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There is so much great and life-changing information about sex and intimacy, but let’s face it, it can be dry as hell! Intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram takes a deep dive into anything and everything about sex, relationships, and the science of attachment every week with expert guests and friends who will tell all. It’s everything The Talk should be.

Episode Date
I Baby My Man and It Works For Us feat. Jasmin "Watch Jazzy" Brown

To submit to someone else is defined as accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the authority or will of another. So, how does that play out in romantic partnerships? Actor, comedian and bestie in your head Jasmin Brown shares why she joyfully submits to her man unconditionally. Jasmin also sheds light on the power split, sexual dynamic, as well as the roles and responsibilities that often come with identifying as a submissive woman to an alpha partner. 

Has the art of submission in love and dating been lost? At the end of the episode I discuss this with a panel of my lovers and friends: Jared Brady, Lauren Morrison and Chris Morrison 


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What I am committed to doing in a post Roe vs Wade America

Jun 28, 2022
Blowjobs: Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know feat. Rayna Greenberg GGE

If you give head, blow jobs, top, and/or oral sex on a penis…why not be the best of it? I brought together research from top experts, a medical penis expert, a self-proclaimed grade A head giver and a group of men to weigh in on the do's, don’ts and maybes that will make you a master at sucking dick.


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Resources for better oral sex on penis’ mentioned in this episode

Jun 22, 2022
Toxic Self Love feat. Nina Parker

What's the relationship between toxic self-love and a toxic life? This is the question that Nina Parker was forced to answer when she turned 40. Her journey to discovering and then correcting what she found when she looked at her life honestly led her to the happiest time in her life!


In this episode of Lovers and Friends, Emmy nominated Television host and Fashion Designer Nina Parker shares how she got through her darkest time during the pandemic. Now, she’s gotten her life together in ways she never expected. As Nina put it, it's a rom-com … WITHOUT a partner. ENJOY! 




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Jun 08, 2022
Don’t Ask Me My Sign

Astrology … what has your experience been with it (especially) when it comes to dating? What if someone has a different perspective on it than you? Oftentimes, it can be a judgmental, mean, hot-ass mess when one person believes in the stars and astrological signs and the other does not. Personally, I think we can all collectively do better with it. In this episode, we dive into how believers and non-believers of astrology can come together and focus on what really matters.


This episode addresses and then attempts to bridge the divide. I am joined by famed astrologer Aliza Kelly as well as my astrology-loving friends Amber's Closet and Toni Romiti.


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ALIZA KELLY is a celebrity astrologer, columnist, bestselling author, and host. Aliza has been featured in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue, InStyle, The Cut, and numerous other publications. She's the author of three books: Most recent being This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life Get Aliza's book here: can also listen to Aliza's podcast "Stars Like Us" wherever you listen to podcasts


Amber Whittington is one of the leading voices fighting for equality for the LGBTQ+ community.  A content creator, activist, host and actress, Amber is changing the world by using her platform to educate global audiences on the black and queer experiences. Amber is an avid astrology enthusiast.

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Toni Romiti is an athlete-turned-singer who parlayed viral fame into pop stardom. She has created music Alongside rapper Ty Dolla $ign, guested on DJ Carisma’s 2020 single “That’s Facts.” And is an avid astrology enthusiast.

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Jun 01, 2022
My Breakup was a Break Free ft/ Sorelle Amore

How would you feel if your lover said to you, “thank you for the opportunities to improve and grow in this relationship, but sadly, I think in order to continue to evolve, I have to break up with you…”


You’ve probably heard this statement before, “some people are in our life for just a reason and a season.” If the reason and season length are mutual -- INCREDIBLE! But, what happens when it’s not? Let’s examine all sides of what happens when "can I spend my life with you" turns into "thank you, next!"


This episode is all about the harsh and beautiful realities of “relationship cocooning” (a phrase I think I may have invented). It stars Sorelle Amore who shocked the internet when she broke off her engagement, Makeba Lindsay whose marriage ended when they had different ideas of growth, and Eman who wants to put an end to men who “cocoon” through her.

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May 25, 2022
I (kinda) Hate My Lover ft/ Jazzmyne Jay

 A lot of us learn how to love, but we don’t necessarily learn how to cope with not loving everything about the person we love. This episode is all about the difference between disliking some things about your partner and/or disliking your partner. How do you know if something small and annoying can turn into something big and unbearable down the road? What should you do when you get to the place where the two of you just can't seem to get along?


Jazzmyne Jay is back in this episode to share why she moved in with her partner and then moved out once she found that they just couldn’t get along. And guess what -- they are still together to this day despite that storm. I am also joined by my husband Jared Brady and we discuss why we've never liked each other less than we do right now. Plus, we go through an exercise to try and understand this phase we’re currently in. I also answer some of your questions!


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May 18, 2022
The Debatable Legacy of Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels, an image consultant and a well-known relationship commentator (especially within the black community), died on May 5, 2022. I wish peace to his family and friends who are grieving the loss on a personal level. As for those who have been impacted by Kevin’s work and words within the last couple of years as he rose to notoriety, I hope we can find peace by addressing the harm and help that his work caused. As a community, I hope we can discuss where we want to go next. This is why the only guests on this episode are you all.


Together, we assess who benefited from Kevin Samuels’s work and who was deeply harmed by it. Furthermore, we evaluate what his death means for the future of relationship and dating advice.

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May 11, 2022
Let’s Talk About They, Baby

When you search non-binary on YouTube, videos like “There Are Only Two Genders - Prove Me Wrong!” show up. In this episode, we bring the heated debate surrounding breaking the binary from a boil to something digestible and actionable. Here to help us unpack this topic is non-binary sexuality expert Ev'Yan Whitney and non-binary multi-dimensional artist Jordianna AKA Jordi. 

In this episode we’re discussing: the difference between sex and gender, the goal of the non-binary movement, the dangers of ignorance, and why non-binary people want you to identify however the fuck you want to identify. 

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May 04, 2022
Sex and the Saints w/ Shameless Maya

Does God really care about your sex life? And if so, does that also mean that God can help you have the best sex of your life? After more than a decade of Catholic school and Christain churches I was unclear about the Bible, God's actual will, sex, and the relationship between pleasure and sin. In an effort to gain clarity, I brought in some people to talk about it! This week's staring guest is Shameless Maya – A Christian YouTube star who was conflicted and confused while practicing celibacy. You'll also be hearing from theology expert Tara Teng, Christian influencer Brenda Marie Davies aka God is Grey, Jared Brady and his father Derrex Brady.


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Apr 27, 2022
Am I Undateable? w/ Khleo Thomas and Mandii B

Does finding the kind of relationship you want mean conforming to an ideal of what a romantic partner is “supposed to be”? What if you don’t want to conform? Does this mean you’re not cut out for love? To explore further, Shan sits down with both Mandii, from the “See, The Thing Is” and “WHOREible Decisions” Podcasts and Khleo Thomas from Disney’s “Holes”; two successful and fascinating individuals who have come to believe that they are undateable. Not because of any toxic traits, but because their version of life-long happiness is not in line with what society feeds us. Listen in on this conversation as Shan helps these guests figure out what’s broken.


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Apr 13, 2022
My Ex Was a Gaslighter w/ Melissa Rivers

Are you familiar with the term “gaslighting?” Shan’s guest, Melissa Rivers, was a victim of it in her previous relationship - and she didn’t hesitate to share her experiences. In this episode, we learn about Melissa and Shan’s gaslighting experiences and the toxic impact it has had on them. Shan also brings in Dr. Barry Goldstein, a clinical psychologist, therapist, and consultant to reality-based production shows such as “Make Up or Break Up.” Dr. Barry provides clinical knowledge about gaslighting and tools to not only identify it; but challenge it as well.


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Apr 06, 2022
You're Dating Out of Your League w/ Harry Jowsey

Let’s talk about dating and why so many people are lost in the gap between what they’re getting and what they want out of love. To get up close and personal about it, Shan welcomes Harry Jowsey to the podcast, who you might recognize as the Australian heartthrob from the 2020 season of Netflix's "Too Hot to Handle". So how is it that a 6'5", successful, wealthy, gorgeous, and emotionally available man is having trouble finding "the one"? The answer surprised him, and may even surprise you too.


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Mar 30, 2022
The Funny Thing About Love And Sex w/ Hannah Berner

How important is humor in love and dating? In that same vein how harmful can humor in the wrong way at the wrong time be in a romantic connection? To explore this question, Shan sits with the hilarious Hannah Berner of Giggly Squad and Berning in Hell podcasts and Bravo’s Summer House, and Hannah reveals all the fun parts of being in love with a comedian…and what happens when the joke goes too far. Shan also gets some expert insight from Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD, and finally, find out why Shan’s husband Jared never laughs at her jokes.

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Mar 23, 2022
This Baby Is Killing Our Sex Life

In this very intimate and vulnerable episode, Shan sits down with her husband, Jared, to discuss the real fears they have about the future of their marriage and intimacy now that baby #2 is on the way. Being in new territory, Shan tries to learn as much as she can about how others have navigated similar challenges including her audience, her mother, her sister, and Erica Dickerson and Milah Mapp from the podcast Good Moms, Bad Choices.


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Mar 16, 2022
Why Straight Men Are Boring In Bed

Let’s talk about sex! Specifically why are so many straight men so closed-minded and unadventurous when it comes to sex? And why aren’t we talking about this more? To cover this, Shan collects a wide variety of male perspectives from legendary sex educator, Dan Savage, the hosts of the Hard or Soft Podcast, and as a special treat, Shan’s husband, Jared, gets together with the closest men in his life to get their honest reflections on why straight men are more concerned with dominance and masculinity than pleasure and self expression in the bedroom.


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Mar 09, 2022
Breaking Up Is Fun To Do w/ Kamie Crawford

When you've gone through a break-up, it's time for a pity party, right? But what if we celebrated the newly single instead? And maybe even aspired to be more like them? In this episode, Shan breaks down the highs and the lows of breakups with Kamie Crawford, host of the podcast Relationsh*t and MTV's Catfish. Kamie reveals what went on behind the scenes of her public break-up, and how she’s moving forward. Then, YouTuber and social activist Amber Lee Whittington reflects on how her heartbreaks have resulted in…well, you have to listen to find out.

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Feb 23, 2022
Dating In Your Twenties. One Word: Resentment

Does dating in your twenties have to be trash? Or are people in their twenties just trash? In this episode, Shan brings on Andrea Desiree Lewis, her ex-business partner from the early “Those Girls Are Wild” YouTube days. Shan and Andrea dish on their worst moments from dating in their 20s and how it actually made them better partners today. Then, find out why Shan finds talking to her 23-year-old brother-in-law therapeutic for her 20-year-old self.

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Feb 16, 2022
The Naked Truth On Loving Your Body

Is letting others love you naked a prerequisite to loving your body? In this episode, Shan talks with Sarah Landry — who is notoriously naked online despite getting horrendous comments on her body — about how to choose and love your nakedness in your own everyday, all day. Shan then brings on Jazzmyne Jay to explore how body positivity shows up in same-sex relationships and how fat-phobia has it’s roots in racism?


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Feb 09, 2022
Boss In The Streets And (Currently) Meh In The Sheets w/ Rachel Lindsay

What do you do if you’re in a place where you’re madly in love with your partner, your career, your life...BUT you've also decided to put your sex life on the backburner…or maybe more accurately, in the fridge? Rachel Lindsey, the first African-American Bachelorette, sits down with Shan to unapologetically talk about her loving marriage and how it's far removed from the Fantasy Suite. Then, Shan gets Jared’s take on their current sex life...or lack thereof.

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Feb 02, 2022
Hi, Meet My Mental Illness!

So let’s talk about dating with mental illness. In this episode, Shan sits down with Eileen Kelly from the "Going Mental" podcast about her recent experience with being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and how it impacted her dating/romantic life. Shan continues the conversation with author and therapist, Nedra Glover Tawwab, who has advice for how to talk about mental illness when you're in a relationship and how you can be a supportive partner.


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Jan 26, 2022
Is It Cheating? Or Is It An Open Relationship?

What do you do if you realize that monogamy isn’t for you, and that realization leads to another even more terrifying thought… Who? How? What the fuck, now? In this episode, Shan sits down with her personal friend Rome Green Jr. from Dormtainment who explains why he knows monogamy isn’t for him and why he also knows that he may not have the rest figured out just yet. Then Ken Melvoin-Berg & Sunny Megatron aka Sex Ed Superheroes join Shan and her husband, Jared, to break down how they've navigated openness in their marriage and what do's and don'ts they've all learned.

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Jan 19, 2022
Hey, Can We Try Something Freaky?

Can you get exactly what you want sexually without taking away something from what your partner wants? And if you can't...should you really care? In this episode, Shan sits down with Weezy from the wildly popular podcast, Whoreible Decisions, to discuss how the feminine femmes play down their expertise in the bedroom in order to not threaten their partner's masculinity. Shan and Lauren then sit down to talk about how this shows up outside the bedroom and impacts a feminine's their money, career, and relationships.


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Jan 12, 2022
Are You Caught Up?

It's the last episode of 2021 and Shan brings together Jared and Lauren to share all that went on behind the scenes in making the podcast. Also, why doesn't Shan like the theme song?

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Dec 29, 2021
I Don't Want To Break Up But I Need Some Space

Have you heard of a couple that's Living Apart Together? In this episode, Shan interviews Ev'Yan Whitney, a sensualist, and author of the book "Your Sensual Self" about how they and their husband decided to live in different states after being together for 19 years, while still continuing to be married. Shan also interviews her parents, who have been married for 40 years, to see there's anything they could learn from Ev'Yan's story to better their own marriage.


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Dec 22, 2021
Just So You Know...We Ain't F*ckin!

In this episode, Shan interviews comedian Ashley Hesseltine from the "Girls Gotta Eat" Podcast. You could argue that this episode is about women getting off with men partners without giving anything sexual in return, you could also argue it’s about the validity of blue balls, or that we’re here to discuss dating in a post me-too era. But what it really boils down to is rewriting sexual and romantic scripts, especially for singles. How do you end an intimate encounter where you want to end it...and have it be okay?

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Dec 15, 2021
I Do...Think About Divorcing You

When people take that vow of forever, do they enter into that contract knowing that they don’t really mean it? In this episode, Shan sits down with Bart and Geo, who check all the boxes of #CoupleGoals: a marriage, a beautiful home, family, podcast and multiple thriving businesses, to find out how their recent divorce scare has reframed what #CoupleGoals means to them now. Then it gets personal when Shan, her husband, her sister and her brother-in-law admit to times when they almost called it quits.

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Dec 08, 2021
He Might Be Better In Bed Than You

For years, Shan has heard the rumors that A LOT of non-gay men are watching gay porn. In this episode we answer the question: What can gay men teach the non-gay community about how to have great sex? To find out Shan interviews Jade Fox, a queer lifestyle creator and social media influencer, Jade Fox, who admits to enjoying gay porn over lesbian porn. We also hear from Kevin Wade and Javonte Rose, two gay men, on what their secret sauce is when it comes to great sex.

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Dec 01, 2021
Naked Barbies and Humping Pillows

It’s storytime! Shan takes you down memory lane in order to answer the question she is asked most often throughout her career: When and how did you decide that you were going to be a sex expert? In this special edition episode and for the first time ever on the Podcast, Shan brings in the woman who witnessed it all. None other than Olivia Boodram, aka Mom.

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Nov 24, 2021
Rape is Not Sex

In one of Shan’s toughest interviews to date, she sits down with New York Times Best Selling Author, Ashley C. Ford, who talks about her unconventional path to healing from sexual assault and how it impacted how she thought about sex. Shan also has a conversation with "Trauma Queen" Jimanekia about how to start the trauma healing process with a professional.

If you are seeking support/resources due to sexual violence, you can reach out to organizations such as RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) by visiting or call their National Sexual Assault Hotline by dialing 800.656.HOPE (4673).

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Nov 17, 2021
I'm Done Waiting For A Ring

Why are women still having to pressure their partners into proposing? Shan interviews Krista Williams and Lindsay Simcik from the “Almost 30 Podcast” where Krista shares how her relationship evolved over the years and how she passively let him know that she was ready and waiting for his proposal to come. Shan shares her proposal story and how she was heartbroken when the proposal didn’t come on her original timeline. But that’s just one side of the discussion. To round out the conversation, Shan invites her husband and brother-in-law who share their experience with being pressured to propose.

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Nov 10, 2021
Porn Sucks!

Why are so many women immediately turned off when porn gets turned on? To find out, Shan interviews award-winning film maker and porn director, Erika Lust, about how her work addresses this common dilemma. Erika shares with us what kind of porn women should search for if they are looking to get off before getting turned off by less palatable options, and Shan sees if she can convince Lauren to give porn a chance.

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Nov 03, 2021
She Switched Up Since She Got a Man

Should you change who you are in order to keep the lover you wanna be with? If your first reaction is "Hell to the No!"'re not alone. In this episode Shan interviews Emmy award-winning producer and host Jeannie Mai, who talks about how her marriage to Young Jeezy transformed her in ways that just didn’t surprise her, it also shocked the world! We also explore whether or not Shan regrets the changes she made for love with a revealing dialogue between her husband Jared and her sister Lauren.

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Oct 27, 2021
Do We Really Want Vulnerable Men?

Women say they want a man who is open and willing to be vulnerable, but is this really true? Back in 2019, Shan participated in a YouTube discussion with Aba and Preach where they covered this very topic.The conversation amassed over 1.3M views and nearly 9000 comments. Two years later, Shan, Aba & Preach re-visit this under-represented dialogue about why some men don't yet feel safe to show their vulnerable side with their partners.

Oct 20, 2021
Did You Hear She Has Herpes?

Herpes, or “The Scarlet H”, is a very common and yet widely misunderstood STD. Shan interviews Shira Lazar, who discusses how her diagnosis with herpes has impacted her sex life. Dr. Ina Park, Medical Consultant at the CDC's Division of STD Prevention and author of the book “Strange Bedfellows”, breaks down the facts and science around herpes in order to erase the attached sitgmas, enabling healthy and empowered sex lives for those with STDs. 

Oct 13, 2021
Help! Why Can't I Orgasm?

Can a needle of filler give you the ability to orgasm by penetration? Shan interviews Dr. Courtenay Poucher,  and gets the "O-shot" to find out. Dr. Poucher is a licensed and board certified expert cosmetic gynecologist who  practices in Southern California. She has dedicated her career to women’s sexual health returning functionality and confidence to her patients with labiaplasty. She has been featured on The Doctors, NBC Access Live, and in New Beauty, Hustle and 

Oct 06, 2021
Hello, Lovers And Friends

There is so much great and life changing information about sex and love, but let’s say what you’re all’s dry as f*ck! Sexologist and intimacy expert Shan Boodram will teach you what you really want to know about intimacy - from porn and orgasms to marriage and divorce - so you can be your own relationship expert.

Sep 20, 2021