always set high expectations of myself, that naturally I have put on others as well. I have never been able to ask for what I need, rather than assuming people will know what it is. Here lies what of my biggest faults and one I am happy to correct and learn from *Thank you Ivan for this music! 
Apr 21, 2021
5. Ghost (ing)
I was curious for a while now, by that trend of ghosting in many types of relationships, that fall outside the dating world and enters meaningful long lasting friendships and romantic relationships the same. Join me ,as I process it all. Thank you to Ivan Gomez for his beautiful guitar playing
Mar 30, 2021
4. The love we deserve
I was asked what was harder? To love someone, or to allow another to love me. Listen to the provoking thoughts it brought to mind. Music by Ivan Gomez
Mar 22, 2021
When you need some extra light in your life It never fails, it comes . Music by Ivan Gomez
Mar 07, 2021
2. Perception
Perhaps the way we looked at each other, was tainted by the many mixed signals we have been accustomed to ,along the way. Maybe , we have failed to look at each other from the same vantage point, staring into the same horizon. I wonder if we have, would we have seen what was ahead of us? *music by Ivan Gomez
Feb 22, 2021
1. Are relationships ending makes them an automatic personal failure?
I am sharing my first podcast with a topic that I struggled with, for a long time. The sense of failure behind any kind of a relationship that ends in my life.
Feb 16, 2021