Ironwood Rhino

By Matt Whitman

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Category: Education

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Matt's Mom
 Jul 23, 2021
Everything Matt does is just so wholesome. I'm looking forward to hearing about him and his little friends in this new podcast.

 Jul 18, 2021
Knowing Matt from his other podcasts to be funny and thoughtful, I'm really excited to see where this goes!


Guests share their strangest, fringiest outlier stories and we use those stories as a thought exercise to think about how we know what's true and what isn't.

Episode Date
001 - The Shadow Monster In My Room

Someone gave me a carving of an ironwood rhino while I was visiting them in Zambia. That carving doesn't fit my style or context, but I like it even though I don't really have a category or place for it. Likewise, I think we've all got at least one strange, outlier experience we can point to that doesn't fit our assumptions or categories. In this show we're going to seek out those stories and then try to get to the bottom of what happened as a thought exercise about how we know what's true and what's not. 

I'll go first.

More about sleep paralysis

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Jul 16, 2021