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Learn all the hacks to optimize and upgrade every aspect of your life while spending less and saving more. Chris is a life hacker who has saved millions by breaking down every aspect of life, looking to maximize happiness at the lowest cost.

Episode Date
City Hacks, Holiday Gifting and More with Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez

Author and money expert Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez joins Chris to talk about hacks for visiting and living in cities, deals for holiday gifting and why most money problems aren’t really about money. 

Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez (@stefanieoconnell) is a journalist and author of The Broke and Beautiful Life, the host of the Money Confidential podcast and the founder of Statement Cards. Her work and advice has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and more. 

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Stefanie: Twitter | Website | Money Confidential Podcast

Stephanie's Book: Broke and Beautiful Life

Get free haircuts: Salon Apprentice 

Exciting Dates Book: Adventure Challenge

Stephanie's Guide: 25 Money talks every couple should have

Stefanie's Newsletter: Ambition Bulletin


Full Show Notes

Who is Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez? [00:20]

How Stefanie went from Broadway to being a personal finance expert. [01:26]

The worst thing about low paying careers. [04:12]

The only consolation when you are not making a lot of money. [04:49]

How to do amazing activities in high cost of living cities for free (or cheap). [06:06]

How to find side hustles that give you exclusive access to things you’re interested in. [08:58]

How can you go to the theatre for free (or very cheap)? [11:12]

How to get floor seats at SNL. [13:58]

How you can have fun on the weekends using your credit card rewards. [15:22]

How you can get discounted dental work AND free hair cuts. [16:11]

Why living in a high cost of living area really pays (despite being expensive). [18:10]

Does where you live still matter in a post-covid world? (geoarbitrage your income)[19:36]

Hacks for holiday gifting! [23:38]

Questions to ask yourself before buying gifts. [24:57]

Chris’ attempt at trying to opt out of holiday gift lists. [27:40]

When people get your kids gifts they don’t need. [30:29]

Stop buying birthday gifts for your SO, do this instead. [31:26]

Money issues are almost never about the money (explained). [32:57]

What does it mean to be financially fair and equal in a relationship? [37:04]

The ambition penalty woman face in the workplace. [43:19]

How women can advocate for themselves while avoiding backlash. [50:06]

How to connect with Stefanie [52:44]


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Sep 22, 2021
How to Redeem Points for Maximum Value and Other Listener Q&A

#20: All the Hacks host Chris Hutchins answers the top questions from listeners, including redeeming your points and miles for maximum value, managing your points as a couple, the best  financial tools and services and his favorite apps for maximizing productivity.

Chris Hutchins (@hutchins) is the host of All the Hacks and the Head of New Product Strategy at Wealthfront. He's amassed over 12 million points/miles in his lifetime, has started/sold two companies and is a registered investment advisor.

Links to the best credit cards and signup bonuses:

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

DIY Pro Pest Control: Pestie (10% Off)

Top Credit Card & Signup Links: Top Cards for 2021 | Best Signup Bonuses

Juicy Miles (now Website | Booking Concierge

Award Search Sites: Expert Flyer | KVS Availability Tool

Award Booking Services: List and Reviews


Recommendations From The Episode

Budgeting: Mint, YNAB, Copilot and Tiller

Net Worth Tracking: Wealthfront

Taxes: TurboTax or Andersen Tax

Self-Directed Brokerage: Interactive Brokers or Vanguard

Automated Brokerage: Wealthfront ($5k Managed Free)

529: Wealthfront

Estate Planning: Trust and Will (15% Off)

Crypto: BlockFi  ($250 in free Crypto)

HSA: Lively

Efficiency Apps: Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts | Alfred | Rectangle (or Spectacle)

Passwords/Security: 1Password (Free Trial)

Mobile apps on your computer: Blue Stacks


Full Show Notes

Getting Rid of Ants and Pests [1:13]

Q: What are the top 2-3 credit cards for 2021? [3:00]

Q: Are signup bonuses a good way to earn points? [6:32]

Best signup bonuses right now. [8:06]

Q: How do you earn the most points for wedding expenses? [10:47]

Q: How do you optimize earning points as a couple? [12:36] 

Preventing miles from expiring. [16:22]

Q: Are points worth it if you don’t travel much? [17:38]

Q: Is there any downside to buying gift cards to earn points? [18:39]

Q: How do you redeem points for maximum value? [21:36]

Q: What’s the best way to save for your kid’s college? [30:33]

Insurance plans for pregnancy and childbirth. [32:27]

Q: What do you think about investing in alternatives? [33:26]

Q: Is there any way to automate your investing? [34:41]

Q: What are the best financial/investment tools and services? [36:12]

The best software/apps I us to be more efficient. [40:45]


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Sep 15, 2021
Becoming a Better Investor with Andy Rachleff

Legendary investor Andy Rachleff joins Chris to chat about how you should be investing your money to build your wealth. They discuss the investing mistakes so many make, when it makes sense to pick stocks and why you might not want to max out your 401k.

Andy Rachleff (@arachleff) is the co-founder and CEO of Wealthfront. He also serves as a the chairman of the endowment investment committee for University of Pennsylvania and as a member of the faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Previously, Andy co-founded Benchmark Capital, one of the most successful venture capital firms of all time.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Get $5k Managed for free at Wealthfront

Connect with Andy: Twitter | LinkedIn

Wealthfront: Website | Blog | Guide to Financial Health

Why Angel Investors Don’t Make Money: TechCrunch Article

Why Rental Properties Are Not Good Investments: Wealthfront Article

Burt Malkiel's Book: A Random Walk Down Wall Street


Full Show Notes

Who is Andy Rachleff? (episode overview).  [00:32]

Andy's first investment. [01:58]

Andy's path from Investment Banking to Venture Capital. [05:54]

How great companies are started. [08:39]

Why did Andy feel the need to start Wealthfront? [10:50]

Can you be successful picking stocks? [14:36]

Is an angel investment in a startup a good investment? [19:48]

How can you make passive investing more exciting? [21:42]

What about investing in alternatives like art? [23:17]

Is real estate or a rental property a good investment? [24:09]

Investing hacks to save money on taxes. [27:19]

How to make changes to your investment portfolio. [33:39]

Does it make sense to invest when markets are at all-time highs? [34:56]

When should you  speculate with your investments? [39:02]

Don't always evaluate your investment decisions by how much you made or lost. [40:46]

How should you change your investing strategy when you have more money? [41:38]

Are wealth managers worth their fee? [42:40]

Why a good tax advisor is better than a wealth manager. [45:01]

Andy's winning tactics for negotiating. [46:10]

Why you should always be pareto optimal. [48:35]

The value of liquidity and why you might not want to max out your 401(k). [50:06]

How to connect with Andy Rachleff. [55:24]


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Sep 08, 2021
Real Food and The Science Behind Healthy Lifestyles with Darya Rose Ph.D.

Foodist Darya Rose Ph.D. chats with Chris about food and the science behind healthy lifestyles. They discuss how you can lose weight without giving up everything you love, what foods to eat more of,  how to cook so food tastes better and plenty of hacks for everything along the way.

Darya Rose (@summertomato) has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCSF and degree in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley. She is the author of Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting, and creator of the award-winning blog Summer Tomato, one of TIME's 50 Best Websites. She's also the host of the podcast The Darya Rose Show.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Darya: Twitter | Instagram | Podcast | Summer Tomato Blog

Darya’s Book: Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting

How you can learn to cook without using recipes: Foodist Kitchen

Free 5-day challenge to become a more mindful eater: Mindful Meal Challenge

A recipe where cauliflower tastes just as delicious as french fries: Recipe


Full Show Notes

Who is Darya Rose Ph.D.? (episode overview).  [00:50]

Do diets actually work long term? [01:42]

How did Darya get into the world of food science and wellbeing?  [03:03]

What do people who seem effortlessly healthy their whole lives do? [04:47]

Why do people keep thinking that diets will work despite the science? [06:12]

Why do diets always fail? [07:22]

Who is a foodist and why are they different from dieters? [08:15]

How to start setting up an awesome relationship with food. [09:23]

What is REAL food? [10:35]

How can you start liking vegetables or other foods you may not like? [11:50]

Are vegetables at the farmer’s market more expensive than the grocery store? [13:55]

Easy tricks to make food way more delicious. [15:42]

Are some foods bad? [18:06]

What should you do instead of dieting? [19:49]

How to eat out and still be mindful of your health. [21:47]

How can you tame your sweet tooth? [24:22]

Two great habits can you adopt to start living a healthier lifestyle today. [27:10]

Do you need to memorize recipes to learn how to cook? [31:34]

How you can train yourself to eat smaller portions. [33:36]

How can you make your food habits automatic? [37:03]

How you can save money by making food at home. [39:19]

An easy nutritious meal you can make right now that even kids love. [40:02]

A great hack to cook meat! [41:56]

How to make food that kids keep wanting. [42:38]

Should you do intermittent fasting? [45:26]

Does the time you eat your food matter? [47:22]

How can you start leading a healthier lifestyles (what first steps should you take)?[48:20]

Are fruits a form of dessert and can you gain weight eating fruit? [49:54]

How can you find out which foods are in season right now? [51:29]

How to connect with Darya. [53:19]


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Sep 01, 2021
Mastering the Art of Negotiation with Kwame Christian

Negotiation professor and expert Kwame Christian joins Chris to discuss how you can become a better negotiator at work and at home. They discuss common mistakes made while negotiating, a three step process you can use in every negotiation, and how talking less can be your key to success. 

Kwame Christian (@kwamechistian) is a practicing attorney, the director of the American Negotiation Institute, a professor of Negotiation at the Ohio State University, the host of the world’s most popular negotiation podcast (Negotiate Anything), and the best-selling author of Finding Confidence in Conflict: Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Kwame Christian: LinkedIn | Instagram

American Negotiation Institute: Website  | Negotiation Guides

Books: The Code of Trust (by Robin Dreeke) | Finding Confidence in Conflict (by Kwame Christian)

Podcasts:  Negotiate Anything Podcast | Ask With Confidence Podcast | Negociación desde Cero


Full Show Notes

Who is Kwame Christian? (episode overview).  [00:15]

What do most people get wrong when it comes to negotiating? [01:15]

Is negotiating a skill that is valuable  for everyone? [01:40]

Are some people better than others at negotiating? [02:22]

How can you measure how good of a negotiator you are? [03:45]

What does a successful negotiation feel like? [05:06]

Is negotiating strategic or tactical? [06:36]

How did Kwame Christian end up being the negotiation guy? [07:25]

The simple 3 step negotiation process (the compassionate curiosity framework). [11:49]

How can you prepare for a negotiation? [19:05]

Why are we better negotiators outside of our homes? [21:49]

How to prepare for any negotiation in 3 minutes. [24:19]

Why open-ended questions give you the leverage you need in a negotiation? [25:00]

The most powerful questions you can ask in a negotiation. [25:58]

How much should you speak in a negotiation? [27:03]

How to win every single difficult conversation you enter. [28:30]

Who should make the first offer in a negotiation? (The anchoring technique) [30:33]

How you might accidentally make people insist on their point of view (psychological entrenchment) [33:34]

When should you walk away from a negotiation? [36:26]

Big things people forget to negotiate. [38:47]

Common mistakes in almost every negotiation. [41:37]

How should you negotiate with kids? (parenting towards obsolescence) [42:55]

What is validation? [45:40]

Should you try to get rejected? [49:28]

How to recover from saying the wrong things in a conversation with someone you love. [52:41]

Can you negotiate with yourself? [55:13]


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Aug 25, 2021
Do You Really Need a Budget with Jesse Mecham

Entrepreneur and budgeting pro Jesse Mecham joins Chris to talk about why you need a budget regardless of how much you make. They also discuss about why budgeting gets a bad rap, how to make it easy, why you might be doing it wrong and some of Jesse's top family hacks.

Jesse Mecham is the founder and CEO of You Need A Budget (YNAB), one of the best budgeting tools in the market today. He started the company in 2004 as a side hustle and it now supports over 100,000 customers. He's also the host of the YNAB Podcast and author of the bestselling book You Need A Budget.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Try out YNAB: Free Month Offer

Connect with Jesse Mecham: YNAB Podcast | Website | Email

Roth IRAs: Backdoor Roth IRAs and Mega Backdoor Roth IRA


Full Show Notes

Who is Jesse Mecham. [00:18]

Why is the idea of budgeting associated with negative feelings? [01:36]

The stress of figuring out what you can and cannot afford.[02:56]

Do you have to look at past spending before you create a budget? [05:00]

Why you need a budget even if you make a good income. [12:19]

Four rules of budgeting. [15:08]

Should you use a spreadsheet or an app to create your budget? [17:26]

How to budget and save when you have a big family? [22:10]

How did Jesse become the YNAB guy? (You need a budget origin story) [27:55]

The biggest hack of all (according to Jesse). [31:51]

A nerdy investment hack (get tax free money!) [34:02]

The 1% retirement investment rule. [38:18]

Life hacks that make Jesse's life more convenient. [41:10]

How to connect with Jesse Mecham. [42:56]


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Aug 18, 2021
Marriage, Kids and Money Hacks with Andy Hill

Andy Hill joins Chris to discuss all the marriage, kids and money hacks. They discuss combining finances, teaching your kids about money, and how to get on the same page with your spouse when it comes to money.

Andy Hill (@andyhillmkm) is the founder of the award-winning podcast and blog Marriage, Kids, and Money. He and wife Nicole started out their money journey with $50K in debt and paid it off in less than a year. In the next 10 years, they paid off their mortgage and built their net worth to more than a million dollars.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Andy Hill: Twitter | LinkedIn

Marriage, Kids, and Money: Website | Podcast | YouTube

Book Recommendations: Family Board Meeting | Everybody Fights


Full Show Notes

Who is Andy Hill?  [00:42]

Two common misconceptions when it comes to relationships and money. [01:52]

Finding an approach to money that works for both of you (speaking each other’s money language). [04:04]

Beginner money questions you should be asking early in the relationship.[07:54]

Advanced money questions to ask in a serious relationship. [09:49]

How to make time to talk about money in a relationship? (Budget party and more) [13:06]

How Andy Hill paid off his entire mortgage in 5 years AND saved money. [15:56]

Reasons you and your partner might fight about money. [20:07]

How to act when you and your significant others have money fights. [23:34]

Should you combine finances in your marriage (and different ways to combine)? [24:49]

Non-financial relationship hacks (love languages). [29:40]

How did Andy Hill pay off all his debt and saved $1MM in less than 10 years? [33:52]

How much money does raising a child actually cost?  [37:22]

How do you balance saving for yourself with saving for your kids? [39:08]

Practical ways to help your kids understand money. [43:45]

Why just giving your kids money is not enough (helping kids avoid mindless spending). [47:05]

Why it's important to learn how your kids liked to be loved. [49:10]

Understanding how your family likes to fight and resolve things. [51:07]

How did Andy Hill become the marriage, kids, and money guy? [54:15]

How to connect with Andy Hill? [57:04]


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Aug 11, 2021
House Hacking To Build Your Wealth with Andrew Kerr

Real Estate Pro Andrew Kerr joins Chris to discuss house hacking. They talk about six different types of house hacks you can use to start saving money, tips for buying and selling properties, and how to start thinking about real estate as a way to build your wealth. 

Andrew Kerr (@fibyrei) is a seasoned real estate investor and founder of Financial Independence by Real Estate Investing ( He is also the host of The House Hacking Podcast.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Andrew Kerr: FI by REI Website | Podcast | Twitter | Instagram

Six Types of House Hacks: House Hacking Ultimate Guide

9 biggest mistakes all real estate investors make: Free Guide

Podcast episode on ADUs: The House Hacking Podcast

Alternative loan types: VA Loan | HFA Loan


Full Show Notes

Who is Andrew Kerr?  [00:15]

What is house hacking? [01:40]

Can house hacking be a luxurious experience? [02:22]

Does house hacking mean you have to share a living space with someone else? [03:36]

Six different types of house hacking (which one is for you?) [04:23]

Do you have to buy a house to be able to house hack (and how to convince your landlord to let you sublet your rented property)? [06:33]

What loans you should consider when buying a property to use for house hacking (HFA loans). [09:06]

The four pillars of building wealth through real estate. [12:54]

How did Andrew Kerr start house hacking? (and how Chris accidentally started house hacking) [13:43]

Do you need to have a kitchen to rent out your place? (and 3 types of tenants)[19:22]

Four key costs that you need to consider before house hacking. [21:34]

How much should you rent your property for? [27:09]

What does a property manager do and should you get one for your property? [28:10]

What is the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) house hack? [31:07]

How much does it cost to build an ADU? [34:31]

Can you add the cost of building an ADU to your mortgage? [35:52]

How are ADUs taxed? (and how you can pay 0 tax on your extra income).[36:50]

How you can make money with real estate even if the value of your property stays the same. [39:09]

Hacks for buying a house (what the average homeowner does not look for). [41:57]

Hacks for selling a house (small things you can do that will pay off a lot). [46:04]

Andrew Kerr’s tenant tales (a SWAT raid). [49:28]

Is the current market good for house hacking? [53:00]


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Aug 04, 2021
Afford Anything, Escape the 9-5, Passive Income and More with Paula Pant

Afford Anything founder Paula Pant joins Chris to discuss how you can afford ANYTHING (but not everything). They also discuss how you can escape the 9-5, start making passive income, and take mini and/or semi-retirements throughout your life. 

Paula Pant (@affordanything) is the founder and creator of Afford Anything where she runs an award winning personal finance website, a monthly newsletter, a top rated podcast and a Real Estate Investing Course. She built her career from scratch starting as a journalist making only $21,000 a year.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Paula: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Afford Anything: Website | Podcast | Real Estate Investing Course

Her Book: Escape E-book


Full Show Notes

Who is Paula Pant? [00:15]

What does it mean that you can afford anything? [01:15]

What you get wrong about spending your money. OR How you trick yourself into thinking you are being smart with money. [01:58]

Saving money might not be what you should focus on. Focus on growing the gap. [05:05]

What is financial freedom and does it mean you have to retire? [06:21]

Can you escape the 9 to 5 and still have a job? (and 4 factors great jobs have) [08:00]

If you hate your job, here’s a two step plan to help you build a better life. [10:14]

The two main types of side hustles (ones you can scale, and ones you can’t). [13:59]

How Paula transitioned her side hustle into a full business.  [17:59]

If you’re terrified of the risk of taking a leap, this advice will help. [20:29]

Why passive income is NOT free money. [24:17]

Should you invest in rental properties for passive income? [26:48]

What you must  do BEFORE investing in rental properties? [29:06]

Mistakes beginner real estate investors make. [30:12]

How to start learning about real estate investing for beginners. [31:38]

Should you invest in alternatives to buying rental properties (REIT portfolios and why crowdsource real estate investing is not good for you). [34:25]

How can you better value your time? [37:59]

How to get more comfortable with spending money on outsourcing things you can potentially do yourself. [39:23]

Why Chris went bought a one way ticket to cairo?[43:46]

How the idea of Afford Anything was born (you heard it here first).  [47:58]

What are mini-retirements and semi-retirements and how are they different? (and which should you do). [49:47]

Taking short vacations vs. taking long trips. [52:53]

Paula Pant’s favorite hack: reframing your thoughts (you are probably richer than you think). [56:05]

How to build a daily gratitude habit and stop it from fading away. [59:48]

How to connect with Paula Pant. [1:04:20]


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Jul 28, 2021
Career Hacks to Land a Job You'll Love With Kathryn Minshew

Career expert Kathryn Minshew joins Chris to discuss all things jobs: finding and landing one you'll love, making networking suck less, and how to build your personal brand online without needing to be a "social media influencer". 

Kathryn Minshew (@kmin) is the founder and CEO of The Muse and the co-author of the best selling book The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Nominate All the Hacks for a Plutus Award: Vote Here

Connect with Kathryn Minshew: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | The Muse

Kathryn’s book: The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career

Find people’s emails when you are on their profile: Lusha

Get pocket to save articles to read later: Get Pocket

Articles about interviewing from The Muse: Interview questions and answers | Interview Skills | Phone Interviews


Full Show Notes

Who is Kathryn Minshew? [00:15]

The biggest misconception with job searches. [01:35]

What should you do if you are unhappy with your job? [02:41]

Should your career revolve around your passion? [05:06]

How Kathryn found a career that is perfect for her. [08:18]

How can you know if you would be a good fit for a particular career? [12:34]

3 key tips to level up your networking skills. [13:46]

What is an informational interview and tips on how to do better at them. [16:42]

How to find email addresses of people you want to get connected with. [19:29]

How to leave networking conversations (and a power move hack). [25:27]

Here’s why to ask for things in PERSON. [28:30]

Building a personal brand (even without being a content creator). [30:30]

Should you censor your social media when applying for a job? (industry specific advice)  [35:42]

3 different ways to find job opportunities (and how to get introduced to people you are interested in). [39:40]

If you feel you are asking for too many favors on your job search, do this. [44:45]

What if you want to work somewhere that is NOT hiring. [46:50]

Companies are as eager for the right person as you are for the right job. (real life example) [52:04]

How to answer “what is your biggest weakness” and “why do you want to work here” in an interview. [53:59]

Should you negotiate a job offer? [56:23]

Things to negotiate beyond your compensation. [59:25]

A hack to help you plan for future promotions. [1:02:19]


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Jul 21, 2021
Making Money from Side Hustles with Nick Loper

Chief Side Hustler Nick Loper joins Chris to talk all about side hustles, including some easy ways to make extra cash, bigger opportunities to replace your job, making passive income and  finding profitable business ideas.

Nick Loper (@nloper) is founder of Side Hustle Nation, the host of the Side Hustle Show podcast. He has quite a few side hustles under his belt, including self publishing multiple books, flipping products on eBay and starting (and selling) his online businesses.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Nick Loper:  LinkedIn | Twitter| YouTube

Side Hustle Nation: Website | Podcast | Facebook Group

Make money through market research: User Interviews | Respondent 

Grocery side hustles: Instacart 

Driving side hustles: Doordash | Uber 

Print on demand: Redbubble | Merch By Amazon

Writing marketplaces: Medium | LinkedIn

Mobile Notary Loan Signing 

Learn web design: CodeAcademy | Self Made Web Designer

Freelancing websites: UpWork | Fiverr

Become a remote bookkeeper

How to become a Salesforce consultant

Help people with tasks: Taskrabbit | Thumbtack

Active Campaign Demo Video 

How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business

Finding ideas: Rip, Pivot, and Jam Method | Side Hustle Nation Ideas Page

Clipboard tools: Alfred | ClipX 

Turning a Service Business into Passive Income (motorcycle guy)


Full Show Notes

Who is Nick Loper? [00:18]

How did Nick become the side hustle guy? [01:02]

What is a side hustle? [02:16]

Nick’s first side hustle [03:46]

The first few years of entrepreneurial experimentation [05:16]

Should you start a business around your passion? [06:10]

5 day $500 challenge: 3 no brainer side hustle ideas [08:39]

Metrics you can use to compare side hustles[11:40]

Side hustles you can do in 15 minute blocks [13:13]

If you just want to do a one off blog, do this. [15:23]

Easily sell t-shirts and stickers online [16:08]

5 skills you can learn online to increase your income. [19:15]

What is the “software with a service” side hustle model? [22:36]

Marketplaces where you can sell your services [25:01]

If you just mastered a skill or found a solution to a problem, do THIS. [27:22]

How can you monetize your YouTube channel? [28:32]

Active vs. passive income stream (an example of how someone creatively built passive income) [29:10]

The best advice about making money is this. [32:28]

How Nick made $6000 dollars in just a few hours of work. (it doesn’t have to go viral to make money) [33:21]

Should you start with easier side hustles or should you start with the slow route? [34:17]

Advice to everyone starting a podcast (setting quit dates). [36:06]

Before committing to a path, look for this first. [37:32]

Finding business ideas: What Sucks Method [40:04]

Finding business ideas: Rip, Pivot and Jam Method [41:24]

Finding business ideas: Sniper Method (niching down) [43:10]

Turning your 9 to 5 into a side hustle. [45:40]

How does Nick make a living? [47:18]

3 bonus hacks [48:12]

Think of side hustles as an experiment. (test, test, test) [50:12]


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Jul 14, 2021
Practical Money Hacks with Lisa Rowan

"Money Hacks" author Lisa Rowan joins Chris to talk about lots of money hacks your might not know about, including grocery store hacks, deals on prescriptions, finding and claiming your missing money and getting things repaired for free!

Lisa Rowan (@lisatella) is author of  Money Hacks: 275+ Ways to Decrease to Decrease Spending, Increase Savings, and Make Your Money Work for You! She's also a consumer finance writer at Forbes and the co-host of the Pop Fashion podcast.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Lisa Rowan: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Podcast

Protect yourself online: Try 1Password for Free

Penny Hoarder: Website

Get a virtual credit card:

Coupons for Prescription drugs: GoodRx

Find coupons automatically: Honey

Websites where you can flip your things: Facebook Marketplace | Craigslist | NextDoor | Poshmark | StockX

Save on your energy bill: OhmConnect

Find out your credit (vantage) score: CreditKarma | Credit Sesame

Side hustle ideas: Rent A Friend | Sell Your Junk Mail | Dscout

Save money on books: Library Extension | Libby App


Full Show Notes

A listener who used a hack and won [00:01]

Who is Lisa Rowan?  [00:37]

How did Lisa get obsessed with money hacks?  [02:31]

Pay yourself to splurge: one question to ask before shilling out money.  [06:31]

How many times did you fall for the free shipping trap? [10:16]

Auditing your subscriptions and using the money for something else.  [13:33]

Are you always forgetting to cancel after a free trial? Use this hack.  [15:26]

How you can pay less for your prescription drugs and medical procedures.  [17:41]

How to find great discount codes (other than Honey). [22:26]

Instead of paying to repair your things, go to this type of cafe.  [23:29]

Using a pawn shop to save money. [24:13]

How to flip things you no longer need.  [25:08]

Grocery hacks: Why you should walk clockwise at the grocery store.  [24:42]

How you can save money on energy AND get paid.  [28:20]

How to build your credit by paying your rent  [31:12]

How to get your REAL credit score for FREE (not on Credit Karma).  [33:00]

Getting your missing money. [35:03]

Being ready for opportunities to make more money. [39:00]

Side hustles that you probably haven’t thought of.   [40:50]

Don’t watch the stock market. [44:54]

Know which text messages to ignore. [45:55]

Managing money is not always sexy. [48:54]

A hack Lisa thought her publisher won’t let her put in the book [49:23]

Should you try all the hacks?  [50:46]


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Jul 07, 2021
How to Live Your Rich Life with Ramit Sethi

Bestselling author Ramit Sethi joins Chris to talk about what living a rich life really means and how to start living one. They also discuss money rules that make your finances easier, the invisible scripts society has created to control our financial lives and how couples can better their tackle money issues.

Ramit Sethi (@ramit) is the author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, a New Times Bestselling book with over a million copies sold. He also publishes a newsletter and runs programs about money, work and life at

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Ramit Sethi: Website | Twitter | Instagram 

Ramit Sethi’s Book: I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Money Rules: Ramit's 10 Money Rules

Travel meaningfully: Airbnb Experiences


Full Show Notes

What does it mean to be rich?  [01:10]

What’s Ramit's rich life?  [02:40]

Two conflicting messages we all receive about money, ignore both and do this.  [05:31]

Five personal finance questions everyone should be able to answer.  [08:04]

Why buying a house is not always a great investment (the phantom costs of homeownership).  [10:04]

Negotiate like an Indian: Why not just ask?  [16:38]

What is the right time and place to negotiate?  [17:44]

2 things you may not think to negotiate  [19:20]

Should you focus on spending less or making more?  [20:45]

The first thing you should do to get your financial life in order.  [22:44]

Not shopping by that what a rich life is?  [28:19]

Wasting time obsessing over $3 purchases.  [29:47]

Two things couples get wrong about managing money [30:50]

If your friends call you cheap, are you cheap?  [33:57]

Financial educators neglect this demographic.  [35:42]

There is a point where you have saved TOO much.  [37:57]

Should Chris pay for his next trip in cash and is it a waste of time to optimize?  [39:39]

Chapter two of your personal finance journey: What should you do once you’ve made enough money?  [45:04]

Ramit's travel hacks [48:50]

The book buying rule.  [53:04]

Ramit's 10 money rules that make money decisions much easier.  [53:45]

A financial challenge for you.  [58:03]

Investing should be boring.  [58:53]


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Jun 30, 2021
Earning 8.6% on Cash, Investing in Crypto and Trading Options with Zac Prince, BlockFi CEO

Crypto expert Zac Prince, joins Chris to talk about how to earn 8.6% interest on cash through crypto stablecoins. They also discuss Zac’s favorite investing hacks, his crypto portfolio advice, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other different crypto tokens Zac invests in.

Zac Prince (@blockfizac) is the CEO of BlockFi, a crypto-first banking platform that lets you earn interest, borrow cash, and trade crypto. BlockFi is one of the fastest growing fintech companies ever and currently lets you earn up to 8.6% on your cash using crypto. Get up to $250 free when you sign up at [Update: Rate is now only up to 7.5%]

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Zac : Twitter | LinkedIn

Earning 8.6% with BlockFiAccount: Get up to $250 free when you open a BlockFi Account [Update: Rate is now only up to 7.5%]

BlockFi Credit Card Waitlist: Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

Get your bills negotiated: BillShark | Trim

Grow your wealth: $5,000 Managed Free at Wealthfront

Options Income Strategies: Article from SeekingAlpha


Full Show Notes

How Zac ended up running BlockFi [01:42]

How is BlockFi able to pay high interest rates on cash? [03:35]

What are the risks of putting money in a BlockFi account?  [06:50]

For every 100 dollars that comes into BlockFI, they lend out about $70-80. Here is why. [08:09]

How BlockFi automation reduces risk if bitcoin falls at 3 am. [09:31]

Why BlockFi is different from other platforms that pay you interest on crypto.  [11:08]

DeFi platforms vs. BlockFi - which pays you more?  [13:09]

How big is BlockFi (staff and funding): the fastest fintech company to get to $3B valuation.  [14:30]

Should crypto be part of your investment portfolio? [15:27]

When will cryptocurrency be mainstream?  [18:45]

Why are traditional banks not embracing crypto?  [21:42]

What are stock options and how you can use them to grow your wealth. [23:06]

How a great credit score saves you a ton of money [27:21]

How you can get someone to negotiate your bills for you and get them lowered.  [28:17]

What is the world’s first Bitcoin rewards credit card? (an unintimidating way to make bitcoin) [29:32]

There are so many cryptocurrencies, how do you pick? (three categories of crypto) [34:14]

Two interesting things you can do with stablecoin.  [35:46]

BlockFi CEO’s, Zac Prince, personal cryptocurrency portfolio. [36:19]

Is buying Ethereum the same as betting on the future of blockchain?  [37:04]


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Jun 23, 2021
Managing Your Time to Get More Done with Laura Vanderkam

Time management pro Laura Vanderkam joins Chris to talk about how to make the most out of your weeks. They discuss how to find time for yourself in your busy schedule, multitasking, feeling more productive in the morning, the best way to plan your week/weekend, and managing your time as a parent. 

Laura Vanderkam (@lvanderkam) is the author of several time management books including 168 Hours and What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Her work has appeared in the New York times, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune. She also hosts two podcasts Before Breakfast and Best of Both Worlds and blogs at

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Laura: Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Laura's Resources: Time Makeover Guide and Time Tracking Sheet

Laura’s Podcasts: Before Breakfast | Best of Both Worlds

Laura's Books

Homemade meals delivered:


Full Show Notes

The biggest misconception people have about time management. [00:54]

Changing your mindset from “I don’t have time” to “I have some time, what would I like to do with it?”  [02:02]

The first step to shifting your mindset: track your time for a week [04:37]

Why using spreadsheets to track your time is better than using apps  [06:17]

The most common thing that wastes your time.  [07:26]

Start your time management plan by asking yourself what you want to spend MORE time doing.  [09:26]

3 main things you would get the most value from prioritizing. [11:13]

2 things that you probably think TAKE time, but they actually MAKE time.  [12:06]

Should you schedule your breaks? [13:49]

How can you prioritize errands?  [14:23]

When you have a few minutes extra (like if you are waiting in line), do this.  [16:21]

How to keep relationships strong while limiting the time spent on them. [17:42]

Setting alarms so you can have more quality time with others. [20:30]

Should you do two things at once? [22:07]

Multitasking with a partner: make sure you are on the same page about what you are trying to achieve.  [24:13]

How to tackle your to-do list (3 choices). [25:45]

How to eat healthy no matter how busy you are. [29:15]

Should you outsource your cooking needs? [32:22]

Why weekly planning every Friday afternoon will help you avoid Sunday night blues. [34:48]

Planning your weekend and making a list of 100 dream [37:02]

Should you do chores on weekends or weekdays (weekend hack)? [41:12]

If you have kids, you are better off going out on the weekends. Here is why. [44:49]

Why mornings are a valuable part of the day.  [46:24]

What if I can’t be productive in the morning because I feel awful?  [48:08]

Two hacks to introduce new habits in the morning. [49:33]

How to avoid wasting time on your phone in the morning.  [51:30]

Being mindful of time during the work day. [52:35]

How to stop losing time through email. [54:08]

How to spend quality time with your kids and still have time for yourself. [55:30]

3 tips for raising independent children.  [57:25]

One last trick that can save you tons of time. [59:41]


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Jun 16, 2021
The Psychology of Money with Morgan Housel

Renowned financial columnist, Morgan Housel talks with Chris about the psychology of money. They discuss the mindset of winning investors, new ways to think about risk, when to hold cash vs. invest, and how you can stop wanting more and focus on your own financial independence.

Morgan Housel (@morganhousel) is a partner at Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of the bestselling book The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Morgan: Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Morgan’s book: The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness

Benjamin Graham's Books: The Intelligent Investor | Security Analysis

Eric Johnson's Book on Nazi Germany: What We Knew


Full Show Notes

What drove Morgan to write the book? [01:22]

How finance is taught vs. how it actually is in the real world. [03:58]

What is the highest form of wealth? [05:44]

The different levels of financial independence (it is a spectrum) [07:18]

Building up cash: save more or earn more [10:28]

Why don’t people like saving money? [12:30]

Is there a way to stop yourself from wanting more (it’s easier for a specific type of person)? [13:36]

Can you go too far with FIRE (pushing your friends away)? [17:20]

Why do people become irrational when it comes to money? [19:34]

Active vs. Passive Investing, can you do both? [22:16]

Why you don’t actually know how much risk you can tolerate. [26:52]

Getting comfortable with being wrong and why you don’t need to be right all the time [32:34]

Why you need to stick around and make a lot of bets [36:25]

Framework for thinking about financial decisions that went poorly [38:51]

You only know one version of history, but what about the others? [39:30]

What is the best way to learn from history? [41:26]

How school curriculums should change (less algebra and more probability). [44:41]

How can parents help their kids learn about investing? [46:54]

The most overlooked aspect of behavioral finance. [49:04]

The only financial hack you need [50:47]


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Jun 09, 2021
Finding Cheap Flights to Anywhere in the World with Scott Keyes

Cheap flight fanatic Scott Keyes joins Chris to talk about getting the best deals on flights around the world. They discuss when and how to find and book the cheapest flights, making the most of flight cancelations or delays and lots of travel hacks to maximize happiness on all your trips.

Scott Keyes (@smkeyes) is the founder of Scott's Cheap Flights, a service that  helps over two million members find incredible deals on flights around the world. He is also the author of the bestselling book Take More Vacations: How to Search Better, Book Cheaper, and Travel the World.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Scott Keyes: Twitter | Instagram

Scott's Bestselling Book: Take More Vacations

Sign up for Scott's Flight Deals: Scott's Cheap Flights

Connect with Scott's Cheap Flights: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Best Search Engine for Flights: Google Flights

Find Nonstop Flights from any Airport: Flight Connections

Find Train, Bus and Ferry Routes: Rome2Rio | Seat61


Full Show Notes

Scott’s background and how he got the best flight deal in his life [02:18]

How more vacations can make you happier and more successful [06:28]

Why We’re Living in the Golden Age of Cheap Flights [11:07]

Favorite Places to Travel in the World [12:05]

The 3 Areas of Flexibility That Help You Get Cheap Flights [13:00]

Do Small or Large Airports Get the Best Flight Deals? [16:01]

Can you find a Cheap Flight Anywhere in the World? [18:32]

Where You Need to be Looking For Cheap Flights [20:17]

Are All Cheap Flights Inconvenient with Many Layovers? [24:15]

Why Budget Airlines Aren’t Worth the Savings [26:45]

What To Do When Your Flight is Delayed or Canceled [32:25]

How to Get Compensated if Your Flight is Full [37:25]

Scott’s Rules for the Cheapest Times To Book Your Flights [38:39]

Using the Greek Island Trip to save $1000+ on International Trips [42:09]

Finding Every Nonstop Flight To or From a City with Flight Connections [46:14]

How to Find Local Travel Routes by Bus, Train and Ferry [47:15]

Why Scott Almost Never Buys Travel Insurance [50:00]

Change and Cancellation Policies [51:15]

How to Use Flight Schedule Changes to Your Advantage [52:38]

Is Business Class Worth the Extra Cost? [55:28]

You Don’t Need Points and Miles for Great Flight Deals [57:58]

How Anticipation and Memories can Make Your Next Trip Better [1:03:55]

Timing the Activities on a Trip to Maximize Your Happiness [1:06:58]

Using the 24 Hour Rule to Lock in Your Next Cheap Flight [1:10:44]

Getting the Cheapest Flights for Two or More Passengers [1:17:06]

Finding Scott and Scott’s Cheap Flights Online [1:18:56]


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Jun 02, 2021
Getting the Best Deal on Your Next Car with LeeAnn Shattuck

Professional car buyer LeeAnn Shattuck joins Chris to talk about getting the best deal when buying and selling a vehicle. They discuss the buying new and used cars, making the decision to lease or buy, negotiating the best price and how to get the most when you're selling or trading in your existing car.

LeeAnn Shattuck is the founder of The Car Chick, a car buying service that helps people get a great deal on a new or used car. She's also a self-professed “car nut”, a champion race car driver and host of The Straight Shift podcast.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with LeeAnn Shattuck: The Car Chick | The Straight Shift

Find out the reliability of your vehicle: Consumer Reports

Database of Owners Vehicle Complaints: CarComplaints

Renting a Car to Test Drive It: Turo

Most Popular Car Right Now: Kia Telluride

Car Search Engines: AutoTrader |

New Car Buying Sites: TrueCar | Costco Auto

Online Car Dealers: Carvana | Vroom | Shift

Used Car Inspections: LemonSquad

Finding Car Invoice Pricing: Edmunds

Getting a Used Car Report: CarFax


Full Show Notes

How LeeAnn first fell in love with cars  [01:45]

The biggest misconception people have when buying a car  [03:37]

Should you buy a new car or a used one? [04:30]

Which vehicles depreciate slower?  [06:48]

Looking up the reliability of cars  [08:07]

Are cars safer nowadays? [09:35]

How COVID-19 made used cars more expensive [12:16]

How to test drive a car unavailable for test drive/ [14:35]

Is it easy to change the color of a car? [16:13]

What’s the best way to shop for a new car? [17:39]

Why True Car and Costco’s Auto buying program aren’t the best deal. [22:35]

Finding used cars while avoiding scams. [24:02]

Buying a used car from a website like CarMax or Carvana (should you do it?) [26:57]

Why you always need a pre-purchase inspection (and how to do it) [29:15]

Certified pre-owned: Is it worth it? (and the best certified pre-owned program)  [31:27]

The ultimate car buying hack  [34:54]

Should you negotiate the price first or decide to lease or buy first?  [38:00]

Two essential steps to negotiating the best price for a car [39:18]

One more good thing to ask for at the end of your deal  [43:24]

The best time to buy a car [44:30]

What happens when your salesperson has to “go to the back”  [46:06]

What if you can’t get the best deal because the market is down? [49:56]

Leasing a car: what leasing companies don’t want you to know.  [52:10]

How to make money getting out of your lease. [56:10]

Is it better to lease or buy if you like trading cars?  [58:49]

What should you do if you go over your leasing mileage?  [1:00:20]

Should you shop for an interest rate (and who can do that)?  [1:01:10]

What’s the best way to get rid of your old car and maximize your profit? [1:03:00]

 Always do this before buying a used car [1:05:57]

How LeeAnn helps hooks her clients up with the best deals [1:07:35]


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May 26, 2021
Hacking Credit Card Points and Miles with Alex Miller

Points optimizer Alex Miller joins Chris to go deep on credit cards and points hacks. They discuss the best cards to get right now,  how to get thousands of points without spending much money, and ways you should NOT be spending your points.

Alex Miller is the Founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, a site that helps millions of people each month maximize their points and miles. An avid traveler himself, Alex regularly uses  points for extravagant trips around the world, like flying in luxurious first-class cabins complete with onboard bars and showers that would have cost $50,000 if he were paying cash.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Connect with Alex Miller: LinkedIn | Upgraded Points

Budget tracker: Mint

Credit card companies that give you a spending report: Chase | Amex

Credit card companies that offer transferable points: Chase | Amex | Capital One | Citi

Leveraging international credit in the US: Nova Credit

Luxury airlines mentioned: Singapore Suites | Etihad Apartment | Emirates | American Airlines First Class

The best points cards right now: Amex Gold |Chase Sapphire Reserve | Chase Sapphire Preferred |Amex Platinum

Best complementary cards to have: Chase Freedom Unlimited | Amex Blue Cash Preferred

Keep track of your points: Award Wallet  

Credit Card Travel Portals: Chase | Amex

Hottest sign up bonuses right now: Chase Sapphire Preferred | Capital One Venture

How to Find the Amex Platinum 100k (or 125k) Welcome Bonus Offer: Upgraded Points


Additional Links from Upgraded Points


Full Show Notes

Who is Alex Miller? [01:42]

Alex’s first taste of business class [02:30]

How to tell if you're not optimizing your credit cards [06:10]

Selecting a points card depending on how you spend your money [08:04]

The downside to tracking your budget with Mint [10:02]

How credit cards affect your credit [10:52]

How to leverage your international credit to open a US credit card without US credit history [13:42]

Is earning cash back better than earning points? [15:07]

Getting some of the benefit of cash back even if you use points [16:23]

Which type of points are the most valuable [17:40]

Gift cards are a terrible use of points [18:36]

Why airline credit cards are often a bad deal [19:49]

Hotel cards may give you some perks like a free one night stay [22:00]

Should you get a credit card with an expensive annual fee? [22:36]

Before you cancel your credit card because of high fees, do this first. [24:50]

Chris and Alex’s best point redemption stories [26:37]

Going on amazing vacations for free is super attainable [34:00]

What are the best points cards right now? [36:27]

The best complementary card to have for spending that doesn’t fall under popular spending categories [40:28]

The only time to use a cash back card [41:15]

Here is how you can be eligible for a business credit card without employing anyone. [42:06]

Get points for shopping at amazon EVEN if your card only gives you points for groceries. [43:43]

Get points using this hack without spending any money [45:52]

Adding offers to your credit card [47:03]

Use shopping portals to accelerate your points earning [48:59]

How do you organize and keep track of your points across different cards? [51:18]

What if you just want to fly whenever you want, is there a way to use your points? [52:04]

The hottest sign up bonuses right now & how to get more then 100,000 points signing up [54:14]

Chase's 5/24 rule [56:30]

What about Capital One? [57:25]

Why the biggest signup bonuses are happening now [58:12]

What you can do if you are not approved for a card [59:21]

How long do you keep a card after the sign up bonus? [1:00:09]

Why you would want to downgrade a card [1:02:10]

Connecting with Alex Miller [1:04:00]


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May 19, 2021
How to be Financially Independent Without a Six Figure Salary with Brad Barrett

Financial independence (FI) expert Brad Barrett joins Chris to discuss how you can achieve FI no matter how much you make, including how much money you need to hit FI, savings hacks you can use along the way, and the power of intentionality.

Brad Barrett is the co-host of ChooseFI, the top podcast on financial independence with more than one million monthly listeners. Brad became financially independent and quit his job at 35 years old, without ever earning a six-figure salary. He also runs Travel Miles 101 and Richmond Savers.

Full show notes available at:


Selected Links From The Episode

Brad Barrett: LinkedIn

ChooseFI: Podcast | Instagram | Local groups

The shockingly simple math behind early retirement article: Mr. Money Mustache

Automate your savings strategy: Wealthfront

eBooks from your library: Overdrive

Cheaper mobile phone plans: Republic Wireless | Mint Mobile 

Learn how to travel the world for pennies: Travel Miles 101

Hotels mentioned: Disney Swan Hotel | Fairmont Bermuda Hotel

Book a personal trip through rewards with: Flight Fox

Track price history and set price alerts on your favorite products: Camel Camel Camel


Show Notes

Who is Brad Barrett the financial independence expert? [00:20]

What is financial independence (the one hack to rule them all)? [01:25]

Mistakes Brad has made [03:25]

The ultimate definition of financial independence [04:22]

Is financial independence something anyone can achieve? (it’s a simple equation) [05:48]

The choices Brad made that set him up well for financial independence  [09:19]

Does financial independence mean you have to give up everything while you save? [10:45]

The greatest hack is this mindset shift: what do you value more?  [11:50]

Proof that Brad is not living in deprivation [19:03]

Do you have to save 90% of your income?  [13:41]

Does saving mean you have to spend 30 hours a month tinkering with your finances? [20:44]

Step one to financial independence is finding out how much your life costs.  [23:27]

Even Brad makes mistakes where he can be more aware.  [26:02]

Figuring out how much you are saving on a sheet of paper v. using a savings app [28:07]

If you know you want to work forever, use this advice [30:57]

How do you figure out how much you need to save to achieve financial independence (4% rule of thumb) [31:41]

The 4% rule isn't perfect, this is Chris’s issue with it  [35:39]

Hacks beyond saving money from your income [37:29]

How to get free eBooks from the public library [40:29]

Saving on mobile phone plans and controlling what you do on data  [42:25]

Finding tiny sacrifices that work for you  [43:51]

How Brad spent $150 instead of $5,000 on a vacation using reward points  [44:09]

How to find out the price history of your favorite products and turn buying into a fun game [50:20]

The big takeaway from today’s episode (intentionality and optimizing without sacrifice). [53:00]

Connecting with Brad and ChooseFi [54:00]


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May 13, 2021
Pro Travel Hacks for Every Aspect of Your Next Trip with Leigh Rowan

#1: Travel pro Leigh Rowan joins Chris to discuss the travel hacks you need for your next trip, including getting the best prices on flights and hotels, having authentic local experiences and not getting ripped off changing money.

Leigh Rowan (@leighrowan) is a serious travel hacker. He is the founder and CEO of Savanti Travel, a travel management company for executives and prior to that was the COO of The Points Guy.

Full show notes at:


Selected Links From The Episode

All the Hacks Newsletter: Sign Up

Leigh Rowan: Twitter | Savanti Travel

Top Credit Cards and Signup Bonuses: Top Cards for 2021 | Best Signup Bonuses

Best flight search tool: Google Flights

Find travel advisers who might have flight/hotel deals: Virtuoso

Find your airline’s seat map: SeatGuru

Great deals on rental cars: Costco

Airline Vacation Portals: American | Delta | United

Find guides from your local library using this extension: Library Extension

Free concierges from your Credit Cards: Amex | Visa | MasterCard

Find a local to show you around at your destination: ShowAround

Eat with a local: EatWith

Do a photography session at your destination: Flytography

Local guides to what's happening: TimeOut

Switching to an eSIM: Verizon | AT&T | T-Mobile

Offline mode to save data: Google Maps | Google Translate

Phone Plans for International Travel: Google Fi


Show Notes

Leigh's background in the travel industry [01:40]

What to do before planning any trip   [03:10]

What if you just want the cheapest trip or just a warm destination? [06:35]

Should you pay with miles or with cash? [07:30]

Why you shouldn’t book flights from Expedia and book from the airline directly instead. [08:34]

How do you get access to lower corporate rates for flights? [10:11]

How to pick the best airline for your next international flight? [10:31]

Making sure your rental is still available and being treated like a VIP. [12:18]

Which Costco travel deals are good and which ones are bad. [14:16]

Take advantage of COVID flight flexibility policies for future trips [15:48]

When on google flights, make sure to add this to your search [16:26]

How do you narrow down your hotel search? [17:05]

Should you pay for Tripadvisor plus and how does it work? [18:58]

How does your experience change depending on how you book your hotel?  [20:48]

Doing this may help you get perks at your hotel, you might even get upgraded. [22:43]

Why speaking to the hotel beforehand really matters [25:09]

Should you trust hotel concierge food recommendations? [25:30]

How to get the best price on a vacation home or villa. [26:52]

Why you should do a food tour as soon as you arrive at your destination. [28:49]

More tips for planning your trip  [29:40]

How you can plan experiences you won’t find in a guidebook [32:00]

What is a destination management company? [33:31]

A photography session is the best souvenir you can get when you travel. [34:14]

How can you find hidden experiences and what your credit card concierge might know. [34:47]

Services your credit card concierge probably does and whether you can trust them. [36:44]

Where to find the best food and how to avoid tourist food traps? [38:58]

The safest and cheapest way to have cash on hand when traveling. [42:33]

The best way you can get rid of local currency at the end of your trip without getting ripped off [44:20]

Don’t fall for this bank travel scam. [45:40]

Getting a local cell phone service or data. [47:37]

Preparing your phone for travel. [48:55]

Trips where you shouldn’t bring your main phone/laptop [50:53]

Leigh’s upcoming trips. [51:48]

What is Savanti Travel? [52:34]


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