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By Netacea

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Cybersecurity Sessions is a concise yet insightful monthly podcast featuring security leaders from Netacea, alongside other technology experts. At Netacea we are interested not just in the technology behind cyber-attacks, but also the intent. How do they affect different businesses, sectors, and even wider society? What stories are out there of cybersecurity woes and wins? To find out, we invite experts from all over the tech world to share their experiences and learnings. No subject is off limits for discussion on the Cybersecurity Sessions.

Episode Date
How Skewed Analytics Leads to Bad Marketing

In a recent Netacea report, 60% of businesses reported a minor financial impact caused by bots skewing their analytics, and with the busiest eCommerce period of the year fast approaching, businesses need to fight back.

How do bots affect businesses’ data, marketing campaigns and paid media planning? Host and Principal Security Researcher Cyril Noel-Tagoe is joined by Spike’s Head of Paid Media Matt Wilkinson to discuss the effect bots will have on marketing analytics this Black Friday and how to keep your enterprise’s analytics safe from automated threats during periods of peak traffic.

Nov 10, 2022
Tales from Tracking Cybercriminals

Illicit forums and dark web marketplaces are so closely guarded that it’s almost impossible to know how many stolen user accounts, digital assets, or data leaks are exposed, let alone who is responsible. But the more we can uncover, the better we can defend against attacks and hold threat actors accountable.

In this bonus episode, Cyril is joined by his boss and Netacea’s Head of Threat Research, Matthew Gracey-McMinn. They swap stories from the trenches of cyber-threat intelligence gathering, where they infiltrate criminal forums and marketplaces to root out attackers and their tactics in stealing accounts, data and digital resources from businesses and individuals.

Matthew Gracey-McMinn, Head of Threat Research at Netacea

Matthew is an experienced cyber threat intelligence professional with an MPhil from the University of Oxford. Matthew leads the Threat Research team at Netacea, which researches and investigates the impact of malicious bots on online businesses and their customers, both augmenting Netacea’s bot management solution and providing distinct threat intelligence services.

Key points

  • Building an effective threat research team and function
  • How threat researchers gain access to criminal communities
  • The team’s most interesting findings and successful investigations
  • How threat intelligence strengthens other areas of security like bot management
Nov 02, 2022
Shining a Light on Bots (Bonus episode from 'Phishy Business')

Bonus episode: Cybersecurity Sessions host Cyril Noel-Tagoe was recently featured on the Mimecast podcast series Phishy Business. Cyril joined hosts Alice Jeffery and Brian Pinnock, plus fellow guest, Mimecast Senior Product Manager Dr Kiri Addison, for a fascinating conversation about bots and what they are used for (both good and bad).

About Phishy Business

Fed up with the same old cybersecurity stories? Come with us on a journey that explores the lesser-known side. Whether it’s social engineering, taking criminals to court or the journalists hunting down hackers — our new podcast series, Phishy Business, looks for new ways to think about cybersecurity. Mimecast’s very own Brian Pinnock and Alice Jeffery are joined by guests from a range of unique security specialisms. Each episode explores tales of risk, reward and just a dash of ridiculousness to learn how we can all improve in the fight to stay safe. For more tales of risk, reward and ridiculousness, subscribe to Phishy Business on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts.

Oct 20, 2022
Mental Health & Neurodiversity

Stress and burnout in cybersecurity is widespread, especially since the pandemic. The cyber skills gap and increasingly aggressive attacks have led to workloads growing massively. This is on top of long-standing worries like workplace bullying, long hours spent in front of screens, and the expectation to be available to work ‘whenever and wherever’.

Cyril Noel-Tagoe invites security awareness consultant and mental health coach Lisa Ventura to the podcast to offer helpful advice and information to those working in cybersecurity. She also shares her own experiences as a neurodiverse person, which comes with its own challenges and advantages within the industry.

Lisa Ventura, Founder at Cyber Security Unity

Lisa Ventura is an award-winning cyber security awareness consultant and is the Founder of Cyber Security Unity, a global community organization that is dedicated to bringing individuals and companies together to help combat growing cyber-threats. She is also a mindset and mental health coach with specific experience supporting those in cybersecurity with their mental health and managing stress and burnout.

Key points

  • How we can manage the stresses of working in cybersecurity to look after our mental health
  • The harm bullying causes in workplaces and how to approach this issue
  • Challenges and advantages of building a cybersecurity career as a neurodiverse person
Oct 06, 2022
Ethical Hacking & Bug Bounty Hunting

Cyber-criminals are relentless, and the number of attacks is growing. Businesses are increasingly turning to ethical hackers to find bugs and exploits before attackers do, offering financial incentives for their efforts.

As a security researcher, our host Cyril Noel-Tagoe is always on the hunt for new vulnerabilities. He’s joined for this episode by ethical hacking enthusiast and Daily Swig reporter Jessica Haworth, who has a finger firmly on the pulse of the latest bug bounty programs and developments.

Jessica Haworth, Cybersecurity Reporter at The Daily Swig

Jessica Haworth focuses on technical research papers, bug bounty news, and hacker community stories. Her interest also includes writing about new exploits and covering the ethical side of hacking. Jessica has over 10 years’ experience working in journalism. Before she covered cybersecurity she was at the Mirror and Daily Star on Sunday where she covered breaking news, crime and foreign correspondence.

Key points

  • Ethical vs non-ethical hacking: Why join the good guys?
  • The benefits for businesses enlisting bug bounty hunters to hack them
  • Mitigating the risks when inviting bug bounty hunters to hack your site
  • How to get into ethical hacking and where to find the best bug bounty programs

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Sep 08, 2022
Mentoring in Cybersecurity

Mentoring is essential to closing the cybersecurity skills gap, especially in realizing the potential of people from underrepresented communities. In recent years many newcomers to cyber have been mentored by Gabrielle Botbol. Since teaching herself how to be a pentester, she has become recognized as one of Canada’s top 20 women in cybersecurity.

Andy Still finds out how Gabrielle entered the world of cybersecurity after leaving another vocation, and how she is helping the next generation of women and underrepresented communities follow her ‘six steps to becoming a pentester’.

Gabrielle Botbol, Offensive Security Consultant at Desjardins

Gabrielle Botbol is a penetration tester, cyber security blogger, and podcaster who created a self-study program to become a pentester. She focuses her efforts on democratizing information security for all by offering her time to various communities. Gabrielle has won multiple awards such as Educator of the Year at the Ally of the Year Awards 2022, Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity in Canada in 2020, and Pentest Ninja by Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu in 2021.

Key points

  • Gabrielle’s journey from actress to penetration tester
  • Her motivation to mentor and help others interested in cybersecurity
  • How organizations can encourage underrepresented people to pursue cyber
  • Six steps to becoming a pentester

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Aug 04, 2022
Security and Privacy

Many businesses argue that they need to collect information about customers to verify who they are and secure their accounts. However, this is at odds with online privacy advocates, who say organizations are compromising our security by collecting far too much information about us.

In this episode, Netacea co-founder Andy Still talks to ZDNet cybersecurity journalist Charlie Osborne about the intrinsic link between security and privacy, how legislation like the GDPR has strengthened both, and where responsibility lies for protecting our privacy online.

Charlie Osborne, Cybersecurity Journalist at ZDNet

Charlie Osborne is a cybersecurity and finance reporter for ZDNet and has written about business tech, innovation, and cybersecurity since 2011 for CBS Interactive, Informa, and Mastercard. She is also a freelance journalist for several top-tier security titles including Cybersecurity Venture and The Daily Swig. In addition to her passion for writing Charlie also has a keen interest in photography and occasionally tries her hand at a bug bounty or two.

Key points

  • How important is privacy to security and vice versa?
  • Where should responsibility lie for protecting our privacy online?
  • Does businesses collecting more information about their customers help or hinder security?
  • Has GDPR changed attitudes to privacy and security, and how does this differ in the EU and the USA?

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Jul 07, 2022
MFA is Better than Passwords… Right?

We’re told that multi-factor authentication is more secure than passwords, but in truth most MFA is susceptible to the same old threats, such as phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. In fact, the widely championed advice to “use MFA, any MFA” could lead to a false sense of security and even more data breaches.

In this episode, Andy sits down with Roger Grimes (Data-Driven Defense Evangelist, KnowBe4) to find out why MFA is vulnerable to exploitation, whether some MFAs are better than others, and what the future of secure authentication might look like.

Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4

Roger is a 34-year computer security consultant, instructor, holder of dozens of computer certifications, and an award-winning author of 13 books and over 1,000 magazine articles on computer security. He was the weekly security columnist for InfoWorld and CSO magazines from 2005-2019.

Key points

  • What is multi-factor authentication and how has it changed over time?
  • Is MFA more secure than passwords, and how can it be bypassed?
  • Are some forms of MFA more secure than others?
  • What does the future of user authentication look like?

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Jun 09, 2022
AI in Cybersecurity – A Double-Edged Sword

It’s likely that we encounter artificial intelligence more often than we realize. Just as AI can be used to facilitate fraud and spread misinformation via deepfakes and sophisticated identity theft, it can also be used to develop algorithms that detect cyber-attacks in the blink of an eye.

In this episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions, Andy is joined by Elaine Lee (Data Scientist, Mimecast) to delve into the benefits and risks of AI in cybersecurity, examining how artificial intelligence can be used both as an offensive weapon by adversaries and by security teams to defend against attacks.

Elaine Lee, Data Scientist at Mimecast

Elaine has worked in industries ranging from government, healthcare, and now cybersecurity with Mimecast, thanks to her math degree, which has been her passport to many exciting opportunities. She enjoys methodical problem solving and believes that solutions can always be found in the data.

Mimecast is a cloud-based, anti-spam and archive filtering service for securing email accounts and communications for businesses. Listen to Mimecast’s podcast Phishy Business, available on Spotify.

Key points

  • Why AI adoption is rapidly increasing across industries
  • How AI is being used to make fraud more sophisticated and widespread
  • The cybersecurity defenses built using AI and machine learning algorithms
  • The role of humans to supervise and keep AI controlled in the future

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

May 05, 2022
Offensive Security

How can you really know what havoc hackers could wreak on your systems? By challenging them to do it and fixing the exploits they discover, of course. In this episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions, Andy finds out what it’s like to be on a ‘red team’ tasked with hacking into an employer’s own systems by any means necessary, with lauded offensive security practitioner Jonathan Echavarria (ReliaQuest).

Jonathan Echavarria, Enterprise Architect at ReliaQuest

Jonathan has held various positions with responsibilities ranging from penetration testing, red teaming, security operations enablement, devops, automation, malware analysis, and security architecture; previously, he worked for Facebook as an Offensive Security Engineer, where he conducted a variety of offensive operations targeting the organization. Jonathan often speaks at various security conferences on topics such as cybercrime, state-sponsored operations, and smart home security.

Key points

  • The difference between penetration testing and offensive security
  • The advantages of introducing a red team to any business
  • How to apply red teaming practices across all stages of the tech lifecycle
  • The ethical implications of ‘attacking’ your own organization

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Apr 07, 2022
The Women Changing Cybersecurity

In this month’s episode, Andy Still hands hosting duties over to Netacea’s cybersecurity content specialist, Yasmin Duggal, for a special edition of the podcast for International Women’s Day.

Just 16% of the cyber workforce is female, compared to 28 % in other UK digital sectors. So, Yasmin sat down with three women working across cybersecurity to find out why. The result is a conversation about gender stereotypes, breaking biases and working collectively to invite more young females in. Listen now on the latest episode of the cybersecurity sessions podcast.

Uma Rajagopal, Industry Security Specialist, Amazon

Uma is a dynamic information security leader with 20+ years IT industry experience, committed to enabling the business to achieve success while having confidence in the security and resiliency of their technology foundations. She is a cyber-champion who brings innovation to the safeguarding of customers, employees, and business interests and an industry specialist with deep technical and functional experience in managing and developing global teams and addressing multi-regional security requirements.

Aileen Ryan, Senior Director of Portfolio Strategy, Siemens EDA

Aileen’s executive career spans software engineering, operations and strategy with a variety of firms including Huawei, TM Forum, Motorola and Alcatel. She is widely recognized as a leader in the global tech industry, has been named by Silicon Republic as one of the top 25 Irish leaders in the Sci-Tech world, and by IT Security Guru as one of the most inspiring women in cybersecurity in 2021.

Paulina Cakalli, Lead Data Analyst, Netacea

Paulina works closely with Netacea’s Data Science and Threat Research teams to develop new models for detecting anomalous web traffic, combining this with machine learning to produce recommendations for clients. She is a rising star in the world of data science, encouraging other women to enter STEM careers via various speaking opportunities internationally. She is co-founder of BSides Tirana, an international security conference. She received her Master’s degree in Mathematics and Informatics Engineering at the University of Tirana where she was later an Assistant Lecturer.

Key questions

  • Was cybersecurity a career path you were encouraged to pursue?
  • What challenges have you faced as women in a male-dominated industry?
  • Why do you think more young women don’t enter cybersecurity?
  • How we collectively and individually work to break the bias against women in tech?

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Mar 08, 2022
Artificial Engagement and Ad Fraud

In this month’s episode, we’re talking about ad fraud and the role bots play in this lucrative space. Marketers care intensely about engagement and pay advertisers good money to get it, but how do they know they aren’t paying for visits from malicious bots? And what other kinds of harm do ad fraud bots cause businesses as a result?

To find out, Andy invites Beacon’s Stewart Boutcher onto the Cybersecurity Sessions. As two CTOs focused on tackling bots, but from different perspectives, Andy and Stewart find plenty to discuss!

Stewart Boutcher, CTO & Data Lead at Beacon

Stewart has been engaged in the technology sector at a senior project manager and board level since 1995. Complementary to his position as CTO and Data Lead at Beacon, Stewart is a member of DMA North Council, leading its ‘Artificial Engagement’ project. He is also Digital Project Lead supporting the important work done by the UK Police Memorial.

Key points

  • The winners and losers of digital ad fraud
  • Why marketers can’t rely on ad networks to solve the bot problem
  • How bot traffic pollutes data, steals customers, and skews decision making
  • How the demise of third-party cookies will impact artificial customer profiling by bots

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Feb 10, 2022
Online Casino Abuse

The online casino industry is a big target for fraudsters, from sign-up bonus abuse through to sidestepping account bans and exploiting business logic to guarantee a profit. This month’s guest on the Cybersecurity Sessions can attest to this – he used to exploit online casinos professionally!

Now using this experience to help operators rather than exploit them, gambling security consultant Ozric Vondervelden (Director, Greco) joins Andy to reveal the devious tactics cybercriminals are using to abuse online casinos.

Ozric Vondervelden, Director at Greco

After years of exploiting online casinos professionally, Ozric Vandervelden now uses his knowledge and experience to help gaming and betting companies prevent online abuse. After two years of consulting with over 30 operators, his team has developed Greco, a Gameplay Risk Engine for the iGaming industry.

Key points

  • Why duplicate account creation is of major concern to gambling operators
  • The techniques fraudsters are using to get around account restrictions
  • How abuse tactics evolve in response to improvements in security processes
  • What gambling operators can do to stay ahead of fraudsters

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Jan 20, 2022
Drone Safety and Cybersecurity

With drones now capable of massive cluster displays at events like the Olympics opening ceremony, and being used in sectors like healthcare, what role does cybersecurity play in making these devices safe?

In this month’s episode of the Cybersecurity Sessions podcast, Andy talks to drone pilot and experienced cybersecurity expert Frank Morris about the emerging technology of drones, their growing list of use cases and how important security is in their wider adoption. Frank answers Andy’s burning questions about how IOT device security principles relate to the mobile and sometimes autonomous nature of drones, and their expanding applications in the real world.

Frank Morris, Head of Security Infrastructure, Capita

Frank Morris is Head of Security Architecture at Capita, with previous experience in cybersecurity management at KPMG. He specializes in cybersecurity architecture and operations. Frank is also a CAA approved drone pilot and is an advocate of considering the security implications of drones and autonomous devices.

Key points

  • The current state of security measures and regulations for drones
  • How CAA guidance documents such as CAP 722 aim to keep drones safe
  • The differences and parallels between hobbyist and commercial drones
  • The potential risks involved in using drones for businesses

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Dec 14, 2021
Protecting customer experience for Black Friday

In this podcast, Andy Still and Deri Jones discuss the importance of customer experience to eCommerce, and how both web performance and cybersecurity play a role in this. With Black Friday approaching, they consider where these overlap in sometimes unexpected ways, and how typical security concerns like bots can also impact performance.

Deri Jones, CEO, Thinktribe

A serial tech entrepreneur, Deri started with a degree in Electronics from Cambridge University, led the marketing at the Fibre Optics networking pioneer, and played a key role in the UK’s first internet provider. He is now CEO at ThinkTribe, helping 50 blue-chips with the increasing challenge to ensure their users’ CX is a fast and error-free experience whilst the digital technology becomes more complex.

Key points

  • The rise of Black Friday as a peak trading phenomenon online
  • How the wide range of marketing add-ons affects website performance and security
  • The challenge of testing websites when so much is constantly changing
  • How threats like scraper bots can damage web performance and customer experience at peak times

The Cybersecurity Sessions podcast is presented by Netacea - The world's first fully agentless bot management solution.

Nov 18, 2021