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We are a collection of men that watch the world in all its glory through the filter of the internet and public school education, then we comment on the hilarity and absurdity that is human behavior

Episode Date
Government Pussy | Ep 49

The episode starts off with 3 cohosts because Josh’s computer decided to perform an update right before recording. TikTokers are serving up NyQuil Chicken. Fan violence during sporting events has been a huge problem, and Edward has a solution. An Australian dad bod gigolo is making bank by giving sexual pleasure to the old and crippled. A Canadian High School Shop Teacher has a unique dress code. The Mayor of New Your City wants to use cruise ships to house the growing number of illegal immigrants. A hot Nurse’s Aid with an Only Fans account gets fired because co-workers were watching her content. We play a new game Bad or Busted. And we have F.A.F.O videos.

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Sep 25, 2022
Dirty Wooder Dawg | Ep 48

Well, once again Edward didn’t show up. But he sent a replacement, King of the Simps. King of the Simps makes Mike from the Nitwit’s Podcast sound like Joe Rogan. But what the hell, KOTS gave it his best.

But don’t worry, Jodie, John, and Josh picked up the slack as usual.

We have listener feedback from Aram. We have to make a correction about her Majesty’s Corgis. 

We talk about the Chinese Masturbation Machine

Jodie talks about his sexy clown fetish

The Illinois Purge

Looking to date a white separatist female?

Man arrested for breaking into ex’s house, dumping child’s ashes in trash

Fast food worker fiasco

Kyle Rittenhouse has a video game

Baggage Claim Beatdown

Oscar Mayer Hot Dog flavored popsicle

F.A.F.O Videos

In Russa, the ground hit you

Two in the Pink, Five across the face

I believe I can Die

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Sep 19, 2022
I Bake Cakes | Ep 47

Did Edward quit or did he have to work late? You will have to wait until next week to find out. But we do have a replacement. John referred to him as “The worst podcaster he has ever heard.” It’s Mike from the pod faded We Are Assholes podcast and the soon-to-be pod faded Nitwit podcast.

I think the Rubberneckers are so good that we made Mike actually listenable.

The news broke that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had bought the farm, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, she died. It was also reported that her evilness wanted her Corgi dogs euthanized too.

Scott Patterson of the Gilmore Girls cried like a bitch on his podcast that there was a scene where Lauren Graham had to put her hand on his rear end and he felt violated. 

A man gets 9 months in prison after his ex-girlfriend turns him in for entering the Capitol on January 6th.

Pearl Necklaces' Made From Semen Are TikTok's Hottest New Jewelry Trend.

If John had a bakery he would bake a cake for any occasion, and I mean any occasion.

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Sep 10, 2022
State of the Podcast | Episode 46

The Rubberneckers never shy away from controversy, so when they need to sit down and have a talk about the show it's out in the open for fans to hear. We meet Edward's new character Spookward.

A couple who has been dating for 6 years take a 23 and me test and find out the unthinkable.

Josh's Iceberg of Conspiracy

Chris Rock makes a joke and the internet clutches its pearls

Should Lizzo's obesity be celebrated or should weight loss for healthy living be the message?

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Sep 02, 2022
A Lil Vab Will Do You | Ep 43

Jodie's back from Hawaii. Sex Therapist wants to normalize pedophilia. Jodie and McGruff the Crime Dog are Twitter Pals. Meet Polar the Metaverse singer.

Aug 24, 2022
Glactivating Your Yoni | Ep 42
Aug 17, 2022
DiKDoK | E 41

Dave??? Dave ain't here!!! This is the first episode without Dave. Jodie's sad, Josh is indifferent, and John is walking on sunshine.

The Rubberneckers will be looking for a new sick and twisted fourth soon.

We record live Thursday Evenings 9:00 pm eastern

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Jul 28, 2022
Puffy Tacos

In this episode, we talk about VR porn, and self-preservation when someone wants to hit you with a school dustpan. A female trucker finds out she can make more money on only fans.

Jul 15, 2022
Make Men Great Again | E 40

Why can women do whatever they want? Cry in the bathroom at work because they can't handle life’s pressure? Scream at their boss due to hormones? Go on strike because they can't murder their babies?

When men don't show emotion they are toxic, when men do show emotion they are laughed at. We need to Make Men Great Again

  • Dave gets an Only Fan’s Girl to rate the Rubberneckers on looks.
  • Only Fan’s Model dumps her old child actor boyfriend for dope-smoking weirdo.
  • A woman hooks up with her ex-boyfriend to get high and gets more than she bargained for.
  • Get ready to eat bugs
  • Podcaster Twitter Wars
  • Check out all of our links here

Jul 12, 2022
Kung Pow Meat Tarps | E 39

Dave wins a feat of strength with his wife and then challenged Jodie’s wife. Is Dave the Australian Andy Kaufman? 

Is there anything dumber than a face tattoo? I think we have a winner.

Dave tries to get John to read audio porn, but John skates out of the way. Someone does comply with Dave’s request, who is it?

Jodie brings a new segment: “Guess What Day It Is?”

What are the top 3 Rubberneckers Comedy Sleeper Movies?

We watch a butt sniffer in the wild.

Theme Restaurants want to unionize 

Jul 02, 2022
Out Number, Overpower | E 38

The Juul was banned in the United States. Dave shows how to be an anti-cool smoker. We debate over which 5 songs make the Rubberneckers all-time list. And Jodie hates the word peeps.

Jun 27, 2022
Get Off My Back | E 37

In this episode, Dave is back to being his self-important cunty self. Things he refuses to do.

  1. Talk before 4 people are watching.
  2. Talk when Jodie is not in the Livestream.
  3. Follow extremely easy, and well-explained trivia game rules.
  4. Removes himself from the stream when a certain caller calls.

Could season 5 be just around the corner?

During Dave’s Fat Fetish Fantasies we discuss:

  • Lizzo’s fans want the word spaz removed from her song. Lizzo reminds them that she is a fabulous fat black woman so no.
  • Plus-size model Remi Bader goes to a ranch to ride a horse and is told she is over the weight limit.
  • An Orlando teen falls to his death because he was almost 100 pounds over the ride’s weight limit.

Dave scolds John on his handling of chat trolls. John reminds everyone whose presence they have the privilege of podcasting with. John Jamingo is the best-kept secret in podcasting. The best-kept secret in podcasting can’t seem to fix the phone line.

Other topics we discuss:

  • Lady Pepper Sprays Asians and tells them to go back where they came from
  • Toronto Police Admit They Are More Likely to Pull Guns on Black People
  • Woman left stunned after boyfriend refuses to pay for half her flight
  • What is ‘white gay privilege’?

Jun 18, 2022
Greg Nog | E 36
  • Dave tried making it with a Fem Boy.
  • Is Man Titty Milk Possible?
  • Gun Safety is important.
  • Kangaroos are assholes.
  • Women don't care what you say, they're hot!
  • Dave's Fat Fetish Fantasy
  • Josh hosts the music trivia game
  • Jodie ran out of quarters for his redneck internet.
  • Dave gets uncomfortable when he has to podcast without Jodie

Jun 12, 2022
Butt Stuff | E 35

In this episode Dave takes a unique look at stopping school shootings, John doesn’t want butt play even during gay pride month. We listen to Lia Thomas talk about how her right to switch genders because she feels like a woman trumps the rights of actual biological women to win a swimming event. John failed again at taking phone calls. We watched 2 girls fight. And played 3 different games.

Jun 03, 2022
Next! | E 34

Well, Season 3 almost made 10 episodes. You would think being a Rubbernecker is hard, but it’s really not. Only 2 of the OG Rubberneckers remain. Jodie found his first grey hair. 

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May 28, 2022
Scooby Blue | E 33

Once again Devan is a no-call, no-show and this is unacceptable. The “What are we going to do about Devan” conversation is getting old. John told the truth about what happened in last week’s episode. Dave has become so fat he developed a dick trough. John gives in to peer pressure and removes his shirt. We actually see Jodie’s third nipple. Plus we talk about the topics below.

Links to Show Topics

  • Calling a man bald is sexual harassment
  • A bar that only plays women’s sports on the TV
  • A school counselor gets caught banging a 15-year-old student.
  • An Australian Island has to change its name due to racism.
  • Gabbi Garcia is a beast of a woman.
  • A wrestler uses a weed wacker on his opponent 
  • Jodie sings a song and dedicates it to Devan.
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May 20, 2022
The Episode from Hell | E 32

Devan’s internet was prematurely disconnected so he couldn’t join us, but Devan did extend us the common courtesy of letting us know. Now let’s get to John. Boy did he screw up. You will hear all about it in the beginning of the episode. John promises to do better too.

Links to Show Topics

May 13, 2022
Devervention | E 31

The show got off to a rocky start because Devan was not on time once again. And Devan has a habit of not communicating if he is going to be late or show up.

This sent John into a Jamingo rage right off the bat. Josh from the “We Are Assholes'' said he would be happy to join us. But before Josh could get his slow-ass computer online, Devan strolls in like it’s no big deal. That’s when John crawled up Devan’s ass like a very angry gerbil.

We jumped into another shit show, the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial. Apparently, Dave can throw a better punch than Johnny Depp.

John buys an Oculus and gets sexually harassed by an Indian Dude, dot not feather, and Dave gets bored and starts watching porn on his Oculus in the middle of the episode.

Links to Show Topics

May 07, 2022
N-Slur | E 30
Apr 29, 2022
Deep Tucker | E 29

Dave once again wants to tap dance on a minefield. Dave decided to tier the Rubbernecker host and he ranked John last. Well of course this started a heated debate. One host was ranked below a dozen donuts and a tub of tapioca pudding.

Devan is another no-show no call. Could season 4 be just around the corner? If so, Dave would be leading John 2 to 1 chasing away co-hosts.

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Apr 23, 2022
Covid Brain | E 28

Covid finally hunted down Jamingo. John tests positive for Covid and makes the show. Devan called out sick. Dave’s spreadsheet almost ruined the episode.

Jamingo did his Homework - Listened to 69 Whiskey episode 30 Pip Pip Cheerio. Things John had an issue with:

  • A Basketball is bigger than 2 raccoons
  • How did they get the basketball out if they couldn't deflate it?
  • No one-eyed woman will pop out her eye and let a guy bust a nut in her eye socket
  • Steel toe to the taint to cum? 

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Apr 15, 2022
Robo-Neckers | E 27

This month’s guest is Matt from the 69 Whiskey Podcast. Matt has given up spilling his seed for Lent. He’s almost at the finish line. (Pun Intended)

Jodie tweeted that one of Devan’s favorite bands, tool, and Smashing Pumpkins are the same band. Devan wasn’t pleased. Dave has a Fat Head cam girl kink. Would we upload our consciousness into an Elon Musk robot? And if we could program a robot as someone else, who would that be?

Links to Show Topics

69 Whiskey Social Media Links:

Check out all of our links here

Apr 08, 2022
Read-tards | E 26
Apr 02, 2022
Boomer Wang | E 25

John needs a Dave-like pre-show checklist because he forgot to send the Livestream link to Jodie and was wondering why he was late.

Jodie is officially a Rubbernecker. Who will quit the show to trigger season 4?

We Jump into Devan’s weekly challenge. Devan saved some money. Devan is tasked to get at least one win a week. Next week, a footjob?

  • When did footjobs become a thing?
  • How to accept a large Penis when you have a tilted Vagina
  • How to correctly address an Australian Native, hint, don’t use the A-word.
  • John wants to fire Patreon on principle.

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Mar 25, 2022
Junk-jitzu | E 24

In this episode, we welcome Uncle Randy from the Married AF podcast. Uncle Randy takes Devan under his tutelage because that’s what Uncle Randy does is coach greatness Got Damn!

John’s fuse was extremely short this week as he lashes out at Dave and Devan.

And we played a round of Podcasters of the Roundtable. 

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Mar 19, 2022
Beating Off An Emu | E 23

We had breaking news at the beginning of the show. Jussie Smollett was just sentenced for his hate crime against himself. John didn’t get the details quite right. What do you expect from a guy who doesn’t know how many days are in a year?

This week the Rubberneckers Discuss:

  • International Women’s Day
  • A woman trained her boyfriend to give a Brazilian Wax
  • California Mailman under investigation for killing an aggressive attack turkey
  • Actor Sam Elliot is not a fan of “The Power of the Dog” Film.
  • Hertz Files 3,365 Stolen Car Reports Every Year on Customers Who Rented Its Cars
  • Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says

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Mar 11, 2022
It's Just A Dog | E 22

Our guest Rubbernecker is Jodie B from the PoBoy Podcast. He was way better than Doug from Who’s Right. We discuss the fallout from Doug’s appearance and the groveling. 

Mr. Cheese reviews the Last Episode of Rubberneckers

Dave has become the Asshole of Rubberneckers. Dave spent a week apologizing to Devan. So what does Dave do? Dave spends the whole episode trying to prove that John is a bigger asshole. Dave brought up stories of filthy animals that some people call pets. Jodie makes everyone’s jaw drop with his pet story.

Bob is officially leaving the show. This is also Dave’s fault. Hopefully, Bob will continue to make donut, fat, and dad jokes in the show chat. Bob always said the chat was the only place he could get a word in. 

Stories of the Episode:

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Mar 04, 2022
Rubbernecker Overhaul | E 21

This week Doug from the Who’s Right Podcast joins us. Doug tried to administer some helpful podcast advice to improve our show. 

  • Decide if the show is a podcast or video Livestream
  • Decide who will run the show
  • Hide the Chatroom from John so his ADD doesn’t derail the conversation
  • If you are going to refer to the chat, read the comment and who it’s from
  • Visual bits should be discouraged because the audio listener is in the dark.

These were all great tips. Unfortunately, as soon as Doug left we reverted to our old destructive ways.

We played guess the Dick

John once again proved he is the world’s worst rapper.

Oh, and Boomer Bob tendered his resignation in the show chat.

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Feb 25, 2022
Season of Decline | E 20

We start the episode down a Rubbernecker. Apparently, they don’t have umbrellas, galoshes, or family trees that don’t look like a flag pole in Alabama? It was raining outside and Bob couldn’t make it back to his studio, so he chatted in his dad jokes. Who knew you could bomb in a chat room.

John is listening to a book because we all know, “John doesn’t read books.” This book, From Strength to Strength - Finding success, happiness and deep purpose in the second half of life by Arthur C. Brooks talks about the inevitable decline due to aging. John kept “circling back” to this topic.

Devan shares how he had a therapist fire him for not taking therapy seriously.

We discuss the YouTube show Retarded Policeman #5: Writers Strike - with Wil Wheaton We also talk about Sofía Jirau, 24 the first Victoria Secret model with Down Syndrome. John shames Dave’s fat cam girl kink.

Listen to the end to hear Dave’s “Devan Overslept Again” Remix

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Feb 19, 2022
Camel Toe | E 19

Devan overslept, Dave is back home but there are cameras everywhere. Bob talks more. John brings up the term "Chubby Vagina."

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Feb 16, 2022
Llama Phobic | E 18

You would think that after 11 episodes we could get our shit together, but that is not the case. Andrew was a no-call, no-show which is his 1st strike. Two more strikes and Andrew will be fired and stripped of his Rubbernecker title.

Dave really came prepared with multiple interesting stories for a change. Devan once again talks gaming. Bob introduces us to a Transgender dog walker who would like to teach Philosophy if it wasn't too stressful.

And John finally got to talk about the Austrian Nazi who was jailed for tattooing a swastika on his nut sack!

Feb 05, 2022
Cripple Banging Pervert | Ep 17

Dave is back from the hospital and you would think with all that explosive diarrhea it would have dislodged the bug that has been his ass for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, that's not the case. As normal things got heated, a time-out was called, and then the episode resumed. Oh, and Andrew is allegedly having sex with a cripple.

Episode Topics:

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Jan 29, 2022
Host Battle | Ep 16

Buckle up for this episode, it’s a doozy. We were down two Neckers. Devan, unfortunately, has the Rona and Andrew was also under the weather. This twisted Dave the Punisher’s panties into a tight knot.

Dave proceeded to act like a toddler and whined and cried and threw tantrums about everything and anything throughout the episode.

Bob doesn’t engage with this type of bad behavior but one thing about Jamingo, he will roll around in the mud with anyone!

Oh, and John’s still fat.

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Jan 14, 2022
Border Crosser | Ep 15

Andrew is back! Apparently, one of his games wasn’t working and he thought we would care. He… Was… Wrong… John can’t read backward. Dave needed to update the Carer bio. Dave: A narcissist who lives vicariously through the lives of Americans. We didn’t have a Twitter poll and no one noticed. Deven is still banging his roommate. Dave premiered “Gay Bit Hole.” John, who is writing these show notes can’t remember Bob’s topic. John and Devan find Dave’s quizzes boring.

Fat-shaming doctor stories. John’s still fat.

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Jan 08, 2022
Irritable Dave Syndrome | Ep 14

Irritable Dave started off upset because Andrew wasn’t able to record. John tried to get to the bottom of Dave’s disdain for Bob. Dave also attacked Devan. 

Dave wrote a diss rap about John and tried to pass it off as freestyle. Nice try Dave. 

Bob muted himself to do his own show during the show. 

What does John hate more, the Cart Narc or the term “bit.” 

Can Shauna Rae the woman who is 22 but presents as an 8-year-old ever find real love? If Shauna Rae had an Only Fans account how much money could she make?

John’s still fat.

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Jan 01, 2022
Merry Christmas You Filthy Animals | Ep 13

Devan was Low Energy so Andrew took over the intro. Fines were issued for past episode violations. Next week, Devan will give us a tally. Dave is still sour on marriage. Dave showed us a video of a man in custody who was being questioned by the police for allegedly murdering his wife. The worst job on the planet must be Dave’s Marriage counselor. That poor guy will need therapy after Dave gets done with him.  

Dave took over the topics with a Trans Twink fight between Essence of Thought and Luxander. Dave wanted us to vote for which LGBTQ%$@|© we agreed. Dave favored Luxander, Bob and John couldn’t give a damn, and Andrew voted to please Dave.

No one will let Bob talk during the episode. John thinks Andrew is not a bisexual because he hasn’t even touched another man’s penis. John showed a video of a Tourette’s girl who would be a great match for Andrew. When asked to do his best Tourette's impression, much like with men, Andrew couldn’t perform.

John’s still fat.

Dave’s new TV was broken during delivery. Then a debate broke out on who’s Blacks were better, Australian or American.

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Dec 24, 2021
Cunnilingus Court Jester | Ep 12

Our show court jester Andrew announced he has a new woman “friend” who is gay. We can’t confirm this rumor. 

Devan jammed his foot in his mouth by talking about women while his girlfriend was listening. Not the bests move since he spent most of the episode texting her during the show. 

Dave wants Devan to submit to being his slave. Apparently, Dave feels he can oppress Devan to a better life. 

Bob wants to know why couples are calling it quits? Is it due to the plandemic? 

John wants to pick acceptable racial slurs that can be used for Caucasians.

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Dec 17, 2021
Simp-el Blasphemy | Ep 11

The show started off with the best podcast consultant, producer, editor forgetting to press record on his audio until the 7-minute mark of the episode. Next week he will do better. 

Dave looked like a serial killer, and Andrew looks like he’s been killing a lot of cereal himself. 

Devan is a broke half Mexican who can’t afford proper corrective eyeglasses.

Jodie from the Po’Boys podcast alerted us to a cohost meltdown of Jamingo proportion. 

During the latest episode of the Simple Blasphemy podcast, one of Dave’s favorite podcasts, Cohost Zach Green had a full-on screaming meltdown when one a month part-time podcaster Amanda said she wouldn’t send good thoughts to an unvaccinated person who is dying of Covid.

We break down this conformational exchange between Zach and Amanda as the other two cohosts sit there slack-jawed and also watch the Malay.

The only fine this week dealt out by the Aussie Punisher, Dave, was to Andrew for interrupting too much. Looks like Andrew will be getting another fine for the same violation this week.

Bob’s Topic: Jussie Smollett guilty verdict. The Aussie Punisher and his chubby Cherub Andrew vetoed this topic because it was too Boomer Bunkerish.

Andrew’s Topic: Man with a large Penis is sick of people asking him to show his mighty custard slinger.

Devan’s Topic: Because of the Oxford school shooting more schools in the area are getting threats. John wants to stop school shootings by arming the teachers.

Dave’s Topic: Quizzing Devan and Andrew to see who is the smartest. Both were so dumb they couldn’t even buzz incorrectly. John conceded to dave about arming the teachers.

John’s Topic: Everyone is a Bigot. 

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Dec 11, 2021
John’s Gay Old Time | Ep 10

Andrew starts off the episode with an introduction that was less than lackluster. Devan was hating life because we made him show up sober. Dave was upset with Devan because Devan live-streamed on Dave's Content Kings YouTube Channel and received a 1-week strike.

Bob couldn't get a word in and decided to do visual Marty McFly's fade in and fade out visual bits.

Dave was on the Someone has to say it podcast with Karl from Who Are We Podcasts, Eric from the Eric Zane Podcast, and BranDon from The Drew and Mike podcast. Dave had to start off the episode making it all about his marital problems.

Andrew may or may not have lowered his dating standards and had sex with a pregnant 23-year-old mother of 4 and one on the way. No one believes Andrews's story.

Devan sent Dave a dick pic.

Andrew continued to give us a blow-by-blow recollection of his prostitution fantasy.

And as always, John talked way too much.

There were a lot more shenanigans on this episode but John is too lazy to keep typing. Just give the episode a listen.

All our show links are here

Dec 03, 2021
Swasstika | Ep 9

Dave starts off the episode with his passive-aggressive ways by showing up to the show as the intro was playing. John and Dave were a guest on the Who’s Right podcast. Apparently, an ambush was set for John, but because of Brady (Official Podcast’s LolCow), it didn’t work.

John apologizes for his past sins and we immediately go into each host's demands. John gives his review of episode 8 of Rubberneckers - The Aftermath!

Hopefully, Devan and Collin will show up to our next episode.

Here are all of our links

Nov 26, 2021
The Rubbernecker Death March | Ep 8

Jamingo will not return after his meltdown. He took his ball and stormed off like the Manchild he is and the other Rubberneckers do what they do best. Break Balls. Let the Jamingo dogpile begin!

Honestly, Jamingo is posting this episode and Jamingo hasn't listened to the episode. And yes, Jamingo is talking about himself in the 3rd person, how annoying is that?

Coming soon! Rubberneckers 2.0.

Demands were made, negotiations are underway.

Nov 19, 2021
Donut Donut Donut, Fat Fat Fat | Ep 7

This episode was the demise of Rubberneckers 1.0. At the 12:50 minute mark, John absolutely melts down and quits the show. This meltdown has been featured as "Cringe of the Week" on Who Are These Podcasts at 50:56. And The Who's Right Podcast. And the Eric Zane show, and others.

This episode is unedited and the audio quality of this episode isn't up to par with the other episodes because John refused to edit it and until now wouldn't release it as an episode.

Buckle up Buttercup and Enjoy!

Aug 27, 2021
Sex Math | Ep 6

Dave’s remix was pretty good but will he ever do better than the classic Bob’s a cunt? 

Bob’s intro took an important swipe at Andrew who really isn’t taking this shit seriously. What gives Andrew? What are you doing with your life?

Devan really brought the energy.

Andrew takes medication now? Interesting

It’s possible that John was the funniest this week. OMG

John plays a standard goat fucking bit and everyone tries to laugh along

Andrew offers some show suggestions but behind the scenes does nothing. Don’t show up last minute dude.

Ayanami blows out the cobwebs.

Collin is the main character for this episode because sunglasses and a hat

Boomer Bob makes no sense with his word association humor maybe not sure. Something about fish?

Bob misses a Deez Nuts joke. Shame on you Bob.

The show goes to a grinding halt 6 minutes in.

Bob tries to save the joke with some sexual humor about fingering.

Devan points out that this segment is going nowhere.

Andrew amuses Dave greatly with the line of the episode but others don’t agree

Collin is too cool for the show.

Dave apologizes for not being anti-free speech.

Andrew over-laughs at his own joke that Dave still doesn’t understand.

Bob brings up last week’s episode again. Why? Can’t we move on with this week’s episode?

Aug 13, 2021
Andrew Melts Down | Ep 5

Superstar Andrew didn’t send his audio file so he sounds significantly worse this week. As of the writing of these show notes, Andrew has yet to back down and chill the fuck out. What gives Andrew?

Andrew is trying to run the Streamyard this week and we practiced but Andrew completely forgot how to do anything.

Bob’s intro is a massive shot on John bitching out last week

Devan’s intro is getting better every week.

Collin couldn’t make it though he does make a few cameos.

Dave obsesses over breastfeeding.

Andrew says “Mommy milky” which is pretty funny.

Andrew is clearly rattled from his family bullshit.

John starts up with the Dave soundboard bit. Andrew reacts negatively to it as a bit.

Aug 06, 2021
A Tale of 2 Streams | Ep 4

John is the greatest member of Rubberneckers. We need John.

Bob’s intros are really coming along. Awesome job Bob!

Theme tune needs a re-record

Devan’s voice is too quiet but what can you do when Dave is doing the editing, not John the master editor

Dave tries to give himself the needle of Jacob after our former Tiktok superstar buddy

Andrew is full of beans after a pre-show energy drink

Collin says schloppy toppy in a creepy way

Devan’s ultimate insult for Andrew always is that he’s a virgin. What is he going to do once Andrew gets it in?

Andrew acts like he’s the only one who has ever tasted pussy

Dave tries to join in on the conversation but it’s been a long long time despite being in a house filled with some of the finest ladies

Andrew is too busy to lose his virginity on Sunday

Andrew attempts some condom humour with little success and gets outclassed by Devan

Andrew and Devan bicker about Snapchat

Dave tries another chime in joke and gets smacked down by Andrew

Dave ranks the manliness of all the Rubberneckers. Collin is the Alpha and Dave is the Omega

The olds are less manly than the youngs. Who would have thought?

What is the philosophy of comedy? Is the audience the most important or fuck the audience you gotta make yourself laugh first?

We can’t find another John. John is irreplaceable

What the fuck is a white boy summa?

Bob brags that he’s given up on life. How is that a brag?

Jul 30, 2021
Andrew Hurts Dave’s feelings | Ep 3

Bob puts less sauce on his intro this week. Good job Bob.

Devan introduces a new introduction and flubs a little which could have totally been edited by John but John didn’t for unknown reasons. Good job Devan.

Andrew didn’t show up and Dave goes into a meltdown

John talks about some bet he lost. Sports talk.

Real men wear hats. Where is Dave’s hat?

Bob throws out a real clunker. Oh no, is this what the episode is going to be like?

Collin doesn’t give a shit whether he shows up or not. It’s whatever dude. Collin is the real chad I guess.

Bob doesn’t understand foreshadowing.

John continues to sabotage the monetization of the show.

Jul 23, 2021
Dave and Bob Ruin the Episode | Ep 2

Still, no one knows how to start the show. No one is in charge. But better no one in charge than John in charge am I right?

Dave really went for some easy laughs this episode with fart and cum material but hey; peepee poopoo tee hee

Who gives a fuck about feedback from nobody pussy ass loser podcasters like the Dad Odd Bod podcast? We want listeners not to become part of the podcaster circle jerk for fuck’s sake.

John can’t speak. Can’t say French press.

John has no class; what do you expect from a lout from New Jersey?

Devan and Andrew yeah they do sound kind of alike; recommend that Devan leans into his minority status and puts on an accent or something, or Andrew stops denying his Southern-ness and talks like the rest of his family

John is such a suck to other podcasters. Why did he cut out the clip of the Odd Job podcast?

Dave forbids Odd Dad from ever listening to the show again

Devan is the token Leftard for this episode but he doesn’t manage to keep up the act

Devan’s webcam falls over like an incompetent camgirl with BPD and a massive C-section scar who had to give up her baby

Jul 16, 2021
John is Fat | Ep 1

Bob forgets to do an introduction to the new show. He really has a problem with commitment. Fortunately, his insecurities didn’t get the best of him this time and he made it through to the end of the episode. But not before placing himself under the self-imposed Knee of Derrick silence for 8 minutes 47 seconds.

Well actually, do you think that Bob could stay silent for that long? No; he couldn’t commit; just like that time, he failed to commit to the drone bit with his former podcast partner Dirty Derrick (no relation to the knee man).

John is fat Andrew is gay. He was fat. Andrew does annoying as fuck visual bits on an audio podcast which Dave finds incredibly amusing but causes John to almost meltdown and kick Andrew off the show. Without superstar Andrew, the show is nothing; but also without John’s trigger-happy ranting, we’d all be sitting around just chilling like in so many of those boring hang podcasts like most on the Inner Circle Podcast Network. Actually, how is Ass to Mouth Adam going? Haven’t heard from him in ages. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and date in 2021 in New Jersey during COVID as a lowly pizza boy. Our little Mexican buddy never showed up. Is it racist and sexist to say that white guys really are more reliable than minorities? Most of the battle is showing up. How is that what the leftards call white privilege that Devin’s alarm clock didn’t work? Collin was pretty awesome but too much background noise. We didn’t see Shazza but she is delightfully pregnant. Sign up to $7.50 tier to see more of her. Dave was hilarious as always. Sing along to the theme: 1

We’re the rubberneckers We ain’t got massive peckers We watch the world burn Ain’t nobody ever learn 2 We’re the Rubberneckers We ain’t no homewreckers We like to rant a lot Got a little Mexican as a mascot 3 AARGH We’re the Rubberneckers longer than 8 minutes 46 We ain’t no druggie bitch 4 AARGH We’re the rubberneckers We ain’t no fucking beggars We watch the world burn Ain’t nobody ever learn … Especially them stupid ass Bleeps What the fuck we gonna do about them

May 08, 2021