Auction Brief with Drew Davenport

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The Auction Brief, with host Drew Davenport, is a fantasy football show that will give you a unique perspective found nowhere in the fantasy community. He is not only a fantasy football analyst as a writer for Footballguys, but is a legal expert, and an auction draft expert. Enjoy this journey through all aspects of fantasy football with hard hitting analysis, in-depth conversations on how to be a better auction drafter, and discussions with some of the top minds in the fantasy industry. Along the way you might even learn a little about the intersection of life and fantasy football. Powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports. Weekly episodes during fantasy draft season. Find Drew on Twitter: @DrewDavenportFF

Episode Date
Episode 37 - Everything You Need to Know Before Your Auction Draft
The Auction Brief is back for one final episode before the biggest fantasy draft weekends of the year. Before a short hiatus, your host Drew Davenport leaves you with the ultimate Auction Draft Day Primer by cramming all the highlights from the summer into one impressive whirlwind of information to take into your auction rooms. The show starts with a look at Three Buckets into which all auction advice falls and how remembering those Buckets will help you focus during your draft. Then, Drew goes into his 5 Crystal Clear Auction Ideas that will help you relax, focus, and dominate your auctions. After walking you through Everything You Need to Know for Auction Success, the Legal Update ends the episode by putting a bow on the Deshaun Watson saga, and then gets into the effect Tony Buzbee will have on the Alvin Kamara case. The final episode of the Auction Brief for the summer is here and if you only listen to one episode before your auction THIS is the episode for you! @DrewDavenportFF
Aug 25, 2022
Episode 36 - 3 Big Lessons From an Auction Room; Breaking Down a Live Auction; Guest Doug Orth from King's Classic
The Auction Brief is back with a special treat for listeners. The episode begins with a Legal Update on Deshaun Watson and Alvin Kamara and what is happening in their cases. Then, coming out of the King's Classic auction on Saturday, your host Drew Davenport goes into 3 Major Crossroads during the draft that can teach everyone a lesson about auctions. Then, Drew goes through the draft beginning with his par sheet, his plan, how he executed, and what things he could've done different based on the personality of the room. Finally, Doug Orth from FFToday joins the show to break down the King's Classic Auction further, giving you his plan of attack, his regrets, and how to handle an auction of this size. This is a must listen episode as we head into draft season! @DrewDavenportFF
Aug 18, 2022
Episode 35 - Guest Matt Schauf; Should you Price Enforce in Auctions? What Makes a Good Auction Target?
The Auction Brief rolls on into the heart of draft season with more actionable fantasy football content to help you dominate your drafts. Your host starts the episode by talking about Price Enforcing and Bidding people up in an auction. Should you do it? What are the risks associated with price enforcing? What's the difference between price enforcing and bidding someone up? Drew breaks it all down for you. Then he continues by talking about what makes a good auction target. What are the 3 ways you can isolate auction targets and put that into play in your drafts? After Drew talks auction concepts he brings on analyst Matt Schauf in Discussions with Drew for another week of next-level player analysis. This week's episode of the Auction Brief is another seamless blend of fantasy football theory and hard hitting player analysis. The show is taking off - come see what the hype is all about! @SchaufDS @DrewDavenportFF
Aug 11, 2022
Episode 34 - Guest Rich Hribar; 10 Easy Things That Will Make You Better at Fantasy Football
August begins with a bang on the Auction Brief as this dynamite show features Guest Rich Hribar, and your host gives you 10 Easy Things to Make You Better at Fantasy Football.

The show begins with a legal update from your host and resident criminal defense attorney as he breaks down the massive week in the NFL legal world. Not only did Alvin Kamara have a court date in his case, but the Deshaun Watson decision came down as well. Drew goes through both situations in detail and tells you what to expect for your fantasy teams. Then your host gives you 10 valuable concepts that will make you better at fantasy football TODAY! The show ends with gifted analyst Rich Hribar giving you his thoughts on everything from the Broncos offense, to James Conner, to his favorite players he's drafting right now...and those he's not. You don't want to miss this episode of the Auction Brief as you head into fantasy draft season. Twitter: @DrewDavenportFF
Aug 04, 2022
Episode 33 - Guest Liz Loza; Reading People; How to Make a Par Sheet
The Auction Brief rolls on with more fantasy football content to help you crush your league. Your host Drew Davenport dives into more theory on how to win while guest Liz Loza drops by the show to give you insight on dozens of players. The host starts the show with a step-by-step explanation of what a Par Sheet is, why it helps you win your auctions, and the process he uses to make one. Then Drew takes you through what it means to read people in a fantasy draft, at a poker table, and in your daily life. The invaluable skills of learning body language and interpretation of people's actions can take your fantasy game, and every part of your life, to a new level. After that, Liz Loza comes on the show to discuss dozens of players and their outlook for 2022. Drew and Liz discuss interesting camp battles, cloudy backfields, and then go mining for fantasy value in bad offenses. This episode of the Auction Brief is dynamite! @DrewDavenportFF @LizLoza_FF
Jul 28, 2022
Episode 32 - Guest Marcas Grant from NFL Fantasy; Hammer Time in your Auctions and Mastering Your Budget
The Auction Brief continues to heat up as Marcas Grant from NFL Fantasy and the NFL Network stops by for Discussions with Drew. But first, your host starts the show with a legal update on Vikings running back Dalvin Cook and why he may play all of 2022. Then a poker story gets things going as a shining example of so many lessons that listeners of the show have heard before. This leads into a discussion of winning sometimes being a boring proposition. Mastering an auction draft budget may seem boring, but it's one of the bigger ways to make a leap as an auction drafter. After that discussion, Drew then talks late-stage auction strategy by circling back to a concept introduced last summer: Haymaker Time. When should you drop all your money on that one last player? Your host tells you all about what to look for. Enjoy this fantastic pre-training camp episode of the Auction Brief with guest Marcas Grant! @DrewDavenportFF @MarcasG
Jul 21, 2022
Episode 31 - Building a Framework to Win More at Fantasy Football; Guest Jim Coventry
The Auction Brief is back for Episode 31 with the goal of making you a better fantasy football player each time you listen. Host Drew Davenport starts the episode with the latest news and legal analysis on Deshaun Watson and Alvin Kamara and their chances to suit up for 2022 for your fantasy teams. Then your host weaves his way through a reflection on morality and building a framework for all the many decisions you make every day in life, or in your fantasy football leagues. Then, Drew ends his opening rant by going into detail about his pet peeves on auction nomination strategies - or the lack thereof. And finally, the show ends with another fantastic guest for Discussions with Drew as Jim Coventry from Rotowire drops by to break down some tough fantasy situations. The two discuss the Great Handcuff Debate, and then work their way through some different backfields to talk about where there may be some value. Then they play a game of "Who would you rather have?" followed by some auction theory conversation. Come listen to another information packed episode of the Auction Brief and win more at fantasy football! @DrewDavenportFF @JimCoventryNFL
Jul 14, 2022
Episode 30 - Avoiding Bad Bets in Fantasy Football; Inflection Points; Guest Jordan McNamara
The Auction Brief drops another show full of actionable fantasy football information to help you dominate your fantasy leagues. Your Host Drew Davenport begins the show with an in-depth breakdown of where we stand on Deshaun Watson after the NFL's disciplinary hearing last week. After the legal update, Drew goes on to talk about how you can win more in fantasy football, poker, and life by avoiding obvious bad bets. Drew takes you through some examples of how we avoid making mistakes to sidestep obviously bad situations in anything we do. Then your host jumps into one of the most important parts of an auction draft - Inflection Points. Learning what they are, what they look like, and how to take advantage of them is critical in winning more as an auction drafter. Drew finishes by walking you through some examples of what it means to spot an individual inflection point, or a group inflection point. Then, on another episode of Discussions with Drew, Jordan McNamara from Analytics of Dynasty joins the show to drop fantasy knowledge based on the dozens of hours of research he does to prepare his Analytics of Dynasty guide. Don't miss another great episode of the Auction Brief that will help you win more at fantasy football. @DrewDavenportFF @McNamaraDynasty
Jul 07, 2022
Episode 29 - The Mechanics of an Auction; Why are you Bidding?
The Auction Brief host Drew Davenport gets on the mic solo this week for an in-depth look at several different auction topics. First, Drew doubles back on some important things to remember about quick bidding and a key concept in superflex auctions. Then, a couple poker stories serve as good reminders for how we should be blending our strategies in everything we do, especially the auction room. Finally, your host hits two major auction topics when he dives into what exactly an auction looks like in a practical manner. He finishes by discussing the Anatomy of a Bid in which he tells you why to bid, when to bid, and how to figure out if you SHOULD be bidding. The show finishes with a concrete example of why you should consider passing on deals during the draft using the theories behind the Anatomy of a Bid. It's another entertaining and informative episode of the most unique fantasy football podcast around! @DrewDavenportFF
Jun 30, 2022
Episode 28 - One BIG Mistake You Can Stop Making; Guest Dave Richard from CBS
Another huge episode of the Auction Brief is here to get you ready to dominate your fantasy drafts this summer. Your host starts off the episode with his latest take on the Deshaun Watson case and the 20 lawsuits that were settled. Then, Drew talks about a HUGE mistake that auction drafters continue to make year after year. Before he gets to his guest, your host then talks about putting pressure on your opponents with some new slants on how you should be bidding in your auctions. Then, in Discussions with Drew, Dave Richard from CBS joins the show and breaks down a plethora of polarizing fantasy players and situations to help you get a better grasp on how you value the players in the toughest fantasy situations. You don't want to miss this information packed episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewDavenportFF @daverichard
Jun 23, 2022
Episode 27 -The Raw Number Fallacy; Guest Brian Drake
The Auction Brief returns for another weekly show, this time with sponsor Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports's Brian Drake. Your host first takes you for a Legal Update on Deshaun Watson, but then dives into a common mistake auction drafters make by overemphasizing getting "deals" in an auction draft. Finally, Drew has a go at the Great Handcuff Debate and tells you why both sides need to come to the middle. The episode finishes with an hour of Drew and Brian talking Canton, their opinions on Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, the Denver WRs, and so much more. Don't miss Eagles expert Drake finish the show with his spicy take on WRs AJ Brown and Devonta Smith! It's another great episode of the Auction Brief. @DrewDavenportFF @DrakeFantasy
Jun 16, 2022
Episode 26 - Four Bedrock Beginner Auction Concepts; Guest Josh Larky
Episode 26 of The Auction Brief brings your host Drew Davenport back to where it all began: Tips for Auction Beginners. Listen to your resident auction expert give you 4 bedrock principles that new auction drafters must know, and veteran auction drafters must master, before they can take their game to the next level. Then guest Josh Larky joins the show to discuss everything you can imagine for the upcoming fantasy football season. Drew and Josh discuss Best Ball strategies, how to win big field tournaments, and opinions on specific players like Darren Waller, Saquon Barkley, and the Dolphins offense. But they don't stop there as they go on to discuss auction strategy and some easy pointers for how to succeed with little or no experience in the auction room. All of this PLUS an update on the legal situation surrounding Deshaun Watson. You don't want to miss this episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewDavenportFF
Jun 09, 2022
Episode 25 - Going Against the Crowd to Win More at Fantasy Football
Auction Brief Host Drew Davenport is back with Season 2 of the podcast that is growing by leaps and bounds. In this episode Drew maps out what listeners of the show can expect to learn this summer on this unique fantasy football podcast. Then, your host takes you through all the important legal situations in the NFL so you know more than your league mates about Deshaun Watson, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook, Jerry Jeudy, and Byron Pringle. The show then discusses the reasons why you should be giving auction drafting a chance and why the best fantasy football players are giving this exciting draft format a shot. Finally, Drew ends the show with two important conversations about how to win more at fantasy football when he discusses paying attention to the change surrounding players, and how useful rookies are (or are not?) to your redraft teams. Enjoy this episode packed with information to help you succeed in your fantasy leagues and catch weekly shows for The Auction Brief starting NOW and continuing through September! @DrewDavenportFF on Twitter; @FantasyFootballLawyer on TikTok
Jun 02, 2022
Episode 24 - 6 Lessons From the 2021 Season & Drew's Biggest Hits and Misses
The Auction Brief Host Drew Davenport wraps up his offseason with a final look back at the 2021 Fantasy Football year. This episode has a little bit of everything to help you become a better fantasy football manager. Your host breaks down all of his biggest takes from last summer by grading his Shrug Your Shoulders Series, examining all the things he's proud of getting right, and then moving on to all the things he screwed up. Then, discover 6 important things that can be learned from the 2021 season and how you can use them to win more in 2022. This is one episode you DON'T want to miss! @DrewDavenportFF
Mar 31, 2022
Episode 23 - Playing the Game, Transferable Skill, and Guest Jennifer Piacenti
The Auction Brief returns with the penultimate episode in the examination of the 2021 season. Your host Drew Davenport meanders through the weighty topic of life and choosing to live it now, but then moves on to talk about how we can be successful at everything in life by mastering transferable skills. In fantasy football, learning to play the game not only helps you win fantasy leagues, but also to be happier in life in general. Plus, Drew is joined by rising star Jennifer Piacenti on this episode's Discussions with Drew segment. Jennifer talks about her start with the industry, her preferred fantasy format, and her love of auction drafting. The two then cover the big stories of 2021, and some recent moves that have shifted the fantasy landscape for 2022. Listen to conversations about the Cowboys, the Packers running back split, should we give up on Daniel Jones, and much, much more. The show ends with a chat about auction drafting, how they approach the quarterback spot, and how to avoid overpaying for elite talent. It's another information packed episode of The Auction Brief! @DrewDavenportFF @jenpiacenti
Mar 17, 2022
Episode 22 - The Rewards are in the Journey; Guest Kelly Singh
This offseason Episode of the Auction Brief is a fun one. Host Drew Davenport talks about the controversy from last episode - is he REALLY Michael Jordan? Then he goes down a rabbit hole about the journey of life and where we find value along the way. As always, your host relates his lessons back to fantasy football, and of course, to poker as well. Learn about the one thing poker players tend to forget but is the most important thing you can remember on the felt when it's time to put your chips in. Then join Drew and guest Kelly Singh in the continuing series on the Women of Fantasy Football as they talk about barriers to breaking in to the industry, and then talk lessons from 2021, player performances from the year that stood out, and how we should treat certain players for 2022 drafts. It's another information packed episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewFBGAuctions @KellyInPhoenix
Mar 03, 2022
Episode 21 - What do we do with these players in 2022?
The Auction Brief welcomes guest Britt Flinn from Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports to discuss women in the industry, her big hits and misses from 2021, and what we should be doing with guys like Ezekiel Elliott, Christian McCaffrey, and Mark Andrews in 2022 drafts. Plus, join host Drew Davenport as he discusses some thoughts about life and how sometimes the little things aren't so little. Also, Drew dives into how putting your brain on auto-pilot is sometimes the way to unlock your full potential. He then ties this all together to provide some valuable insight into how to win at life, in fantasy football, and on the poker table. Enjoy this information packed episode of The Auction Brief! @DrewFBGAuctions @Britt_Flinn
Feb 17, 2022
Episode 20 - Initial Fantasy Thoughts from 2021; Poker Story Time; Guest Heath Cummings from CBS Sports
The Auction Brief is back with special guest Heath Cummings from CBS Sports. Listen to Drew and Heath talk about how and why we missed on players like Cooper Kupp, Cordarrelle Patterson, Allen Robinson, and many more. Plus, they get into some auction talk and how they like to approach drafting elite players as well as the quarterback position. Also, don't miss the host dropping some poker tips, talking about some recent big hands, and shaking his fist at the clouds like an old man as he reveals some poker pet peeves. Enjoy all of this with a side of eastern religious philosophy and you have another fun episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewFBGAuctions @heathcummingssr
Jan 27, 2022
Episode 19 - How to Win Your Fantasy Championship; Ranting about Taunting penalties; Drew's Clues
Join Host Drew Davenport on this Special In-Season Edition of the Auction Brief. Drew takes the mic solo this week to talk about everything you need to know to win a fantasy title over the final 7 weeks of the year. From specific players, to defenses to grab, to how to play with a lead, to how to play from behind, and so much more, Drew hits every angle of how to try and get over the finish line to a title this year. Your host also gives you the two most important things to remember that will help you be a more winning fantasy player as you stare down the final 2 months of the season, plus has a rant everyone needs to hear about the taunting penalties in the NFL. And what would an episode of the Auction Brief be without a couple of poker stories as well? Listen as Drew weaves his stories and experiences into a tapestry for fantasy success on another entertaining edition of the Auction Brief. @DrewFBGAuctions
Nov 18, 2021
Episode 18 - Playing the Game Better Than Your League; Drew's Clues Week 8; Guest Dr. Jesse Morse
Drew goes back for more game theory in Episode 18 of The Auction Brief. Your host goes on a rant about D'Ernest Johnson, Kyle Juice-Check, and how Week 7 almost broke him. But the lessons learned from the first two months of the season are invaluable in taking home your league's title in 2021. Join Drew as he whips around the league to all the important fantasy questions: What are we doing with Allen Robinson? Should you be picking up Rashod Bateman? Which two AFC teams are set up to go OFF in the second half of the year? These questions and much more are answered in Drew's Clues, Week 8 podcast edition. Then join Drew and guest Dr. Jesse Morse for Discussions with Drew. They tackle the big questions you want answered - is this the beginning of the end for Christian McCaffrey? Can Saquon Barkley return soon? What's up with Michael Thomas? Drew and Dr. Morse hit these and many more injury hot spots to give you the latest information for your second half surge to a championship. Enjoy this information packed episode of the Auction Brief! @DrewFBGAuctions; @DrJesseMorse
Oct 28, 2021
Episode 17 - How to Win More at the Game of Fantasy Football; Week 5 Drew's Clues
In a special in-season edition of The Auction Brief, host Drew Davenport hits all the difficult situations you're wondering about. The 49ers offense, what to do with Trey Sermon, should you be worried about T.J. Hockenson, and what to do with underperforming WR1s on bad teams. But it wouldn't be an edition of The Auction Brief without some thoughts on life, some poker stories, and most importantly, some theories on how to play the game of fantasy football better. Over a third of the fantasy football regular season is over so now is the time to drop in and listen to Drew help you take your game over the top!
Oct 14, 2021
Episode 16 - The Auction Draft Day Primer; Fixing Draft Day Mistakes; Walking through an Auction
The final draft prep episode of the summer is here for The Auction Brief. Before the show goes on hiatus for a few weeks, host Drew Davenport gives you a comprehensive guide to succeeding in your auctions all in one episode. Learn how to handle one of the biggest hurdles facing most auction drafters - spending too quickly, or not quickly enough. Your auction expert walks you through how to fix those mistakes when they happen to you on draft day. After that, Drew takes you from the very beginnings of auction prep to the finish line of the draft as you're finalizing your roster. This comprehensive auction draft overview is the ultimate draft prep tool before you walk into your auctions this year. Find Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions, and on YouTube on The Auction Brief channel.
Aug 26, 2021
Episode 15 - Haymaker Time, Breaking Down an Expert Auction, and Guest Bob Harris
In Episode 15 The Auction Brief packs in more content than ever before. Your host Drew begins with a commentary on living with confidence instead of ego, and how this can cement your excellence in the auction draft room. Then he discusses a newly named Inflection Point - It's HAYMAKER TIME! Found out about this fairly common inflection point, when it hits, and how you should be using it to draft a monster auction squad. Before Discussions with Drew, your legal expert and criminal defense attorney gives you an FF Legal Update by talking about the latest developments with Deshaun Watson and what that means for his future. Finally, the episode is capped off with an in-depth discussion with Fantasy Football OG and true giant of the industry, Bob Harris of Footballdiehards. Bob is an invaluable resource on fantasy football in general, but also participated in the King's Classic last weekend and will give you a perspective on everything auction related that happened in the draft. It's a JAM PACKED Episode 15 of The Auction Brief! Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions and Bob @footballdiehard.
Aug 19, 2021
Episode 14 - Superflex Auctions, An Expert Mock, and Guest Dr. Edwin Porras for Camp Injuries
In Episode 14 The Auction Brief welcomes injury expert and Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Edwin Porras from Fantasy Points. We cover Saquon Barkley, Justin Jefferson, Dak Prescott, and many more players to get you the injury information you need before you draft. Dr. Porras breaks down not only individual situations, but gives you excellent general approaches to all the different injuries you see every year - concussions, hamstrings, high ankle sprains, and more. Also, listen to host Drew Davenport start the show talking some more poker, superflex auctions, and then breaks down a recent mock draft with the experts at CBS. This episode is full of information that you can use in your upcoming drafts! Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions, and Edwin @FBInjuryDoc.
Aug 12, 2021
Episode 13 - Guest Matthew Berry
The Auction Brief brings another big guest to the show to help you prepare for your auction drafts this summer. Matthew Berry, Senior Fantasy Football Analyst at ESPN stops by to talk all about his thoughts on auctions (salary cap drafts), what you should be thinking about when you're doing them, and his top tips for improving your auction game. Plus your host Drew Davenport talks about some listener questions addressing common auction problems like finding it hard to spend on big guys, buyer's remorse, and how much of your money should go to your starting lineup. It's another big episode of The Auction Brief with another top analyst to help you dominate your fantasy leagues. Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions and find his writing over at Footballguys.
Aug 05, 2021
Episode 12 - Guest David Dodds; Revisiting Inflection Points; Philosophical Musings
Take a journey on this week's Auction Brief where you get hard core auction theory and player analysis with David Dodds, but meander around the mind of host Drew Davenport as he talks about one of the essential facts of life and how it applies to everything you do. Don't forget that Drew also has you covered in all things Deshaun Watson and how you should be handling him in drafts heading into August. This episode is a true journey as you'll get everything you can handle on auction theory from a master of the game, player evaluations from a unique fantasy mind, and musings on ethereal concepts from Drew on how to succeed in poker, auction drafting, and life itself. Don't miss this week's Auction Brief that will unlock levels of your fantasy game and mind that you didn't know existed! Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions, and find his YouTube channel under the same title, The Auction Brief.
Jul 29, 2021
Episode 11 - Guest Marcas Grant; Breaking Down an Expert Auction; Deshaun Watson
In Episode 11 Drew welcomes's Marcas Grant to talk about some shifting fantasy landscapes in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Tennessee, and more. Plus, Marcas plays a tough round of "Who Would You Rather Have?", talks auctions, and gives us the players he's not leaving his draft without. Also, listen to Drew's latest comments on Deshaun Watson, and travel into his mind as he goes through a recent Expert Auction by breaking down his pre-draft thoughts, and how he attacked the draft as it moved along. Football is coming fast - let the Auction Brief prepare you for your drafts! Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions and Marcas @MarcasG
Jul 22, 2021
Episode 10 - Story Time, Inflection Points, Listener Questions, and a Legal Update
Drew tackles this episode solo while broaching a wide range of topics. Story time makes it's return as Drew returns to stories from the poker felt, and then recounts one of his favorite auction stories ever - the Legend of Ladarius. Then your host hits two important keys to winning at fantasy football: Learning to Play the Game, and learning what Inflection Points are in your auction drafts. After diving deep into the theory part of the game, Drew brings it home with some listener questions, and then a Legal Update from your resident Fantasy Football criminal law expert. He gets you up to date with what's happening in the Deshaun Watson, Richard Sherman, and Frank Clark cases as NFL training camps set to open. Tune in for an entertaining and informative session of the Auction Brief with your host Drew Davenport. Find Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions, and at Footballguys for all his writing.
Jul 15, 2021
Episode 9 - Grinding the Room, There's Always One, Shrug Your Shoulders Guys, and Guest Jim Coventry
In Episode 9 of the Auction Brief Drew talks about what it means to grind the room. He takes you step by step through the questions and issues he debates as he is looking at a player up for nomination in an auction. Plus, he talks two new concepts: Shrug Your Shoulders Guys, and There's Always One. After that the Auction Brief welcomes in guest Jim Coventry from Rotowire and Sirius XM radio to talk about players flying under the radar, expectations for teams with new quarterbacks, whether you need to be worried about some players being drafted in the first or second round, and what camp battles are most interesting. But, the episode wouldn't be complete without Jim and Drew talking auctions. They discuss their strategies on different size leagues in an auction, how they adjust to more veteran rooms, how they adjust to the lack of talent on the waiver wire, and much more! This is an episode chock full of tips and thoughts to help you in your auctions and drafts this summer. Find Drew @DrewFBGAuctions on Twitter, and Jim @JimCoventryNFL.
Jul 08, 2021
Episode 8 - Listener Questions, Story Time, and Guest Mike Tagliere
Listen to a jam-packed Episode 8 that hits a broad range of topics. Hear some online auction talk, three questions from listeners about auction situations, and get an update on the Bye Week story straight from the source! Drew starts the show with yet another poker story that reminds listeners what it actually means to Have A Reason when you bid in an auction. Plus, your host spits some fire about the need for more auction drafters to be in tune with the room to "stick" people when they're bidding people up, and why not watching the results of your reads is a pet peeve. Then, Drew welcomes on Special Guest Mike Tagliere from Fantasypros to discuss how to parse the Bengals, Buccaneers, 49ers, and Steelers wide receiver situations, what first and second round picks have some red flags, and how Tua Tagovailoa is set up for 2021. Drew and Mike end their conversation with some auction talk to round out the show. Enjoy some bonus minutes of The Auction Brief brought to you by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports! @DrewFBGAuctions on Twitter
Jul 01, 2021
Episode 7 - Nominating, Bidding, Online Auctions and More Story Time with Drew
In Episode 7 host Drew Davenport goes back to the well for more stories about auction draft experiences that can help you in your auctions this summer. Also, the show takes you deep into more auction theory with strategies on how you should approach online auctions, what makes a good nomination, and how you should always Have A Reason to put in a bid whenever you're in a draft. Plus, find out what it means when a Sniper drops in with a bid, Mike Caro's rule of tells, and what the difference is between Price Enforcing and Bidding Someone Up. This episode is jammed with content to help you in your auctions this season and going forward. Tune in next week for special guest Mike Tagliere from FantasyPros! Follow Drew on twitter @DrewFBGAuctions.
Jun 24, 2021
Episode 6 - Debunking Auction Myths and Guest Matt Schauf
In Episode 6 of The Auction Brief powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports, Drew takes on three pervasive auction myths that continue to hang around. Find out whether you need to hop out of the shower during a lightning storm, why waiting on your targets might be a bad idea, and what fundamental thing everyone has wrong in their auction theory. After that, Discussions with Drew welcomes in auction extraordinaire Matt Schauf from to talk confusing fantasy situations like San Francisco and Denver, and what we should do with some of the OTA player hype. Then Drew and Matt dive into auction theory while also talking specifics about how they like to attack auctions. You don't want to miss this episode chock full of stuff to help you in your fantasy football drafts! Find Drew on Twitter @DrewFBG Auctions, and Matt @SchaufDS. Enjoy Episode 6!
Jun 17, 2021
Episode 5 - How to Prepare for Your Auction
Your host takes the reins in a solo episode to talk all about preparing for your auction drafts. Drew takes you on a step by step tour of how he recommends getting yourself ready for battle in an auction room from the macro concepts, down to the minutiae of how he does it. Come along for another entertaining poker story, find out how Zach Morris from Saved By the Bell is your model of preparation, and why you should never bring Auction Values into your draft room. All this, plus a legal update on Derrius Guice and Deshaun Watson from your host and legal expert. Enjoy Episode 5 and join us next week for Episode 6 with another special guest!
Jun 10, 2021
Episode 4 - Learning from 2020 Mistakes with Guests Brian Drake and Steve Rapin
Drew turns the calendar to June by looking back at what happened in the 2020 fantasy draft and NFL season to figure out how to be better in 2021. The episode looks at not only auction mistakes, but the mistakes that people made the most last year - Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs, Aaron Rodgers, DeAndre Hopkins, and more. Drew explains how failing to examine prior draft results as part of your 2021 draft preparation is a huge blind spot for most fantasy players. Honest assessment of how fantasy managers did can be the best starting point for growth in all aspects of fantasy, and particularly in auction drafting. Guests Steve Rapin and Brian Drake also join the show in Discussions with Drew to give away a Scott Fish Bowl spot, talk about the biggest misses of the year, and how we can be better this summer in our drafts. Come join us on The Auction Brief! @DrewFBGAuctions; @DrakeFantasy; @Fantasygeek37; @FCFantasySports
Jun 03, 2021
Episode 3 - How Hard Should You Chase Rookies? Guest: Ryan McDowell
In Episode 3 host Drew Davenport gets into the data behind whether or not you should be chasing rookies in your redraft leagues this summer. He breaks it down from both a snake draft, and auction draft, perspective and the answer he gives might surprise you. Then Drew welcomes in guest Ryan McDowell to discuss all things rookie, including Dynasty players he finds himself drafting, how he perceives rookies in redraft, and his love of auctions. Finally, The Auction Brief wouldn't be complete without getting some advice from Ryan and Drew about how to tackle the fear of auctions and some tips for those just getting started in auctions. Powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports. Find Drew on twitter @DrewFBGAuctions, and Fighting Chance Fantasy @FCFantasySports.
May 27, 2021
Episode 2 - Beginner Mistakes and Guest Bob Lung
On Episode 2 of the Auction Brief, powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports, host Drew Davenport gets into mistakes that beginners make when they're just starting out doing auctions. How do you walk the tightrope between spending on studs and not taking yourself out of the draft too quick? Find out about the swings in value in an auction room based on many factors that tend to be underrated to novice auction drafters. Plus, Drew talks with fantasy football celebrity Bob Lung, founder of the King's Classic, how he founded a brutally tough lineup of drafters, what it's like to draft at the Hall of Fame, and to chauffeur the game's greatest players as they get inducted into the Hall of Fame. But more importantly, come listen to Bob talk about his Consistency Guide and how it can help you in your drafts this summer. And as always, don't skip the Legal Update from your host about the Deshaun Watson situation and how you should be playing it right now. All this and more on Episode 2 of the Auction Brief! @DrewFBGAuctions @FCFantasySports
May 20, 2021
Episode 1 - Introduction to Auctions and Story Time with Drew
Join host Drew Davenport to dive into the fantasy football draft season. Episode 1 covers an Introduction to what the show will be about, and hits topics like Deshaun Watson, why you should choose auction drafts for your fantasy leagues, and a lots of stories from the Drew Davenport Draft Archives. Come listen and find out about the legend of David Boston, the Alex Collins Corollary, and why trying to draft Travis Kelce in an auction is tough with a Chiefs fan in the room. Episodes to drop EVERY Thursday all summer long! Follow Drew on Twitter @DrewFBGAuctions, subscribe to his YouTube channel the Auction Brief, and find his writing at Powered by Fighting Chance Fantasy Sports.
May 13, 2021
PREVIEW: Coming this Summer on the Auction Brief
Come listen to a brief rundown of the exciting and UNIQUE new fantasy football podcast - The Auction Brief. Your host Drew Davenport tells you about some of the interesting guests and topics that will be covered to help you dominate your fantasy football drafts.
May 07, 2021