I'm best friends with my husbands ex

By Alexis

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Category: Parenting

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Hey! We are Lex and Lesh. Two best friends who co-parent with each other. Alesha has a 11 year old son with Alexis’s husband, Josh. Our story is unique because it’s not like every other coparenting relationship. Josh and Alesha were high school sweet hearts.( or so she thought) Alexis and Josh “officially” started dating right after highschool graduation. A few months later Alesha got pregnant with joshs son. There was a lot of heart ache and ups and downs in between but it lead us to where we are today! Even though our husbands are very active in our kids lives, in our coparenting world us moms run the show. We are constantly busy doing something with one of our 7 children. Between Alexis and Alesha there is a 11, 9, 8, 7, 3,3, and a 2 year old. All of our kiddos look at each other as siblings/ best friends. Our pod cast is going to cover every aspect of our lives. Take a peek into the way we rock co-parenthood all while being best friends despite being the wife and the ex.

Episode Date
Co-parenting double date night girl talk!

In this episode you will hear Lex and Lesh discuss their fun double date night they looked forward to all week long.  The husbands were ACTUALLY excited for this one. Lex & Josh had a sitter all day & night, what fun activities do you think they encountered? How did the night end for each couple one they got home? One of our children had a school event the very next morning, can you guess who it was & which hungover adult took the child? Between giggling so hard their tummies hurt & making an unexpected pitstop at home so that [Lex or Lesh] could change their pants, date night was a success in everyone's eyes! 

You'll also get to hear what happened the week prior with co-parenting & Josh's Birthday (Riley's dad). Did they all celebrate together? Whose house was Riley at for his dad's birthday & how do you think as co-parents they handled it? 

Lex & Lesh put their own spin on co-parenting, take a listen to find out what they do in different situations. 

Be prepared to giggle with them!

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Oct 19, 2021
Bonus mom/mom GIRL TALK!

Lex and Lesh talk about their past week. Listen to a wife and an ex have normal (what is normal these days) girl talk conversations! There is giggling, raunchy jokes, day to day conversation & a lot of love all packaged together during this time. If you take away anything from this episode, know you can change the "pattern" too!

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Oct 12, 2021
Bonus mom/ mom take a kid free getaway!

Lex and Lesh go to Indy to see Cat and Nat. They want you to hear how they spend their kid free time being best friends and a mom/bonus mom duo. It is not very often they get time with just themselves, but when they do, IT'S A BLAST. Mom was out of town on her weekend with Riley, where do you think he stayed? 

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Oct 05, 2021
Throwing out the parenting time guidelines and working out our own schedule

Lex and Lesh discuss how their days, weeks, and even holidays get split up in their own way. Their way might not be "your way" but "your way" will 100 percent be better than what the "book" says. Try to stay positive while getting together to work out the details. Everyone is equal, everyone has feelings, and at the end of the day DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CHILD. 

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Sep 28, 2021
It's Q&A with L&A 1

Lex and Lesh answer YOUR questions! 
If you would like to ask any questions and have them answered you can find us on Tik Tok @lexismoun!!

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Sep 26, 2021
Adding Lesh's husband to the "co-parenthood"

Lex and Lesh talk in raw emotional detail about adding Lesh's husband, Kyle, to the family. How was it when the dynamic changed from three to four? Everyone has their own story, no one is perfect. We want to show you that just because we are where we are today, does not mean it has always been rainbows and butterflies. Just because we are where we are today doesn't mean we didn't have to fight like crazy to over come MANY obstacles. We sure do love each other like family, but who says families are picture perfect. 

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Sep 21, 2021
How Lex and Lesh overcame the cheating

In our second episode, you will hear Lex and Lesh speak in detail about their emotional past battles. How they learned to forgive each other and how they learned to forgive Josh. (Lex's husband/Lesh's ex) What did they have to do to be able to heal from the hurt. How in the world can they view each other in the way they do now after everything you heard in the first episode?!?!

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Sep 14, 2021
How Lex became best friends with her husbands ex

In this very FIRST episode, you will hear Lex and Lesh talk in detail for the first time about their "messy" past. 

*Please leave any questions you would like to have us answer on our Q&A episodes we will be starting weekly, next Thursday.*

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Sep 07, 2021