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Doin' it for the fandom - Steph & Ava booze up to talk theories, ship wars, and the ins-and-outs of the Sarah J Maas worlds

Episode Date
A Court of TV Adaptations

COVERED IN THIS EPI: Steph & Ava chat about the recent announcement that A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES is going to be co-adapted for television by Sarah J Maas herself and Outlander’s Ron Moore. We should warn you in advance - there may be some high-pitched excitement. Gird your loins, we’re getting IRL High Lords.

What You Can Expect:

  • A quick warning: Steph & I were both enjoying "coffee jitters" so if you hear some ~funky sounds~ it's just us knocking against our respective tables
  • High Lady or Disney Princess?
  • A run-down of what we know so far
  • Narrative predictions (start your prayer circles - we want the Inner Circle in Season 1)

Thank you to all of our listeners - we’re so glad to be able to chat about these books with you, and hope you’re enjoying these episodes! In case you want further information about the ACOTAR TV series, we’ve compiled some articles for you here, here, and here. If you enjoy our content, don't forget to like, subscribe, leave us a review, or check out our Patreon

Apr 16, 2021
The Eristocracy

COVERED IN THIS EPI: This episode tackles the one-and-only Eris Vanserra. High Lord Beron’s eldest son, Eris became one of the most-talked about figures in the fandom post-ACOSF; so obviously we had to join in. And not just because we think he rocks the sexy kinda-villainous look - but we’d be lying if we said that wasn’t part of the appeal.

Hear us talk about:

  • Daddy issues (times deux)
  • A Mysterious Mating Bond
  • Cassian Spills the Tea on Autumn Court Males
  • Is Eris a DILF? Yes, no, maybe so?

SPOILER ALERT: THIS EPISODE HAS SPOILERS FOR ‘A COURT OF SILVER FLAMES’ AS WELL AS MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE ‘THRONE OF GLASS’ SERIES. We do not mark these moments during the actual podcast, so listen at your discretion! As always, thank you all for listening!

Apr 09, 2021
We Are Maastastic

COVERED IN THIS EPI: Steph & Ava say “Heyyyyyyy,” introduce our listeners to the podcast, and do a meet-and-greet that would make a corporate HR rep proud! Welcome to Maastastic, we’re glad you’re here, and don’t forget: Don’t let the Hard Days Win.

What You Can Expect:

  • “Uh...what?”
  • How Steph Met Sarah (2015-present)
  • God-Tier Tropes
  • A PSA About Smut
  • “Ship Shit”
  • Book Recommendations Galore

Thank you to all of our listeners - we’re so excited to share this podcast with you, we’re grateful for all of your support, and we are absolutely thrilled to be talking about the important things in life: books, banter, and ~steamy scenes~

Apr 02, 2021