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The Mountain People Podcast delivers the most inspirational stories from our athletes, key industry influencers and our community, straight to your device. Hosted by British mountain guide and elite alpinist Andy Cave

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Roeland Van Oss: Climbing4Climate
Chamonix-based Dutch mountain guide, Roeland Van Oss, set out to climb all 4000m peaks in the Alps in a summer, without using any powered transport to travel between them. In a year where the effects of climate change were felt across Europe more than ever, Roeland wanted to set an example of how we can all do small things to impact change. Just a few weeks into Roeland’s challenge tragic news broke of a colossal Glacier collapse on the Marmolada, in the Dolomites. By foot and by bike, Roeland ticked off all 82 peaks in just over 10 weeks.
Nov 28, 2022
Marie Uri: Climbing is for Everyone
When Marie Uri first got in to climbing, there were very few women who looked like her, neither her size nor her colour. Marie has type 2 diabetes, is neurodiverse and describes herself as being ‘a generous body type person’. Raised in Guadeloupe before moving to the suburbs of Paris to finish her schooling, Marie’s passion for languages ultimately brought her to London, where she joined the Marylebone Mountaineering Club. She was so engrossed in learning how to climb that it did not occur to her to question whether climbing was for her. Instead, she just indulged herself in the places, the movement, the people. Marie is simply in love with trad climbing and now mentors other women at the start of their journeys.
Sep 05, 2022
Michelle Nevill: A Key to Authenticity
London-based, proud Mum Chelle Nevill has struggled with her mental health over the years. It wasn’t until she discovered climbing, when she really started to make lasting progress. Chelle was diagnosed with depression in 2009 and says, “I have always done my best to try and be strong and overcome my own obstacles, but it wasn't until I found climbing that I started to really make progress that was lasting and didn't feel like a mask for my issues, but more of a tool-box that gave me what I needed to better understand myself.” We chat about Womens Trad festival and her dream of one day climbing a Yosemite big wall.
Aug 29, 2022
Rachael Crewesmith: Have Fun and be the Best You Can be
Rachael Crewesmith works as an instructor, coach and mentor across a variety of mountain sports. Whether its winter climbing on Ben Nevis, mountain biking across Nepal or trad climbing on a sea cliff, Rachael loves it all and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skill. She combines her technical knowledge with a strong background in coaching, including coaching climbing for the BMC, and is also a key part of the Women’s Trad festival. Rachael talks about her work and is uniquely placed to share insights on dealing with a fear of heights, a fear of falling, being bold and generally getting the best from yourself.
Aug 22, 2022
Angus Kille: Turning Dreams into Reality
Angus has climbed hard free routes on El Capitan, he climbed the infamous E9 Indian face on Cloggy as a youth, and recently set his sights on climbing a 9a sport route in Spain. Suffice to say, Angus Kille knows a thing or two about ‘being bold’. He talks about setting ambitious goals and making them a reality. How he handles the pressure on the climb and off it, and more specifically how he manages deep-seated fear of falling or the thought of it. He also answers questions such as ‘how do you prepare for a 9a’ and ‘what’s it like trying the same 9a big project as your partner’, in his case Hazel Findlay?
Aug 15, 2022
Jerry Moffatt: Master of the Mind
Jerry Moffatt is a living legend. He was one of the best climbers through the 1980s and 90s. Jerry excelled in all disciplines of rock climbing consistently pushing standards to new heights around the world - in bouldering, trad climbing, redpointing, flashing and on-sighting. But it wasn’t all plain sailing. Jerry battled with injuries and initially struggled to realise his best form in competitions. He shares the strategies he used to start winning. Jerry, like many people, believe the mind is the most important muscle, he’s even written a book on the subject – Mastermind, Mental Training for Climbers.
Aug 08, 2022
Bronwyn Hodgins: Preparation is Key
Rab athlete Bronwyn Hodgins shares her mental approach to preparing for Golden Gate 5:13a, a desperate 30 plus pitch free route on El Capitan, Yosemite. As a guide, mentor and elite rock climber based in Squamish BC Canada, Bronwyn shares insights into the workshops she runs to help people overcome the fear of falling. Bronwyn also regales stories of her recent adventures in South America, big walls in Mexico, and new free ascents in Cochomo, Chile. She rarely sits still. We also ask her what she does on rest days? I mean does she even need rest days?
Aug 01, 2022
Professor Lew Hardy: The Psychology of Elite Performance
A candid chat with Professor Lew Hardy, who trained as a British mountain guide but went on to help set up the Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance at Bangor University. He worked on research projects with Royal Marines, England’s cricket team, Olympians and countless other groups. Lew shares insights into what drives high achievers and how we might realise our potential. We chat about self-belief, resilience, what can help us make good decisions even under pressure and why some folk can seemingly handle risk better than others.
Jul 25, 2022
Tom Randall & Pete Whittaker: The Great Rift
Rab athlete, Tom Randall, has travelled the world in search of the quirkiest crack climbs that nature has to offer. Faced with the prospect of a year without international travel, Tom and his climbing partner, Pete Whittaker, needed a project closer to home. And so ‘The Great Rift’ was born. In this exclusive interview, he explains how an almost 800m, perfectly smooth, horizontal concrete crack under a motorway bridge on the M5 caught his eye.
Mar 25, 2022
Ryan Vachon: Climber and Climate Scientist
Ryan Vachon is a climate scientist and videographer. When he’s not researching frozen bits of the world, digging up ice cores, or making films about how caribou survive Arctic winters, he likes to climb. Being based in Denver, Colorado, he’s got plenty on the doorstep. Ryan’s big passion is to inspire people to engage in informed decisions on how they relate to the natural world. He speaks about the importance of brands to act responsibly as well as what we as individuals can do to lessen our impact on the environment. Ryan is currently collaborating with Rab to produce a film about perspectives within the climbing community on a changing climate.
Jan 31, 2022
Tim Fish: Inside the Head of an Outdoor Designer
The energy and enthusiasm of Tim Fish are infectious. He rarely sits still, but I made him! This is a rare opportunity to glimpse into the mind of an innovative product design leader. Tim Fish loves trad climbing andbouldering. Hislove of wild places began whilst visiting his gran in Snowdonia as a kid. At school he was always drawn to art, design and has always enjoyed solving problems. Tim speaks about the importance of a brand not imitating others and also gives us a glimpse of the work Rab is doing in terms of sustainability. As the Product Director of Rab with a young family, Tim is a busy man, but being Sheffield based, means he can climb on the local grit at any opportunity.
Jan 24, 2022
Jacopo Buffachi: Italian Mountain Guide and Head of Design at Rab and Lowe Alpine
Jacopo was born in Courmayeur beneath the giant Italian face of Mt Blanc. He was skiing well before he started school and dreamed of becoming a mountain guide. Jacopo shares the thrill of climbing his first 4000 metre peak with his father, about his work as a guide and his passion for supporting mountain guides in the countries of South America. He talks about the inherent risks and how he transitioned to work as a designer. Most of all I wanted to ask, why are Italians always so well dressed and what does he really think of British food?
Jan 17, 2022
Neil McAdie: Keeping it Real, the Prolific British Weekend Warrior
Neil McAdie is a man who loves a journey. If it involves climbing, particularly adventurous climbing, even better. He has climbed everywhere, literally; Gogarth, Ben Nevis, Bolivia, Mt Blanc, first ascents of giant Himalayan mountains - he has crammed in a lifetime of quests. Neil shares stories of the places and characters he’s encountered along the way. Neil was the Sales Director of Equip between 2002 to 2020 and, armed with a strong work ethic and sound business acumen, he was part of the team that contributed to the continuing rise of the Rab brand. He gives insight in how to manage rapid growth whilst keeping the trust of authentic outdoor users.
Jan 10, 2022
Tom Randall: Man on a Mission - From City Trader to Crack Climbing Addict and Serial Entrepreneur
Rab athlete Tom Randall swapped life as a London city trader to become a cutting-edge rock climber. His visionary first ascents included the famous Century Crack, a project that he and his Wideboyz partner Pete Whittaker trained for in Tom’s legendary Sheffield cellar. Tom is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the global climbing performance Lattice Training. I caught up with Tom – once he’d put his kids to bed – to find out where he finds all the energy and whether he could envisage life without some ludicrous stretch project.
Jan 03, 2022
Dick Turnbull: Walking the Talk - From Eton to Eiger North Face
Dick Turnbull is the man behind a great British climbing institution, the Outside shop in Hathersage, Peak District. When it comes to climbing kit and clothing his knowledge is unparalleled. An accomplished mountaineer, through the 1980s and 90s Dick climbed many of the formidable Alpine north faces in winter. He talks about working with outdoor brands over the years and the importance having solid mountain people as staff, folk that walk the talk. He shares a remarkable journey from Eton to adventures on the Eiger with ‘Flying Frank the decorator’. Not to mention becoming trapped in the ice, in the attic in his boat.
Dec 27, 2021
Rab Carrington: Pioneering Climber and Founder of Rab - Part 2
Rab Carrington is a climbing legend. In 1981 he began making down sleeping bags in his house in Sheffield. Rab likes solving problems whether on a mountain or designing and making kit for people heading to the mountains. In this second episode Rab talks about a ground-breaking and committing alpine-style ascent of the Himalayan giant Jannu. Rab talks about starting out making sleeping bags, the trade partnerships along the way, as well as his values. We also get to hear about Sean Connery’s jet and the joy of climbing your first 8a aged 60.
Dec 20, 2021
Rab Carrington: Pioneering Climber and Founder of Rab - Part 1
Rab Carrington is a climbing legend. In 1981 he began making down sleeping bags in his house in Sheffield. Rab likes solving problems whether on a mountain or designing and making kit for people heading to the mountains. In this first episode Rab talks about growing up in Glasgow and starting out climbing in the 1960s. Later Rab formed a formidable partnership with Al Rouse, exploring the Alps in winter as well as undertaking a legendary trip to south America, pioneering difficult routes in an audacious, lightweight style. Hitchhiking to the Alps in kilts and getting arrested in Buenos Aeries. Rab is candid, he tells it as it is.
Dec 13, 2021
Hetty Key and Charlie Low: Women’s Trad Fest. No barriers to Adventure
Hetty Key and Charlie Low wanted a climbing community. So, they built one for themselves. The Women’s Trad Fest has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2016. Connecting, inspiring, including and supporting women, as they transition from indoor climbing to outdoor trad in the Peak District, UK. In this episode we chat about their personal stories and the motivations behind the festival. We delve into Hetty’s research about mental wellbeing and discuss the barriers facing women who want to get outdoors.
Nov 01, 2021
Bronwyn Hodgins: Baffin Island, Pink Flamingos and Beyond
Bronwyn Hodgins has boundless energy. And she’s been putting it to excellent use. For 35 days she journeyed by pack raft through the Auyuittuq National Park, on Baffin Island. With her husband, Jacob Cook, and two friends in tow, she climbed some of the world’s biggest and most remote walls. We catch up on this latest expedition and hear about where it all started for her. From her outdoor family life, to professional river guiding, to her pursuit of big climbing adventures with outcomes unknown.
Oct 25, 2021
Angus Kille: Mind Control. From Nesscliffe to Yosemite, via The Indian Face
Angus Kille has pushed himself in all the disciplines of rock climbing. From Shropshire sandstone, to the Indian Face on Cloggy, and big free climb adventures on El Capitan. We talk about life on a big wall, climbing partnerships and pushing yourself physically and mentally. Angus has done so much and he’s still young. Perhaps his secret is to stay in the moment and not worry too much about the outcome. He’s also very passionate about all young people being given the opportunity to discover the outdoors.
Oct 18, 2021
Kev Shields: A Search for Limits on Scottish Rock and Ice
Kev Shields is straight talking and funny. He understands adversity. He climbs rock and ice at a very high standard, with only one fully formed hand. Kev claims that discovering climbing changed his life and helped him deal with tough times. We chat about what drives him and whether he thinks attitudes to disabled people have really changed all that much.
Oct 11, 2021
Nasim Eshqi: From Iranian Kickboxing Champion to Elite Rock Climber
Former kickboxing champion Nasim Eshqi is one of Iran’s rock strongest climbers. A pioneer of new routes, we hear about the obstacles she has had to overcome, in climbing and in life. She tells us what she learned on her travels outside of Iran and explains why the liberation and energy she gets from nature is one of the her main attractions to climbing.
Oct 04, 2021
Julia Virat: Yosemite Multi-pitches, Solo Backcountry Adventures, the Mountain Guide pathway and more
Julia Virat is one of a handful of French women to become a Chamonix High Mountain Guide. Here she shares how she broke through barriers into an elite male dominated world, recounting tales of adventures, on skis, in a yacht and on the world’s biggest rock walls. She relives the drama of getting lost on Yosemite’s 3,000 foot El Capitan. Solo. In the dark. And admits, that in this case, her mum had the best advice.
Sep 27, 2021