Sharon Says So

By Sharon McMahon

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Category: Government

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 Jul 20, 2021
I have learned so much from her, and she's hilarious! I can't wait for all of these to come out!

 Jul 19, 2021
Sharon's engaging personality make learning about history and government FUN!

 Jul 19, 2021
So excited this finally launched! She always has a little known story from history that I didn't know I needed to hear

 Jul 19, 2021
I love Sharon's IG where she shares #facts. Can't wait to hear the history she shares on the podcast!


Have you ever heard a story that has left your mind blown? The kind of story that sounds like a pure exaggeration? The kind of story that you want to turn around and tell to all your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors? Those are the stories you can expect to hear on The Sharon Says So Podcast, every single week. Host Sharon McMahon, a longtime government and law teacher, has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on her viral Instagram account @sharonsaysso where she combats political misinformation with non-partisan facts. Sharon is no stranger to the rumor mill and is here to expose the damning details and unheard truth behind the TRUE stories of America you may never knew existed from espionage to sled dogs to presidential scandals and much, much more. Sharon will also be joined each week by some of the nation’s most prolific thought leaders, government officials, authors and more to discuss developing matters of national importance in an effort to keep you informed on today’s rapidly changing news cycle.

Episode Date
3. The Man Who Named a Bluebird After Me with Carlos Whittaker

In this episode, Sharon meets with her dear friend and bestselling author Carlos Whittaker to discuss how to let go of fear and change the world in a positive way. In an era of social media and ‘cancel culture,’ it seems more daunting than ever to pursue a cause or passion. Whether it's fear of public backlash or the intimidation that comes with comparison to other world-changers on social media, Carlos and Sharon explore how to take a risk in order to rescue the world. Carlos offers listeners practical advice on how to identify, expel and replace the lies we believe about ourselves with truth. Heartfelt, entertaining and authentic, this episode is for everyone - because we are all responsible for changing the world.

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Jul 19, 2021
2. Alaska - The Sled Dogs Who Saved a Village with Dr. Shanté Cofield

In this episode, Sharon sits down with Dr. Shanté Cofield, a business coach helping movement and health professionals succeed in the online space. The two connect to discuss the story behind the little-known 1925 Serum Run, which took place in the brutal Alaskan wilderness. During a health crisis, town doctor Curtis Welch was faced with diagnosing and treating an unknown illness, all before it infected the whole town of 1,400 people. Left with limited resources and a short deadline, the Alaskan people sprang into action to set up a sled dog relay to deliver the medicine. Sharon takes Shanté through the twists of the story, providing wit and history at every turn.

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Jul 19, 2021
1. Alabama - The Man Who Almost Wasn't Vice President with Abi Ayres

In this episode, Sharon is joined by Abigail Ayres, an average person, in her own words, bringing love, life, laughter, and joy to Instagram. Sharon and Abigail discuss the life and legacy of William Rufus King, the 13th vice president of the United States, who served a term of a few weeks before his untimely death. William Rufus King’s lifelong political career was a far cry from those who are expected to follow the ethical, democratic process we uphold today, and Sharon shares how King’s social status, wealth, race, and outdated electoral systems influenced his pursuit of the “American Dream.” As a proponent of slavery and founding member of Selma, Alabama, Sharon and Abi examine the irony of the civil rights marches led by Martin Luther King Jr. on the soil of King’s former plantation one century later and discuss how we can extract the contributions of historical figures in America while also condemning their immorality.

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Jul 19, 2021
Introducing the Sharon Says So Podcast with Sharon McMahon

Welcome to the Sharon Say So podcast with Sharon McMahon. You may know Sharon from her viral Instagram, SharonSaysSo, or you might have seen her feature on “Good Morning America.” Maybe you’re brand new! However you found this podcast - glad you could make it! It’s time to have some fun. As a former government and law teacher, Sharon created Sharon Says So with the goal of providing fascinating information about US politics and history in the most entertaining way possible. With dazzling true stories you simply can’t find in the history books and a plethora of guests sharing their unique expertise and experiences, Sharon Says So will leave listeners wanting more. Luckily, Sharon will drop multiple episodes one day a week, making this podcast extremely binge-worthy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and learn something new!

Jul 12, 2021