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Tyler Shepherd
 Sep 4, 2021
The heart and soul of the good old jbp doing their thing, glad to see them up.


New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.

Episode Date
"Hey Guys": The Announcement of the Announcement
The boys take the time to catch the fans up with the future of the podcast, give some relationship advice, and more! We’re so excited for what’s coming next, and we know you are too! Thank you for your loyalty and your patience, we love and appreciate you more than you know. Make sure you’re following us on our socials to keep up with everything New Rory & Mal! Twitter:@newrorynmal Instagram:@newrorynmal Like, comment, and make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube page!
Oct 02, 2021
Episode 14 | "Sport Mode"
I swear we're more excited than we appear in the thumbnail... The guys went to a Griselda show recently and had the time of their life. They give the listeners an overview of the show and guests (8:00), and then move on to discuss The Fugees reuniting for a show (and tour) (17:02). Our resident Barb gives his opinion on the vaccine and Nicki Minaj's viral tweets (19:35), and then Karen Civil's scandal gets brought up (31:14), which leads to a conversation regarding "standard" business practices and how they need to change. Rory explains to Mal what would've been 'The Activist' competition (42:25), while Mal mourns 'The Messiah'. JD has been calling out Diddy in a VERZUZ, and the guys give their thoughts on a possible winner after discussing the recent battle with Fat Joe & Ja Rule (51:28). This wouldn't be a music podcast without discussing new music (1:14:00), just like we wouldn't be Rory & Mal without a random deep dive... this time featuring Crocs (1:19:30), + more! Like, Comment, & Subscribe! Text us: 917-810-2295 Follow us on twitter and instagram :
Sep 24, 2021
Episode 13 | "The Lost Tapes (Side B)" ft. Alchemist & HipHop
Before the guys introduce the lost footage from their interview with Roc-a-Fella legend HipHop and renowned producer Alchemist(33:00), they discuss Rory’s EDM-induced self-discovery (3:10), Malcolm X’s new documentary (8:00), best rap voices (12:58) and give some artists their well deserved flowers. They also answer on air some of the texts they've received from the listeners, and give some advice (26:30)! The lost footage features some never-before-seen discussion with HipHop, Alchemist, Earl Sweatshirt & WestSide Boogie, where they discuss EVERYTHING the music nerds love, from surprise rollouts (36:00), to how playlists have killed the album (42:00), as well as funny stories involving some of our favorite artists, + more! Like, comment, subscribe! Text Rory & Mal at 917-810-2295
Sep 17, 2021
Episode 12 | “PEMDAS”
Let’s get to it !! Rory & Mal do a short recap of their Labor Day weekends, and then immediately get into their review of the highly anticipated Certified Lover Boy album that released hours after they recorded last week’s episode, track by track (6:45) ! They also get into the leaked Kanye track featuring Andre3000's verse about his late mother (45:45), which leads into a discussion about the guys own relationships with their mothers (55:45) . Rory gives Mal a wild math lesson ( 1:13:55) , the guys give flowers to the beloved Michael K Williams (1:26:45), + more! Like, comment, subscribe! And don’t forget to text us questions for next week at 917-810-2295!
Sep 10, 2021
Episode 11 | "Lamborghini Doors"
The boys are back! This week they start off by trying to guess who the ‘Hometown Hero of Houston” is, recapping Mal’s wild weekend in Atlanta (2:45), and end up giving Jermaine Dupri his well deserved flowers (12:13). Kanye dropped his highly anticipated album ‘Donda’, and the boys give their honest opinion (13:33), while also discussing the now infamous billboards announcing the features from Drake’s upcoming album (25:33), as well as more new music that dropped. They get into OnlyFan’s reneging on their plan to end porn on their platform (55:20), which leads into a random discussion about wanted and unwanted nudes in the DM’s. Rory tries to convince Mal that women recording him during sex is a compliment instead of disrespect (1:08:26), Mal gets marriage advice from Rory (of all people) (1:24:38), + a bunch of other random topics. Like, comment, subscribe! And don’t forget to text us questions for next week at 917-810-2295!
Sep 03, 2021
Episode 10 | "Day Walker"
Rory & Mal sit down to discuss Mal's recent trip, where he gives us some insight on Summer Walker’s upcoming album (2:40), which gets the guys talking about all of the newly released music, such as Ty Dolla $ x DVSN's new mixtape (14:20). Anticipation for Hip-Hop's Big 3 to drop has increased even more now that Kendrick has entered the chat (20:53)! Summer Jam gives DaBaby a second chance (43:47), and Rory gives his opinion on the correct way to handle cancel culture (48:00). This leads into a random discussion on sign language interpreters being sexy but necessary (53:00). They move into discussing what makes vagina bad (1:06:00) , coming to another man as a man (1:19:50) + more! Like, comment, subscribe!
Aug 27, 2021
Episode 9 | "Cherry Seltzer"
Rory & MAL sit down to discuss the Hood Olympics, bringing drugs back to sports, haunting your girl after death, OnlyFans cancelling porn + more! Visuals + bonus content will be available tomorrow! Like, comment, subscribe!
Aug 20, 2021
Episode 8 | "McMal"
Rory & MAL sit down to discuss apartment hunting, Nas’ new album, concert etiquette, Governor Cuomo’s resignation, sharing locations, being “waxed and vaxed” + more! Like, comment, subscribe!
Aug 13, 2021
"Push To Start / The Lost Episode"
Rory & MAL sit down to discuss the LOX’s historic Verzus, Jeff Bezos handing out free money, anticipated albums, what gives Mal goosebumps, ending up in relationships accidentally, the Laker’s becoming the Monstars + more! Plus, stay tuned for bonus clips from our never released LA episode, where we get into hating your homie’s girl, keeping attractive women as friends, vibrating underwear + more, with Reason joining in. Like, comment, subscribe!
Aug 06, 2021
Episode 6 | "Make Some Noise"
The fellas are back! Discussing condom ratios, travel partners, the lost LA episode, fumbling the box at CVS, Rolling Loud, what it takes for a crowd to make some noise these days, meme dating, bluetooth sex toys, and much more! Like, comment & subscribe!
Jul 30, 2021
Cooking with Belly
Belly invites the guys over to his house to make some lamb chops and discuss how he got into cooking, childhood memories in the kitchen, his disappearance in music, his battle with depression & drugs, self destruction, needing a good woman, the conflict in Palestine, and much more! Also, can Rory & MAL successfully pitch Belly to hire them as his new managers? Head over to our YouTube for the full footage and watch Belly prepare his signature lamb chops step by step, while discussing how cooking inspires songs, why the hell women keep using alfredo as an aphrodisiac, + more! All things Rory & MAL: Like, subscribe, and comment!
Jul 28, 2021
Episode 5 | "Hoe Legs"
Rory & MAL sit down to discuss being an ally of a woman in a new relationship, the dichotomy of cheating, initial fears of settling down, Snoh's album, out growing sounds, LOX vs Dipset, Sprinters, and much much more! Like, subscribe, and comment!
Jul 16, 2021
Episode 4 | "Kashius Clay"
Check out the "Zodiac Killer" sketch now on our YouTube page. Rory & MAL sit down to discuss Rory's Doja Cat 4th of July confession, women being too prepared for male guests to sleep over, The Legend of Desaun, new music, NORE calls in to talk Beans vs Nore, and more!! Like, Comment, & Subscribe!
Jul 09, 2021
Episode 3 | "You Know Me Better Than The Things I Did"
Rory & Mal sit down and address the internet killing Mal over paying a girls tab while she was on a date, what is considered wasting women’s time, whether women actually tell the truth, if communication is really that difficult, whether Rory should interview a woman Mal dated (and vice versa), Tyler’s album, Daniel from DVSN calls in, RIP Mac Miller, and more!
Jul 02, 2021
Episode 2 | "Wake Up"
Rory & MAL sit down and discuss men & women's lack of hydration in extra curricular activities, Usher's comments to T-Pain, the H.E.R. album, MAL picking up checks, introducing women to certain circles, and more!
Jun 25, 2021
"Cha Cha Chicken" (feat. Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, & Justice)
RORY & MAL head to LA and sit with Earl Sweatshirt, WESTSIDE BOOGIE, and Justice of LVRN and discuss LA vs NY vs ATL, DR vacations, what type of guy their friends are around women, WS being Eminem's hype man, paying for companionship, and more!
Jun 19, 2021
Episode 1
The boys catch up about their recent trip to L.A.
Jun 11, 2021