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Start your mornings off right with a mini-retreat to feel better, get more done, and live this life confidently, energetically, and abundantly. Each day I'll share easy access doors to help you find Peace in chaos, Love in fear, Silence in noise, and Light in darkness. You’ll start recognizing the Go(o)d in everything, including yourself. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please subscribe, rate, and review Go(o)d Mornings on Apple Podcasts if you enjoy it! Catch new episodes of ‘Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki’ 7 days a week, each morning, before 7am ET.
*10% of revenue generated from this podcast will be donated to "Showering Love" a non-profit organization that restores good mornings, dignity, hope and health to people experiencing homelessness by providing showers and other supportive services.

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How to Live as LOVE- A Powerful Meditation for Alignment

Today's Guided Meditation from the book 'Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration' by Penney Peirce :

"1.  Quiet yourself, center your attention in your body, be in the present moment 100 percent, and create calmness and receptivity. Recall your list of positive experiences. 

2. Imagine that behind your back, your diamond light body appears. This body looks just like you but is made of pure transparent light and has no wounds or blockages. Your light body radiates wisdom, love, harmony, and the knowledge of abundance. Your light body steps forward and puts its hands on your shoulders. 

3. In your imagination, feel the higher vibration of your light body; welcome it and attune to the frequency. As you do, your light body steps inside you, merging with you seamlessly and easily. 

4. Your light body matches up with your physical body perfectly, each light body part finding its physical body part: the light heart merges with the physical heart, the light cells match the physical cells, the light brain joins the physical brain. Take some time to scan through the various parts of your body as this process occurs. 

5. Allow yourself to let go into the light body as it takes over, saying, “You know how to run this brain, this heart, these lungs, how to use these hands, this voice. Please show me how. I trust you to renew me, reorganize me, and teach me.” Fall into your own light and feel supported. 

6. An odd thing happens; as you let your diamond light body take over to guide you, a saturation point is reached where you “flip” and realize you are the diamond light body. Your identity shifts. As you hear the voice of guidance from the light body, you realize it’s your voice. You might say, “I am here now, and I know what’s real.” 

7. Let the diamond light saturate not only every cell, but your emotions, feelings, and thoughts as well. Let it work on your brain and body, dissolving shadows, filling in gaps, upgrading all your systems, erasing worry and doubt, opening new pathways, and reprogramming you with updated frequencies. Remain in the silence. 

8. Now, “strike the tuning fork” of your diamond light body’s vibration and let waves of your light and your original tone ripple through every tiny space in your body and out through your skin into the space around you. Let it expand as far into the universe as it wants. As your own diamond light expands, it joins with the diamond light it encounters in the presence everywhere. In the center of the light, you can hear or feel your soul’s eternal indestructible tone or home frequency. 

Living in your home frequency clarifies your perception. As you become calmer and more centered, others around you may be hitting the earlier, more chaotic parts of the transformation process. You may be tempted to merge with those who are suffering to try to help them. You will probably be knocked out of your center and into lower frequencies a hundred times a day. You’ll have to be enormously kind with yourself, yet disciplined to “choose once again.” 

As you become accustomed to living in your home frequency, you may find others coming to you to discover something about that “special quality” you have.”

Today's Practice:

Feel your Diamond Light Body, allow it to match up to your physical body and FEEL Its vibration of Love and Light.  Stay with It. Feel and hear It tell you, 'I Am here, now'.  Stay with that Go(o)d feeling... keep returning to It until you realize you are It.  It is you. It is me. We are One in This.

Jul 23, 2021
Love Will Employ You

Today's Quote: "I depend on no one because God, (this Love), is my sufficiency in all things. You've got to be centered  in God. That's your number one priority. That's all you've got to do at all times is be centered in God. And everything must come your way. It's a law.  Spirit draws unto Itself.  Spirit will employ you because Spirit is you. But if you're not Spirit, or if you disclaim being Spirit or if you act like a human and not Spirit, how can Spirit serve?" - Herb Fitch

Today's Practice:  Return to the thought, "I depend on no one because God, this Love is my sufficiency in all things", frequently throughout the day. 

Jul 22, 2021
So What We NOT Gon' Do Today Is...

Today's Bonus Quote:

"As you progress you become less excited about collecting the melodrama of the daily news; for as you delve within yourself, you want less and less to feed your mind unnecessary images and thoughts that agitate it.  You simplify what you talk about, what you watch and what you read.  You find yourself drawn to new kinds of books, perhaps books written by those who speak from the quiet of meditation. They are invaluable in creating space in which your mind can become quiet also.   
One can be a responsible citizen without allowing one's mind to be captured by the media and their need to create news"  - Ram Dass, Journey of Awakening

Today's Bonus Practice: 

So what we're not gon' do today is watch stuff that makes us feel bad.  Just for today, turn off the news, turn off that one crime show... stop scrolling that IG account (and the comments!) that gives you anxiety. Sit with a Go(o)d book. Listen to Go(o)d music. Write in your journal. Take a walk. Our life stories have plenty of drama to cause that inner ruckus... we don't need to consume content that generate even more. STOP. Breathe. Smile. Love. I'm with you in this practice.  

Jul 22, 2021
Discovering the Sweetness of Alignment

Today's Quote:

"The sweetness of life, the relaxed presence is the perfume of our essence, our No Self.
This nectar is natural.
It is life itself.
From this nectar everything good grows in our being and in our life. 
Remembering our No Self is to remember this nectar, life's inherent sweetness."
- Bruce Davis, 'The Calling of Joy'

Bonus Quotes:

"I came to know the meaning of the words The Kingdom of God is within you. I noticed that the effects of the prayer of the heart are manifested in three ways: in the spirit, in the feelings, and through revelations.  In the spirit there is the sweetness of God's Love, inner peace, the rapture of the mind, purity of thought, and the delightful remembrance of God. In the feelings there is a pleasant warmth of the heart, fullness of delight in all one’s limbs, the joyous ‘bubbling’ in the heart, lightness and courage, the joy of living, power not to feel sickness and sorrow..."
-'The Way of the Pilgrim'

"In equanimity, every cell in your body will generate sweetness."
- Sadhguru

"Essentially, what you are seeking is an ultimate sense of sweetness within you. Either you hit it accidentally or consciously – that is the choice you have."
- Sadhguru

"Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment."
- Rumi
Image of Anandamayi Ma (Bliss Filled Mother) -- See her face?! That. 

Today's Practice: 

Feel the inner Sweetness and then do something sweet for someone. Let that sweetness take the form of a Go(o)d deed! 

Jul 21, 2021
Where is Love, Now?

Today's Quote: 

Only for today need you try to keep close our contact. Only for the present moment are you held responsible.  Tomorrow, yea, even the next hour is yet unborn.  So you see, after all the task is not such a hard one. Hold fast to My hand now, this very moment feel its tender touch and verily you shall not be left alone in the next hour, day or month."
- Eva Bell Werber, In His Presence

Bonus Quote:

"Why should you worry about the future? You don’t even know the present properly. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself."  
-Ramana Maharshi

Today's Practice: 

As many times as you can remember today, ask, 'where is Love, now?' And then feel It right where you are and know that this is all you have to do. You don't have to feel It in the future. You can only ever feel It now and know that because you feel It now, the future is taken care of. 

Jul 20, 2021
God Is the 'You' You Don't Know Yet

Today's Quote:

“Take the famous utterance, "I am God." Some people think this is a great pretension, but "I am God" is in fact a great humility. Those who say, instead, "I am a servant of God" believe that two exist, themselves and God. But those who say, "I am God" have become nothing and have cast themselves to the winds. They say, "I am God" meaning, "I am not, God is all. There is no existence but God. I have lost all separation. I am nothing." In this the humility is greater.

This is what ordinary people don’t understand. When they render service in honor of God’s glory, their servanthood is still present. Even though it is for the sake of God, they still see themselves and their own actions as well as God—they are not drowned in the water. That person is drowned when no movement, nor any action belongs to them, all their movements spring from the movement of the water.”

Bonus Quote:
"God is the 'You' you don't know yet."
- Mooji

Today's Practice: 

Know that you are watching the doing. You are not the doing. You are not the doer.  The burden is not yours.  Let 'the water move you'. 

Jul 19, 2021
Listen to This One When You Need to Shift

If you're ready for a new life with this same Love, listen to this one... on repeat! Shift into a #NewEarth. 

I love you, 

Jul 18, 2021
How I Let Go of Anger

Today's Quotes: 

"When God loves people He afflicts them.  If they endure with fortitude, He chooses them." - Rumi

"If only you can go through difficult times with inner Grace, every situation you face will be an opportunity to enhance your life." -Sadhguru 

"Don't stop believing, hold on to the feeling."- Journey, 1988

Today's Practice: The next time you're angry,  shift from being the one who is angry, to being the One that is aware that anger has come.  It's a simple (not easy, lol) shift that happens the moment you become aware of Silence, or Love, or your mantra.  You go from being angry to being the Loving Awareness of anger. Cut on some music, take a shower, change the scene (switch rooms) if you can...pause, breathe, smile.  And then let Love move that body into right action.  Let Love heal everything, because It is everything. 

Jul 17, 2021
It's Already Yours

Today's Quote: "'To him who has, all will be given.' If you have It, you can feel the Kingdom of God, there's nothing missing. It's all there. Everything that will ever be needed onto eternity. And if you don't have It, you'll be in trouble. You'll forever be picking up little suggestions from the world mind about your lacks and your limitations. It will be saying, 'you can change the stones to bread, just use your spiritual power'.  No. I already have the Kingdom of God and all It contains. It will manifest. I don't have to tell It what to do. It will manifest." - Herb Fitch

Today's Practice: God put that dream in your heart for a reason. Whenever the dream comes up, or the desire comes up, relax your shoulders, breathe consciously, and smile . This is the body posture that you'll be in when you are living that dream.  Shift into that body posture, now. Be THAT now.  Every time a desire comes up today you should say/think, "I'm not lacking this, this is promised. This is already here. I can't see it yet, but I can feel it. And as long as I keep feeling it, I will see it"  And the feel of It is this Love. This Love is the basis of everything. It becomes everything. TRUST IT. 

Jul 16, 2021
God Chose You

Today's Quotes:"It's by God's grace that you think of God" - Ramana Maharshi

"This place where you are right now
God circled on a map for you
He has bowed there, knowing you were coming." - Adapted from Tim Chalice 

Today's Practice: Know that where you are right now is where you are meant to be. You couldn't be anywhere else doing anything else.  Your purpose is to wake up to Love in the midst of whatever your present life circumstances are. No matter how challenging they are, because as Dr. Bruce Davis says, 'Love found in the midst of great difficulty, is Love found forever'.  And I'm living proof haha!  

You are built for this. God chose you. Step into It.  Know this, feel this, smile, and be Love.  

Jul 15, 2021
The Most Important Thing in Life

Today's Quotes: "The first great step of awakening is from person to Presence. "
 - Mooji

"Stay only with the sense of Presence, happily resting in itself." - Mooji

Bonus Quote: "Become a soul, look around, and you'll be amazed-all the beings around you are souls. Be one, see one." - Ram Dass 

Today's Practice: Take the mantra, "Not person, Presence".  or "Only Presence is here".  See through the the world of 'others' and  'persons' to the impersonal Presence that you can FEEL here, there, and everywhere.  Stay with this felt-knowing, today and everyday like your life depends on It, because your best life does! 

Jul 14, 2021
Love + Consistency = Miracles

Today's Quote: "God... may I trust that change will come with consistency, however slow the pace may seem..." - @Doyal. Gauranga

Bonus Quote: 
“The best service you can do is to keep your thoughts on God. Keep God in mind every minute.” - Neem Karoli Baba

Today's Practice: Before you eat or drink anything, return to Love. Feel the felt-Presence where you are, or say your mantra.  Use food and drink to turn you around to your Self, repeatedly during the day. When you're three or four bites in, or the entire meal is finished and you've only then remembered, smile, and be thankful for Grace. Grace woke you up, and if you keep intending and practicing, it'll keep waking you up, and sooner and sooner each time.  Make it a game!  I love you! (and know that I still forget sometimes, too!) 

Jul 13, 2021
The Simplest Way to Enlightenment

Today's Quotes:

"The roar of Joy that set the worlds in motion is reverberating in your body and the space between all bodies.  Beloved, listen."  -The Radiance Sutras

"When you're on Clearwater Beach what do you need to do in order to be on Clearwater Beach?" - Adapted from a Graham Ellis quote

Today's Practice:

In the midst of an activity, like beginning to stand up, or mid-stride, stop abruptly (think of it like that old school game, 'Red Light, Green Light'!) and see what you feel in the body.  You'll notice stillness... Silence. The mind falls quiet, and the quiet is LOUD. Like a big pause.  Feel Love in that Silence.  Know Love as the Silence. Recognize that this Loving Silence is always, already the case. You are always in It. You are always walking through It.  It is seemingly appearing as you, as me, as everything.  Stay in this knowing. Stay (t)here in the Silence.  "Stop leaving and you'll arrive." - Lao Tzu

Book Recommendations:

Frank Kinslow's 'The Secret of Quantum Living'
Lorin Roche's 'The Radiance Sutras'

Jul 12, 2021
Hold Love's Hand

Today's Quote:

"If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again."- Wayne Dyer adapted from A Course in Miracles

Today's Practice:

Personalize that boundless, formless Love as the presence of your transitioned loved one. For me, It's my Grandma Maxine.  I take her hand in the morning, and I don't let It go. I don't let Love go. I practice holding Love's hand and letting It guide me through my challenges, ups and downs during the day, until I recognize that even when I seem to let go of Its hand, or forget, It's still holding mine. Love is still holding me.

Try this today and watch how easier it is to stay aware of Love! 

Books Mentioned:

Brother Lawrence's 'The Practice of the Presence of God'
Joel Goldsmith's 'Practicing the Presence' 

Jul 11, 2021
The Solution to Every Problem

Today's Quote:  "Keep your pipes open... keep your faucet ON." - Abraham Hicks 

Today's Practice: Repeat outwardly and inwardly "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" and FEEL the gratitude, FEEL the Love it points you to.  Love is Gratitude. Gratitude is Love.  When you are abiding here, you lack nothing. You have everything. You are everything. There is no problem to be resolved. Where the problem appears to be, there's only this Love. 

Jul 10, 2021
Do This Meditation Before Sleeping (Your Life Will Change)

Go(o)d Night Quotes:

"All evil vanishes in life for he who keeps the sun in his heart." - Mantra shared by Ram Dass (Aditya Hridyam Punyam Sarv Shatru Bena Shenaam)

“It is your consciousness that has brought forth all the beauty, truth, and abundance that you now experience. It will not stop. The love you hold in consciousness is eternally manifesting as tangible expressions of who you are. Maintain the peace.”
- John Stephenson (a personal note to me in December 2020)

“Where ever you go, a garden will grow. Don’t you worry. There’s no way that you can put your trust in the Supreme, or turn your Heart, or your intention toward the Truth, and you get a lesser life.” - Mooji

The meditation is an adaptation from Herb Fitch's Mount Hood Talk (Tape 10:1)--

"'I am the power. I am the presence. I am the fullness thereof.  I have no other gods than my own Spirit. My Spirit is everywhere present. My Spirit is everywhere, the one and only life.  My spirit everywhere is the only manifestation. All that is not my Spirit is not there, because I am Divine Being.  Every quality of my Divine Being is flowing through my own Omnipresence.'
I recommend that you make this your evening meditation before sleep for a solid week;  'I am Divine', and when the world mind says to do this, do that, and do the other thing, that is your only answer; 'I am Divine'. I fear no Judas. no Pilate, no disease, no disaster; I am Divine. I am the living Spirit of God. Thou seest me thou seest the Divine Self, even if you don't know it. Thou seest the divine Self right before your eyes, always, is the Divine Self everywhere. Wherever you go, there is your Divine Self already, and the distance between is your Divine Self, and wherever you leave, your Divine Self remains there and goes before you at the same time. In the sky, on the earth, in the ocean, only your Divine Self is. In every tomorrow, and now still in every so called yesterday." 

Rest in this Truth every night for a week. Allow your life to change from the inside-out. 

Jul 09, 2021
2:22 | We Aren't Looking for Signs Today

Today's Quote: "As rapidly as we use the forms as which supply appears, the invisible supply will again become manifest, because It is infinite; It is always Omnipresent, and the supply itself, which is the Spirit of God in us, will reproduce it.  No longer shall we live by bread alone, but by a consciousness of God's presence which requires no words, but rests in God as one."- Joel Goldsmith, Invisible Supply

Today's other quote haha: "The real contentment comes only when there is no desire, no hankering in your mind for anything.  How can you say that you have got everything and do not want anything more when you are holding an empty vessel in your hand?  You might be saying this with your mouth, but there would always be the worry in your mind about how the pot could be filled, always looking from side to side with the expectation that somebody will come and fill it up.  Well, how can you call this contentment? When one sees that when the pot before him is full to the brim, it is emptied, and when it is empty, it is refilled of its own - that is contentment.  If anyone wanted to give him anything, he would show that the pot was full already. What would he do with anything more?  Even if he wanted to share it with others, where would he put it?   This is the real contentment and it comes only through the grace of God.  When you have full faith in Him, full reliance on Him, when you can surrender everything to Him, then that grace comes to you by itself - you do not have to ask for it or make any effort.  Such is the value of faith in God." - Sri Neem Karoli Baba

Today's Practice: Stop looking for signs of your good... for evidence of God. Recognize and feel your fullness. Relax into your fullness... into the felt-being of Love.  Live today as THAT which you hope to become. When you are living as THAT, you don't look for signs!  You just are.  

Jul 09, 2021
How I Dissolve Bad Moods

Today's quote and practice are one: 

"This moment couldn't be any other way."  or "This mood, how I feel right now, couldn't be any other way."

Notice your negative or heavy mood but don't try to change it.  Think of it like weather. You can't change it. You wouldn't even try to change it. You just shelter in place.  This mood is inner weather.  Let it blow through.  You just feel and be Love while the inner storm is raging.   See through the storm to the Love that's actually there.  

Jul 08, 2021
A Divine Message for You

Today's Quote: 

"You are already in the temple which requires that you bow down to nothing except the divinity of your own being." - Dr. Michael Beckwith

Today's Other Quote: 

"Your holiness blesses the world. This idea contains the first glimmerings of your true function in the world, or why you are here. Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness. Thus are you and the world blessed together. No one loses; nothing is taken away from anyone; everyone gains through your holy vision. It signifies the end of sacrifice because it offers everyone his full due. And he is entitled to everything because it is his birthright as a Son of God."  - A Course in Miracles Lesson 37

Today's Practice: 

Love everything you think about and everything you see.  Look at objects and appearances from the feeling of Love. Feel Love (your Holiness, your Divinity) and bless the chair, the couch, the lamp, the tree.  Being aware of and AS Love while looking at 'stuff', blesses that 'stuff'.  It dissolves the concepts of that 'stuff'. It reveals that there is no 'stuff', only Love.  And then the 'stuff' that more perfectly reflects this Love comes into view. 

Close your eyes and think of a person you like-- feel Love while thinking of them.  Bless them with the Love that you both are.  Now, think of someone you don't like. Feel Love while thinking of them.  Bless them with the Love that you both are.  Abide in your Divinity and watch what happens! 

Jul 07, 2021
If Life is But a Dream, How Can We Wake Up?

Today's Quote: "Past karmas can't be settled one by one. They get settled all at once, in a single moment, when you realize that all of this is a dream. When you realize that you didn't do anything you think you did." - @ImmortalTalks via IG

Today's Practice: Set your phone timer to go off once an hour on the hour to remind yourself that this is all like a dream. To remember to remember to hold the thread of Truth. To feel for the essence of Love in every seeming moment.  Only Love is here. Only Love is real.  Today's practice is to live lucidly, aware that "life is but a dream."  And to smile to that dream : )

Bonus quotes: Ramana Maharshi on the nature of reality-
‘The world should be considered like a dream.' - from Who Am I?
'Waking is long and a dream short; other than this there is no difference.' - from Who Am I?
'The present waking state is no more than a dream.' - from Talks 244
'The so-called waking state is itself an illusion.'- from Talks 199

Nisargadatta Maharaj on the nature of reality- 
"The dream is not your problem. Your problem is that you like one part of your dream and not another. Love all, or none of it, and stop complaining. When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all that needs be done."

Jul 06, 2021
Negativity Can't Touch You When You're Feeling Love

Today's Quote: "Negative energies can't touch you if you are in the state of meditativeness." 

Today's Practice: Follow the chime into the Silence. Be the Silence. Know that when are abiding in and AS the Loving Silence, nothing can touch you.  You are safe. You are loved. You are Love.  

Jul 05, 2021
In This Moment, Be Love.

Today's Quote:  "I go before you to make the crooked places straight." -Isaiah 45:2

Today's Practice:
Stand up, and gently lift your head, your chin, your face as if you're warming yourself in the sun.  Smile. Breathe deep. Warm yourself in this Love. Know this Love as the 'I'-- the One that goes before you to smooth your path.  The One that is carrying you.  The One that is caring for you. The One that is the true provider. Your true wealth. Source.

Know that "I" goes before you to make the crooked places straight.
Feel the Love that goes before you to smooth the path. 

Jul 04, 2021
A Powerful Way to Stop Negative Thinking

Today's Quote:  "Is it true?" - Byron Katie

Today's Practice: If you're feeling bad, it's because you're thinking something that is false. Interrupt the thought train with the felt-knowledge that the thoughts aren't true and that's why they feel bad... not because they are true, but because they are not true. 

Jul 03, 2021
Dollars Flow to Me Easily

Today's Quote:
"Close your eyes and just feel abundant. A very light intention is all you need here. Remember—When living these spiritual principles, all you need is a very light touch, and the Universe responds spontaneously and beautifully.

Force plays no part in any of this. You do not have to “force” the Universe to give you anything. You do not have to “force” the Universe to respond. The need to use force comes when you believe you will not always get what you want, and therefore have to try all ways and means to get it. This is again our faulty logic at work.

All of the Universe is always equally present at all times for you. There is no need to “force” energy to flow, it just is. You are immersed in the Universal field whether you know it or not. Trying to “force” your Universal good is like standing in a beautiful field of marigolds and then “forcing” the flowers to come to you. That’s absurd, because the flowers are already here and in full bloom all around you! You just need to open your eyes to see them. Similarly, all you need to do is to open your inner eyes to recognize the inherent abundance that is already here. Right now, you are standing in a beautiful field of flowers. The flowers are there, but you cannot see them.

Why is that so? We are so busy looking on the outside (for certain people, circumstances and methods which we believe can help us achieve our goals) that we hardly take the time to turn inwards. When you turn inwards, you realize that what you have been looking for is there all along. The feeling of abundance which you so eagerly yearn for has been there waiting for you all along to experience it."
— 'Dollars Flow To Me Easily' by Richard Dotts

Today's Practice:
Find an image of a field of flowers. Save it as your phone's screen saver.  Allow it to remind you of your inherent abundance. Allow it to remind you that you are standing in a field of flowers, a field of goodness, a field of Godness.  Know this, feel this, BE THE FIELD, and the knower of the Field.*

*Bhagavad Gita 

Jul 02, 2021
Instantly Shift Into Love

Today's Quote: "Smile, breathe, and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Today's Practice: Practice holding a little half smile, today.  A Buddha smile.  A Mona Lisa smile.  Smile to stranger, smile to nature, smile to your smile, smile to this Love. Bow and smile to the presence of Peace within you.  When you notice the smile has faded, return to the smile. It will change everything. Thich Nhat Hanh calls it the best form of yoga-mouth yoga!  He says that sometimes your "joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. "

Jul 01, 2021
The Key to Feeling Love All The Time

Today's Quote: "Everything is impermanent except the Love of God." - Neem Karoli Baba

Today's Practice: Find the Easter Egg in every moment. Find Love in every moment.  No matter what fleeting moment you find that body in, feel for the Love, the permanence, that is behind and beyond it.  Feel Love at the store, at the office, at home while loading the dishwasher. Stay with this Love and know that nothing external is causing It.  It just is, and you are blessed, in this life, to be able to be consciously aware of It. To be in alignment with It. To be appearing as It.  When you live as It, It becomes everything that is needed.  Trust It. :) 

Jun 30, 2021
An Easy Way to Feel 'Love'

Today's Quote: "We lost conscious unity with the Father and invented a new meaning for the word 'I'. The word 'I' originally meant 'God'.  The word 'I Am' really meant, 'God Is'.  So when the word 'I' was spoken it was really 'I' uttering 'Itself'." - Herb Fitch

"I and the Father are one and all that Father has is mine."-  Jesus

Today's Practice:
1.  Close your eyes and place your hand over your heart
2. While keeping your head level, look up behind your closed eyelids (as if at the ceiling).
3. Feel how the body feels... feel how the Soul feels in and AS the body.   

Bonus Practice:  
Make a list of everything you think you need. And then one by one, write, "I don't need ______, I only need the conscious awareness of the 'I AM'."  Once you have God, you have everything you need.  Once you have the conscious awareness of Love, you need nothing.  Feel the presence that you are, and know This to be the all.  

Jun 29, 2021
The Most Powerful Meditation Practice

Today's Quote:

"Become watchful of your physical body: watch yourself walking, watch yourself eating, watch yourself running, talking, listening. Watch. And through watching you will see you are different from the physical body. Because the watcher cannot be the watched, the observer cannot be the observed, the seer cannot be the seen, the knower cannot be the known. 

Watch the physical body, and the second body will arise.  It is there-- but you will start feeling it, you will start recognizing it, it will start penetrating you.  This is the first step of meditation: watch the physical body.  Then the second step, and the last, is: watch the bliss body. Watch your celebration, watch you joy, watch your silence , watch your ecstasy and then you will suddenly see that the watcher cannot be the watched: "Ecstasy is there, but I am far away from it. Bliss is there, but I am the knower of it."  - Osho

Today's Practice:

Watch that body. Watch it like you're watching someone else. Watch it like you're watching a movie about someone else.  And then watch the Love that bubbles up. Watch It closely, and then see if you can see the watcher. Can you watch the watcher? What is aware?  Stay with this. Keep watching the body and mind, and watch what happens! No-thing is the same. ;) 

Jun 28, 2021
Look Over the Thought's Shoulder

Today's Quote: "Your thoughts will be okay without you.  Rest." - Jaiya John

Today's Practice: Sit formally for 5-10 minutes and as thoughts come, look over their shoulder. Look past and beyond each thought.  And wait in the silence until the next one comes... and then look over its shoulder.  Rinse and repeat.  :) 

Jun 25, 2021
Bless Everyone You Meet

Today's Quote: "If God is the center of your life, no words are necessary.  Your mere presence will touch hearts." - St. Vincent Depaul 

Today's Practice: Silently bless everyone you meet on your path.

Feel Love inside while you look at people. 

Feel the Love that you are, where you see people.  

Be still and know (feel) the Kingdom of Love, where the eyes register the world.  

I find that holding 'others' in the Light, keeps 'me' in the Light, consciously. This Light dissolves the concepts of 'other', and 'me'... revealing the Truth that right where we appear to be, there's only this Light, shining. Only this one Light.  Just One Love appearing as you, as me, as everything.

Jun 24, 2021
The Quickest Way

Today's Quote: "There is no other God than this sense of presence. And I Am this sense of presence. Understanding this with conviction, is the quickest way."  
- Nisargadatta Maharaj 

"Going within isn't a direction, it's a dimension." - Sadhguru 

Today's Practice:  Return to this mantra repeatedly, today-- "I Am this Presence".  There is only Presence, here.  You aren't becoming aware of the 'Now',  because you ARE the now.  You aren't becoming aware of Presence. You ARE Presence. You aren't becoming aware of Love.  You ARE Love.  And this can be your lived experience, with eyes opened during the day. But you have to practice it every morning. 

Jun 23, 2021
Swag Surfin' Through Love

Today's Quote:  "This Love is not a human love. It's not limited love. It's not changing love. But a Love so strong that it can overcome the sense of anything unlike God.  A fierce Love, a Love that refuses to be submerged in the confusion of this world. A Love perhaps born of strife, of pain.  An ecstasy born of agony.  But It's so strong that an individual can say, 'I am that Spirit of God and no other.  No one can convince me of sin. Nothing can move me out of this knowledge that I Am That I Am.'   That Love pulsing through you will give you the strength." -Herb Fitch from his Mount Hood Talks

Today's Practice: Rock negative thoughts away. When you're swaying in Love, the negative thoughts are seen to be unreal, even when they seem to be playing. Rock and know that only Love is (t)here.  Today, whenever you get a chance, rock back and forth (left to right, right to left) and become aware of what you feel in your body.  Love. Peace. Feel this Love. Be Love.  

Jun 22, 2021
How Grace Works

Today's Quote:  "When you run alone it's called a race, but when God runs with you, it's called Grace." - Unknown

Today's Practice: Recognize that all this life you've been running, hard... right next to a train that's running in the same direction.  Get on it. Sit down. REST. RELAX. Take a load off.  Breathe. Smile.  You're being carried.  Feel LOVE for this realization.  Don't get off this train. Take the mantra, "I am on the train." Smile. Be. Love.  

Jun 21, 2021
How to Pray

Today's Quote: "When prayer becomes habit, miracles become your lifestyle". - Unknown

Prayer is defined here not as words, but as union with Love, with the One Presence.

Today's Practice: Feel Peace inside, and know It as your true Self.  Know It as the Self of everyone and everything. There is only this Peace, this Love.  And when you're in touch with That, conscious of It, miracles become commonplace.  Relax and know that the felt Presence of God, of Love, is true prayer.  

Jun 18, 2021
Love is Always (T)here to Feel

Today's Quote: 

"Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of Presence. "- Unknown via IG 

Today's Practice: 

Just like air is always there to breathe, Love is always (t)here to feel... to Be. Take a conscious breath and know it as Love. Know the air as Love. Fill yourself with Love. Feel Love. Be Love. 

Jun 17, 2021
The Light Has Come

Today's Quote: "The Light has come. The Light has come. You are healed and you can heal. The Light has come. You are saved and you can save. You are at peace, and you bring peace with you wherever you go. Darkness and turmoil and death have disappeared. The Light has come.  

Today we celebrate the happy ending to your long dream of disaster. There are no dark dreams now. The Light has come. Today the time of Light begins for you and everyone.  It is a new era in which a new world is born.  The old one has left no trace upon it in its passing. Today we see a different world, because the Light has come. " - A Course in Miracles 

Today's Practice: Relax your body, feel that lightness in your Being. Be that lightness. Be Light.  

Jun 16, 2021
Listen for the Feeling of Love

Today’s Quote: "Shift your attention from words to silence and you will hear.”
- Nisargadatta Maharaj 

Today’s Practice: Try saying and thinking nothing negative for the next 24 hours and watch your life change. 

Today, whenever you are met with a challenge in your external environment or even just challenging thoughts that won’t let you be great, STOP.  Close your eyes, and listen within.  Listen like you’re listening for a sound you can’t hear.  Thoughts may come, but simply return to listening.  It will seem like nothing is happening, but trust me. God is in that silence. God is that silence. That silence is Love and It’s healing your thoughts (shifting them to the positive, as a natural side effect) and your world. But you have to let It. You have to surrender to this silence, to this Love. I call it listening for the feeling of Love.  Do this with me today. And watch what happens. 

Jun 15, 2021
You Don't Have to Believe, You Just Have to Be-Love

Today's Quote:

"Namaskar yourself into peace
Namaskar yourself into love
Namaskar yourself into union
Let us put our hands together and unite the world
May you unfold your being with folded hands

Namaskar is the simplest form of yoga, which as we know means union. Try putting your hands together, bringing both palms together in proper alignment and looking at someone or something with loving attention. In three to five minutes, you will begin to harmonize." 

-Sadhguru, 'Karma' 

Today's Practice:

Namaskar yourself into Love. Stay (t)here. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, upset, angry, or fearful today, find a place where you can be alone, and use your body like an antenna for the Divine.  Bow your head, close your eyes and fold your hands in front of you. Feel the Peace that washes over you. Hear how the thoughts quiet down.  Then bring that Love you found within OUT into the world.  Look out at the room you're in FROM the feeling of Love. The room is appearing in the Love that you are.  The room IS Love. 

If you aren't able to remove yourself and find somewhere private, take this posture internally. Feel into the Love inside that is (t)here, no matter what that body is doing or not doing.  And then, watch what happens!!! 

Jun 14, 2021
Preview: A Little Birdie

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May 31, 2021