Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec

By Jack Posobiec

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Category: Politics

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Tait Michael Brown
 Sep 22, 2021
Excellent program. Help people find ways of supporting each other, take action pray etc. the time for book clubs is over.

 Sep 17, 2021
Compact and excellent delivery of the daily events that matter most. Glad to have Jack on podcasts and in my ears!


The real events of the world are out there, but it all depends on who you listen to. Human Events Daily with Jack Posobiec is brining you the unfiltered and factual updates on how current events will impact our country today and in the future. This show is breaking the news that the biased mainstream media can't handle.

Episode Date
Human Events Daily - Sep 23 2021 - Afghan Refugees Facing Federal Charges

President Joe Biden gave a BLUNDEROUS United Nations speech, Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy face federal charges for alleged sex acts with minors, orange vest protests break out in Australia as police crack down, and homicides rose by 30% in 2020: US records the largest increase in murders since national records began in 1960

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Sep 23, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 22 2021 - SHOCKING: Leaked Documents from the Wuhan Lab

Leaked documents show the Wuhan Lab planned to create a human-transmissible Coronavirus to be released into the wild, receipts are pulled up from MSNBC back in 2020 when they stated the vaccine was being rushed, and Bill Gates is grilled over Jeffrey Epstein ties.

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Sep 22, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 21 2021 - Project Veritas BOMBSHELL: HHS Staff Whistleblower

You have to watch the Project Veritas drop. HHS staff whistleblower reveals underreporting adverse effects of COVID Vaccine, and big tech is doing everything to censor the video.

Biden condemns Russia for election fraud, the federal agent arrested at Capitol Rally is identified as a Homeland Security Officer, and John Kerry’s wife has millions in China-based investments.

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec 

Sep 21, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 20 2021 - Haitian Migrant Crisis On The Southern Border

Shocking images and videos coming out from the Rio Grande where Haitian migrants are swarming in, a huge leftist plan to issue 8 million green cards in spending bill was blocked in the senate, and it’s being revealed that General Milley downplayed the BLM riots to prevent Trump from invoking the Insurrection Act.

Plus…did the feds just arrest a fed at the capitol riots?

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec 

Sep 20, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 17 2021 - Clinton Lawyer Charged in Phony Russiagate Hoax

Jack breaks down the Alfa Bank / Russiagate Hoax, how a top White House official, Michael Sussman, has been indicted by John Durham and the Justice Department. Jake Sullivan, a lawyer for the Clintons has ALSO been charged regarding the phony Russiagate allegations he made as well as creating fraudulent documents. 

Additionally, 10,000+ Haitian & Cuban Migrants recognized America’s weak border security and have amassed themselves along the Rio Grande down in Del Rio, Texas. President Joe Biden is actively politicizing this virus, by CUTTING the supply of antibody treatments to states in the South. 

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec 

Sep 17, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 16 2021 - White House Shade War - Operation Minaj

Jack breaks down the Nikki Minaj social media shutdown, Durham is said to seek indictment of lawyer at Perkins Coie law form, Irish Times reports that 54% of hospital patients with virus are fully vaccinated, plus YOU NEED TO VISIT LIFESITENEWS.

They have a COMPREHENSIVE guide to resisting the coronavirus shot mandates, including sample exemption letters depending on your industry of employment and religion. 

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec

Sep 16, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 15 2021 - General Milley is a Chinese Communist Party Informant

General Milley Promised to Warn China if US Planned to Attack, the first CIA teams to enter Afghanistan after 9/11 face punishment for refusing to get the vaccination, plus POSO and Brave books team up to launch anti-communist book for kids!

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec 

Sep 15, 2021
Human Events Daily - Sep 14 2021 - FDA Officials Contradict Booster Narrative

18 FDA Officials have come out saying there is no evidence that booster shots are necessary yet, Minneapolis police activity plummets as crime soars after George Floyyd's death(MOVE OUT OF CITIES, FOLKS), and there is an emerging financial crisis in China that could spark a Taiwan scenario.

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec 

Sep 14, 2021
The Truth about Bush, Bin Laden, and 9/11

Here’s what the political elites don’t want you to know about the Taliban and 9/11, the U.S. military strikes an Afghan aid worker and his family in Kabul, Fauci would love airlines to enforce vaccine mandates to fly, and Tony Blinken has a rough week ahead of him.

Here’s your Daily dose of Human Events with @JackPosobiec

Sep 13, 2021