Into the Metaverse

By Bloomberg Intelligence

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The metaverse is the next big technology platform, attracting online game makers, social networks and plenty of investment. Join the conversation with Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Analyst Matthew Kanterman and Supersocial founder and CEO Yonatan Raz-Fridman as we break down the biggest developments with the most interesting minds who are building, investing in and experiencing the metaverse.

Episode Date
The Metaverse ETF Boom With Mario Stefanidis
The burgeoning metaverse market is attracting tons of investment, accelerated by Facebook’s name change to Meta Platforms and companies including Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple and Nvidia outlining their strategies while others including Epic Games, Roblox, Unity and Tencent push on with the development of their strategies. Mario Stefanidis, the Vice President of Research at Roundhill Investments, talks about taking the long-view for developing the metaverse, the potential impact of blockchain and NFT’s on the industry and massive success of Roundhill’s Ball Metaverse ETF. Bloomberg Intelligence, the research arm of Bloomberg L.P., provides in-depth analysis and data on more than 2,000 companies and 130 industries. On the Bloomberg terminal, run BI . Mario Stefanidi:: Check out Roundhill's ETF:
Dec 01, 2021
Roblox’s Growth Opportunity With Chief Business Officer, Craig Donato
Roblox is emerging as one of the driving forces of the metaverse, building an open platform that can connect creators and users of all age groups and geographies and creating myriad business opportunities. Craig Donato, Chief Business Officer of Roblox, breaks down how the company is leveraging its simultaneous social viral loops of to grow engagement and its user base, fueling myriad opportunities including working with brands to more directly engage with consumers and hosting virtual live events. We also discussed Roblox’s secret sauce, the Roblox Operating System, and how its culture is key to its success.
Nov 22, 2021
The Web 3 Distributed Metaverse With Ryan Gill
The use of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – collectively known as “Web 3” technologies – will help to drive parts of the metaverse through consumer demand for ownership of virtual items and experiences. Ryan Gill, the CEO of Crucible, a Managing Director of the Open Meta Foundation and long-time Web 3 advocate, breaks down the opportunity and discusses the NFT opportunity, why Web 3 technologies make sense for the metaverse and the need for open standards to drive the development of this next big technology platform.
Nov 17, 2021
The Creator Economy & the Metaverse With Joost van Dreunen
The creator economy is set to flourish in the metaverse era, providing deeper relationships and business opportunities for creators with their followers. Joost van Dreunen, a games industry analyst, investor and advisor and previously the founder and CEO of SuperData Research, breaks down the creator opportunity, how games are different from metaverse platforms and how the metaverse shapes investment strategies on this episode of Into the Metaverse.
Nov 10, 2021
Building the Metaverse with Marc Petit of Epic Games
Building the metaverse is going to take significant technology investment for several years. Marc Petit, the VP and General Manager of Unreal Engine at Epic Games, breaks down the emerging enabling technologies that are driving the metaverse, the role that real-time 3d software plays in the sector and the future of the Internet.
Nov 08, 2021
Brand Strategies With Cathy Hackl
Brands have a massive opportunity to deepen relationships with consumers if they can successfully build a presence in the burgeoning metaverse, capitalizing on rising demand for digital asset ownership and self-expression. We dissect the opportunity with a leading metaverse brand consultant, Cathy Hackl, and discuss why brands need to be investing in the metaverse today.  Cathy Hackl
Nov 08, 2021
Developments, Investments & Experiences in the Metaverse
In the inaugural episode of "Into the Metaverse," BI Senior Analyst Matthew Kanterman and Supersocial founder and CEO Yonatan Raz-Fridman discuss the current developments within metaverse.
Nov 05, 2021