Fun and Gains

By Brittany Lupton

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Category: Fitness

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Fun & Gains will fuel your love for sweaty workouts, loving yourself through the process, and creating the strongest version of yourself mentally and physically. The Fun and Gains podcast is your weekly reminder that you aren't alone on your fitness journey & your motivation to keep going. Let the gains begin.

Episode Date
finding balance in work, grad school, health & relationships + a his and hers holiday gift guide!

Grab some green bean casserole and kick your feet up because Darian is back for some fun, gains, & chit chat! This week's episode is all about how Britt & Darian create balance in life, school, parenthood & relationships (+ you might just leave with some holiday gift ideas!)


1:11 happy thanksgiving

1:35 YOUR favorite thanksgiving dish

1:55 the green bean casserole debacle

3:15 his & hers gift ideas

3:45 darian’s gymshark favorites

2:40 britt’s favorite cookbook

5:40 darian’s meat thermometer

6:40 britt’s skincare picks

7:43 darian’s book light

10:35 britt’s shoe picks 

11:50 darian’s subscription/tickets/programs

12:40 britt’s gym outfits

13:20 darian’s CRNA #studystuff

15:50 britt’s water bottle

17:10 how britt & darian balance life

17:30 the 4 things

18:10 work balance & life balance

20:24 how britt & darian prioritize things individually

22:26 how britt & darian prioritize the gym

23:30 you cannot do everything all the time, know when to say no

25:30 the importance of doing nothing

26:05 disconnect & detach

29:00 darian’s routines

32:20 chocolate chip cookies

33:00 just say NO

34:00 britt’s routine

35:40 teamwork; gymming as parents

39:50 cookie recipe

41:20 how do you eat your cookies

44:20 what to do when you feel off-balance

46:10 Sundays

47:30 what are YOU grateful for

Shop Gymshark Black Friday Sale:
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100 Cookies:
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Nov 24, 2021
fitness this-or-that with TikTok queen Nona Bayat

Grab your favorite pre-workout and fasten your seatbelts as we welcome Nona Bayat for some fun & gains. The TikTok queen is here to talk balancing fitness, post-grad life, AM/PM routines, staying motivated & more. Britt's capping things off with a real and raw game of fitness this-or-that, that you won't want to miss!


00:46 tay swift

3:15 bring on the holiday spirit

3:55 Vinny & Britt mems

4:40 dm your fav/nostalgic christmas movies

5:00 virtual f&g holiday party!?

5:20 queen Nona

6:00 good vibes & games 

7:00 who is Nona?? 

8:00 gymshark retreat & friendship

9:55 Nona’s fitness journey

11:30 lessons from swimming

12:03 in love with lifting

13:20 Nona’s morning routine

15:20 Nona’s oatmeal game

17:03 post-grad life

19:00 get uncomfortable

14:40 how Nona stays motivated

17:45 Nona’s tips for studying

19:10 balancing fitness in college

25:00 college nostalgia

26:15 fitness THIS OR THAT

26:45 upper or lower body

27:30 colorful plates or black plates

28:20 shorts or leggings

29:10 energy drink or coffee

29:40 solo or buddy workout

31:33 food or fasted

32:20 music or nothing

33:10 best workout jams

35:05 pump cover or no pump cover

35:40 bench or hip thrusts

36:30 lunges or squats

37:15 bulgarian split squats or hip thrusts

38:15 morning or night lift

39:30 protein shakes or protein bar

40:35 bad date or ripped leggings

44:16 unavailable machine or stink

44:55 chicken or salmon

51:00 where to find more Nona

46:25 what Nona would tell her younger self

Nona’s Insta: @nonabayat

Nona’s TikTok: Nonabayat

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Nov 17, 2021
5 reasons you're not seeing results // progressive overload, nutrition & more

If the fun & gains have been feeling non-existent in the gym, then this week's episode was made for Y O U. Britt is back with the what, why & how of progressive overload. Get ready to chat one-on-one about how to apply reps, sets, weight, rest, time under tension, nutrition & consistency for success.

*disclaimer: this solo episode has a 99.99% chance of getting you unstuck from a plateau, and may result in you making serious gains over the next 4 weeks*


00:30 first F&G #solo show
00:36 5 reasons why you might not be seeing results
00:50 weekly recap
00:55 vinny’s birthday party
2:30 what to do when you’re hitting a plateau

04:30 increase your weight
07:20 how to find the right weight for you
08:40 increase your reps
10:40 decrease your rest periods
12:10 do more work in the same amount of time
12:18 increasing your sets
13:55 increase your frequency
15:30 extending past technical failure

16:10 tip #2 - TIME UNDER TENSION
17:35 slow + controlled
18:12 breathing + movement pattern
18:35 pause squats
20:05 bicep curls

21:45 britt’s approach + learn about what you are consuming
25:43 tips to increase protein intake
26:55 meal ideas
28:35 how to meal plan

30:07 get back on the horse
30:37 keep your promises to yourself

31:07 tip #5 - STAY CONSISTENT
31:40 give it some time
31:55 don’t get mad if...
33:05 you will see growth

34:20 guidance, motivation + education
34:40 sending love
35:30 keep going
35:50 comment + DM the podcast

YouTube vids:

Week of workouts:

Meal plan & grocery shop w/ me:

My fitness journey:

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Nov 10, 2021
adapting to change + making new routines with savannah wright

Join Brittany as she sits down and chats with Savannah Wright. They talk about starting their fitness journey and how to adapt to a busy and changing life. They also discuss making new routines and being "new" to the gym. We also get a sneak peak into their morning and night routines. Movies & Cookies?! Sit back, relax and remember, you are not alone on this journey!

00:30 fun & gains fam love 

2:00 tune in every wednesday

2:15 britt’s weekly check-in

2:50 vinny update

3:30 tailgate’n

4:00 halloween

4:40 F&G first guest

6:55 sav’s story

8:20 a new hobby

10:45 from high school sports to the gym 

11:55 mistakes Sav made along the way

12:23 unrealistic goals, body image, genetics

13:30 the negative spiral

14:20 sav’s big move

15:15 new cities, new routines

18:25 new gyms

19:25 gym-timidation

23:55 sav’s take on morning routines

25:10 phoneless sundays

25:55 sav’s take on nighttime routines

27:50 britt’s nighttime routine

29:05 nighttime cookies

29:48 ben & jerry’s

32:40 extremes lead to burnouts 

33:20 working out for yourself and not for others

34:00 quick fixes + diet culture

34:50 hugs + rewriting the narrative

35:30 finding the middle ground

36:45 fitness shaming

37:50 be you, do you

39:20 where to find more sav 

Sav’s Insta: @savwright_

Sav’s YouTube: Savannah Wright

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Nov 03, 2021
8 fitness tips with darian and britt

Join Brittany and special guest Darian, her husband, as they spill some of their top health & fitness tips.


0:20 WELCOME to the podcast
3:55 introducing darian
6:55 create a routine (1)
10:02 make healthy behaviors a goal (2)
13:19 revolve this around things that you enjoy (3)
15:44 don't be afraid to change things up or push yourself (4)
16:42 prioritize Whole Foods (5)
20:19 find a gym buddy / give yourself time to feel comfortable in the gym (6)
22:39 no EGO lifting (7)
24:29 be in this for the long haul, make it a way of life (8)

YouTube Vids

10 fitness mistakes I've made:

My fitness journey:

My gym routine:

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Oct 31, 2021
INTRO // let the gains begin

Brittany is excited to join you in a whole new way. Tune in to hear about her plans for this podcast and welcome to the fun and gains fam.


00:33 a NEW platform 

00:53 get to know Britt

01:20 Britt’s fitness journey

01:40 Darian; a male’s perspective

02:10 a lonely fitness road 

02:50 what to expect on Fun & Gains

03:30 your guest recs

04:00 gym tea; the good the bad & the crazy

04:50 we’re all in this together

05:10 a long time coming

05:40 vulnerability

06:10 subscribe!

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Oct 29, 2021