Two Idiot Girls

By Deison & Drew Afualo

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Category: Comedy

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Episode Date
SEASON 2: EPISODE 3 - Mental Health Checkkkkk

hi loves! this week we're tackling mental health (as well as we can I guess lol) We talk about our journeys towards realizing (and for Drew accepting lol) our mental health problems and all the ways we've learned to help it along the way. We understand that focusing on mental health is an issue that a lot of us baddies struggle with and we want to be vulnerable with y'all in how we're navigating it all! We are by no means "fully healed" -- whatever the heck that means lol but we're growing and learning just like y'all!

We are by no means professionals so please be sure to reach out to loved ones should you need any immediate help! We wanted to include some helplines below should you need them, we love you! | 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255

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Jan 19, 2022
SEASON 2: EPISODE 2 - Every body is a BEAUTIFUL body!

hi nerds! another episode....on time???? We love scheduled content! This week we're covering one of our most asked for topics: body neutrality! We take you through our journeys with food, exercise, and learning to love our bodies. We believe that not only does everyone have a beautiful body, but you deserve love and respect NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BODY LOOKS LIKE! And while we're not always at peace with our bodies, we're learning & growing day to day.

Tell ur local gym bro that fatphobia isn't cute and neither is their receding hairline :D

We'll see you next wednesday babes, love youuuuu <333

PS: Follow us on Instagram! @deisontait / @drewafualo & keep an eye out for our podcast's instagram!

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Jan 12, 2022
SEASON 2: EPISODE 1 - Let's Talk Dating??

NEW YEAR NEW SEASON ANDDDD A NEW EPISODE????? that's my cuppa teaaaaa. We hope you all had a lot of fun during the holidays and are ready for a new season of your two favorite idiot girls! In today's episode we detail our traumatic first date, why it bled into an even MORE traumatizing Prom experience, and why men are basically the worst. We also roast a few Tinder Profiles some of you amazing humans sent in lol 

We have a lot planned for our podcast for this year and can't wait to share it with y'all!

Send us topics you want us to cover and maybe guests you'd like for us to include.... 0_0 

we love youuuuu see you next wednesdayyyyyyy ttyl <3333

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Jan 06, 2022
SEASON 1: EPISODE 5 - College > High School

Today we're back with a new episode sharing our personal journeys from High School to College! This transition can be really tough because growing up is the worst and looks nothing like Hannah Montana. And what do you mean when I go to college I have to choose my own classes without a guidance counselor??? AND I HAVE TO OBEY MY OWN ALARM CLOCK???? We're here to prepare you for the worst!

love u all! xx

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Sep 04, 2021
SEASON 1: EPISODE 4 - Crushes and Relationships are so WEIRD?!

Hi loves! We're back with another episode and this time we're tackling the ups and downs of having crushes to being in relationships! Why did we really believe Disney Channel Original movies would properly prepare us?! We share our fair share of crushes, how we transitioned into dating, and how we're both currently in relationships with no heads to turn to -- LOVE ISLAND STYLE BITCH. Of course we have tea to spill and plenty of advice to share! 

Let us know what you want to hear next! xx

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Aug 28, 2021
SEASON 1: EPISODE 3 - Women aren't allowed to literally like ANYTHING

Have you ever been made fun of for just....liking something??? Well boy do we have an episode for YOU! Women, and all marginalized communities in general, have never been able to exist nevertheless fucking LIKE something without constant shitty comments being thrown their way. In this episode we talk about all of the things we've stanned together and how we DGAFed our way through all of the negative crap along the way! 

ps: Technology was quite the bitch this week so we apologize for any funky audio bits you might hear but are very grateful to you all! Pls send us topics y'all wanna hear in the next coming episodes! <3 

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Aug 19, 2021
SEASON 1: EPISODE 2 - Breaking the Chokehold of Internal Misogyny

Hiiii we're backkkkk! Raise your hand if you or someone you know has personally been a victim of internalized misogyny cuz I know I have! In this episode we talk about how we destroyed the Loki-style variant versions of ourselves who were pick me girls and are still growing and learning everyday! We share stories and tips we've picked up along the way that helped us realize how we were allowing internal misogyny to control our everyday lives without our knowledge. Growing up in a patriarchal society just be like that sometimes.

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Aug 14, 2021
SEASON 1: EPISODE 1 - Hire Us @ Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson !!!

Are you curious what 2 idiot girls think of Polynesian representation in mainstream media???? Because I know I am. Today we dive into how our community has been represented in the past, present and (hopefully better) in the future when it comes to movies. Because what's the point of being Samoan if "The Rock" doesn't play at least 1 character in all 5 movies that represent you in Hollywood? 

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Feb 19, 2021