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Tyler Shepherd
 Sep 4, 2021
The heart and soul of the good old jbp doing their thing, glad to see them up.


New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.

Episode Date
Episode 152 | Rory Joins No Jumper

Well everyone the time has come…We’re really going to miss our Ginger King, but he’s on to whiter pastures. Rory also had a busy nostalgic weekend at a Little Brother show where we all shared our last “fan moment” at a show. Then begins the No Jumper reaction where the guys reminisce in their past experiences. How many times a night do you have s*x? No chance you’re putting up Larsa Pippen numbers. This horny conversation led to Chloe Bailey and eventually Ben Kingsley as Ghandi (google it). Staying in messy relationships, Andrew Wiggins has a decision to make and none of us suggest Mal’s advice. Tune in as we discuss all of this as well as, women with body hair, interesting kinks, and more!

Mar 21, 2023
Episode 151 | The Gang’s St Patty’s Day Special 🍀

Welcome lads and lassies to a festive episode of the New Rory and Mal Show. Today we celebrate the Farrell heritage (peep youtube for festive outfits). We had a mostly family outing to the Emotional Oranges show (Rory, Julian, Demaris, Eddin, Yomi). From here somehow we discuss which of us would survive being stranded. Who would you eat first? Anyway, Nicki agrees that Ice Spice is the new princess of rap. Staying on music (kinda) we discuss Diplo’s latest interview. Speaking of sus, Jussie and his meatball sandwich are back. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more on this holiday special!

Mar 17, 2023
Episode 150 | The Gang Gets Punk’d

Happy 150th episode!!! Did you watch our Inked Vlog yet? Check it out on YouTube. Today we start with a question from Rory regarding two NBA legends in a shootout. Have you ever lost your phone? or worse, has your significant other gotten into your iCloud? In other news, Rory and Eddin’s DNA is at risk while Mal and Julian refuse to spit in a cup. Speaking of DNA, wooly mammoths are set to make a return. Somehow this leads to a conversation about drugs and classic MTV shows. We reminisce on Punk’d, Room Raiders, and NEXT. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above + more!

Mar 14, 2023
Episode 149 | Kendall Jenner's Annexation Of Bad Bunny

Happy Friday everyone “lemme whisper in ya ear”. Rory and Baisley make their return from LA (Bais is still high). Rory spent his time climbing the ranks on the industry list. Unfortunately, this trip put Rory in the middle of producer beef. Meanwhile, Julian saw the Knicks win streak come to an end and Demaris / Yomi had a wild night at SZA. Anyway, what are your thoughts on Ice Spice and North West hanging out? Somehow these leads to Catch a Predator and where Mal has very choice words. Do you believe this Benito (Bad Bunny)  and Kendall Jenner relationship? Or how about Tyga and Avril Lavigne? Or perhaps her conspiracy (it’s Melissa) Staying on musicians, Logic is back with an interesting cover, which leads to a Patreon conversation. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as Metro selling a part of his catalog (Rory has an interesting take), Pau Gasol’s jersey retirement, + more!

Mar 10, 2023
Episode 148 | Did Chris Rock Get His Slap Back? ft. SMINO

We’re back from WTF Studios. Demaris is “beat to the gods” as she prepares to take no accountability at SZA’s show. Meanwhile, Rory was showing off his new tattoo. Julian spent another weekend with “the cast” at the SNL after party. This leads to an engaging conversation regarding Chris Rock’s response. Throughout this conversation we’re joined by Smino. Smino shares his thoughts on his fashion and his album/current tour. He also discusses Lil Wayne’s reaction to his ranking on the all-time list, as well as how “90 Proof” with J Cole came together. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! P.S. Check out the guys guest feature also available today on Chris Distefano’s podcast ‘Chrissy Chaos’

Mar 07, 2023
Episode 147 | I Felt Eczema, I Turned The Light On

Happy Friday…remember pimp my ride? BLM is officially over, but not before we wish Julian’s dad a happy 72nd bday! St. Patrick’s Day is next, which means it’s time to celebrate the white man, Rory. Today we start with music…more importantly Dreamvillefest. Ultimately, as most music conversations do, this becomes a Drake discussion. Will Drake retire and who is the next superstar? Somehow this leads to a discussion about Angelina Jolie’s attempt to hire a hitman. *trigger warning* Is Michael B. Jordan corny? Is Pete Davidson dating Ice Spice? Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more! P.S. We’re releasing a full patreon today which is absurd in many ways. Subscribe now!

Mar 03, 2023
Episode 146 | Bryan Michael Cox Is Bigger Than The Beatles

Today we are joined by legendary songwriter/producer Bryan Michael Cox and co-founder of LVRN, Justice. We immediately jump into music and discuss top catalogs and Bryan’s early days working with a young Beyonce. We then divulge into her personal life and discuss how her high school boyfriend has possibly the biggest of all time. Then we discuss how Bryan Michael Cox’s relationship with LVRN eventually led to him recently taking the role as head of A&R. This leads to a conversation about the landscape of R&B and the history of the remix and Usher’s Confessions. Then we put our guests through rapid fire questions where we pin artists they’ve worked with against each other. Then Justice shares his gripes with Puff, which leads to how everyone shouldn’t have an opinion. We divert from music for a minute to discuss conspiracies. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + far more in this music heavy episode!

Feb 28, 2023
Episode 145 | The New N-Word

The Big D is back with his new rollout! The guys share their thoughts on Trump’s nuclear take, while Rory continues to prove he can rap. We stay in nuclear politics with Kim Jung Un’s sister, Hilary blowing a 3-1 lead, Pearl Harbor (including the movie), and more unidentified “floating” objects. Too much politics talk…let’s get back to music. Rory calls Daniel from DVSN after he set twitter “ablaze” after stealing a fan from her man during his NY show (R&B is back) Meanwhile, rap continues to go through it. YSL Woody’s confession tape is released which leaves Rory and Mal in disagreement. Finally, we recap NBA All Star weekend and praise our new white savior Mac McClung after he salvaged the dunk contest. Thus ending February with Rory and his people back on top. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Feb 24, 2023
Episode 144 | CONSPIRA-POD

Put your tin foil hats on. We have more of our team’s 23andMe results! Eddin’s results are shocking and Julian shares his dad’s results. Rory shares his racist family map, while Mal is related to English royalty somehow. Then we discuss how different reactions are to violent tragedies from the past. This leads to a prison TikTok conversation and somehow ends with Beyonce. Should we get into our conspiracy bag? Why not. We discuss alien technology, historical events, Mars, transgender ET, and zombies. Speaking of Zombies, ‘I Am Legend 2’ is in the works. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above + more 

Feb 21, 2023
Episode 143 | Sometimes We Don't Know Everything

Happy Friday! We’re back after a semigroup Valentine’s Day. Rory, Julian, and Demaris were at Joyce Wrice while Eddin went on 15 dates. Mal, who planned on coming to the show, missed it over a luggage issue. After the show Julian and Demaris pulled up on Armani White for some intense Uno. Do we owe Mal an apology? Perhaps partially. We provide more data about Bruno Mars and get from Rihanna herself how important Kanye is in her art. Speaking of silencing people, Andrew Tate has Mal fired up, which leads to an interesting discussion on cult culture. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as, Pharrell’s new position at Louis V, the tequila era, Elon Musk, NBA All-Star predictions, + more!

Feb 17, 2023
Episode 142 | Will You Be My Malentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you’re lonely like all of us. We start today with Mal reading our auras and then immediately got into our Super Bowl Sunday’s. Rory cooked for Julian and  company. The mac & cheese was better than expected. After a lot of shots we ended up at a strip club. On a more tame night, Mal laid low while Demaris went home. We brought our disagreement from the group chat to the mic and discussed Rihanna’s performance, which was very Kanye inspired. This led to a heated debate about Chris Brown vs. Bruno Mars. After settling down we make our predictions on next year’s halftime performer. Have you seen these red boots? (outside of today’s artwork) Rory gets into his conspiracy bag about the Chinese balloons. Finally, we discuss our Valentine’s Day plans. It seems like we’ll all be together, except for Eddin who’s speed dating. Also, we’re releasing a Patreon today which features a very interesting and odd conversation with a therapist. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above + more!

Feb 14, 2023
Episode 141 | Rihanna Chooses Her Super Bowl Openers

We’re back and with high level political ties. Rory and Mal roast Julian for his recent dinner with former President Bill Clinton. We go right into music and discuss our predictions for the main event this Sunday, Rihanna’s return. To no surprise, Mal has a controversial take. Then we do a deep dive on the latest list making its rounds: Billboard's Top 50 Rappers. Staying in music, we offer our thoughts on Quality Control’s recent sale and Drake being mentioned in XXX’s ongoing trial. Rory teases his critique of Yachty’s album (full on Patreon). Finally we get to the biggest news of the week… LeBron becoming the all-time leading scorer. This conversation leads to a Same Night/Same City and other memorable sports highlights. Tune in as the full team discusses all of this + more! P.S. Our Patreon this week has a bunch of wild takes. Subscribe to check them out.

Feb 10, 2023
Episode 140 | Mark Normand On Spreading Diseases & Comedy

Rory returns from desk duty and has even recruited another white to join today’s episode. Today, we are joined by the hilarious standup comedian Mark Normand. Mark takes us through his youth in New Orleans and his early days living in NY which include getting robbed, bombing shows for years, and comedians feuding. Mark shares how he got sick from eating a$$ and went on to tape a Comedy Central Special. Mal introduces Mark to Same Night / Same City (Trump is involved). Then the guys discuss how cancel culture is being manipulated which leads to conspiracy pod including Cosby, the Chinese Balloon, Sam Smith’s satanic Grammy performance, and the NFL scripts. Tune in as the guys and Mark discuss all of the above and drug use, childhood trauma, religious rituals, Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend + more…COMEDY!

Feb 07, 2023
Episode 139 | The Minority Report

It’s our first episode of Black History Month so naturally we told Rory to sit this one out. He’s on desk duty. We begin with Eddin at the Apollo and Rory/Julian seeing Louis CK sell out all 18,000 seats at MSG (Cosby is next), who’s also the subject of today’s Same Night / Same City. What would you do to see your favorite performers? Well Amber Rose has a solution. Meanwhile, Latto is selling used underwear. Mal shares a confession and Julian shares another bad “break up” story. Speaking of better endings, the guys discuss which artist they wish had a different career trajectory. Then we review the new Lil Yachty album and breakdown Smokey Robinson’s track list for ‘Gasm’. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as, why Demaris is going to have a shooter for a son and why Mal’s uncle stopped robbing people + more!

Feb 03, 2023
Episode 138 | Spoiled Beats & Next-Gen Rappers ft. Don Cannon

The the…the Cannon. On today’s episode we’re joined by one of the most iconic producers/music executives in the industry, Don Cannon. If you’re not familiar with DJ Cannon he helped create the sound of the mixtape era. Currently, he is the CEO of the extremely successful Generation Now and co-founder of the TmrO app. First, Cannon takes us through his early years in the studio from bumping into Kanye and playing basketball with Kobe. Eventually Cannon met DJ Drama and that’s where the mixtapes began. Cannon shares stories from the ‘Trap or Die’ sessions and eventually shares how his resurgence has led to labels requesting “Uzi type beats” or another “First Class”. The guys then all share a moment of how different the next generation of artists are than the previous ones, which leads to why Cannon chose not to go to the Gucci and Jeezy Versus. The discussion returns to today with the controversial rating from Pitchfork on Ice Spice’s EP. The debating with Dom continues as the guys run through recent comments by 50 Cent, Ludacris, the undervaluing of Dr Dre’s catalog, favorite lyrics/beat. Finally, like all good debates including Don and Mal we land on Michael vs. LeBron. The guys share their personal NBA top 5, as well as, their rapper top 5. Tune in as the guys and DJ Cannon discuss all of the above + more!

Jan 31, 2023
Episode 137 | 23 and Him

Happy Friday! We’re off to a restless start as Baisley runs all over Rory’s house. Today we start with music. Complex names 21 Savage the best rapper of 2022, which leads to NORE and the rumor mill. Coming off of rumors we learn that Rick Rubin hates veganism (everyone collectively challenges Mal’s dietary preference). Staying on food, we break down the recent video of the Doordash stunt at a college basketball game and reminisce on Hood Pranks. Kanye is back on the timeline, but for less controversial reasons. Mal has a theory about a potential reunion with Adidas. This past week was fashion week in Paris so naturally we discussed the importance of the best bitty reveal. America’s favorite police officer is back in the news after a Nashville strip club offers her $10k for a couple nights' work. We provide another job she can have at the club. Then comes the most controversial topic of today’s episode. The 23-year-old who looks like a child who’s dating a 26-year-old. Rory and Julian believe this could be a breakthrough. We somehow transition into show-and-tell. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above + more!

Jan 27, 2023
Episode 136 | Rory Gets Denied At The Apollo

The guys are back after a mixy weekend. Rory and Julian thought they found love for Baby D, but to no avail. The following night, the party continued with Bas and the Dreamville team again at none other than Ludlow House. While we were running around lower Manhattan most people were uptown in Harlem for Drake’s back-to-back shows at the historic Apollo. We break down the set list, the featured artists, and how Rory and Mal swallowed their pride and refrained from texting Drake for tickets. While Drake had NY’s attention, Beyonce was across the world giving Dubai her first live show in 4 years. We further the Dubai conversation by proposing a question that would lead to a quick (but sticky) payout. Speaking of sexual acts, would you let your significant other go on vacation for 20 days? Tune in as we discuss all of the above, as well as, the pathetic showing of NY sports teams, Shannon Sharpe vs. The Grizzlies, Catholic School basketball  + more!

Jan 24, 2023
Episode 135 | KFC From Barstool discusses LeBron, Sitting on Cakes, and Barstool Politics

Welcome to the Barstool crossover episode. Today, we are joined by KFC and almost immediately Rory asks about Barstool politics. The guys discuss signing contracts and being cancel proof (if that’s possible). Mal and KFC share how they deal with the haters. Then the guys discuss Stephen A Smith’s comments about Rihanna vs. Beyonce and somehow bring up Mal going to the Cosby tour. Do you vote? Better yet, should you vote? We discuss who should be allowed to vote. Incoming bleep spree…which leads in to George Santos and his lies. Staying on politics, Herschel Walker’s son is killing it on TikTok. It was only a matter of time before Mal brought up LeBron and Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Shaq gets brought into the conversation, but not for the reasons you’d expect. Finally, we react to a bunch of viral videos and eventually turn KFC’s ‘Answer The Internet’ segment on himself. We make him answer a bunch of difficult would you rather'cs. Tune in as we discuss all of the above + more!

Jan 20, 2023
Episode 134 | Bring Back Naked News!

It feels like things are finally getting back to normal. Today starts with Eddin gifting Julian a new Lulu backpack, which will not be given to anybody to borrow. Speaking of borrowing, the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee took team building to the extreme by personally “training” a female officer. Perhaps the police department should have started an Only Fans since they’re all out of a job. Iggy Azalea launches her Only Fans, making over $300k in the first 24 hours, thus sparking the debate of which of us should start one. Naked News was the informative Only Fans…shoutout Toronto. Mal also shares a story of when he saw Ron Jeremy in LA. Back to music, same night/same city SZA or Summer Walker? Then the guys break down the new PnD single and briefly discuss Gunna. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as, the new House Party film and LeBron’s involvement + more!

Jan 17, 2023
Episode 133 | MEN SHOULDN’T DO THIS…

First off…if you haven’t subscribed to our Patreon you’re fooling yourself. The FaceTime call with the girls is available now and things get heated. We close out this crazy story and move on to current news beyond the pod. The guys discuss the Golden Globes and somehow go on a tangent about ‘Baby Boy’. We also discuss Jerrod Carmichael’s monologue and Eddie Murphy’s unnecessary Will Smith joke. Believe it or not Coachella is around the corner and so is the return of Frank Ocean (bring your poppers). Then we try to convince Rory and Mal to hug. We move on to an absurd list of rules for men. To no surprise Mal agrees with most of the rules. Did Julian ask the guys to brunch? Would you trust a robot to represent you in court? Speaking of law, Your Honor is coming back this Sunday. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this, Elon Musk, and more!

Jan 13, 2023
Episode 132 | 2020-Me!

2020-Me! Welcome to the (not so) Happy New Year.  In this episode, everyone had a peaceful New Year’s…except Julian. Demaris went to Rory’s where he hosted. Eddin went out to the clubs and Mal was lowkey. If you’re not on Patreon (join for the full content) for this next story. Julian’s NYE date made her train from Cleveland to NYC and things eventually went off the rails. It’s worth noting, this was also the first time everyone heard this story. Julian details this long weekend which ultimately ends in “heartbreak.” We were able to get her and her friend on the phone for Patreon so subscribe for their response! While that disaster unfolded, Eddin found himself a nice cozy internship. After answering a 3am text from Funk Flex, he now has a new gig. The guys discuss all of this + more on this rollercoaster of an episode…p.s. “get well soon”

Jan 10, 2023
Episode 131 | Till The Rizz Runs Dry

You’ve now joined the nation of Rizzlam. Some things, such as rizz, you just can’t teach. It’s like stepping on the 2 & 4 while using your fingers on the 1 & 3. School dances were a playground for discovery. We also discovered Mal’s Guidance Counselor was a creep and Julian “nailed” his SAT. Then, the guys discuss their favorite tweets responses after Fivio Foreign gets called out for dancing with Asian Doll. “Y’all Won” still holds the title even after Drake’s latest response. Speaking of fly outs, NBA Allstar weekend is in Utah. Catch us live from the Four Seasons for pre/post game interviews with all the fly outs. Everyone needs a good sleep after a long weekend…Bill Cosby’s tour is coming in 2023 and Mal will be front row. *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* TJ Holmes' rizz led him to a divorce. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this plus whether or not they have rizz, their rizz nicknames, + more!

Jan 06, 2023
Episode 130 | Why Don't We Believe Black Women?

Welcome to our first pod of 2023! Let’s talk about equity. Actually, nevermind. Mal continues to defend Michael Jeffery Jordan in all group chats. Even down to his warm-up music. Speaking of ongoing debates, we discuss the guilty verdict from the Tory vs. LA County. Roc Nation really brought it home. Drake vs. Kendrick…who ya got? After the esteemed hip-hop heads at the New York Times crowned Kendrick the “greatest of his generation” we decide to share why we disagree. Between Drake’s timestamp records and raw-dogging a rando we have our winner. Would you let Drake sing to you at a show? We continue the music discussion with Obama’s annual playlist. And once again, Mal and Julian are let down by the Knicks, but uplifted by the new season of ‘Emily in Paris.’ Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more on the first episode of the year. 

Jan 03, 2023
Episode 129 | Merry Chrithmith

Merry Chrithmith from the Crip Santa. Welcome to our last pod of 2022! (there will be a Patreon don’t hate us yet) Our tour has officially come to an end. We spent our final night in Boston after the show with some fans at a local pub. Shoutout to the lesbian couple that kicked it with us all night. We recap the highs/lows of the full tour and discuss an international “Pure Breed Tour” The guys discuss their best/worst Christmas gifts and Rory shares more trauma. Sadly, the Belgian waffle maker couldn’t keep the family together. Somehow we ended up discussing getting punched by Mike Tyson. Would you let him punch you? We pivot to music and discuss our top rap/r&b albums of the year and break down B Dot’s list. Naturally after music we discuss bathroom etiquette. Do you sh*t at the airport? Finally, we recap the reception from the No Jumper interview and discuss Prince/Mike tickets. Listen as the guys discuss all of this + more! P.S. spend time with your family and we’ll see you in the new year

Dec 23, 2022
Episode 128 | Gaslighting & China Mac On Robbing Kanye

Chances are you’ve been gaslighting someone this year or have been gaslit. “Gaslight” has been named the official word of the year…because of women, and Rory. We discuss the signs and how to avoid or properly execute it. Actually, turns out we’re all guilty. Gaslighting sounds like nothing compared to what happened to this girl’s best friend and her man. Rory shares a relatively similar story. Side note, would you let your girl get in bed with her male best friend? Speaking of stiffies, a fourth crypto-billionaire has been found dead. Luckily Rory and Mal still haven’t received their crypto. The second half of this episode we sat down with China Mac. He discusses his past arrests, his incredible rebrand, viral moments, and even his robbery attempt on Kanye. Listen as the guys discuss all of this + more! 

Dec 20, 2022
Episode 127 | Yes Ma'am

Our second episode in LA is met with just as much chaos as the first one. First we recap the legendary performance of Mal Backwoods and Rory Mcilroy at Calabasas Country Club. Mal was an assassin with the putter, while Rory used one club. The team hit Saddle Ranch where we were surprised by Baby D…who chose to straddle the bull, while Eddin fell off immediately. We’ve wrapped our LA show (sold out) and just like in Seattle, Mal was able to tear apart another couple. There was a lot of sexting and a 7-person jumping in Tulum. After the show, Mal and Julian got mixy and stood on couches. Demaris smoked hookah and Eddin “edited some things”. We then dig into Gunna’s case…is he a snitch? Does that matter? We discuss the possibility of our own RICO…sorry Eddin, you’re getting locked up. Staying in LA, Meg & Tory trial is the craziest court case since OJ. Shoutout the Kardashian connection. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Dec 16, 2022
Episode 126 | SZA IS NAS

We’re live from LA! Thank you Seattle for an interesting show and an even stranger night. First, shoutout to the legend Sir Mix a Lot for creating the BBL. We had easily our most fun couples which included the “Peter North” of Seattle. The most fun/controversial part of the night was Mal ending another couple's relationship, thus ending his drought of not breaking up couples. Prior to the show, Mal and Julian visited the best dope spot in the country…the original Starbucks. Meanwhile, Rory walked around in the rain listening to SZA. After the show, we went to a bar where we watched Mal and Peeje have a krump battle. Everyone went home alone…in separate Ubers. For today’s episode we’re joined by the legend Peeje who shared the story from his night in jail. We landed in LA and immediately got mixy. Rory and Julian went to Bootsy Bellows, Soho House, then went back to the hotel to split a bottle of tequila until 6am (nasty). SZA is NAS and Rory will do all he can to convince you that makes sense. We do a lyric breakdown of “F2F” and Mal drops another gem, which involves hoes and rental cars. Hoes complicate things so why not make it a legal binding contract, aka an NDA. Lori Harvey sparks an interesting debate about whether or not we’d sign the NDA. Unsurprisingly, Mal wouldn’t sign it. Ultimately, Rory and Mal pinky swear to remain friends forever while everyone discusses their marriage potential. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more P.S. LA we’ll see you tomorrow night!

Dec 13, 2022
Episode 125 | The Guys Get Emotional with Azad of Emotional Oranges

Happy Friday everyone. Today we’re joined by Azad of Emotional Oranges and things immediately got emotional.  Somehow the P*ssy Posse and conspiracies find their way into the conversation. Azad shares how he’s been occupying himself with the new single life.  While we’re on juices, ‘The Juice Vol. III’ (OUT NOW) is the end of an era and like most endings things can become difficult. Azad shares how his lyrics lend to his previous relationship. Then the guys discuss the business of the music industry and what type of artists make sense on a major label. Azad champions other artists that have mastered their blueprint.  Speaking of blueprint, the guys discuss their favorite Jay Z albums which turns into a producer vs. beatmaker conversation. Listen in as the guys and Azad discuss all of this + more!

Dec 09, 2022
Episode 124 | Boil Your Straps

Our shows are out of control. As expected, our return to NY didn’t disappoint. Demaris got pressed by the lovely Taylor about boiling dildos among other things. There was no way Julian and his shy date could match that energy. Our good friends from the Say Less Podcast opened and Mal questioned Julius Randle about a bunch of things he could never answer. Sticking to NY, SZA is back and revealed her track list while we were recording. Also to Rory’s surprise, Metro Boomin gave Drake/21 some competition with his new album. Good Morning America decides to break-up a happy co-working couple, while Gabrielle Union takes shots at Boosie (incoming Mal’s Boosie impression). The team breaks down their three celebrity crushes and although Demaris and Julian have strikingly similar taste, Julian gets singled out (this convo went on long after the cameras stopped). Quick sports update, Jerry Jones remains silent on his involvement in the racist image but reminds us that LeBron would be a great football player. Nike drops Kyrie, Kanye drags Chris Paul into the mix, and Shannon Sharpe defends Deion Sanders. Listen to the guys discuss all of this + more

Dec 06, 2022
Episode 123 | What The Hell Are You Listening To?!

No for real…what the hell are you listening to? The team discusses each of their music tastes (according to the data). We discovered quite a few of us played a lot of bedroom music. Well everyone except Demaris. Who wants to “talk you through the nut”. While we reflect on our top songs/albums we also discuss what’s to come. We predict Metro Boomin’s album and SZA’s upcoming project. What’s a pod without Kanye? While we were recording Ye took to Infowars to spew more hate speech. In local news, the co-anchors of Good Morning America are cheating with each other. Keeping it local, Mal and Julian ended up (separately) at the Knicks game while Demaris hosted a women’s empowerment event. We discuss the frontrunner film for the Oscar Awards, Cocaine Bear. Mal reminds us that ‘Emily in Paris’ is coming back soon. Listen to the guys discuss all of this + more. P.S. if you’re reading this it’s show day in New York! See you all tonight!

Dec 02, 2022
Episode 122 | MAL & The Pretty B*tches Unite!

We’re home!....well kind of. Eddin is out sick so we recorded this episode from WTF Studios (the house we built). The guys cover their Thanksgiving and reflect on moments with family, while Julian was “alone”. Somehow this leads to a JUICE pyramid scheme conversation. We then pay respect to the legend Hovain. Rick Ross and Meek Mill unite in Philly, which leads to a discussion about Meek’s career. Speaking of careers Chris Brown was canceled by the AMA’s which spirals into an intense debate about censorship in our culture. Currently, Balenciaga is also on the chopping block (rightfully so). Sidenote: record labels fudge numbers (boom conspiracy solved). Listen in as the guys discuss all of this and more +

Nov 29, 2022
Episode 121 | Mal Ran A Train!!!

The guys are back from a couple eventful nights in the great state of Texas. First we recap Luka’s dominance on the court, but he wasn’t the only Maverick putting on a show. At halftime we witnessed a  whipping of sorts. A tribute that Rory loved. Meg and B Simone were kind enough to join us during the Dallas show and even hit the showers after. We immediately drove to Houston for our first day show at the Houston Improv where the couples and Versuz were incredible. Anyway, did you know Mal ran a train?! Rory, Julian, and Eddin are still asking follow up questions. The guys continue their long nights out on tour. Unfortunately this time we were following Eddin. While Eddin puffed hookah and guzzled tequila Mal and Rory left within 10 mins of entering the club. Tune in to hear the guys discuss all of this and more +

Nov 22, 2022
Episode 120 | No Soap On Sundays

Welcome back to Mal vs. Anyone that doesn’t believe Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the goat. Somehow the only thing Mal can do longer than argue MJ’s greatness is take a shower. Anyway, the Grammy nominations are here and the guys discuss Rap (Jack Harlow) and R&B. The Grammy talk suddenly became a Versus discussion after Kodak responded to 21 Savage. Tune in to hear the guys discuss all of this, as well as, why Mal is no longer MAGA + more!

Nov 18, 2022
Episode 119 | Jordan And Pippen Are Back!!!

The guys are back from their Atlanta studio, courtesy of Rockstar Energy, following another live show Sunday night. First, we learn that Rory and Mal made one fan in particular comfortable enough to come out of the closet (not during the show). Then we were joined by a “horny poet” and his girlfriend and finally we were blessed by the ultimate power couple, B Simone and Moneybag Mal. DJ Drama surprised everyone during the Versuz battle to face off against the guys and to no surprise he won handily. The team’s night didn’t end after the show. Sunday also happened to be Julian’s birthday! The team celebrated at what Rory referred to as a “truck stop with stripper poles.” We promise it was still better than the London stripper experience. ‘Her Loss’ seemed to be the soundtrack of the weekend and the first week numbers reflected our sentiments. Earlier in the week, Rory joined Nas and Hitboy at the KDIII release party and somehow missed Andre 3000. Another legend Dave Chappelle returned to SNL for a moving monologue, while LeBron freestyles his way through a few more lies. In adjacent basketball news, the iconic Jordan/Pippen combo are back. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Nov 15, 2022
Episode 118 | Guess Who Got Kicked Out Of London?!

Fresh off a sold out show in London, we’re officially back in New York. The team discusses the rest of the trip. Needless to say, we have a newfound appreciation for the "Startenders" in New York. Following the show, Red Ranger Rory and Julian ended up back at the hotel where they had choice words for the hotel manager. Actually, the team had choice words for a few people in London. Maybe Drake’s energy on ‘Her Loss’ influenced everyone. Spoiler: everyone agrees the album is great. Except for Vogue…who sues Drake for the fake cover. Stateside, the elections are over and Chappelle returns to SNL. The guys discuss all of this and more as they prepare to start their southern shows in Atlanta this coming Sunday.

Nov 11, 2022
Episode 117 | The Blokes Get Wet In London ft. Shelly FKA DRAM

Live from London, the mandem hit the ground running. Following a few pints with the blokes we went to BBC 1Xtra to talk about the Queen (most likely removed) and share some R&B records with DJ Ace. Then Rory, Eddin, and Benner connected with Rory’s long lost cousin…and a prostitute. While that was happening Mal, Julian, and Loyan embarked on what would become the most adventurous experience of the trip: Booking a table at The Box (do your googles). My fingers are still sticky while writing this description. We left the club at 4am, which is exactly when ‘Her Loss’ was released. While Serena Williams appears to be the “her” garnering the most attention, Drake made it clear that it’s everyone’s loss, leading to more controversy. This episode also features an exclusive sit down with DRAM, which was previously recorded a couple weeks ago. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Nov 08, 2022
Episode 116 | Rest In Peace, Takeoff

This week the guys take a moment to reflect on the life of Kirshnik Khari Ball, known professionally as Takeoff, and discuss the state of hip hop along with the beauty within the madness of the culture.

Nov 04, 2022
Episode 115 | Taylor Swift’s Newest Fans

The Swifties are back after a festive Halloween weekend. We open another film review, Pelham 123 (someone on Reddit please make an edit), the guys declare Diddy as the winner of the weekend, oh and Lori Harvey. Meanwhile, North West is running around in MJ’s memorabilia. Rihanna dampens the mood with her new ballad, while SZA continues to avoid accountability. On a more personal note, Mal addresses Math Hoffa…what you mean by that? (Druski voice) Let that sink in. Elon’s sink found its way into Twitter headquarters and sent a few employees packing. The NY teams are back to losing and the Lakers finally get in the W column. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Nov 01, 2022
Episode 114 | TikTok is Ruining Music ft. Joyce Wrice

We don’t talk enough about how difficult it is to age in the drug industry. Speaking of delays, Drake and 21 Savage pushed ‘Her Loss’ to a later date. Or perhaps for Rihanna. In unsurprising news, Kanye is back and he’s fighting for brand recognition. Meanwhile, Steve Lacy is struggling with his audience. Also, Ashanti responds to Irv and Billy McFarland is on his comeback tour. Get this plus a sit down with Jocye Wrice +more!

Oct 28, 2022
Episode 113 | SORRY

First let’s address the elephant in the room. WE’RE SORRY…we’re so sorry.  The Mixy Boys were out this weekend. First, the guys hit Ludlow House (Julian’s second home) to see the amazing Joyce Wrice. Then Rory ended up in the Bronx and linked with Eddin (in full bear costume). The Yankee’s took the L and so did classic art. Climate Change is real and so is the $10k a student stole from her grandma to give to her classmates. If you’re looking to save money Uber pool is an option to everyone except for Mal. Reading the room is an important life skill, unless you’re Alec Baldwin. Speaking of rooms we’d like to read, Doja Cat went topless at her 27th birthday party. This somehow led to Mal talking about types of showers. GKMC turns 10 and this instant classic spirals to a debate about Drake/Future vs. Drake/21 Savage. In other music news, Taylor Swift is breaking streaming records while Rory shares with us details about a show explaining Spotify’s rise. All can be seated after the Yankees are swept by the (cheating) Astros. In positive NY news, the Giants, Jets and Knicks won their last games. Mal’s Lakers are the second best team in their own city. Listen in as the guys discuss all of this + more!

Oct 25, 2022
Episode 112 | Accountability In Culture Pt.II

Show us (and Jay Z) the accounting, the taxes or the contract! It could all be so simple. Speculation is only fun when you're in the wrong. In the meantime, keep enjoying throwing our money. Speaking of money and influence, Carl Cherry's tweet causes a conversation about the state of Hip-Hop and where it is headed. Meanwhile, Kanye continues to make his rounds on national news networks and reveal his "assistant". While Ye continues to make his rounds in his wild Yeezy boots, a hiker was able to toss a bear off a cliff to protect his life. In the city, we've officially declared the rise in rats a state of emergency. At least we're officially in the best time of year for sports. Playoff baseball is underway and the NBA is officially back. The guys discuss sports predictions and more + 

Oct 21, 2022
Episode 111 | The World is Full of Rats...and Porn

The guys are back after an eventful weekend. Mal treated his mom to the sake squirting bottle at Benihana and Rory went to Dave Chappelle’s midnight show. Meg the Stallion bodied her SNL hosting debut. The White King, Jack Harlow, will make his hosting debut next and we sure hope Rory is invited. Speaking of ongoing beef, Nicki and Lotto continue to trade insults at each other and Kanye chose Drink Champs (again) to take shots at the world. While they continue down a self-destructive path, Meek Mill finds himself befriending everyone again according to his timeline. Pleasing everyone can go too far (or just right) depending on who you’re asking. If you’re asking Congressional Candidate Mike Itkis, he’ll tell you the only logical solution is to upload your video to Pornhub to rally the vote. People keep leveling up the weirdness and our home, NYC, keeps getting dirtier. Rats are everywhere…and not just the subway ones. While rat behavior can lead to someone’s demise it can also lead to a bag. Jordan Poole signs a massive contract following the Draymond punch. LeBron and Bronny have no words for each other in a new Beats commercial and Kanye calls Meek a fed, + more!

Oct 18, 2022
Episode 110 | Cyhi the Prynce on Kanye, Virgil, & Writing ‘Sicko Mode’

This week the guys are joined by Hip-Hop legend, Cyhi the Prynce to discuss paying for samples, the importance of a marketing budget, the "college" era of hip-hop, top 5 artists of the moment, the negative connotation on ghost writing, drug rap vs drill rap, Kanye's GAP & Adidas beef, Cyhi's favorite G.O.O.D. Music artists, and much more.

Oct 14, 2022
Episode 109 | Jack Harlow Bans Rory

Sha boo yah sha sha sha boo yah…roll call! The guys harmonize their way into today’s audio experience. Over the weekend, Rory was uninvited to the Jack Harlow show leaving room for our lyricist of the year and his side chicks. Speaking of side chicks, accomplished author and professional side chick Brittany Renner expands her brand with a fast-food chain. While her “dating” career continues to flourish, Mal’s might be on the upside because of a new Republican dating app. The DM’s are a dark and dirty place (closes eyes and imagine what Julian showed the guys). In other porn news, Kanye continues to insert himself into more controversy. We discuss the potential of a Karaoke night (patreon?) and why the Dream Team would destroy the Redeem Team, + more!

Oct 11, 2022
Episode 108 | Year Of The Woman

The guys are back after a quick trip to Atlanta to sit down with Benny The Butcher and another sold out show in Charlotte. Mal and Julian had a humbling experience clubbing in Charlotte. The only thing more questionable than the BET HipHop Awards is Kanye’s recent fashion decision. The Kanye conversation  continues as we react to his Instagram posts (in real time) The guys react to Cardi B pulling up on her ops hood and Lyfe Jennings hitting high notes for Jeffrey Dahmer. Speaking of killers, Rory does a deep dive on the worst Netflix movie created and Will Smith’s return, + more! 

Oct 07, 2022
Episode 107 | Benny The Butcher Is Done Talking About Freddie Gibbs

Rory & Mal head to Atlanta's Culture Lab to catch up with Benny The Butcher. Of course they press him about his next project, but before they can get into that they discuss his Lyricist of The Year nomination, as well as whether he would prefer a Drama mixtape look or a DJ Khaled album look. They also get into the current state of Griselda as a group, and Benny gets honest with them. He surprises them with some ghostwriting credits he has, and clears the air regarding the situation with Freddie Gibbs. The guys also discuss Benny's creative process, Mal's A&R career, their mutual love for The Sopranos, + more!

Oct 04, 2022
Episode 106 | Unrequited Love ft. B. Simone & Megan Brooks

Rory & Mal sit down with the hosts of the Know For Sure Podcast on Mal's birthday and tackle the important matters at hand... Mal and B. Simone's (who he only addresses by real name) missed opportunity at a chance of real love. Listen as Rory gets his Barbara Walters on with B's best friend/co-host/manager Megan Brooks to get the story of how they first met, what went wrong, and what's in store for the future. Megan then hands out some advice about making a marriage work in our current society. Also addressed - B. Simone's viral misstep and how she is handling it, Da Baby's remarks about Megan, how Wild N Out took viral stars and made them respected comedians, + more. Be prepared to hear Mal giggle... which might be a sound unheard anywhere else.


Want to learn more about B Simone and Megan Brooks? Follow their podcast - @knowforsurepod on instagram

Sep 30, 2022
Episode 105 | Dahmer Is Top 5 Dead or Alive

This week this guys talk about the new Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series sweeping the nation, recapping the DC live show, Demaris meeting the helicopter assembly-man of her dreams, having a baby on stage, Ice Spice at Rolling Loud, Off-set performing "Bad & Bougie" by himself in the rain, the top 5 craziest serial killers, Matt Barnes not holding up on his exclusive on Ime Udoka, Aaron Judge being the future MVP, and much more!

Sep 27, 2022
Episode 104 | Adam Levine Is A Nasty White Boy

... and we all thought Rory was the Nasty White Boy Heavyweight Champion of the World...


The guys start the episode off with a brief recap of their first live show of the season in Chicago, right before getting into the real show - Tory Lanez vs. August Alsina, and why the real Will Smith owes him 100 favors. They try to figure out what the hell is wrong with Gen Z and their obsession with poisoning themselves, before briefly touching on Kanye's current media headlines. They then get into the story of Adam Levine's "alleged" affair (I mean, we all know he did that shit, but sure, lets shoot him bail), and talk about Ime Udoka cheating on our favorite black woman as well. They also discuss Adnan Sayed's release, Future's publishing sale, new music, + more!

Sep 23, 2022
Episode 103 | The Guys Are Ready For Cuffin' Season

(This episode was pre-recorded on September 14th)

The boys sat down with their team to have a (semi) serious conversation about what relationship season looks like at their age. Mal gives us absolute terrible advice on what to ask women on a first date, and they go over the official Cuffin Season Calendar dates. Mal tells a story of the first time he went to a girl's family's house for thanksgiving, and we try to decide which R&B starlet would break his heart, which leads into a conversation regarding women in the entertainment industry and the people they must kiss for work (poor Safari). They also tell you what kind of women to avoid if you don't want to be lied to, how to fake an orgasm, + more!

Sep 20, 2022
Episode 102 | Jack Harlow Is The Lyricist Of The Year

Ahh, yes. Satire. Sarcasm. Mockery. It's truly where we excel.

This episode starts with an Emmy recap, and then goes straight into argument territory. Who should be crowned the Hip-Hop Lyricist of the Year? The guys debate this, as well as cover the other BET Hip Hop Award nominees. The feels come out when they send their condolences to the family of PnB Rock - and also get in the asses of the celebrities that made this moment about themselves. They then pivot into a debate about getting your kids out of your house at a certain age, and then head into sports news.

Are you guys signed up for our Patreon? You should be. Thats where the unfiltered things are.

Sep 16, 2022
Episode 101 | Rory's Drug Trip Goes Wrong

As we head into our hundreds episodes, Rory decided it was time to reflect. So he went on a sound healing journey to get to know himself better... and let's just say he didn't like what he saw. He goes into details about this experience with the team, and they contemplate whether its something they should do as well. Speaking of sound, Ari Lennox's new album came out and the guys give an honest review. Then, as you all have been waiting for, the Irishman delivers the sad, horrible news of Queen Lizzy's passing. Speaking of people who touch sh*t that doesn't belong to them, Mal gets into the news of a BLM (the LLC, not the movement) member skimming a little off the top of the (non)profits, and gives his opinion on that entire organization. Illinois passed their Safe-T law that will release a bunch of alleged criminals, and this leads into a discussion about how each Rory & Mal team member would purge if given the chance. They also discuss upcoming Triller fights, dinner with Bow Wow, how horrible Demaris' California accent impersonation is, their viral sketch, + more!


... & yes the random fourth voice you hear has a name. Its Julian. Yes, 'A Night In New York' guy. 

Sep 13, 2022
Episode 100 | The Team Takes Made In America

HAPPY 100TH EPISODE! In a special recap, Rory & Mal and their team pod straight from Made In America's festival grounds... sponsored by Dusse. The guys sit down with Elliott Wilson to discuss his media career and to comprehend when Media became cool, Talk Detroit Drill with Babyface Ray, get B Dot & Elliott to finally define their relationship (and give advice about interviews), laugh until tears with 'Billie Eilish' rapper Armani White, talk Atlanta history with JID, geek out on cars with Larry June, + more!

Sep 09, 2022
Episode 99 | J Alphonse and Lil Murda Are Not The Same

Rory & Mal sit down with actor J Alphonse Nicholson to discuss his controversial role on P Valley, his sexuality, upcoming roles, + more!

Sep 06, 2022
Episode 98 | Meek Mill Asked Quentin Miller For Lyrics

Finally. Quentin Miller, the infamous ghostwriter who rose to viral fame after being named as a writer for Drake, speaks his own truth... after 7 years of silence. He speaks on his career as a writer, his relationship with Meek Mill, how he lost his leg, + more in this exclusive interview with Rory & Mal.

Sep 02, 2022
Episode 97 | Did DJ Khaled Set Up Ross and Wayne?

On this episode Rory & Mal start off with some questions regarding Bad Bunny, Prince, and Eddin's sexuality, and then get into the VMA's. They give Nicki her well-deserved flowers, and then join right in on the discussion about Jay-Z's verse on DJ Khaled's album, including whether he should've been on the song solo, Mal's brother Biggs being mentioned, and more. They review the rest of Khaled's album, and JID's album, and then Demaris explains the concept of 'vabbing'... to their extreme disgust. They also discuss how to spot a precum baby, the new 'And1' documentary, their travel plans for the week, + more!

Aug 30, 2022
Episode 96 | Will Kanye Go To Prison?!

In this episode, Rory & Mal try to figure out how a robot of artificial intelligence had a more successful music career than them. They then get into the PPP Loan forgiveness program, and the billionaires who were able to get their loans forgiven. Rory delves into his Millennial Housing Crisis conspiracy, and mid-recording, they receive the news about Offset's lawsuit against QC, and give their opinions on it. They discuss American Airlines' new supersonic planes, and Mal tells us about his first time meeting a girl's family. They also get into upcoming music, Andre 3000's new Supreme collaboration, Kevin Durant staying in NY, & more!

Aug 26, 2022
Episode 95 | Azealia Banks Confesses to Mal

Happy Tuesday! On this episode, Rory & Mal catch up on their equally wild weekends, and the team celebrates Mal's engagement (with a call from his fiancé) while simultaneously mourning Rory's. Diddy also inspires them to have the "Who Killed R&B" conversation, and the guys have a discussion on Meek's career trajectory. The guys also discuss what they would do on their last day on earth, having racist family members, 50 Cent's latest interview and more!

Aug 23, 2022
Episode 94 | DJ Drama Doesn’t Hold Back On Drake, Lil Uzi, & Roc Nation

Rory & Mal sit down with the legendary DJ Drama. In this interview they discuss what killed the mixtape and the classic mixtape DJ, and then get into Drama’s relationship with his previous artist Lil Uzi, where he stands with Drake & Meek after their infamous mishap, who he would challenge in a Verzuz, + more!

Aug 19, 2022
Episode 93 | "Nore Explains Lost Chappelle Episode"

On this episode Rory & Mal acknowledge Nipsey's star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, and then get into all of the new music released over the weekend. They give their honest opinions on The Game's latest album, and try to figure out when the trend of sampling will cease in hip-hop. They run down the Woodstock '99 documentary, as well as the Murder Inc episode, and have a phone conversation with NORE regarding the deleted Dave Chappelle episode and his relationship with Irv Gotti, + more!

Aug 16, 2022
Episode 92 | 'First The Fat Boys Breakup...'

This episode, the guys start off giving Angela Yee & The Breakfast Club their flowers, while theorizing why they are parting ways and reminiscing on some of their favorite BC moments. They give Pete Davidson some advice, and then get into new music, and what they are expecting from new releases. They also discuss how Rory fell in love with Hip-Hop, what their midlife crisis would be, + more!

Aug 12, 2022
Episode 91 | 'So Much Heartbreak'

In this episode of NRM, the boys start by giving their honest opinions on DJ Khaled's newest single feat. Drake & Lil Baby. They also give their Kendrick concert reviews, & Mal explains his surprise at the tour demographics. This leads to them speaking on the plethora of other weekend performances, like the Young Money reunion, and some interesting interviews that came out this weekend as well. They also discuss the Alex Jones trial, Kevin Durant's request, + more!

Aug 09, 2022
Episode 90 | ‘The Girl Who Divided DVSN’ feat. DVSN

Rory & Mal sit down with Daniel and Nineteen85 to discuss the creation of DVSN, the backlash of their current single, the time they became Eskimo brothers, + more!

Aug 05, 2022
Episode 89 | 'Star Chasers'

In this episode, after recapping their weekend and brief discussion on Netflix's new documentary 'The Most Hated Man On The Internet,' Rory & Mal dive right into reviewing Beyonce's new album and her projected sales, which leads into a discussion about the term 'album artist' - what it means, who qualifies to be called one, and why it doesn't work in everyone's favor. They finally get into their debate comparing Beyonce to Michael Jackson (spoiler alert- Rory is fighting for his life on this one). They also address Will Smith's apology video, Drake having covid, + more!

Aug 02, 2022
Episode 88 | 'Road Sodas'

Happy Beyonce Release Day From Rory & The Beyhive!


The guys start off giving doormen their due flowers, reminiscing on some of their younger apartment mishaps. Mal met an unlikely NRM supporter over the weekend, and tells us about it, while Rory relives an embarrassing moment from this weekend for our amusement. They then get into the Beyonce' leak (pay attention - this is where you separate the real hive from the frauds), as well as Kelis' comments regarding her sample being used, and other music releases. Also comes a discussion about their favorite albums to drive to. They discuss road trip etiquette regarding music choices, and give their opinion on former president Barack Obama's (alleged) Summer Playlist. They debate the scariest movies of their respective eras, discuss Ryan Leslie's missing laptop, Mal's Mega Millions Win (we're speaking this into existence), + more!

Jul 29, 2022
Episode 87 | 'Jackboy'

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We start this episode off with our usual very quick recap of the weekend, asking Mal how he is enjoying his viral fame, and then get into the drama of the Rolling Loud festival in Miami over the weekend. Rory & Mal then discuss some news from our great state of North Carolina and the police force of a small town, as well as a Brooklyn Bishop that was robbed during a live streamed sermon. Demaris' then gives them some rapid fire questions to answer, which lead into conversations about conspiracies, the guys' morning routines, graveyard NFT's, + more!

Jul 26, 2022
Episode 86 | ‘R & Beard’

Rory & Mal are back on your DSP’s… and this time the team jumps right into the jokes. Our own beloved Mal became a video sensation over night, so of course they had to analyze his performance in the video. Rory also gives his opinion on what Cardi B could do to set her on the right sophomore album track, and then discuss the drama between SZA & TDE. They give Desus & Mero their flowers, & discuss French Montana’s comments on life insurance and rappers. They also address Rory’s very own music video appearance as well, + more!

Jul 22, 2022
Episode 85 | Air Pockets & G Shocks

This episode the boys go over their weekends, and then discuss the upcoming OVO Fest (and its ticket prices). They then discuss the death (or so they wish) of the Instagram "challenge", and Mal tries to describe how to identify a crazy woman. Mal gives fashion do's and dont's, and then they go into new music. They also speak on bringing back classic baby names, cyber bullying, sports takes, + more!

Jul 19, 2022
Episode 84 | Stroking Egos

This week the guys talk about Rory's single release party, being too industry, stroking egos, Lloyd Bank's listening party, Lauren London on Angie Martinez, Orlando Brown on Bow Wow, Jill Biden's assumption of Latinos, Jay-Z's retirement status, going to your Ex's funeral, and much more!

Jul 15, 2022
Episode 83 | "Toxic Triggers"

TRIGGER WARNING  - 13:30 (Suicide)

This week the guys chat about Brent Faiyaz's new album, toxic traits, Rory's new single (out now), best series-endings, Burna Boy's new album, Westside Gunn's new album, new Lloyd Banks, Meek Mill out of Roc Nation, Wireless Fest 2022, Drake sabotaging The Weeknd, Hunter Biden getting hacked, and much more!

Jul 12, 2022
Episode 82 | "Miss Me?"

Yeah, yeah. I know what we said. We're liars.


The boys start off this episode by recapping their working 4th of July weekend, and Rory & Demaris fill Mal in on all the details of Eddin's relationship. They then get into new music, current and future, and Rory announces his new video content series that will be coming out today ahead of his debut single. Eddin asks the crew about their first heartbreak, as well as their first fight, and the crew responds with some honest story times. They also send prayers and condolences, discuss what they want their legacy to be + more! 

Jul 08, 2022
Episode 81 | "Italian Beef"

Happy Belated Fireworks Day! The guys (and Demaris) are back at Compound Rory, working on "independence" day. They start off discussing why Mal declined his invite to Michael Rubin's party in the Hamptons, and ask him to explain his personal vendetta against all white parties. Rory insists the R&B guys can thump better than the rappers, and Demaris presses the guys on why they ignored her messages in the group chat. They address R.Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell's sentencing,  as well as the legendary battle between Omarion and Mario, while Mal tries to convince the team that B2K is one of the greatest groups of all time. They also give their opinions on P Valley's same-sex scene criticism, new music, Dr. Dre's new music and more!

Jul 05, 2022
Episode 80 | “How Many Roaches?”

This week the guys are finally back home and they talked about the new Giveon, relationships & therapy, Diddy's 15 roaches story, lying about the struggle, Bad Boyz's rough past, being at the BET Media Hub, Bobby vs Michael, Chris Brown's Legacy, Boat parties, and much more!

Jul 01, 2022
Episode 79 | Shaking Off Sophomore Jitters ft. Westside Boogie

This week the guys are joined by Westside Boogie in LA to discuss his new sophomore album, Drake dropping the same day, writing better when you're hurt, lying to your therapist, being interactive as an artist, creating your own culture, having your exes listening to your albums, rollout expectations, and much more.

Jun 28, 2022
Episode 78 | “Open Bars & Vibes”

The boys boys are back back in Cali Cali. This week they talked about coming back from Mexico, airline pilots going back on strike, BET Awards Weekend, Beyonce's new single, enjoying vibes and an open bar, Mal calling Drake "Brave", rumors on Beyonce's 3 act-album, Elon Musk finally acquiring Twitter, Biden falling off his bike, voting for The Rock as our future president, Cardi B teasing a release, Kendrick Lamar performing for LV, and much more!

Jun 24, 2022
Episode 77 | Honestly, We're In Mexico

Buenos Días! This week the guys are in Mexico talking about Drake's new album, having Logic on the Pod, meeting Adam Sandler, Beyonce's album dropping, Joey Badass moving his album release, real-life Squid Games, robots catching feels, the 2022 XXL list, and much more!

Jun 21, 2022
Episode 76 | "Sensible" feat. Logic

The boys sit down with Grammy-nominated rapper and producer to catch up on his career after "retirement" (remember what Mal said?). On a patio at Nobu in Malibu, Logic open up about his career, his new marriage and family, as well as the criticisms he's received over the years from both peers and the general public, and speak on how its affected him. He also reverse interviews Rory & Mal and opens them up to questioning as well. This conversation is vulnerable while still being fun. Be sure to check it out YouTube as well for the beautiful scenery (available Saturday 6/18 on Youtube).

Jun 17, 2022
Episode 75 | "What We Is?"

The team is back in LA! They start off asking questions about Rory's rendezvous at the Sparks game over the weekend, as he alerts them he is done podcasting. Mal reneges on his promise to quit if Lori Harvey starts dating Jack Harlow (see previous episode). This leads into a conversation regarding celebrity interracial dating dynamics. Demaris acknowledges the birth of LAEddin, while Rory & Mal decide on the type of West Coast love she should be pursuing. They also discuss The Game's comments on a recent interview, gay domestic violence, whether Mal has hands or not, + more!

Jun 14, 2022
Episode 74 | "Rough Riders"

This episode is all over the place so bear with us. The guys start this episode off addressing Jack Harlow's recent comments regarding black women, and then dive into the nasty business of name dropping. They also address Joe Biden's Kimmel interview, and then get into J Prince's beef with Wack 100. They speak on Jay Z & Jack from Twitter opening a BitCoin program in Brooklyn, as well as upcoming festivals, R Kelly's sentencing, & more!

Jun 10, 2022
Episode 73 | "Soul Glow"

The boys are fresh off the trip from Philly (literally, the cheesesteak smell hasn't been washed off yet), and ready to give you a slight recap of their trip. They start off giving condolences to the victims off the mass shooting that happened while they were there, and then get into it! They also give support to their LGBTQ staff members and wish them a happy Pride month. They also give opinions on who in the NBA should start a podcast, debate on the latest celebrity breakup, + more!

Jun 07, 2022
Episode 72 | "Podcast Royalty"

Happy Friday! The guys start this episode off giving men their flowers for another win with the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation case. Somehow this leads into a debate about what squirt is made of. The guys talk about their worst dates ever, and then get into the BET Award nominees (and give you a little peek of who they voted for). They debate who is actually Reality Royalty, and should win best Hip Hop Couple. They also speak on B-Dot's "so far" list, Cyhi claiming best rapper alive, + more!

Jun 03, 2022
Episode 71 | "Tropic Thunder"

Happy Memorial Day! Well... belated anyway. The guys are in studio this holiday... drinking and hanging. They start by recapping their weekend, including Rory's adventure filled weekend in ATL. Mal lets us know why he gave up his Navy Seal dreams, and they review Katt Williams' latest stand up. Tom Cruise gets his flowers for his impact on the culture, and its Demaris explains to Mal why she asked him to delete a political post from his page. They give Ray Liotta his flowers as well, play a quick game of "Is That A Classic?", fire Eddin (again) + more!

May 31, 2022
Episode 70 | "Year One"

Trigger warning: (If you want to avoid the trauma talk, skip to 19:45). The boys settle in and get bad news out of the way, expressing their frustration with the Texas shooting. Moving into jokes, they give opinions on Brandy's diss to Jack Harlow, then acknowledge the one year anniversary of the start of their pod, and give some insight into the first sketch and how it came together, as well as some advice for creators on making your own podcast, building the perfect team (while giving theirs their flowers), dealing with criticism, and how to make your audience care about you while remaining true to yourself. They also address the forums and their narratives, Rory's mom being a witch, + more!

May 27, 2022
Episode 69 | "The Soft Life"

Happy 69th Episode! (hehehe) The guys start off by opening a fan-sent gift for Rory's belated 32nd Birthday. Mal then leads the guys into a discussion regarding the latest buzz phrase amongst women- "manifesting a soft life", leaving them into a conversation regarding capitalism and hustle culture, and how women are rebelling against it. Demaris asks the guys permission to work remotely, and Rory tells us about his brief stint as a child star. Mal makes Rory choose between two Great White Hopes, and then reminisces on where he was when he found out Biggie had been killed. They also discuss women being tech detectives, new music, + more!

May 24, 2022
Episode 68 | "Love Language"

Your favorite tastemakers are back and leading the charge on important on the most important topics!

Rory & Mal start this episode off with their opinions on some essential workers in NY. They try to decide if they are influencers, and then get into some of the hip-hop earl grey regarding violence and fights. They then congratulate Rihanna & A$AP Rocky, right before jumping into a conversation regarding their love languages. This starts a debate about love vs. logic, which ends in a 50/50 truce for the room to just agree to disagree. Rory dissects a Tyler Perry movie, Mal sends prayers to Lil Meech, + more!

May 20, 2022
Episode 67 | "A Masterpiece"

Rory, Mal, Demaris & Eddin are here with another audio adventure. The guys do their weekend recap, and send their prayers and condolences to their fellow New Yorkers in the wake of the Buffalo hate crime tragedy. They touch on the Billboard Music Awards, and then get to it- an honest Kendrick album review.

May 17, 2022
Episode 66 | "Bagpipe Drill"

You asked for it? You got it! 30 minute deep dive into Kendrick Lamar's long-awaited single 'The Heart Part 5'. The guys also discuss Jack Harlow's release and give their reviews, as well as all the new music that dropped (whether they listened or not!). They revisit Sabrina Claudio's cancellation, Kevin Samuels' death, and all the critics who insist on the boys discussing the Megan x Tory case, + more!

May 13, 2022
Episode 65 | "The Conspiracy Episode"

(Recorded on May 3rd, 2022)

Warning: We are not the brightest crayons in the box, so if we sound uneducated on these subjects... its because we are. This is all for entertainment purposes.

Welcome to Bring Your Own Conspiracy Theory Day at the New Rory & Mal office! The boys start off trying to choose stripper names for themselves, and then go into the best crime documentaries and murder mysteries. They then get into the conspiracy theories they actually believe in. They also discuss group chat etiquette, Rory's Def Jam days, + more!

May 10, 2022
Episode 64 | Battle Of The Blinds

This week the guys talk about battle rap tag-lines, Rory's back to back birthday celebrations, having your girl go through your phone, A$AP Rocky's new music video release featuring Rihanna, seeing all of your old IG activities, Dave Chappelle being attacked on stage, an update on the Ray J and Kim K sex tape situation, Benzino's new track, stacking UNO cards, and much more!

May 06, 2022
Episode 63 | "Wellness Check"

This episode, the team takes a moment to acknowledge how far they have come since their split from their previous show a year ago. Demaris does a wellness check on Rory & Mal, and they get transparent with how they are handling life and career currently, in comparison to when their company first started. Mal gives some advice on taking life (and the people in it) as is, while Rory acknowledges some unhealthy habits he uses to cope. They also get into all of the new music released this past weekend. This episode is raw, transparent, and honest... but somehow, still jokes.

May 03, 2022
Episode 62 | "The Collection"

After a long weekend, the guys reconvene and catch up. Rory lets us know how his weekend was at Coachella supporting Emotional Oranges, and Mal explains his current dietary change. Rory comes to terms with his weight loss, and the team admits what they hate most about their sex tapes from the past. Pusha T dropped, so of course they have to compare and contrast from previous work, and give their opinions. They tell us their hopes and dreams for Future's album, and Mal critique's Jack Harlow's Rolling Stone spread. They also cover upcoming drops, the male ego, the Brooklyn Nets getting swept, + more! 

Apr 29, 2022
Episode 61 | "Loud and Humble" feat. Big Body Bes

Rory & Mal sit down with Big Body Bes, esteemed personality and rapper from their hometown of NYC. The boys get into who Bes is to the culture (we love that word, don't we?), and how he got his start, as well as dive into how podcasting has changed, the state of hip-hop and the gang affiliations, Bes' relationship with Taxstone, + more... all with many jokes and laughs in between. Bes is raw, real, and the boys are in their true New Yorker element.

Bes' Socials: @bigbodybesnyc

Apr 26, 2022
Episode 60 | Free Baisley

(This episode was filmed on 4/20/2022) 

The guys start the episode out with sad news regarding their team member Baisley. They then get into their later plans for 4/20, how their week is going and Rory gives Demaris her flowers. They reminisce on the scary grocery store days, and Mal has some questions. They also discuss Justine Skye’s new record, Johnny Depp's testimony, + more!

Apr 22, 2022
Episode 59 | "Coachella Legs"

This week the guys talk about Coachella's first weekend, Megan's new teased track, Isaiah Rashad's pre-show montage, uniforms at a strip club, washing your legs, Kendrick's album dropping soon, revisiting "Zoovies", sending condolences to the family of DJ Kay Slay, Cardi's new drill verse, 4/20 festivities, Pusha T's album dropping, and much more.



Apr 19, 2022
Episode 58 | "Hey Lover..."

A beautiful reunion, the entire crew rejoices as Demaris returns from her vacation. The guys welcome her back with open arms, and they get right to the shits. They recap the White Wine & Chill livestream Rory did with Demaris at his house (join our Patreon so you don't miss out on the next one), and give condolences for the victims of the mass shooter out of NYC, and then delve into their conspiracy theories on the tragedy. More prayers for DaBaby and his publicist, and then they give their opinions on the leaked Drake x Jack Harlow track. Rory gives his opinion on Jack's projected career compared to the other white men in Hip-Hop. Speaking of white men, they discuss Tony Hawk's documentary and career, and the crew reminisces on their skater dream days. They touch on Meek's statements regarding sales, and discuss Coi Leray's album sales, while giving their opinion on what they would've advised for her album rollout. They also speak on who is on the next livestream, LL Cool J being the best dirty macker of all time, + more!

Apr 15, 2022
Episode 57 | "Pantalones"

This week the boys discuss drama in the white world, Baby D's trip to Jamaica, the world of women wearing fake hips featuring a call from a hidden guest, Ice Cube's show from 2006 that would've never survived in 2022, Muney Long having to ghost drake because of an ex-boyfriend, getting baggy jeans at V.I.M, Puerto Ricans that love hand ball in the Bronx, and much more.

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Apr 12, 2022
Episode 56 | "Do Less"

Finishing off this week with the guys going to the Knicks vs. Nets game, dissecting the new Hov & Pusha-T track as well as talking about their visit to's set for "Brackets", Cardi B arguing with her fan base, Mal refusing to take a listen to Rory's upcoming album, then they go down memory lane by checking out the crew's baby pictures that features young Karl with his famous knee, breaking down the problem with the Lakers, and much much more.


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Apr 08, 2022
Episode 55 | "Make Me"

Starting this week off with the exclusive festival recap, Rory comes in and lets us know how his weekend in North Carolina went. They discuss Dreamville's Gangsta Grillz mixtape, the festival, as well as who is the next one up from that crew. He details his struggle in finding a last minute hotel, and tells his unexpected NC love story. Mal tells us of his weekend in Philly, and the guys discuss how having a show together gives people a hard time separating them as individuals. Discussion then turns to the Grammy Awards, but first they debate whether Lil Nas X is trolling for marketing. They then discuss Grammy nominations and winners, giving well deserved flowers, and giving their differing opinions on some of the winners and categories. Rory hates on everyone who ever met Andre 3000 and Nas, and they reminisce on old, nasty La Marina days from a decade ago. Kanye drops out of Coachella in real time during recording, and the team tries to find a quick replacement. They also discuss taxidermy, give opinions on which artists they believe live their lyrics, hip-hop culture conspiracy theories, + more!

Apr 05, 2022
Episode 54 | "House Husbands"

Happy Friday! The guys start off by trying something new and actually introducing themselves to their audience. They address depression, Menace 2 Society's storyline, and older men creeping on high school girls... all in the first 10 minutes. They get into a philosophical conversation regarding truth in regards to hating, then Rory recaps his livestream from Patreon, and lets the listeners know what's to come. He then addresses the trauma he experienced from working at an advertising firm, and lets Mal know the best kept secret of gay bars. This segues into Mal letting us know how he would meet women if he got rid of the internet, and Rory explains his plan to become a House Husband of LA. Later on, Mal explains his ideal charity, they discuss new and upcoming releases, debate more TV shows + more!

Apr 01, 2022
Episode 53 | "My Name Is Will"

...You already know.  Let's get into it.


The team jumps immediately into discussion regarding the Will Smith v. Chris Rock Oscar fiasco, giving their individual opinions, which leads to a heated debate about who was right and wrong in the scenario. The examine it from all sides, including Chris Rock's comedic history, and Will Smith's marital scandals. Eventually, they agree to disagree and congratulate Will on his Best Actor win. They then tease Rory about his Peacock's getting flambéed at the Elite 8 round of the championships, and he dies on the hill with his team and dignity. They recap their night out for Demaris' birthday in LA, and call her out for talking a good game but not living by it. This reminds Rory to take Mal to Homie Court for a slip up he made that put Rory in a tough spot, and the team requests the listeners to be the jury and decide a verdict based on the evidence. They get into new music, Freddie v. Benny, + more!

Mar 29, 2022
Episode 52 | "The People's Champs"

The guys are back in LA! This time, hungover and humble from their Ambies loss. They start off with a deep dive into the conspiracy that Irish people are black, and then get right into their awards show experience from the previous night. They contemplate what their motion picture origin story would look like, and Mal diagnoses Rory's PTED. The guys address a young lady in the room (who isn't Demaris), Mal shows his legs, they all brainstorm ways to take the pod to the next level, + more!

Mar 25, 2022
Episode 51 | "Step And Repeat"

The guys are full of jokes this episode, starting it off exposing Demaris' previous rap career, complete with lyric breakdown. After they've made enough fun of her, they delve into the current surgery culture, debating whether women are changing themselves for men or for themselves. After somehow blaming walk-away videos on Flavor Flav, they give a recap of their weekends, and give the audience a preview of their possible upcoming acceptance speech for The Ambies. Rory takes credit for St. Peters success, Mal gives his opinion on the current women's sports debate, they both address the craziest narratives they've heard about themselves, + more!

Mar 22, 2022
Episode 50 | "The Fighting Irish"

Warning: This episode is sponsored by sauvignon blanc. Please drink responsibly. (We dedicate this to you, Reddit)

The guys are back in their home studio, congratulating Jussie for his jail escape. They determine he should turn his story into a movie, and forbid him from ever using the black power fist again. Rory reminisces on his grandmother's past, and the team wishes him a Happy Saint Patricks Day, which leads to him giving a quick run down on the holiday's history, and his fond childhood memories of it. This leads to a conversation about the parades in NY, and Mal insists on having a parade to celebrate heterosexual males. Mal informs the listeners that he sleeps naked and unfortunately, Demaris had to find this out the hard way. They then get into 'Bad Vegan' (spoiler alert if you plan on watching), explaining the plot, and again being surprised that white women are easily swindled out of money. Mal reminds y'all he won't play your beats to Jay, and Demaris and Rory start throwing 2015 dirt on each other's names.  Eventually, they get into new music, giving reviews on Lucky Daye, Durk, Dave East, Slaughterhouse, + more, and Mal addresses the elephant on the couch.

Mar 18, 2022
Episode 49 | "Few Good Things" feat. Saba

Rory & Mal sit down with Saba for the first time, discussing personal relationships, their time in therapy, what rap sounds like in Chicago right now, and of course his new album 'Few Good Things', available now on DSP's.

Mar 15, 2022
Episode 48 | "I Saw Him Trippin..."

*sings* It never rains in Southern Californiaaaa...


The guys are back out in the wild, Wild west, tanning and scamming. They start off this episode discussing acceptable tattoos (Mal gives you "LOYALTY" on the chest vibes, right?), and then revisit the LA Lakers eskimo brothers conversation, this time diving deeper. They recap their recent night out, and bless their videographer with the nickname 'Kondom Karl'. Rory brings up a throwback example of one of our favorite R&B stars dirty macking, and remember (to their dismay) that they forgot to check in with Wack 100 before they touched Los Angeles soil. They give their opinions on Tik-Tok's new streaming platform, and what it means for new artists. They also address why the world hates Kim K (this week, anyway), the false allegations against Chris Brown, the WNBA, + more!

Mar 11, 2022
Episode 47 | 'Animal Thugs'

Back after a weekend of debauchery, Rory comes in and gives the team the run down on his off days. This leads into a discussion on which strip clubs in the US are the best, with Rory & Karl showing us their strip club shooting etiquette. Rory steals a young man's date from him and is now being hunted, and they address NYC's mask mandate and vaccination requirements being lifted. They then get into new music, and end the debate about Power vs. Snowfall. They talk about The Game's anticipated album, as well as other drops they're waiting for this year. They debate the classic mob movies and put them in a Versus against each other, discuss upcoming Patreon content, + more!

Mar 08, 2022
Episode 46 | "Clapped Up"

Rory & Mal catch you guys up on their busy work week of hanging with rappers, and try to remember why Daniel Caesar got cancelled. Rory ponders what will happen with Dre's stems and unreleased music when he passes, while Mal wonders if now would be a good time for Detox to come out. They discuss the upcoming Murder Inc docuseries, and the upcoming Dreamville fest. Rory takes us down STD memory lane, and this leads into a conversation about exploring dating and sexuality in your teens. They also get into the sex trafficking scares going on, upcoming music, the Slaughterhouse split, + more!

Mar 04, 2022
Episode 45 | “The Rapture”

Mal & Rory dive immediately into music, playing snippets of unreleased songs, and letting you know who to check for. They then segue into a potential yoga/weed retreat for the two them, and discuss attire for the festivities. Mal decides he’s too old for double headers, and the guys discuss the different scams from psychics and televangelists. They decide that 8 mile is a classic, discuss the season finale of ‘Euphoria’, things they have coming up, + more!

Mar 01, 2022
Episode 44 | "P List"

In this episode, Mal attempts to steer Rory, once again, down a dark and horny path, but luckily we are on the brink of war and were able to pivot to darker news and predictions. They send prayers to Ukraine (and us, to be honest), and try to decide which letter of the alphabet the guy's celebrity falls under. Rory attempts to show the room a dance move literally no one has ever seen before, and then they address the mess that is hip-pop culture right now. They touch on Kanye's Donda 2 performance, Jus Blaze & MF Doom's uncanny voice resemblance, practice their bars for each other in their upcoming rap battle, + more.

Feb 25, 2022
Episode 43 | "Stumble Inn"

Back after a calm All-Star weekend in, the guys make fun of the rest of the crew for their wild weekend shenanigans. Mal kicks the episode off with a forced apology to Rory for standing him up (there seems to be a theme here), and Rory recaps the Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson show that he attended. Karl gives us a preview of his audition to be one of Earl's backup dancers, and then they head into a discussion about the history of All-Star weekends, with Rory & Karl recapping their unfortunate experiences at the one in New Orleans. This leads into a conversation putting MacBooks against Dell computers, and they debate which pre-iphone device was the best. They touch on upcoming episodes of Kanye's doc, and defend former Roc-A-Fella Head of Marketing Chaka Pilgrim from online backlash, and give her flowers. They discuss whether the STEM player is worth the money for what it does, and compare it to the iPod era. They also discuss new music coming (Durk & Kanye), Macy Gray's national anthem performance, Rory's impersonation of the mom from Love & Basketball, + more!

Feb 22, 2022
Episode 42 | "Showtime"

(This episode is chaos, heads up). After a brief discussion about Mal's European roots, Rory & Mal discuss the leaked sex tape of Isaiah Rashad, and their opinions on the backlash, as well as their jealousy of how lit his sex life appeared to be. This leads into the boys getting into how they get the group sex popped off, with Rory getting into his glass shower bag.  Finally, we ask the tough questions regarding Rory's infamous tippy-toe stance while recording, and the color of Mal's areolas. The guy's recap their night with Conway and play some unreleased music, and then Rory addresses Mal being a hater over an ex's boyfriend reveal. They speak on the benefits of side relationships, as well as their nomination for Best Entertainment Podcast at The Ambies. They also discuss hearing-impaired intuition, festival pussy, Kanye's new song with Fivio & Alicia Keys, + more!

Feb 18, 2022
Episode 41 | "Raw & B"

The guys are back, coming straight off the SuperBowl shindig at Rory's house.

They of course have to cover Kanye's viral antics, and they review his upcoming documentary. They also cover the SuperBowl and its historic halftime show, as well as cover long-awaited new music coming from Nick Cannon. Rory catches us up on the new wave of scammer-flix docs, lets us in on some of his Heaux Tales, and more!

Feb 15, 2022
Episode 40 | “Cashmere Cardigan” (feat. Pink Sweat$)

Rory & Mal welcome R&B crooner Pink Sweat$ to their home studio to discuss the effects of co-signs in R&B, his Philadelphia upbringing, how labels make their money, + more!

Feb 11, 2022
Episode 39 | "On Sight"

After a weekend of fun and depression, the guys sit down and try to figure out why that other podcast has the nerve to say the N-word. They then cover their weekends, and get into new music that was released. They speak on why they don't beef with media personalities, and why they have retired from fighting. Rory brings a disturbing 'Sean Kingston' lyric to their attention, they plan to visit the racist playground of Staten Island, NY, and try to determine what Lamar Odom ate on Celebrity Big Brother. Rory also lets the team in on his rapper dreams, and drops some old potential diss bars (all in fun and games, don't post those clips for clickbait). They also touch on Power, Jay Elect being upset with their last episode thumbnail, + more!

Feb 08, 2022
Episode 38 | "MidHusband"

Rory & Mal start off by addressing the godfather of the instagram meme-quotes, and of course address the beautiful news of the week - Rihanna. This leads into a conversation regarding midwifery, trapping men (& women), and handling raising men. They get into the Janet documentary, new music, Tom Brady's retirement, + more!

Feb 04, 2022
Episode 37 | “The Chef Up North”

Happy Tuesday, folks! Rory starts off with his story on giving Hip Hop (the person) some insight on an Irishman’s mental state. The guys discuss the outrage over the de-sexualization of the green M&M, and Mal’s friend phones in and gives him insight on the billboard. They get into the best hip-hop legend biographies, as well as other “classic” movies and scenes, + more!

Feb 01, 2022
Ep. 36 | “The Red King”

High Energy Fridays, y’all! The team starts off recapping the life and legacy of Keri Hilson, and proceed to address the HR complaints the team has. Mal tells them about a new porn category he found, and the guys discuss his experience with a woman with two vaginas. They speak on learning too much about their team member Benner, and decide to go to CrimeCon in Vegas for Rory’s birthday. We find out that Baisley is a racist when she attacks Eddin after finding out he’s a Mexican, which leads to a discussion on Nancy Reagan’s legacy as a throat goat. They also address D.A.R.E.’s beef with Euphoria, the upcoming Super Bowl line up, Lil Zane’s career, where Rory got his name, + more!

Jan 28, 2022
Episode 35 | “Girl Scout Cookies”

The crew is back from a long weekend, ready to fill your speakers with real shit and bullshit. Absolutely nothing happened in the culture, so we start making fun of Karl for just existing, and inform the listeners of our billboard currently up in Times Square (top 3 fans with the most creative photos in front of it get a merch pack). They address the exploitation of the Girl Scouts, Mal’s sweatsuit size, the teams end of year reviews, and Mal comforting Jojo from Jodeci, + more!

Jan 25, 2022
Episode 34 | “Dream Guy”

Mal starts this episode off with vulnerability, and this leads into a discussion of television and objectifying women, which somehow leads Mal and Rory to contemplate how the first pregnant woman and murderer handled their discoveries. Rory insists that we are all participating in a simulation video game and that Elon Musk is winning. Mal (still) doesn’t feel right about having a female Uber driver, and Rory gets into his memories of (failed) parallel parking his way out of some womens lives before.

The guys discuss how social media is affecting their lives, and how the bags that people get from TikTok have them thinking of shaking a** for the app. Karl shows us just how sick he really is with a dance demonstration, and as always we accidentally kill off another beloved star. They also give their opinions on best 90’s sitcoms, thorny engagement rings, white guilt becoming illegal, + more!

Jan 21, 2022
Episode 33 | Task Rabbits

Hope you guys enjoyed the three day weekend! Rory starts the pod off with a necessary apology to his Black co-workers, and they cover their weekends. The guys apologize for last week’s mishap with the re-upload, and ask the listeners if they did their homework and figured out the Belly Movie Mystery… which somehow leads to Mal letting us in on his body hair preferences.

They cover the new Kanye x The Game track ‘Eazy’, and discuss Kanye being more on the scene after his breakup, as well as his incident with paparazzi, and how they appreciate seeing him more. They then get into all of the new music that was released over the weekend, including Cordae, Ant Clemons & J.I.D.,  and of course give their opinions. They also speak on re releasing mixtapes on DSP's.

Mal thinks the NY boys being allowed to play Fan Duel will lead to more poverty and robberies, and gives a warning to not gamble away money you can’t afford to lose. The guys discuss the rumored announcement of the Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight (which has since been debunked by Tyson), and imagine what a fight and contract between them would look like, + more!

Jan 18, 2022
Episode 32 | "Thomas The Train"

*Insert episode about nothing* Rory & Mal start off describing their wild night out with Jay Electronica, including a nasty table spread and accompanying hookah bill. Mal lets the fans know he heard their feedback about his Carter 3 take, and Rory questions Lyfe Jennings and Fantasia's mindset when singing 'Hypothetically'. This leads into a conversation regarding stepfathering on accident, and Karl The Cameraman gives his input on a tough situation. Rory enlightens us on an awkward conversation he had with his accountant about his "personal" spending, which leads into a porn, train, and orgy's in Detroit topic. They discuss the coolest rappers who can box, and reminisce on how Drake and Meek's rap battle set had the culture talking. TRIGGER WARNING: Mal says 'Belly' is a trash movie + more!

Jan 14, 2022
Episode 31 | "Zoovie"

The guys start off debating whether The Carter 3 is a classic or not … no literally, this is the first sentence, so prepare for a music deep dive. Mal insists Wayne has no classic albums, and Rory and Demaris, as always, disagree with him, and ask him to give an example of a classic album to him, and he insists most “classics” are overhyped. This leads into a conversation about The Weeknd’s Dawn FX release, where the guys try to decipher what kind of woman and situation inspired this album (11:44). They comment on Timbaland’s ‘Thriller’ comparison, and then segue into a conversation about Gunna’s new album, and if he’s a better artist than Lil Baby (36:42). Gunna has all the kids saying “P”… so of course we had to figure out what that meant, and got into some emotional rapper discussions, including a ‘Deuces (Remix)’ breakdown (43:22). Of course we had to battle it out and debate who would win the Jaheim Vs. Usher Verzuz, as well as debate who could actually beat Usher (1:06:27). We also get into some sad sh*t (RIP Bob Saget), some bullsh*t (Did you too have a fake G-Shock?) + more!

To donate to the families affected by the tragic fire in the Bronx:

Jan 11, 2022
Episode 30 | "Diet Coke"

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…


The guys sit down together for the first time in 2022, and recap their holidays, debating what music should be played when the ball drops. The team explains why we missed an episode, and Rory walks us through his Christmas shroom trip. Rory continues on to spoil Spiderman: No Way Home for everyone, including Mal, and the guys get into what else they’ve been watching recently. Starting on music, the guys discuss how R&B was a let down this year, and then get into new music that has been released since we’ve been gone. They debate and discuss B-Dot’s annual rap list, and somehow manage to get into how Bezos and Kanye are handling being single. There's some conspiracy and political shit in here, but we won’t detail that out because somehow this episode will come up missing. Just listen.

Jan 07, 2022
Episode 29 | "Talk Ya Sh*t" (feat. Jermaine Dupri & Shad Moss)

Happy New Year from everyone over at New Rory & Mal. Now that the holidays are over and we’re all back at work and miserable again, let's get the year started off right! 


Rory & Mal catch up with Jermaine Dupri at his legendary studio compound while in Atlanta. They sit down and start to discuss JD’s early journey into hip hop, starting with his breaking of the duo Kriss Kross (16:42). He goes on to explain how he met the late Lisa “LeftEye” Lopes, and how he helped break the group that would become TLC (25:19). In the middle of his stories, JD gets an unexpected disturbing call from his protege Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, who insists on pulling up and joining the interview to get a few things off his chest (36:20). Bow Wow comes in and joins JD in telling the behind the scenes story of breaking his career, as well as elevating So So Def. JD (and of course Bow Wow himself) start giving Bow Wow his flowers for his career (1:11:06), and this leads into a discussion of what the blogs have against him that they won’t cover his current successes. This also activates JD’s urge to get his shit off, who doubles down on his challenge to Puff Daddy for a Verzuz, and explains why he feels underrated (1:24:16). They also touch on other careers JD has broken, their opinion on aging relevance  in Hip-Hop (and basketball), + more!

Jan 04, 2022
Episode 28 | "...And Now We Heal"

Back in the frigid streets of NYC, Mal & Rory rehash their weekend work trip to Atlanta, and how it felt returning back to their igloo of a hometown. The footage of them learning to fight crime in Detroit has been posted to our YouTube, and they once again reiterate that Dale’s techniques (*might*) actually work. They get into Big Sean’s Drink Champs episode where he responds to Kanye’s previous comments, and wonder how Pusha T is handling the “reconciliation” of Drake & Kanye. This leads into a conversation about friendship, and how women and men handle them differently. Of course, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t give people relationship advice they didn’t ask for, so we try to help Justine through her breakup with Giveon (somewhat). New music is spoken on, Christmas plans, having a loose caboose, and more!

Dec 21, 2021
Episode 27 | "Hippie B**ches"

Rory & Mal start off recapping their week, including the NRM team holiday dinner, where the executive producer of More Sauce shamelessly admitted to being a serial killer aka sleeping with socks on. They then address the war on Christmas, men getting horrible Christmas gifts, and why we have no recent classic holiday movies. Jussie Smollett was found guilty on his fall report charges for lying his ass off, and that, of course, led to jokes. A bunch of random discussions happen in the middle of this episode - Rory gives advice on the worst places to propose, Mal admits to having a weed dealing hippie fetish, and we finally hear from one of our KanyexYe ticket winners. The guys also discuss new music, Hitman Holla’s close friends + more!

Dec 17, 2021
Episode 26 | "Turmeric D**k"

Back after the Russ episode and a chill weekend, the guys get right to the shits; the shits being the reunion of Drake and Kanye at the Free Larry Hoover benefit concert held in Los Angeles. Rory and Mal give their opinions on the show, the experience of live tweeting it, and speculate how a Kanye & Drake tour would look in 2022. They speak on Travis $cott’s interview about the tragic incident at his festival, and this segues into a thankful Rolling Loud LA recap, as they celebrate a safe completion of the festival, even though LA is in a  self-proclaimed “purge”-adjace state currently. The guys rehash memories of summer camp, and decide to take the New Rory & Mal team on an Adult Summer Camp trip. Mal stresses over the thought of having daughters, and this leads into a conversation about Rory giving up his preference to keep his white bloodline pure, because Gingers are going extinct. They also cover Rick Ross’ new album honestly, speak on more new music that was released + more!

Dec 14, 2021
Episode 25 | "Take Your Coat Off..." (feat. Russ)

...and get comfortable! Rory & Mal sit down with rapper Russ off the release of his album 'Chomp 2' , and speak on his previous run in with Mal, his outlook on the music industry machine and it's fight against ownership, him getting his just due as an artist, his love life, + more!

Dec 10, 2021
Episode 24 | “Unleash The Dragon”

Coming in hot! The guys decide to attack all women with the name Ashley, and discuss which names have been ruined by legendary hip hop songs. They get into a conversation about old shows and show hosts, leading into an honest discussion on who has an overrated discography in the music industry. They also debate who is more toxic out of Brent and Sza, discuss DMX’s documentary, and let the listeners know what to expect next!

Dec 07, 2021
Episode 23 | “Thou Shall Not Ghost” (feat. Bible Brianda)

Rory and Mal sit down with Brianda from ‘Bible Stories w/Brianda’, and discuss her journey as a born again celibate Christian, her research on Mal & Rory (and our engineer, Eddin), as well as her current dating life and biblical interpretations.

Dec 03, 2021
Episode 22 | "Is That Racist?"

The boys are back, after a brief Thanksgiving break, and nothing has happened so insert the random shit! They start off getting into defining racism (don't cancel us, please) and discussing how this era of "racy" dress is worse than the Freaknik era. They get into a Thanksgiving recap, which somehow segues into a conversation about the double standards regarding sneaking photos of the opposite sex, and Mal asks the team to explain why a man would twiddle his fiddle while his significant other was in the house. They get into what demographics of men are the craziest exes (more stereotype jokes, again, don't cancel us), which leads to a discussion  about the appropriate house aesthetics to get women excited. In this episode, we also discuss how Rory had a bounty on his nudes, men's Mental Health month, the upcoming trials for Tory & Taxstone, as well as the unfortunate news of Virgil's passing.

Nov 30, 2021
Episode 21 | “OPPumentary”

You guys like when we deep dive into absolute nonsense right? … perfect!

Rory & Mal start with discussing thank you tracks/interludes in hip-hop, eventually ending up in a conversation about their respective weekends, where they both attended the Teyana Taylor ‘Last Rose Petal’ farewell tour… but on separate nights. NYC was lit this weekend between the tour and the Soul Train Awards being filmed at the Apollo, so of course the guys discuss this, as well as the AMA’s. We’re going into Thanksgiving, and the guys discuss plans, and family, and how Lebron’s dad is probably regretting walking out on him. Mal wants to find out who is really getting it out of the ‘’mud” … as well as where all the imaginary haters and opps are. Rory got ran down on at the Donda show, and Mal gives him an apology. Baisley’s Only Fans, street harassment, and more get brought up.

Nov 23, 2021
Episode 20 | "Adult Love Affair"

Back in New York, Rory & Mal settle back into their home studio, and rehash their Los Angeles experiences. They of course have to give their opinions on Drake and Kanye rekindling their bromance, and then get into Tidal changing their royalties and payment structure, which gives fans more ability to directly support their favorite artists. Rory and Mal also discuss the upcoming battles of Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills, as well as Three Six Mafia vs Bone Thugs, and then venture into a conversation about adult baecations. They address Adele's upcoming album, review Silk Sonic's release, and much more!

Nov 19, 2021
Episode 19 | The Black Album (feat. Young Guru & Hip Hop)

Rory & Mal sit down with Hip Hop & Young Guru to celebrate and reflect on the 18th birthday of the Black Album recently passing. The guys run through it song by song, discussing the stories and inspiration behind the iconic album.

Nov 16, 2021
Episode 18 | Rabbit Eggs (feat. Dr. Gadh)


The guys start off discussing Leo DiCaprio and his role playing Jim Jones, and then get into parenting and how it’s all about fooling your kids (8:30). They also touch on Mulatto as a growing hip hop artist (14:05), and get into what makes a freestyle these days. Rory asks Demaris if he should lie to his partner (21:50), + more. They eventually introduce their guest, Psychiatrist Dr. Gadh, who teaches them about microdosing Lithium to help depression, the distrust origin for minorities and the health care system, how fame affects celebrities mental health + more!

Nov 12, 2021
Episode 17 | “Bi-Coastal”

Rory & Mal start off on a random note per usual, and then settle into a conversation regarding the tragedy that occurred at the AstroWorld Festival (9:16), and the discussion going on social media right now about who should be held responsible. Of course, Mal couldn’t wait to talk on the long-awaited release of Summer Walker’s new album ‘Still Over It’ (16:58), and this leads into a mini therapy session about how your own childhood family trauma could affect the family you create (25:10), as well as how it could be thrown in your face later, which Rory speaks on being one of his triggers (39:30). Mal gets into his own tendencies to detach from the world socially and how it affects his personal life (40:30), and then gets Justice on the phone to defend himself against the Summer Walker contract rumors (47:22). They eventually get to Kanye’s Drink Champs interview (50:50), and congratulate N.O.R.E. on such a huge moment, for both hip-hop and podcasting + more!

Nov 09, 2021
Episode 16 | “I Saw Your Speech…” (feat. HitBoy)

The guys sit down in LA with HitBoy, coming off the release of his collaborative effort ‘What You Expect’ with Big Sean. Hit-Boy opens up about his process working with different artists (2:34), his accidental viral rant shading Kanye’s rollout (5:49), an honest opinion on Quentin Miller (11:47), Big Sean’s growth (30:18), + more!

Nov 05, 2021
Episode 15 | "Self Love"

The boys are back! Comfy in their new home at Stitcher studios, Rory & Mal jump right back into their randomness, discussing Sanaa Lathan's movie persona as a homewrecker (2:24), their new deal with Stitcher/SiriusXM (6:54), and even Dave Chapelle's controversial stand up special (14:32). Then then go into what they missed while on break, including their opinion on Meek's new album (19:45), their recent adventures in LA (30:10),  Jay-Z's induction into the Hall of Fame (1:01:07), + more! 

Nov 02, 2021
"Hey Guys": The Announcement of the Announcement

The boys take the time to catch the fans up with the future of the podcast, give some relationship advice, and more! We’re so excited for what’s coming next, and we know you are too! Thank you for your loyalty and your patience, we love and appreciate you more than you know.

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Oct 02, 2021
Episode 14 | "Sport Mode"

I swear we're more excited than we appear in the thumbnail...

The guys went to a Griselda show recently and had the time of their life. They give the listeners an overview of the show and guests (8:00), and then move on to discuss The Fugees reuniting for a show (and tour) (17:02). Our resident Barb gives his opinion on the vaccine and Nicki Minaj's viral tweets (19:35), and then Karen Civil's scandal gets brought up (31:14), which leads to a conversation regarding "standard" business practices and how they need to change. Rory explains to Mal what would've been 'The Activist' competition (42:25), while Mal mourns 'The Messiah'. JD has been calling out Diddy in a VERZUZ, and the guys give their thoughts on a possible winner after discussing the recent battle with Fat Joe & Ja Rule (51:28). This wouldn't be a music podcast without discussing new music (1:14:00), just like we wouldn't be Rory & Mal without a random deep dive... this time featuring Crocs (1:19:30), + more!

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Sep 24, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 13 | "The Lost Tapes (Side B)" ft. Alchemist & HipHop

Before the guys introduce the lost footage from their interview with Roc-a-Fella legend HipHop and renowned producer Alchemist(33:00), they discuss Rory’s EDM-induced self-discovery (3:10), Malcolm X’s new documentary (8:00), best rap voices (12:58) and give some artists their well deserved flowers. They also answer on air some of the texts they've received from the listeners, and give some advice (26:30)!

The lost footage features some never-before-seen discussion with HipHop, Alchemist, Earl Sweatshirt & WestSide Boogie, where they discuss EVERYTHING the music nerds love, from surprise rollouts (36:00), to how playlists have killed the album (42:00), as well as funny stories involving some of our favorite artists, + more!

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Sep 17, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 12 | “PEMDAS”

Let’s get to it !! Rory & Mal do a short recap of their Labor Day weekends, and then immediately get into their review of the highly anticipated Certified Lover Boy album that released hours after they recorded last week’s episode, track by track (6:45) ! They also get into the leaked Kanye track featuring Andre3000's verse about his late mother (45:45), which leads into a discussion about the guys own relationships with their mothers (55:45) . Rory gives Mal a wild math lesson ( 1:13:55) , the guys give flowers to the beloved Michael K Williams (1:26:45), + more!

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Sep 10, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 11 | "Lamborghini Doors"

The boys are back! This week they start off by trying to guess who the ‘Hometown Hero of Houston” is, recapping Mal’s wild weekend in Atlanta (2:45), and end up giving Jermaine Dupri his well deserved flowers (12:13). Kanye dropped his highly anticipated album ‘Donda’, and the boys give their honest opinion (13:33), while also discussing the now infamous billboards announcing the features from Drake’s upcoming album (25:33), as well as more new music that dropped. They get into OnlyFan’s reneging on their plan to end porn on their platform (55:20), which leads into a random discussion about wanted and unwanted nudes in the DM’s. Rory tries to convince Mal that women recording him during sex is a compliment instead of disrespect (1:08:26), Mal gets marriage advice from Rory (of all people) (1:24:38), + a bunch of other random topics.

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Sep 03, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 10 | "Day Walker"

Rory & Mal sit down to discuss Mal's recent trip, where he gives us some insight on Summer Walker’s upcoming album (2:40), which gets the guys talking about all of the newly released music, such as Ty Dolla $ x DVSN's new mixtape (14:20). Anticipation for Hip-Hop's Big 3 to drop has increased even more now that Kendrick has entered the chat (20:53)! Summer Jam gives DaBaby a second chance (43:47), and Rory gives his opinion on the correct way to handle cancel culture (48:00). This leads into a random discussion on sign language interpreters being sexy but necessary (53:00). They move into discussing what makes vagina bad (1:06:00) , coming to another man as a man (1:19:50) + more!

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Aug 27, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 9 | "Cherry Seltzer"

Rory & MAL sit down to discuss the Hood Olympics, bringing drugs back to sports, haunting your girl after death, OnlyFans cancelling porn + more!

Visuals + bonus content will be available tomorrow!

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Aug 20, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 8 | "McMal"

Rory & MAL sit down to discuss apartment hunting, Nas’ new album, concert etiquette, Governor Cuomo’s resignation, sharing locations, being “waxed and vaxed” + more!

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Aug 13, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 7 | "Push To Start / The Lost Episode"

Rory & MAL sit down to discuss the LOX’s historic Verzus, Jeff Bezos handing out free money, anticipated albums, what gives Mal goosebumps, ending up in relationships accidentally, the Laker’s becoming the Monstars + more! Plus, stay tuned for bonus clips from our never released LA episode, where we get into hating your homie’s girl, keeping attractive women as friends, vibrating underwear + more, with Reason joining in.

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Aug 06, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 6 | "Make Some Noise"

The fellas are back! Discussing condom ratios, travel partners, the lost LA episode, fumbling the box at CVS, Rolling Loud, what it takes for a crowd to make some noise these days, meme dating, bluetooth sex toys, and much more!

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Jul 30, 2021
Season 1 | Cooking with Belly

Belly invites the guys over to his house to make some lamb chops and discuss how he got into cooking, childhood memories in the kitchen, his disappearance in music, his battle with depression & drugs, self destruction, needing a good woman, the conflict in Palestine, and much more! Also, can Rory & MAL successfully pitch Belly to hire them as his new managers? Head over to our YouTube for the full footage and watch Belly prepare his signature lamb chops step by step, while discussing how cooking inspires songs, why the hell women keep using alfredo as an aphrodisiac, + more!
All things Rory & MAL:

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Jul 28, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 5 | "Hoe Legs"

Rory & MAL sit down to discuss being an ally of a woman in a new relationship, the dichotomy of cheating, initial fears of settling down, Snoh's album, out growing sounds, LOX vs Dipset, Sprinters, and much much more!

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Jul 16, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 4 | "Kashius Clay"

Check out the "Zodiac Killer" sketch now on our YouTube page. Rory & MAL sit down to discuss Rory's Doja Cat 4th of July confession, women being too prepared for male guests to sleep over, The Legend of Desaun, new music, NORE calls in to talk Beans vs Nore, and more!!

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Jul 09, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 3 | "You Know Me Better Than The Things I Did"

Rory & Mal sit down and address the internet killing Mal over paying a girls tab while she was on a date, what is considered wasting women’s time, whether women actually tell the truth, if communication is really that difficult, whether Rory should interview a woman Mal dated (and vice versa), Tyler’s album, Daniel from DVSN calls in, RIP Mac Miller, and more!

Jul 02, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 2 | "Wake Up"

Rory & MAL sit down and discuss men & women's lack of hydration in extra curricular activities, Usher's comments to T-Pain, the H.E.R. album, MAL picking up checks, introducing women to certain circles, and more!

Jun 25, 2021
Season 1 | "Cha Cha Chicken" (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, & Justice)

RORY & MAL head to LA and sit with Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, and Justice of LVRN and discuss LA vs NY vs ATL, DR vacations, what type of guy their friends are around women, WS being Eminem's hype man, paying for companionship, and more!

Jun 19, 2021
Season 1 | Episode 1

The boys catch up about their recent trip to L.A.

Jun 11, 2021