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By Daniel

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A podcast where you can learn about or relive some of the best that entertainment has to offer. Join your hosts Daniel Hendrix, Ben Wilson, and Tanya Holstrum as they revisit some of their favorite films, music, and media from genres that influenced and shaped their lives.

Episode Date
"O Face Space" and the Adventure of the Swingline Stapler

Daniel, Ben and Tanya clock in to review the 1999 box office flop yet CULT cable/video hit classic Office Space written and directed by Mick Judge (Beavis and Butthead, Idiocracy).

Their Guest Hosts join them from the Australian based Yum Yum Podcast (YumYum5, YumYumTrek), a show where Daniel and Tanya preciously guested to discuss Babylon 5. Rachel and Ryan bring their unique insights to the office desk and discuss the parallels of American and Australian corporate realities, how Office Space's corporate ennui metaphorically works for any job you hate. They also talk about their favorite characters, quotes, moments, elements of the film that didn't resonate with them and the virtues of the American Dining experience.
Will Rachel and Ryan be able to express themselves? Show off their flair and break free from a black & white rating system of their own design?

Don your thirty-seven pieces of flair ... fifteen is the minimum ...  grab your coffee cup, and get ready for a consultant to grill you to find out just what it is that you DO at your job.

okay? ... yeah ...


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Glenn Thayer

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Dec 06, 2022
Stargate SG-1 25th Anniversary Episode

Daniel, Ben and Tanya talk about the Science Fiction phenomenon Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007). Based on the film of the same name released in 1994, SG-1 picks us shortly after and expands the story and Universe greatly. Our hosts will discuss their favorite episodes, characters, villains, and a whole lot more of what made SG-1 "POP" for them. 

Included are excerpts from their interviews with Stargate stars Suanne Braun (Hathor) and Colin Cunningham (Major Paul Davis) who recall what it was like acting on the series, the people who made their marks on them. and their appreciation of what they believe to be the best fans there are; Stargate fans. They answer fan questions and share some laughs with our hosts.

So, don your BDU's, Tac Vest, and boots, grab your P90 and get ready to jump through the gate with Popped!

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Intro B/G: WatR Double Overhead by ItsWatR
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Honor and Sword: Daddy s Music 

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Nov 23, 2022
Bonus Episode: Top 5 Vampire Films/Series

Daniel, ben, and Tanya try not to SUCK too much as they list their top 5 Vampire Films/Series. What's that? You sounds sick ... are you coffin? Muahahaah ... the puns and dads jokes land with the thud of a vampire bat that accidentally changed into a wolf mid flight. 

There are some surprises on this list and you should listen for your own well being. 
Grab some garlic, holy water and a... what's that? shhh ... don't get cross with me! Now sit down ... preferably away from  a mirror and listen to the latest Bonus episode from Popped!  (Available in Video Format on our YouTube Channel)

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Nov 13, 2022
"Brain Cloud, I knew it!" Joe Versus the Volcano

Daniel, Ben and Tanya leap into the 1990 cult classic Joe Versus the Volcano starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Learn why this amazing little gem of a film was considered a flop in its time. Find out why you may want to question your career, life choices and LUGGAGE wisely.  Remember that not everyone around you is a real person, some of them are fake and plastic and very similar to life size Ken and Barbies. 

What are we saying? Maybe even we don't know, due to this awful brain cloud we collectively have. Grab the correct hat and your watertight steamer trunks cause this one is gonna get deep... 

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Intro B/G: Mystery Bells Ambient Chill Out Music by Julius H
Discussion Background Lost by danydory
Everything Feels New by EvgenyBardyyuzha
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Cyberpunk Trailer by Stringer bell
Voice Over Narration by Glenn Thayer

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Oct 14, 2022
"Great, one X-wing. We're saved": The Mandalorian Season 2

Daniel, Ben and Tanya explore the themes, stories and characters of Season 2 of the Disney + megahit, The Mandalorian. They do a brief episodic analysis highlighting the moments that popped for them and whether or not they feel the momentum carried over from the first season. 

Joining them on the Sound Table are friends and listeners of Popped: Victor, Robin and Matt,
Each gives their own unique feelings and insights on what the Mandalorian has done for them with regard to the Star Wars Universe. 

You won't want to miss the fun as we break into the frog ladies eggs and indulge our culinary appetites on this tasty episode of Popped!

Popped Theme: Spooky-Funk-Instrumental (Royalty Free Artist Unknown needs credit)

Background Music: 

Intro B/G: Stomp by Amaski
Discussion Background Lost by danydory
Everything Feels New by EvgenyBardyyuzha
Let's get Poppin':  Fun Disco by Musictown
Cyberpunk Trailer by Stringer bell
Voice Over Narration by Glenn Thayer

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Oct 02, 2022
"I Have Spoken" The Mandalorian Season 1

Daniel, Ben, and Tanya hop aboard the Razor Crest and go bounty hunting with their new friend, The Mandalorian.
Who are we kidding, they are probably all bounties captured by the Mandalorian!

Follow along as they recall the first season of this groundbreaking Star Wars series.

They will give a brief episode by episode synopsis recalling what made the Mandalorian "POP" for them. They will discuss how they feel this series fits into their own personal views of what Star Wars is and should be. Along the way they will talk about casting, directing, story, comparisons to likely influences, the groundbreaking visual effects and then will rate the first season like they do all of the show they watch.

So, hang on as the Razor Crest maneuvers to outrun Bounty Hunters trying to get hold of the child. It might be a bumpy ride!

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Sep 01, 2022
"Come back to me" Somewhere in Time w/ Guest Jo Addie

Daniel, Ben, and Tanya take a trip through time to find true love when they revisit the 1980 classic film, Somewhere in Time.
Learn how Daniel double-whammies both Ben AND Tanya by hitting them with a film that features two of their most disliked story concepts; Romance and Time Travel.

Follow along as they recount this magical film with its splendid and one-of-a-kind cast that features cinema greats Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Plummer. Find out why this 42 year old film is worth re-watching.

Joining our hosts for a special guest interview is INSITE President and Editor Jo Addie. She has an intimate knowledge of this film and was involved in the production. She became great friends with both Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour and has many lovely stories to share. Her group, along with the Grand Hotel hot a Somewhere in Time themed weekend at the Hotel on Mackinac Island )pronounced Mack-IH-NAW). 

Grab some coins, your favorite pocket watch and a suit that is ten to fifteen years out of date and come back with us to 1912 ... "See ya around Arthur"

INSITE Webpage: https://www.somewhereintime.tv/

Original Music provided by Ryan Hendrix
"Somewhere in Time Main Theme" written by John Barry
Cover performed by Ryan Hendrix
Lost by DanyDory  https://pixabay.com/music/search/lost/
Spooky-Funk-Instrumental (Artist Unknown needs credit)

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Jul 03, 2022
"Inconceivable: The Princess Bride"

Join Daniel, Ben and Tanya as they discuss the universally loved Adventure, romance, fantasy, action, swashbuckling masterpiece film, The Princess Bride. Our hosts set off for an epic adventure and along the way discuss their favorite characters, moments in the film, quotes, trivia and more.

They are joined by two very entertaining guests on the Sound Table, return guest Dawud Zafir and Vonn Cooks. (If you're a regular listener, you'll remember Dawud from the Season 1 Ghostbusters episode). They too recount their favorite elements of this one of a kind film.

So, grab your wheelbarrow, holocaust cloak and a nice chocolate pill that will go down easily and enjoy another episode of POPPED! With Daniel, Ben and Tanya. 

Classical Guitar by Palle1958 https://pixabay.com/music/id-5030/
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Spooky-Funk-Instrumental (Artist Unknown needs credit)
Fun-Disco by Musictown https://pixabay.com/music/id-108497/

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Jun 12, 2022
Bonus Episode: Bottom 5, Our Least Favorite Films

Get Ready for some hilarious controversy ...
Daniel, Ben and Tanya reveal the films that they feel are truly the bottom of the class.
Listen to them break each others hearts and encourage hate mail from listeners as they savage movies that some think are masterpieces and they think stink!

Complete with sound effects, slips, personal opinions, and all sorts of offensive noise.

Grab a whoopie cushion, a kazoo, something fizzy that will help you belch loudly, and some tomatoes to throw at our hosts as they roast and lampoon their bottom five worst films.

Popped Bonus Episode Theme:
*Royalty Free Needs Artist Name and Credit

Seedy Night Club 1930s by ASTROFREQ

Fun Disco 1 by Musictown

Everything Feels New by EvgenyBardyuzha

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May 28, 2022
"Everybody Loves Steve" The First Avenger

Daniel, Ben and Tanya take their first foray in to the Marvel Universe and discuss the 2011 film, Captain America, The First Avenger. Starring Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, Sebastian Stan, Haley Atwell, Dominic Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson and Neil McDonough.

Join them as they relive the transformation of a weakling into one of the best Marvel Superheroes. Learn how this film turned around some pre-conceived notions and quickly became the favorite Marvel film for one (or more) of our hosts. 

This episode does not feature a celebrity interview OR a Sound Table. 

Just raw , mostly unfiltered opinions about this epic film that is not sequentially but time-wise, the first Avengers film. 

Grab a pop, some taffy or a Bazooka Joe and sit back in an old timey theater to listen to another great episode of Popped!

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May 19, 2022
Get the Hook!

Daniel Ben and Tanya discuss the 1991 Steven Spielberg hit, Hook!
Starring Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins and Julia Roberts.

They try to reconcile very different opinions on this Spielberg classic and discuss the nuances of a film that was touching, emblematic and perhaps a bit flat on character development.

They are joined on the first Sound Table of the second season by Patrick Mitchell and David Syke who are both huge fans of the film.

Get your tomatoes and marbles ready ... this might be a fight as we walk the plank and prepare for war and we all get Popped with, HOOK!

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Apr 28, 2022
Bonus Episode: A Look back at Season 1 of Popped!

Daniel, Ben and Tanya reflect on the celebrities, friends, and family who joined them as they embarked on their first season of Popped. 

They share their favorite moments  (and some clips) with Diane Franklin, Jeffrey Weissman, Julie Caitlin-Brown, Patricia Tallman, and Curtis Armstrong as well as recall their Sound Table Guests: Richard Rigoli, Dawud Zafir, Glenn Thayer, Jason Timothy, Julian Riskus, and Terry Lundwall. 

You'll hear their favorite moments and recollections of their co-hosts Cat Taylor and Susan Wilde. 

Plus you'll get to hear content that hit the cutting room floor as well as a sneak peak at season 2!

Sit back and strap in! or as Short Round once said "Hang on Lady, we going for a ride!"

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Apr 08, 2022
Season Finale: Sherlock Holmes The Universal Years

In this the season finale episode, Daniel, Ben and Tanya are joined by guest host Susan Wilde (Daniel's mother) to talk about the remaining 12 films that were not discussed in the previous two episodes. Universal Studious bought the rights to Sherlock Holmes from the Doyle Estate and moved Holmes and Watson into the era of the Nazi's. These films were all made in the 1940's and the content reflects the time. 

The hosts discuss their favorites of these films and their least favorites. Important discussion points include, the rules of choosing a favorite film, what a "dog" constitutes, how to pronounce Moriarty, the Jeopardy theme music, copious amounts of Rum & Coke when pre-viewing films for the show, attention pants, The Monty Python Penis Song, and much much more. 

A new segment called "I know that guy!" where we focus on a particular actor from the series and bring them to light, so to speak is introduced to the podcast. 

Sit back,  fill your pipe, scratch on your infernal fiddle, and listen to the latest episode of Popped!

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Feb 20, 2022
Sherlock Holmes: The Rathbone & Bruce Years Part 2

Is Basil Rathbone the best Sherlock ever?
Does shaving your beard aid in pulling off a heist?
Why is Watson laying down in the street?
Does South American Flute music make you scream?
Can a bola strangle you to death before bashing your skull in with its weighty balls?
Can Moriarty distract Holmes long enough with red herrings to pull of the "greatest heist the world has ever seen?"
Are the Royal Guard worse than a local security company?
All of these mysteries will be answered, or at least addressed as Daniel, Ben and Tanya with guest host Susan Wilde, discuss the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; a 20th Century Fox 1939 film release.

Grab some corn, a sugary-fizzy-drink, and it's movie time!

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Dec 30, 2021
Top 5: Christmas Films/Series/Shows

In this Bonus Episode of Popped! Daniel, Ben and Tanya countdown their TOP 5 Christmas Holiday films, series and shows. 
Get ready for a fun and magical sleigh ride with your favorite podcast hosts as they pass aroun the 80 proof nog, while tossing gingerbread men into the air and trying to catch them in their mouths. Okay, none of that really happens but they do list off their top 5 Christmas shows. 
Happy Holidays Everyone from all of us here at Popped!

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Dec 14, 2021
Sherlock Holmes: The Rathbone & Bruce Years Part 1

Daniel, Ben and Tanya are joined by guest host Susan Wilde (Daniel's mother) to talk about one of the most indelible duos of all time., Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Specifically, the most famous combination played by the unforgettable Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

In this first of two episodes, the group discuss the first two 1939 20th Century Fox releases of "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes".

This episode features a very special guest: International stage, film and television star Curtis Armstrong (Risky Business, Revenge of the Nerds, Clan of the Cave Bear, Better Off Dead, Moonlighting,  Supernatural). Curtis shares his deep knowledge on one of his lifetime favorite subjects, Sherlock Holmes. He also shares wonderful anecdotes from his childhood, adult life and career as an actor. 

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Dec 10, 2021
"A Shining Beacon in Space, In Memory Still Bright" (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of our slightly "in depth" analysis of the landmark series Babylon 5.
Daniel and Tanya continue the discussion of major characters in the show (though some were left out due to time constraints and the remainder of the conversation PLUS the 3 hours that hit the cutting room floor will show up on our Patreon feed). 

Included in this half is the FANTASTIC interview with Patricia Tallman who has a LOT of wonderful things to say. Joining Daniel and Tanya on the interview is their friend Cat Taylor who is an electric violinist, inveterate nerd, and Entertainment Director for the Great Dickens Christmas Faire. 

So snuggle up to the fire, drink some 'nog and listen to Popped! 



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Nov 13, 2021
"A Shining Beacon in Space, In Memory Still Bright" Babylon 5 (Part 1 of 2)

Daniel and Tanya discuss what made Babylon 5 so valuable to Pop Culture, Television, and serial story-writing. They also delve into why you should watch or re-watch a series that is over two decades old. 
There's a fairly in-depth character dive while giving their personal insights to the strengths and weaknesses of the personalities in question.

Joining them for the celebrity guest interview is Cat Taylor, Entertainment Director of the Great Dickens Faire that normally runs around this time of year.  Our guest celebrity is none other than the Multi-talented actress and now host of adventures with Quest Retreats, Patricia Tallman. Patricia shares her Babylon 5, Star Trek, Night of the Living Dead memories and so much more. 

Join us as we delve into the Greatest Science Fiction epic of our time and revisit and remember a series that impacted countless fans, artists, writers, producers and directors of modern day television and cinema. 

This is an extra long episode and a great deal was cut that will be made available through our Patreon feed in the coming months.

"A shining beacon in space, all alone in the night:
"To absent friends, in memory still bright."


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Nov 13, 2021
Top 5: Halloween Films

Daniel, Ben and Tanya go over their top 5 favorite Halloween films of all time. They even give a list of their honorable mentions because how can you only list 5 Halloween films? Right?!
The episode is brought to you by our first paid sponsor ENVI. Make California green, with ENVI.

Happy Halloween!

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Oct 23, 2021
"And So it Continues" A spoiler-free introduction to Babylon 5

Daniel, Ben and Tanya explore the landmark 1990's series Babylon 5. The first Science Fiction Series to use 100% CGI instead of models, a series that was consistently under-budget and revolutionized modern storytelling. We discuss what made Babylon 5 great without spoilers in preparation for the next episode where we will do a deep dive into the plot, themes, arcs, and storylines that made Babylon 5 the admired and respected series that it is. 

This episode is intended as a "Spoiler-Free" introduction to the series. If you're considering watching Babylon 5, this is the one you want to hear. Our follow up episodes will be much more in-depth and contain spoilers.

Also in the episode, the crew are joined by the Wonderful, Insightful and musically gifted Julie Caitlin Brown who since playing the Diplomatic Attaché to the Narn, Na'Toth, has become a CEO for Illumina Productions, a triathlete and multi album recording artist. She shares her journey with JMS and the cast of Babylon 5 as well as her physical, and cognitive healing process through difficult times that have shaped her unique perspective on health, life and mental acuity.  The show closes with a fantastic song called "The Light and the Dark" on which she plays guitar and sings to lyrics written by her son. 

Sit back, turn down the lights, and try not to spill your drink as you listen to the latest episode of Popped!

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Oct 15, 2021
"Top 5: Teen Films"

In this, the first of the Popped Bonus Episodes, Daniel, Ben and Tanya discuss their top 5 Teen films. 

You'll also hear from our first Paid Sponsor, ENVI Waterless Detail from San Diego California. 
"Make California Green, with ENVI"

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Oct 01, 2021
"HAGA DAGA!" The Breakfast Club

Daniel, Ben and Tanya discuss an iconic piece of Generation X cinematic history, The Breakfast Club directed by John Hughes and starring Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Paul Gleason, and John Kapelos.
Join them as they explore the themes, quotes, characters and memorable moments that made this film POP for them. 
Also in this episode, they welcome 4 guests to the Sound Table; Glenn, Jay, Julian and Terry. 4 guys who grew up together and a couple who went to High School and have very specific memories of what the Breakfast Club meant to them. 
Extra footage from this Sound Table will eventually appear on our YouTube channel as there was a lot of great stuff that sadly hit the cutting room floor due to episodic time constraints.

Sit back, suck down that 40 oz. cup of sugary-fizzy-goodness, and enjoy this latest episode of Popped!

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Sep 25, 2021
"How Could I Have Been So Careless?" Back to the Future 2 and 3

In the second of a two-part series Daniel and Ben discuss the 1989 and 90 mega-hits "Back to the Future 2 and 3" . Topics include the problems of time travel,  major plot points, themes, tropes and characters. 
Special Extra: Outtakes

Sit back, chew on those Junior Mints and listen to another episode of Popped! with Daniel and Ben.

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Sep 07, 2021
"I Am Your Density" Back to the Future

In the first of a two-part series Daniel and Ben discuss the 1985 mega-hit "Back to the Future". Topics include the problems of time travel, meeting your parents in the past, major plot points, themes, tropes and characters. 

They are joined by special celebrity guest Jeffrey Weissman who played George McFly in Back to the Future II and III. Jeffrey offers some insight into the issues with former George McFly actor Crispin Glover. He also shares his experiences on set as well as some information many may be unaware of regarding Eric Stoltz and the rest of the cast. 

Sit back, chew on those red vines and listen to another episode of Popped! with Daniel and Ben.

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Jul 09, 2021
"Okay, Who Brought the Dog?" Ghostbusters

Daniel and Ben discuss the 1984 hit film "Ghostbusters" Starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, William Atherton, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, and Annie Potts. 
They recount the intricate storytelling, character building, plot lines, and unforgettable quotes that made the film the success it became. 
In this episode, the guys experiment with a new segment called "The Sound Table" (a nod to a band of the same name) where friends and fans of the podcasts get to participate in the discussion. The first guests of this segment are Richard P. Rigoli and Dawud Zafir. They share their memories, favorite characters and moments from the film bringing more perspective and fun to the show. 
So, sit back, turn up the volume, refill that sugary fizzy drink and listen ...

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Jun 25, 2021
"Language Lessons" Better Off Dead

Daniel and Ben discuss the 1985 cult hit, "Better Off Dead" starring John Cusack, Diane Franklin, David Ogden Stiers, Curtis Armstrong, Amanda Wyss, Kim Darby, Dan Schneider, and Directed by Savage Steve Holland.
They recount the ups and downs of a film that flopped at the box-office but became a Video sensation and is remembered to this day for it's absurdist, farcical-humor, classic comedic moments, and eminently quotable script.
Joining our Co-Hosts for the very first Popped-celebrity-interview is the wonderfully talented and charming actress, Diane Franklin. She shares some laughs while recounting her Better Off Dead memories, experiences, and reveals some of her latest projects and upcoming appearances. 
So, sit back, turn up the volume, grab some 'corn and listen ... 

Written, performed and produced by Daniel Hendrix and Ben Wilson. 
Voice over introductions by Glenn Thayer. 

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Jun 11, 2021