Logically In Love with Savannah Gamblin

By Savannah Gamblin

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Tired of letting relationships take over your emotions and cause you to feel blind-sighted by love? Each week, Psychology student Savannah Gamblin breaks down common relationship problems between friends, family, partners, and yourself, why they happen, and how to fix them.

Episode Date
Jealousy Do's and Don'ts

Jealousy and insecurities, we all have them, we hate them. Instead of trying to get rid of them though, why don't we just learn better way's to respond to them?

Apr 20, 2021
Pt. 1 of Communication
Communication is arguably the most important component to any and every relationship. That is why this week, Savannah Gamblin covers the foundational building blocks to any successful conversation and how to go into any talk with the right mindset.
Apr 12, 2021
Reason #3 of the 9MR
It's the last of the three reasons you could be stuck in the realization stage of the 9MR! Reason #3: you have a healthy relationship except... Often times, we find ourselves in really happy, fulfilling relationships but there's just ooonneee issue that...
Apr 05, 2021
Reason #2 of the 9MR
This week we are covering the foundation to communication barriers! If you're stuck in the realization stage of the 9MR it could be because of constant bickering or misunderstandings due to lack of knowing you and your partners love language!...
Mar 30, 2021
Are you Afraid to be Alone?
This week we break down the first reason why you could be stuck in the "Realization" stage of the 9MR, you might be afraid to be alone! In this episode, Savannah breaks down common unhealthy behaviors that women do out of fear of being alone that most...
Mar 22, 2021
The 9 Month Rule
Ever wonder why your relationships seem to start unraveling after a few months?  Do you ever feel like you're going in a circle with the same fights or problems? In this episode, Savannah Gamblin explains how you don't know the reality of your...
Mar 15, 2021
Start Here!
Want to learn how to set boundaries, build self confidence, and apply psychology to solving your relationship problems? Then this is the podcast for you!
Mar 01, 2021