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 Jul 8, 2024

John Clark
 May 12, 2024
good alternative to mainstream media

 Mar 16, 2024

Jim McClain
 Nov 21, 2023
They act like they are an alternative to mainstream media but they have slowly become the same thing as mainstream media. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

 Oct 12, 2023


Breaking Points is a fearless anti-establishment multi-week Youtube and Podcast which holds the powerful to account hosted by Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti

Episode Date
7/18/24 BREAKING: Biden Out THIS WEEKEND Per Report
Jul 19, 2024
7/18/24: Biden Media Attacks JD On Abortion, Trump Shooting No Effect On Polls, Pelosi War On Biden To Drop Out, Secret Service Blames Sloped Roof
Jul 18, 2024
7/17/24: RNC LIVE Breakdown w/Ryan And Emily
Jul 18, 2024
7/16/24: Trump Picks JD For VP, Teamsters Pres Knifes Biden At RNC, Cop Saw Shooter 30 Minutes Prior, Biden Collapses In Blue States, Trump Docs Case Tossed Out
Jul 16, 2024
7/15/24: Photos Expose Secret Service Breakdown At Trump Rally, Dems Give Up On Replacing Biden, Trump Rewrites RNC Speech For Unity, Dem Floats Wild Putin Trump Conspiracy
Jul 15, 2024
Jul 14, 2024
7/12/14: Cenk Vs MegaDonor: Should Biden Drop Out?
Jul 13, 2024
Krystal & Saagar REACT: Biden Calls TRUMP VP In CONFUSED Presser
Jul 12, 2024
7/11/24: Pelosi Shanks Biden, Obama Moves With Clooney Drop Out Call, NY In Play As Biden Polls Collapse, KJP Caught In Another Parkinson's Lie, Trump Teases Shock VP
Jul 11, 2024
7/10/24: Dems Fracture Over Biden Drop Out, Jon Stewart Unloads On Dems, Neurologist Says Biden Clear Parkinson's, Kamala Surges Against Trump, Biden DOJ War On UAW Over Gaza
Jul 10, 2024
7/9/24: Medical Journal Says 186k Killed In Gaza, Hamas Leaders Reveal True Oct 7 Plans, Owen Jones Dire Warning For UK Labour, French Left Shocks Le Pen In Elections
Jul 09, 2024
7/9/24: KJP Melt Down Over Parkinson's Coverup, Biden Rants On Morning Joe, The View Says Fine If Biden Poops Pants
Jul 09, 2024
7/8/24: Biden Refuses To Drop Out, Dems Plot Revolt, Kamala To Replace Biden, BlueAnon Conspiracies, Disney Heiress Donor Speaks Out
Jul 08, 2024
7/5/24: DEFIANT BIDEN: 'Not Dropping Out,' REFUSES Cognitive Test
Jul 06, 2024
RFK JR EXCLUSIVE: Biden Unfit To Serve, Dem Party Nomination, New Vanity Fair Allegations
Jul 02, 2024
7/2/24: SCOTUS Gives Trump Immunity, Gov Agencies Cut By SCOTUS, Biden Polling Collapse, Dem Knives Out For Biden After Debate
Jul 02, 2024
7/1/24: NYT Says Biden Drop Out, Kamala Implodes Defending Debate, Biden Donor Revolt, 72% Say Biden Mentally Unfit, Far Right Stuns Macron In French Elections, Glenn Greenwald Sounds Off On Biden Age
Jul 01, 2024
6/29/24: Dave Smith VS Vaush: Did NATO Expansion Push Ukraine Invasion?
Jun 29, 2024
6/28/24: Presidential Debate Reaction: Panel STUNNED By Senile Biden
Jun 28, 2024
6/26/24: Hillary Says 'Impossible' To Debate Trump, Bowman Trounced By AIPAC, Kenya On Fire As Troops Occupy Haiti, Ryan Exposes Pro-Israel Group Lies, MIT Nuke Expert Dire Warning On Ukraine
Jun 26, 2024
6/25/24: AIPAC Spends $15 Million To Oust Bowman, Media Lies About Synagogue Protests, War Scholar Says Hamas Has Won
Jun 25, 2024
6/25/24: Assange Freed, CNN Cuts Trump Spox Live, Debate Predictions, Ukraine Bombs Civilians In Crimea, Macron Brutal Defeat, CNN Blocks BP From Streaming Debate
Jun 25, 2024
6/24/24: Biden Panics As Dems Boycott Bibi Speech, Biden Greenlights Hezbollah War, New Tapes Expose 9/11 Saudi Conspiracy
Jun 24, 2024
6/24/24: Trump Flips On Immigration, Trump VP Reveal, GenZ Rages At Boomer Economy, Corporate Greed Screws Americans
Jun 24, 2024
6/21/24: Matt Taibbi On Trump, Elon, and Russia
Jun 21, 2024
6/20/24: Nvidea Surge Exposes DotCom Bubble, Putin North Korea Screw You To Biden, Zyn Online Sales Shutdown
Jun 20, 2024
6/20/24: CNN Biden Age Cope, Hezbollah Threatens Massive War, Boeing Victim Goes Off On CEO, Biden Gaza Pier Crumbles
Jun 20, 2024
6/19/24: Candace Owens SOUNDS OFF: Ben Shapiro, Israel, Trump VP Pick
Jun 19, 2024
6/19/24: Bibi Attacks Biden, Hezbollah Insane Drone Footage, Trump Punishes DeSantis Ally, Carville Says Trump Will Ditch Debate, Boeing Plane On Fire As CEO Grilled, Pentagon AntiVax Psyop
Jun 19, 2024
6/18/24: Biden Bets On Trump Criminal Label, Mass Deportation Polling, Biden Trump Debate Preview, Cartoonish New Jersey Corruption, Israel Knew Oct 7 Blueprint Weeks Before
Jun 18, 2024
6/17/24: Israel Uses Medieval Weapon, Hezbollah Tensions Escalate, US Dire Warning On Houthis, Briahna Joy Gray On The Hill Censorship
Jun 17, 2024
6/17/24: MSNBC Biden Age Cope, Shock Poll Show High Turnout Helps Biden, Macronism Dead Ahead Of French Elections
Jun 17, 2024
6/14/24: Ryan CLASHES With Right-Winger On Immigration, Biden, Economy - Counterpoints Fridays
Jun 14, 2024
6/13/24: Israeli Journo Smacks Down Jake Tapper Live, UN Confirms Oct 7 Friendly Fire, Morning Joe Goes Full Bin Laden
Jun 13, 2024
6/13/24: Trump And Biden Criminal And Corrupt Say Voters, Office Fire Sale Amid Real Estate Doom Spiral, McDonald's Surveillance Price Gouging
Jun 13, 2024
6/12/24: Hunter Biden Convicted, Alito Wife Leaked Audio, Biden Gaslights On Israel Ceasefire, Feds Investigate UAW, Fox Caught Editing Trump Interview, Pakistan Abducts Imran Khan Allies
Jun 12, 2024
6/11/24: Massie Reveals AIPAC Babysitters To Tucker, Oct 7 Sexual Assault Claims Debunked, State Dep Official Resigns Over Gaza
Jun 12, 2024
6/11/24: Carville Says Biden Shouldn't Have Run, Lindsey Graham Drools Over Ukraine Minerals, US Drivers Secretly Monitored
Jun 11, 2024
6/10/24: Biden And Trump 2024 Polls Tighten, Macron Calls Snap French Elections, Rightwing Surge In Europe, Briahna Joy Gray Fired From The Hill
Jun 10, 2024
6/10/24: Bibi War Cabinet Collapse As Gantz Resigns, Israeli Hostage Rescue Kills Hundreds In Gaza
Jun 10, 2024
6/7/24: MAGA Lawyer DEBATES Liberal Analyst On Trump Legal Cases - Counter Points Friday
Jun 07, 2024
6/6/24: Israel Psyop On US Politicians, Israeli Settlers Rampage Through Jerusalem, AIPAC Shackles American Politics
Jun 06, 2024
6/6/24: Morning Joe Freakout Over Biden Age Concerns, Trump VP Shortlist, Housing Top Concern For Young Voters, Amazon Tribe Gets Starlink
Jun 06, 2024
6/5/24: Dem Revolt Over Border Shutdown, Bibi Gov Collapse Over Ceasefire, Gaetz Rips Garland On Trump Cases, Modi Setback In India, AMLO Ally Sweeps Mexico Elections
Jun 05, 2024
6/4/24: FBI Raids Corporate Landlords, IDF Likely Killed Four Hostages, MAGA Chinese Outlet Exposed For Money Laundering
Jun 04, 2024
6/4/24: Biden Shamelessly Copies Trump Border Policy, Hunter Biden Trial Begins, Wall St Panics Over GameStop Stock, Fauci Perjury In Congress
Jun 04, 2024
6/3/24: Bibi Invited To Congress By Uniparty, Biden Humiliated On Ceasefire Proposal
Jun 03, 2024
6/3/24: Trump Open To Jail Time, Bill Maher Says Race War If Trump Jailed, Russia Threatens Nukes, Dave Smith Humiliates Chris Cuomo
Jun 03, 2024
6/1/24: John Mearsheimer UNLEASHED: Israel Genocide, Ukraine DOOMED, Biden's Folly
Jun 01, 2024
5/31/24: DC Lobbyist REVEALS Washington's Dirty Secrets - CounterPoints Friday
May 31, 2024
5/30/24: Trump Trial Verdict Imminent, Trump Promises Tax Cuts To Donors, DNC Moved Online, Israel Says Gaza Forever War, Biden Ally Flips Over Israel, GenZ Says US Dying Empire, P Diddy Grand Jury
May 30, 2024
5/29/24: US Weapons Used In Rafah, Israel Caught Threatening ICC, Dem Freakout Over 2024, Seinfeld Whines To Bari Weiss Over Protests, Argentina Currency Collapse, Trump Floats Assange Pardon
May 29, 2024
5/28/24: Dave Smith Sounds Off On Trump And RFK Jr Libertarian Convention, Biden Mouthpiece Rage Copes Over Bad Polling, South Park Exposes US Healthcare System
May 28, 2024
5/28/24: Israel Airstrikes Rafah Tent Camp, Egyptian Soldier Dead In IDF Border Clash, Biden Gaza Pier Sinking Into Ocean
May 28, 2024
5/23/24: Hamas Gains Thousands Of Recruits, ICC Arrest Warrants Debate, Pentagon Admits Gaza Pier Failure
May 23, 2024
5/23/24: Dems Scold Voters On Bidenomics, Charlamagne Confronts The View On Biden, Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Psyop, Trump Panics After Floating Birth Control Ban
May 23, 2024
5/24/24: ‘LET ME FINISH’: Heated Debate On Marijuana Legalization | CounterPoints Debates
May 23, 2024
5/22/24: Shock Poll Huge Gen Z Boomer Divide In US, Scarlett Johansson Slams Altman Over Stolen AI Voice, Julian Assange Wins Ability To Appeal Extradition
May 22, 2024
5/22/24: Thomas Massie Stomps AIPAC In Key Election, Israel Seizes AP Equipment, Israel Caught Tipping Off Gaza Aid Attackers, Bill Maher Spars With The View On Wokeness
May 22, 2024
5/21/24: CNN Admits Michael Cohen Crime Worse Than Trump, Trump Demands Biden Drug Test For Debate, Congo Army Claims Americans Behind Failed Coup
May 21, 2024
5/21/24: Biden And AIPAC Freak Over ICC Warrants, Ryan Confronts Biden Spox On ICC, Gaza Protests Erupt At Seinfeld Standup, Arab American Leader Speaks Out On Secret Biden Meeting
May 21, 2024
5/20/24: American Net Worth Explains Trump 2024 Strong Polling, Diddy Drops Apology After Hotel Assault Video Leak
May 20, 2024
5/20/24: Iran President Killed In Helicopter Crash, ICC Arrest Warrants For Israel And Hamas, GOP Pushes To Defund US Military Over Israel Arms Holdup, Biden Brazen Oct 7 Lie At Morehouse
May 20, 2024
5/17/24: Beto O'Rourke Debates Immigration - Counter Points Fridays
May 17, 2024
5/16/24: Biden And Trump Rig 2024 Debates, MSNBC Loses It Over Bad Biden Polls, Slovakia PM Assassination Plot, Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Fiasco, DOJ Boeing Investigation, Israel Gov In Collapse Over Gaza, Israelis Attack Palestinian Truck Driver
May 16, 2024
5/15/24: Bill Burr Unleashes On Bill Maher Over Gaza Protests, American Nurses Trapped In Gaza, Biden Sends Additional Weapons To Israel, AIPAC Busted Smuggling Cash Into Election
May 15, 2024
5/15/24: Fed Says Rates Will Stay High, Biden China Tariffs, Cohen Testifies In Trump Case, UNC Cancels DEI Program
May 15, 2024
5/14/24: Ukraine Admits War Is Unwinnable, Report Exposes Israel Torture Camps, Lindsey Graham calls for nuking Gaza, And Meet The Hawks Behind Biden's Israel Policy
May 14, 2024
5/14/24: Trump Dominates Biden In Swing States, Biden Fave CNN Anchor Dire Warning, Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump, GameStop Stock Surge As Roaring Kitty Return
May 14, 2024
5/13/24: Israel Freaks As Egypt Joins ICJ Genocide Case, Blinken Says Israel Committed War Crimes But It's Okay
May 13, 2024
5/13/24: Dems Float Online DNC Amid Protests, Bitter Hillary Trashes Young Voters, Trump Unleashed At Rally, Hannity Attacks RFK JR As Radical Lefty, Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rate Than Workers
May 13, 2024
5/9/24: Glenn Greenwald Vs Ilya Shapiro On Campus Crackdowns - CounterPoints Debate
May 10, 2024
5/9/24: Trump Massive Legal Wins, Trump Floats Abortion Monitors, RFK Jr Says Worm Ate Brain, Americans Flee Large Cities
May 09, 2024
5/9/24: Biden Threatens HALT Israel Weapons, Sen Says Put Protesters On No Fly List, UN Expert Responds To Biden Smear
May 09, 2024
5/8/24: Biden Halts IDF War Crime Report, Speaker Johnson Compares Protests To Gas Chambers, Stormy Testifies In Trump Case, Romney Admits TikTok Ban About Palestine Content, Zelensky Thwarts Assassination, GenZ Drowns In Debt
May 08, 2024
5/7/24: Israel Launches Rafah Invasion, ICC Warns Senators After Threats, Trump Fined Over Gag Order, DeSantis Bans Lab Grown Meat, Columbia Cancels Commencement, Jerry Seinfeld Faceplants On PC Culture, Gaza Doc Details Rafah Horrors
May 07, 2024
5/6/24: Frat Bros Vs Palestine Protesters, Alan Dershowitz Threatens To Sue Protesters, Israel Begins Rafah Evacuation, Congressman Indicted For Foreign Bribery, Kristi Noem Demands Biden Dogs Put Down, Media Begs For Kent State 2.0, Oil Companies Caught Price Fixing
May 06, 2024
5/3/24 CounterPoints Debate: Destiny Vs Omar Baddar On Israel Palestine, Safe Zones, Campus Protests
May 03, 2024
5/2/24: Destiny v. Omar Debate Preview, CNN Says Campus Protests Are 1930s Germany, Congress Bans Israel Criticism, Bibi Vows Rafah Invasion, Trump Terrified Of RFK, Wall St Panic Over Mega Landlord Ban, Greenwald Exposes Mike Johnson On FISA, Boeing Whistleblower Dies
May 02, 2024
5/1/24: Cops Crackdown On Student Protests, Bibi Freaks Over ICC Warrants, Judge Threatens To Arrest Trump, DEA To Reschedule Weed, Dems Save Mike Johnson From Ouster, Decline Of Christianity In America
May 01, 2024
4/30/24: Young Voters Abandon Biden Over Israel, Biden Hits 70 Year Approval Low, Heated Campus Protest Debate, Israel Deems Men In Rafah Hamas, Mearsheimer Wrecks Piers Morgan, Professor Claims Campus Protests Due To No Sex, Jill Stein On Her 2024 Campaign
Apr 30, 2024
4/29/24: Cable Viewers Brainwashed On Israel, Jill Stein Arrested At Campus Protest, SCOTUS Blow To Trump Case, Howard Stern Tongue Bathes Biden, Trump Loses It On RFK Vaccine Stance, Biden Blocking Bibi Arrest Warrant, ADL Freaks On Ilhan, Kristi Noem Puppy Murder
Apr 29, 2024
4/27/24: Flint Michigan Doc, Amazon's "Everything War", James Li Interviews Congressional Candidate
Apr 27, 2024
4/26/24: Don Lemon CONFRONTED On Media Bias, Bernie 2020, RussiaGate
Apr 26, 2024
4/25/24: TikTok Vs Cable Israel Divide, Biden Says War Funding Equals Peace, Bibi Says Campus Protests Are 1930s Germany, Texas Arrests Journo At Protest, Stabbed In Eye Hoax Debunked, Republicans Push Abortion Ban, Israel Rafah Invasion Imminent, 1968 Historic Parallels
Apr 25, 2024
4/24/24: McConnell Blames Tucker For Ukraine Skepticism, Jon Stewart Unloads On Media's Trump Trial Coverage, Hezbollah Massive Israel Strikes, UN Horrified By Gaza Mass Graves, FTC Bans Non-Competes, Columbia Student Joins Live From Encampment
Apr 24, 2024
4/23/24: ADL Says Military Should Break Columbia Protests, MSNBC Meltdown Over Gaza Protests, Trump Rages After Trial Day One, RFK Defeats Ballot Challenge, Biden Says Uncle Cannibalized In WW2, Mass Graves In Gaza, Former IDF Goes Berserk On Krystal In Piers Morgan Debate
Apr 23, 2024
4/22/24: Speaker Says Bible Told Me To Fund Ukraine and Israel, US Vetos Palestinian Statehood, Man Self Immolates Outside Trump Trial, UAW Volkswagen Victory, Tucker Calls Out Bari Weiss, Columbia University Protests
Apr 22, 2024
4/19/24: Israel Strikes Iran Risking WW3, David Sirota On Biden 2024, Saagar Interview w/ Arta Moeini
Apr 19, 2024
4/18/24: Billions To Ukraine & Israel After Tax Day, Bibi Preps Iran Response, Kari Lake Total Abortion Ban, US Caught Hiding Israel War Crimes, Boeing Whistleblower Describes Criminal Coverup, UAW Expands In The South, Bob Menendez Blames Wife For Corruption, Trump Juror Drops Out
Apr 18, 2024
4/17/24: Congress Pushes Billions For Israel And Ukraine, Israel Blocks Oct 7 UN Investigation, USC Cancels Pro-Palestine Valedictorian Speech, Tom Cotton Calls For Violence On Protesters, SCOTUS To Rescue Trump On Jan 6 Charges, Biden To Sue Ticketmaster, Bill Maher Flames CNN'
Apr 17, 2024
4/16/24: US Greenlights Israel Iran Response, Politicians Make Millions Off Israel War, Judge Threatens Trump Arrest, Trump Stock Investors Screwed, Israeli Settlers Rampage In West Bank, RFK Says He Turned Down Trump VP, FBI Raids Baltimore Bridge Collapse Ship, NYT Says No Using 'Palestine' Or 'Occupied' '
Apr 16, 2024
4/15/24: Israel Vows Retaliation, Iran Sets New Red Line, Trump Endorses 'Genocide Joe' Chant, Shock Poll On Trump V Biden, Republicans Flip On Ukraine Aid, Cornel West VP 'Racist' To Be Taylor Swift Fan, Bill Maher Says Abortion Murder But Good, CNN Defends OJ
Apr 15, 2024
BREAKING: Iran STRIKES Israel As US Military Engages
Apr 14, 2024
4/12/24: Would Boeing Murder A Whistleblower, Ticketmaster Criminal Conspiracy
Apr 12, 2024
4/11/24: Top Dem Inflation Gaslighting Shut Down Live, Trump Panics After Arizona Abortion Ban, Lead Found In Lunchables, Hamas Chief Family Assassinated, Tucker Defends Palestinian Christians, Media Smears Protesters As Authoritarian
Apr 11, 2024
4/10/24: Arizona Civil War Era Abortion Ban, CNN Debunks Israel Flour Massacre Lies, Ecuador Raid On Mexican Embassy, MTG Threatens Johnson Ouster, Norfolk Southern Fined Over Derailment, NPR Editor Blasts Organizations Bias
Apr 10, 2024
4/9/24: Trump Attacked On Abortion Stance, The Rock Refuses Biden Endorsement, RFK Staffer Says Goal Is Help Trump, Young Billionaires All Nepo Babies, Blackstone Housing Takeover, Amazon Fake AI Grocery Store, Jesse Watters Hates $20 Fast Food Wage, Bibi Vows Rafah Invasion, Bibi Begs For WW3 With Iran Strike
Apr 09, 2024
4/8/24: Israel Pulls Out Of South Gaza, Pelosi Flips After Jose Andres Strike, Ecuador Storms Mexican Embassy, PBD Rips Shapiro After Candace Firing, Rogan Debates Coleman Hughes On Israel, Trump $50 Mill Fundraiser, Israel's AI Death Machine
Apr 08, 2024
4/5/24: Media Gaslights 'Uncommitted Voting', Is Real Estate Tech Company Flow A Scam?
Apr 05, 2024
Publish 4/4/24: MSNBC Panics Over Biden 2024, Florida Ballot Initiatives Screw Trump, Tulsi Turns Down RFK VP, Biden Scripted Interviews, Stephen A Smith Dismantles Hillary, Jose Andres Blasts Israel For Aid Strike, Jill Biden Angry At Gaza Policy, Teamsters President Calls Out Newsom
Apr 04, 2024
4/3/24: Biden Spox Defends Israel Aid Strike, Israeli Media Weeps For Bullied IDF Criminals, Hillary Attacks Undecided Voters, Jon Stewar Exposes Apple Censorship, The View Debates If US Better Now Or Under Trump, AIPAC Attacks Jan 6 Cop, Biden Donor Says Admin Starving Gaza
Apr 03, 2024
4/2/24: Israel Strikes Top Iranian General, WCK Aid Workers Killed In Gaza, Trump Peace Calls Trigger Israel, Gen Z Goes Blue Collar, 60 Minutes Havana Syndrome, Richard Dawkins Islam Debate, Israel Destroys Al Shifa Hospital, Activist Confronts Congressman In Viral Hallway Vids
Apr 02, 2024
4/1/24: Obama Snaps At Biden Protestors, Congressman Says 'Nuke Gaza', Candace Owens Warpath, Diddy Investigation, Baltimore Bridge Update, Biden Reloads Israel's Weapons
Apr 01, 2024
3/29/24: Your Car Is Spying On You, West Virginia Water Contamination Crisis
Mar 29, 2024
3/28/24: Biden Spox Storms Out After Dementia Question, Trump War On RFK, RNC Demands Stop The Steal Oath, Rogan Says Israel Genocide, Pro-IVF Dem Flips Trump District, NYT Debunks Own Oct 7 Report, Biden Admin Smears UN Expert As Antisemite
Mar 28, 2024
3/27/24: Blinken Warns Bibi 'Stuck In Gaza', 12 Palestinians Drown During Botched Air Drop, Baltimore Bridge Conspiracies, RFK Supporters Rage Over VP Pick, Ronna McDaniel Axed After Maddow Meltdown, UK Tax Boycott Over Israel
Mar 27, 2024
3/26/24: Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Bibi Cancels US Meeting After UN Vote, Shocking New Israel Polls, Trump Accidentally Pushes Gaza Ceasefire, Trump Bond Reduced, Boeing CEO Out After Whistleblower Death, Feds Raid P Diddy Homes, Andrew Huberman Smeared, Assange Extradition Paused
Mar 26, 2024
3/25/24: Putin Blames Ukraine For Moscow Attack, ISIS Claims Responsibility, Trump Truth Social Financial Bailout, NBC Hosts Furious Over Ronna McDaniel hire, Alex Jones Flips On Israel After Civilian Strike, Israel Expands Settlements, GOP Resignation Exposes Revolving Door, Apple Hit With Lawsuit
Mar 25, 2024
3/21/24: Dems Fund MAGA Candidates, Fox Begs O'Leary To Bail Out Trump, US Happiness Plummets, Biden Impeachment Hearing Off The Rails, Israeli Gen Says War Over Without US Weapons, Bibi Gaza Port For Ethnic Cleansing, Trump Says Jewish Dems Hate Their Religion
Mar 21, 2024
3/20/24: Bibi Defies Biden After Rafah Call, Israeli Spox Suspended, Kushner Says Gaza Waterfront Valuable, Mnuchin Floats Tiktok Purchase, Bernie Spars WIth Fox On 32Hr Work Week, Peter Navarro Prison, SCOTUS Says Texas Can Deport Migrants, NYT Praises Deepstate, Havana Syndrome Proved Fake, Honduras War On Crypto Bros
Mar 20, 2024
3/19/24: SCOTUS To Back Biden Censorship, Don Lemon Humiliated In Elon Interview, Trump Fails To Get $450M Bond, Biden Ducks Trump Debate, RFK Jr VP Pick, Real Estate Agent Doomsday, Shocking Boeing Whistleblower Update, Dem Blasts Israel UNRWA Lies, Finkelstein Dogwalks Destiny On Israel
Mar 19, 2024
3/18/24: Trump Says Biden Weak On Israel, Media Pushes Trump 'Bloodbath' Hoax, Nathan Wade Resigns, NY Case Delayed, Boeing Whistleblower Friend Alleges Foul Play, Bibi Furious After Schumer Election Call, SCOTUS Rules Politicians Can't Block Constituents, New Migration Data
Mar 18, 2024
3/15/23: Billionaire Backed Stadiums, Real Estate Expert Says 'Death of American Dream', and Interview w/ ER Doctor from Gaza
Mar 15, 2024
3/14/24: TikTok Sale Or Ban Passes House, Judge Tosses Fani Willis Trump Charges, RFK Jr Considers Aaron Rodgers For VP, Ben Shapiro Owned On Social Security, Don Lemon Contract Terminated By Musk, Former Ambassador Predicts Haiti Revolution
Mar 14, 2024
3/13/24: Robert Hur Explosive Biden Hearing, UAE Threatens Israel Over Gaza Aid, State Dep Spox Confronted On IDF Abuse Of Medics, CPI Inflation Rise, Kenya Halts Troops To Haiti, Putin Floats Ukraine Negotiations, Leaked Report Says Ukraine Victory Impossible, Andrew Tate Arrested After Adin Ross Leak
Mar 13, 2024
3/12/24: Trump Floats Social Security Cuts, Non Whites Flee Dems, Boeing Whistleblower Dead, Biden Memory Transcript Revealed, US Intel Says Bibi Gov Collapsing, Pope Smeared As Putin Puppet, Bill Maher Dream Ticket Biden Haley, Pentagon Says No UFO Evidence, Haiti PM Resigns Amid Gang Uprising
Mar 12, 2024
3/11/24: Bibi Rejects Biden Rafah Red Line, Biden 'Illegal' SOTU Debate, MSNBC Drools Over Biden SOTU, Israel Fans Freak After Oscar Protest Speech, Trump Against TikTok Ban, Kate Middleton Edited Photo Conspiracy, Pentagon Admits Troop Risk At Gaza Port, CNN Confronts Israeli Aid Protesters, Israel Tortures UNRWA Staff
Mar 11, 2024
All In Podcast's David Sacks SOUNDS OFF On Biden's Ukraine, Gaza FAILURES
Mar 10, 2024
3/8/24 Post State Of The Union Reaction w/ Krystal and Saagar, Ryan and Emily
Mar 08, 2024
3/6/24: Nikki Haley Drops Out Refusing To Endorse Trump, Dem Revolt In Super Tuesday Uncommitted Vote, Victoria Nuland Resigns, Kyrsten Sinema Retires, Israel Threatens Lebanon War As Hezbollah Fires Rockets, And Red Sea Cables Destroyed As Houthi Attacks Continue
Mar 06, 2024
3/5/24: Michael Moore DIRE Biden Warning, MSNBC Says To Scare Voters From Trump, All Demos Say Trump Policies Better Than Biden, Corporate Landlords Rent Price Collusion, SCOTUS Trump Ruling Debate, Whoopi Goldberg Meltdown, UN Report Can't Prove Sexual Assault Claims, and Local Israelis Debunk NYT
Mar 05, 2024
3/4/24: SCOTUS 9-0 In Trump Ballot Case, Kamala Gaslights On Ceasefire, US Airdrops Gaza Aid, Non-Whites Shift To Trump, Biden Avoids College Campuses, Nikki Wins DC, CNN Anchor Rips Biden On Israel, NYT Chaos After Debunked Oct 7 Report, Flour Massacre Evidence Exposes Israel Lies, Elon Sues Sam Altman
Mar 04, 2024
2/29/24: Trump Trial May Extend After Election, McConnell Retirement, Dearborn Mayor Warns Biden, MSNBC Cope After Michigan Rebuke, IDF Attacks Starving Gazans, NYT Stands By Debunked Hamas Report, RFK Qualifies In Swing States, Newsom Panera Corruption
Feb 29, 2024
2/28/24: 100k Michigan Uncommitted Votes, Trump Skyrockets With Youth And Hispanics, Starbucks Caves To Union, Dems Force IVF Vote, Biden Ceasefire Collapses, Students Troll Lockheed Exec, Jon Stewart Torches Biden Russia Israel Hypocrisy, Schumer Demands Ukraine Border Protection, Assange Brother Reveals Dire Stakes
Feb 28, 2024
2/27/24: Big Tech Freakout Over SCOTUS Case, Biden Popularity Plummets, Ukraine Says Navalny Death Natural, NATO Floats Troops In Ukraine, Seth Meyers Laps Up Biden Gaslighting, Pelosi Freezes On Basic Israel Facts, Vice Shuts Down, Rogan Fights Kid Rock Over Israel, NYT Writer Outed As Propagandist
Feb 27, 2024
2/26/24: Nikki Loses To Trump In SC, Trump Endorses IVF, Biden Donors Horrified At Notecard Reliance, Michigan Voters Stun MSNBC, Zelensky Lies About Troop Deaths, US Airman Self-Immolates, Bibi Freaks During Critical Interview, Woke Google AI Dystopia, And Taylor Lorenz Vs LibsOfTiktok
Feb 26, 2024
2/23/24: Ukraine War 2 Year Anniversary, Inside Scientology With Former Member, Gateway To Statesmanship Book
Feb 23, 2024
2/22/24: Pelosi New Trump Russia Conspiracy, Nvidia Surges Amid AI Boom, Kellogg CEO Tells Poor Eat Dinner Cereal, Google AI Shut Down, Dems Panic Over Michigan Israel Revolt, Republican Calls For Gaza Extermination, Gaza Food Trucks Ambushed, Assange Trial Wraps Up
Feb 22, 2024
2/21/24: Alabama Rules Embryos Are Kids, Trump Team Plots Abortion Ban, Nikki Haley Home State Humiliation, SCOTUS Rejects Affirmative Action Case, Biden Spox Glitches On IDF Sexual Assault, IDF Tells Troops Stop Posting War Crimes, Assange Final Appeal Hearing, Jon Stewart Attacks BlueAnon And Tucker, Former Miner Reveals Coal Baron Secrets
Feb 21, 2024
Publish 2/20/24: NYT Sounds Alarm On Biden Age, Hunter Biden Star Witness Indicted, Wild New Sora AI Videos, US Backs Temporary Ceasefire, Houthis Most Damaging Attack Yet, ICJ Hears Israel Occupation Case, MSNBC Horrible Best And Worst Presidents List
Feb 20, 2024
2/19/24: Ukraine Retreats From Stronghold, Russia Claims Navalny Sudden Death Syndrome, Fani Willis Humiliated On Witness Stand, CIA Cooked Russiagate Intel, Elon Attacks Matt Taibbi, Israel Splits Gaza Ahead Of Rafah Invasion, Lula Compares Bibi To Hitler, Tlaib Says No Biden Vote In Primary
Feb 19, 2024
2/15/24: Russian Space Nuke Hysteria, Morning Joe Pushes Russiagate, Former Biden Trump Voters On RFK Jr Support, The View Panics Over Jon Stewart, Israel Storms Largest Gaza Hospital, IDF Photoshoot In Gaza Kitchens, Ukraine Sends Troops To Meatgrinder, Taylor Swift Conspiracy Backfires On Republicans
Feb 15, 2024
2/14/24: Senate Passes Ukraine Israel Aid, House Impeaches Biden Border Sec, Biden Spox Says IDF More Moral Than US Military, Dems Flip George Santos NY Seat, Bill Maher Smacked Down On Inflation, And Pakistan Reels From Election Chaos
Feb 14, 2024
2/13/24 ISRAEL SPECIAL: Bibi Demands US Pay For Gaza Tent Cities, Dem Attacks Israel 'War Criminals', Israel Bombs Medics Rescuing 6 Year Old Girl.
Feb 13, 2024
2/13/24: RFK Voters Sound Off On Israel And Ukraine, DNC Sues RFK In Ballot War, Kamala Ready To Serve If Biden Dies, Jon Stewart Triggers Liberals, SCOTUS Scorns CO Trump Ballot Removal
Feb 13, 2024
2/12/24: Kennedy Voters Reveal Motivations, Maddow Excuses Biden's Age, Trump Attacks NATO, Tucker Interviews Putin, Israel Bombs Rafah
Feb 12, 2024
2/8/24 BREAKING: Special Counsel Says Biden 'TOO OLD' To Convict For Crimes, Pakistan Election REJECTS US Backed Regime
Feb 08, 2024
2/8/24: Ukraine And Israel Funding Doomed, Nikki Humiliated Losing To Empty Ballot, Trump Says Bud Light Not Woke, Bibi Rejects Ceasefire Proposal, Saudis Embarrass Biden With Israel Rebuke, Saagar Reviews Apple Vision Pro, Hannity Airs Live Hate Crime, Hillary Melts Down Over Tucker Putin Interview, Krystal And Saagar Debate 'No Fap'
Feb 08, 2024
2/7/24: Hamas Offers New Ceasefire Deal, Israel Strikes Aid Truck As Famine Looms, Court Rejects Trump Immunity, Dem Gambit Tanks GOP Border Impeachment, Jen Psaki Freaks Over Tucker Putin Interview, Pakistan Rigs Election Arresting Opposition, And Lee Fang Confronts Gov On Censorship
Feb 07, 2024
2/6/24: Schumer Threatens Boots On Ground If Ukraine Aid Fails, AI White Collar Mass Layoffs, High Grocery Prices Explain Economic Doom, Biden Lies About Iraq Strikes, Media Runs Israel UNRWA Claims With Zero Evidence
Feb 06, 2024
2/6/24: Krystal And Saagar GO TO WAR Over Border Crisis Bill
Feb 06, 2024
2/5/24 ISRAEL SPECIAL: Biden Bombs 3 Countries Insisting No Wider War, Israeli Gov Calls Biden Settler Sanctions Antisemitic, Media Smears Dearborn As Jihad Capital, And Major AIPAC Donors Revealed
Feb 05, 2024
2/5/24: Black Voters Stun MSNBC With Trump Support, Biden Ask Fetterman For Young Voter Help, Trump Prosecutor Admits Affair In Huge Blow To GA Case
Feb 05, 2024
2/2/24: Headline Bias, Birthright Trips, Interview w/ UAW Members Angry At Biden Over Israel
Feb 02, 2024
2/1/24: Bibi Govt In Tatters Over Hostage Deal, US Court Rules Plausible Biden Complicity In Genocide, Biden Abandons Michigan Arab Americans, House Moves To Impeach Over Border, Senators Humiliated In Tech Hearing, Rightwing Taylor Swift Conspiracies Explode, CNN Catches IDF Lie On Cemetery Atrocity
Feb 01, 2024
1/31/24: State Dep Gaslights On 'Contained' War, Kamala Crumbles During Israel Interview, Israel Raids Hospital Disguised As Doctors, NYT Pulls Daily Podcast Amid Revolt, Cori Bush Investigated, Ilhan Omar Somalia Scandal, Rep Salazar Brags On Funding She Voted Against, E Jean Carroll Offers Maddow Penthouse, Ryan Bodies State Dep On Imran Khan
Jan 31, 2024
1/30/24: Krystal And Saagar Debate Texas-Biden Border Standoff, RFK Jr Says Trump Approached For VP, Trump Fortune At Risk Amid Defamation Case, Biden Caught With US Troops In Yemen, Israel Promises Imminent Lebanon War, Israeli Protesters Block Aid To Starving Gazans
Jan 30, 2024
1/29/24: Neocons Demand Iran War, Biden Cuts UNRWA Funding, Pelosi Says Ceasefire Protests Are Putin Puppets, Michigan Mayor Torches Biden On Israel, Taylor Swift Deepfake AI Outrage, And Young Men Rightwing Realignment
Jan 29, 2024
BREAKING: 3 US Troops KILLED, Biden Blames 'Iran Backed' Groups
Jan 28, 2024
1/26/24 BREAKING: ICJ Finds GENOCIDE RISK, ORDERS Israel To Comply
Jan 26, 2024
1/25/24: UAW Backs Biden 2024, Texas Dares Biden To Remove Border Wire, US Begs China To Help With Red Sea, Israel Plans Gaza Buffer Zone, Boeing Caught With More Part Failures, Dems Try To Ban Zyn Pouches, Jon Stewart Returns To Daily Show, And Case Closed On Covid Origins
Jan 25, 2024
1/24/24: Nikki Refuses To Drop Out After Trump Win, Biden Wins New Hampshire, IDF Caught Committing War Crimes On CNN, SCOTUS Smacks Down Texas In Biden Border Fight, And Ryan Gosling Fumes Over Oscar Snub
Jan 24, 2024
1/23/24 BREAKING: Trump WINS BIGLY In New Hampshire
Jan 24, 2024
1/23/24: Nikki Haley HUMILIATED By Trump Voters, Krystal, Saagar, Ryan NH PREDICTIONS, Biden DeepFake, Ceasefire Write In, Trump GA Prosecutor Affair Allegations, 24 IDF Soldiers Killed, Columbia Students Attacked
Jan 23, 2024
1/22/24 ISRAEL: Biden Admits Houthi Strikes Are Failing, Navy Seals Declared Dead, Bibi Beclowns Biden On Two State Solution
Jan 22, 2024
1/22/24: Trump Attacks Nikki Haley And Retires 'DeSanctimonious', Biden NH Rival Surges, Javier Milei Sucks Up To WEF Elites, And Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Info Emerges
Jan 22, 2024
BREAKING: DeSantis DROPS OUT, Endorses Trump
Jan 21, 2024
1/18/24: Bibi Says War Until 2025, Biden Failure As Houthi Attacks Increase, And Israel Uses Gaza As Weapons Testing Ground
Jan 18, 2024
1/18/24: Media Cancels GOP Debates Ahead Of NH, Biden Panics Over NH Polls, Taiwan Elects Anti-China President, Chinese Population Drops
Jan 18, 2024
1/17/24: Biden Houthi Strikes Backfire, Senate Rejects Bernie's Israel Bill, Shock Poll Shows Nikki Tied With Trump In NH, Texas Wars With Biden Admin After Migrant Drownings, Ukraine Gives Psychedelics To Troops, And New Report On Poorest Districts In The US
Jan 17, 2024
1/16/23: Trump Dominates Iowa, DeSantis Claims Media Interference, Vivek Drops Out Endorsing Trump, Navy Seals Missing, Iran And Houthis Attack, IDF Pulls Some Troops From Gaza, And Ro Khanna Calls Out Biden Illegal Houthi Strikes
Jan 16, 2024
1/15/23 Israel Special: 100 Days In Of Gaza War, Bibi Tells USA 'This Is Your War', Two Navy Seals Lost During Yemen Operation
Jan 15, 2024
1/15/23 Election Special: Krystal and Saagar Iowa Caucus Predictions, Why Nikki Support Is Fake, Trump Opens Fire On Vivek, Voter Gives DeSantis Participation Trophy
Jan 15, 2024
1/12/24 Israel Special: US Attacks Yemen Houthis, Israel's Presents ICJ Genocide Defense, Norm Finkelstein On ICJ Hearings, And US Directly Aids Israel Strikes In Gaza
Jan 12, 2024
1/11/24: GOP Debate Highlights, GA Trump Prosecutor Scandal, Hunter Storms Out Of Congress, DeSantis Affirmative Action For Jews, Media Bias On Israel Exposed
Jan 11, 2024
Israel Special 1/11/24: Israel Warns Of Regional War, Bibi Freaks Over Genocide Case, Norm Finkelstein Predicts Outcome Of ICJ Case
Jan 11, 2024
BREAKING: Chris Christie DROPS OUT, Burns Desantis, Haley On Hot Mic
Jan 10, 2024
1/10/24: SEC Account Hacked Causing Bitcoin Chaos, ICJ Lawyer Says Israel Will Lose Genocide Case, Fauci Flip Flops In Congress, WH In Dark On SecDef Cancer, Police Clash In Secret Synagogue Tunnels, Don Lemon Returns, Israel Critics Purged On Twitter
Jan 10, 2024
1/9/24: Israel Demands US Occupy Gaza, Israelis Push Oct 7 Friendly Fire Investigation, Ceasefire Protesters Blockade NY Streets, Nikki Surges Ahead Of Iowa, Loose Bolts Found On Boeing Planes, Mehdi Hasan Out At MSNBC, And New Podcast On Abolitionist John Brown
Jan 09, 2024
1/8/24: 100 IDF Troops Wounded, Israel Hezbollah War Looms, CNN Caught Using IDF Censor, Defense Sec Hides Hospitalization, Obama Panics Over Biden Campaign, Bill Ackman Freaks Over Wife Plagiarism, Boeing Plane Rips Apart, Biden Donor Sounds Off On Gaza Handling
Jan 08, 2024
1/6/24: Krystal BREAKS DOWN Israel Genocide Charge
Jan 06, 2024
1/4/24: Ryan Confronts Biden Admin On War Crime Charges, Broader War Looms After Iran Attack, Bernie Demands No Israel Funding, Trump Beats Biden With Young Voters, Epstein Documents Unsealed, Wall St Dystopian Landlord Scheme, And Bibi Allies Defend Starvation Of Gaza
Jan 04, 2024
1/3/24: Israel Assassinates Hamas Leader In Lebanon, Harvard President Resigns, Kimmel Threatens Lawsuit After Epstein Allegations, Congress Caught Profiting From Israel War, And Tech Leader Exposes Industry Pro-Israel Bias
Jan 03, 2024
1/2/24: Israel Withdraws Troops From Gaza, Israel Constitutional Crisis, Media Flips On Ukraine Amid Russia Strikes, Maine Drops Trump From Ballot, MSNBC Rips Biden Poll Numbers, Tucker And Shapiro War Over Israel Loyalties'
Jan 02, 2024
12/30/23: Israel Demands US Attack Iran
Dec 30, 2023
12/28/23: Israeli Historian Raz Segal On Genocide And Gaza
Dec 28, 2023
12/27/23: Israel Declares “7 Front War,” Assassinates Top Iranian General
Dec 27, 2023
12/27/23: Tucker Carlson SOUNDS OFF On Ben Shapiro, Israel, Free Speech And UFOs
Dec 27, 2023
12/26/23: Norm Finkelstein UNLEASHED On Bill Maher, RFK Jr, Netanyahu
Dec 26, 2023
12/21/23: Debate On Trump's Removal From Ballot, Yemen Threatens War, Israel Economy Tanks, Israeli's Say Quiet Part Out Loud, Dems Shut Down Primary For Biden, Harvard President Plagiarism Scandal, Best Moments And Plot Twists Of 2023
Dec 21, 2023
12/20/23: Trump Removed From Colorado Ballot, Ryan Hammers State Dep On Israel, Israel Offers Hamas Pause For Hostages, Document Vindicates Imran Khan, Epstein Names To Be Revealed, Tucker Attacks DeSantis On Ukraine, And Freedom Caucus Says Ukraine Aid Dead On Arrival
Dec 20, 2023
12/19/23: US Approval In Middle East PLUMMETS Over Israel, Pope Accuses Israel Of Terrorism, Japan Buys US Steel Giant, Justice Thomas Threatened Quitting, Biden Campaign Delusional, Absurd Hollywood Civil War Map
Dec 19, 2023
12/18/23: IDF Shoots Hostages, Israel Protests Erupt, Shipping Crisis Amid War, Trump 'Nazi' Blood Rhetoric, Nikki Haley Pressed On Trump, Ukraine Kidnaps Citizens For Draft, Fetterman Says He's Not Progressive, Senate Staffer Fired For Sex Tape, And Bibi Admits Two State Solution Dead
Dec 18, 2023
12/16/23: Former Chapo Host on Bernie's Israel Betrayal, Interview w/ Harvard Professor On Antisemitism and College Campuses
Dec 16, 2023
12/15/23: RFK JR. CHALLENGED On Israel, Free Speech, Epstein
Dec 15, 2023
12/14/23: 20% Of IDF Deaths Friendly Fire, School Massacre in Gaza?, Hunter In Contempt, Tech Firm Company Towns, Schumer Confirms UFO Coverup, Obama Linked Karen Muslim Harassment, Debunking Ukraine Lies
Dec 14, 2023
12/13/23: Biden Tells Bibi He Must Change, IDF Runs Psyop On Israelis, Zelensky Begs For Aid In DC, Elon Goes To War With Unions, UAE Climate Conference Ignores Fossil Fuels, And Congress Battles Over Surveillance Legislation
Dec 13, 2023
12/12/23: Israel Hides Massive Casualties, Hamas Combat Footage, Israel Uses White Phosphorus, Zelensky Begs For Aid, Scotus May Save Trump, Shocking Housing Numbers, Deadly Panera Lemonade, US Gaslighting On Israel
Dec 12, 2023
12/11/23: US Terrified Of Israel Lebanon War, Israel Apologizes For 'Abu Ghraib' Photos, UPenn President Forced Out, Ben Shapiro Cheers Jewish Quotas, Hillary Takes Charge Of Biden 2024, Texas Abortion Horror Story, Israel Assassinates Gaza Poet, And Why Israelis Want Bibi Gone
Dec 11, 2023
12/9/23: COVID, TRUMP, Q-ANON: Evangelical Extremism with Tim Alberta
Dec 09, 2023
12/8/23: HUNTER INDICTED: Blatant Ukraine Corruption Revealed, Ivy League Presidents FACE FIRING After Hearing
Dec 08, 2023
Publish 12/7/23: GOP Debate Wild Moments, Israel Floods Gaza Tunnels, Biden Says Trump Is Only Reason He's Running, Ukraine Aid Package Fails, Massie Smeared As Antisemite, And Ivy League Presidents Reveal DEI Hypocrisy
Dec 07, 2023
12/6/23: Bibi Shouted Down By Freed Hostages, Tapper Spars With Israeli Rep, Putin Meets With MBS, Pakistan Deepfake Smear Of The Intercept, Tuberville Folds On Military Hold Up, GOP Pushes To Impeach Biden, And How The CIA Helped Assassinate Lumumba
Dec 06, 2023
12/5/23: Kamala Screws Gaza Future Day One, Israel May Cost Biden 2024, Israeli Stocks Shorted Before Oct 7, Life Expectancy Crisis, Lindsey Flips On Ukraine, Biden Spox Caught Lying On Israel, And Ro Khanna Calls Out Biden
Dec 05, 2023
12/4/23: US Warns Israel Of Strategic Defeat, Israeli Hero Executed By Settler, Paul Ryan Backs Nikki, Dems Rig FL Primary, Santos Unleashes After Expulsion, Mehdi Hasan Cancelled, Israel AI Assassination Factory, And Scott Horton On Bibi And Hamas
Dec 04, 2023
12/2/23: Krystal and Ryan LIVE at Politics and Prose Presents THE SQUAD
Dec 02, 2023
12/1/23: Israel Bombing BACK ON, Stunning Oct 7 Failure Revealed, Krystal and Saagar REACT: Newsom Vs DeSantis Debate Highlights
Dec 01, 2023
11/30/23: Henry Kissinger Dead At 100, AIPAC Lobbies WH Against Ceasefire, Elon Tells Advertisers Go F%%% Yourself, Mark Cuban 2024?, GM Humiliates Biden, CIA UFO Retrievals, Male Wages Plummet
Nov 30, 2023
11/29/23: Israel Hamas Truce Extended, Elon Visits Israel, Bernie Weighs Conditioning Israel Aid, Koch Network Backs Nikki Haley, Desperate Push For Ukraine Funding, Black Friday Spending Reveals Bleak Economy, Ryan Spars With Ted Cruz On Israel And Gaza.
Nov 29, 2023
11/28/23: Bibi Rejects Two State Solution, Man Arrested For Shooting Palestinians, WH Blames Social Media For Economic Worry, Home Sales Drop, AI Breakthrough And Altman Ouster, Ireland Censorship After Riots, AIPAC Bribes Tlaib Challengers, RNC Funding Plummets, And Santos Spills On Colleagues
Nov 28, 2023
11/27/23: Hostages Released, Possible Ceasefire Extension, Massive Destruction In Gaza, Ukraine Official Says NATO Killed Peace, UFO Whistleblower Says We Aren't Alone, Fox News Falsely Claims Border Terrorist Attack, And US Officials Exposed On Israel Vs Ukraine Hypocrisy
Nov 27, 2023
11/26/23: Ryan Reveals Secrets Of 'The Squad', Trump Winning Swing Voters, Australian Unions For Palestine, Dark Side Of McKinsey Consulting, UAW Wrap Up
Nov 26, 2023
11/25/23: Norm Finkelstein GOES OFF: Israel, Hillary, Human Shields & Ben Shapiro
Nov 25, 2023
11/24/23: Jocko Willink SOUNDS OFF On Israel Hamas War
Nov 24, 2023
11/22/23: Hostage Deal REACHED With 4 Day Pause, Former Obama Aide RACIST Harassments Caught On Cam, WITCH-HUNT: Scream Actress FIRED For Palestine Posts
Nov 22, 2023
11/21/23: Hezbollah Strikes Israel, Biden Admin Erupts Over 'Genocide Joe', Israel Jails Journalists, Cardi B Unloads On Biden Wars, Argentina Elects Wild New President, Cenk Uygur On Biden Brain Glitch, And Thanksgiving Politics
Nov 21, 2023
11/20/23: Potential Hostage Deal Reached, Israel Friendly Fire On Oct 7th, IDF Reveals New Al-Shifa Evidence, US Freaks Over Israel Southern Offensive, Bin Laden Letter Goes Viral, Advertisers Flee Twitter After Elon Post, Sam Altman OpenAI Chaos, Democrat Says Biden Doomed In Michigan
Nov 20, 2023
BREAKING: Israel CAUGHT Manipulating Al-Shifa Hospital Evidence
Nov 18, 2023
11/16/23: Israel Underwhelms With Hospital Raid, Israel Ethnic Cleansing Debate, Biden And Xi Meet, Israel Support Plummets In US, DNC Ceasefire Protest Erupts, CNN Broadcasts IDF Lies, Nikki Claims Vivek Attacks Are Sexist, Candace Responds To Shapiro Attack, And Krystal Clashes With Dean Phillips On Israel
Nov 16, 2023
11/15/23: Israel Storms Al Shifa, Pro-Israel Rally In DC, Shapiro Attacks Candace Owens, Senator Attemps To Fight Union Boss During Hearing, GOP Revolts Over Shutdown Deal, Wall Street Reacts To Inflation Data And GOP Backs Off Border Impeachment
Nov 15, 2023
11/14/23: Israel Claims Total Gaza Control, Biden And Xi Meet, Newsom Cleans Up SF For China Visit, LA Highway Up In Flames, Tucker Joins Spanish Protests, And SCOTUS Creates Fake Ethics Code
Nov 14, 2023
11/13/23: US Warns Israel Seeks Regional War, Krystal and Saagar Debate Israel Hospital Tactics, Israeli Minister Plans Nakba 2023, Elon Warns Of Terror Blowback, Ukraine Admits Blowing Up Nordstream, NYC Mayor FBI Raid, Real Estate Industry Free Fall, Elites Caught In High End Brothel
Nov 13, 2023
11/10/23: Manchin Retires Imperiling Dem Senate 2024, Fact Check: Did Journos Have Advanced Knowledge Of Hamas Attack?
Nov 10, 2023
11/9/23 EXCLUSIVE: Vivek SOUNDS OFF On 'SCUM,' Israel, Free Speech
Nov 09, 2023
11/9/23: Krystal And Saagar REACT To Wildest Republican Debate Moments, Biden Endorses Gaza Occupation, Combat Footage Emerges, Republicans Cope Over Lost Elections, Tucker Shocked By Right Wing Censorship
Nov 09, 2023
11/8/23: Abortion And Weed Win In Ohio, Youngkin Humiliated In Virginia, Tlaib Censured For Palestine Support, Zelensky Begs For Credit, RFK Surges In Swing States, Third GOP Debate Preview
Nov 08, 2023
SPOTIFY FIXED - 11/7/23: Attacks On US Troops Escalate, Israel To Occupy Gaza Indefinitely, CNN Admits Censorship, Fetterman Shouted Down By Protesters, Trump Melts Down Amid Trial, Obama Team Flips On Biden, Cramer Admits Defeat By UAW, And Key Elections Today!
Nov 07, 2023
11/7/23: Attacks On US Troops Escalate, Israel To Occupy Gaza Indefinitely, CNN Admits Censorship, Fetterman Shouted Down By Protesters, Trump Melts Down Amid Trial, Obama Team Flips On Biden, Cramer Admits Defeat By UAW, And Key Elections Today!
Nov 07, 2023
11/6/23: US Sends Nuclear Sub To Middle East, Israeli Minister Calls To "Nuke Gaza", Obama Nonsense On Israel, DC Protestors Reject Biden, Biden Losing Five Swing States, Secret Push For Russia Peace, Mint Budgeting Retired, Virginia Elections
Nov 06, 2023
11/3/23: BREAKING: Biden HUMILIATED as Israel Rejects Pause
Nov 03, 2023
11/2/23: US Plans Troops In Gaza, West Bank Explodes, Republican Claims No Innocent Palestinians, Zelensky Called Dictator, RFK JR Surge, Tesla Freaks After UAW Wins, Biden Arab Support Plummets
Nov 02, 2023
11/1/23: Israel Bombs Refugee Camp, Yemen Launches Attacks On Israel, Biden's Doubt Of Casualty Numbers Exposed, West Bank Violence, Abortion And Weed Elections, Hawley Citizens United, Rand Paul On Covid Origins
Nov 01, 2023
10/31/23: Bibi Rejects Ceasefire, New Hostages Video, Leaked Doc Reveals Empty Gaza Strip Plan, Speaker Wants IRS Cuts For Israel Aid, Ukraine Admits Stealing, Surveillance On College Campuses, Iowans Sour On Vivek, PBD Confronts DeSantis Heels, And MORE!
Oct 31, 2023
10/30/23: Bibi Calls For Biblical Wipeout In Gaza, Erdogan Threatens War, Russian Mob Hunts Jews, Israel Losing TikTok War, New Speaker Flip Flops, Pence Drops Out, New Dem Primaries Biden, UAW Wins, Televangelists Push Holy War
Oct 30, 2023
BREAKING: Israeli Tanks ROLL Gaza As US Strikes Iranian Bases
Oct 28, 2023
10/27/23: Martyrmade Host Is Israel's Gaza Invasion DOOMED?, Police Shut Down Jewish American Author's Book Tour
Oct 27, 2023
10/26/23: Maine Shooter On The Loose, Israeli Tanks Enter Gaza, 21 US Troops Injured, New Speaker's Wild Past, Jamaal Bowman Fire Alarm Charge, NYT Disputes Hospital Strike, Al Jazeera Family Killed, Hollywood Melts Down, Ford Folds To UAW
Oct 26, 2023
10/25/23: US Blames Iran For Attacks, Biden Admin Promises More Civilian Casualties, Trump Takes Down Speaker Nominee, Jenna Ellis Cries, Bernie Staffers Demand Ceasefire, Cancel Culture On Palestine, Psychedelic Legalization
Oct 25, 2023
10/24/23: US Attacked In Syria, Top Generals Aiding Gaza Invasion, Hostage Family Demands Ceasefire, Tucker Says WW3 Imminent, Trump Says Only Jesus Can Win Speaker Vote, CIA Behind Nordstream, Off Duty Pilot Attempts To Crash Plane, And MORE!
Oct 24, 2023
10/23/23: US Military Preps For Iran War, Israel Rejects Hostage Release, Justin Amash Family Killed In Gaza, US Majority Rejects Sending Weapons, Gaza Military Nightmare, Sidney Powell Flips, Dave Chapelle Triggers Crowd On Israel
Oct 23, 2023
10/20/23: Breaking Points Atlanta Focus Group On Israel Palestine, Biden's Age, Kamala Harris, Democrat Voter Issues, and More
Oct 20, 2023
10/19/23: Biden Pledges US To Any Israel-Hezbollah War, Jocko Sounds Off On Israel Tactics, New Evidence Gaza Hospital Explosion, Ukraine Israel Spending Package, Panel Debates Jim Jordan Next Speaker, RFK Jr Poll, Focus Group Savages Kamala
Oct 19, 2023
10/18/23: EVERYTHING WE KNOW: Gaza Hospital Bombing
Oct 18, 2023
10/17/23: Biden Plans Trip To Israel, IDF Strikes Hezbollah, US Citizens Stranded, Israel Ambassador Denies Crisis, BP Focus Group On Biden's Age, Hannity Jim Jordan, Israel Beefs With Celebrities, Zelensky Visit, Krystal Ambushed On NewsNation
Oct 17, 2023
10/16/23: Water Runs Dry In Gaza As Hospitals Collapse, Biden Bumbles 60 Minutes, Arab States Erupt, Focus Group Debates Israel, Candace and Megyn Cancel Culture, Israelis Blame Bibi, MSNBC Benches Muslims, Reuters Journalist Killed By Israeli Strike
Oct 16, 2023
10/15/23: 1 Million Flee Gaza As Iran Warns Of War
Oct 15, 2023
10/12/23: US Confirms Israel Warned Before Attack, Major Gaza Destruction, Zelensky To Visit Israel, Lindsey Graham Calls For Holy War, House Speaker Updates, Wild Rhetoric On Israel &Palestine, Cenk Uygur Launches 2024 Bid, And Hannity Attacks RFK Jr
Oct 12, 2023
10/11/23: Biden Speech On Israel And Gaza, Lindsey Graham Wants War With Iran, Tragic Reports Out Of Israeli Kibbutz, Gaza Bombing, Finland Pipeline Damaged By "External Activity", Hillary Calls For MAGA Deprogramming, Santos Indicted For Fraud, And MORE!
Oct 11, 2023
10/10/23: Israel Tells Biden Gaza INVASION Imminent, Bibi Ignored Egyptian Intel, Fake Videos, McCarthy Plots Speaker Return, MAGA Freaks Over RFK Jr., Newsom Vetos Insulin, Biden Questioned Over Class Docs, ADL Attacks MSNBC Anchors
Oct 10, 2023
10/9/23: 100,000 Israeli's Mobilize For Gaza Siege, Americans Confirmed Dead, Hostages, History of Gaza and Hamas, Netanyahu Blamed, Empty Speakership, Nikki Haley Says 'Finish Them', Debunking Biden 6 Billion Iran, Final Thoughts
Oct 09, 2023
Oct 07, 2023
10/6/23: Cardi B Loves FDR, Teenagers Scammed By Sexting, Diploma Divide, Aaron Rodgers "Mr. Pfizer" Joke, Saudi Water Deal Cancelled, Menendez Wife Car Killing, Health Issues With Big Corp Food Preservation
Oct 06, 2023
10/5/23: Republican Speaker Civil War, Ukraine Aid Loses Steam, Pelosi Booted From Office, Terrible Jobs Numbers, Third Party Skyrockets, Michael Lewis Insane SBF Defense, Payday Lenders Wrecked, Big Three Losing Billions On EV, UAW Worker Demands
Oct 05, 2023
10/4/23: McCarthy Refuses To Run For Speaker, Hannity Floats Trump For Speaker, Largest Healthcare Strike In History, Hunter Pleads Not Guilty, SCOTUS Decides Fate Of CFPB, NC GOP Public Records Scandal, Nina Turner Launches New Pro Union Org And MORE!
Oct 04, 2023
Oct 03, 2023
10/3/23: McCarthy Speakership ENDING? Gaetz Files To Vacate, SBF Trump Bribe, 3 Massive Shocks To China Econ, Nazi Revisionism, UAW Calls Out Jim Cramer, Canada's Orwellian Podcasting, Trump Business Death Penalty, Ro Khanna On Newsom Labor
Oct 03, 2023
10/2/23: Gaetz Promises End To McCarthy Speakership, UK Sending Troops To Ukraine, RFK Jr. To Run As Independent, 2nd Debate Ratings Bomb, Jamaal Bowman Fire Alarm Scandal, New Orleans Poison Pipes, What's "Real" Ukraine Victory
Oct 02, 2023
9/29/23: Trillion Dollar Aircraft Only Flies 55% Of Time, CNN Data Chief "Fox News NEEDS Trump", Amazon's Free Shipping Scheme w/ Matt Stoller
Sep 29, 2023
9/28/23 DEBATE SPECIAL: Winners And Losers Of Second GOP Debate, Trump Holds Rally At Non Union Plant, New Menendez Accusations, Fetterman Loses Senate Dress Code, Cenk Uygur Floats Potential 2024 Run
Sep 28, 2023
9/27/23: Biden Joins UAW Picket Line, New Hunter Corruption Allegations, Judge Rules Trump Defrauded Banks, Iran's Influence Peddling In Washington, JPMorgan Settles Epstein Case, FTC Sues Amazon, Gov Shutdown Imminent, GOP Voter Realignment, And MORE!
Sep 27, 2023
9/27/23: Second GOP Debate PREVIEW: Who Qualified, Predictions, Trump Skips Again
Sep 27, 2023
9/26/23: Perfect Storm Economy, Debunking Auto CEO Lies, Menendez Uses Cuban Heritage, Newsom DeSantis Debate, New UFO Whistleblowers, Landmark Case For Podcasts, US Subsidizing Ukraine Businesses, EV Future, Big Pharma Corruption
Sep 26, 2023
9/25/23: Democrats Freak Over Trump Plus 10 Poll, WGA Reach Agreement, Biden To Picket with UAW, Nazi Honored In Canadian Parliament, Gaetz Shutdown Politics, Menendez Race Card, Bachelor For Olds, Legalized Bribery, Anti Racist Grift
Sep 25, 2023
9/25/23: Democrats Freak Over Trump Plus 10 Poll, WGA Strike Reach Agreement, Biden Picket with UAW, Nazi Honored In Canadian Parliament, Shutdown Politics, Menendez Pulls Race Card, Bachelor For Olds, Legalized Bribery, Anti Racist Grifter
Sep 25, 2023
9/22/23: Murdoch Steps Down As Fox Chairman, Sound of Freedom Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Pope Knew Early About Holocaust, Obesity and Cardiac Death Rising, Partisan Futures, Spencer Snyder on Impossible Surviving on Minimum Wage
Sep 22, 2023
9/21/23 HEATED DEBATE: 2024 GOP Candidate Will Hurd Calls For Russia Strikes
Sep 21, 2023
9/21/23: Zelensky Calls For Stripping Nukes From Russia, Ukraine Fires Controversial Spokesperson, Dems Panic Over Trump's Union Visit, Australian MP On Freeing Assange, Journalist Charged For Jan 6th, Republicans Attack Pro Union
Sep 21, 2023
9/20/23: Tim Scott And Nikki Haley Attack UAW, Biden And Zelensky Plea For More Aid At UN, GOP Chaos Sets Up Gov Shutdown, Pakistan Gets IMF Bailout For Secret Ukraine Arms Deal, Russell Brand Demonetized On YouTube, Trump Plots Corporate Giveaway & MORE!
Sep 20, 2023
9/19/23 Andrew Yang On 2024: Trump 'MILD FAVORITE' To Win
Sep 19, 2023
9/19/23: F-35 Crash Debris Found, Zelensky Caught Lying On 60 Minutes, Trump Ditches Debate For Union, CNBC Freaks At CEO Pay, Biden Home Prices, Maher Delays Real Time Return, MSNBC Defends Kamala, Obama Dem Blocks Billionaire Tax, Senate Dress Code
Sep 19, 2023
9/18/23: Neil deGrasse Tyson On Exploration, AI, UFOs, and Elon Musk
Sep 18, 2023
9/18/23: Military Loses Airborne F-35, Ford CEO Freaks Over UAW, 100 Billion Student Loan Bomb, Trump on Abortion, Texas AG Survives Impeachment, Lauren Boebert BeetleJuice Debacle, Hasan Minhaj Admits Fake Stories, Drew Barrymore Weeps Over Scab Show
Sep 18, 2023
9/16/23: Saagar Reacts NASA UFO Report, Sinister Federal Reserve Inflation w/ James Li, UAW Strike Worker Interview w/ Max Alvarez
Sep 16, 2023
9/15/23: 4 Trump Supporters Vs 4 Undecided | (FULL) Breaking Points Focus Group w/ NH GOP Primary Voters On Candidates, Trump Charges, Abortion, and More
Sep 15, 2023
9/14/23: BP Focus Group On Abortion, Social Security, Panic Over Biden Age, Pelosi Refuses To Endorse Kamala, Bidenomics, Romney Retires, Fatherly Love Excuse, Auto Strike Begins Tonight, Mexico Alien Body Hoax, Bill Maher Restarts Show
Sep 14, 2023
9/13/23: McCarthy Starts Biden Impeachment Inquiry, Gaetz Push To Oust McCarthy, UAW Head Torches Billionaires, CIA Lab Leak Coverup, Biden Cuts Deal With Iran, Woody Harrelson Compares US To Russian, LA Snitch Line, Elites Demand Labor Pain, And MORE!
Sep 13, 2023
9/12/23: BP EXCLUSIVE Focus Group: NH Voters On Age Limits, Trump Indictments, Ukraine Funding, WH Praises Saudis On 9/11, Covid Impacts Rural America, Kids Shift From TV To YouTube , IRS Targets Rich Tax Cheats, Media Freaks On Elon's StarLink, And MORE!
Sep 12, 2023
9/11/23: BP Focus Group: Republicans FIGHT Over Trump, Predict Covid Election Rigging, React To Each Candidate, FL Arms Dealer Prints Billions Off Ukraine, Pelosi Re Election, Secret Service JFK Assassination, New Mexico BANS Guns, AI Destroys News
Sep 11, 2023
9/8/23: Krystal And Kyle Debate Briahna Joy Gray On Green Party And Biden, Twitter Accused Of Aiding Saudi Human Rights Abuse, Trump Floats Debating Meghan Markle, Historic Antitrust Movement, And New Push For AI Regulation
Sep 08, 2023
9/7/23: Working Class Historic Rejection Of Biden, Kamala "Ready To Be President", Rand Paul Blasts McConnel Health, Banks Face Real Estate Doom, Gen Z Turns On College, Mike Pence War On Populism, Krystal On Bidenomics, Liberty Gun Safes
Sep 07, 2023
9/6/23: Mark Meadows May Flip On Trump, Biden's 2024 Economic Pitch, Elon Fights The ADL, China's Chip Breakthrough, McConnell Responds After Freeze, Tucker Pushes Obama Gay Conspiracy, Key Rhode Island Election, Media's Double Standards, And More!
Sep 06, 2023
9/5/23: Nate Silver On Biden's Shocking Chances of Death, Dave Portnoy Says Trump Should Debate, Ukraine Aid Corruption, Burning Man, Trump Blasts EV Plan, Bill Maher Whines About Writers Strike, Original Movies, Hot Labor Summer, Freddie DeBoer New Book
Sep 05, 2023
9/1/23: Partisan Hate Reaches New Highs, Almost Half American Homes Owned By Non Primary Resident, Millionaires Claim Financial Insecurity, Spanish Soccer Kiss Controversy, Late Night Hosts Start Podcast
Sep 01, 2023
8/31/23: McConnell Freezes Again, KJP Defends Biden Age, Pod Save Bros Freak Over 2024 Polls, Pete-Vivek Flashback, FBI Collects DNA, Nepo HomeBuyers, CNN Invades HBO, Biden's Pharma Plan, Tucker Interviews Hungarian PM, Gen Z Debate on Biden 2024
Aug 31, 2023
8/30/23: Florida Slammed By Hurricane Idalia, Biden Impeachment, DeSantis Heckled After Shooting, Park Ranger Rams Through Climate Protest, Biden Civil Rights Claim, US Declassifies Chilean Coup, Jen Psaki On Abortion, New Medicare Price Negotiations
Aug 30, 2023
8/29/23: Trump Trial Date On Super Tuesday, Dems Overwhelmingly Think Biden Too Old, Warren Buffet Bets Against Economy, Krystal Calls Out Bernie and Cornel West, Eminem Cease and Desists Vivek, Europe Freaks At Potential Trump 2.0, 4 Day Work Week
Aug 29, 2023
8/28/23: Trump DOWN After Missing Republican Debates, Trump Mugshot, Putin Confirms Prigozhin Death, Panic Over Paid UPS Drivers, Oliver Anthony Calls Out Republicans, Media Simps Nikki Haley, BRICS Expansion Threatens PetroDollar
Aug 28, 2023
8/25/23: Chaos At GOP Debate Climate Change Question, UAW Worker Interview w/ Max Alvarez, Spencer Snyder Asks New YorkersThird Party Candidates?
Aug 25, 2023
8/24/23: REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS Krystal and Saagar BREAK DOWN, Winners and Losers, Trump Tucker Highlights Epstein/Civil War, Kyle and Emily Panel Debates
Aug 24, 2023
8/23/23 DEBATE SPECIAL: Krystal and Saagar Predictions
Aug 23, 2023
8/22/23: DeSantis Debate Plan, Vivek Accuses Newsmax Of Pay To Play, Wall Street Real Estate, BRICS Plan For Dedollarization, Screen Time Impact On Kids, Mr Beast Solves World Peace, Author On Corporate Tyranny
Aug 22, 2023
8/21/23: California Storm & Earthquake, Trump Dodges Debate For Tucker Interview, Hawaii Officials Resign, Trump Lead Grows, DeSantis Attacks Trump Voters, Hunter Biden Updates, Michael Burry Bets Against US Market, American Scammers And Vivek Ramaswamy
Aug 21, 2023
8/18/23: Male Loneliness Epidemic w/ Shoe0nHead, James Li On Government Dietary Guidelines, Matt Stoller On Stopping Corporate Mergers
Aug 18, 2023
8/17/23: Biden Shamed Into Hawaii Visit, Fox News Disarray As Trump Beats DeSantis, Chinese Economy Plummeting, Passport Delays Nightmare Travel, Cops Rebuked In Kansas Raid, Youtube's New Medical Censorship, Homelessness Surges
Aug 17, 2023
8/17/23: Former MSNBC Chris Matthews WILD DEBATE With Krystal And Saagar
Aug 17, 2023
8/16/23: Trump Promises 'Irrefutable Report' On GA Indictment, Christie Passes DeSantis Poll, McCarthy Scrambles On Gov Shutdown, Narco Assassins In Ecuador, Blind Side Movie Lies?, Hillary Clinton On MSNBC, Pakistan Confirms Leaks
Aug 16, 2023
8/15/23: Maui Death Toll Rises To 96, Hunter Special Counsel A Cover Up?, Increasing Suicide Deaths, Bill Maher Spars w/ Marianne Williamson, Kentucky AI Bus Disaster, New Ukraine Aid
Aug 15, 2023
8/15/23 GA Trump Indictment Special: Krystal and Saagar REACT
Aug 15, 2023
8/14/23: DeSantis Humiliated At Iowa Fair, Maui Residents Outraged At Disaster Relief, Trump Legal Team Texts, UPS 170k Salary, Auto Exec Caught Vacationing, Viral Rich Men North of Richmond Song, SBF Jailed, SF Workers Flee, Kansas Cops Raid Newspaper
Aug 14, 2023
EMERGENCY POD: Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointed
Aug 11, 2023
8/11/23: Interviews At Trump Rally w/ John Russell, Zoom AI Face Scanning, WeWork Bankruptcy, Spencer Snyder On Rightwing Divorce Law
Aug 11, 2023
8/10/23: Credit Card Debt Tops 1 Trillion, Feinstein Gives Up Power Of Attorney, FBI Raid Kills Utah Man, Fed Search Trump's Twitter, Fox Begs Trump Debate, LA Workers Rebel, Barstool Goes Independent, Ken Klippenstein Pressed On UFO Report
Aug 10, 2023
8/9/23: Ohio Election Results, DeSantis Fires Campaign Manager, Biden Restores Pro-Union Rule, Americans Drain 401Ks, Montgomery Dock Brawl, And New Rules For Adult Film Sites
Aug 09, 2023
8/8/23: $1 Trillion Landlord Bomb, Housing Prices Skyrocket, Partisan Split On Gov Power, Dem Threatens Biden Challenge, Biden Tanks With Young Voters, Holy Grail Of Fusion Energy, Zoom Ends Remote Work, Saudis Drive Up Gas Prices, And MORE!
Aug 08, 2023
8/7/23: Trump Lawyer Spars With All Five Networks, Americans Oppose More Ukraine Aid, Republican Voters Turn On Anti-Woke, Wells Fargo Deletes Customer Funds, Lizzo Controversy, Jim Cramer Cries, Biden Sanctions Fail, Biden 2024 Debate w/ Michael LaRosa
Aug 07, 2023
8/4/23: Exclusive Interview with Disney Heiress Abigail Disney On Hollywood Strikes, Labor Congressman Screams At Teens In Capitol, Malls Death Spiral In Value,
Aug 04, 2023
8/3/23: Trump In Court Today As Co Conspirators Revealed, US Debt Downgraded, Obama Warns Biden Could Lose, Ukraine Counter Offensive Failing, Hunter Business Partner, LK99 Superconductor, Trucking Company Collapse, Panel On Trump Indictment
Aug 03, 2023
8/2/23: Trump Reacts To Indictment, Pence Attacks Trump, DeSantis Unveils Economic Plan, Media Spins Hunter Corruption, BlackRock Investigated By House, Elon Sues Hate Speech Org, Niger Erupts After Coup, And CNN Bashes Trump Supporters
Aug 02, 2023
8/1/23 BREAKING: TRUMP INDICTED, Krystal And Saagar React
Aug 01, 2023
8/1/23: Trump Demolishes Rivals With Working Class, CNN Spins Damning Hunter Testimony, Elon Denies Starlink For Ukraine, Secret Chinese BioLab Raided In CA, Pentagon On UFO Whistleblowers, AI Harvesting Content, Gen Z Boys Conservatism
Aug 01, 2023
7/31/23: Trump Employee Flips On Mar A Lago Coverup?, Megyn Kelly Vs DeSantis, Black Republicans Blast DeSantis, Biden Facebook Censorship, Biden Acknowledges Secret Grandchild, Staff Coach Feinstein To Vote Aye, Seniors Robbed By Gold Scammers
Jul 31, 2023
7/28/23: Education Dept. Investigating Harvard Admissions, Mr. Beast Vs Food Monopoly w/ Matt Stoller, Fired Rail Worker w/ Max Alvarez, Saagar At UFO Hearing w/ Jeremy Corbell, James Li On The Evils of Blackrock
Jul 28, 2023
7/27/23: Hunter Pleads Not Guilty, McConnell Freezes At Press Event, Congress Holds UFO Hearings, Rudy Giuliani Admits Election Lies, Biden Dog Bites Secret Service, Abigail Disney Calls Out Greed and AOC Folds Into Democrat Establishment
Jul 27, 2023
7/26/23: UPS Union Strikes Deal, McCarthy Threatens Biden Impeachment, DeSantis Defends Slavery Education Policy, Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter, Stephen A. On Jason Aldean, GOP Losing Young Voters, And A Federal Judge Blocks Biden Asylum Policy
Jul 26, 2023
7/25/23 EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Ramaswamy PRESSED On Trump, Climate, Mexico War, and Krystal And Saagar SPAR With 2024 Candidate Doug Burgum
Jul 25, 2023
7/25/23: Biden's Aides Desperate To Hide Aging, Ohio Overwhelmingly Backs Pro-Choice, Americans Reject Biden Cluster Bombs, Dorsey Trashes Worldcoin Surveillance, Pinkydoll Tik Tok Phenomenon, Disney Fires DEI, Affirmative Action For The Rich
Jul 25, 2023
7/24/23: Vivek Ties w/ DeSantis In Republican Shakeup, Elon Rebrands Twitter to "X", Biden Terrified Of Cornel West Bid, Congress Blasts UFO Coverup, Krystal Reviews Barbie, Bezos Loses 100 Million At WAPO
Jul 24, 2023
7/22/23: Marc Andreessen On Why AI Will Save The World, Scott Galloway Predicts Trump Won't Run, Anxiety Driving Political Identity
Jul 22, 2023
7/21/23: Inside The Hollywood Strike w/ Ron Perlman, Susan Sarandon, Michelle Hurd
Jul 21, 2023
7/20/23: Media Ignores Biden IRS Whistleblowers, Russia Threatens Commercial Ships, Trump On Mail In Voting, Bosses Refuse Office Return, American Early Birds, Blistering Heat, Iger Says Cable TV Dead, Susan Sarandon + SAG VP Blast Studios
Jul 20, 2023
7/19/23 Chris Rufo: Culture Wars, Ron DeSantis, Political Strategy
Jul 19, 2023
7/19/23: GOP Reacts To Trump Indictment, Jake Tapper Interviews Ron DeSantis, Joe Manchin Flirts With 2024 Run, Congress Explodes After Rep. Jayapal's Israel Statement, Charles Barkley Slams Anti-Bud Light 'Rednecks', Biden Uses MTG As 2024 Ad, And More!
Jul 19, 2023
7/18/23: Ben Shapiro Hits Tucker/Trump On Ukraine, Ted Cruz Blocks Rail Safety, Florida Abandoned By Insurance Companies, Major UFO Hearings, Gilgo Beach Killer, Arizona Water War, Europe Vs Asia, Allie Beth Stuckey On Andrew Tate
Jul 18, 2023
7/17/23 EXCLUSIVE: GOP 2024 Candidate Asa Hutchinson On Ukraine, Abortion, Minimum Wage
Jul 17, 2023
7/17/23: Ukraine Bombs Crimean Bridge, DeSantis Sheds Staff, Winners and Losers GOP Fundraising, Tucker Carlson Rips Mike Pence, Hollywood Strike, Twitter Payments, California Woke Math, Hollywood Replaces Actors w/ AI, EV Prices Collapse w/ Doug DeMuro
Jul 17, 2023
7/14/23: Biden Staff Fears His Private Rage, Record Number Of Americans Live Alone, CNN Attacks Cornel West, RFK Non Union Merch, School Choice Hidden Agenda, Publicly Funded Stadiums
Jul 14, 2023
7/13/23: Hollywood SHUTDOWN, Actor Negotiations Collapse, Americans Feel Recession, FBI Dodges Jan 6th Questions, Billionaires Flee DeSantis, RBG SCOTUS Corruption, Morning Joe Begs Biden Staff, Biden Whistleblower, Housing Vultures, Panel on Jonah Hill
Jul 13, 2023
7/12/23: Trump, Dems Trash Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Tuberville On White Nationalism, Zelensky Fumes At NATO, Hunter Biden Star Witness Indicted, Tucker Andrew Tate, Oppenheimer Barbie History, Congress Covid Origins Hearing, Sierra Leone Elections
Jul 12, 2023
7/11/23: Trump Crushing DeSantis In Florida, Zuck's Threads Hits 100 Million, Morning Joe Tells Americans Shut Up, Disney Parks Empty, Biden Abandons Grandchild, Obama Lectures Gen Z, Sound of Freedom Film, Teamsters President On UPS Strike
Jul 11, 2023
7/10/23: Biden Defends Cluster Bombs To Ukraine, Biden Says Ukraine Not Ready For NATO, DeSantis Low Polling, Slowing Growth Jobs Market, Twitter Threatens Lawsuit With Zuckerberg, Colleges Nuke Merit, AOC Endorses Biden, Will Jawando Runs For Senate
Jul 10, 2023
7/7/23 (VAULT UNLOCKED): Vivek Ramaswamy Interview/Jon Stewart Interview
Jul 07, 2023
7/06/23: Major SCOTUS Rulings, Judge Blocks Biden Censorship, Facebook Launches Twitter Competitor, DeSantis Runs Trump Anti-LGBTQ Ad, UPS Union Authorizes Strike, Cocaine Found At White House, Lib Twitter Profile Exposed, Israel Launches Attacks & MORE!
Jul 06, 2023
7/5/23 (VAULT UNLOCKED): Bernie Sanders Full Interview w/ Krystal Ball
Jul 05, 2023
6/30/23: Hollywood Advice For Joe Biden, JPMorgan Deletes 47 Million Emails, John Kerry Confronted On Iraq War Crimes, Fox Struggles To Defend Leaked Trump Audio, James Li On FedNow Central Payment System
Jun 30, 2023
6/29/23: Voters Reject "Bidenomics", Pod Save Bros Meltdown Over 3rd Party, Troops At Mexico Border, Russian General Detained For Coup, AirBnB Death Spiral, Ro Khanna On Defense Spending, AI Sexbots, Shein Influencers, Debate Panel Affirmative Action
Jun 29, 2023
6/28/23: Time Bomb In SCOTUS 2024 Ruling?, Report: Trump Aide Wanted To Drone Immigrants, 2024 Candidate Faceplants China Question, Modern Men Cry More, Gov Closes Case On Epstein, Liz Cheney Whining, Office Space Apocalypse
Jun 28, 2023
6/27/23: Leaked Audio Trump Admits Classified Doc Possession, Putin Breaks Silence After Coup, Biden Confronted On Hunter, SCOTUS Wife Corruption, Blackrock CEO ESG, Fox Fires Tucker Staff, 1 Million Subs, Global Underclass Of AI
Jun 27, 2023
6/26/23 EXCLUSIVE: Marianne Williamson On Ukraine, Biden, Vaccines
Jun 26, 2023
6/26/23: Wagner Leader Exiled After Coup, Biden Admin Refuses Hunter Corruption Questions, Trump Lead Explodes, Yellowstone Train Derailment, Submarine, Meghan Markle, Behavioral Science Fraud, Moscow Eyewitness Russian Coup
Jun 26, 2023
6/24/23: BREAKING: Wagner CALLS OFF Putin Coup
Jun 24, 2023
Military Coup In Russia, Putin Responds
Jun 24, 2023
6/24/23: EXCLUSIVE: Oliver Stone On Nuclear Energy, RFK Jr
Jun 24, 2023
6/23/23: Bohemian Grove Sued, Killer Whales Attack Yachts, Zuckerberg's Twitter Competitor, Pentagon Social Media Patrols, LIV Golf Merger Falling Apart
Jun 23, 2023
6/22/23: Submarine Out Of Oxygen, Potential China Base In Cuba, SCOTUS Caught On Billionaire Vacation, Teen Test Scores Plummet, Elon Says Cisgender Is Slur, Billionaire Backed Populism, Remote Worker Revolution, Amazon Prime Lawsuit
Jun 22, 2023
6/21/23: Tucker And Trump React To Hunter Charges, Obama Blames Economy For Rightwing Populism, Trump Trial Date Set, Impending Student Debt Ruling, Andrew Tate Charged In Romania, Venezuela Sanctions, Titanic Submarine Missing And New Lab Leak Evidence
Jun 21, 2023
6/20/23: Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty, Biden Campaign Freaks Over RFK, Jordan Peterson Nuked By YouTube, Putin Claims Peace Deal Signed, Trump Fox News, Epstein JPMorgan, Meghan Markle Spotify Grift, Dr Hotez JRE Debate, Legacy of Daniel Ellsberg
Jun 20, 2023
6/19/23: Unions Back Biden Despite Betrayals, Voters Reject Trump Biden Rematch, DeSantis Attacks Trump On Abortion, Blinken Says No Taiwan Independence, Tucker Attacks Fox, Streamer XQC Gets $100 Million Contract, Newsom Plots Against Biden, And MORE!
Jun 19, 2023
6/16/23: Saturn Moon Has Ingredients For Life, Charles Barkley On CNN: "I'm Joining The Titanic", Beyond The Headlines On Inflation w/ James Li
Jun 16, 2023
6/15/23: Fed Stuns With Rate Pause, 20 Dollar Minimum Wage, Huge Push For Ukraine To Join NATO, Cornel West Flips To Green Party, UFO Whistleblower Stonewalled, Amazon Smart Home Locks Man Out, Hot Girl College Sports, Panel Debate: Trump v DeSantis
Jun 15, 2023
6/14/23: Trump Makes Courtroom Appearance, US Warned Ukraine About Nordstream, Report Wuhan Lab Worker First Infected, Reddit Goes Dark, Starbucks Pride Displays, Lowest Inflation In 2 Years, Espionage Act, Glenn Greenwald Interview
Jun 14, 2023
6/13/23 EXCLUSIVE: RFK JR Returns To Breaking Points
Jun 13, 2023
6/13/23: Trump Calls For Protests, Ukraine Mining Vehicles Destroyed, Foreclosures Skyrocket, San Fran Malls Close, Biden On Tape Taking Bribe, Tucker Cease And Desist, UPS Strike Looms, JPMorgan Settles Epstein Case, James Van Der Beek On Dem Debates
Jun 13, 2023
6/12/23: Krystal and Saagar React To Trump Indictment, Trump AG Defends "Damning" Indictments, Trump Opponents Bend The Knee, FBI Informant: Biden Took 5 Million Bribe, Zuckerberg Admits Covid Censorship Failures, Las Vegas UFO Hoax, End of the Unabomber
Jun 12, 2023
6/12/23: EXCLUSIVE Jack Dorsey Interview On RFK Jr. Elon Musk, AI Regulation, and More
Jun 12, 2023
6/8/23: Trump Indictment Imminent, Chris Christie And Pence Trash Trump, Golfers Defend Saudi LIV, Portnoy Attacks PGA, US In Possession Of UFO's, New Vegas UFO Footage, Instagram Enables Predators, Fox Targets Tucker, Wildfires Rage In Canada And MORE!
Jun 08, 2023
6/7/23: Chris Christie Attacks Trump, Mike Pence Launches 2024 Bid, Tucker Returns On Ukraine And UFOs, PGA Merges With Liv Golf, Chris Licht Out At CNN, Wokeness Vs. Anti-Woke, Julian Assange, FBI Election Interference And An Interview With Imran Khan
Jun 07, 2023
6/6/23: Ukrainian Dam Explodes, Ukraine Backed Saboteurs Inside Russia, NYT Downplays Nazi's, Imminent Trump Indictment, Cornell West 2024, UFO Whistleblower, Tim Scott Vs. The View, SEC Sues Binance, Russiagate Deception, Biden Donors Age Concern
Jun 06, 2023
6/5/23: Trump Mocks Overuse Of 'Woke', DeSantis And Trump Avoid Debates, Big Donors Back DeSantis, Jack Endorses RFK Jr, SCOTUS Crushes Workers, YouTube Changes Election Disinfo Policy, Twitter Notes, Jamie Dimon 2024, Ukraine War Profiteers
Jun 05, 2023
6/2/23: Major Breakthrough in Air Energy, Feinstein Confused In Senate, Vacation Prices Skyrocket, The View Defends Kamala World Salad, Joe Rogan Laughs At Rainbow Truck Outrage, Beyond The Headlines Scientific Consensus w/ James Li
Jun 02, 2023
6/1/23: Debt Deal Passes W/ No Conservative Support, Biden Votes Doubt Him For 2024, DeSantis Rips Trump As Failure On Covid, Ukraine Attacks On Russia, Car Dealers Hate EV Plan, Anti Woke Mind Virus, Author of 'Pandora's Gamble'
Jun 01, 2023
5/31/23: Critical Debt Vote Today, Conservatives Threaten McCarthy Ouster, China and US Pilots Near Miss, Secret Abortion Poll, Millennial Misery Ignored, Ted Cruz Defends LGBTQ, James Comey Defends FBI, Pentagon Slush Funds
May 31, 2023
5/30/23: DeSantis Trashes Republican Debt Ceiling, TX Attorney General Ken Paxton Impeached, LA Real Estate Collapse, Wall Street Weeps Over Biden-Trump, MSNBC Smears Marianne As Spoiler, Homeowners Uninsurable, Men Flee College
May 30, 2023
5/29/23: Republicans Humiliated In Debt Ceiling, DeSantis Trashes Trump On Ben Shapiro, Lawyer Caught Using ChatGPT, Jobs Flee Big Cities, CNN Admits Bidens "Horrible Numbers", History of AAPI, DeSantis Elon Corrupt Bromance
May 29, 2023
5/26/23: New Triangle UFO Over CA Base w/ Jeremy Corbell, Saagar Appears In NYT Article On WH Sneakers, New Biden 2024 Polling, UK and France Strikes
May 26, 2023
5/25/23: DeSantis Announces, Trump Mauls DeSantis with Announcement Memes, Republican Progress Debt Ceiling, Uvalde 1 Year Later, Ukraine Behind Drone Attacks, China EV Race, Public Housing Solution, Skanda Amarnath Explains Debt Ceiling Solution
May 25, 2023
5/24/23 EMERGENCY POD: DeSantis, Elon FAILED Twitter Campaign Launch
May 25, 2023
5/24/23: DeSantis Launches Tonight w/ Elon On Twitter, Debt Bomb Looms, Bankruptcies Spike, TikTok Montana Ban, Fox News Woke Debate, Workers Vs Amazon, Meta Record Fines, Kissinger Revealed
May 24, 2023
5/23/23: Ukraine Attacks Russian City Belgorod, Dems Kick Themselves On Debt Ceiling, Polls On Tougher Migrant Policies, Tim Scott 2024, Uber Chief Cancelled, History of Failed Debt Negotiations, FBI Infiltrates Anti Mandate
May 23, 2023
5/22/23: Debt Talks COLLAPSE, Biden Caves On F16 Jets For Ukraine, DeSantis Secret Donor Call, Tim Scott and Chris Christie Set To Announce, Epstein Blackmailed Bill Gates, Pelosi Hides Feinstein Sickness, Used Car Prices, Migrant Hoax
May 22, 2023
5/19/23: Buttigieg's "Cathedral Mind" in WIRED, Worker Happiness, AI Anti Trust w/ Matt Stoller, IRS Tests Free Filing, Michigan's Toxic Paper Mill, Living Longer But Sicker
May 19, 2023
5/18/23: Biden Humiliated In Debt Ceiling Fight, Chomsky Caught In Epstein Money, Housing Market Record Low Confidence, Prince Harry and Meghan's "Car Chase", Tucker Replacement, Public Housing Surveillance, Pat McAffee ESPN Deal, DeSantis Set To Launch
May 18, 2023
5/17/23: AI CEO Warns Congress UNCONTROLLABLE Tech, Fetterman On Debt Ceiling, Kentucky/Pennsylvania Elections, Giuliani Sexual Harrasment, Elon Subpoenaed In Epstein Lawsuit, Turkey Elections, Durham Report, Pentagon Propaganda Office w/ Ken Klippenstein
May 17, 2023
5/17/23 EXCLUSIVE: RFK JR. IN STUDIO INTERVIEW On Abortion, Political Family Dynasties, Border Crisis, Nuclear Energy, Vaccine Debate, and MORE
May 17, 2023
5/16/23: Workers FLEE Big Cities, AI Killing Office Jobs, SCOTUS Legalizes Corruption, Trump BLASTS DeSantis, DeSantis Hits Back, DEI Failures, Russia-gate Exposed, Boomer Wealth Transfer & AI Destroying Journalism
May 16, 2023
5/15/23: DeSantis Owns Trump In Iowa, Elon Bows To Turkey Censorhip, Zelensky Plots NATO Bombing, Feinstein Staff Covered Up Years, Jon Stewart Shreds CNN Townhall, MSNBC Shook, CNN Reporters In Tears
May 15, 2023
5/12/23: Elizabeth Holmes Returns In NYTimes, Biden Tik Tok Kids Panic On Air, Netflix's Cleopatra Drama, Dianne Feinstein Returns, Spencer Snyder on American Financial Literacy
May 12, 2023
5/11/23: Trump Says "THUG" COP Shot Jan 6th Protestor, Trump CNN TownHall on Debt Default, Ukraine, Abortion and more, Saagar and Ryan Debate Border Crisis, Tucker's Twitter Show Plans Revealed, Is New Breast Cancer Guidance Scam?, JD Vance Interview
May 11, 2023
5/10/23: Trump GUILTY And NOT Guilty In E Jean Caroll Trial, Santos Arrested By Feds, Biden Threatens Debt Ceiling, Ukraine Counter Offensive, Trump V DeSantis, CIA Biden 2020, Ro Khanna on SCOTUS Corruption, David Miranda Remembrance
May 10, 2023
5/9/23 Emergency Pod: Tucker Returns w/ New Show On Twitter As He Sues Fox News
May 09, 2023
5/9/23: Was TX Shooter A White Supremacist, Buttigieg Fails On Airline Meltdowns, Gain of Function Research Gets More Funding, Kamala In Charge Of AI Regulation, CA Reparations, LGBTQ Book Bans, Gun Control, Ken Klippenstein on Disinformation Agency
May 09, 2023
5/8/23: Saagar's Cameo In Trump Deposition, Biden Losing in Trump Head to Head, Proud Boys Conviction, How NYC Failed Jordan Neely, Hunter Biden Criminal Charging, Tucker Declares War on Fox, American Life 50 Years Ago, Dem MegaDonor on AOC
May 08, 2023
5/5/23: Anthony Fantano on AI Drake Music, FBI Accidentally Kidnap Wrong Man, CNBC Reporter Caught On Cam w/ Billionaire, Art of Class War, Michigan's Toxic Air, Elon Musk's New Company Town, 3 Reasons Buzzfeed Died
May 05, 2023
5/4/23: CNN Claims Putin Drone False Flag, Another Bank Verge Of Collapse, AOC/Matt Gaetz Team Up Stock Ban, More Bill Gates Epstein Meetings, Biden Debate Push, 10 Year Olds Working McDonalds, 2010's Digital Media Apocalypse, Ben Smith
May 04, 2023
5/3/23 BREAKING: Russia Says Ukraine Behind Drone Assassination Attempt On Putin, Bipartisan AI Legislation, WGA Strike, Biden Sends Troops To Border, More Leaked Tucker, 2nd Haitian Revolution Begins, Death of Press Freedom
May 03, 2023
5/2/23:'Godfather Of AI' Says SHUT IT DOWN, DeSantis Freaks Over Guantanamo Allegations, 2023 Bank Failures, Leaked Tucker Video, Covid Natural Origin, Commercial Debt Bomb, James Fox "Moment of Contact"
May 02, 2023
5/1/23: Second Largest Bank Failure In History, Leaked Epstein Docs w/ CIA Director, Charlamagne Trashes "DNC No Debates", SCOTUS Wife Cashes In, WH Correspondents Dinner, Fox Ratings Plunge, Biden Set To Lose NH
May 01, 2023
4/28/23: Marianne Calls Out DNC on Fox News, Taliban Kills ISIS Leader, Charles Barkley Gale King New CNN Show, Don Lemon Highlight Reel, Constitutional Amendments, EquiFax Sells American Tax Records, Havana Syndrome Gets More Money
Apr 28, 2023
4/27/23: Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence, Republican Debt Bill Barely Passes, China's Xi Pushes Zelensky Negotiations, Kamala's 2024 Kickoff, Disney Sues DeSantis, Nate Silver Out, Bernie Betrays Movement, Biden's High Chance of Death
Apr 27, 2023
4/26/23: Biden Threatens Veto On GOP Debt Plan, Trump Snubs GOP Debates, Bernie Endorses Biden, Harlan Crow's Secret Tax Haven, Tucker Employee Speaks Out, Fauci On Lockdowns, UN Harvard Censorship, Susan Rice Resigns Biden Domestic Policy
Apr 26, 2023
4/25/23: The Real Reason Tucker Was Fired, Future Of Fox News, Don Lemon Fired Over Interview, Wall Street Freaks Out, Biden's 2024 Announcement, Top Biden Op Smeared Hunter Laptop Story, New Lab Leak Evidence and Young Voters Rejecting Biden
Apr 25, 2023
EMERGENCY POD: Tucker Carlson AND Don Lemon OUT AT Fox, CNN
Apr 24, 2023
4/24/23: 70% Say No As Biden Announces 2024, Republicans Back Trump Post Indictment, SCOTUS Keeps Abortion Pill, Chaos As Elon Strips Blue Checks, Buzzfeed News Collapses, Biden Censor Marianne Tik Tok, Biden Taxes High Credit Scores
Apr 24, 2023
4/21/23: Record Number Of Americans Identify "Independent", Amazon Postpones HQ2 In VA, Gen Z Says No Future In America, Drone Operator Theater Play, Insane Zoom Call From Millionaire Exec, Proof Every President Is Criminal, Failed Netflix LiveStream
Apr 21, 2023
4/20/23: Trump Humiliates DeSantis w/ Florida Endorsements, Republican Debt Ceiling Demands, Abortion Pill SCOTUS, Big Business Child Labor, New UFO, Fox Settlement, Is Elon Right About AI?, Desantis Disney Fail, Saudis Buying NFL Team
Apr 20, 2023
4/19/23: Fox News Settles Dominion Lawsuit, Market Apocalypse Looms On Debt Ceiling, Elon Warns AI Dangerous, Oklahoma Officials Leaked Audio, Jeff Jackson On Sensationalism, Congressional Stock Ban, Sununu Disses MAGA Fringe, Is Trump Anti-Imperialist?
Apr 19, 2023
4/18/23: Brazil's President Says Biden Encourages Ukraine War, McCarthy Begs Wall Street On Debt Ceiling, Nikki Haley Caught Lying, Elon Calls For Stop Of AI Dev, Fox Trial Day 1, Bernie on Jen Psaki, SF's Math Scheme, Ro Khanna Guest
Apr 18, 2023
4/17/23: DC Debates Leaker Hero Or Traitor, Media Spins Leaks As Russian OP, Desantis Abortion Bill, Thomas Hiding Billionaire Real Estate, Pelosi Smears Feinstein Critics, Fox Tries To Settle Trial, GreedFlation, Dave Ramsey's Debt Couple
Apr 17, 2023
4/14/23: Krystal Reacts To Leaker Arrest, Jen Psaki Insists She's A Real Journalist, VA Teacher Shot By Student, Krystal and Kyle Interview Norman Finkelstein
Apr 14, 2023
4/13/23: Media Hunts Down Pentagon Leaker, US Boots In Ukraine, Tim Scott Speechless On Trump, Fox News Rebuked in Trial, Elon Fights w/ BBC, NPR Leaves Twitter, Electric Car Rules, Cancer Drug Shortage, Disinformation Industry
Apr 13, 2023
4/12/23: Trump Hints US Blew Up Nordstream on Tucker, Tim Scott Joins Race, Elon Leaks Texts With Taibbi, Inflation, Gov Censor Tools Social Media, Biden's Title IX Rule, Rashida Tlaib Defends Assange, Marianne Williamson TikTok 2024
Apr 12, 2023
4/11/23: EXCLUSIVE: Zelensky Sought To Bomb Russia, 5G Threatens Military Satellites, Ukraine Looks To India, DeSantis Abortion Ban, Biden 2024 Announcement, Justice Thomas, Biden's Tik Tok Influencers, US Lab Leak, Thomas Sadoski On Yemen Genocide
Apr 11, 2023
4/10/23: Leaked Ukraine War Docs, China's Red Lines On Ukraine, Mossad Behind Israel Protests, Pentagon Censors Leaks, Elon Vs Substack, Texas BLM Shooter, Laura Loomer Vs MTG, Jon Stewart Destroys Pentagon Official, Abortion Pill
Apr 10, 2023
4/8/23: Saagar Reacts To FBI LV Shooter Docs, Fired Starbucks Union Organizer Alexis Rizzo, Boomers HomeBuying Bonanza, Pentagon Claims SVB Bailout National Security Interests, James Li On Billionaires
Apr 08, 2023
4/7/23: Mehdi Hasan Debates Matt Taibbi, Ukraine War Plans Leak, Blackrock Paris Stormed By Protests, TN Dems Expelled, RFK Jr, Taiwan and Kevin McCarthy, China Saudi Arabia Deal, Trump Indictment
Apr 07, 2023
4/6/23: Maddow Refuses To Broadcast Trump Live, Petrodollar Collapsing, Ukraine Negotiations, West Admits Nordstream Coverup, Trump Cash Flow, NPR State Media, Don Lemon's Behavior, Fed Proud Boys, Millions Flee Coastal Cities, New Chicago Mayor
Apr 06, 2023
4/5/23: Trump On Trial - Breaking Points Live Recording
Apr 05, 2023
4/3/23: Trump's Lead Explodes Post Indictment, Asa Hutchinson Enters 2024, Pro-Russian Blogger Blown Up, Fox News Faces Massive Payout, Elon Strips NY Times of Checkmark, Meme Lord Convicted, Biden Kills Healthcare For Millions
Apr 03, 2023
4/1/23: Saagar Reacts To Trump Indictment, Covid Billionaires, Tech Leaders Open Letter Moratorium On A.I., Woke Millenials Hijacked Media, 40 Dead In Migrant Detention Fire, International Workers Strikes
Apr 01, 2023
3/31/23 EMERGENCY POD: Krystal and Saagar Break Down Trump Indictment
Mar 31, 2023
3/30/23: Trump Jury Disbands For 1 Month, Kremlin Detains US Reporter, US Blocks Nordstream Investigation, Tik Tok Ban Bill, Jamie Dimon Epstein Case, Elon Loses 20 Billion On Twitter, Blackstone Steals Homes, Assault Weapons Ban, Starbucks Workers
Mar 30, 2023
3/29/23: Chris Christie Insists He Can Beat Trump, TikTok Ban New Patriot Act, Steven Donzinger Denied By Supreme Court, SBF Bribing China, Serial Podcast Conviction, Stephanie Ruhle's Grifts, Elon Musk Indian Gov Censorship, Ebola Lab Leak
Mar 29, 2023
3/28/23: Trans Suspect Behind Christian Mass Shooting, Netanyahu Caves to Protests, Peter Beinart on Israeli Hypocrisy, Top SVB Accounts 13 Billion, American Patriotism Plummets, IRS Targets Matt Taibbi, US Military Shortages, Binance Sued
Mar 28, 2023
3/27/23: Trump's Wild Rally In Waco, Krystal and Saagar Debate TikTok Ban, Biden Bombs Syria, Putin Deploying Nukes In Belarus, Malcolm Nance Ukraine War Grifter, ESG Green Energy Scam, Tim Urban New Book
Mar 27, 2023
3/24/23: CNN Worst Ratings In 30 Years, Kamala World Salad, Signature Bank Fundraiser For Congressman, Adderal Shortage, Google AI Bard, Ebola Lab Leak, How Banks Created OverDraft Fees, TikTok Ban
Mar 24, 2023
3/23/23: Trump Plans Perp Walk, DeSantis Polls Sink, Fed Risks Bank Failure, Market Chaos Over Yellen, Putin and Xi Pledge New World Order, Rolling Stone Alleged Pedo, Biden Prosecutes Meme Poster, Vivek's Fake Anti-Elitism, WACO Survivor David Thibodeau
Mar 23, 2023
3/22/23: Trump Arrest Imminent, Desantis Hits Trump On Covid, China Boosting Russia With Drones, Biden Vetoes Anti Woke Bill, Google Unveils AI, Republicans Split On Rail Safety, Virologist Explores Ebola Lab Leak,
Mar 22, 2023
3/21/23: NYPD Barricades For Trump Arrest, Trump Implies Desantis Is Pedophile, France Protest Explode, WH Press Corps Silences Reporter, Fauci Confronts DC Residents, Finance Youtubers Sued, Iraq War Hawks For Ukraine, Trita Parsi on Iraq Failures
Mar 21, 2023
3/20/23: Is Trump's Arrest Imminent?/MAGA Rages At Desantis/Credit Suisse Rescued/ Putin Tours Ukraine Warzone/Iraq 20 year Anniversary/Anti-Lab Leak Propaganda/Jon Stewart KO's Larry Summers
Mar 20, 2023
3/17/23: Jon Stewart Pushes Mark Cuban On SVB, Carcinogens Detected in East Palestine, Roger Waters Concert Cancelled For Israel Position, McNally Embarrassing Social Media Flirting, Snapchat Crazy AI bot, Gov Gavin Newsom's Connection To SVB
Mar 17, 2023
3/16/23: US Pushes Tik Tok Sale For National Security, Stock Chaos, "Lehman Moment", Jamie Dimon Bailout Meetings, Neocons Attack Trump/Desantis on Ukraine, Michigan Rolls Back "Anti Union" Law, The Fed Must Be Stopped, Biden's Controversial Ambassador
Mar 16, 2023
3/15/23: Russian Jet Shoots Down American Drone, Desantis Speaks On Ukraine, Tucker Scoffs Trump Foreign Policy, Is SVB Like 2008, Biden Approves Fossil Fuel Drilling, ChatGPT4.0, Women in Workforce, Ebola Outbreak to Covid Lab Leak
Mar 15, 2023
3/14/23: Bank Stocks Collapse, David Dayen Trashes Bailout Defenders, China Humiliates Biden on Ukraine, Kamala Unpopularity, Lab Leak Poll, Bailout Reveals Rigged System, East Palestine Forgotten, Matt Taibbi Responds to Congressional Smears
Mar 14, 2023
3/13/23: Massive SVB Bailout, Crypto Bank Collapses, Execs Sold Millions Before Collapse, JD Vance Rips Republicans on Norfolk, Pence Blasts Trump and Tucker, Desantis Blames Wokeness on Bank Collapse, Fauci Freaks Over Prosecution Calls
Mar 13, 2023
3/10/23: Taibbi Attacked By Dems in Twitter Files Hearing, US NYT Nordstream Report, Jon Stewart Backlash Over Lab Leak Jokes, Chris Rock on Meghan Markle, Work Monitoring Employee Brain Waves, Migrant Child Labor Abuse
Mar 10, 2023
3/9/23: Capitol Police's Jan 6th Nonsense Defense, Tucker Trump Texts, Budget Standoff, Gov Demands Elon Contacts, Chomsky ChatGPT, Fauci Lab Leak, CDC Director on Gain of Function, Tucker's Ukraine Test, Stock Buybacks, Ken Roth on Netanyahu Power Grab
Mar 09, 2023
3/8/23: Seymour Hersh EXCLUSIVE: SHREDS NYT Nord Stream Report, Warren Slams Fed Rate Hikes, Biden Defends Medicare Future, China Accuses US Of Containment, DC Crime Bill, Ryan Vs KJP Spying Question, German Chancellor on Nordstream
Mar 08, 2023
3/7/23: FAA Near Death Accidents, Clearest Signs Of Trump Indictment, DHS Illegal Spying Program, Fauci Prompted Lab Leak Coverup, New Jan 6th Footage Revelations, Alex Murdaugh's Verdict, California Housing Crisis, Introducing BP Partner Spencer Snyder
Mar 07, 2023
3/6/23: Trump Dominates CPAC, Bannon Declares War on Fox News, New Norfolk Southern Train Derails, MSNBC Attacks Marianne, Russel Brand on Bill Maher, Amazon Bails On HQ2, Teenage Liberal Depression, Former Navy Pilot on UFOs
Mar 06, 2023
3/3/23 Weekly Roundup: Part Time Jobs Rise, Tom Cotton's Lab Leak Theory Smeared, Angela Davis Discovers Ancestors on Mayflower, Ken Klippenstein on Pentagon's War Plan for Iran
Mar 03, 2023
3/2/23: Republicans Battle Over East Palestine Aid, Trump Surges 2024 Polls, Vivek Ramaswamy 2024 Interview, Insulin CEO Cuts Prices, Havana Syndrome Debunked, China Threatens Elon, Media Mogul Arrested, Lab Leak Coverup, Ukranian Democracy
Mar 02, 2023
3/1/23 CounterPoints: SCOTUS Set to Kill Biden Student Debt Plan, Biden Pushes ESG World Bank, SF Debates Reparations, DeSantis Memo on Protests, Dilbert Creator Cancelled, Biden on Cartels, NSA Spying on US Congressman, Phil Wegmann on Gain of Function
Mar 01, 2023
2/28/23: General Milley Says Ukraine Must Negotiate, Hillary Calls For Putin Regime Change, SCOTUS Student Debt Relief, Trump Attacks Fox, Brett Favre Serves Pat McAfee, Nina Turner on CNN, Affirmative Action, Private Equity Destroys Shopko
Feb 28, 2023
2/27/23: US Gov Admits Lab Leak Origin, 45,000 Animals Dead in Ohio, Jeb Endorses Desantis, Inflation Spikes as Recession Looms, Woody Harrelson's SNL Big Pharma Joke, Joy Behar Scolds Ohio Voters, Single Male Epidemic, Inside Unhinged Sydney ChatBot
Feb 27, 2023
2/24/23 Weekly Roundup: Don Lemon in Hot Water at CNN, AI Bosses Firing Employees, Child Labor in Slaughterhouses, Bernie Calls Out Corporate Media, How Walmart and Amazon Crushed Small Businesses, Buttigieg Flustered By Reporter, Water Tests in Ohio
Feb 24, 2023
2/23/23: Biden in Ukraine Marks 1 Year of War, Georgia Trump Indictment Goes Awry, Trump In East Palestine, Biden Not Decided 2024, Sean Hannity National Divorce, Trump's Foreign Policy Record, Abysmal Credit Scores, Louis DeAngelis From StatusCoup
Feb 23, 2023
2/21/23: Putin Suspends Nuclear Treaty, EPA Corporate Tests in Ohio, Rich McHugh in Ohio, SCOTUS Big Tech, Project Veritas, MTG National Divorce, Fox News Texts, Trump's Primary Strategy, Government vs New Media, Dave Weigel Interview on GOP Primary
Feb 21, 2023
2/20/23: Biden Surprise Visit to Ukraine, US Calls Off UFO Search, Buttigieg Flails On Ohio Derailment, Jimmy Carter Hospice, Marianne Williamson Runs for President, Don Lemon Potential Firing, Roald Dahl Censored, Elon Warns Dangers of AI
Feb 20, 2023
2/18/23 FULL PARTNER ROUNDUP: Biden Anti Trust Enforcement, Big Pharma Corruption and The Ohio Rail Disaster
Feb 18, 2023
2/17/23 Weekly Roundup: CNN Courts Charles Barkley, Plane Dive Disaster, Elon Twitter Boosts His Posts, Sanders vs Moderna, Chicago UBI
Feb 17, 2023
2/16/23: Nikki Haley Humiliates Herself, US Says May Never Recover UFO Debris, Ohio Derailment Water Poisoning, Republicans On Ukraine Aid, MSNBC Girl Boss Haley, Feinstein Forgets Retirement, Ohio Corruption, Google Takedown with Matt Stoller
Feb 16, 2023
2/15/23 CounterPoints: Bernie Social Security, Pompeo JFK Files and Snowden, BBC Raided for Modi Doc, Texas Woke Tax, Gretchen Whitmer Ford Plant, Cost of Thriving, Ohio Derailment Coverup
Feb 15, 2023
2/14/23: White House Denies Aliens, Americans Told Evacuate Russia, New Houston Trail Derailment, Buttigieg Ignores Derailments, Kushner Saudi Billions, Ukraine Starlink, History of UFO Coverups, Brett Favre, Jeremy Corbell US UFO Lies, Nikki Haley 2024
Feb 14, 2023
2/13/23: Three UFOs Shot Down, General Doesn't Rule Out Aliens, 2024 Race, Lula Shocks CNN on Ukraine Peace, Mr Beast Accused of Ableism, Big Sugar Lobbies Schools, US Killed Ukraine Peace Deal, Ohio Train Derailment
Feb 13, 2023
2/10/23 Weekly Roundup: Krystal Responds to Rogan Controversy, State of the Union Reactions, Jeff Bezos Washington Commanders, Ohio Train Disaster
Feb 10, 2023
2/9/23: Ukraine Fighter Jets, Bombshell Nordstream Pipeline, Twitter Hearings, Microsoft Vs Google AI, Zoom Layoffs, Trump Makes Groomer Allegations, Big Pharma, Biden Economy, IRS Tips, FBI Agent Provocateur
Feb 09, 2023
2/8/23: State Of The Union 2023
Feb 08, 2023
2/6/23: Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down, Biden vs Trump 2024, Trump Refuses To Endorse GOP Primary, Biden Rigs Dem Primary, Krystal and Saagar on Joe Rogan, History of Spy Balloons, Adani Corporate Scam
Feb 06, 2023
2/3/23 Weekly Roundup: Paul Pelosi Video Released, Bill Maher to CNN, Buzzfeed ChatGPT, Bernie Vs Pharma, Bill Gates on Epstein Ties, How George Santos Emerged
Feb 03, 2023
2/01/23 Counter Points: Biden Meets w/McCarthy, US Rejects Ukraine Jets, UK Threatened By Putin, General Predicts War With China, Abortion Emergency, Santos Polling Immigration Reform & MORE!
Feb 01, 2023
01/31/23: Debt Ceiling Fight, Elizabeth Warren Vs. Kamala, DeSantis Campaign, Big Pharma Corruption, CNN Ratings PLUMMET, Used Car Market & MORE!
Jan 31, 2023
1/30/23 BP Partners: LastPass, Billionaire Censorship and The French General Strike!
Jan 30, 2023
1/30/23: Trump Campaign Heats Up, Jordan Peterson on Desantis, Biden 2024 Run, Ukraine Fighter Jets, Trump Peace Deal, Iran Drone Attack, Tyre Nichols, Gain of Function Ban, Affirmative Action, French General Strikes, Jeffrey Stein on Debt Ceiling Fixes
Jan 30, 2023
1/27/23 Weekly Roundup: No Fly List Hacked, Manchin At World Economic Forum, Pelosi Disses MSNBC, Desantis College, Marvel and China, UFO Debris Retrieved, Candace Owens Calls Steven Crowder Socialist
Jan 27, 2023
1/26/23: Trump Unbanned, Tanks To Ukraine, Zelensky Fires Top Ministers, George Santos Financial Trouble, Brett Farve Corruption, Pelosi Google Stock, Jim Cramer Cringe & MORE!
Jan 26, 2023
1/25/23 CounterPoints: Pence Classified Docs Found, DOJ Sues Google, Trump Charges, Cop City, Bezos Washington Post Sale, Ticketmaster, Elon Caves to India Censorship
Jan 25, 2023
1/24/23: RussiaGate FBI Agent Arrested, Biden's New Chief of Staff, Microsoft Invests In ChatGPT, Universities Shocked By AI, Ruben Gallego Runs Against Krysten Sinema, Jeff Bezos Sale of Washington Post, Federal Debt, Tech Sector Layoffs, Derek Thompson
Jan 24, 2023
1/23/23: New Biden Docs Discovered, Janet Yellen On Debt Ceiling, Trump Losing Evangelical Voters, ChatGPT, George Santos in Drag, Big Pharma Obesity, Steven Crowder Daily Wire Drama, Jonah Furman Interview on Union Density
Jan 23, 2023
1/20/23 Weekly Roundup: Santos Steals Money from Disabled Veteran, CNN Defends MLK Statue, Men Cutting Back Work Hours, CSPAN Full Time Control of House Cameras, Single Woke Democratic Female Voting Bloc, James Li On World Economic Forum
Jan 20, 2023
1/19/23: Trump Returns to Social Media, Twitter Loses 40% Revenue, Tesla Engineer Calls Out Self Driving, Tech Layoffs Continue, Zelensky at Davos, CNN on Covid Deaths, China's Birth Rate, Tax the Rich Legislation, Ken Roth on Harvard Blocked Fellowship
Jan 19, 2023
1/18/23 Counter Points: Davos Summit/GOP Dreams Social Security Cuts/Republican Candidate Arrested for Hiring Assassins/Joe Rogan on Biden Docs/MTG vs Lauren Boebert/Alexander Hamilton on Debt Ceiling/American Pessimism/Clinton Email Hacker Interview
Jan 18, 2023
1/17/23: Pharma Censors Social Media/CDC On Pfizer Booster/GOP 2024 Dodging Trump/Tanks Shipped to Ukraine/ChatGPT University Panic/Near Plane Collision/Tiktok Fools Biden/Glenn Youngkin Killed Ford Plant/Calley Means Interview Sugar Industry
Jan 17, 2023
1/16/23: More Classified Biden Documents/Debt Ceiling Showdown/George Santos Uses Fake Name/Banks Preparing for Recession/FDA Failures/Davos Elites
Jan 16, 2023
1/14/23 FULL PARTNER ROUNDUP: FTC, Nursing Strike, Uber Strike, Kroger Lawsuit, Obesity Crisis and MORE!
Jan 14, 2023
1/13/23 Weekly Roundup: Biden Classified Files Saga, Pete Buttigieg Airlines FAA, Krystal and Saagar Debate Border Crisis, Jordan Peterson Censorship, Richard Wolff Interview, Trump NFT's Losing Value
Jan 13, 2023
1/12/23: Biden Caught Second Time w/ Classified Docs, Pete Buttigieg Airlines, Ukraine Funding Scrutiny, Republicans Demand Santos Resign, SCOTUS Decision Union Rights, The View On Katie Porter, Working The Matrix, Childhood Obesity, Richard Wolff On 2023
Jan 12, 2023
1/11/23 Counter Points: Biden Responds to Classified Docs, Flights Grounded Across US, Net Neutrality Dedication, Mint The Trillion Dollar Coin, January 6th GeoFence, GOP VS IRS, Ro Khanna Interview
Jan 11, 2023
1/10/23: Biden Caught W/ Classified Files, McCarthy Social Security and Medicare Cuts, America's Views On 2023, Twitter Files Pfizer Vaccines, Prince Harry's Afghanistan, Russia Twitter Trolls, Jordan Peterson, Tech Layoffs, Ioan Grillo Cartel Interview
Jan 10, 2023
1/9/23: McCarthy Becomes Speaker, Biden Goes to Border, Cartel Wars, FTC Non Compete, Brazil's January 6th, Andrew Callaghan on NPR, Tea Party 2.0, New Frank Church Comittee
Jan 09, 2023
1/7/23: JFK Files with Jefferson Morley, Matt Taibbi Twitter Files Interview, Epstein Lawsuit, Billionaires Losing Money, Aging Millennials Less Conservative
Jan 07, 2023
1/5/23: McCarthy Speaker Vote Chaos, AOC Floats Compromise, Trump Blames Abortion, Mass Tech Layoffs, Jim Cramer Flips On Crypto, Age Of The Con Artist, Big Soda Smears Opponents
Jan 05, 2023
1/4/23 Counter Points: Kevin McCarthy's Historic Loss, Twitter Pressured By Intelligence Community, SBF In Court, Idaho Killers, Bipartisan Stock Corruption, Tech Layoffs, Exclusive Matt Taibbi Interview
Jan 04, 2023
1/3/23: McCarthy House Speaker Vote, George Santos Lies Investigation, Trump Taxes, Virgin Islands Epstein Lawsuit, CNN Midnight Screw Up, SouthWest Holiday Disaster, Home Depot Blames Socialism
Jan 03, 2023
Dec 30, 2022
12/28/22: House Dems Move to Block Trump 2024, Pete's Tax Payer Private Jets, United Airlines MASSIVE Boeing Deal, The Future of Tik Tok in 2023
Dec 28, 2022
12/27/22: Housing in 2022, Pentagon Fails Audit, Sanders War Powers Resolution, Crypto Bros Want Your 401k, Art of Class Warfare with Max Alvarez
Dec 27, 2022
12/24/22 Weekly RoundUp: Elon Loses Twitter Poll/Zelensky Demand More Weapons/Andrew Callaghan on CNN/UFO Media Cover Ups/2022 Sign Off
Dec 24, 2022
12/22/22: Zelensky Demands Weapons in Washington/SBF GF Flips/Nordstream Investigations/Trump Tax Returns/Elon Steps Down/MAGA Civil War/Warren Vs Wells Fargo/Ukraine Aid
Dec 22, 2022
12/21/22 Counter Points: Zelensky in DC, Lee Fang Twitter Files, China Covid Disaster, Omnibus Explained, Lee Harvey Oswald, Religious Liberty, Elon's Animal Farm
Dec 21, 2022
12/20/22: FBI Hunter Biden/Cops Dispute Elon Doxx/Trump Prosecution/Fake Congressman Resume/SBF Extradition/Don Lemon Triggered/Fortnite Fined/Lockdown Sickness
Dec 20, 2022
12/19/22: Elon Poll/Taylor Lorenz Banned/Twitter Files/Sinema Registers Independent/Trump NFT Sold Out/Binance Exposed/UFOs
Dec 19, 2022
12/16/22 - Weekly Roundup: Twitter Files, Fusion Energy Breakthrough, Coffeezilla On SBF's Fraud & The Yemen War Powers Resolution
Dec 16, 2022
Counter Points 12/16/22: Trump NFTs, GOP Covid Report, Putin Missiles, Keystone Spill, Jan 6th Warning, Free Press Rights, Celeb NFT Lawsuits, JFK Files
Dec 16, 2022
12/15/22: Desantis vs Trump, Matt Taibbi Interview, Tik Tok Ban, Jan 6th Texts, SEC Catches Influencers, Labor Victories, Interest Rates, and More!
Dec 15, 2022
12/13/22: Twitter-Trump Censorship, Fusion Energy Discovery, Putin Humiliation, RNC Turmoil, Qatar EU Bribery, German Far Right Coup, CoffeZilla Interview
Dec 13, 2022
12/12/22 - Twitter Files, Elon vs Fauci, Rail Strike EO, SBF Dodges, Qatar Reporter Death, Year of Media Failure, JFK Files
Dec 12, 2022
12/10/22 - Mini Show: Tom Cotton vs. Kroger, Senate Investigations, Rail Strike Updates, Military Vaccine Battles & MORE!
Dec 10, 2022
EMERGENCY POD: Sinema Goes Independent, Twitter Files 2.0
Dec 09, 2022
12/08/22: China's Zero Covid, Twitter File Revelations, Immigration Reform, Trump Organization, Identity Politics Pushback, GOP Infighting, Julian Assange & MORE!
Dec 08, 2022
12/6/22 - Georgia Senate Runoff, Ukraine Strikes Within Russia, Putin Goes To Crimea, Landmark Scotus Case, Fauci Deposition, Yemen War & MORE!
Dec 06, 2022
12/5/22 - Twitter Files, Kanye Banned, Dem Primary Rigging, SBF Lies, Iran Protests, Ivy Leagues, Buttigieg Shamed
Dec 05, 2022
12/3/22 - Mini Show: Saudi Lobbyist, Permafrost Virus, CNN Layoffs, RailWorker Interview, FIFA, Dem Repub Chart
Dec 03, 2022
12/3/22 - Weekly Roundup: Taylor Lorenz, Balenciaga, Blockfi, Twitter Election Interference
Dec 03, 2022
Counter Points #15: Rail Strike, Kanye & Alex Jones, Georgia Runoff, Disney CEO, Oath Keepers, Health Insurance, Google Corruption, Afghan Central Bank & MORE!
Dec 02, 2022
12/1/22: Biden Rail Strike, Interest Rates, Twitter/EU, Gay Marriage, Kanye, SBF Interview, Urban Doom Loop, Liver King & More!
Dec 01, 2022
11/29/22: Elon Musk, BlockFi, Balenciaga, Georgia Senate, Julian Assange, Biden Rail Strike, Loneliness Epidemic, FTX, Fifa, and MORE!
Nov 29, 2022
11/28/22: Chinese Protests, Trump's Anti-Semite Meeting, Ukraine Blackouts, EU v. USA Infighting, Venezuelan Oil, Taylor Lorenz & MORE!
Nov 28, 2022
Nov 24, 2022
Counter Points #14: Colorado Springs Shooting, Chinese Diplomacy, Rightwing Grifts, House Battles, Trump Investigation, Election Denial & MORE!
Nov 23, 2022
11/22/22: Rail Strike, Anti-Corporate Polls, Trump's Middle East Corruption, FIFA Anti-Gay Policy, Hunter's Laptop, Jon Stewart & MORE!
Nov 22, 2022
11/21/22: DOJ Special Counsel, GOP Infighting, Twitter Chaos, Dem House Battles, Ticketmaster Monopoly, Fed Policy & MORE!
Nov 21, 2022
Counter Points #13: Hunter Biden investigations, Pelosi stepping down, Hakeem Jeffries, union strikes, crypto scams, DHS abuse of power, psychedelics & MORE!
Nov 18, 2022
11/17/22: Polish Missile Strike, Ukraine Funding, GOP Civil War, Biden Attacks Trump, Gay Marriage Bill, FIFA Corruption, Crypto & MORE!
Nov 17, 2022
Krystal and Saagar REACT To Trump 2024 Announcement
Nov 16, 2022
11/14/22: Dems WIN Senate, Midterms, Ukraine, Twitter, Elon And MORE!
Nov 14, 2022
Breaking Points Full Election Night Audio
Nov 12, 2022
Counter Points #12: Trump/DeSantis beef, Ukraine, midterm results, Elon Musk & MORE!
Nov 11, 2022
Counter Points #11: Ryan and Emily's Election Takeaways
Nov 10, 2022
Krystal and Saagar's Election Takeaways
Nov 09, 2022
11/7/22: Midterm Preview, Final Predictions, Trump vs DeSantis, Twitter Chaos, Ukraine Diplomacy, & More!
Nov 07, 2022
Mini Show #62: Federal Reserve, GOP Agenda, Jim Cramer, & More!
Nov 06, 2022
Stories of Week 10/30: Pelosi Attack, Elon's Plan, Affirmative Action, Midterm Races, & More!
Nov 05, 2022
Counter Points #10: Midterm Culture Wars, Fed Policy, Censorship, Pandemic Coverups, Pelosi's Attacker & MORE!
Nov 04, 2022
11/3/22: Suburban Voters, Dem Messaging, Twitter Policy, Gas Prices, Covid Reckoning, & More!
Nov 03, 2022
11/1/22: Midterm Polls, Ukraine Aid, Affirmative Action, Pelosi Attack, Elon's Twitter Plans, CNN Decline, & More!
Nov 01, 2022
10/31/22: Pelosi Attack, Midterm Forecast, Twitter Shakeup, Obama Returns, Online Censorship, & More!
Oct 31, 2022
Mini Show #61: Fentanyl Crisis, Populist Dems, Grocery Stores, & More!
Oct 30, 2022
Stories of week 10/23: Midterm Outlook, Rishi Sunak, Ukraine letter, China's Congress, & More!
Oct 29, 2022
EMERGENCY POD: Paul Pelosi Attacked
Oct 28, 2022
Counter Points #9: Midterm Polls, Housing Crisis, Semiconductor Crunch, CIA Spy Ops, Ukraine Diplomacy, Obesity Epidemic & MORE!
Oct 28, 2022
10/27/22: Fetterman vs Oz, Ukraine Warnings, Elon Buys Twitter, House Progressives, Kennedy Assassination, & More!
Oct 27, 2022
10/25/22: Midterm Updates, Ukraine War, Chinese Spies, Math Scores, MSNBC Cringe, Dying Neoliberalism & More
Oct 25, 2022
10/24/22: Ukraine War, China's Congress, Midterm Voting, Student Debt, Market Fundamentalism, & More!
Oct 24, 2022
Mini Show #60: Big Tech, Ticketmaster, Wells Fargo, Saudi Relationship, Live Predictions, & More!
Oct 23, 2022
Stories of Week 10/16: Truss Resigns, Early Voting, Russian Unrest, Dem Agenda, & More!
Oct 22, 2022
Counter Points #8: Midterm Polls, GOP Agenda, Gain of Function, Curriculum Battles, Iran Protests, & More!
Oct 21, 2022
10/20/22: Truss Resigns, Russia vs Ukraine, Energy Policy, Midterm Races, Landlord Collusion, Corruption, & More!
Oct 20, 2022
Counter Points #7: Midterm Update, Nuclear Exercises, Hunter Biden, Local Media, Iran Protests, & More!
Oct 18, 2022
Counter Points #6: Russian Attacks, China's Party Congress, Happiness Survey, Dark Money, & More!
Oct 17, 2022
Mini Show #59: Health Insurance, CIA Failure, Rail Workers, AOC Confronted & More!
Oct 16, 2022
Stories of Week 10/9: Russian Attacks, DC Warmongering, Chips Competition, Uvalde Police, & More!
Oct 15, 2022
Counter Points #5: PayPal Policy, Senate Races, Elon Investigation, Special Master, Inflation Numbers & More!
Oct 14, 2022
10/13/22: Nuclear War, Russia vs Ukraine, Global Recession, Fetterman's Fitness, Saudi Weapons, & More!
Oct 13, 2022
10/11/22: Ukraine Military Aid, US vs China, Saudi Arabia, PayPal Censorship, Dem Agenda, Worker Action, & More!
Oct 11, 2022
10/10/22: Russia vs Ukraine, Nuclear Armageddon, Weed Policy, Uvalde Police, Starbucks CEO, Midterm Ads, & More!
Oct 10, 2022
Mini Show #58: Jackson Water Crisis, Saudi Arabia, & Seed Oils!
Oct 08, 2022
Stories of Week 10/2: Nuclear Threats, Herschel Walker, Housing Market, & More!
Oct 07, 2022
10/6/22: Russia vs Ukraine, OPEC Production Cut, Iran Protests, Twitter Freakout, Capitalism, Men In Crisis, & More!
Oct 06, 2022
Counter Points #4: Midterm Races, Elon Buys Twitter, MeToo Legacy, Chris Cuomo, Working Class Voices, & More!
Oct 05, 2022
10/4/22: Russia-Ukraine War, Energy Crisis, Housing Market, Midterm Races, NFL Scandal, Crypto Scheme, Lab Leak, & More!
Oct 04, 2022
10/3/22: Nuclear Threats, Ukraine Offensive, Nordstream Attack, 2008 Retrospective, UK Collapse, Brazil Elections, & More!
Oct 03, 2022
Mini Show #57: Favre Scandal, Corruption, Federal Reserve, Amazon, & More!
Oct 02, 2022
Stories of Week 9/25: Russian Draft, Favre Scandal, Global Markets, Edward Snowden, Men In Crisis, & More!
Oct 01, 2022
CounterPoints #3: Midterm Update, Italy PM, Antitrust Battle, Neoliberalism vs Happiness, Media Censorship, & More!
Sep 30, 2022
9/29/22: Stock Ban, Hurricane Ian, Russian Border, Student Debt, Generation Covid, American Men, & More!
Sep 29, 2022
9/27/22: Russian Resistance, Global Markets, Worker Strikes, Insider Journalism, Fed Policy, Glenn Greenwald, & More!
Sep 27, 2022
9/26/22: Russian Threats, Polling Numbers, Favre Scandal, Trump vs DeSantis, European Revolt, Iran Protests, & More!
Sep 26, 2022
Mini Show #56: Dark Money, Herschel Walker, Lincoln Project, Adam Neumann, & More!
Sep 25, 2022
Stories of Week 9/18: Housing Market, Putin's Escalation, Nuclear Threats, & More!
Sep 24, 2022
CounterPoints #2: Putin Escalation, Big Tech Fight, Israel-Palestine, Surveillance Capitalism, Railway Workers, & More!
Sep 23, 2022
9/22/22: Putin Escalation, Nuke Threats, Trump Investigations, Fed Rate Hike, Gas Price, Home Depot Workers, & More!
Sep 22, 2022
9/20/22: Housing Market, Puerto Rico, Midterm Campaigns, Pentagon Psyop, Lab Leak, & More!
Sep 20, 2022
9/19/22: Live Show, Foreign Affairs, Pelosi's Future, Issue Polling, Patagonia Billionaire, Railway Workers, & More!
Sep 19, 2022
Mini Show #55: Queen Elizabeth, Union Busting, Insider Trading, Credit Cards, & More!
Sep 18, 2022
Stories of Week 9/11: Ukraine Counteroffensive, Inflation Numbers, Railway Workers, & More!
Sep 17, 2022
Counterpoints #1: Trump Comments, Insider Trading, Twitter Whistleblower, Afghan Funds, & More!
Sep 16, 2022
9/15/22: Railway Battle, Abortion Ban, Inflation Numbers, Midterm Polls, Mississippi Corruption, College Rankings, & More!
Sep 15, 2022
Railway Worker Interview
Sep 14, 2022
9/13/22: Polling Data, Ukraine War, Gay Marriage Fight, DOJ Investigations, Rail Strike, Student Debt Lawsuits, & More!
Sep 13, 2022
9/12/22: Ukraine Counteroffensive, Fed Policy, GOP Agenda, Jackson Water Crisis, US Healthcare System, & More!
Sep 12, 2022
Mini Show #54: BLM Lawsuit, Abrams Struggles, Teacher Shortage, AOC Interview, & More!
Sep 10, 2022
Stories of Week 9/4: Trump vs Biden, Ukraine War, PA Senate, & More!
Sep 09, 2022
9/8/22: Trump Docs, Ukraine Counteroffensive, Fetterman vs Oz, California Grid, Quiet Quitting, Life Expectancy, & More!
Sep 08, 2022
9/6/22: Biden v Trump, Special Master, GOP In Disarray, British PM, Sectoral Bargaining, Euro Energy Crisis, & More!
Sep 06, 2022
Mini Show #53: Dark Money, Hillary Clinton, Ukraine Peace, Student Debt, & More!
Sep 03, 2022
Stories of Week 8/28: Fed Policy, Midterm Elections, Trump Investigation, Ukraine War, & More!
Sep 02, 2022
9/1/22: Trump Investigation, Biden Messaging, Midterm Races, Life Expectancy, CA Policies, Big Pharma, & More!
Sep 01, 2022
8/30/22: GOP Midterm Chances, Abortion Politics, Ukraine War, Iraq Unrest, Student Debt, Psychiatric Drugs, & More!
Aug 30, 2022
8/29/22: Fed Policy, Trump Investigation, New Polling, Big Pharma War, Facebook Censorship, Populist Dems, & More!
Aug 29, 2022
Mini Show #52: Political Labels, Dark Money, Stock Buybacks, Airline Dysfunction, UPS Workers, & More!
Aug 27, 2022
Stories of Week 8/21: GOP In Disarray, Trump Affidavit, Fauci Out, Student Debt, Midterms, & More!
Aug 26, 2022
8/25/22: Student Debt, Midterm Outlook, Ukraine Aid, Dems Agenda, Essential Workers, & More!
Aug 25, 2022
LIVE REACTION: NY, FL Election Results
Aug 24, 2022
8/23/22: Fauci Out, NY Elections, Stocks Plunge, Trump Lawsuit, UPS Workers, Andrew Tate, Afghanistan Policy, & More!
Aug 23, 2022
8/22/22: GOP In Disarray, Midterms Polling, Ukraine War, Trump Affidavit, Stelter Fired, Woodstock 99, & More!
Aug 22, 2022
Mini Show #51: Hillary vs Bernie, FBI Trump Raid, Sinema's Wall St Giveaway, Abortion Debate, & More!
Aug 20, 2022
Stories of Week 8/14: Trump Investigation, Midterm Elections, Housing Market, CDC Overhaul, & More!
Aug 19, 2022
8/18/22: CDC Overhaul, Trump Documents, Cheney Defeated, Maddow Replacement, Railway Workers, GOP Future, & More!
Aug 18, 2022
Krystal and Saagar REACT To Liz Cheney Defeat
Aug 17, 2022
8/16/22: FBI Trump Witness, Trump Lawyers, Midterm Fundraising, Dr. Oz, Housing Market, Coal Country Jobs, & More!
Aug 16, 2022
8/15/22: DOJ Trump Investigation, GOP Messaging, FBI Attacked, Rushdie Stabbed, Alec Baldwin, IRS Agents, & More!
Aug 15, 2022
Mini Show #50: WaPo Fact Checker, GOP Candidates, Biden Polling, Big Tech, & More!
Aug 13, 2022
Stories of Week 8/7: FBI Raids Trump, Responses to Raid, Inflation Numbers, Taiwan Situation, & More!
Aug 12, 2022
8/11/22: Trump World FBI Rat, Inflation Numbers, Election Results, Trump 2024, Defund FBI, Taiwan Risks, & More!
Aug 11, 2022
8/9/22: FBI's Trump Raid, GOP Reaction, Political Implications, Legal Possibilities, Dark Brandon, Legacy Media, & More!
Aug 09, 2022
8/8/22: Senate Legislation, China Escalation, Weapons Shipments, NATO Expansion, Monkeypox, Media Fawning, & More!
Aug 08, 2022
Mini Show #49: Tim Scott, Stock Ban, Union Busting, Third Parties, & More!
Aug 06, 2022
Stories of Week 7/31: Burn Pits Bill, Schumer-Manchin Deal, Pelosi Taiwan Trip, Abortion Vote, & More!
Aug 05, 2022
8/4/22: Abortion Vote, Primary Results, Taiwan Tension, CNN Struggles, Biden Re-election, Barstool Conservatism, & More!
Aug 04, 2022
8/2/22: Terrorist Killed, Pelosi Taiwan Trip, Ukraine Grain, Primary Election Watch, Social Media, Forward Party, & More!
Aug 02, 2022
8/1/22: Burn Pits Bill, Manchin-Schumer Deal, Saudi Golf League, Biden Polling, Dem Hypocrisy, Midterm Outlook, & More!
Aug 01, 2022
Mini Show #48: Kamala Staff, Fetterman Campaign, Instagram Shakeup, Saudi Visit, & More!
Jul 30, 2022
Stories of Week 7/24: Uvalde Report, Recession Data, Russia-Ukraine, Trump Plan, Congress Acts, & More!
Jul 29, 2022
7/28/22: DOJ vs Trump, CHIPS Bill, Gas Prices, FTC vs Facebook, Manchin Deal, Monkeypox Facts, Economic Pain, & More!
Jul 28, 2022
7/26/22: Recession Spin, Trump Battles, Insider Trading, Ukraine Blacklist, CNN Stunned, Public Health, & More!
Jul 26, 2022
7/25/22: Uvalde Report, Russia-Ukraine, Post-Roe, Airline Chaos, Pelosi Trading, Recession Signs, Civil War, & More!
Jul 25, 2022
Stories of Week 7/17: CNN Ratings, Institutional Decay, Ukraine Lobbying, & More!
Jul 22, 2022
Mini Show #47: NYC Nuclear Video, GOP Congress, Elon vs MSNBC, & Media Engagement Tanks!
Jul 21, 2022
Mini Show #46: Third Party Candidates, Housing Market Warning, 'Disinfo' Czar, & Biden's Saudi Trip
Jul 19, 2022
Mini Show #45: Union Activity, CNN Ratings, Ukraine Lobbying, & Institutional Decay!
Jul 18, 2022
Mini Show #44: Jill Biden, Uvalde Coverup, Airline Dysfunction, Dem Alternatives, Abortion Story, Airline Business, & More!
Jul 16, 2022
Stories of Week 7/10: Abortion Response, Biden Polls, Midterm Forecast, Inflation Numbers, Uvalde Footage, & More!
Jul 15, 2022
7/14/22: Historic Inflation, Uvalde Footage, Ukraine Weapons, Bolton Coup Admission, Class Divides, Saudi Policy, & More!
Jul 14, 2022
7/12/22: Biden Polling, Senate Election Updates, 2022 House Map, Hunter Biden, Energy Crisis, Sri Lanka, & More!
Jul 12, 2022
7/11/22: Biden's Abortion Response, Elon vs Twitter, Ukraine Fears, Biden's Age, Buttigieg's Plot, Shinzo Abe, & More!
Jul 11, 2022
Mini Show #43: American Distrust, Ukraine Rebuild, FBI Tracking, Journalist Killed, Chronic Understaffing, & More!
Jul 10, 2022
Stories of Week 7/3: Recession Arriving, Highland Park, Biden Incompetence, Airline Chaos, & More!
Jul 09, 2022
Saagar Interviews Comedian Andrew Schulz
Jul 08, 2022
7/7/22: Biden Incompetence, Highland Park, Airline Dysfunction, Natural Gas Chaos, GOP Fringe, Oil Market Volatility, & More!
Jul 07, 2022
7/5/22: Recession Arriving, Highland Park, 2024 Speculation, Ukraine Update, Press Sec Stumbles, Buttigieg's Inaction, Inflation, & More!
Jul 05, 2022
Mini Show #42: Democratic Base, European Lifestyle, Airline Chaos, LIV Golf, & More!
Jul 02, 2022
Stories of Week 6/26: Roe v Wade Overturned, Dem Inaction, NATO Expansion, Uvalde Coverup, & More!
Jul 01, 2022
6/30/22: Jan 6 Hearings, NATO Expansion, Roe Fallout, Uvalde Coverup, Maxwell Sentence, Nicotine War, Biden Scared, Nuclear Power, & More!
Jun 30, 2022
6/28/22: Abortion Chaos, Privacy Battles, Inflation Impacts, Uvalde Police, Maddow Replacement, Pentagon Experiments, & More!
Jun 28, 2022
6/27/22: Roe v Wade Overturned, Political Fallout, Liberal Rage, Barstool Conservatism, Ukraine War, Airline Dysfunction, & More!
Jun 27, 2022
Mini Show #41: Online Censorship, Gillum Indictment, TikTok, Social Security, Middle East Policy, & More!
Jun 25, 2022
Stories of Week 6/19: Recession Coming, Uvalde Coverup, Ukraine War Sanctions, Fed Policy, & More!
Jun 24, 2022
6/23/22: War Sanctions, GOP Primaries, Uvalde Coverup, Fed Policy, Neoliberal Order Collapse, Gas Tax Proposal, & More!
Jun 23, 2022
6/21/22: Russia vs NATO, Gas Prices, Hillary Comments, Lorenz Demoted, TikTok Lies, Economic Shift, French Elections, & More!
Jun 21, 2022
6/20/22: Recession Warnings, Uvalde Coverup, Buttigieg Failures, Biden Fitness, Assange Case, Global Unrest, & More!
Jun 20, 2022
Mini Show #40: Inflation Causes, Fed Policy, Oil Markets, Crypto Scam, Woke Activism, Union Busting, & More!
Jun 18, 2022
Stories of Week 6/12: Inflation Numbers, Gun Legislation, Market Crash, Ukraine Intel, Fed Rate Hike, & More!
Jun 17, 2022
6/16/22: GOP Primaries, Fed Rate Hike, Ukraine Aid, Media Polls, Sanctions Fail, Biden Inaction, ESG Investing Scam, & More!
Jun 16, 2022
6/14/22: Market Crash, Crypto Black Monday, Ukrainian Military, Trump Grift, Amazon Union, Gas Prices, & More!
Jun 14, 2022
6/13/22: Inflation Record, Gas Prices, Gun Legislation, 2024 Election, WaPo Chaos, Societal Decay, Jan 6th Hearings, & More!
Jun 13, 2022
Mini Show #39: Inflation, AOC, Amazon Exec Resigns, Kushner Investigation, Manager Retaliation, New Culture Wars, & More!
Jun 11, 2022
Stories of Week 6/5: Uvalde Coverup, CNN Shift, Depp-Heard, Baby Formula, Starbucks Workers, & More!
Jun 10, 2022
6/9/22: Jan 6th Hearings, Uvalde Survivors, Gun Debate, Kavanaugh Scare, DC Corruption, WaPo Drama, CNN Purge, & More!
Jun 09, 2022
6/7/22: Elon vs Twitter, Baby Formula, Starbucks Workers, WaPo Drama, Feminism's Decline, Solar Industry Giveaway, & More!
Jun 07, 2022
6/6/22: Uvalde Police Threats, Ukraine War, Saudi Oil, PA Senate, CNN Coverage, Amazon Agenda, Top Gun, Lorenz Smears, & More!
Jun 06, 2022
Mini Show #38: World Economic Forum, Gun Debate, Demographics, Climate Lawsuit, Dem Primaries, & More!
Jun 04, 2022
Stories of Week 5/29: Uvalde Timeline, Police Coverup, Ukraine Strategy, NFT Fraud, & More!
Jun 03, 2022
6/2/22: Uvalde Coverup, Ukraine Strategy, NFT Fraud, Clinton Lawyer, Depp-Heard Trial, Recession Looms, Dem Disarray, & More!
Jun 02, 2022
5/31/22: Ukraine War, Inflation Policy, Gun Control, Stock Ban Stalls, Burn Pits, Shock Election, Gas Prices, Student Debt, & More!
May 31, 2022
5/30/22: Uvalde Police Failures, Shooting Fallout, FBI's Nassar Coverup, Gun Control History, School Safety Industry, & More!
May 30, 2022
Mini Show #37: BLM Finances, DHS Board, Southern Baptists, Starbucks Workers, Bezos Posting, Baby Formula, & More!
May 28, 2022
Stories of Week 5/22: Uvalde Shooting, Uvalde Timeline, Primary Results, Housing Market, & More!
May 27, 2022
5/26/22: Uvalde Timeline, Gun Legislation, Online Derangement, Michigan GOP, Guns and Trust, Food Crisis, & More!
May 26, 2022
5/25/22: Uvalde Massacre, Primary Results, Housing Market, Trump Rage, World Economic Forum, Climate Politics, & More!
May 25, 2022
5/23/22: Primary Previews, Economy Polling, Elon Accusations, Hillary Revelations, Dem Corruption, Gas Crisis, Taiwan Policy, & More!
May 23, 2022
Mini Show #36: Progressive Wins, GOP Shift, Al Jazeera Journalist, Non Profit Corruption, Workplace Bullying, Ukraine Drones, & More!
May 21, 2022
Best of Week 5/15: Buffalo Shooting, NATO Expansion, UFO Hearings, Primary Results, & More!
May 20, 2022
5/19/22: GOP & Dem Primary Results, DHS Board, Baby Formula, NATO Disparity, Dem Civil War, George Bush, & Peter Zeihan Interview!
May 19, 2022
5/17/22: PA Primaries, Elon's Twitter Threats, Legalized Bribery, UFO Hearings, WH Press Briefings, NATO Expansion, & More!
May 17, 2022
5/16/22: Buffalo Shooting, NATO Expansion, Elon's Plans, Electoral Outlook, Netflix Turmoil, Economic Collapse, & More!
May 16, 2022
Mini Show #35: Congress Corruption, Saudi CIA Meeting, Bank Fraud, Hunter Biden, New Right, & More!
May 14, 2022
Best of Week 5/8: Inflation Numbers, Ukraine Aid, Economic Outlook, Free Speech, Baby Formula, & More!
May 13, 2022
5/12/22: Inflation Numbers, Ukraine Military Aid, Journalist Killed, Overdose Deaths, MSNBC Turmoil, Left Infighting, & More!
May 12, 2022
5/10/22: Economic Turmoil, Biden's Speech, Elon Comments, Baby Formula, New Press Sec, Starbucks Workers, & More!
May 10, 2022
5/9/22: Ukraine War, Roe v Wade Politics, Elon's Twitter Plans, Psaki Departure, Free Speech, Biden Betrayal, & More!
May 09, 2022
Mini Show #34: Corporate Tax Breaks, Billionaire Owned Media, FBI Surveillance, Barstool Conservatism, Workers Revolt, & More!
May 07, 2022
Best of Week 5/1: Roe vs Wade, SCOTUS Leak, Roe Politics, Economic Downturn, Ukraine War, Primary Results, & More!
May 06, 2022
5/5/22: Roe v Wade Politics, Ohio Primary Results, Fed Policy, Union Busting, SCOTUS Outlook, Trump's Influence, & More!
May 05, 2022
BREAKING: Full Coverage Of Leaked SCOTUS Opinion To Overturn Roe v. Wade & Ohio Primary Election Day!
May 03, 2022
5/2/22: Ukraine War Escalation, WH Correspondents Dinner, Economic Outlook, Ministry of Truth, Student Debt, Workers, & More!
May 02, 2022
Mini Show #33: Amazon Subsidies, Corporate Profits, US vs China, Media Meltdown, Labor History, Mental Health, & More!
Apr 30, 2022
Best of Week 4/24: Elon Twitter Mayhem, CNN+ Downfall, Ukraine War, Economic Contraction, Student Debt, & More!
Apr 29, 2022
4/28/22: Elon Twitter Firestorm, Student Debt, Bernie vs Biden, Wall St Fraud, Cawthorn Scandals, Economic Outlook, & More!
Apr 28, 2022
4/26/22: Musk Buys Twitter, McCarthy Comments, US vs Saudis, Kamala Flop, Donziger Free, Taylor Lorenz, Bernie Sanders, & More!
Apr 26, 2022
4/25/22: Ukraine War, French Election, Elon's Deal, Mask Mandates, Amazon Workers, Disney vs DeSantis, Obama Legacy, CNN+ Collapse, & More!
Apr 25, 2022
Mini Show #32: The Art of Class War, Billionaire Taxes, Fox News, Rachel Maddow, Jack Dorsey, & More!
Apr 23, 2022
Best of Week 4/17: Ukraine War Rhetoric, Musk vs Twitter, Stock Ban, Dems' Future, DC Corruption, & More!
Apr 22, 2022
4/21/22: Crypto Billionaires, JD Vance, Media vs Jon Stewart, DC Corruption, Sen. Feinstein's Decline, & Chomsky Smears!
Apr 21, 2022
4/19/22: Ukraine Escalation, 2024 Dems, Amazon Union, Mask Mandates, Taylor Lorenz, Testosterone Drop, Young Voters, & More!
Apr 19, 2022
4/18/22: Ukraine War, Elon vs Twitter, Biden Polling, Stock Ban Progress, CNN+ Fail, DC Rules, Free Speech, & Amazon Workers!
Apr 18, 2022
Mini Show #31: Dems' Amazon Ties, Life Expectancy, Georgia Elections, Mitch McConnell, Media Partisanship, & More!
Apr 16, 2022
Best of Week 4/9: PA Senate, Food Prices, Shanghai Lockdown, NATO Expansion, Musk vs Twitter, Inflation Data, & More!
Apr 15, 2022
Breaking Points LIVE FROM NEW YORK featuring Kyle Kulinski & Marshall Kosloff!
Apr 15, 2022
4/12/22: NATO Expansion, Elon vs Twitter, Inflation Data, Covid, Gen Z Misery, Kushner Corruption, Dem Warning, & Yemen Disaster!
Apr 12, 2022
4/11/22: Ukraine Update, FBI Entrapment, PA Senate, Shanghai Lockdown, NYT Shift, Billionaire Tears, Media Humiliated, & French Elections!
Apr 11, 2022
Mini Show #30: BlackRock, Nuclear Power, Corporate Profits, Media Influence, Twitter, Kamala, Corporate Mergers, & More!
Apr 09, 2022
Best of Week 4/4 - 4/8: Amazon Labor Union, Media Blackmail, Obama Returns, Regime Change, Starbucks Workers, Twitter, & More!
Apr 08, 2022
4/7/22: Ukraine War Crimes, Biden Humiliated, BLM Corruption, CNN+ Fails, Recession Forecast, Taibbi On Regime Change, & More!
Apr 07, 2022
4/5/22: Biden's Ukraine Rhetoric, Obama's Return, Starbucks Union Busting, Amazon Censorship, Musk's Twitter Play, Iron Workers, & More!
Apr 05, 2022
4/4/22: Amazon Labor Union, Ukraine Strategic Shifts, Russian Economic Outlook, Media Corruption, Chris Smalls Interview, & More!
Apr 04, 2022
Mini Show #29: Hollywood Culture, Fox News Coverage, Labor Organizing, Online Censorship, Supply Chains & More!
Apr 02, 2022
Best of Week 3/28 - 4/1: Regime Change, Hunter's Dealings, Wall St Rigging, GOP Agenda, CNN+ Launch, & More!
Apr 01, 2022
3/31/22: Russia-Ukraine War Strategy, Domestic Production, Hunter Dealings, CNN+, Homeownership Crisis, Coal Miner Strike, & More!
Mar 31, 2022
3/29/22: Biden Doubles Down, Billionaires Tax, Defense Spending, Recession Looms, Hunter Corruption, Midterm Forecast, & More!
Mar 29, 2022
3/28/22: Biden Calls For Regime Change, GOP Primaries, Oscars Drama, Cosplay Class Politics, War On Fitness, & Reddit vs Wall St!
Mar 28, 2022
Mini Show #28: Union Busting, Latino Voters, Inflation Advice, Commodities Markets, Web3 Breakdown, & More!
Mar 26, 2022
3/24/22: Russian Dissent, Nuke Risk, Trump Fails, Kamala vs Biden, Free Speech, Wall St Greed, Iraq War Amnesia, & More!
Mar 24, 2022
3/22/22: US-Russia Relations, Trump Comments, GOP Turmoil, Generational War, Food Crisis, Saudi Arabia, & Russia's Future with a Russian Activist!
Mar 22, 2022
3/21/22: Russia-Ukraine Escalation, China's Shift, Hunter Biden Coverup, Fauci Returns, Indian Geopolitics, Saudi-US Relations, & More!
Mar 21, 2022
Mini Show #27: CNN Scandal, Kyrie Irving, Hunter Biden News, Global Food Crisis, & More!
Mar 19, 2022
3/17/22: Ukraine Military Aid, Peace Talks, Economic Outlook, Trump's future, Media Warmongering, & An Exclusive Jon Stewart Interview!
Mar 17, 2022
3/15/22: Ukraine Diplomacy, Economic Fallout, China's Crossroads, Anti-War Protests, & Media Propaganda feat. Matt Taibbi!
Mar 15, 2022
3/14/22: Ukraine War Developments, Iran Nuclear Deal, Polling Perils, Online Censorship, & How Biden Can Lower Gas Prices!
Mar 14, 2022
Mini Show #26: SCOTUS, Defense Stocks, Corporate Feminism, Nuclear Power, & More!
Mar 12, 2022
3/10/22: Ukraine Warfare Continues, Biden Humiliated By Saudis, Inflation Hits New High, & Cultural Hysteria feat. Anna Khachiyan!
Mar 10, 2022
3/8/22: Ukraine War News, Gas Prices Surge, Biden Polling Data , Media War Propaganda, & More!
Mar 08, 2022
3/7/22: Ukraine Battle Updates, Oil Prices Surge, Media Censorship, Economic Warfare, and More!
Mar 07, 2022
Mini Show #25: Wall Street, Media Shakeup, Free Assange, Economic Vulnerability, & More!
Mar 05, 2022
3/3/22: Ukraine Battle Updates, China Shifts, Media Warmongers, Russian Oligarch Wealth Seized, & Rep. Ro Khanna!
Mar 03, 2022
Krystal and Saagar's FULL COVERAGE of Biden's State of the Union
Mar 02, 2022
Krystal and Saagar Provide EXTENDED Ukraine, State of the Union Coverage!!!
Mar 01, 2022
Krystal and Saagar Give EVERYTHING You Need to Know On Ukraine Crisis
Feb 28, 2022
Mini Show #24: SCOTUS, Olympics, Family Dollar, Corporate Evil, and More!
Feb 26, 2022
BREAKING: Full Coverage of Putin's Invasion of Ukraine
Feb 24, 2022
2/22/22: Putin Escalation, Media Insanity, Truth Social, PGA Turmoil, CNN's Demise, Facial Recognition, & Identity Politics!
Feb 22, 2022
2/21/22: Ukraine Tensions, Truckers, CDC Secrets, Epstein Questions, CNN Corruption, Crypto, Child Tax Credit, & Populist Left vs Right!
Feb 21, 2022
Mini Show#23: Student Debt, CIA Spying, Prince Andrew, CNN Imploding, MNSBC Disaster, Big Weed, & More!
Feb 19, 2022
2/17/22: Ukraine vs Western Media, Freedom Convoy, Woke Recalls, CNN Drama, Obama's Legacy, Vladimir Putin, US-China Relations, & More!
Feb 17, 2022
2/15/22: Ukraine Crisis Update, Canada's Trucker Crackdown, Election Landscape, AOC Silence, Sarah Palin, Trevor Noah, & More!
Feb 15, 2022
2/14/22: Ukraine Escalation, Trucker Convoy, Clinton Spying, Trump's Toilet, CNN Derangement, Obama's Delusion, Afghanistan Crisis, & More!
Feb 14, 2022
Mini Show #22: Corporate Media Misinformation, $18/hour Minimum Wage, Olympics Disaster, Starbucks Workers, Bezos's Yacht, & More!
Feb 12, 2022
2/10/22: Congressional Trading Ban, Deep State Grows, GOP In Disarray, Woke Union Busting, Bitcoin Heist, Assange DAO, & More!
Feb 10, 2022
2/8/22: Dems Mask Shift, Facebook News, Rogan Drama, Portnoy Scoop, Les Wexner, CNN Implosion, Class Politics, & More!
Feb 08, 2022
2/7/22: Breakdown of the Rogan Controversy, Gofundme Power, Foreign Policy, CNN Drama, Big Pharma, & More!
Feb 07, 2022
Mini Show #21: 700K Subs, Akaash Singh, Student Debt, Substack, Amazon Workers, Rogan vs White House, & More!
Feb 05, 2022
2/3/22: Ukraine Crisis, Jeff Zucker, Corporate Greed, Bezos Superyacht, Whoopi Goldberg, Surveillance Capitalism, Obesity Epidemic & The Case Against College For All
Feb 03, 2022
2/1/22: GOP Agenda, Covid Polls, Starbucks Workers, Maddow Hiatus, Rogan Smears, Booster Mandates, CA Dems, Safetyism, & More!
Feb 01, 2022
1/31/22: Ukraine Crisis, Dark Money, Polls, Trucker Convoy, NBC Neocons, Railway Workers, Rogan vs Hedge Funds, Dylan Ratigan, & More!
Jan 31, 2022
Mini Show #20: SCOTUS, Kamala's Fall, Amazon Lobbying, CNN Streaming, & More!
Jan 29, 2022
1/27/22: SCOTUS, Ukraine, Good News, Amazon Propaganda, Neil Young, School Masking, Vaccine Distribution, Stolen Focus, & More!
Jan 27, 2022
1/25/22: Ukraine Crisis, Poll Numbers, Assange Case, Capitol Police, Mask Mania, Everything Bubble, The Rock, & More!
Jan 25, 2022
1/24/22: Stock Market Crash, Ukraine Tensions, Insider Trading, Elite Narratives, Animal Rights, & More!
Jan 24, 2022
Mini Show #19: Dem Failures, BlackRock Greenwashing, Flint Water Crisis, Prince Andrew, & More!
Jan 22, 2022
1/20/22: Biden Speaks, Trump 2024, Drone Strike, Marianne, NPR, Late Stage Neoliberalism, Wall St Takeover, Matt Stoller, & More!
Jan 20, 2022
Wed 1/19 Special: The Cult of the Democratic Party, Covid Truth with Dr. Vinay Prasad, Congressional Corruption, & More!
Jan 19, 2022
1/18/22: Red Wave, GOP War, Testing Plan, Oathkeepers, Djokovic Ban, Kamala Trainwreck, Mask Wars, Nina Turner, & More!
Jan 18, 2022
Mini Show #18: SCOTUS, Buttigieg Money, AOC, Epstein's Assistant, Whitmer Plot, Lab Leak, & More!
Jan 15, 2022
1/13/22: Deep State, Insider Trading, Inflation, Trump Comments, Media Delusions, Tesla & China, Federal Reserve, Marianne Willamson, & More!
Jan 13, 2022
1/11/22: CDC Confusion, Polls, Afghanistan Famine, Ivy League Cartel, Insider Trading, Bernie Sanders, MSNBC, Big Tech, & More!
Jan 11, 2022
1/10/22: Jobs Report, 1/6 Cringe, Ted Cruz, SCOTUS, Politico, CDC Lies, Candace Owens, Millennials vs Boomers, and More!
Jan 10, 2022
Mini Show #17: Don't Look Up, Patton Oswalt, Mike Gravel, Jon Stewart, and More!
Jan 08, 2022
1/6 Special: The Real Reasons Why American Democracy is in Crisis feat. Glenn Greenwald
Jan 06, 2022
1/4/22: Meatpacking, Omicron Update, WaPo, Epstein News, Robert Malone, Elizabeth Holmes, White House Press, Austerity, Defense Contractors, and More!
Jan 04, 2022
1/3/22: Omicron News, Twitter Censorship, Corporate Profits, Minimum Wage, Maxwell Trial, Primary Biden, Covid Lies, Starbucks Workers, and More!
Jan 03, 2022
12/30/21: Young People, Pelosi Corruption, Cuomo Book, Meat Prices, and More!
Dec 30, 2021
12/28/21: Biden's Media Meetings, War Crimes, Iran Nuclear Deal, CBP Spying, and More!
Dec 28, 2021
12/27/21: Young People, CIA Crimes, Financial Regulation, Hillary's Tears, and More!
Dec 27, 2021
Christmas Special: Don't Look Up, Fox News, Bill Burr, Feds, and More!
Dec 25, 2021
12/23/21: Good Pandemic News, Biden Pressed, Student Loans, FBI, Amazon, Media Lies, Saagar's Retrospective, 2022, and More!
Dec 23, 2021
12/21/21: BBB Fallout, Omicron Messaging, Trump's Vaccination, Labor Coalition, Louis CK, Fauci, Chile Election, Coal Miners Strike, and More!
Dec 21, 2021
12/20/21: BBB Dead, Omicron Spike, Fentanyl Deaths, Kamala Confronted, Jan 6 Feds, Gen Z, CDC Lies, Elon Musk, and More!
Dec 20, 2021
Mini Show #16: Amazon Workers, Sarah Silverman, Dollar General, Teachers, and More!
Dec 19, 2021
12/16/21: Free Assange, Pelosi Corruption, Twitter Censorship, Student Debt, Gen Z Activism, Punchbowl News, Greed Kills, Covid Mania, Taiwan Debate, and More!
Dec 16, 2021
12/14/21: Corruption, Budget Bill, Health Crisis, Student Debt, CNN Pedo, Fox News, Streaming Wars, Lucas Kunce, and More!
Dec 14, 2021
12/13/21: Donziger Released, Inflation, Tornadoes, 4th Shot, Starbucks Workers, Chris Wallace, Apple, MSNBC vs Assange, Assange's Next Steps, and More!
Dec 13, 2021
Mini Show #15: Michigan Shooting, Inflation, Fed March, Cuomos, Gas Prices, and More!
Dec 11, 2021
12/9/21: Polls, Ukraine/Saudi Arabia, Twitter Censorship, NAFTA, Don Lemon, Clown Country, Media Madness, Free Donziger, and More!
Dec 09, 2021
12/7/21: NYC Mandate, Chris Cuomo vs CNN, Conservative Media, Ukraine, Latinx, Huma Abedin, Tesla & China, Teamsters Election, and More!
Dec 07, 2021
12/6/21: Cuomo Fired, GA Gov, SCOTUS, Jobs Report, Trevor Noah, Omicron Madness, Kamala Collapse, Oliver Stone Interview, and More!
Dec 06, 2021
Mini Show #14: 6 Months, Alec Baldwin, Kathy Hochul, Chris Christie, and More!
Dec 04, 2021
12/2/21: Omicron Spreads, Trump Covid, CNN Cuomo, China/Wall St, Maxwell Trial, Metaverse, Twitter CEO, Class Politics, and More!
Dec 02, 2021
11/30/21: Booster Shots, Fauci Comments, Twitter CEO, Amazon Union, Chris Cuomo, Waukesha Memory-Hole, Hillary's Legacy, Conservative Happiness, and More!
Nov 30, 2021
11/29/21: Omicron Variant, Bidensgiving, Kamala & Pete, Amazon, Hillary Clinton, Forever Pandemic, Kushner's $$$, Travel Bans, and More!
Nov 29, 2021
Thanksgiving Special: CNN Shakeup, Fauci's Lies, Malcolm X, MSNBC Elitism, Worker Power, FBI Informants, and More!
Nov 25, 2021
11/23/21: Waukesha Attack, Economy News, Obama & Bezos, Andrew Cuomo, Fox News, Thanksgiving Topics, Maxwell Trial, Debating Race, and More!
Nov 23, 2021
11/22/21: Rittenhouse Verdict, Arbery Case, Biden 2024, Hunter's Dealings, Supply Chains, YouTube Censorship, Delusional Dems, Amazon Union, and More!
Nov 22, 2021
Mini Show #13: Pharma Dems, Pete vs Kamala, Tulsi's Shift, John Oliver, and More!
Nov 20, 2021
11/18/21: Biden Fitness, Opioid Deaths, Inflation Profiteering, The View, Peng Shuai Missing, Buttigieg Doc, Fauci Insanity, Unvaccinated Working Class, and More!
Nov 18, 2021
11/16/21: Kamala Disaster, Beto, Tax Cuts, Twitter Bubble, Ai Weiwei, Biden Economy, Progressives, Labor Update, and More!
Nov 16, 2021
11/15/21: Great Resignation, Red Wave, Christie vs Trump, UFOs, MSNBC Spin, Project Veritas, Atrocity Coverup, Saudi Schemes, and More!
Nov 15, 2021
Mini Show #12: Sinema's Cash, Kamala Tanks, McDonald's Workers, Coal Miners, Getty Wedding, and More!
Nov 13, 2021
11/11/21: Inflation, 2022 Elections, GOP Fight, Adam Schiff's Lies, MSNBC, Starbucks, Bezos's Ego, Working Class Polling, and More!
Nov 11, 2021
11/9/21: Biden Flop, Elon Musk, Travis Scott, Buttigieg Doc, IDW University, Heating Prices, Woke Racism, Russiagate with Glenn Greenwald, and More!
Nov 09, 2021
11/8/21: Infrastructure Bill, Vax Mandate, Workers, CNN, Astroworld, Carlyle Group, Gas Prices, Elections, and More!
Nov 08, 2021
Mini Show #11: Political Corruption, Trump Comments. Worker Polling, and More!
Nov 06, 2021
11/4/21: Election Day Takeaways, Media Meltdown, SALT Tax, Barstool Conservatism, Worker Demands, and More!
Nov 04, 2021
11/2/21: Progressives Cave, VA Gov Race, 2024 Polls, Epstein Connections, Jon Stewart, Returning to Normalcy, Katie Couric, NRA Downfall, and More!
Nov 02, 2021
11/1/21: VA Gov Update, Polling Disaster, Biden Bill, Cuomo Charges, Fox News, Kamala vs Pete, Let's Go Brandon, and More!
Nov 01, 2021
Mini Show #10: Elite Media, Democrats' Failures, JFK Files, and More!
Oct 30, 2021
10/28/21: Billionaire Tax, Labor Action, Media Psyop, Tiktok, Baldwin, Food Inflation, Injustice System, Assange Case, and More!
Oct 28, 2021
10/26/21: Facebook 'Whistleblower', Jan 6th, Obama Comments, Puppy Torture, The View, Covid Crimes, Biden's Taiwan Folly, Inflation, and More!
Oct 26, 2021
10/25/21: Biden Flailing, Bernie vs Manchin, Alec Baldwin, Stock Trading Rules, Rogan vs CNN, Dr. Fauci's Lies, Port Trucker Exploitation, VA Gov Forecast, and More!
Oct 25, 2021
Mini Show #9: Jon Stewart, Senate Democrats, CNN vs Bernie, Cancel Culture, and More!
Oct 23, 2021
10/21/21: Welfare Proposals, Tax Policy, Trump's Next Move, Airlines Backdown, Rogan vs CNN, Kill the Bill, Marriage Disparity, College Football, and More!
Oct 21, 2021
10/19/21: Colin Powell, Union Activity, Amazon Scandal, Politico Sale, CNN Confronted, China Dependency, Biden Silence, John Deere Workers, and More!
Oct 19, 2021
10/18/21: John Deere Strike, Sanders vs Manchin, Epstein News, Katie Couric, Sanjay Gupta, Colin Powell, Buttigieg's Paternity Leave, The Trump Factor, Monopoly Power with Matt Stoller, and More!
Oct 18, 2021
Mini Show #8: Rahm Emanuel, Joe Rogan vs CNN, Let's Go Brandon, Prince Andrew, Kamala Cringe, and More!
Oct 16, 2021
Workers Revolt, Inflation, Xmas Shortages, Booster Shots, Suburban Women, IRS Monitoring, CNN Propaganda, Kellogg's Strike, and More!
Oct 14, 2021
10/12/21: Biden Polling Fall, Southwest Protest, VA Gov, Wealth Inequality, Covid Pill, The China Question, Healthcare Corruption, Labor Activity, and More!
Oct 12, 2021
10/11/21: Jobs Report Fail, Mass Shortages, Facebook Freakout, Gifted & Talented, McConaughey, Crisis of Men, Trust Collapses, China Eyes Taiwan, and More!
Oct 11, 2021
Mini Show #7: Homelessness Grift, Pharma Corruption, Chris Cuomo, Walton Family, and More!
Oct 09, 2021
10/7/21: Debt Crisis Looms, Biden Approval Sinks, Gain of Function, Havana Syndrome, Jon Stewart, Striketober, Biden Caves to China, India Walton, and More!
Oct 07, 2021
10/5/21: Debt Ceiling Crisis, Facebook Crash, Fed Corruption, CA Oil Spill, IATSE Strike, Fauci Documentary, Russell Brand Smears, 2020 Murder Spike, and More!
Oct 05, 2021
Andrew Yang Full Interview
Oct 04, 2021
10/4/21: Manchin's Deal, Dem Corruption, Fauci Madness, Pandora Papers, Donziger Jailed, Sinema Tongue Bath, Ozy Media's Collapse, and More!
Oct 04, 2021
Mini Show #6: Chris Cuomo Allegations, Rep. Gottheimer Corruption, Hillary Clinton Booed, Kristi Noem Scandal, Factory Farms' Lies, and More!
Oct 02, 2021
9/30/21: Biden MIA, Biden Covid Polls, Marine Jailed, VA Gov Update, YouTube Crackdown, Media's Dying Breath, The View's Secrets, Steven Donziger Speaks, and More!
Sep 30, 2021
9/29/21: Pelosi Betrayal, Generals Under Fire, Federal Reserve Corruption, Harvard Mania, R Kelly, Mint the Coin, Ken Griffin, Rhode Island Politics, and More!
Sep 29, 2021
9/27/21: Legislation Week in Congress, AOC Tears, Jan 6 Feds, Assange, Trump vs GOP, Lab Leak, Tulsi Gabbard, China's Economy, and More!
Sep 27, 2021
Mini Show #5: Elizabeth Holmes, Walmart Worker, VA Gov Polls, and More!
Sep 25, 2021
9/23/21: Dems in Disarray, China's Economy, W Bush Confronted, Gates' Epstein Ties, Lewinsky Shamed, Midterms Forecast, Gabby Petito, Hunter Biden Emails, and More!
Sep 23, 2021
9/21/21: Roe vs Wade, Stock Market Tanks, Debt Ceiling Battle, Maskless SF Mayor, Obesity Crisis, Natural Immunity, SALT Tax, Drug Prices, and More!
Sep 21, 2021
9/20/21: Fed Rally, Drone Strike Admission, Beto's Back, Booster Update, Amazon Towns, Border Crisis, Hillary Lawyer Indicted, Russiagate Lies with Glenn Greenwald, and More!
Sep 20, 2021
Mini Show #4: Andrew Yang, War Profiteering, COPS Show, and More!
Sep 18, 2021
9/16/21: CA Recall Results, Biden Covid Polling, FBI Nassar Coverup, Ex-CIA Agents Hack, Nicki Minaj, AOC's Dress, Milley's Misdeeds, Drug Price Battle, and More!
Sep 16, 2021
9/14/21: CA Recall Day, Booster Shot Truth, Travel Mandates, Woke Blackmail, Hunter Biden, Epstein Update, Facebook Protecting Elites, US Life Expectancy Drop, and More!
Sep 14, 2021
9/13/21: Vaccine Mandate, 9/11 Retrospective, Dubya's Speech, Drone Strikes, Bernie vs Manchin, Cali Recall, Wall St Greed, and More!
Sep 13, 2021
Mini Show #3: Joe Rogan vs CNN, Trump Roasts Haley, MSNBC Delusion, and More!
Sep 11, 2021
9/9/21: Krystal's Return, Biden's Terrible Month, VA Gov, Liberal Healthcare Deniers, ACLU Flip-Flop, Holmes Trial, Manchin Corruption, Lab Leak, Populism, and More!
Sep 09, 2021
9/7/21: Biden Jobs Report, 9/11 Docs Unsealed, Trump 2024, Texas Abortion Backlash, Men Abandoning College, MSM Fake News, End of 9/11 Era, American Empire in Retreat, and More!
Sep 07, 2021
Mini Show #2: Elizabeth Holmes Trial, MeToo CEO Resigns, Chicago Mechanics Strike, Purdue Pharma Settlement, and More!
Sep 04, 2021
9/2/21: Texas Abortion Law, Biden Phone Call, Newsom Recall, Trump's Next Moves, China's Crackdown, Biden Approval Sinking, America First Sham, The Problem With Theranos, Woke Capital, and More!
Sep 02, 2021
8/31/21: Afghanistan War Ends, Covid Hysteria, Mask Wars, Mass Evictions, The View Shakeup, Rachel Maddow's Future, China's Semiconductor Heist, Pentagon Power with Matt Taibbi, and More!
Aug 31, 2021
8/30/21: Hurricane Ida, Afghanistan Update, Media Warmongering, Eviction Moratorium, Vaccine Statistics, Calls for Biden's Resignation, Elite Accountability Crisis, Lessons from Afghan War, and More!
Aug 30, 2021
MINI SHOW #1: Kamala Harris Disapproval, Nabisco Workers Strike, and Alex Jones Rips Trump
Aug 28, 2021
8/26/21: Biden's Approval Drops, Political Stunts Gone Wrong, Cuomo's Final Lie, Bernie's Budget Bill, Eviction Battle, Lab Leak, Corrupt Democrats, and More!
Aug 26, 2021
8/24/21: Vaccine Mandates, Australia Dystopia, Corporate Democrats, Andrew Cuomo Exits, Afghanistan Evacuations, DeSantis Derangement, Healthcare Dysfunction, California Recall, and More!
Aug 24, 2021
8/23/21: Biden's Polling Numbers, Masks in Schools, Afghanistan, GOP Cringe, Jan 6th, Biden vs Generals, Neocons in Media, Afghan War Lies, and More!
Aug 23, 2021
8/19/21: Afghanistan Chaos, War Profiteering, Chris Cuomo Returns, Booster Shots, Terrible Afghan Takes, Reality on the Ground, Deep State Fight, and More!
Aug 19, 2021
8/17/21: Biden's Afghanistan Speech, MAGA Reactions, Vaccine Update, Newsom Recall, George W. Bush's Legacy, Lessons From Saigon, Afghanistan Papers, and More!
Aug 17, 2021
8/16/21: Afghanistan Collapse, Warmonger Tears, Census Trends, Haiti Earthquake, Truth & Lies Abroad, Media Attacks Workers, and More!
Aug 16, 2021
8/12/21: Cuomo Resigns, Infrastructure Passes, Media's Covid Hysteria, Rand Paul Censored, Ron DeSantis Roasted, Climate Disaster, Media Fails, Obama, and More!
Aug 12, 2021
8/10/21: Budget Reconciliation, Josh Hawley, Climate Change, AOC, Vaccine Mandates, Healthcare Mafia, Liberal Misinformation, Biden Economy, and More!
Aug 10, 2021
8/9/21: Infrastructure Latest, Chris Cuomo's Vacation, Student Debt Outlook, Obama's Birthday Bash, Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo Fallout, Right Wing Cancel Culture, Miner Strike, and More!
Aug 09, 2021
8/5/21: Andrew Cuomo's Downfall, Chris Cuomo's Silence, Eviction Moratorium Extended, Amazon Union Busting, Dem 2022 Worries, Lab Leak, Nina Turner, Inside DC, and More!
Aug 05, 2021
8/3/21: Eviction Moratorium Chaos, DC Media Fails, Vaccination Uptick, Congressional Covid Roadblock, Obama's Birthday Bash, Covid Censorship, Financial Free fall, Rep. Ro Khanna, and more!
Aug 03, 2021
8/2/21: Eviction Moratorium, Media Misinformation, DC Mayor Exposed, Lincoln Project Grifting, Nina Turner, Vaccines, Congressmen Fighting Big Tech, and More!
Aug 02, 2021
7/29/21: Biden's Infrastructure Bill, Workers Against Vaccine Mandates, Kushner's New Grift, Trump's Failed Endorsement, Bernie Speaks, CDC Disaster, Simone Biles Derangement, Miners Striking, and More!
Jul 29, 2021
7/27/21: Jan 6th Derangement, Privacy Wars, Frito-Lay Workers, Donziger Case, Trump grifting, 2024 Outlook, Fauci's Plan, Private Equity, and More!
Jul 27, 2021
7/26/21: Biden's Polling Numbers, Tucker Spying Confirmed, Pentagon Budget, Cuomo Let Off, Hunter Biden's Art, Renewed Lockdown Hysteria, Media Silence, Vaccines, and More!
Jul 26, 2021
7/22/21: FBI's Plot Exposed, Fauci vs Rand Paul, Ben & Jerry's, NSO Spyware Abuses, Frito-Lay Workers, Bezos's Space Trip, NPR Smears, Big Tech Dominance, and More!
Jul 22, 2021
7/20/21: Delta Scares Markets, Biden vs Facebook, Capitol Rioter Charged, Haiti Update, Dems 2022 Fears, Cash vs Culture, CNN's Streaming, Covid Skeptics, and More!
Jul 20, 2021
7/19/21: Biden Pressuring Facebook, CNN Humiliation, Lab Leak, Delta Variant, Caitlyn Jenner, Inflation Deepdive, Climate Disaster, Right to Repair, and More!
Jul 19, 2021
7/15/21: Biden's Infrastructure Package, Inflation Facts, Bush On Afghanistan, Cuba Developments, FBI Failures, Epstein Update, Job Losses, and More!
Jul 15, 2021
7/13/21: Global Chaos, Haiti Situation, Billionaire Space Race, Vaccine Surveillance, Child Tax Credit, White Liberals, White House Corruption, and More!
Jul 13, 2021
7/12/21: National Security State, Biden Orders, Afghanistan, Rent Prices, Hunter's Art, Media Fails, Haiti Situation, GOP Future, and More!
Jul 12, 2021
7/8/21: FBI Informants, Trump's Latest Grift, NSA Spying, Assange Case, Haiti Chaos, Corruption, Wealth Transfers, NYC Results, and More!
Jul 08, 2021
7/6/21: Exxon Corruption, Surfside Tragedy, Amazon's Inhumanity, Britney Spears, Sock Eating, Kamala Harris, Freedom, and more!
Jul 06, 2021
7/1/21: Bill Cosby Injustice, Nina Turner Campaign, Trump Organization Indictments, NSA Spying, Media Bloodbath, Billionaire Armies, NYC Mayoral Election, and More!
Jul 01, 2021
6/29/21: Syria Bombs, Unemployment Benefits, BlackRock's Power, Tax Cuts, Mike Gravel, Cancel Culture, Loss of Friendship, Facebook, and More!
Jun 29, 2021
6/28/21: Biden's Infrastructure Deal, Tragedy in Florida, More UFO Info, Julian Assange Case, John McAfee's Death, Woke Military, Socialism in America, and More!
Jun 28, 2021
6/24/21: NYC Results, SCOTUS Decisions, Media Distrust, Union Organizing, Progressive Victories, Middle East, and More!
Jun 24, 2021
6/22/21: American Airlines, Amazon Destruction, Supreme Court Rulings, Barstool Conservatives, and More!
Jun 22, 2021
6/21/21: Housing Disaster, Domestic Terrorism, Supply Shortages, Crumbling Infrastructure, and More!
Jun 21, 2021
6/18/21: Media Lies, Historical Fiction, Hillary Clinton, and More!
Jun 18, 2021
Krystal and Saagar Interview JOE ROGAN On Politics, Art Of Podcasting & More!
Jun 17, 2021
6/15/21: Biden Gaffes, BlackRock, Lab Leak, Tax Cheats, and more!
Jun 15, 2021
6/14/21: Fauci Gaslights, Bezos Bailout, Kamala's Failures, and More!
Jun 14, 2021
6/10/21: Bezos Bailout, Billionaires Pay ZERO Taxes, Hellish Dem Future & More!
Jun 10, 2021
Breaking Points 6/8/21: UFOs, workers, Bezos, Obama, and more
Jun 08, 2021
Breaking Points FIRST SHOW: Dems Screwed In 2022? Facebook's Trump Ban And NYC's Crazy Mayoral Race ft Glenn Greenwald
Jun 07, 2021
INTRODUCING: Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar
May 30, 2021