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“Dexter: New Blood Wrap Up” is the official podcast of the Special Event Series Dexter: New Blood from SHOWTIME. Every Tuesday, host and Executive Producer of Dexter: New Blood, Scott Reynolds dives into all things Dexter. He breaks down episodes, goes deep with the characters, and shares exclusive behind-the-scenes details with special guest stars from the cast and crew. Nothing is off the kill table. Watch Dexter: New Blood, Sundays at 9pm, only on SHOWTIME. 

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BONUS EPISODE: Merry F*cking Kill - The Trinity Killer
Three is the magic number, or is it? In this episode, Molly finds anomalies in the story about Arthur Miller aka The Trinity Killer, a slasher who traveled the country and killed in threes. Spoiler Alert: He didn’t. 
Dec 02, 2021
H is for Hero
Determined podcaster Molly Park continues to insert herself into Angela’s missing person case, and Harrison makes his mark on Iron Lake. Host and Executive Producer Scott Reynolds is joined by Jamie Chung (Molly Park) and episode writer Tony Saltzman to discuss Dexter®: New Blood Episode 4, “H is for Hero”.
Nov 30, 2021
Smoke Signals
From the sets to the costumes to authentic inclusion of elements from the Seneca community, there are many individuals who helped bring all the facets of Dexter®: New Blood to life. Host and Executive Producer Scott Reynolds is joined by Seneca Consultant Caleb Abrams, Production Designer Eric Weiler and Costume Designer Cat Thomas to break it down. 
Nov 23, 2021
Storm of F*ck
Dexter is forced to face his past when his now teenage son Harrison tracks him down and wants answers. Dexter®: New Blood actor Jack Alcott (Harrison Morgan) and episode writer Warren Hsu Leonard, break down Episode 2, “Storm of F*ck” with host and Executive Producer Scott Reynolds.
Nov 16, 2021
Cold Snap
After 8 long years, Dexter Morgan returns in SHOWTIME® Special Event Series, Dexter®: New Blood. Star & Executive Producer Michael C. Hall and Showrunner & Executive Producer Clyde Phillips break down “Cold Snap” the premiere episode, with host and Executive Producer Scott Reynolds.
Nov 09, 2021
Hello Dexter Morgan
Dexter’s most memorable "big bads” discuss their unique journeys as his antagonists. Executive Producer Scott Reynolds talks to John Lithgow (Trinity Killer), Colin Hanks (Doomsday Killer) and Christian Camargo (Ice Truck Killer) about portraying such dark characters, the most chilling moments and meeting their eventual fate on Dexter’s kill table. 
Nov 02, 2021
A Killer Fan Perspective
Some watched during the original run. Others binged more recently. No matter how a fan discovered Dexter, the series left its... mark. Actress Samantha Hanratty (SHOWTIME Original Series Yellowjackets) and fan podcaster Gareth Watkins (Dissecting Dexter) talk to Executive Producer Scott Reynolds about all the twists and turns of the original series, break down favorite moments and lend their perspectives as avid superfans.
Oct 26, 2021
Inside the Making of Dexter
Behind every iconic moment of Dexter was a passionate team who helped bring it all together. Executive Producer Scott Reynolds talks to editor Amy Duddleston, set designer Arthur Chadwick and prop master Joshua Meltzer about the behind-the-scenes elements that went into making the series.  
Oct 19, 2021
A Different Kind of Serial Killer
Dexter’s honesty and levity set him apart as a “relatable” serial killer. Executive Producer Scott Reynolds, writer Lauren Gussis and director Marcos Siega discuss Dexter Morgan’s personal evolution and share insights about bringing him to life.
Oct 12, 2021
Surprise Motherf*cker
Dexter’s Miami Metro Homicide colleagues reunite for a conversation about their interactions and relationships with blood spatter analyst, Dexter Morgan. Executive Producer Scott Reynolds talks to Jennifer Carpenter (Debra Morgan), David Zayas (Angel Batista), Erik King (James Doakes) and Desmond Harrington (Joey Quinn) about whether Dexter hiding in plain sight among them was the perfect cover, and more. 
Oct 05, 2021
America’s Favorite Serial Killer
Dexter Morgan first graced our TV screens 15 years ago. Where did this groundbreaking character fit into the television landscape then and now? Executive Producer Scott Reynolds and TV journalist guest-host Stacey Wilson Hunt, discuss the cultural impact of Dexter® with multiple Emmy nominee and Executive Producer Michael C. Hall, Showrunner/Executive Producer Clyde Phillips, and SHOWTIME® President of Entertainment Gary Levine. 
Oct 01, 2021
Introducing: Dexter: New Blood Wrap Up With Scott Reynolds
Join host and Executive Producer of Dexter: New Blood, Scott Reynolds, every Tuesday, as he dives into all things Dexter. First with six special episodes that reflect on the original series, and then back every Tuesday to dissect each episode of Dexter: New Blood after it premieres on November 7th, only on SHOWTIME. Nothing is off the kill table as he breaks down episodes, goes deep with the characters, and shares exclusive behind-the-scenes details with special guest stars from the cast and crew. 
Sep 17, 2021