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By Riverside County Sheriff's Department

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Call it the Wild West. It takes a special group of people to be part of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. From our Central Homicide Unit to our jails, RSO Roundup takes you behind the scenes to reveal what it takes to keep law and order in California’s second largest county. Have a question or episode suggestion? DM us on social media: IG - @riversidecountysheriff FB – RCSD.Official

Episode Date
All Things Academy
Sheriff Bianco sits down with Captain Evan Petersen, academy commander, to discuss all things academy.
Dec 15, 2022
Riverside Sheriff's Civil Bureau
A knock on the door can quickly escalate to emotions running high. Members of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Civil Bureau are ready to handle sensitive situations from evictions to child support summons and restraining orders. In this edition of the RSO Roundup, find out how we diffuse potentially dangerous situations while assisting our community in the civil process.
Sep 16, 2022
Cal Fire Chief Bill Weiser
As we head into wildfire season, we are turning the focus to keeping people and property safe. The Riverside Sheriff’s Department and Cal Fire have a robust partnership that springs into action during wildfire emergencies. We work hand-in-hand with Cal Fire, from evacuations to conducting investigations, and prosecuting arsonists. In this week’s RSO Roundup, why this partnership is critical and what you need to know to celebrate safely this 4th of July. With the 4th of July weekend drawing near, we are preparing for an influx of illegal fireworks reports. For your convenience, an online reporting link is now available on our website: click : How Do I > Submit > Fireworks
Jun 28, 2022
Sheriff's Mounted Enforcement Detail
Straight from the horse's mouth. Our Mounted Enforcement Detail is a crowd favorite at events and ceremonies. This unit is also used in critical situations including crime suppression, crowd management, search and rescue and more. In today’s RSO Roundup, our team reveals the challenges of working with a four-legged partner and the rigorous training needed to respond to a variety of situations.
Jun 15, 2022
Riverside County Anti Human Trafficking Task Force (RCAHT)
Human trafficking is a 150 billion dollar plus industry, and our kids are prime targets of this disturbing crime. Even more alarming, children can easily become victims in the safety of their own homes. The Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking (RCAHT) Task Force is tasked with educating parents, helping victims, and protecting kids. Today’s RSO Roundup is a must-see for all parents. Find out how young kids are being targeted, how they’re being lured through online games, the warning signs, and what you can do to protect them.
May 31, 2022
Sheriff Bianco and Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez
Different uniforms, same mission. Our relationships with neighboring law enforcement agencies are crucial to providing public safety. From collaborating on investigations, advocating for legislation, and community events, we are in constant communication with our allied agencies. In today’s RSO Roundup, Sheriff Bianco talks with Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez about how both agencies work together to achieve our common goal of keeping Riverside County safe.
May 17, 2022
Chaplain Corps
Our deputies respond to stressful calls, often encountering people during their worst moments. Those tough calls can leave our deputies and their families traumatized or emotionally drained. Thankfully, our Chaplain Corps provides trusted support and guidance to our members. This amazing group of volunteers brings strong faith, love, and concern to this delicate job. In today’s RSO Roundup, Sheriff Bianco talks to a chaplain about their mission to ease mental health concerns.
May 03, 2022
Sheriff Bianco and Sheriff Dicus
You don’t want to miss this candid conversation! We have a special guest in today’s RSO Roundup. Sheriff Bianco sits down with our neighbor, San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus. The Sheriffs discuss their partnership in targeting illegal marijuana grows, patrolling the edges of our counties, and what they’re doing at the State Capitol to make sure our laws protect our communities.
Apr 19, 2022
Coroner's Bureau
They see the unimaginable every day. Our Coroner’s Bureau is nothing like what you see in TV crime dramas or in the movies. From drug overdoses to crime scenes, this bureau investigates deaths all over our county. In today’s RSO Roundup, an inside look at how our coroners do this tough job and the important message they have for high school students.
Apr 13, 2022
Sexual Assault and Child Abuse (SACA) Unit
They are often the most heartbreaking cases our investigators encounter. The Sexual Assault Child Abuse (SACA) Unit does the tough work of protecting the most vulnerable members of our community. Sheriff Bianco sits down with Deputy District Attorney Daima Calhoun to find out how the Sheriff’s Office and the DA’s Office are working together to bring justice to young victims of abuse.
Apr 05, 2022
Fentanyl Part 2
You asked, they answered. In this Fentanyl follow up episode, Sheriff Bianco and Investigator Peters answer your questions about the Fentanyl crisis.
Mar 29, 2022
District Attorney Mike Hestrin
Making arrests and capturing the criminals is just part of the process when we are seeking justice. The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office does the tough work of prosecuting offenders. But did you know that the DA’s office is also involved in schools, intervention, and crime prevention? In today’s RSO Roundup, we talk with District Attorney Mike Hestrin to find out the major role his office plays in public safety.
Mar 22, 2022
Join Our Team!
It’s never too late to start a new adventure or take on a new challenge. That includes joining our team! In addition to newcomers to law enforcement, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department offers great opportunities for “laterals” or members from other agencies. In today’s RSO Roundup, one of our Background Investigators reveals what it takes to become a deputy or correctional officer, and the mistakes people make when they apply.
Mar 16, 2022
Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW)
The right to carry guns, responsibly! RSO is here for you if you choose to apply for a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit. In today’s RSO Roundup, Sheriff Bianco breaks down the process, reveals what it takes to get issued a permit, and your responsibility as a gun owner.
Mar 08, 2022
Sheriff's Inmate Training and Education Bureau (SITE-B)
Behind bars, many of our inmates are doing more than just serving time. Our Sheriff’s Inmate Training and Education Bureau (SITE-B) partners with county agencies to help keep inmates from returning to jail through education, training, and drug rehabilitation programs. In this week’s RSO Roundup, find out what’s being done to turn lives around.
Feb 23, 2022
The Fentanyl Crisis
An amount the size of a grain of sand can kill you. Our community is facing an epidemic that’s only getting worse. Fentanyl addiction destroys lives no matter your race, socio-economic background, or education. In this must-see RSO Roundup, tough talk about this dilemma. We reveal what parents, schools, and every member of our community needs to know about the fentanyl crisis. 
Feb 15, 2022
Explorer Program
Do you know a teenager who needs a physical and mental challenge while learning the value of teamwork? Look no further than the Riverside County Sheriff Explorer Program. Our explorers get hands-on experience and a behind-the-scenes look at law enforcement. In today’s RSO Roundup, one of our former explorers turned deputy talks about how the program changed his life.
Feb 09, 2022
SWAT: Riverside Sheriff's Special Enforcement Bureau
They’re ready to go at a moment’s notice to respond to any critical situation developing in our county. The Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB) is made up of specialized and advanced training personnel. Now, more than ever, we rely on their special skills. In this RSO Roundup, find out when we call SEB out to a scene and how they keep our community safe.
Feb 01, 2022
They are together 24/7 - more than partners, they are family. Our K9 handlers and dogs are a crucial part of our mission to keep Riverside County safe. Our K9s quickly track down drugs and people, saving deputies time when seconds count. In this episode of RSO Roundup, meet K9 Corporal Allert and his partner K9 Grady.
Jan 26, 2022
Riverside Sheriff's Aviation
They are our eyes in the sky. From traffic accidents to search and rescue operations, our Aviation Unit is trained to handle rugged terrain and cover vast areas in a short period of time. In our latest RSO Roundup, the critical role our Aviation Unit plays in the air during emergencies on the ground.
Jan 04, 2022
Dive Guardians - Dive Team Part 2
On land and in the water. Serving our community means that when an emergency strikes, we can turn to a team of specialists to provide search and rescue services. In today’s episode, we take a deep dive into the Riverside County Sheriff's Dive Team. Learn about the critical support they provide and find out how a tragedy brought the group together to provide support for other first responders.
Dec 15, 2021
RSO Dive Team
Scuba diving where our duties take us underwater. In this episode Sergeant Martinez interviews Deputy Crabbe about his involvement in the RSO Dive Team.
Dec 07, 2021
Illegal Marijuana
Folks, we know that recreational and medicinal marijuana are legal in the State of California. But did you know that illegal grows put our community at risk. In this episode of RSO Roundup, find out how illegal marijuana grows can lead to an increase in crime, damage our environment and threaten our way of life.
Nov 16, 2021
Homeless Outreach Team and Project Touch
Protect, serve, and love. We are proud of the unique partnership Southwest Station has built with Project Touch. In this episode of the RSO Roundup, find out how this effort is changing lives in our homeless community.
Nov 09, 2021
Flock Camera System
From car thefts and burglaries to violent crimes. We want to stop criminals in their tracks before they strike again. Thanks to new technology, our San Jacinto Station has made 189 arrests and recovered 162 stolen vehicles valued at more than $1 million – this year alone! In our latest RSO Roundup, we reveal the new tools coming to Riverside County that are aimed to keep you and your neighborhood safe.
Nov 02, 2021
A Mystery In The Desert... Central Homicide Unit Part 2
A mystery in the desert. A family out for an afternoon hike stumbles across a pile of human bones. It’s up to our Central Homicide Unit to find the answers. In this latest RSO Roundup, one of our master investigators reveals how they solved the crime. You don’t want to miss this behind the scenes look at how our team pieces together the toughest crimes to bring justice to the victims.
Oct 26, 2021
A Look Inside our Central Homicide Unit
A look inside our Central Homicide Unit with Master Investigator Martin Alfaro.
Oct 19, 2021
Today's Issues in the Jail System
Sheriff Bianco talks today's issues in the jail system.
Oct 12, 2021
Sheriff Bianco and Social Media
The Sheriff's thoughts on social media.
Oct 05, 2021
Meet Dispatch Supervisor Felicia Bowens
A candid conversation with Dispatch Supervisor Felicia Bowens.
Sep 28, 2021
California Vaccine State Mandate
Hear what Sheriff Bianco has to say about the recent state vaccine mandate.
Sep 09, 2021
Welcome to the RSO Roundup with Sheriff Chad Bianco
Welcome to the first episode of RSO Roundup! Today, Sheriff Bianco talks with Sgt. Albert Martinez about our plans for this podcast, the reason he ran for Sheriff, and new & exciting things for the future.
Aug 30, 2021