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Hosted by two former labor and delivery nurses and mothers to 5 girls combined, Unswaddled gives candid, uncensored parenting advice. Emily and Jamie combine the worlds of medical advice and real life advice, to provide support and education for women and families from pregnancy through early childhood.

Episode Date
Episode 5: What Is It Costing You?

On this episode, Jamie and Emily sit down for an episode full of laughs, memories, and lessons learned regarding the idea “What is it costing you?”. Major credit for Jancee Dunn, for being the genius behind this concept in her book How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids.  This idea can be applied to pretty much everything...especially parenting.

What is it costing you when you leave the house and come home to your happy children in front of the tv? What is it costing you when dad puts the onesie on backwards? What about coming home to your newborn who has not napped all day? What could make your life easier if you actually talked about it with your partner instead of pointing the finger and initiating the argument?

The ladies of NAPS talk about when it is time to bite your tongue and when it is time to  appropriately engage in a discussion and offer up a solution, in a productive manner.  Recounted by personal experiences,  Jamie and Emily show you how this concept of “What is it costing you?” impacts your everyday life, sanity, happiness, and freedom --  as a family, and as a mama.

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Apr 19, 2021
Episode 4: Don't JUST Prepare for Labor and Birth

Life really does come at you fast—especially when you are becoming a parent. In this episode, Jamie and Emily discuss what to prepare for beyond diaper changes and getting through the demands of labor.

There is a trend in society to put major emphasis on prepping for labor, and quite frankly, not much beyond that. Most parents practice their diapering/ swaddling techniques before birth and choose a planned method for feeding (remember, fed is best). All of a sudden, you have a gorgeous little one in your arms and you are awaiting discharge from the hospital. How can we be going home? Are we suitable parents? How are we going to know what to do? The truth is that parenting truly begins after labor and delivery. That doesn’t mean neglecting to prepare for labor and delivery, or breastfeeding-- but give equal, if not more time, to prepare for parenting and the changes in family dynamic, sleep, and managing the feelings of being overwhelmed and/or anxious.

Not to fret, this episode is filled with client feedback, personal experience, tools to prepare for baby and real-life advice. At NAPS, we want to give you the proper tools to prepare for your baby without the expectation that things are going to be easy. We are here to fully support you in the total life adjustment that parenting is and to watch you succeed.

You can find us @nurturebynaps on IG

Apr 12, 2021
Episode #3: Visitors vs. Helpers

As a continuation of episode 2, Jamie takes an in-depth look into her first maternity leave. Looking back, Jamie’s oldest was what some would call a “dream baby”. Regardless of that fact, Jamie rode shotgun on the struggle bus.  

Jamie talks about the pressure she felt to entertain her visitors, how she measured her worth as a mother, and what she learned along the way to master her maternity leave with her third daughter. With this being said, the hope is that you don’t have to have 2 or 3 kids to master your leave.

The ladies of NAPS highlight the differences between a visitor and someone who is a helper, establishing boundaries, accepting/asking for help, setting limits and taking necessary time for yourself. Yes, all of these things sound easy on paper, but practice truly does make perfect (and a hype girl, like Jamie or Emily, definitely help).

Practice, make a list, keep us posted, and take advantage of the help that is going to make you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.

You can find us @nurturebynaps on IG

Mar 24, 2021
Episode #2: Managing Your Expectations for Maternity Leave

Maternity leave: expectation vs. reality.

On this episode, Jamie and Emily dig deep into maternity leave and the false perceptions we have surrounding maternity leave. What we see on social media is wrong, and total BS. Moms, 5 days postpartum, and out and about in their pre-preggo jeans, blown out hair, and cute baby carrier. This is NOT reality.  The blowouts (not the kind from DryBar), the tears, unfolding/ fumbling the stroller—that IS reality. Listen for a laugh, dose of reality and, most importantly, a shift in resetting those expectations (as nurses, moms, and friends who have been there before).

Keeping a tiny human alive, and trying to fulfill your most basic human needs, is not for the faint of heart. The days seem to fly by while dragging on. All of a sudden, it is 5pm and your partner gets home from work, makes friendly conversation, and all of a sudden it’s a personal attack (sees the laundry piles, dirty dishes. etc..). How do we help ourselves with communication? How can we get recognition for the invisible work we are doing through the day (aka the countless feedings, diaper changes, pumping sessions, tepid coffee we have yet to enjoy from 6am)?

Throughout the episode, Jamie and Emily give strategies on how to tackle maternity leave and reset the expectation from their personal experiences, struggles, and expertise. Remember mama, you are killing it and deserve a gold star!

You can find us @nurturebynaps on IG

Mar 24, 2021
Episode #1: Newborn Sleep: Do Nothing!

The co-founders behind NAPS & Nurture by NAPS, Emily Silver (Family Nurse Practitioner, IBCLC, and mom of 2), and Jamie O’Day (Registered Nurse, IBCLC, and mom of 3) get right into the good stuff and discuss one of their hottest topics--SLEEP. Whether it is pre-baby or post-baby, everyone is desperate to know all things about baby sleep… or if their baby will ever sleep. Not to worry, they will!

In this episode, Jamie and Emily talk about realistic, simple, quick, and easy ways to get longer stretches of sleep with your newborn to ultimately get you more sleep/ more efficient sleep as parents. Hint: It requires doing less work—actually NOTHING.

Jamie and Emily bring in real life experience with their girls like avoiding proactive intervention, frequent feedings, diaper changes, swaddle adjustments, etc…to explain that less intervention overnight will help your newborn get longer stretches of sleep. This includes when to start, how to start, and when you have the ‘greenlight’ to let your baby be your alarm clock.

These simple adjustments can be implemented in the initial weeks home from the hospital and make you feel better from a physical and mental perspective! Afterall, who doesn’t love their sleep?

You can find us @nurturebynaps on IG

Mar 24, 2021