Adam Bomb Squad presents: BOMB TALK with Bobby Hundreds

By Bobby Hundreds

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Category: Technology

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You’re listening to Bomb Talk by host Bobby Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad. ABS is The Hundreds’ collection of 25,000 bomb NFTs that grant membership to a culture, community, and brand with deep roots in art and streetwear. Every week, Bobby interviews different holders from the ABS community, from celebrities to experts, friends to everyday collectors. Together, they walk listeners through the daily happenings in the NFT space, educate newcomers and clarify how the technology is opening up a hopeful future.

Episode Date
BOMB TALK 201 :: Decentralization of Media with Farokh, Mel, and Keith Grossman

Today’s Bomb Talk is about how Web3 can facilitate the Decentralization of Media. Many of us would agree that there is no more imperfect industry today than the media. There are a lot of reasons for this, but perhaps the most significant is that the news organizations are centralized, meaning they are powered by corporations with self-interests, motivated by profits. Our friends Farokh, Mel, and John Knopf have built a new NFT project called Rug Radio, which seeks to not only address - but upend - these ancient media systems. Keith Grossman also joins us, giving us his perspective on the matter as president of Time Magazine. Listen in…

Jan 17, 2022
BOMB TALK 110 :: Philanthropy Edition

On this 10th and season finale of Bomb Talk, Bobby Hundreds ends on a hopeful note. As NFTs get louder, the backlash is also fomenting (some of it, rightfully so). But, NFTs can do a lot of good in this world, so today, Bobby is joined by legendary Olympian Tommie Smith and activists and artists Glenn Kaino and Jesse Williams to share their project called Pass the Baton, which is making philanthropy, fun, fast, and tech-forward. They are also joined by activists from the ABS family, Victor Nguyen-Long and Will Lex Ham.

Dec 30, 2021
BOMB TALK 109 :: Photography Edition

Welcome to the first NFT Photography-themed episode. This one hits close to Bobby’s heart because his Web3 journey began as a frustrated photographer. NFTs and Web3, however, are re-opening pathways for photographers to find their patrons, maintain ownership, and see royalties from their art. Although photography has been thriving in the NFT space this year, 2022 will see it take off to another level, according to this roundtable with some of the leaders in the movement. If you’re a photographer or just curious about how NFTs are shaking up art and industry, come on in!

Dec 17, 2021
BOMB TALK 108 :: Ron English, Blue The Great, and Sophie Sturdevant

Much of the current frenzy around NFTs was kickstarted by artists who used the technology to circumnavigate the galleries, auction houses, and gatekeepers. We collaborated with over twenty artists on bombs in Adam Bomb Squad, including names like DFace, Mister Cartoon, and Aaron Kai. On this Art episode of Bomb Talk, Bobby shares a conversation with three ABS contributors: Ron English, Sophie Sturdevant, and Blue the Great. Together, they share how NFTs have changed their careers and opened their art up to new audiences.

Dec 01, 2021
BOMB TALK 107 :: Pussy Riot, Latashá, and 3LAU

Of all the industries disrupted by NFTs and Web3 tech, Music has been the most up-ended. It’s no surprise why. Historically, the music artists themselves have found themselves in disproportionate arrangements with their labels and managers. NFTs allow musicians to speak directly with their audiences and reap their fair share of benefits. Today, Bobby hears from Pussy Riot and Latashá on how NFTs are revolutionizing the music industry. We’re later joined by 3LAU who is a true pioneer in Music NFTs, having first attacked the space in 2017.

Dec 01, 2021
BOMB TALK 106 :: Gary Vee

During this recording - our sixth episode - of Bomb Talk, there were more than 4,000 people in the room listening at any given time. It’s not just because Gary Vee has a rabid fanbase, it’s because the topics he touched upon are urgent, important, and not talked about enough in the metaverse. We are all curious and excited by NFTs, but we also need to be careful and responsible with how we engage with the technology. Gary reminds us that most projects will fail, NFTs are a long game, and that many collectors will get this wrong. It’s a sobering, yet enlightening episode, that will teach you to have a deeper respect for this burgeoning phenomenon.

Note: Due to a technical error, our sponsors for the IRL Bomb Talk in New York with Baron Davis, Latasha, and Allen Hena failed to record the fifth episode, hence the jump from 4 to 6!

Nov 11, 2021
BOMB TALK 104 :: RTFKT and Jeff Staple

Adam Bomb Squad is the first NFT collectibles project backed by a fashion brand. But, what does it look like from the other side? A metaverse sneaker brand that goes from digital to physical? Bobby links up with 2 of the 3 founders of RTFKT, which is currently the leader when it comes to sneakers for the next reality. They are then joined by surprise guest, sneaker pioneer and streetwear designer Jeff Staple, who bridges both generations and realms. If you’re an enthusiast of sneakers, street fashion, culture and technology, this episode is for you.

Nov 01, 2021
BOMB TALK 103 :: Deadfellaz, Ethereals, and Reese Witherspoon

On this episode of BOMB TALK, Bobby turns the spotlight on some of the boldest leaders in the NFT space: the founders behind the Deadfellaz and Ethereals projects. A very special guest also joins the crew, as movie star turned metaverse maven Reese Witherspoon takes a break from shooting her latest blockbuster to champion her favorite women creating NFTs. Listen and subscribe to hear more BOMB TALK and tune in live every Monday on Bobby's Twitter.

Oct 25, 2021
BOMB TALK 102 :: Nicky Diamonds and Dillon Francis

On this episode of Bomb Talk, skate and sneaker icon Nicky Diamonds joins Bobby to discuss Diamond's upcoming Crypto Dunks NFT release, as well as their shared streetwear history. Some special guests drop by, including former Diamond and The Hundreds employee (and world famous DJ) Dillon Francis and the one-and-only Franalations.

Oct 18, 2021
BOMB TALK 101 :: Steve Aoki
On this episode of Bomb Talk, world-renowned DJ Steve Aoki discusses the collector’s mindset and approach to NFTs. To understand the current nature of NFTs and trading, it helps to hear from someone who is well-versed in sports and Pokemon card collectibles and is applying the same principles to the digital space.
Oct 11, 2021