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Pilot's Discretion brings you authentic conversations with some of aviation's most interesting people. From honest discussions about flight training to fascinating stories from airshow pilots, this podcast is for anyone who loves to fly. Stay tuned for our rapid-fire "ready to copy" segment at the end of every episode, where we go beyond the cliches to find out what each guest really thinks. Brought to you by Sporty's Pilot Shop, training and equipping pilots worldwide since 1961. Have a comment? Email us: podcast@sportys.com

Episode Date
79. Checkride pressure and flying piston twins, with Jason Blair
Jun 04, 2024
78. Young pilots and ditching tips, with Amy Laboda
May 21, 2024
77. Airport kids and CRM lessons, with Kevin Garrison
May 07, 2024
76. Pilot hiring trends and corporate jets, with Mike Martin and Sean Richey
Apr 23, 2024
75. Bush flying in Alaska, with Patrick Carter
Apr 09, 2024
74. Electric airplanes, drone delivery, and personal jets, with Ben Marcus
Mar 26, 2024
73. Flying a vintage airplane across the country, with David Tulis
Mar 12, 2024
72. Why most airports are poorly managed, with Mike Jones
Feb 27, 2024
71. IFR proficiency and remote flight instruction, with Ryan Koch
Feb 13, 2024
70. How musicians and pilots are similar, with Randy Waldman
Jan 30, 2024
69. Engine failure lessons and flight simulator tips, with Josh Harnagel
Jan 16, 2024
68. Business aviation trends and new technology, with Brian Foley
Jan 02, 2024
67. Year in review, with John Zimmerman and Rob Reider
Dec 19, 2023
66. Flying like a pro in a Boeing and a Bonanza, with Don Wykoff
Dec 05, 2023
65. Why learning to fly can be lonely, with Patrick Chovanec
Nov 21, 2023
64. Safety lessons learned at the NTSB, with Robert Sumwalt
Nov 07, 2023
63. Epic Cub videos and entitled airline pilots, with Joe Costanza
Nov 03, 2023
62. Why angle of attack is overrated, with Ed Wischmeyer
Oct 10, 2023
61. Safety theory and restoring a Cessna 172, with Sidney Dekker
Sep 26, 2023
60. Surviving a plane crash on a frozen lake, with Tom Comet
Sep 12, 2023
59. A reality check on eVTOL aircraft, with Elan Head
Aug 29, 2023
58. What MOSAIC means for pilot training and airplane designs, with Dan Johnson
Aug 15, 2023
57. FAA medicals and flying as a Top Gun adversary pilot, with Dr. Keith Roxo
Aug 01, 2023
56. Fuel management and flying the U-2, with Tim Decker
Jul 18, 2023
55. Why airplane accidents are not just stories, with Steve Green
Jul 03, 2023
54. ATC for flight simulators and SimVenture, with Kevin from PilotEdge
Jun 20, 2023
53. Airline myths and leadership lessons, with retired airline CEO Bill Ayer
Jun 06, 2023
52. Flight training trends and wing walking, with NAFI's Karen Kalishek
May 23, 2023
51. Failed checkrides and flying the B-1 bomber, with Tom Curran
May 09, 2023
50. Overcoming tragedy and flying in Africa, with Pete Muntean
Apr 25, 2023
49. Safety habits and aviation lobbying, with Jeb Burnside
Apr 11, 2023
48. Learning from every flight, with Steve Thorne of Flight Chops
Mar 28, 2023
47. Covering airline close calls and building flight sim products, with Jon Ostrower
Mar 14, 2023
46. Instrument flight training and taildragger lessons, with Elaine Kauh
Feb 28, 2023
45. IFR flying tips and gear-up landing stats, with Tom Turner
Feb 14, 2023
44. Flying and writing about the 1919 transcontinental air race, with John Lancaster
Jan 31, 2023
43. Weather flying tips and debating Boeing vs. Airbus, with Captain Doug Morris
Jan 17, 2023
42. Why GA is experiencing a renaissance, with Flying magazine's Craig Fuller
Jan 03, 2023
41. What's killing pilots and how to stay safe, with the NTSB's Bruce Landsberg
Dec 20, 2022
40. From YouTube astronomer to Cirrus pilot, with Scott Manley
Dec 06, 2022
39. Exploring the world in a Boeing 787, with author Mark Vanhoenacker
Nov 22, 2022
38. Flying helicopters and climbing mountains, with Jessica Meiris
Nov 08, 2022
37. Why eVTOLs are for real and flying the A-10 Warthog, with Beta's Chris Caputo
Oct 25, 2022
36. Learning to fly while YouTube watches, with Kim and Kristoffer from Baron Pilot
Oct 11, 2022
35. Understanding aerodynamics and checkride tips, with Catherine Cavagnaro
Sep 27, 2022
34. Top Gun training and test pilot stories, with Chuck Coleman
Sep 13, 2022
33. Aviation trends, both hype and reality, with Richard Aboulafia
Aug 30, 2022
32. Air traffic control tips and tricks, with RJ Ratliff
Aug 16, 2022
31. New product successes and failures, with Sporty's Doug Ranly
Aug 02, 2022
30. Flight sim's early days and modern cross-country flying, with Bruce Williams
Jul 19, 2022
29. Oshkosh tips and the experimental aircraft boom, with EAA's Jack Pelton
Jul 05, 2022
28. iPad apps and datalink weather, with ForeFlight's Tyson Weihs
Jun 21, 2022
27. Filming Top Gun's incredible flying scenes, with Kevin LaRosa II
Jun 07, 2022
26. Astronaut stories and weird flight training, with Mike and Patrick Mullane
May 23, 2022
25. Unleaded avgas and flying taildraggers, with Paul Bertorelli
May 10, 2022
24. Safety trends and life as a Thunderbird, with AOPA's Richard McSpadden
Apr 26, 2022
23. Inverted flat spins and airmanship, with Spencer Suderman
Apr 12, 2022
22. An astrophysicist learns to fly, with Dr. Katie Mack
Mar 29, 2022
21. Lessons learned as a pilot and mechanic, with Chelsea Smith
Mar 15, 2022
20. Living in the age of electric airplanes, with Joby's Greg Bowles
Mar 01, 2022
19. Writing America's story from a Cirrus, with James Fallows
Feb 15, 2022
18. How technology has changed flying, with Max Trescott
Feb 01, 2022
17. Flying across the Atlantic in a Cessna, with Ian Seager
Jan 18, 2022
16. Bucket lists and women in aviation, with flyGIRL's Natalie Kelley
Jan 04, 2022
15. Debating "the impossible turn," with Capt. Brian Schiff
Dec 14, 2021
14. Busting maintenance myths with Mike Busch
Nov 30, 2021
13. New weather tools and forecast tips, with Dr. Scott Dennstaedt
Nov 16, 2021
12. Understanding the flight simulator boom, with Chris McGonegle
Nov 02, 2021
11. GA trends and urban air mobility hype, with Mac McClellan
Oct 19, 2021
10. Aviation families and rusty pilot dreams, with Flight Outfitters' Mark Glassmeyer
Oct 05, 2021
9. Flying around the world and embracing adventure, with JP Schulze
Sep 21, 2021
8. Controversial aviation opinions, with AOPA's Dave Hirschman
Sep 07, 2021
7. Backcountry flying and family airplanes, with the RAF's John McKenna
Aug 24, 2021
6. Life as an EMS helicopter pilot, with Matt Johnson
Aug 10, 2021
5. Behind the scenes at air traffic control, with Eddie Albert
Jul 27, 2021
4. Aerobatics and flying in Africa, with Patty Wagstaff
Jul 14, 2021
3. iPad apps and legal weather briefings with iPad Pilot News Editor Bret Koebbe
Jun 29, 2021
2. Airshow life and movie auditions, with Rob Reider
Jun 15, 2021
1. Flight training trends with Eric Radtke, Sporty's Academy
Jun 03, 2021