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By Rob Dyrdek

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Build With Rob is a show about building amazing companies while building an amazing life. Whether you’re a seasoned or aspiring entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, or seeking to live an optimized, balanced life, Rob Dyrdek’s advice will help propel you toward your goals. Rob Dyrdek builds & invests in startups, takes them to multi-million dollar exits, and shares lessons along the way. His one-of-a-kind venture creation studio, Dyrdek Machine, is a company that builds companies by systematically fusing art, science and magic to manufacture amazing through a process called The Machine Method. In each episode, Rob provides mentorship to entrepreneurs looking to grow their companies and achieve the best version of themselves. With each guest laying out their visions for life and business and following up with questions for each, Rob gives actionable advice in his two greatest areas of mastery: building businesses and deep life optimization. On occasion, Rob sits down with his portfolio partners to discuss how the company was created, how the partnership took shape, and share valuable lessons they have learned along the way. It’s all about being the best version of yourself, doing the things that give you energy every day, minimizing those that take energy from you, and creating harmony to live an extraordinary life. Rob is here to help you achieve that dream. Listen to Build With Rob on Apple, Spotify, and most podcast platforms. To be a guest on the show and talk to Rob about your life and business visions, go to and submit a video.

Episode Date
A balanced mind creates a balanced life

Even if you’re doing everything right externally – waking up early, meditating, eating right, mastering your time and energy – if your mind is being pulled in a million different directions, your life will never be balanced. You ultimately need a balanced mind in order to have quality energy to pursue the things you want in life. An unbalanced mind makes you reactionary, and you lose control of your life. Balance your mind, balance your life.

Our guest, Clint Norris, has been a staple of Minneapolis public television for years, and now he wants to follow in Rob’s footsteps and take his new TV show vision to the next level. Maybe even MTV. Clint shares his thoroughly detailed vision for “Drop Zone” with Rob and gets some pointers from the master. He also wants to know how Rob prepares himself for the darker times.

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May 23, 2022
Gamify your discipline for optimal results

Using will power alone to achieve discipline is not sustainable. It becomes a constant battle, sucking energy from you, and is always an uphill battle. Even Rob didn’t understand the power of gamification before he started meticulously tracking his basic discipline statistics. It was only then that the data gave him energy. He could watch his progress and felt a sense of pride when he hit his goals. That reinforced his desire to win against himself, motivated him to keep going and continue to improve. Then habits were formed and what was previously a daily challenge was second nature. Only at that point could he set his sights on the next goal, and use gamification techniques to achieve it in the same way.

Brent Ramos of Koa House, which he bills as a “Tropical Punk” health & wellness brand, is already on his way to optimization with his own version of Rob’s rhythm of existence. He’s also used elements of the Machine Method to build his business, but he still could use a little guidance from Rob on fundraising. They also talk about applying business philosophies to family and other aspects outside of work.

IG: @koahouse

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May 16, 2022
Build your business in a way that brings you JOY

Of course, there are times we all must grind, sacrifice sleep and balance to get crucial things done. But that is not the lifestyle you are trying to achieve as an entrepreneur because it is simply not sustainable. The goal of any entrepreneur should be to hire with intention and build and grow it in a way that increases output by designing, automating and optimizing systems.

Ultimately, you should be doing less grinding as your business grows and matures in this way, not more. There’s a lot of noise out there that champions burning the candle at both ends and sacrificing everything to build a business. That’s working hard, but not smart. Your goal should be to grow your business into something you actually enjoy running, and that fits seamlessly into the rest of your life. Not something that consumes your life.

This is the third of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success.

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May 09, 2022
Harmony over Hustle

There is no substitute for hard work. It is the cornerstone of building success, and that will never change. However, by harmoniously integrating all aspects of your life and building them simultaneously toward success, you can achieve more with the effort you put in. We all have tendencies that create friction and disrupt harmony, such as pushing too hard, not eating right or not getting enough rest. By looking at your life as an integrated system that requires harmony to expand and evolve, you can ultimately do more with less and become the ideal version of yourself.

Our guests are Carmen and Kara from Prosperity Market, a mobile farmer’s market on wheels and food truck that supports black owned food producers. They make it easy to support Black owned businesses, while creating food access in their communities. Based in Los Angeles, they are looking to expand across the country and move into wholesale. They are in the process of fundraising, and Rob has a special surprise for them, so stick around until the end!




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May 02, 2022
Learning, Growing, Evolving & Mastering are the Cornerstones of Success

Rob is a life-long learner. Even at his level, he is constantly searching for more information, better philosophies, bits of wisdom that can unlock further potential and a greater understanding of the world. Like you, he reads (and listens to) books, consumes podcasts, subscribes to every entrepreneur blog and social account, constantly absorbing points of view from smart and successful people. It’s one thing to consume and be inspired by those we hope to emulate, but it is the distilling of the most important nuggets of information from those sources that are immediately applicable to your own systems in life and business. You will get more out of the educational media you consume by not trying to grasp it as a whole, but picking out those few key points that you can put into action immediately, add them to your toolbox, and use them to grow and evolve toward mastery. And when you consume the same thing a decade later, you will not only see completely new tools for your evolved state, but the experience will serve as a barometer of just how far you’ve come.

This is the second of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success.

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Apr 25, 2022
Building the Skill of Vision

Your life is a blank canvas when it begins. While many circumstances are beyond your control, there is still so much you can craft and mold to your will. But in order to create anything, an amazing painting or an amazing life, you must first have a vision for it. And vision is not necessarily a natural process for everyone, but everyone has the ability to look out into the future, understand what they desire, and put a plan together to get there. It requires the determination to develop that skill set over time. It requires the self-reflection to actually understand what it is you want based on the things that make you truly happy and give you energy. And it requires you to break that vision down into achievable steps in order to get there. With the skill of vision, the extraordinary life you wish to lead is within your grasp.

This is the first of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success.

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Apr 18, 2022
The quality of your success matters

Rob is here to tell you that financial success is a huge win, but there’s a lot you can do while building it to ensure that your success is of a high quality. If you’re only chasing the dream, you can get caught in the trap of losing your balance to achieve a goal. When working your way toward the success you ultimately want to create, take all aspects of your life into account. Your time, your energy, your health, and every other thing that gives you purpose and fulfillment. Design your work life and personal life together in an integrated way to ensure balance between them. Only then will the success you find be of the highest quality.

Hiyo! We get three for one on this episode with George Youmans, Cygne Cooper and Evan Quinn from Hiyo, an adaptogenic social beverage. While non-alcoholic, the blend of ingredients in Hiyo provide a sensation the founders like to call “The Float.” They’re trying to disrupt socialization itself by introducing a healthy and relaxing alternative to booze.As an early stage startup, they have big ideas, but want advice on how to deploy their capital for maximum return.

IG: @drinkhiyo

Then Jose Barrera and Lorel Scott join Rob as the founders of StartupStarter, a business education studio working with global brands and individuals alike to teach entrepreneurship at scale. They’ve got momentum, but now they’re looking to leverage it in order to scale up even faster. 


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Apr 11, 2022
The benefits of waking up 1 hour earlier every day

Rob uses it to get organized, be more productive, feel more balanced, and make more money. He started by waking up an hour earlier at 5am every day and understood he got essentially an entire extra work day every week. That equates to 48 extra (7-hour) work days per year. Then he realized that if he got up 2 hours earlier every day, that additional time doubled. That’s almost 3 months of additional productivity per year. A full quarter! Imagine how much you could get done with that much extra time on your hands. Now set your alarm.

First up is Sean Boisson, founder of Bella Snow soft ale, a delicious low-alcohol beer alternative for people with low tolerances, or who just don’t want the calories or the spins. Based in beautiful Sonoma, CA, Sean and his team are trying to figure out how to identify and fill gaps in knowledge as they work to grow and expand their product line. 

IG: @drinkbellasnow

Stephanie Foster and her husband Scott created Tiki Liquid Enhancers, travel sized bottles to squirt into your water and provide additional benefits. Their current line-up of products are designed to help you sleep better, give you energy, or give your immune system a boost. Stephanie is trying to find the balance between marketing and maintaining inventory while also wondering how to think about what happens after success.

IG: @tikibev

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Apr 04, 2022
Every single thing you do matters

When we make a big decision, we typically contemplate how the outcome will affect everything else in our life. But it’s the small decisions we don’t put as much emphasis on that end up having an outsized effect. This is due to the compounding nature of small decisions on your health, mindset, emotional state, and energy. One small decision influences the next small decision, rippling out over time and contributing either positively or negatively to your life.

In this episode, Bryan Guadagno, the founder of It’s Skinny pasta has created a way for people to enjoy a bowl of pasta in 2 minutes with only 9 calories per bag. The secret is Konjac, a plant that has been historically used in Asian cuisine but hasn’t caught the attention of the mass market in the U.S. He knows his product is great, but he wants advice on how to continue to stand out both on the shelf and online.

​​IG: @itsskinnypasta

Then, life and business partners Shaun Oshman and Jess Candelaria have built Helmet Flair, which allows anyone wearing a helmet for any reason to spice it up with their own personality. They attach flush magnets to the helmet itself and offer a wide range of horns, cat ears and other such delights to snap on and off based on the customer’s mood. The company is growing well, but they want to know if they should continue on their organic trajectory or take on investment for a high growth model. 

IG: @helmetflair

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Mar 28, 2022
Manifesting what you want in the right way

True manifestation is not sitting around thinking about the things that you want in life and wishing or hoping they come true. It is figuring out in as much detail as possible not only what the things are, but what they look like and feel like. Focusing on those details and allowing your mind and body to be transported forward to a time when these fantasies are reality. According to Rob, who practices an extreme version of manifestation, your body cannot tell the difference between that which you imagine in great detail and that which is actually happening. So, the more you practice detailed manifestation over and over, while doing the things necessary to achieve them, the universe will begin to listen.

Our first guests, Phil and Krista Franks, comprise Owl & Key, a platform they designed to help individuals and groups to recognize what they want out of life and set a path to achieve it. Their book, Strategic Planning for Life, is a step-by-step guide to designing a life with intention. They’re looking to Rob for answers on consciously scaling their company through business and individual customer acquisition, as well as how to navigate business as a couple.

IG: @owl_and_key

Jovanna Schlossenberg is our next guest, and she’s brought her friend (and arguably Kansas City’s top trainer) Luther Glover along for the ride. Jovanna is launching her “tri-level reading” book series Jojo Knows, which customizes each story for 3 different age groups. Jovanna is looking for ways to open additional reading centers while keeping her business and personal relationships strong. Luther is looking to give himself more bandwidth for networking and servicing his big clients (like Kansas City Chiefs star wideout Tyreek Hill).

IG: @jojoknowslearningcenter

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Mar 21, 2022
Achieve perpetual success by systematically fusing art, science and magic

Rob’s formula for achieving perpetual success: systematically fusing art, science and magic. A great tagline, yes, but what does it really mean? Well, think of art as starting with you, the creator. The creator of your life, the creator of your business, the creator of every moment of your day. Science is then the ways in which you organize your creations, building systems of living and systems of operating professionally. Finally, the magic comes when art and science are working in harmony. Unseen universal forces that conspire on your behalf to push you in the direction you want to go. Applying these concepts over and over in everything you do, constantly improving and optimizing, a better life is all but inevitable.

On this episode, we’ve got the founders of Muvez, Eric and Ryan Cruz, who first burst onto the national radar on an episode of Shark Tank. The primary Muvez product is a shoe with a detachable outsole, which then becomes a slipper, transitioning between inside and outside without ever having to take it off. They’ve found quite a bit of success, but now they’re looking to raise money to scale the business, and Rob has some solid advice for them about the benefits and challenges of taking on venture capital.

Blair Bryngelson is a serial entrepreneur and inventor whose latest product combats the “dead arm” that often results from cuddling one’s partner in bed. It’s called the Spoonie Pillow, and is essentially a pillow that slides onto your arm. He launched a Kickstarter campaign and sold 3,000 units out of the gate. The customers even found more use cases for it than originally intended. Now he’s looking to ramp up as a direct-to-consumer business, but supply chain issues are presenting a challenge. Rob encourages Blair to plug into an existing home goods infrastructure so he can continue to do what he does best and be a great inventor instead of an inexperienced operator.

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Mar 14, 2022
Master time to create the ultimate balance

The most precious resource on earth is time. It is fleeting, nonrenewable, and depleting at an ever accelerating rate. You have two choices: One, hold on tight and go where it leads you, or two, master it. Take control of it. Increase your time efficacy within every hour of your day. Work to truly understand it, and how much you can actually accomplish. Look at time not as a whole, but in smaller, manageable blocks. Then work within each of those blocks to continuously improve your output. It sounds hard, impossible even, but once you actually start, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Our first guest is Kelly Radnitzer, whose company HD Labs stands for Hard work and Dedication. An athletic apparel brand that’s looking to make the jump into supplements in a very crowded market, Kelly wants to know how to get the attention of major retailers without a huge marketing budget.

IG: @hd_labsunlimited

Travis Fussell has his hands in multiple businesses, from golf putters to his newest creation, a fully customizable ball cap. All this while maintaining his full time job. He’s got his sights set high on scaling the Rad Mod hat and moving into sports and other licensing, but Rob cautions him on spreading too thin too fast.

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Mar 07, 2022
Everything in life can be made better and better, but not perfect

Don’t strive for perfection. Strive for continued optimization over time. Anything in work or life falls into the category of things that can be made continually better. The first step is doing enough reps at something that it becomes almost second nature. Then finding ways to automate that thing where it takes less effort. Only then can you look for ways to make it more efficient, more optimized, so it takes even less time and effort. If you repeat this process over and over with every element of your life and business, incredible results will emerge.

Our first guest, Benj Miller, is the founder of System and Soul, who, like Rob, hails originally from Ohio. His vision is to transform 25k small businesses this decade through a unique brand of coaching that focuses on both business fundamentals, as well as what they refer to as the “Soul” side. To him, that means the identity, story and culture of an organization, including how they treat their employees. Benj has a lot of things going in the right direction, but needs some help looking at how his business model will evolve.

Corey Pulido lives on a large property in North Carolina where he and his wife foster hound dogs. He is a teacher. He has multiple properties that he manages. And he has a ton of other ideas he wants to pursue. Rob helps him focus on building sustainability so he can spend his time focusing on his nonprofit and pursuing his other ideas without sacrificing his passions.

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Feb 28, 2022
Evolution is the key to success. Reflection is the key to evolution.

No matter what your experiences are in business and in life, there are lessons to be learned. From pain and failure, learnings can arise and inform future actions and thinking. From positive outcomes, learnings can be identified and applied to other parts of your existence. So, no matter your type of experience, positive, negative or neutral, reflecting on the reasons for each particular outcome will lead you to evolve over time. And with evolution, becoming a better and better version of yourself, comes success and, more importantly, happiness.

In this episode, Jared Gold sent Rob a cold email asking him to take part in a book that he’s writing about the habits of successful people. So, of course, Rob invited him onto the show to talk about it, where he gave Jared some advice on how to better approach people like himself for the project. He also gave Jared to come back with a brand new pitch and left the door open to not only take part in the project, but help him get others as well. Not only all that, but Rob helped Jared remain true to his vision of what the book should ultimately be.

IG: @jgold242

Follow Jared’s book progress:

Devin Dwyer has a number of talents. He’s a rapper, director, videographer, editor, and drone operator. He’s been doing video work for free in order to make connections and build his reel, but now it’s time to turn his talents into a real business. Rob provides some advice to help him take the next step into real entrepreneurship, as well as helping him reframe how he thinks about balancing work with spending time with his young son.

IG: @soundssickproductions

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Feb 21, 2022
Designing and integrating your life and business visions to find true success

Your ideal life vision should be in lockstep with your business vision. They should be designed together, integrated, and grown together until you are successful on all fronts simultaneously, not just at work. As an entrepreneur, the path is clear: create a product that doesn’t exist (vision), put together a plan, and execute the plan to grow the business. Most people don’t necessarily think of their life this way, with happiness, fulfillment and balance being products of a well thought out plan. But Rob suggests if you can just evolve your thinking, you can have it all.

Build With Rob’s first return guest! Jacob Mclaughlin appeared on Episode 22, talking about an idea he had for a real estate app that allowed realtors to bid on listings. It was called Zollu at the time, which Rob suggested was way too close to Zillow. Rob also made suggestions on how the business model could be improved by focusing more on providing value to the sellers. Well, Jacob took Rob’s advice and is back on the show with SMIRC, the latest incarnation of his idea with Rob’s suggested tagline: “Never give away your listing again.”

Watch Jacob and Rob’s first conversation:


Then, Majfred Memetaj wants to create a community around freestyle soccer with his platform, Flowstil. He wants to expand adoption of the sport while providing resources and skill sharing to help interested parties increase their abilities and meet like minded individuals. Rob sees an opportunity for him to piggyback on traditional soccer through competitions, as well as creating products specifically for the freestyle soccer market.

IG: @flowstilfreestyle

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Feb 14, 2022
Adaptogenic beauty brand Deon Libra reduces stress from the inside out

From tragedy can come opportunity. When Devin’s father passed from a stress induced heart attack, she found herself anxiety ridden and unable to sleep properly for years. In coping with her loss, she began experimenting with adaptogens to calm her own body and mind. Creating body butters and teas from home, she discovered a new approach to beauty from the inside out.

Frustrated that Black customers seem to be an afterthought in the beauty market, she set out to create Deon Libra, a brand that caters to the naturally higher stress levels of people in her own community. With her co-founder and COO, Brit Kirkland, Devin found a home for her nascent brand at Dyrdek Machine.

Recorded in December of 2021, this episode was recorded shortly after Rob and the Deon Libra founders met in person for the first time.


IG: @deonlibrabody

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Feb 07, 2022
The process of learning, evolving and growing in any new endeavor

In business or in life, when you step out of your comfort zone to try something new, it is always harder in the beginning. You lack practice, you lack clarity, you lack experience. As time goes on, with dedication to creating a process and evolving it over time, you will get better and better at that thing until it’s easy. Rob shares his experience in creating his MTV show Ridiculousness, which was difficult and time consuming at first. He details how he committed to making it easier, faster and better over and over until he could shoot six episodes in a day with less effort than one episode required in the beginning.

Our first guest is Avi Rubin, who created a natural soap to treat a skin condition and slowly grew it into the boutique brand of Iron Lion. He has a solid and loyal customer base, but is now looking to grow, not necessarily scale, while finding a way to spend more time with his family. Rob offers advice about ways to create more recurring revenue, as well as establish the balance he needs to be the father he wants to be.

IG: @ironlionsoap

Then we have Cody Hankins, who wants to bring the novelty and nostalgia of wax candy bottles (they were called Nik-L-Nips if you can believe it) to the alcohol space. He’s already handmade prototypes and shared them with his friends to great enjoyment, and he thinks they can be a better solution for the environment. However, Cody has no experience in the alcohol space, which Rob knows all too well is littered with landmines. But Rob has a great solution to get Cody started on the right path.

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Jan 31, 2022
Relentlessly seeking clarity to build belief and achieve success

Rob believes that you should seek clarity on exactly what it is you want to achieve before setting out to achieve it. That clarity will reveal the detailed goals necessary to get there. Breaking those down into smaller, achievable goals builds the belief that you can actually get to the finish line. Over time, the goals become more ambitious, you achieve those, and the belief and confidence grow. Take the time to put energy into defining what it is you want out of life, be it a business, relationship, health, or something else. Only then will every decision you make have a clear purpose and move you forward.

On this episode, Patrick MacCausland wants to change the way recycling works by starting a company he’s calling HalfBack. When you buy bottles and cans, you’re paying a few cents extra that you never get back by putting them on the curb. Patrick wants to pick them up for you, turn them in for refunds, and give you back 50% of the take. But in this early stage, there are a lot to figure out in the financial model, which Rob walks him through in detail.

Tulsa Talley is the founder of Good Note, a tie dye apparel brand with a positive message.  He began making the clothes for himself, and then began selling them. While it’s his full time gig now, he wants to know what 5 steps he should take next to take it up a notch, and Rob has those answers. Not only does Tulsa get great advice, but Rob hits him with a big surprise at the end!

IG: @goodnoteco

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Jan 24, 2022
Mastering your thoughts to create more positive experiences

There are two states of mind that are not useful to becoming successful or living an amazing life. The first is Dwelling, which is a passive state that provides no current or future value. The second is Hoping and/or Wishing, a state that, while more fun in the moment, creates the same passivity and stagnation of dwelling. Neither of these mental states offer any positive momentum, and thus should be avoided. Live instead in states of Experiencing or Creating the future.

Podcaster, rapper and producer Ryan Sullivan joins the show. He launched his company, Podcast Principles, to create podcasts for individuals trying to expand their personal brands. Like many businesses, Ryan faces the challenge of scaling, meaning getting more clients and hiring and training a team. And how does he balance that with all of his other passion projects?

IG: @sullybop

IG: @podcastprinciples

Dusty Pierson created an innovative mobile phone grip device with his college aged son called Bandit. An engineer by trade, Dusty figured out the manufacturing and they were off. The father-son duo are now looking for advice on how to get to that next level and increase sales. Rob has some simple, effective thoughts to up their game.

IG: @livebanditcase

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Jan 17, 2022
Balance in life and work is not found, it is designed

Achieving balance requires discipline, practice, and a realistic framework. Over time, with consistent effort, you will find yourself getting better and better at it until it is second nature. The definition of balance, however, is very personal and different for every individual. It takes time and attention to understand what your version of balance is that makes you feel energetic in the various aspects of your life. Rob explains exactly how he evolved into his current state of balance and now keeps it going with ease.

Michael Wong and Alex Comfortes founded Peeka VR to get kids excited about reading again. They use visual technology to immerse children in stories with the goal of igniting their passion for reading and learning. But sitting between two slow moving industries, publishing and education, they want to know how to move fast and disrupt.

Justin Kershaw had spoken with Rob in 2020 when he was introduced by Outstanding Foods CEO and Founder, Bill “Billy G” Glaser. Rob couldn’t quite see the vision of Sow Strong Food back then. But that didn’t stop Justin. He went out and hustled to bring his brand to life, and Rob is incredibly impressed. He wasn’t coming on the show looking for a deal with Dyrdek Machine, but you never know what can happen on Build With Rob

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Dec 20, 2021
How to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to your life for greater success and happiness

Building a company as an entrepreneur entails having a vision, making a plan to achieve that vision, and then setting goals and achieving them in that direction. It also requires failing, learning, and evolving. Optimizing, automating and refining. And over time success is achieved or a new chapter must begin. The parallels between building a great business and building a great life are many. And it all starts with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Dyrdek Machine’s philanthropy, the Do-Or-Dier Foundation, supports organizations across the country that teach the entrepreneurial mindset to underrepresented and under-resourced individuals from young people to the formerly incarcerated. This provides them with the tools they need to succeed in both business and life. Please visit our amazing partners and support their efforts:

WIT Whatever it Takes -

Build -

Defy Ventures -

On this episode, Myles Weber, a talented stand-up comedian, saw his comedians, musicians, and other creatives isolated during the pandemic and realized there were a lot of therapy resources out there, but no life coaching by people that really understand what they’re going through. So Myles took it upon himself to get his coaching certification and is launching Green Room Talk, a service that provides support to artists by certified fellow artists. Rob suggests a way he can hone his idea even further to open it up to a larger customer base.

IG: @mylesweberjoker

Keyser Leepier was tired of always waiting for bartenders to make drinks. He realized bars could be selling a lot more if the bottleneck of the bartender was automated. It was then that he created Sylf, a self-serve cocktail machine. He’s got a plethora of potential use cases for the product, if he could only get the capital raised to create the prototype. Rob shares some strategies to bring on partners and validate the idea before going out to raise a round.

IG: @sylf__

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Dec 13, 2021
How to build qualitative self-awareness

What does Rob mean by “Qualitative Self-Awareness?” It’s literally as simple ask asking yourself how you feel every day with respect to the most important parts of your life. Using a scale of 1 to 10, above a 5 represents increasing degrees of happiness and optimism. While the bottom half runs the risk of compounding negativity and dragging you even further down. But the first step to increasing your number and keeping it at higher levels more consistently is creating a systematic understanding of your quality of life. Only then can you begin to identify the internal and external factors that affect your rating positively or negatively and actually do something about them.

Our first guest is Brandon Wesig, who invented a device called The Neverending Defender that helps basketball players train against defense all by themselves. He wants to know the first thing entrepreneurs should look to change when not meeting their desired sales goals. He also is interested in the advice Rob would give to his younger self.


Then we have another inventor who has been incubating a product idea since his childhood and finally made it a reality. Spencer Trotter created the Anywhere Fridge, a solar powered refrigerator for travel and locations without power. Rob opens up a whole new possibility to scale his product by suggesting he partner with charities to bring refrigeration to parts of the world lacking in power for food and medicine.


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Dec 06, 2021
Optimize your life to give you the most energy for a high quality existence

One of the keys to a high quality, balanced existence is becoming extremely sensitive to your energy. Especially when it is being lowered by an action or external force, or gained by something you enjoy doing. This goes for work, family, friends, and literally anything else in life. In order to achieve energy awareness, you really need to get in touch with yourself to understand the nuances as to how you uniquely gain and lose energy. 

As always, we have some great guests on the show. Sanjay Kumar Rajpoot is a master of the hot global trend of sustainable vertical farming and hopes to do his part to end world hunger and help the environment with his startup, Plant Culture Systems. He is seeking advice on how to grow the best possible team when capital is not an issue, but building the company requires one’s undivided attention. He also asks Rob what his 3 non-selfish wishes from a genie would be, the answer to which needs to be heard to be believed.

IG: @iamgroot42069

Austin Gayne has been in the supplement sales game for a long time, and built successful companies along the way. But now he has what he believes to be a game changing idea, namely female-targeted solution-based supplements that target specific areas of physical improvement. He wants to know what sort of mindset shift needs to occur for an entrepreneur to build toward an 8, 9 or even 10 figure exit. That is followed by a question about building the confidence to succeed at a high level.

IG: @austingayneh31

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Nov 29, 2021
How to build your life and company backwards by starting at the end

It’s one thing to go into a new venture with optimism and hope that hard work will pay off. But it’s a whole other level to design the life outcomes you want, then the business outcomes you need to achieve that, and only then design your business backwards systematically in order to reach that goal. It’s important to figure out things like how much time you want to spend working when the business reaches maturity, as it is unsustainable to burn the candle at both ends in perpetuity. You must decide what role you want to play that will give you the most energy, and then build around that with people who will take on the energy-draining roles. It’s all possible with the right design in place.

We’ve got Dr. Cody Sandzimier on the show today, a chiropractor who realized there was no silent timer with only visuals on the market after he realized the need in his practice. He invented The Loop Timer, which uses an aesthetically pleasing blue LED ring to show you when time is up without all the beeps and chirps. Rob encourages him to scale it to a point where he can hire someone to run it and look to keep it as a sustainable business that creates a good chunk of supplementary income. The good doctor asks when the right time to invest in scaling a team is, and wants to know more about how Rob created his life operating plan.

IG: @chirocody

Josh Sanchez thought he should be able to get in a full workout in the middle of a hike, but the options weren’t out there. He created NativFit, a band-based gym that fits in a backpack. Rob wants him to focus more on the full value proposition the product is delivering and thus hone in on their core consumer. Josh wants to know if Rob would continue direct-to-consumer or target retail. He also wants to know if all the sacrifice for the business is worth it in the end?

IG: @nativfit

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Nov 22, 2021
The process of building belief in your ideas and yourself

Belief may be something you hold inherently, but more often than not it is a process that takes place over time. It is the constant setting and achieving of smaller goals that slowly grows belief in your idea, yourself, your plan, those around you, and every other aspect of your existence. It is only when you have lost belief that you want to quit, and Rob believes it’s the point at which you should quit. However, it’s up to you to choose how that belief is lost. Losing belief and quitting can be a good thing, a learning experience, and the beginning of believing in something bigger and better that will ultimately provide the life you want.

Today’s guests come to us from Canada and a van outside the airport:

Courtney and Leigh Jackson are a married couple who are also relentless serial entrepreneurs. They’ve been diving in head first and asking questions later for years. From opening a nail salon to children’s clothing to a successful kitchen refinishing business, they noticed a problem that they wanted to fix. Namely, getting independent contractors and vendors  paid by their clients. They have an idea for a service that would go to bat for the little guy and get them what they’re owed. Rob implores them to take a page from the Machine Method in order to learn and micro-fail in a brand new industry before they start burning capital.

Matt Plapp is a force to be reckoned with. Founder of a marketing company that focuses on restaurants. Now he’s aggressively expanding to a media platform for restaurants that will create content for and about them and utilize it as marketing. Rob is super into the idea, and encourages Matt to remold himself as a champion of restaurateurs in a variety of ways. Rob even makes up a theme song for him. Interestingly enough, Matt has also been using a version of Rob’s life tracking system for 50 days, and Rob helps him hone his daily qualitative ratings.

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Nov 15, 2021
Choose a name for your brand that connects with its story

In this episode, Rob makes the case for why naming your brand to connect with the value proposition of your product can give you many advantages along your business journey. In the best case scenario, your brand name can even become a verb associated directly with your product’s output. As companies all become their own media companies, it is far more scalable to create content and thus build a customer base around a brand name that connects deeply with the very thing you as an entrepreneur are trying to introduce into the world.

As always, we have some great entrepreneurs on the show:

Tyler Boone is an independent singer songwriter with over 10million streams who created his eponymous Boone’s Bourbon, a 117 proof, multi-award winning spirit. Tyler has had success, but now wants to know if he should keep bootstrapping or take on capital.

Timmy Wozniak and Kevin Dunn are part of the team that built Commissioner, a new shoe brand inspired by NBA style and named for the man who had arguably the biggest impact on catalysing that style, the late David Stern. They’re looking to pick Rob’s brain about his experience designing shoes at DC and how to manage influencer marketing and endorsements.

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Nov 08, 2021
Learn enough about all aspects of your business to guide those with specific expertise

There may be aspects of your business you don’t understand. There may be parts that make you cringe. But you still have to learn as much as you can about them. You have to understand how all aspects of the business relate to your overall vision. Only then, should you hire people with more specific expertise. At that point, you will be able to guide them to help you realize your ultimate vision, as opposed to waiting for them to figure out what that vision really is.

Rob talks to three entrepreneurs on the show today:

Ohio native Christi Mason is a mom whose child’s toys always seem to end up on the ground. That’s why she created a prototype for the TableTopper. A unique device that attaches to tables to keep all of a kid’s stuff clean and accessible. But she’s wondering how important it is to perfect the prototype before trying to go to market.

Danny Darnell is a certified drone pilot who wants to create a platform to connect marketers and FAA certified drone pilots. Rob can’t believe that the global market for drones is currently $100billion on its way to $500billion, but it is. But Danny has no experience in building software, so what does he do?

Jerame Hawkins created his Rescue Signaling Kit after seeing people trapped and unable to signal for help after hurricanes. A single kit brings together just about every method of signaling you could need, but Rob encourages him to move toward whitespace.

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Nov 01, 2021
Get tons of feedback and stay open minded (UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Edition)

It’s far too easy to fall into the trap of only bouncing your ideas off of people you know will either agree with you, or be supportive no matter what. This is great for short-term confidence, but potentially detrimental to achieving long term success by building a sustainable business. The more feedback you get from all types of people, the better you can hone in on the true value proposition of your product, and thus understand who your customer will eventually be. Rob implores you to get as much feedback as possible in the IDEA stage, before you spend a dime, micro-failing over and over until your idea is undeniable. And then never stop getting feedback through every subsequent stage. This doesn’t mean that you need to please everyone, but commonalities will emerge that will give you crucial insight into how to evolve next.

On this episode, we once again welcome two fantastic entrepreneurs from the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator program:

John Dalsey started working in a brewery in New Jersey, earning his keep from the bottom on up through hard work and dedication. Through that process, he learned the alcohol business. It was later that he and his best friend became bored with the limited flavor selection in the hard seltzer craze and decided to create the first Asian-inspired flavors in the category. Thus, Nectar was born, with a focus on not only taste, but content creation.

Emily Smith put TASTE over everything for her pea-based protein powder, nuFYX. Launched during the pandemic, nuFYX became the #1 selling plant-based protein at Erewhon market in Los Angeles (which if you don’t live there, is a VERY fancy health-focused grocery store with six locations around the city). Besides tasting great, it incorporates aminogen, an enzyme to help break down protein, making it easily digestible.

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Oct 25, 2021
Should I go to college or start a company? (UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Edition)

Rob didn’t go to college. In fact, he dropped out of high school and became a professional skateboarder. While his journey to entrepreneurship is a unique one, so is yours. The simple fact is, the more knowledge you have, the less mistakes you make, and the clearer your path to success. While there is no substitute for experience, education can bridge gaps and accelerate proactive learnings. Without formal schooling, it’s on you to educate yourself in all facets of business -- seek out answers, ask the right questions, and learn what you don’t know as fast as possible. No matter your level of education when you begin your first company, it’s still going to be trial by fire to some extent.

And joining us on this episode from deep within the burning fires of entrepreneurship are two very impressive founders from the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator Program:

Jeff Gum is a former Navy SEAL who drew inspiration for his company, Sunga Life, from his travels to Brazil and military workout gear. He’s currently on track to top $1million in swimwear sales in 2021.

Tori Brodsky is a nutritionist by education who takes hydration very seriously, especially when you drink alcohol. She created DrinkLyte, which delivers medical grade hydration in two delicious flavors, one for the end of the night and one for the next morning, to stave off those nasty hangovers.

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Oct 18, 2021
Learn proactively, not reactively for greater success

The best CEO’s are obsessed with building a holistic vision of their company. While many can alleviate pain points by hiring the right people and empowering them, there is no substitute for understanding every aspect of your business. When something goes wrong and you are forced to learn something from a mistake, that is valuable, but it is also reactive. If you put in the energy to identify your weaknesses and learn those parts of the business proactively, you have a better chance of avoiding those missteps to begin with and accelerating your path toward success.

Rob speaks with a couple of impressive entrepreneurs on this episode:

Jacob McLaughlin is a young real estate broker with an idea to revolutionize qualified leads, but Rob, who has a sister in the business and has bought and sold many properties, spins him toward a higher end market.

Parker Alexander founded a hat company called Tahoe Heartbeat in his home of Lake Tahoe, and has big plans for expansion, but Rob tells him why he already has the special sauce he needs for wild success.

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Sep 27, 2021
Don’t Celebrate Your Company’s Success Until You Find Product Market Fit

Rob views building a company through the Machine Method much like starting a new relationship. Going through the Discovery phase, doing your Diligence on the person to see if the effort is worthwhile, Building a meaningful foundation before Launching into exclusivity, then… time to Scale.

It’s so tempting to get overly excited by that first prototype, seeing your product on the shelf, positive initial customer feedback, and really any other part of the journey of building a business. Each step is so taxing, and each step feels like a journey unto itself. However, Rob would implore you to wait until finding the all important Product Market Fit before popping the Champagne. Only then do you have a real business.

Rob talks to two entrepreneurs on this episode about their businesses and answers their questions about business and life.

Travis Chappell built Guestio as a marketplace for podcasters to book prominent guests for a fee. He calls it Cameo for podcasting. But a secondary feature, hiring talent for endorsements, catches Rob’s eye.

Korey Klein is a relentless serial entrepreneur. He gives her the advice to do as much failing as possible in the research and development of a product before she spends a dime.

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Sep 20, 2021
Learn to love your financials and success will follow

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

Rob is a creative guy, he’s a passionate guy, and numbers used to make him fall asleep. Presented with a spreadsheet, he would literally nod off. He sought to hire people to “deal” with that part of his businesses, but then realized something crucial: No one is going to care about your business like you are. So he got to work learning the financial side of business, and now financial models make him giddy and he’s been far more successful as a result.

We’ve also got three aspiring Do-Or-Diers that sent in pitch videos. Rob provides some clarity in directing one company to focus their boundless energy. He talks to another about really getting back into the numbers to make his business model work. And works with one to excel in a consumable market.

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Sep 13, 2021
Lead with a concise financial story, follow up with your passion

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

It should be no surprise that investors are putting money into your company in order to realize a return. While your passion and creativity is what got you here, those alone are not going to get you to the next level. You need to tell a clear financial story to your potential investors about how your company will generate them a return. By all means, infuse that story with passion and creativity, but be realistic and concise about the path to liquidity first and foremost. 

In the second part of the episode, Rob talks with three aspiring Do-Or-Diers that sent in pitch videos and gives them advice to bolster their entrepreneurial endeavors. In a surprise twist, he has an offer for one of them.

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Sep 06, 2021
Dyrdek Machine’s Latest Build w/ Jolie CEO Ryan Babenzein

Machine Method Phase: BUILD

Rob calls it a “shotgun venture creation wedding,” and that couldn’t be more fitting for his newest Dyrdek Machine venture, Jolie with former Greats founder Ryan Babenzein. Ryan had started and sold companies, and found himself consulting, but he grew tired of giving his energy and ideas to other people and longed to work for himself once again. One day he found his skin was dry and bought a water filter for his shower that changed everything. Research revealed all of the harmful chemicals that are in municipal (tap) water are harmful to your skin and hair, but shower water filters have never been thought of as a crucial part of any beauty routine. Enter Jolie (named after Ryan’s wife, but also means “pretty” in French), a beauty company that will change the way you think of your shower. Rob and Ryan talked only a few times over Zoom before Rob jumped in on the deal, and this podcast is the first time the two newly minted partners have ever met in person.

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Aug 23, 2021
Rob Gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

Machine Method Phase: DISCOVERY

Another group of hungry, relentless entrepreneurs proved their merit by submitting detailed pitch videos with their experience and ideas to for the chance to Build With Rob. While they may not be exact fits for the Dyrdek Machine’s hyper-specific criteria (see: EP01 Welcome to the Machine) for creating a company, Rob still believes all of these founders have what it takes to be successful and wants to lend his unique point-of-view to help them keep pushing forward to achieve their dreams.

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Aug 16, 2021
Outstanding Foods CEO Bill Glaser and Partner Lewis Howes on the Big Rebrand

Machine Method Phase: SCALE

It was bestselling author and podcaster Lewis Howes who first introduced Bill Glaser to Rob, catalysing a partnership that would grow into a $100million venture just five years later. It is this focus of being a “super connector” that has Lewis invested in two Dyrdek Machine companies, Outstanding Foods and Mindright.

Rob touts Billy G as the best CEO in his portfolio, so when Outstanding Foods’ second truly innovative product, Take Out, caused customer confusion due to its branding, Bill was quick to rebrand and introduce Outstanding Puffs to positive consumer and buyer feedback.

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Aug 09, 2021
Lessons From Failure w/ Ultracast CEO Dmitry Kozko

Machine Method Phase: POST-MORTEM

When you invent an innovative new technology in the hottest space, it’s easy to get carried away with the possibilities when you should be focusing on your beachhead. That’s what happened to Dmitry and Rob when Dmitry invented a device capable of capturing 360 video and streaming it live across the world. The camera was lighter, cheaper and more compact than any of the solutions on the market raking in big VC money. The idea came from Dmitry watching racing and wanting to experience the race from inside the car, but knowing multiple GoPro rigs were too heavy and bulky in a sport where every gram counts. Rob, at the time, was looking for an opportunity in the VR space, and knew immediately that this was it. Dubbing the company Ultracast, they sent units all around the world that allowed people to travel to all of these locations in real time with just their phone. But it was too much, too quickly, and they learned the hard way that they should have cornered the racing market and only then expanded to other experiences.

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Jul 29, 2021
Entrepreneurs Workshop Their Pitches with Rob

These hungry, relentless entrepreneurs proved their merit by submitting detailed pitch videos with their experience and ideas to for the chance to Build With Rob. While they may not be exact fits for the Dyrdek Machine’s hyper-specific criteria (see: EP01 Welcome to the Machine) for creating a company, Rob still believes all of these founders have what it takes to be successful and wants to lend his unique point-of-view to help them keep pushing forward to achieve their dreams.

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Jul 22, 2021
The Next Great Mindright Product Debate feat. Chris “Bernie” Bernard & The Machinists

With big name investors like Marcus Lemonis, Joe and Nick Jonas, Travis Barker and Lewis Howes to name a few, Mindright had a successful launch in early 2021 and is on an amazing growth trajectory. Now it’s time to expand the product line. Since Bernie is a tireless R&D machine himself, he’s sending Rob new prototype products every other week, which all taste amazing (except that energy shot). So, to help them narrow it down, Rob sent out a survey to the Machinist community and they picked their favorites. Will it be the protein powder Rob has refused to try until this episode? Will it be the dreaded energy shot, a brain boost, an energy mix, popped chips, or… sausage? At the end of this episode, after much debate, the answer will be revealed.

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Jul 15, 2021
Innovation that Led to the First-Ever Sock Card w/ InStitches’ Taylor Shupe

“Never go into business with your friends,” is what Rob and Taylor both believe and both ignored when throwing all governing rules to the wind at the height of the pandemic and starting their sock brand, InStitches, together. Taylor happened to have the world’s most advanced, eco-friendly textile factory in China, and the guys had so much respect for one another as entrepreneurs, it was a no-brainer. And while the first iteration of Boosocki was generating $30k a month pretty much out of the gate, it was when they decided to pivot hard into whitespace with the sock card that the vision really became clear.

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Jul 08, 2021
Disrupting Comfort Footwear w/ Lusso Cloud’s Jon Buscemi

Rob met Jon Buscemi during their days at DC Shoes and formed an instant connection. But it would take over a decade for the two visionaries to finally build a company together. Although Rob tried to get in early on the Buscemi brand, even attempting to trade a $35,000 Rolex for equity, the rocket ship left without him. Fast forward to 2018, the timing was finally right to start building the comfort footwear brand that would become Lusso Cloud. Revered by celebrities like Oprah and Leonardo DiCaprio, Lusso Cloud creates the most comfortable, versatile footwear on the market. Inspired by a luxury hotel slipper worn by Justin Bieber on the streets of New York, Lusso Cloud launched in 2020 to a market ripe for disruption in the comfort space.

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Jul 01, 2021
Ditching Harvard to Build a Company w/ Momentous’ Matt Wan

Matt began thinking about a better supplement brand in high school. Fortunately, his father was both a VC and part owner of the San Francisco 49ers, which gave Matt a unique business POV for a teenager, as well as access to some of the best trainers in the world. Rob invested in the company and helped build an amazing brand, but Matt was wavering on whether to attend Harvard or continue running the company. Matt installed a CEO and went to Cambridge, but two months later found himself back at the helm for good. At 22, he’s still learning as he goes, but having mentors like Rob has helped him continue to push toward success.

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Jun 24, 2021
Strategic Capital Can Define Success or Failure w/ Whereto’s Ryan Wenger

Ryan wanted to create a unique travel app that let you enter dates and an amount of money, and it returned all of your options globally. Rob was enamored with the idea and quickly signed on, but a call from a Fortune 10 company changed everything, making the pivot to enterprise travel too good to pass up. But now the entire board was out of their depth, so they needed to bring on capital partners who knew the enterprise travel and SaaS industries. That smart money led to even smarter money, and eventually to an exit, even in the darkest days of the pandemic. All money is green, but not all of it has the same value.

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Jun 17, 2021
Luxury Works of Art for Elite & Celeb Clients w/ CCCXXXIII’s Christopher King

Rob wanted to lease a penthouse in Beverly Hills. Such a place manifested, and the previous tenant was Mr. King himself. A story of friendship, destiny, and a new luxury brand ensued. The push and pull within CCCXXXIII (“three thirty-three”) saw Christopher's obsession with detail, exclusivity, quality and experience go head to head with Rob’s ambition and grand vision. What they learned was that the business model must align with the obvious strengths of the brand.

Christopher King is a relentless Do-Or-Dier with an eagle eye for the finer details. He is often described by people who know him as a modern day Renaissance man. Even more than a designer, creator, innovator, and entrepreneur, he is a man with a vision. His brand, CCCXXXIII, is an embodiment of his vision; exclusive, high quality, limited edition products handmade by some of the finest craftsmen in the world.

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Jun 10, 2021
Evolving Your Business for a Higher Multiple w/ Street League Skateboarding’s Brian Atlas

Brian is now the President & COO of The Dyrdek Machine, but it all started with a business plan in the Rob & Big kitchen. SLS was Rob’s vision to take skateboarding into the realm of mainstream sports, but he needed someone to write the business plan and operate it. He and Brian teamed up, brought on capital partners through trial by fire, and eventually expanded the events business into SVOD. The evolution into media took the valuation from a 1.5x multiple to a 6x multiple and led to an acquisition.

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May 27, 2021
$300million in Acquisitions Without a Product w/ Chemistry Holdings & Made By Science’s Josh Held

It all began at a party where Rob’s father-in-law cut a rug like he never had before. The reason: chewable vodka he’d been given by the host. Fascinated, Rob invested in Josh and two companies anchored by the same microencapsulation IP. They attacked multiple product verticals, but before the amazing brands they created could launch, both companies were acquired for nearly $300million. With game changing IP, sometimes making a product isn’t always the best move.

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May 20, 2021
Will You Be Proud if Your Idea Fails? w/ Saint Midas’ Emilio D’Angelo

Emilio bought costume jewelry on Alibaba, set up a site, ran Facebook ads, and pulled in $300k in a month. This caught Rob’s attention, thinking, what if they could use this method and create a strong brand behind it. But by the time they got to market, the market had changed drastically. After several pivots, it was looking like The Machine’s first loss. But when they asked the question, “will I be proud if this fails?” everything changed. Saint Midas was born, intentional jewelry both were proud of, and now they split sizable dividend checks.

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May 13, 2021
How We Learned to Pre-Pivot w/ Outstanding Foods’ Bill Glaser

Bill had all the experience in the world, but none of it was in food. When he partnered with a top vegan chef to create the pigless bacon chip and create a new snack category, he ran into massive co-packer issues . With product already in stores, he had to pull off an unprecedented 11th hour pivot to save the company. He did, in record time, and the experience drove Rob to add the “pre-pivot” to the Machine Method.

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May 06, 2021
Market Testing a Brand Changes Everything w/ Mindright's Chris "Bernie" Bernard

Rob and Bernie knew exactly how to market Mindright’s mood enhancing, feel good blend of nootropic superfood ingredients. Then the test market told them they were absolutely, unquestionably wrong. This is about the importance of validating our assumptions, rather than assuming we’re right, and being willing to evolve our instincts to create something even more profound.

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Apr 29, 2021
How to Build a Company for Exit w/ Superjacket’s Shane Nickerson

Shane first entered Rob’s orbit as a story editor on Rob & Big. Together, they formed Superjacket, which went on to produce all of Rob’s MTV shows. Superjacket was created with a 3-year timeline to sell, which, with a lot of hard work and a little magic, succeeded right on schedule. Before they even started the company, they leveraged their unique advantages, agreed on a clear goal, mapped every action to that goal, and the goal was realized.

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Apr 22, 2021
Welcome to the Dyrdek Machine - A Primer

Rob flies solo, taking us on a journey through everything we need to know about Dyrdek Machine, the Machine Method , the Machine Core Elements , the Machine Principles , Do-or-Dier leadership qualities, and how it all comes together to build amazing businesses and achieve success.

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Apr 22, 2021
Introduction: Build with Rob

Entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek builds and invests in startups, raises venture capital, and takes them all the way to multi-million dollar exits.

If you are an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, marketer, brand builder, investor, businessperson, just love unique consumer products, or have a nugget of an idea you think could be a company one day, then Build With Rob is for you. Throughout this show, you’ll hear ideas validated, built, changed, shaped and eventually sold for millions.

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Mar 31, 2021