By Lou Uridel

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Category: Government

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Freedom. Liberty. Opposition to tyranny in all forms. In this podcast, we will discuss many different topics that threaten sovereignty. I will discuss constitutional issues, mandates, indoctrination/CRT, free speech, big tech, big pharma, and other topics that many Americans unite on. I will also have guests on to discuss these issues and finally, a format we will have will be breaking news, these episodes can pop up at any time depending on what is going on in the world and our country. If it needs to be talked about, I will talk about it.

Episode Date
MAGA - The Misunderstood Battlecry for Righteousness

Make America Great Again. So many people strike it down as racist or a cry of a white supremacy. It is anything but!! In this episode I break down how the negative aspect of society attack the term in defense of their own self-loathing. How MAGA attributes to everything positive that is in America, everything we have overcome and what makes America strong for EVERYONE - regardless of your race, creed, color or religion. 

Nov 26, 2021
FreedomFest 2021 - University of Arizona

This week I am putting up my speech given at the Freedom Fest 2021 held by Viva Coffee House at the University of Arizona. I go into topics of the forced mandates, big government antics, threats effecting our schools and the battle of good vs evil. 

These are issues that are effecting our Country now and will continue to effect it. Until we can vanquish the evil that tortures this country. 

Nov 19, 2021
Myth Busters - Covid19

It's the first MYTH BUSTERS episode! In this episode I dispel many myths that are going around... what are the myths I prove are just myths in this episode? 

1. The mandates are lawfully backed by Constitutional Case law.

2. The Vaccine is safe and effective.

3. You have a choice to get the Vaccine.

4. If a store open the the public asks you to leave and you don't - you're guilty of trespassing.

5. BONUS MYTH - White People who have dreads are racially and culturally appropriating Rastafarian and black culture by having dreads.

We will have this series probably once every 1-2 months on the Podcast!

Nov 12, 2021
Breaking News: Free Speech attacked in San Diego County

Once again the board of supervisors in San Diego continue their onslaught on Free Speech and violations of the 1st Amendment. They are silencing people at the county meetings by limiting time, content and what topics people can speak on. This Podcast we go through that news and point out the blatant discrepancies in this leftist logic. 

Nov 10, 2021
Breaking Chains: The Pussification of American Men

There is a war on manhood and masculinity. The left is at the helm of this and they have infiltrated our schools, they have directly affected the single-parent home rate, our men aren't as strong anymore... as the attack on Masculinity is blamed for violent crimes and other problems in society... we must fight back to Bring Manly Men back! Bring back Masculinity! Not only do I get into how masculinity is being destroyed in America, but I go into how we can fight back!

Nov 05, 2021
Mandates and the Law: How we win.

In this episode, I go through how Metroflex Gym Oceanside beat the lockdowns. I also break down case law on government vaccine mandates and how they apply to what's going on today. I also get to tell you exactly what it's going to take for us to win this.

Oct 29, 2021
The LionHeart Podcast - Episode 0

an introduction to the podcast!

Oct 24, 2021