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Tik Tok personalities @nickccomedy, @imtropicaljoe and @Mizushogun, break down what happened in pop-culture this week. Topics include reactions to the newest movies, TV show, anime and manga releases, if you watch or read it, we try to cover it. If your looking for a podcast thats more likely to get in an argument about who wins in a fight over who wins in an election, you've found home.

Episode Date
Biggest WTF moment in pop culture?

Sorry its late! Nick had to go to Syracuse, NY for his girlfriends college graduation. The gang opens up with What if...? (00:00-30:30). Nick then launches the conversation into MHA (30:45-38:45). We then catch up with Jose who hascompleted the gentle criminal arc of MHA! (38:45-51:50). Nick then interjects with Boruto talk (51:55-54:00). The gang then launches into their stack em up question for the week, what was the biggest WTF moment in pop culture history? (54:00-1:16:30). We then talk Star Wars Visions Hype (1:16:30-1:25:00). We then close out the show with some news from the latest Flash movie (1:25:00-1:31:05) and Venom News (1:31:05-1:39:00).

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Sep 22, 2021
Best Zombie Movie of All-Time?

Hey we're back on schedule! The gang opens up chatting What If... (00:00-23:00) and the zombie episode prompts the question for our stack em up... whats the greatest zombie movie of all-time? (23:00-40:15). Mizu and Nick then chat Shigaraki's backstory with the newest episode of MHA (40:30-49:00) and since Jose didnt have a chance to catch up on MHA Nick chats Black CLover (49:15-51:45). We also got more video games news than any one person could ever need (51:50-1:33:15) and on top of that good news we got some bad news for Shang-Chi (1:33:20-1:40:10). We close off with some Matrix Trailer talk! (1:40:15-1:43:00).

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Sep 13, 2021
Best Martial Arts Movie of All-time?

Boy oh Boy did we have problems this week! Sorry for the late release! The gang opens with Shang Chi (spoiler free) (00:00-20:00) and then move onto the stack em up for this week, Whats the greatest Martial arts movie of all-time? (20:00-38:25). We then chat What ifs newest episode (38:40-50:30). Nick then realizes we never ttalked about the end credit scene of Shang chi (50:30-53:30). Mizu and Nick then chat about the newest episode of MHA and how insane it was (53:45-59:00). We then Catch up with Jose who is onto the Gentle Criminal Ark! (59:00-1:03:00). Nick and Jose then chat the new Witcher movie Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and Nick tries to contain his excitement (1:03:00-1:09:30). The gang then cracks into the set photos that dropped for the new Matrix movie due this year (1:09:30-1:17:00). Mizu then brings up the newest thing people are upset about, "Blackwashing" in Disney movies! (1:17:20-1:24:25). We close out with general bullshit (1:24:30-1:35:00)

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Sep 08, 2021
Whose the Most Iconic Villain of all time?

Another week another victory weaseled out of Nick' cold dead hands. We open up with What If (00:00-15:45), but Nick cant contain his excitement as he mandates that the newest episode of MHA be talked about immediately (15:50-26:15). We then Catch up with Jose who has finished the Overhaul arc of MHA! (26:30-42:35). That brings us to this weeks Stack 'em Up, Who is the most iconic villain of all time? (42:40-58:30). We take an actual look at the Spiderman No Way home trailer (59:00-1:16:00) and then chat about the set photos for the live action Cowboy Bebop movie! (1:16:00-1:25:00). Mizu then begs Disney to not ruin his favorite comic The Midnight Sons with their new videogame (1:25:00-1:33:00). We close off the show with general bullshit (1:33:00-1:40:50).

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Aug 31, 2021
What Series needs an anime adaption?

We broke news LIVE! This was one of the crazier weeks in Weeb Weekly history! We open the pod with MHA talk abut the newest episode (00:00-10:00) and then are joined by mace.ah.windu of Star Wars Tik Tok fame where we all chat The newest episode of What If... (14:20-43:00). We then switch to actual Star Wars conversation as we recap Bad Batch (43:00-52:00). We then snap into the topic of Shang Chi's great critical reception (52:00-57:45) and Jose and Jish agree that they dont even need a Spiderman Trailer (58:00-1:01:00). We then quickly switch the conversation back to Star Wars talk as the Star Wars Visions Trailer get its time in the sun (1:01:15-1:09:00). We then rock with our Stack Em Up for the week which series need an anime adaption? (1:09:10-1:26:12). But the stack em up is cut short by Josh (mace.ah.windu) getting to break news that the Spiderman Trailer leaked live on our podcast. (1:26:15-1:28:15). We then try to keep our heads on our shoulder as we talk about The Eternals new trailer (1:29:10-1:33:10) until Jose finds the Spiderman trailer deep in Reddit (1:33:10-1:43:20). We close out with talk about Jose started One Piece (1:43:37-1:46:00)

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Aug 23, 2021
Whats the best "flop" of all time?

WHAT A WEEK! The gang opened up with some talk about the new Marvel What if Series that devolved into general Disney/Marvel conversations (00:00-43:00). This conversation lead perfectly into this weeks Stack em Up where the gang discusses what great movie, which flopped in the movie theaters, was the greatest of them all? (43:00-58:25). Since we were talking bout under appreicated greatness we had to talka bout the Bad Batch finale! (and general other Star Wars discussions) (58:30-1:17:30). Then we finally get to the anime when the gang decided to chat about this weeks episode of MHA and catch up with Jose who just finished Season 3! (1:17:30-1:35:45). We then had to talk general Marvel/DC news like Moonknights costume leak and Tim Drake new sexuality (1:35:45-1:49:00). We also got a new Avatar The Last Airbender live action incoming! (1:49:00-1:55:10). Jose then insists we talk about Free Guy (1:55:10-1:58:45) and Nick insists we talk about the Witcher Animated movie coming out on his birthday (1:59:50-2:01:00).

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Aug 16, 2021
Greatest Superhero Movie of All-Time?

Sorry for the late upload im moving! ;( The gang opened up talking about the best mvoie of the year! Suicide Squad (00:00-47:50). Naturally with such an amazing Superhero (or super villain) movie coming out the question for the week had to be the greatest superhero movie of all time? (47:50-1:03:00). The gang then switchs to talk of part one of the Bad Batch season finale (1:03:00-1:15:30). This devolvesa into general Star Wars rambling (1:15:45-1:29:45). We then break some MCU news pertaining to Deadpool and Spiderman (1:30:00-1:43:00), and close out with Weebs talkj the Olympics! (1:43:00-1:57:00).

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Aug 13, 2021
What Franchise Deserves a Second Chance? Ft. Straw Hat Goofy

WHAT AN EPISODE!!! THE BIGGEST INTERVIEW WE'VE EVER DONE! Straw Hat Goofy joins the show and we talk all things movies, from how Percy Jackson deserves 15 seasons of television to how Jodran Peele needs to direct the next Hunger Games (00:00-1:10:30). Goofy then leaves the pod and the gang chats about Jose finishing the second season of MHA (1:10:30-1:17:00). We also have to talk about the awesome new episode of Bad Batch (1:17:00-1:21:00) and we finish the pod off with the newest emotions packed episode of MHA (1:21:00-1:28:00).

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Aug 02, 2021
Whose the Best Co-Protagonist of All-Time?

A light week in content somehow turned into a 2 hour show. The gang opens up talking about the New Snake Eyes movie and everyone had very different opinions on it (00:00-26:19). Somehow the Tommorrow War gets brought up and Nick yells at nobody about Quantum Mechanics again (26:19-32:20). We then enter into this weeks question Whose the Best Co-Protagonist ever and Jose literally gives the worst answer of all time (32:20-45:20). We then get into Bad Batch's newest episode and posse the question, Why cant TV just be fun? (45:20-51:00). The Bad Batch conversation devolves into general Star Wars talk (51:00-55:45). Mizu and Nick then chat whether or not Endeavor deserves forgiveness (55:45-1:06:00). Mizu and Jose then chat the new Masters of the Universe animated TV show on Netflix (1:05:00-1:22:00). The gang then talks about some Casting news in the Marvel Universe (1:22:00-1:34:50). We finish off with Catch up with Jose! (1:34:50-1:55:50)

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Jul 26, 2021
Biggest Betrayal in Pop Culture History?

Loki finale coming in hot! (00:00-36:00). Naturally because of the events of the Loki finale we had to talk the biggest betrayal in pop culture history! Make sure you vote for a winner on Jose's Instagram (36:00-49:00). The gang then pivots to talking about the Marvel What If trailer (49:00-56:00) and Nick attempts to not lose his mind as the gang talks about the new Space Jam movie (56:00-1:07:00). The conversation then switches to good television as the new Bad Batch episode and the surprising lack of hype around it are discussed (1:07:00-1:25:30). Mizu and Nic kthen discuss the most filler intensive episode of MHA ever drawn (1:25:30-1:30:00). We then catch up with Jose who has hit the Stain ark of MHA! (1:30:00-1:37:30). Nick joins the world of catch up as him and Jose have decided to start watching Black Clover (1:37:30-1:50:00).

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Jul 19, 2021
Favorite Female Lead of All Time?

WHAT A WEEK FOR WOMEN, the gang opens up with Marvel's phase four opening movie Black Widow! (00:00-28:00). They then move on to Marvel's side project Loki (28:00-50:30). The gang then tried out Jose's new segement, stack em' up! Where each member gives an answer to a question with evidence to support their claim in hopes of being voted the winner by the listeners! This weeks question? Best female lead of all time! (50:30-1:06:45). Mizus answer segways into Bad Batch talk perfectly (1:06:45-1:16:30). Mizu and Nick then break down this weeks installment of MHA will glee in their hearts (1:16:30-1:22:45). Then we catch up with Jose who has made it to episode 23 of MHA! (1:22:45-1:33:48). Jose then has the AUDACITY to say Deku is a better MC than Itadori, from Jujutsu Kaisen and Nick debates him (1:33:48-1:38:20). The gang closes out the pod with some sports talk! (1:39:10-1:44:20). Nick says "Sorry Ireland". 

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Jul 12, 2021
Was Madara Wrong?

A FULL STRENGTH TEAM HAS RETURNED! The reunited gang chats Loki (00:00-23:20) and then briefly covers the newest installment of Omega is a Badass, aka Bad Batch (23:20-34:00). The real meat of the episode starts here when Nick poses the question, would you rather live under the TVA or the Empire? (34:00-45:25). This conversation trails into a conversation around whether or not Madara's idealogy was incorrect (45:25-57:26). We then get our first Manga reccomendation from Mizu in months! (57:26-1:03:00). Jose then give a Webtoon reccomendation! Hes growing up so fast. (1:03:00-1:08:25). The gang closes out with Winners and Losers (1:08:25-1:25:00).

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Jul 07, 2021
Whats the Best Movie of this Year?

The gang is one member short this week as Jose and Nick tackle this weeks media without Mizu, who is on a well deserved vacation. They open the pod talking about the third episode of Loki (00:00-25:00). Then they get into Nick's choice for the best movie of the year, Family... I mean F9 (25:00-55:00). The duo then takes the conversation to trailers as they discuss the new Suicide Squad Trailer (55:00-1:03:45), the Shang Chi Trailer (1:03:45-1:09:00) and the Chainsaw Man Trailer (1:09:00-1:11:50). Jose then continues to fan girl over the newest episode of The Bad Batch, while Nick forgets all things Star Wars (1:11:50-1:29:00). The duo closes out with Winner and Losers (1:29:00-1:41:00).

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Jun 28, 2021
Who Would You Choose to Fight for Humanity?

The guys open the show talking about the newest Netflix anime Record of Ragnorok. They chat whether the animation was up to snuff and who would they choose from history to fight for humanity (00:00-31:00). They gang then segways to the madness that is Loki (31:00-58:20). Nick barely manages to contain his excitement for this weeks epsiode of The Bad Batch (58:00-1:11:20). Mizu and Nick then talk Christmas in June, with the new episode of MHA (1:11:30-1:21:55). We then catch up with Jose who has made it to episode 21 of MHA!! (1:22:00-1:32:25). The gang closes out with Winners and losers, chatting about everything from Batmans ability to please a woman to Anthony Mackie's not so great tweets. (1:32:25-2:06:43).

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Jun 21, 2021
Loki? More like Looki at Owen Wilson's Nose

The gang open up with a long talk about the pilot episode of Loki! (00:00-36:00). They then cover what is the most quickly improving show out there, Bad Batch (36:10-46:15). Mizu and Nick then chat how to properly create a filler episode with MHA (46:15-54:00). The gang then talks about LENGTH about the events of E3 and all things video games news (54:10-1:20:20). They close up with winners and loser (1:20:20-1:43:13). 

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Jun 15, 2021
Whats the Best Mecha Anime of All-Time?

This week we are joined by @imaarin from TikTok to talk all things from Mecha Anime to whether or not we are in the golden era of anime, but first! Mizzu, Nick and Jose crack into this weeks episode of The Bad Batch (00:00-14:15). After that Mizu and Nick break down the ending of the interclass battles in MHA (14:50-25:26). We then catch up with Jose, who has made it all the way to episode 10 of MHA (25:30-35:15). The gang then cracks into the newest MCU news, most notably the opening of the Avengers Park in DisneyLand and how robots are going to murder us all (35:15-41:40).... Then our guest @imaarin joins the show to talk what the best Mecha anime of all time is (42:00-52:30). The gang then just continues to chat all things anime (no spoilers) (52:30-1:01:00). Then the true reason we have Aarin on the shows rears its head, BLACK SANDS (1:01:00-1:06:45). The gang and Aarin then close out the pod with winners and losers (1:06:45-1:39:45). 

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Jun 07, 2021
Which Protagonist Would You Want to Be?

Another big week for the show! The gang opens up with covering the last two episodes of the quickly evolving Bad Batch Disney Plus TV show (00:00- 23:30). Mizu and Nick then transition to chatting about maybe the most important episode of the season for MHA (23:30-40:30). This conversation naturally flows into a talk about the new Tournament of Power anime coming to Netflix next week, Record of Ragnorok (40:40-47:55). Everyone then straps on their philosophers cap as they chat like distinguished gentlemen about what protagonist (or any character) from ficton they would like to be and once again Nick exposes himself as a shallow, shallow man (49:00-1:00:00). We then catch up with Jose who just got to watch Deku pass the entrance exam (1:01:00-1:08:45). Nick then delivers his seasonal anime reccomendation (1:08:45-1:12:20). Jose then reminds Nick that there was massive MCU news dropped this week (1:12:30-1:26:00) and finally the gang closes with winners and losers.  

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May 31, 2021
What Videogame Deserves a Show?

Castlevania is in the books and Nicks real sad about it, so the gang talks the final season to help him through it (00:00-38:45). The conversation then naturally switches from Castlevania to which game everyone would want to see made into a TV show (38:45-50:50). Jose then brings up the new spiderman news and his hopes for the upcoming film (51:00-57:25). Nick then has to beg for help understanding what the hell the Eternals are as the gang break down the new Eternals trailer (57:30-1:17:15). And since we're chatting about trailers. might as talk about the new Demon Slayer one! (1:17:15-1:24:30). And since we're chatting about Demon Slayer we may as well keep talking about anime!!!!! (its all connected) so Mizu and Nick break down this weeks episode of MHA (1:24:30-1:33:00). We then catch up with Jose who is watching... MHA!!!! (1:33:10-1:38:30). Nick then gives his anime reccomendation for the week in substituion to Mizus Manga reccomendation (1:38:40-1:41:00). Lastly, the gang closes out with winners and losers. 

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May 26, 2021
Gotham is "up and coming"

Hello Weebs! Today we got a biggggg announcement! The Weeb Weekly Podcast will be joing the Bleav Podcast Network family! We did it! We're pros!! The gang opens up with talk around the last 2 episodes of the Bad Batch (00:00-26:30). Mizu and Nick then catch up with the draw of the century in MHA (26:30-39:00). We then catch up with Jose who continues our MHA talk, as he has offically seen the first two episodes!! (39:00-47:30). Oh top of that huge accomplishment Jose finally finished JJK!! The crew chats the final two episodes (47:40-1:04:08). We then cut to Manga with Mizu as he reccomends the crime manga called "Moriarty: The Patriot" based in the Sherlock Holmes universe. Lastly, ReyVoices, Tik Toks most outspoken Sword Art Online hater joins the show to chat which fictional verse he'd least want to live in! (1:12:00-1:31:00). The gang, Rey included, close out the show with Winners and Losers (1:32:30-2:07:30).  

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May 18, 2021
What Anatagonist Do You Agree With?

The Weeb Weekly has its first ever guest this week! Zehpy! (Zephy._ on Tiktok) (1.4 million followers no biggie) joins the gang this week to talk the latest controversy surrounded Warner Brothers and which fictional baddie he would like to help conquer the world. But before we get into that Mizu, Jose (who is at a dinner with his family) and Nick chat about The Bad Batch (00:00-21:30). Mizu and Nick then break down this week episode of MHA and how a tail isnt a quirk (21:30-30:20). We then catch up with Jose who hasnt started MHA!!!! (30:30-33:00). We then get our Manga recommendation with Mizu (34:30-41:00). The show is then joined by Zephy who we chat about tokenism and over compensating by Warner Brothers (41:00-1:02:30). The chat then divulges into talk about the Invincible finale (1:02:35-1:06:00). The gang quickly brushes over some JJK talk (1:06:30-1:07:10). Finally we reach the title of the episode, everybody gives the anatagonist they believed was in the right, with some hosts choosing more controversial choices than others *cough cough Jose*. (1:07:10- 1:24:00). The show then closes out with winners and loser (1:24:00-1:35:42).

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May 10, 2021
Bitches Love Cannons

The crews opens with their dissapointment in Yasuke (00:00-21:00), then chats about the complete awe at the fianle of Invincible (21:00-47:00). Mizu and Nick then chat MHA and comtemplate whether or not Manga is a god or not (47:10-55:30). We then catch up with Jose whose gotten up to episode 22 of JJK (56:00-1:06:30). Book readers rejoice as Mizu gives them their Manga Reccomendation of the week (Mr. Sakamoto) (1:06:30-1:14:00). Nick then give his reccomendations for seasonal animes you should be watching (1:14:00-1:25:00). The gang then closes with Winners and Losers (1:25:30-1:35:45).

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May 04, 2021
Tanjiro and Scorpion Have The Same Backstory

WOW where do we even start with this week, two movies, a finale, anime episodes, violent cartoons, WHAT A WEEK TO BE A WEEB. The gang decides to start with desert and jumps right into the absolute lock for animated movie of the year, Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train (00:00-34:00). After desert comes he stomach pains as Nick axiously awaits to watch Jose's misery over the borderline hot mess that was the Mortal Kombat movie (34:00-1:07:17). Fortunately for Jose the finale for CAPTAIN AMERICA and the Winter Soldier came out this week to uproarous applause (1:07:30-1:45:00). Jesus we're already an hour and 45 minutes in? KEEP CHUGGING. Up next, Mizu and Nick crack into this weeks episode of MHA, which seemed to fly by about as fast as Dark Shadow (1:45:00-1:51:00). Lastly, much to the elation of Nick EVERYONE IS CAUGHT UP WITH INVINCIBLE and boy could we have not chosen a better week to cover it (1:51:00-2:08:45). The gangs closes up with winners and losers of the week (2:08:45-2:17:00)

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Apr 27, 2021
WIth Great Power...

Back again after a full  three day hiatus, Nick, Jose and Mizu get into this week's episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (00:00-45:07) and My Hero Academia (45:08-53:25). The crew then checks in with Jose who has gotten all the way to episode 20 of Jujtsu Kaisen, Nick and Mizu attempt to hide their excitement for the battle to come asJose talks about how he loves the character building going on (53:30-1:02:30). Nick and Mizu's excitement for Jujutsu Kaisen pales in comparison for Jose's excitement spills over into Mortal Kombat talk (1:02:30-1:23:15). Manga readers then rejoice as Mizu gets into his weekly manga reccomendation (Spy X Family), and Nick tries his best to equate it to B-Tier American Comedy films (1:23:25-1:33:00). The gang then closes up with their winners and their losers (1:33:15- 1:42:20). 

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Apr 19, 2021
Its Trailermania!!

Its Trailermania! A slow week in TV and Anime allowed Mizu, Jose and Nick to catch up on covering some of their reactions to the recent slew of trailers that have come out. Those trailers including the trailers for Loki, Black Widow, Fast 9, Space Jam, SAO  Progressive, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 0 and My Hero Academia Movie 3. Don't dont worry becuase the gang also cracked into the new Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode (0:00-30:24) and the newest epsiode of My Hero Academia (30:25-32:52). Only problem is mid MHA talk Mizus computer died so Nick and Jose decided to chat about Fast 9's trailer until Mizu returned (33:10-34:00). MHA talk returns with Mizu like Sasuke to the Leaf Village (34:00- 37:30). The gang then gets deeper into the Fast 9 Trailer (37:30-43:30). The conversation then moves to the new Black Widow trailer(45:25-56:30). Nick then goes off on a tangent about how much he despises teaser trailers as the MHA Movie 3 trailer comes into conversation (56:31-59:30). Naturally, Nicks fury carried over to the teaser trailer for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 0 teaser trailer (59:30- 1:02:35). Everybody then gave their best Owen Wilson impression as they covered the new Loki Trailer (1:02:40- 1:13:30) (Vivy of the Flourite Eyes Spoilers (1:11:54- 1:12:30). The gang then relives the highs and the more highs with Jose as he recant his catching up with Jujutsu Kaisen (spoilers for episode 8) (1:13:31-  1:21:40). Mizu then gives his manga reccomendation for the week (Kaiju #8) (1:21:41- 1;29:10). The show closes up with the Winners and Losers of the week (1:29:15- 1:46:49).

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Apr 16, 2021
Charles Barkley Dunked on Godzilla

Nickccomedy, TropicalYeti and MizuShogun get into all thing Pop culture this week starting off with the perfect action movie Godzilla and Kong. The guys give their reactions to action packed thriller talking about everything from the possibility of a sequal to their favorite crossovers (0:00-22:00). After that they look back upon the first part of the final season of Attack on Titan, discussing their theories for the future of the show and where they stand with Eren (22:00-40:40). Next Nick refuses to call Falcon and The Winter Soldier by its correct name while the guys break down how the hell anyone can miss the City of Madripoor and how the show is using the undertone of America's Race Relations in very important ways (40:40-58:50). Mizu and Nick then chat about the most recent episode of My Hero Academia and how its starting to look like everyones favorite theory is going to come true, and how they origins of All For One are darker than we originally guessed (58:50-1:06:20). Lastly, the guys give their winners and losers of the week and wrap up the show with Nick not realizing they're still recording (1:06:20-1:22:25)

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Apr 05, 2021