The Bethadone Program

By beth adone

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Category: Documentary

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Beth speaks of things she has a deep understanding and some a deep appreciation. Themes of supernatural and some tribute types of episodes. Hope you like it all!

Episode Date
Shadow People for Dummies
Come and learn all the basics of shadow people with BETH!
Aug 22, 2022
Sherry Shriner and her legacy!
Learn all about the servant of the most high god herself.
Aug 01, 2022
Shadow People and The Hat Man
Learn about shadow people and the famous hat man!
Jul 30, 2022
In love and memory of the late GREAT- Cranford Nix Jr. Warning- i sing 3 songs and i do it my way.
The little we know about Cranford Nix Jr. And 3 breaks where i sing 3 songs of his and you can call it a mess but it has feelings and hurt soul thats what u hear.
Mar 21, 2022
Satanism and my dislike for Anton Lavey
He pisses me off. Love satan tho and this is some how/why. Nema!
Mar 21, 2022
ESP and how to improve yours through 7 different techniques
I hope you try remote viewing! But mostly i need you to get some zener cards!
Mar 21, 2022
Dantalion and Buer and how i work with these 2 demons from the lesser key of solomon.
All about Working with and what is possible when you invoke either of these amazing demonic forces. With Beths personal experience.
Mar 21, 2022
Algol, its wrath , it and alcohol, and how i ended up possessed. Again.
All about this very dangerous planet and the risks (do not attempt invoking this demon it is only to be done by SKILLED and VERY EXPERIENCED witches and magicians. Like myself whoch is why I am here to tell you all about it and why it wants nothing more than death with extra decapitation. Let Beth tell you the truth. Enjoy.
Mar 21, 2022