The Awareness of Success Podcast

By Gilad Hanina

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Category: Self-Improvement

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In The Awareness of Success Podcast, we believe that ANYONE can CHANGE their CIRCUMSTANCES and create a better life for themselves by raising awareness of the Habits, mindsets, and Patterns that Create Success. Host Gilad Hanina is an Israeli entrepreneur, Founder of @awareness_of_success, and the founder of AOS Media. Gilad believes that by raising his own awareness of the things that actually create success, he was able to break free from his “previous life” and create his own path as an entrepreneur. Together with the incredible guests on the show, you’ll be able to leave with PRACTICAL advice on how to create your own success, change your circumstances, and improve on all areas of life.

Episode Date
Gus Van Dender: Entrepreneurship. Passion. Impact.

An amazing story that starts with a 9-year-old Belgian Entrepreneur who grew up and traveled his way to the USA to hike and surf - only to end up delivering flowers. This was a pivotal moment in what turned out to be a life-changing opportunity that opened the doors to his current success!

With Entrepreneurship in his blood, Gus Van Dender was making profits on the playground selling a high-demand toy - which got him kicked out of school and praised by his dad. Now, after running 7 businesses, Gus is the founder of Cnnected: a consulting and implementation partner of Facebook Workplace AND soon-to-be-released Jurni: A Saas platform that creates a hyper-engaged community for coaches and their clients who care about one thing, and one thing only - getting results.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode where Gilad dives deep into the journey and mindsets that are responsible for Gus’s tremendous success and the strategies that got him there and continue to inspire him to transform the lives of others - even when he finds it hard to get up in the morning.

-The punch in the face re-aligned him with his purpose. 

Time Stamps
01:51 - Gus’s Story: 9-year-old entrepreneur to building businesses
07:57 - How a struggling entrepreneur was Gus’s first BIG business

11:11 - Effects of a ‘Money Mindset’
13:10 - The power of being driven by Impact
16:14 - Perspective: Money is Energy
17:18 - One Million Dollars is OVERRATED
19:00 - This simple shift will make you more money

22:45 - A PUNCH in the face.

24:00 - Discovering how to exponentially impact more people

26:58 - Coaches vs business owners

31:14 - The secret to Gus’s charismatic happiness and energy

34:05 - How an ‘Ignition Statement’ can transform your life
38:00 - Insightful advice for people seeking success
42:05 - Why the worst part of training is the finish line

46:00 - How to connect with Gus

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May 28, 2021
Emily Gough: The Rise of a Phoenix

Trigger Warning: Infidelity

Today’s episode involves Emily’s intimate story of one Christmas Eve and a knock on the door that resulted in her 9-year relationship crashing down around her, and what’s more, she never expected to fly across the planet to Bali to rise again.

With a BA in Criminal Justice & Psychology and certifications as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic nutritionist, she unexpectedly found her calling in the digital world of Podcasts.

Join Gilad and Emily in this inspiring interview discussing her incredible ability to build an empire from the ashes of her former life while overcoming heartbreak and betrayal through reflection, responsibility, and self-love. Get ready to dig deep into the mindset that allowed her to turn her partner’s infidelity into the best thing that ever happened to her.

00:45 - Intro to Emily Gough
01:25 - Emily’s Story
04:00 - Ditching Corporate

06:30 - The Real Pandemic: Mental Exhaustion
08:30 - Humans are Batteries

10:15 - The Power of Little Habits
12:35 - Awareness of Success
14:45 - Get Clear on Your Definition of Success
16:35 - Personal Development is Crucial
19:00 - Confidently Unique
20:20 - You’re Not The Person You Need To Be… Yet.
21:21 - Emily’s Daily Habits of Improvement

22:00 - The Social Media Black Hole
23:33 - I Just Don’t Want To!
25:00 - The Brain Science of Laziness
27:28 - A Quote on the Wall

28:00 - An Act of Self Love
29:00 - Christmas Eve: A Knock on the Door
31:45 - A Completely New Headspace
36:52 - Pockets of Trauma
41:00 - Responsibility
43:00 - Gilad Applies Responsibility
44:44 - Self Trust Over Toxic Positivity
48:10 - The Weight of Being Out of Alignment
49:44 - Emily’s Final Advice: The Light is There

Podcast: Room to Grow
• Book: The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal

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May 14, 2021
Adam Jablin: Addiction, Connection, Transformation

Learn how the owner of the biggest lace company in the world overcame a 15 year drug and alcohol addition and transformed into one of the top recovery coaches helping people overcome their addictions without rehab.

Not only has Adam Jablin successfully built and sold a 9 figure business, he is now a #1 best selling author and life coach. He’s been featured on NBC, Fox News, Yahoo Finance, and Entrepreneur. He is responsible for the recovery of thousands of people struggling with addictions of every kind.

Through his deep faith and raw determination, Adam discloses the habits and mindsets that helped him break free from his double life and addictions and passionately expresses the importance of connections and trust.

May 07, 2021
Sabah Ali: Online Coaching, Transformation, Success

In this episode, learn how an introverted 19-year-old college student landed an internship that ended up changing her life forever. Discover how self-awareness, risk-taking, and personal development transformed this ambitious fashion student into a highly successful business coach in only a few short years.

Sabah Ali is the Founder of Brands That Sell, best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, and has been featured on NBC, ABC, and CBS for helping brands increase their revenue by $10k - $50K/mo.

Join Gilad and Sabah in this information-packed episode as they reveal the top 3 things needed to create success, how to find a mentor, overcome fear, and the steps to building a successful coaching business.

PLUS: the secret that separates those who don’t succeed from highly successful entrepreneurs.

May 01, 2021
Morning Routines: Productivity, Success, Transformation.

The number one thing proven to increase your productivity and help you accomplish your goals is waking up with a purpose. 

In today’s episode, Gilad Hanina is diving deep into morning routines, what they are, why you should have one, how you can stay consistent, and how to make it work for you! (Even if you aren’t a morning person.)

Gilad exposes his own struggles with mindset, consistency, and failure to demonstrate the impact of a morning routine on personal development, anxiety, performance, and how it creates a strong foundation for achieving your biggest goals. 

May 01, 2021
Adam Sud: Fast Food, Adderall, and Suicide.


Discover how one man’s story of depression, addiction, and attempted suicide leads him through a journey of self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding. Through profound realizations and consistent effort, he escaped his mental prison and transformed his suffering into success.

Adam Sud is a Diabetes and Food Addiction Coach and the founder of Plant-Based for Positive Change, a first-of-its-kind not-for-profit organization making waves in the medical community.
He is also the founder of a small-group coaching program called The Positive Change Project and is launching a new mentorship program available this summer.

In this interview, Gilad explores the depths of Adam’s emotional journey through self-loathing and addiction. Learn the details of his suicide attempt and how he uncovered the habits, patterns, and behaviors that led him out of a dark, empty void to a place of self-love where he is now living his best life. 

Apr 30, 2021
What is The Awareness of Success Podcast all about? Introduction Episode!

Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

This is the Welcome Episode and launch of the Awareness of Success Podcast where you will meet your host, Gilad Hanina as he describes how his passion leads him from the army to start an online business, then growing a social media agency, to starting this podcast.

In this episode, you will learn about his struggles and dreams, and how he is going to help you reach your goals and achieve massive success through the mindset, behaviors, and patterns, that have been proven to consistently yield transformational results.

Apr 19, 2021