Beyond The X's And O's With Trent Dilfer

By Trent Dilfer

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Category: Football

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To be a great quarterback, you need to do more than just make throws. You have to be a leader. You have to set the tone for an entire organization. But what does it really take to be great? After a 14-year NFL career and Super Bowl Championship, Trent Dilfer has spent the past decade coaching and mentoring some of the most talented and dynamic young quarterbacks in the country. He's traveled the country watching players and coaches figure out how to be great. This show gives all football fans a chance to learn how the QB position works, and what it takes to be special. Young QBs, parents, coaches and anyone who loves the quarterback position, get ready to take out your notebooks and absorb hard-earned knowledge and wisdom. You'll hear from guys with gold jackets, guys who are dominating the game right now in the NFL and college, and those who hope to reach those upper echelons of greatness one day soon.

Episode Date
Steve Young on Doing What You Love & the State of Quarterbacking in the NFL | Beyond the X's and O's
Hall of Famer and Trent's close friend Steve Young joins the show and tells the story of his disastrous first start in high school. Young reveals that he didn't know how to throw a football until he got to college and learned by watching Jim McMahon. Young shares tales of memorable recruiting trips, including watching a freshman Dan Marino play against Army, and explains the philosophy he uses to power through difficult times. Young shares his perspective on how the NFL has changed to enhance offenses by resembling college, and the state of football today, stressing Bill Walsh's importance in creating a greater community in the NFL and how teams can improve their organizations to help develop young quarterbacks. Young believes that the most successful QB's are sophisticated passers, and encourages Zach Wilson to improve after throwing four interceptions this past weekend.
Sep 23, 2021
John Lynch on Playing Baseball, Switching from QB to Safety, and Stories from his Playing Days | Beyond the X's and O's
Hall of Famer and 49ers GM John Lynch shares what it was like to play QB in high school, talks about getting recruited by Lou Holtz at Notre Dame, and explains how playing football made him better at baseball, and how all the sports he played made him a better athlete. Lynch tells stories playing against Elway, Montana, and Brady, how he evaluates QBs, gives insight into the Niners plans to use both Jimmy Garroppolo and Trey Lance, and ends with stories of his and Trent's friendship and how important his family is to his success.
Sep 16, 2021
Kurt Warner on Being a Backup, Learning from Failure, and Leadership | Beyond the X's and O's
Kurt Warner, the only player in NFL history to go from undrafted to Super Bowl MVP, joins Trent to offer his wisdom to the next generation. Warner was never highly recruited, but he knew his preparation would give him a chance at the next level. Warner tells Trent how his preparation led to success when he got his chance as a starter for the Rams, how his goal of educating the next crop of young gunslingers through QB Confidential, and ends with a powerful message: don't allow your circumstances stop you from being the best person you can be.
Sep 09, 2021
Warren Moon on Overcoming Adversity to Become the Only Black Quarterback in the Hall of Fame
Warren Moon Moon won five championships in five years in the CFL before being named to nine Pro Bowls in Houston, Minnesota, and Seattle, but he faced a tremendous number of challenges along the way. Moon opens up on the racism he faced at every stage of his journey, and how he dealt with it to find success as an athlete and a man. He also shares how his JuCo coaches tried to stop colleges from recruiting him, his CFL coaches tried to stop him from signing with the NFL, and how coaches at every level tried to change his position.
Sep 02, 2021
Brett Favre on Current Player Most Like Him, Deion Sanders, Rookie Hazing
Three-time MVP Brett Favre joins Trent and shares what it was like to play for his dad in high school and wishing he had more options when he was recruited. He explains how he chose the number 4 when he got Southern Mississippi, developing his skills on the scout team, learning to ask for help, and making the most of his chances when they came. Favre explains how a friendship with Deion Sanders helped him get through being hazed as a rookie, and how that experience shaped how he treated people for the rest of his career. He talks about the present and future of the QB position, compares himself to Josh Allen, and why he feels compelled to run half marathons and bike hundreds of miles to stay active.
Aug 26, 2021
Gardner Minshew on Roller Coaster Journey, Cornhole On Draft Day, Jags QBs
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew joins Trent to walk him through Minshew's path from dominating high school in Mississippi, to playing JuCo at Northwest Mississippi, to struggling to Eastern Carolina University, to nearly playing for Alabama before ending up as a Heisman candidate at Washington State. Minshew shares how he stayed positive in the face of obstacles at every stop along the way, how that mentality kept him motivated and focused once he got the NFL, his memories of being drafted, and how he's acheived peace by focusing on controlling what he can control.
Aug 19, 2021
Troy Aikman on Recruiting, Transferring to UCLA, Going 0-11 as a Rookie, and Fatherhood
Hall of Famer Troy Aikman joins Trent to share his journey from high school to Super Bowl champion, beginning with the nerves he dealt with before his first varsity start, his recruiting experience and his issues with how it's done now, and the obstacles he overcame at Oklahoma that led to his transfer to UCLA. Aikman delves into the highs and lows of being drafted first overall and then going 0-11 as a rookie, his definition of leadership, and what it means to be a #girldad.
Aug 19, 2021
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Aug 02, 2021