Appalachian Agorist

By Cody

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Category: Government

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A podcast focused on providing tools and ideas to restore freedom and happiness back into your life.

Episode Date
E.7 - Beginning Your Food Freedom Journey Through Gardening (w/ "Farmer Bob")

Today we have on Farmer Bob to discuss gardening tips and tricks for establishing your garden, preventing pests from destroying your crops, and field a variety of crowd questions posted on Instagram.

Be sure to prime yourself by listening to E.6 and bring a note pad and pen to jot down your notes, because there's too much to remember otherwise! Check us out on twitter @AppAgoristPod and Instagram @AppalachianAgorist

Sep 19, 2021
E.6 Transcontinental Traveling Beef, the Evils of Monsanto, and State of our Food System

Welcome back to another weekly AA meeting, ladies and gentlemen. Today, we discuss a topic I am very passionate about, all things relating to the growth, transportation, packaging, nutrition, and sale of our food. We dive into food production, constitutional rights, consumption rights, governing agencies, corrupt corporations, food-born illnesses, and agricultural practices. This is a very under appreciated topic but highly important to spread the message of. Please join us by sharing this episode, talking to your local farmers, and investigating where your food comes from, along with the practices and companies behind them.  “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” -Thomas Jefferson

List of resources for further information and insight

-Everything I want to do is illegal:!/EVERYTHING-I-WANT-TO-DO-IS-ILLEGAL/p/171059403/category=43780190

-Food, Inc: Available on YouTube for $2.99

-Farmageddon: Available on Amazon Prime

-Monsanto Papers:

-World according to Monsanto:

-Rotten (Raw Milk Episode inParticular): Available on Netflix

-Folks, This Ain't Normal:!/FOLKS-THIS-AINT-NORMAL/p/171059405/category=43780190 (also available on various audiobook platforms)


-You Can Farm:!/YOU-CAN-FARM/p/171059400/category=43780190

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Twitter at @AppAgoristPod

Instagram @AppalachianAgorist

Sep 12, 2021
E.5 - Discovering Yourself and Happiness Within
Welcome to another laid back AA meeting. Today, we discuss our individual journeys towards discovery of ourselves and happiness. If you're new here, be sure to check us out on twitter at @AppAgoristPod and on instagram @AppalachianAgorist. If you enjoyed this, be sure to leave a review on iTunes and tune in next week!
Sep 05, 2021
E.4 - Debunking the .300 AAC/Blackout: Archive Episode
Welcome, and welcome back to those who may recognize this! We had a massive technical failure this week with our guest and decided this highly requested re-release was in order. Enjoy as we compare and contrast .300 Blackout and 5.56. Be sure to leave us a review if you're on iTunes, and share with your circles. Twitter: @AppAgoristPod Instagram: @AppalachianAgorist
Aug 30, 2021
E.3 - Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Community Economics with Franklin Sanders
Today, we are joined by Franklin Sanders to discuss hard money, cryptocurrency, and community economics. Not enough could be said to give the appearance justice so tune in for a great guest and marginal hosts! Share with your friends and loved ones!
Aug 21, 2021
E.2 - Strategic Relocation and Homesteading Plans

Welcome back! It's your weekly AA meeting with Rob and Cody discussing strategic relocation and homesteading plans moving forward. Check us out on twitter @AppAgoristPod and instagram @AppalachianAgorist. Leave a review and know we love ya'll. 

Aug 15, 2021
E.1 - Welcomes and Restoring Your Liberty: The First Step

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Appalachian Agorist Podcast. Join us as we introduce ourselves and discuss one of the most important steps in regaining your liberty.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @AppAgoristPod, Instagram @AppalachianAgorist, and leave a review if you enjoyed the show.

Aug 08, 2021