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By Shayla Christine

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Being a mom is HARD, and we wouldn't want to do anything else. Here we're a little granola, move with a positive, intuitive, and minimalistic approach. We do not take things too seriously and all are welcome. If you relate... welcome, you're my people. Let's talk about it and raise good humans!

Episode Date
003 - SIMPLE changes to raise intuitive eaters with Lyndi Cohen

Lyndi Cohen (@nude_nutritionist on Instagram) is a Dietitian and Nutritionist. Lyndi believes the best way to feel better is by forgetting dieting and weigh-ins and instead implementing real, sustainable change to FEEL better.  
She walked me through different ways to raise mindful eaters, body confident kids, and children who have a healthy relationship with food!  
Spoiler: It starts with us; we do the work, our children (and we) reap the benefits.

The best part?! Lyndi created an app, Back to Basics

Three reasons why every mom needs this app:
1. The recipes are 20 min OR LESS for prep time!
2. There is a shopping functionality, so it will add all the ingredients to your online order to make it SIMPLE.
3. The pregnancy workouts are tailored to each trimester, so you know what you’re doing is safe!
Bonus: The first week is free.

Xo Shay

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Oct 15, 2021
002 - adding another baby with mom of 3: Jess Hover

I found YouTuber Jess Hover's video "I don't like being a mom" when I was searching for someone who could tell me my overwhelm was normal AND give me authentic encouragement, and that's exactly what I found.  So who better to talk to about adding MORE babies to the mix?!

We talk about going from no babies to one, two, and then three in this episode and Jess shared with us her real  experience with these transitions.

Very Good Mother's Club: 

Jess's YouTube channel with welcoming and honest mom content:

Jess's Instagram:

Please subscribe to the podcast and comment if you have any tips on adding to your fam bam!

xo Shay

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Oct 13, 2021
001 - from full time travel to full time mom!

Thank you so much for being here! Going from full-time travel to full-time mom was the most challenging adventure I've been on yet.

Creating my YouTube channel (Hey Shayla) in 2016, I started sharing the stories of my travels, now sharing my -unfiltered- stories as a mom.
After realizing the bits I loved from being a full-time traveler (learning new things, meeting new people, and sharing those experiencing), I realized I was missing some of that by simply doing YouTube videos and connecting in comments.


Now I get to tap into the incredible people and resources I know, have honest conversations with my gurus, and then share the knowledge with you!

I am SO SO grateful and hope you love! If you do, I'd love it if you subscribed and commented with who you'd love to see on the show!

Xo Shay

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Oct 07, 2021