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PROOF is your podcast for in-depth NFT coverage. On PROOF, we interview NFT artists, both up-and-coming and industry icons. We also cover the generative art scene, the NFT gaming/metaverse, and founders building new tools for creators and collectors. PROOF is hosted by serial entrepreneur and technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose. Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the "Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web," and Bloomberg lists him as a "Top 25 Angel Investor." Kevin has appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Charlie Rose Show, and the print covers of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine.

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MoFi Consensus — Keeping NFT assets safe, Frontrunning Opensea Insider Information, Snoop Dogg: I am @CozomoMedici, and Arbitrum.
Sep 23, 2021
Rise of AI-Generated Art: August Rosedale of Mirage Gallery
Kevin chats with August Rosedale, the owner of Mirage Gallery, and the AI artists "Alejandro" and "Taylor." The two fictional AI-generated personas create crypto-native evolving art. August discusses using Open AI to create art as well as a complete persona behind the generated art. He also touches on the legal and moral thought experiment of intellectual property of AI outputs based on large existing datasets.  
Sep 17, 2021
Artist Spotlight: Sarah Zucker, The Sarah Show
Kevin Rose chats with Sarah Zucker on creating her unique voice in the art world. Sarah discusses the art of "quality degradation," The current glitch art community, platform loyalty, and the importance of NFT authenticity validation.
Sep 15, 2021
Artist Spotlight: Ringers with Dmitri Cherniak
Kevin interviews Dmitri Cherniak, creator of the Ringers project. The Ringers series comprises 1,000 generative art NFTs made up of automatically generated "strings and pegs." Dmitri discusses his early influences, how the projects are generated utilizing his p5js script, and his take on where generative art fits into the traditional art world.
Sep 10, 2021
Collector Spotlight: Chris, Flamingo DAO member
"Chris" from Flamingo DAO breaks down his thesis on why long-term holding is the key to value accrual. They also cover the historical importance of key NFTs.
Sep 07, 2021
Nouns DAO with Punk 4156
Kevin chats with 4156 about his new project 'Nouns DAO'. "Nouns are an experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities. While projects such as Cryptopunks have attempted to bootstrap digital community and identity, Nouns attempt to bootstrap identity, community, governance, and a treasury that can be used by the community for the creation of long-term value." Full links and show notes here.
Sep 03, 2021
Artist Spotlight: Twin Flames with Justin Aversano
Kevin interviews Justin Aversano, artist advocate and creator of the Twin Flames photography NFT series, created as his healing project as his twin died in-utero. They discuss how Justin has built one of the most influential discord groups in the NFT space, his invite process to connect personally with everyone involved. In addition, his Brooklyn, NY, based SaveArtSpace nonprofit turns commercial billboards into community art space.
Sep 01, 2021
Early Generative Art Project: 'CryptoArte' with Sebastian Brocher
Sebastian Brocher talks to Kevin about his early ethereum generative art project, CryptoArte. According to minting dates on the blockchain, this is the second generative art project known to exist on ethereum. In this episode, they discuss how CryptoArte visualizes the data stored in the blockchain to create unique NFTs. Full show notes and links coming soon.
Aug 31, 2021
SuperRare: Curated NFT Marketplace and the Game-Changing $RARE Governance Token
John Crain, CEO of SuperRare, chats with Kevin about the platform's community, open and curated marketplace, lost AI artwork, NFT fractionalization, open-editions, and the game changing $Rare governance token announcement.
Aug 25, 2021
DEAFBEEF and the Craft of Generative Art
Generative audiovisual artist DEAFBEEF joins Kevin to discuss how a childhood love of computer programming and the need to stay busy during the pandemic gave rise to his unique creative vision. DEAFBEEF addresses how the community has allowed him to evolve, why he created a series of NFTs that degrades with each wallet address change, and the plans to bring his work to the analog world. Links can be found here.
Aug 10, 2021
Tyler Hobbs - Designing NFT Generative Art with a Traditional Touch
Pioneering generative artist Tyler Hobbs talks to Kevin about his history, how he mixes his hand drawings with algorithms, the tools he uses, the rare attributes his collectors are excited about, and the other NFT artists he most respects. Full show notes and links here.
Jun 29, 2021
Universe & xyzDAO - Building a Sustainable NFT Ecosystem with Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward joins Kevin to discuss the Universe Protocol and its xyzDAO, which seek to design an NFT "system that doesn’t live off the backs of artists and creates a sustainable ecosystem for artists and fans alike." Full show notes and links here.
Jun 15, 2021
Flamingo DAO - What You Should Know About Decentralized Autonomous Organizations with Priyanka Desai and Aaron Wright
Kevin sits down with fellow Flamingo DAO collaborators Priyanka Desai and Aaron Wright to discuss favorite NFT projects, what DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are, how they operate, and how you can get involved with new and up-and-coming DAOs. BIOs Priyanka Desai is currently leading operations for OpenLaw, the project behind Flamingo and The LAO. Aaron Wright is a co-founder of OpenLaw, and a professor at Cardozo Law School. Full show notes and links are found here.
May 18, 2021
VeeFriends - Gary Vaynerchuk's New NFT Project
Kevin sits down with serial entrepreneur and social media personality Gary Vaynerchuck to discuss his new NFT project, VeeFriends. VeeFriends ties curated real-world experiences to NFT collectibles.
May 05, 2021
Art Blocks - Generative NFT Art with Erick Snowfro
Art Blocks mastermind Erick (aka Snowfro) joins Kevin to discuss the ins and outs of generative art, the innovations that make it so exciting and accessible, and why NFTs that can be recreated from their fingerprints on the blockchain are poised to be the most resilient art in human history. Erick (aka Snowfro @artonblockchain) is a Houston-based artist who works in various media, including projection-mapped installations, LED light art, cut vinyl, and 3-D blocks. He is also the founder of Art Blocks, the world's first platform dedicated to decentralized generative art. LINKS: Connect with Erick (aka Snowfro): Twitter (Business) Modern Finance Newsletter Art Blocks Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: What’s the Difference? | Investopedia Smart Contracts | Simply Explained Ethereum Price Prediction: 2021-2030 | Coin Price Forecast NFTs: Blockchain-Powered Art, Trading Cards, Music, and More with Aftab Hossain | Modern Finance Podcast 001 CryptoPunks: The NFTs That Started It All, Their Origin Story, and Future Plans | Modern Finance Podcast 005 Ethereum Virtual World | Cryptovoxels The Front Page of the Internet | Reddit What Is DeFi? | CoinDesk ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard | Ethereum CryptoPunks: All Attributes | Larva Labs CryptoKitties The Leading Annual Non-Fungible Token Event | NFT.NYC Larva Labs | Discord Ultra-Rare Alien CryptoPunk NFT Sells for 605 ETH, or $750,000 | Cointelegraph MoonCatRescue Fabergé Egg | Wikipedia Generative Art | Wikipedia Generative Art and NFTs | ARTnews Amon Tobin: ISAM Live @ Coachella 2012 | We Saw Them Touchdesigner | Derivative Authentic Digital Art Marketplace | SuperRare Discover and Collect Rare Digital Artwork | KnownOrigin The Largest NFT Marketplace | OpenSea Marvel Hologram Trading Card Singles | eBay Art Blocks Platform: Cryptographically Generated Outputs for Dynamic Projects by Erick Calderon | Medium Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro | Art Blocks Genesis by DCA | Art Blocks Construction Token by Jeff Davis | Art Blocks Galaxiss by Xenoliss | Art Blocks CryptoSlam! Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak | Art Blocks Interview Series 001: Dmitri Cherniak | ARTXCODE Unigrids by Zeblocks | Art Blocks Singularity by Hideki Tsukamoto | Art Blocks The Best Emulators for Playing Retro Games on Modern Devices | PCMag The Legend of Zelda Avastars | Teleporter Algobots by Stina Jones | Art Blocks 720 Minutes by Alexis André | Art Blocks Void by Alexis André | Art Blocks Apparitions by Aaron Penne | Art Blocks Ignition by ge1doot | Art Blocks Synapses by Chaosconstruct | Art Blocks KRO | OpenSea
Apr 27, 2021
The Sandbox - A New Blockchain Based Virtual Gaming World Built on NFTs with Sebastien Borget
The Sandbox's Sebastien Borget joins Kevin to discuss the practical use of blockchains and NFTs for securing digital property and rewarding creators in virtual gaming worlds. LINKS The Sandbox The Sandbox Socials | Linktree The Blockchain Game Alliance The Blockchain Game Alliance | Twitter Decentraland Cryptovoxels Somnium Space The Sandbox’s NFTs Gain Momentum with Marketplace, New Partners, and Investors | VentureBeat BitTorrent Pixowl Animoca Brands CryptoKitties CryptoPunks Meet the Voxel, the Tiny 3D Building Blocks That Will Transform Our World | Garage HP LEGO OpenSea Ultimate List of Different Types of Video Games | iD Tech How to Get $SAND by The Sandbox | Medium The Sandbox Game Jam — “A Glitch in the Metaverse” (300,000 SAND + LANDS in Prizes)! by The Sandbox | Medium The Game Maker Academy | The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha | The Sandbox VoxEdit Beta | The Sandbox Avatar Creator | The Sandbox The Smurfs Care Bears
Apr 13, 2021
Cryptopunks - The NFTs That Started It All -- Their Origin Story and Future Plans.
NFT mania is in full swing, but where did it really start to gain momentum? CryptoPunks, 10,000 unique, algorithmically generated pixel art characters were sent to the Ethereum blockchain by Matt Hall and John Watkinson of Larva Labs in 2017, where they soon became a sensation. Kevin talks to Matt and John about the CryptoPunks origin story, their current chapter, and what we can expect from them in the future. LINKS Larva Labs CryptoPunks CryptoPunks Explained: 10 Things About the First NFTs | Christie’s ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard | Hockey Trading Cards | Upper Deck Hockey Cards Card Set Archive | Magic: The Gathering Ethereum History in 5 Charts | CoinDesk Cryptocurrencies, Explained: How Blockchain Technology Could Solve 3 Big Problems Plaguing the Art Industry | Artnet News What is Hashing on the Blockchain? | Blockgeeks Crypto Pepes: What Does the Frog Meme? | Cointelegraph Magazine Rip It to Shreds: A History of Punk and Style | Pitchfork Pipe-Smoking Alien CryptoPunk NFT Sells For $7.5 Million | Forbes CryptoPunks: All Attributes | Larva Labs CryptoPunks: Details for Punk #8348 | Larva Labs This Ethereum-Based Project Could Change How We Think about Digital Art | Mashable CryptoPunks: Details for Punk #0 | Larva Labs Autoglyphs | Larva Labs Why Are Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawings So Influential? | Public Delivery An Introduction to Generative Art: What It Is, and How You Make It | freeCodeCamp OpenSea The Blockchain for Open Worlds | Flow The Worldwide Asset eXchange | WAX Art Blocks Ringers | Art Blocks How CryptoPunks’ Creators Charmed the Art World and Paved the Way for Blockchain Art | BreakerMag Colorglyphs NFT Copycats Exploding on Binance Smart Chain | Play to Earn About Trademark Infringement | USPTO ‘Kleenex Is a Registered Trademark’ (and Other Desperate Appeals) | The Atlantic Remix Culture and Amateur Creativity: A Copyright Dilemma | WIPO CryptoKitties
Apr 08, 2021
Beeple - His Story, The Future of NFTs, His Favorite Digital Artist, and More.
Beeple (@beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann) is a graphic designer who has worked on concert visuals for Justin Bieber, One Direction, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Zedd, deadmau5, and many more. He recently made headlines when he sold a collage of his first 5,0000 "everyday" pieces of art as an NFT for $69,346,250 -- making it the third most expensive artwork by a living artist. LINKS Connect with Beeple: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Tumblr | Behance Beeple: A Visionary Digital Artist at the Forefront of NFTs | Christie’s Watch Beeple React to the Historic $69.3m Sale of His Digital Work | Christie’s Charleston, SC Appleton, WI Green Bay Packers | NFL The Art Basel Banana, Explained | Vogue From Basel to Beeple: How Will the Art World Fare Post-Pandemic? | Al Jazeera Macromedia Fireworks 1.0 | Web Design Museum Everydays | Beeple Cinema 4D | Wikipedia C++ The Core Language: A Foundation for C Programmers by Doug Brown and Gregory Satir Learning Java: A Bestselling Hands-On Java Tutorial by Patrick Niemeyer and Daniel Leuck Should You Stop VJing With Beeple Clips? | Zero To VJ The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community | DeviantArt The Story Behind Beeple’s Louis Vuitton Fashion Line | School of Motion Ethereum Generative Art and NFTs | The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 1 | Wired The Untold Story of Silk Road, Part 2: The Fall | Wired CryptoPunks | Larva Labs CryptoKitties Nifty Gateway ‘President’ Biden? Not Yet, According to Election-Themed NFT that Fetched $66,666.60 | Decrypt Beeple: The First Drop | Nifty Gateway Beeple Is Selling Ethereum NFT Art You Can Hang on Your Wall | Decrypt Status Symbol | Investopedia An Introduction to Smart Contracts and Their Potential and Inherent Limitations | Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance Mark Cuban on Bitcoin, NFTs and What Comes Next: ‘The Upside Is Truly Unlimited’ | CoinDesk George Floyd | Beeple Listen | Beeple Milking Factory | Beeple RE: Hot Pockets | Beeple, Instagram Would You Rather Fight One Horse-Sized @LilNasX or One Hundred Panini-Sized Paninis? | Beeple, Twitter $350k Offer for Beeple | Corrosive, Twitter Beeple’s Store | Society6 Beeple Immediately Converted His $53 Million NFT Earnings from ETH to USD | Decrypt Joshua Davis Studios Adobe Shockwave | Wikipedia Art Blocks
Apr 02, 2021
NFTs - Blockchain-Powered Art, Trading Cards, Music, and More with Aftab Hossain
Aftab Hossain (Twitter: @iamDCinvestor) is a strategic advisor and private investor to projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, with a special focus on decentralized finance ("DeFi"). He specializes in technologies related to the Ethereum public blockchain -- the world's largest decentralized blockchain for programmable financial activity. LINKS Connect with Aftab Hossain: Twitter | Reddit What Are NFTs and How Do They Work? | CoinDesk Fungible vs. Non-Fungible Tokens: What is the Difference? | Blockgeeks Smart Contracts | Investopedia How to Create, Buy, and Sell the Crypto Art Selling For Millions | Esquire The Gray Market: Why Selling the Mona Lisa Would Be a Ridiculous Way to Try to Dig France Out of Massive Debt (and Other Insights) | Artnet News Most Valuable Beanie Babies | Mental Floss The Role of Freeports in the Global Art Market | Artsy Wolverine Comics: What Are Your Vintage Comics Worth? | Sell My Comic Books Magic: The Gathering: How to Spot a Fake Card from a Distance | Bleeding Cool What Is DeFi? | CoinDesk CryptoPunks | Larva Labs People Are Paying Thousands of Dollars to Own Pictures of Pepe the Frog | FiveThirtyEight NBA Top Shot JPG File Sells for $69 Million, as ‘NFT Mania’ Gathers Pace | The New York Times What do NFTs Mean for the Art World? | ARTnews Grimes Sold $6 Million Worth of Digital Art as NFTs | The Verge Mark Cuban Mints First Ethereum NFT on Rarible, Buyer Spends $81,000 | Crypto Briefing Burned Banksy NFT Sale Captures Close to $400K, Critics Claim Buyers Are ‘Morons’ | Featured Bitcoin News People Are Buying and Selling Crypto Collectibles in a $250 Million Market — Check Out the Sites Where You Can Browse and Bid on Them | Insider NFT Marketplaces | ConsenSys SuperRare Nifty Gateway Rarible OpenSea Foundation Generative Art: Origins, Artists, and Exemplary Works | Invaluable Art Blocks: One of the Most Unique Platforms in NFTs | ONE37pm Talking Ringers with Dmitri Cherniak | Metaversal Generative Art — An Analysis of Archetype | NFT Conaisseur the Future of French Art, Medium Larva Labs (CryptoPunks) | Discord Art Blocks | Discord Pathfinders #28: Art Blocks Playground | OpenSea Autoglyphs | Larva Labs Colorglyphs Marketplace | OpenSea Hashmasks EulerBeats Token 17465084160 (#10) | EulerBeats Token 13371638787 (#17) | EulerBeats Bonding Curve Offering Explained | DeFi Prime Unisocks Exchange Uniswap DCinvestor’s Account | OpenSea EtherCards NFTs: The Next Gaming Revolution? | Ledger NFT Game Axie Infinity Raises $860K in Governance Token Sale | CoinDesk Gods Unchained The Future of Virtual Assets: Introducing the Fractional NFT | Hacker Noon
Mar 10, 2021