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A behind-the-scenes companion podcast for the new HBO Max dramedy, Generation, from the perspective of the writers and actors who brought the show to life.

Episode Date
Episode 105 with Chase Sui Wonders and Zelda Barnz
Hormonal teens may eternally seem fast to their elders, but the slow burn is still alive. In the fifth episode of the HBO Max original series Generation, homosexual pining glimpses acceleration in the liminal space of the Southern California equivalent of the Snow Day. Our protagonists’ crushes intensify: Greta and Riley’s mutual desire deepens, and — unbeknownst to Sam — so does Chester’s romantic pursuit of his guidance counselor. So on the fifth episode of Generation: The Podcast, hosts Gigi Goode & Whembley Sewell talk about the anatomy of a queer teenage crush with show co-creator Zelda Barnz and Chase Sui Wonders, who stars as Riley. Plus: fashion as carapace, bleached blonde tendrils as flagging, and isolation as an incubator for creativity.
Apr 08, 2021
Episode 104 with Martha Plimpton, Sharr White & Zelda Barnz
Behind every mother’s truly unhinged external monologue is a rampant internal monologue. In other words, if an Orange County white evangelical Christian mom is going off at the PTA meeting about gluten-free snacks… it’s definitely not about snacks. In episode four of the Generation, the HBO Max original series, we get a closer look at Megan, the woman who birthed dynamic twin duo Naomi and Nathan, and worries relentlessly about whether or not they will go to hell. So on the fourth episode of Generation: The Podcast, hosts Gigi Goode & Whembley Sewell unpack Megan’s relationship to normalcy, sex, loss, and change with series writer Sharr White, legendary actor Martha Plimpton, who brings Megan to life onscreen, and Generation co-creator Zelda Barnz.
Apr 01, 2021
Episode 103 with Uly Schlesinger and Zelda Barnz
Generation is, at its heart, about connection. To biological family, chosen queer family, and of course, every teen’s number one obsession: their friends. And what better way to explore the complex possibilities and crags of family and friendship than getting really, really… toasted? In episode three of the HBO original series, the gang gets stoned and has revelations big and small. The biggest, most irreversible, and most public revelation belongs to Nathan. So on the third episode of Generation: The Podcast, hosts Gigi Goode & Whembley Sewell get into real and fictional comings out with show creator Zelda Barnz and Uly Schlesinger, who stars as Nathan. It’s the Bisexual Representation episode. And, we finally find out what’s the story behind those stressy mall birth scenes that start every episode with a putrefying bang.
Mar 25, 2021
Episode 102 with Nathanya Alexander and Zelda Barnz
This podcast episode contains a discussion about active shooter/lockdown drills which may be triggering to some listeners. Discretion is advised.  Episode two of the HBO Max Original series gives the American high school institutions of lockdown and the Gay Straight Alliance club the Generation treatment: chewing them up and spitting them out with moments of wry humor, poignancy and utter chaos. And we get a closer look at Arianna, the ride-or-die friend and party girl who uses her gay dads as an excuse for making homophobic jokes. In the second episode of Generation: The Podcast, hosts Gigi Goode & Whembley Sewell get the real take on cringe high school traditions from series creator Zelda Barnz and explore what animates Arianna’s antics with the actor who portrays her, Nathanya Alexander. Plus: more sapphic longing, Gen Z mental health awareness, and, of course, the big “dickscovery.”
Mar 18, 2021
Episode 101 with Justice Smith, Daniel Barnz, and Zelda Barnz
In Generation’s pilot episode, we’re introduced to series protagonist Chester as he struts through his high school campus impeccably dressed in a glittery crop top, turning heads and creating a spectacle. But by the end of the episode, we are beginning to know a teenager who struggles to be seen, who wants to be connected, and who plumbs the depths of loneliness. In the first episode of Generation: The Podcast hosts Gigi Goode and Whembley Sewell unravel Chester with the actor who brings the character to life, Justice Smith, as well as Generation’s co-creators Zelda and Daniel Barnz. Listen to find out what’s really going on between Chester and the new guidance counselor, Sam, what it’s like for a real, queer teenager to write a TV show about high school with her gay dad, and why queer teens like Chester deserve a closer look.
Mar 11, 2021
Introducing Generation: The Podcast
In the companion podcast to the explosive new HBO Max dramedy Generation, hosts Gigi Goode and Whembley Sewell sit down for a roundtable chat with creators, writers, and actors from the show to unpack a specific episode of the TV series and ultimately, peel back the many layers of the most complex and evolved generation ever. Together, the group reveals the origins of each Generation episode: who brought the story to the table, what inspired it, and how it all came together in the writers’ room and on set. In doing so, these intimate conversations uncover how some of the more pressing issues facing Gen Z—from identity and sexuality to social media and depression—have affected these guests’ personal lives, and directly influenced the storylines and dialogue portrayed within the show.
Mar 03, 2021