SOGCast: Untold Stories of MAC V SOG

By John Stryker Meyer

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Category: History

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John Stryker Meyer, call sign--Tilt, hosts untold stories of the operations of MAC-V SOG. Vietnam. The Secret War.

Episode Date
009: Mike Taylor. Three and a Half Years in SOG. Ground and Air.

Taylor ran SOG recon missions out of CCS and CCN, and flew as a Covey Rider in Air Force FACs for more than 18 months.

Oct 11, 2021
008: Saving More Than 50 Wounded Soldiers Lives. Medal of Honor Recipient, Gary Mike Rose.

Gary Mike Rose - SOG Medal of Honor Recipient from life saving heroics during Operation Tailwind, as the only medic treating more than 50 wounded soldiers.

    Asked what he remembered about Operation Tailwind, Rose responded, “Not much, my field of vision focused on the wounded.” More than 50 percent of the 136 assigned to Operation Tailwind were wounded or killed.

    Rose received the MOH Aug. 23, 2017 at the White House from President Trump.

Sep 21, 2021
007: Don Haase - Crew Chief Brings Rotorhead View of SOG Missions into Laos and Cambodia

Don was a crew chief with the 195th Assault Helicopter Company that supported SOG Recon teams on missions across the fence. He brings a different perspective to the deadly secret war fought during the Vietnam War.

Aug 23, 2021
006: One Day in SOG, He Faced Death Three Times Without a Shot Fired. John E. Peters

John E. Peters - Co-Author of On The Ground.

    Peters ran SOG recon on ST Rhode Island and as a strap-hanger, joining another team for one mission. On one day he could have died three times.

Aug 06, 2021
005: Larry Trimble. Alone on Marble Mountain Observing Sapper Attacks

On Aug. 23, 1968, a sapper attack at FOB 4 killed 16 Green Berets in one night

    Larry with RT Rattler took out enemy mortar teams which prevented the body count from going higher. At one point, Larry was along on the mountain...

Jul 24, 2021
004: Untold Stories. SOG Recon at CCS. With Marcus Whitt

 Marcus served a year in SOG, went across the fence into Cambodia, went on to serve 30 years in the Army and today helps reservists obtain VA benefits.

Jun 14, 2021
003: We Few, and Whispers In The Tall Grass. With Nick Brokhausen

We Few and Whispers in The Tall Grass - Two SOG books detailing missions across the fence in Laos.

    Headline: Three million plus Americans served in Vietnam, only 500-700 ran SOG missions across the fence. Nick was one of them.

Jun 14, 2021
002: Jim "Wild Carrot" Jones's SOG Recon Mission to Recover Downed Pilots

SOG Recon team leader haunted by failed mission returns to crash site on his own money

    Twenty-five years later, he spent $35,000 of his money to personally return to the crash site, then things got ugly

Jun 14, 2021
001: Blown Off Jungle Boots: Search For SOG Recon Team Ends In Mortal Combat. w/ George "The Troll" Sternberg

The Troll and his team are tasked to recover and pull out SOG Recon team Idaho.

Jun 13, 2021