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By Mitch Kelly

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Life’s a Mitch Podcast is a new podcast about storytelling. I dive into meeting new and catching up with the best and most interesting people in my life . We speak about life stories because I am absolutely in love with great story telling . So join me on a journey to uncover the best stories from around the world from those who don’t ordinarily get a chance to be in the limelight . There are captivating truths revealed , funny moments revisited and of course everyone's favorite segment " Having a Bitchy with Mitchy" . Where the guests come on and have a good old whine about whatever is troubling them no matter how big or small the issue this is guaranteed to make you laugh !! Episodes out every Friday. ! And if not you can simply have a refund :P ... I have been able to hear stories all over the world so far and have even appeared on many other podcasts sharing my crazy funny stories. I also appeared on television gameshow in a scrubs onesie and even met Turk and JD off scrubs on their podcast( Fake doctors real friends). This journey has been fun so far and I hope to take this podcast to as many people as possible worldwide. .. PS To those who have been involved so far in my journey I thank you all from the bottom of my heart . Sincerely M! I encourage you all if you want to be involved with the show interact anytime on the socials posted below and please feel free to leave a review on apple play . Also if you want to share your own story and appear on the podcast please feel free to contact me at anytime : Instagram : @lifesamitch_podcast Email : Or if you want to book me on a podcast feel free to email me or check me out at:

Episode Date
Episode 21 (Raising an Events Empire from the ground up Ft Nicole Santer)
On this episode I had the pleasure to speak with a modern day Australian entrepreneur. Nicole was literally born into the events industry she opens up about her time as a child and watching her parents work their craft in many avenues in one of the worlds busiest industries. We also had great chemistry and shared yet another great "Bitchy with Mitchy " this was a funny episode. I could tell Nicole is driven and also at the same time completely kind . These strengths plus many more allow her to give her all into her business . Not only is her company "Event Buzz 360 " a powerhouse in the events industry . They also offer training and courses if anyone wishes to gain employment wishing to work within the sector . Nicole even has hosted events which have needed bomb squads , snipers on roofs , maximum level security kind of like my own 21st Birthday!! So please join me in a conversation with a true pioneer of modern society . Nicole offers advice and insight to those who may be wishing to change careers or those wanting to , Start a new business , Or even wanting to better themselves .Nicole even gives the winning equation on how to thrive in a modern pandemic stricken world business and career wise. Nicole is based in Sydney Australia and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Amazon, Panasonic and Astra Zeneca. Over the course of 20 years.. Anyone who may be interested in working in the events industry , gaining some quality on the job training or even has some enquiries you can find all the contact details below . I hope you enjoy M! Below are the links to EventBuzz360 INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN Below are the links to Extraordinary Events W: e-Learning Program: Below are the links to Nicole Santer: LinkedIn: Twitter:
May 08, 2021
Bonus Episode I am in My Element !!Ft Aaron Baw ( Host of InYourElement)
Today we concluded our epic conversation .... I got to enjoy a great chat with the gentlemen Aaron Baw, He like me is on the journey to find the best stories this planet has to offer... InYourElement I consider as a "Brother Podcast" of this one . Aaron has such a easy listening / entertaining presence about him with some captivating and awesome content some of his guests are simply amazing and has helped create some quite remarkable story telling he is a great host and content creator. This is part 2 of 2 if you want to listen to part 1 find the details below and yes I was in fact my funny self this was an extremely fun podcast... Make sure to stick around for Aarons "Bitchy with Mitchy" it had me speechless.... Aaron is great at what he does check him out! His podcast InYourElement can be found at : Streaming options here also : Socials:
May 05, 2021
Episode 20 ( My mentor , My musically talented friend Dan the Man!)
In this episode you hear the from creator of the intro music Dan!. Dan and I met working in the mining sector of Australia and he was a mentor of mine . On todays episode we speak about the key differences in open cut and underground mining . We speak about our earliest fandoms and our current nerd obsessions . It's also important to remember those who are good to you and you will hear me share my gratitude to this selfless soul . We cover a good Bitchy with Mitchy also I hope you enjoy .. Dan is the guitarist for the Australian based band "Sick Circuit" . At the very end of the episode is one of their songs . Please feel free to check out more of their work at:
May 02, 2021
What is Life's A Mitch Podcast
This is the intro for Life's a Mitch Podcast!
May 02, 2021
Episode 19 ( Chatting Mining , Alternative medicines and laughing our heads off ) Ft Jason Fritsch
On today's episode I speak with Jason . He like me is in the coal mining shift work game and in that lifestyle can bring hardships. I.E Missing out on events , fatigue ( due to shift work ) and all sorts of aches and pains to the body. Jase opens up about his childhood in rather honest details and explains the hardships of living in the Australian major cities and in country towns . That can make a child have all sorts of anxieties and other holistic health related problems. Along his journey Jas has found himself living a sort of "Hippie" lifestyle as he called it trying alternate remedies and treatments to keep himself in tip top shape . Oh also .... Did I mention this episode is absolutely hilarious? !!! So join two Aussie fools having a good chat. Finally if you wish to know about any of the treatments Jas has received or have any questions he is happy to answer them all Please find him on: Instagram: @Jason__fritsch Regards M!
Apr 29, 2021
Special Announcement ! I got to meet JD and Turk from Scrubs !
Today I appeared on the fake doctors real friends podcast . Zach and Donald Interviewed me and we had an amazing time and a great laugh . I made comedians laugh and Zach said I am very funny and it meant the world . I also will be appearing on the Australian gameshow "Mastermind" In my Fake doctors onesie . Please find the episode on all good streaming platforms but I will include a few : Please listen share enjoy Regards M!
Apr 27, 2021
Episode 18 (Fighting against men's issues ft Jack Kammer)
Content Warning : Todays episode consists of statistics some may find offensive . The episode is informative and revealing On todays episode I catch up with an interesting guy by the name of Jack Kammer . Jack is an interesting fellow Jack launched a radio show in 1983 on male-female relationships and the gender issues of men and boys. It didn’t take him long to realize that along with relationship issues, serious social problems were connected to society’s lack of awareness of the gender issues of men and boys. Jack also retells his dating history with the one and only Oprah Winfrey .! Jack has been involved in the connection between male gender issues and serious, troubling social problems for nearly three decades. I was taken back at some of the content Jack shared with me this was without doubt the most informative episode to date. A must listen to for all . This is the longest episode to date but the most enjoyable the things he highlighted made me second guess some of the norms that society has deemed "normal". Jack is also an accomplished author . If you wish to check out his work find his details below:
Apr 24, 2021
Episode 17( From the inside looking out what is Crohns disease?) Ft Madelyn Kate Parker
Today's Episode is all about Crohn's disease! What is it ? What are the symptoms ? Today I interview a fellow sufferer of this dreaded disease. We share our experiences on how we got initially diagnosed ,some of the frustrations we suffer from day to day and the medical implications we are sometimes forced to overcome . Madelyn is 21 and her diagnosis was more recent then mine but the poor thing has suffered worse than I have . She is articulate and great with her wording and shows maturity well beyond her years. If you wish to get involved and educate yourself more about this disease . Or if you are suffering from stomach related issues the below pages are a good place to meet others you can relate to you are CERTAINLY NOT ALONE . Also if you want to you can donate to help find a cure to this lifeline incurable disease check out the links below: Thanks in advance Mitch :)
Apr 19, 2021
Episode 16 (From Canada with Love Ft the genuinely kind author Kandace LaRue)
On this episode I enjoyed a Zoom call to upcoming Canadian Author Kandace LaRue. Kandace was kind enough to open up about her life experiences . Kandace tells the story of how she suffered heart break ,losing loved ones and suffering set back after set back . She tells of how she was over come her hardships and use her inspiration to go on writing and motivating others through her life experiences. Through the means of clairvoyance experiences and finding GOD she is able to tell an amazing story. Kandace is the author of a chapter in an upcoming book of inspiring stories of women and how they managed to rise about various challenges. Please support her work ... Here is the link to the book series that she will be putting out the newest edition of the book in June 2021. Her story will be published in the new book. Will be available on Amazon in June. Her website is: Thanks for listening I hope you enjoy , Mitch :)
Apr 16, 2021
Episode 15 ( Imposter Syndrome what is it ? With the lovely Bianca Wulwick)
On this episode I sit down with the host of the " Please don't kick me out podcast " Bianca Wulwick . I approached her because I had no idea what Imposter syndrome was and her social media presented her as an interesting and great story teller and boy how right it is! We delved into her world as an American defense force spouse and some of the hardships she has had to face on the sideline as her husband has to continuously work away to protect his country of the United States of America. She was gracious enough to give me some of her time and tell her truly unique story. We go over just what imposter syndrome is and speak Covid 19 life and have an absolutely awesome " Bitchy with Mitchy" Please check out her podcast and her social media please support Bianca. She has an incredible range of guests and is truly a talented host please find her details below . Cheers M!
Apr 10, 2021
Bonus Episode ft more of the lovely Barke Faraj Kamuss
In addition to the last episode Barke and I chatted for hours we had good chemistry and continued our exciting conversation we had a “ virtual date “ and shared many laughs and our insight into our dating preferences and talk dating histories .... This was really entertaining and might I say hilarious ! She's was great fun her details if you wish to get in contact with her are in the previous episodes bio ! i hope you enjoy M!
Apr 06, 2021
Episode 14 Ft the lovely :Barke Faraj Kamuss (One of the most inspirational women you'll ever meet)
This was one of my favorite episodes to date : Today I was absolutely privileged enough to spend some time with the lovely Barke . She has one of the most captivating stories I have ever heard. At age 16 Barke originally from Zanzibar was arranged to be married to her now ex husband . They shortly after moved to London and started a life and even started a family. For over 15 years Barke was treated as a lesser human by her own husband and spoken to daily like she was a piece of trash . She opens up about her story on ascending beyond the negativity and becoming an internationally acclaimed motivational speaking in the Muslim community. This woman's determination and dedication to make the world a better place are truly inspiring and I hope you enjoy this chat. Barke is also an author and her book " what is your name? " is available for pre order also : Please support Barke's efforts check out her YouTube channel and her social profiles below. "Barke Faraj Kamuss" Leading Women and Girls & Entrepreneurs "Be Your Own Hero" Empowerment Speaker, Coach, Mentor & Author. Barke Be Your Own Hero Https://
Apr 02, 2021
Episode 13 ( Meet the Talented and Brave new author Jennifer Alemany)
Today we have quite the treat. I had the shear pleasure to speak to an upcoming Author Jennifer Alemany . She takes us on a journey and tells us about her new book : "Mark My Love" (Mark My Love will take readers on a journey of loss and anguish to see the horizon on the other side. This honest, inspiring memoir provides a blue print that can help anyone trying to grapple with the loss of those we hold dear.) I truly was caught up in her story of bravery and how she used heartbreak to fuel her creativity to write such a great novel. I hope you enjoy the track and if you want to pre order a copy ( Out April 13) you can find the link to her website and her social media below .. Cheers Mitch
Mar 29, 2021
Episode 12 ( Cesar and Mitch Part 2/2)
This is a 2 part of my conversation with my American buddy Cesar Ramos . Part one of this episode has been released on his podcast . "Slowly But Surely Podcast" We delve into sharing our respective stories with each other . Cesar has an interesting story he opens up about how Covid 19 has affected himself and those around him in Kansas USA. After finding love in the pandemic and having actually testing positive to Covid 19 he offers an exciting and captivating story that had me wanting to hear more. I hope you enjoy the conclusion Cheers M
Mar 28, 2021
Episode 4 (My 2 part chat with my gay friend :])
Finally ! Episode 4 is finished . The reason this is finally being released is that the original content that was recorded was lost and we had to record again after 37 minutes. Without further adieu I would love to introduce one of my good friends Andrew. He was kind enough to spend 2 sittings with us to share his stories about being a gay man in the 21st century. He opens up about his same sex relationship and some of the complexities he has faced both in his personal and professional life. This story is very infectious and he is an extremely lovely guy I loved this chat. Also if you're around the hunter valley area and you want some interior lighting and design work done feel free to search for " Sugar Valley lighting and electrical " they do go work . Also get in touch with the show if you have any further questions .
Mar 23, 2021
Episode 11 ( An Indigenous hitchhikers guide to Australia)
Today sees me catching up with another person I have never met . So unscripted and showing confidence Jamie got in touch and wanted to share some amazing captivating stories. As a teenager he traversed the country hitchhiking that's right at age 14 he found his way around the country collecting many interesting memories and stories.! He has faced heart break, come face to face with a shotgun and comes across as a truly lovely guy I enjoyed this episode. Jamie also opens up about his indigenous heritage and some of the hardships faced in society today. All that and the best " Bitchy with Mitchy " to date and spoilers I'm hilarious ha ha ! Cheers M!
Mar 18, 2021
Episode 10 ( The Reunion of the tape brothers! and The Peptide Worm!)
Today I catch up with some old soccer (football) buddies . Cammo and Mcgoo or AKA the tape brothers .we catch up and go over the relationship histories of the young fathers and hear all about the grubby Peptide Worm!. .. We banter , talk nonsense and have an absolute laugh this episode is 3 blokes talking absolute garbage hope you enjoy :) As mentioned if you live in the hunter and have young children and you're looking for a way to get them active , learn a few new skills and get fit also if you're an adult looking to learn some new moves classes are also available . Look up the "Rhythm Factory" on Facebook link below.. (About Dance School located in Edgeworth. Classes in Jazz, Tap, Minis, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet & Troupe. 2years -adults. Fun, Friendly, Affordable!!) email: cheers guys hope you enjoy M!
Mar 15, 2021
Episode 9 (Britians got Talent and Thy name is Elliot!)
Episode 9 (Content Warning): Todays episode maybe confronting to some we touch on subjects such as racism, mental health status, controversial topics such as the Meghan , Harry and Oprah interview and much more.. Today we are blessed to have another international guest. Elliot (one of England’s finest) opens up on todays episode about how changing countries and setting himself up on the other side of the world. His story is compelling and he shows bravery in the face of uncertain times in unfamiliar territory . He tells of his journey to Australia and the moment he found the love of his life that has extended to starting a family… Also always REMEMBER : It isn’t weak to speak!! Today I reveal one of my most embarrassing memories .. I was once delving into the art of acting and a decade later my old acting reel has resurfaced . If you want to see me make an absolute fool out of myself click the link below: And if you’re interested in checking out some of the topics covered in todays show links are below : Elliot’s Instagram : Elliot Dirk Parker (@mr_dapper_and_dark) • Instagram photos and videos Daniel Thompson Author: Daniel Thompson (@danielthompsonauthor) • Instagram photos and videos “As the day draws to an end you still have time for one more act of kindness be a kind human!” Drew Dudley – Lollipop Moment
Mar 12, 2021
Episode 8 (Being caught off-guard! The darkside of drug use !)
Tonight's episode caught me off guard! ( Content Warning this episode contains references to drug use, suicide and other confronting stories if you feel you need help here are some useful resources for you to access) (brothers unite facebook) (australian brotherhood of fathers) Amongst the word starting to spread about the podcast a complete stranger has gotten in touch with the show! "Thommo" got in touch with the show and stated he had a story he would like to share. He bravely opens up about his dark past touching on the complexities of narcotic addiction and how it can affect relationships of those closest to you. I had never met Thommo before but he has shown bravery talking to a complete stranger and allowing us the honor of hearing his story. Thommo was a drug user / dealer and paints us a picture of how reliance on a substance can turn even those closest to you away. I commend Thommo on his bravery and honesty about the struggles he also faced with his mental health.. If you feel this story has helped you get in touch with the show facebook : Lifes a mitch podcast public page. enjoy cheers M!
Mar 09, 2021
Episode 7 (Happy International Womens Day!)
Today we celebrate all things awesome and to all the awesome ladies out there I say : Happy International Women's Day... Today we see the return of a special guest , Its Katrina Jane!! From the clairvoyant episode (Bonus Episode) from a few weeks ago . We revisit some of predictions that she made a few months ago and see what has actually came true so far which I might add is quite accurate. She also opens up about those who she has motivated and done readings for along the way . Katrina gives her insight as to how dating has evolved and changed in her 10+ years of being an award winning clairvoyant, author and motivational speaker . Also she opens up about her own dating past and her internal struggle with her depression and how she was able overcome some hardships . ( I also had a reading back in 2013 I only remembered as I was recording which makes for a interesting laugh and I read it live on air haha.) Katrina is an award winning author and motivational speaker if you're interested in getting in contact with her her details are below: email: Facebook: blog : She also has books for sale check them out at all good book retailers. As always feel free to get in touch : Facebook : "Lifes a Mitch podcast" Email : Cheers guys! Regards M!
Mar 08, 2021
Episode 6 ( Finally a Woman's Perspective!)
" Content Warning" This episode speaks about domestic violence and some of the effects it can have on those around you . If you are after help I personally encourage you to speak up and take advantage of some of the great support that's on offer some examples are below : Today I catch up with my sister Christine ! Yes that's right we finally get the perspective from a female! Christine has a complex and interesting dating history. She opens up about her tragic dealings with domestic violence and dating in her younger years that led to overall heartbreak. Also we hear about how she met her husband and the hardships they have had to conquer with complexities of having a 14 year age gap . Happy listening M!
Mar 07, 2021
Episode 5 ( Tangents , Puns and 2 Minute Noodles!)
Today I catch up with my friend Carl . Carl being the punny guy he is shares stories with us about dating ,red flags and gives a shout out to his author friend "Emma Jane Holmes" who has recently released a book . " One Last Dance" "She was once an exotic dancer and also a mortician working in a funeral home . This book focuses on her blogs and talks about her adventures within the two industries." More information can be found at : If wanting to get in contact with the show send an email to Hope you enjoy ! Cheers M!
Mar 06, 2021
Bonus Episode Reading my future Ft Katrina Jane
Time for a little bit of bonus content !. Earlier this year I was stuck and seemingly not having answers to my questions . Things like : What does my future hold? What I find love this year? Where are my keys ? I found guidance and answers to some of my questions in the form of a clairvoyant . Her name is Katrina Jane with over 30 k followers on Facebook for me it was a no brainer to seek her out . She's given me her blessing to post this up on the socials. I can't recommend her enough if you're interested in Having your fortune told , some guidance or questions you cant find answers to she's the one for you . Her details are below.
Mar 02, 2021
Episode 3 ( Featuring the Kiwi and me )
I have had Hina my Kiwi comrade hop on today and have a great chat about mindfulness , sharing mining stories and open up about the hardships of growing up in the “Ghetto” of South Auckland and then paving the way for himself and his family to come over to Australia. It’s quite a moving story and I think you will have a great listen . This show is good fun I know I have a lot to learn but I hope you all enjoy This week im asking you all for something different so I can engage with you all Im going to start an Inbox so you can ask questions and we can answer them on the show feel free to ask anything.... Submit them to this email inbox For those of you interested in looking into Hinas business as mentioned click on this link give them a like and if you have any questions feel free to get involved . Hina & Rowyn | Facebook And the song Hina Mentioned is available here Kolohe Kai - Round and Around (Official Audio) - YouTube Many thanks and feel free to message into the show and I will do my best to answer them Cheers M!
Mar 02, 2021
Episode 2 ( Besty , Banter , Heartbreak)
content warning : this episode contains some sad stories and focuses on loss if you feel yourself feeling triggered and you want help with your mental illness help is always available at places like : Also for you blokes out there on facebook this is the page Brooksey mentioned the brothers unite link is below: Episode 2 allows me to catch up with my best mate Brooksey . Where we delve into our friendship and share some heartbreaking stories.
Mar 02, 2021
Episode 1(Brothers , banter and beast slaying!)
Life's a Mitch is a new project where I catch up with the loved ones in my life . We discuss loosely all things dating , current events and have a general catch up with a few laughs in there too . This is my first project so I am learning as I go . This episode is open about my dating life as I catch up with my Brother Nathan for some funny stories. I'm asking you all for something different so I can engage with you all I'm going to start an Inbox so you can ask questions and we can answer them on the show feel free to ask anything.... Submit them to this email inbox
Mar 02, 2021