Raising Cross Formed Kids

By Ryan Coatney and Phylicia Masonheimer

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Category: Parenting

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Raising Cross Formed Kids is a collaboration between two parents in the thick of raising kids. Our passion is to equip parents to become the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their kids. After all, raising Christian kids is always a miracle, but it's never an accident.

Episode Date
Apologetics and Family Discipleship
Phylicia and Ryan discuss how to teach kids to hold to and defend the faith without fear or self-righteousness.
Nov 30, 2021
Sorting Through Catechisms and Covenants

Time is limited, so with that in mind, what exactly should I focus on teaching my kids in order to foster a faith that lasts?


Additional Reading:  https://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/npnf103.iv.iii.iv.html



Nov 23, 2021
The Roles of the Local Church and the Family

When it comes to raising Christian kids, what is the role of the family and what is the role of the local church?


Ryan and Phylicia discuss the roles of parents and local churches in raising Christian kids. What should parents be doing? How can churches best contribute? Where in Scripture do we the mandate for family discipleship?

Nov 16, 2021
Rhythms for Family Discipleship

Phylicia and Coat dive into the rhythms of family discipleship. What is a rhythm? How do we form habits? What is the role of catechesis? How have people gone about discipling kids historically? How can moms and dads share the load of discipling kids?

Nov 09, 2021
Why are Kids Leaving the Church?

2/3 of kids are leaving the faith as soon as they leave the house.


Is this true? Why is this happening? What does this mean from an historical/theological perspective? What does this mean from a biblical perspective?


Coat and Phylicia dive in to one of the most pressing problems facing the Church. Every pastor and every genuine Christian parent desires to see kids remain in the faith. Almost every church is making an effort to raise kids who remain in the faith. And yet, 2/3 of the time, we are failing. What is going on? How can we stem this tide?



Nov 02, 2021