Stop! Let's Team-Up!

By T. Ross Aitken

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Ross loves super hero teams and loves talking about the almost as much. So he thought he bring you a podcast the joy of the genre. We will talk about origins, roll calls, creators, 1st Appearances, and the teams' adventures. Ross hopes you enjoy the show.

Episode Date
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventures L029 The Six Jimmies

This week we jump over to another Superman family book Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #72. Jimmy has his Legion Super-Initiation Test. High jinx ensue.  Fun story by Jerry Seigel and wonderful art by Curt Swan and George Klien. 

Aug 16, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 33 -- What I am Reading, Part II

Another episode about what I am ready.  I hope you enjoy my quick 30 secondish reviews. It's a big stack since last time I did this.

 Marvel Comics :

Judgement Day 1-2

Avengers 57-58

The Marvels 12

George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards 1

The Variants 2

Gensis-Vell: Captain Marvel 1

Ant-Man 1

Defenders Beyond 1

DC Comics:

Naomi Seaon 2 6

Flashpoint Beyond 4

The New Champion of Shazam 1

Titan Comics:

Doctor Who Origins 3

All purchase at Velolicy Comics in Richmond VA

Aug 14, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D013 Valkyrie's Day Out

Valkyrie goes on a bonding trip with Namor and Hulk.  It doesn't go the way she wanted. The trio of Defenders and Namorita end up fighting the Omegatron.  A pretty fun comic by Englehart and Sal Buscema.  Valkyrie gets to know her new freind and her place in the world she has been brought into. 

Aug 11, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L028 Shock Treatment Proty

We are to a favorite comic of Ross' the return from the dead of Lightning Lad. It's a comic that blew mind when I read it in the 80s. I really cement Legion as a true favorite comic.  A classic from Weisinger, Hamilton and Forte. 

Aug 09, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 032 - Showcase - The New Doom Patrol and Paul Kupperberg

I had the pleasure to chat to writer Paul Kupperberg about comics, with a little extra attention to the introduction of the New Doom Patrol in Showcase issues 94-96 from 1977.  These comics are special to me, as they are my first dose of Doom Patrol.  Hope you enjoy our little chat and thanks again Paul for your time.

Also here are some links so you can follow Paul and his amazing work

 The Devil and Leo Persky (eBook) (Website page) 

Paul Kupperberg’s Illustrated Guide to Writing Comics

Website page:


Website page:


Website page:




Aug 06, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D012 Valkyrie! The Greatest Defender

The Defenders get a new member and in my open the greatest Defender.  I can only gush about a comic with the intro of Valkyrie and  a team-up with one of my favorite Avengers, Dane Whitman, the Black Knight. All that and the artistic talents of Englehart, S Buscema, and the the rest. The Defenders Volume 1 #4

Aug 05, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L027 Dueling Legions

Yay! More Legion of Substitute Heroes. This time very are force to fight their idols, but are they. Another neat little Silver Adventure in the 30th Century by Weisinger, Hamilton, and Forte. I hope you enjoy it. 

Aug 03, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D011 Three Heads are Deadlier Then Two

The Defenders get some back directions and end up in a bad space. They fight the Nameless Ones while attempting to free Barbara Norris. Action and angst ensues.  Another great comic by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema.

Jul 28, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L026 Masked Imp Mayhem

An Imp from the 5th Dimension visits the Legion and cause mayhem.  Biggest batch of Legionnaires in a single issue up this point and they don't do so well againest the decendent of Mr Mxyzptlk

Jul 26, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 031 What I am Reading, Part I

Extra long episode this week. Ross wanted to give an insight into what he is reading.  He gives you his take on nine comics that he picked up a couple weeks ago at the his local comic shop, Velocity Comics in Richmond Virginia.  He also gives you his opinon on how feels about the state of current comics.  These are just his musings take them with a huge grain of salt. 

Jul 24, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D010 Four Against the Yeti!

It's time to talk about Defenders Volume 1 #2. another fun little comic by Englehart and Sal Buscema. Doctor Strange, The Hulk, Sub-Mariner, and the Silver Surfur battle magical warriors disguese as yeti. Action packed!

Jul 21, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L025 Monster Master... Marc Singer?

Another Legion reject goes for revenge and use zany 60s sci fi montster. Adventure Comics 309, The Legion of Super-Monsters lead by Junge King, opps make that Monster Master. Enjoy the ride. A fun one by Edmund Hamilton and John Forte

Jul 19, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 030 -- Doom Patrol on Parade!

Superman meets the New Doom Patrol and battle Ambush Bus in his first appearance. This is a funny, action packed, wonderfully written, stunningly drawn tale. I could not love this comic more. ...... Ambush Bug made me say all that ..HELP!

Jul 17, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D009 Defenders Make it to #1

We have made it! Defenders #1 Ross is joined by Billy D from A World on Fire: An All-Star Squadron Podcast to talk Defenders. This has been well worth the journey to get to this amazing issue. Ross is over the Moon, for some Steve Englehart scripting and Sal Buscema pencils. Bill get to educate Ross on some Stephen Strange lore. We had a blast

Jul 14, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L024 Twins Lightning Strikes Again

Lightning Lad is back from the dead? How can this be? Is this some future Zombie Apocalypse? Another Legion mystery to unravel.  Ross really enjoyed this little tale from the Silver Age, Adventure Comics 308, The Return of Lightning Lad

Jul 12, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 029 -- Starman IV, Whatever Happened to Gavyen

It's time to talk about DC Comics Presents 36, Whatever Happened to Starman. Cosmic action from the master, Jim Starlin.  Starman IV and Superman duke it out with Mongul.  This is a stunning masterpiece of storytelling.  One of Mr. Starlin's best

Jul 09, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D008 Xemnu a Ratings Winner

Xemnu has become of the talk of children's television. Warping the minds of our kids. Can the Defenders save the day? Read Marvel Feature #3 and see. An odd little comic from Roy Thomas, Ross Andru, and Bill Everet.

Jul 07, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L023 My Mystery Hero Worship

Adventure Comic #307 introducing Ross's favoriter Legionnaire Jan Arrah, aka Mystery Lad, aka Element Lad. Give this issue a quick reread before you listen. Enjoy the Legionnaires and their newest member rock Roxxas' world. 

Jul 05, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 028 Happy Birthday Avengers!

It's the Avengers 59th Birthday so I thought I do a short little episode about the first issue of one of my favorite comics. It is full of Stan Jack fun.  I have alwasy thought this issue and the first 10 issues are absolute classics. 

Jul 02, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D007 Dormammu Halloween Parade

It's time to chat about The Defenders vs Dormammu. Dormammu invades Rutalnd Vermont.  Roy Thomas meets Dormammu. Wong and Clea gather the Defenders to save Dr Strange from Dormammu. Ross says Dormammu a lot.  

Jun 30, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L022 There's No Substitute for Hope

It's time to introduce the Legion of Substitute Heroes.  This group of amazing "never say never' kind of heroes are a joy to behold. Adventure Comics 306 is a great comic book and just what I need to brighten my day and week.

Jun 28, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 027 -- Two Batmen for the Price One!

Ross gives you his honest feelings about the final Issue of Brave and the Bold , featuring the Earth-Two and Earth-One Batmen. Mike W. Barr and Dave Gibbons give us a lesson in not only storytelling but has to honor the differences in styles between eras. It is a beautiful comic.

Jun 26, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D006 It's All in the Name

The Defenders have arrived, or have they? Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner, and the Hulk team-up to stop the Omegatron.  Ross is joined by Ron from Fantastic Comic Fan Podcast to chat about the first appearance of Marvels Non-Team

Jun 23, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L021 You Can't Make Lemonaid Without Fluvium.

Legion try outs again. Who will get in? Will it be Antenna Boy, Dynamo Boy, or Marvel Lad, also known as the Legionnaire Lemon.  ML passes all the challenges and is the winner. Go read the comic, Adventure Comics 305, find out.

Jun 21, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 026 -- Legionnaires Volume 1 Birth of the Rebootoot

Jim is back to chat Reboot Legion. Specifially Legionnaires Volume One. He and Ross have fun little chat about how this new version of Legion came to life, and where they stand on it.  

Jun 19, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D005 Ta Ta to the Titans Three

The Titans Three adventrue continues in Sub-Mariner 35 by Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema, and Jim Mooney. Lots of action packed fisticuffs againest the Avengers. Smashing art by Sal and just a lot of fun.  

Jun 16, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L020 And the Winner is?

Adventure Comics 402 by Weisinger, Seigel, Forte, and Leterese brings us our first Letgion Election. Has Saturn Girl let power go to her head, or has gone evil. Read this amazing early Legion tale and the her what Ross has to say about this important part of Legion lore.

Jun 14, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 025 -- Brave and Wonderful Team-Up

You all picked the comic, Brave and the Bold 87 starring Batman and the New Wonder Woman. A vey Mod story featuring the depowered Diana Prince. Batman is in a Grand Prix race verses the evil race driver Von Dort, the Widow Macer.  This a fun little tale written and drawn by Mike Sekowsky. 

Jun 11, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D004 Behold, The Titans Three

Sub-Mariner, The Silver Surfer, and The Hulk team up and free the island nation of San Pablo. Freeing it from the clutches of The General. One more issue till the team gets it's own title... or is is it. 

Jun 09, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L019 Welcome to the Magnificent Tenzil Kem

Welcome to the Legion's newest member, from Bismoll, Tenzil Kem, the one and only Matter-Eater Lad.  He is just in time to get framed and to clear his name, in just 12 pages.  That and he eats a raygun and some prison bars. Silly as it is

Jun 07, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 024 My Favorite Avenger and Spidey Too!

I had a blast reading Marvel Team-Up #22 with Spider-Man and Hawkeye vs the Quasi-Motivational Destruct Organ, or Quasimodo for short. I really do love Hawkeye, he is my favorite Avenger and maybe my favorite comic charater of all time. Go on the Marvel App and give this fun little adventure a read. It is brought to by Len Wein, Sal Buscema, Frank Giocia, Dave Hunt, Glynis Wein, and editor Roy Thomas

Jun 04, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defender D003 Hulk in Dark Dimension

The issue this week is Incredible Hulk 126 by Roy Thomas and Herb Trimpe. Hulk and the future host of the Valkyrie is introduced. Ross sings the praise of the art of Herb Trimpe and of this comic in general. Please let him know what you think about this comic and of the podcast in general. 

Jun 03, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L018 You are My Sun Boy.

It isn't always sunny for Sun Boy. Sun Boy loses his powers, gets booted from the Legion, gets harassed by Kranyak and 4 Henchmen, and gets power up from a dragon with heart burn. Got to love the year 2962. 

May 31, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 023 What a Treasure They Are

I just felt like gushing about the two Legion Treasury Editions from DC and the lovely hardcover reprint of C-55. They are such fun and brought wonderful memories of my early comic reading

May 29, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defender D002 Sub's Demon Date

We journey to Atlanits and Boston as Sub-Mariner and Doctor Strange duke it out with The Undying Ones, The Nameless Ones, and a demonic cat.  Monkey the demon cat of my household approves.  

May 26, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L017 Bouncing Boy Bounced Into My Heart

It's time to talk Adventure Comics 301, The Origin of Bouncing Boy! More fun from Weisinger, Siegel, and Forte. Chuck Taine is a character that shines in this issue as he will continue through out the history of the Legion.

May 24, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 022 -- Vetting the 3boot with a Fett

Ross is joined by Jim Fetters @jimbofett87 to discuss the Threeboot Legion of Super-Heroes by Waid and Kitson,  This is a little (HA) longer episode then usual but worth it. Lots of Legion Lore is brought up. Ross may be more open to 3boot now, but listen and see.  

May 22, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: Those Daring Defenders D001 Doctor's Strange Housecall
Welcome to the first episode of Those Daring Defenders. Ross starts with Doctor Strange 183 by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, and Tom Palmer. Doctor Strange come into contact with Undying Ones agents, or should I say DEMONS.  The journey to the founding of The Defenders has begun.
May 19, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L016 No. 1 or 300 with a Rocket

We have made it! Adventure Comics #300 the first comic to featurer Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Ross is in a happy place so bare with him. One of the most iconic covers in Legion Lore. Also John Forte art, Ross loves Mr. Fortes art! Even though he kept calling him "Joe" Forte. D'uh

May 17, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 021 -- 70's Super-Villians Group Session

Ross is joined by Ron, from Fantastic Comic Fan to discuss The Secret Society of Super-Villians from the 1970s. Captain Comet goes undercover to thwart the SSoSV.  Get a little history lesson on why this book ended when it did. 

May 15, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L015

Let's get readdddddddddy to wrestle!!!! It time I read Superman 155 where Superman, famous wrestler Antoino Rocca, Lightening Man, Cosmic Man, and Krpto team-up for Boss Marple. Lots of fun!

May 13, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 020 -- My Thoughts on George Perez

I just wanted to express my feelings about the passing of George Perez.  He was my absolute favorite comic artist. His work a huge part of my comic book life and the foundation for my fixation on super teams.  He will be missed

May 09, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L014

Ross say 'Hi!" to Jo Nah/Ultra Boy, Marla Latham, and Pete Ross in Superboy 98 "The Boy with Ultra Power" Such a great comic with some great Swan-Klein, so you know Ross was over the Moon (without a flight ring)

May 05, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 019 -- Thank you Neal Adams

We lost one of the greats this week. Neal Adams one of the most influential comic artist of a generation who crdated or updated some of the most important comics of the 70s if not all time. Ross pick one of his favorite comics Brave and the Bold 85, featuring Batman and Green Arrow

May 01, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L013

I am up to Action Comics 289 featuring a Supergirl story callled Superman's Super-Courtship. Kara tries to set Clark up with Helen of Troy, Staturn Woman, and as Superwoman who looks like her. This is as close as I have ever gotten to a romance comic

Apr 27, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 018 -- Battle for the Bronx

The final chapter in this first adventure of the Liberty Legion from Marvel Premeire 30.  A fun tale by Roy Thomas and Don Heck.  A comic that brings on waves of nostaliga of 40s stories. Also Ross rambles on a bit of another comic team he likes and how his view change on when he is reading a comic. Hope you enjoy it. 

Apr 24, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L012

Ross found a copy of Superman 155 - The Robot Master. The Legionaires pull a prank for Kal and Kara. On top of that is the amazing Swan/Klien art and Superman's robots

Apr 20, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 017 -- Micronauts Restoration Project

I had the privaledge to chat with David Banks about his work on the Micronauts Restoration Project. Such a fun talk about a great project and a forgot comic treasure the Marvel Comics Micronauts, by Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden, Pat Brodrick, and many others. 

Apr 16, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L011

Time for another adventure of Supergirl in the 21st Century(?) in Action Comics 287. More Silver Age fun from the talents of  Jerry Siegel  and Jim Mooney 

Apr 13, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 016 -- The Battle Begin

Okay so we are at Part 3 of the Liberty Legion Vs Invaders. I really enjoyed this book. Stunning art from Frank Robbins and words by Roy Thomas. Such a 1940s feel. 

Apr 09, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L010

We return to Smallville for the invasion of The Brain Globes of Rambat, in  "The Legion of Super-Traitors" It will take two Legions to win the day. I hope you are a pet lover like me.

Apr 06, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 015 -- Artist Spotlight: Jack Burnley

Welcome to a the Artist Spotlight for Jack Burnley co-creator of the Golden Age Starman.  I thought I would cover Mr Burnley's work while I am in the midst of reread of Starmans, Adventure Comics appearances. Such wonderful work. 

Apr 04, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 14 -- Lo and Hello, Liberty Legion

Ross gives you the rundown on Marvel Premeire 29 the 1st Appearance of the Liberty Legion.  It's another example of Roy Thomas teaching us a history of Golden Age Comics Comic. 

Apr 03, 2022
Stop! let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L009

This week Ross enjoys his visit to Smallville 1961. Superboy and his look alike Tom Tanner have there own adventure and there is Legion stuff too. Oh and a purple robot. All in Adventure Comics 290

Mar 31, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 013 -- Prelude to The Liberty Legion

Ross starts his multi-episode coverage of the complete tales fo the Liberty Legion. First up is The Invaders Volume 1 Issue 5. The Invaders are controlled by Red Skull and Bucky has to pick up the pieces. 

Mar 27, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L008

The Legion of Super-Villians have arrived and with goading of Lex Luther capture Superman. Can the Adult Legion of Super=Heroes save the day. Of course they can and do it in stunning fashion becuase of the amazing Curt Swan art work

Mar 24, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L007

Superboy has his own manic Monday. (That's it Ross work in a Bangles reference). A spaceship crashes in Smallville and Clark meets his long lost brother Mon-El. Or has he? 

Mar 16, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L006

Ross is back to ramble romance for Supergirl. Her 2nd tryout is more successful. She meets some more Legionaires including Brianiac Five. 

Mar 10, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 012 -- Comic Talk with Jennifer DeRoss

Jennifer DeRoss joined me to chat  about comics and why represenation matters and how we think comics is doing.  I know not actually about a super-hero team up, but I felt it is a subject that's an important conversation to start. I hope you all enjoy it.

Mar 06, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L005

It is time to say hello to Thom Kallor aka Star Boy.  Another teen age love story full of deception, lies, and a party dress. How does this 61 year old tale hold up.  *Folks sorry for a little hiccup in the audio quality. Not 100% sure what happened. I hope still enjoy it.

Mar 03, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 011 LOSH Silver Age Conversation with Martin Gray

Ross is joined by Martin Gray, Legion fan and blooger at Too Dangersous for a Girl They a lovely converation about their love of the Legion of Super-Heroes of the Siver Age

Feb 26, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L004

Ross gives you his take on this "Legion appearance" in Superboy Vol 1 issue 86.  A short Silver Age tale set in it' quaint version of Smallville. Shout out to Martin Gray from  Too Dangerous For a Girl

Feb 23, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 010 -- Marvel Two-in-One #1

Ross is joined by Bill from A World on Fire; An All-Star Squadron Podcast to talk big thing. The Thing vs Man-Thing verses Molocule Man II. Also talk about a fun comic by Gerber, Kane, and Sinnott.

Feb 20, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L003

It's time for Supergirl to meet the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Another simple Siliver Age DC Comic written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Jim Moonely. Action Comics  267

Feb 16, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L002

Ross gives you his take on the 2nd Appearance of the LOSH form Adventure Comics 267. A simple Silver Age story with wonderful George Papp art.

Feb 09, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 009 -- Strange Academy

Ross made a visit to Doctor Stephen Strange's school for gifted mystical children. Gives you his quick take on this relatively new group book by Skottie Young @skottieyoung and Humberto Ramos @humberto_ramos Also please check out @Podcast_Earth2 and @NearMintCo 

Feb 05, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up!: My Legion Adventure L001

Welcome to My Legion Adventure Epsode 1. Ross starts his journey through a reread of the entire Legion of Super-Heroes catalouge.  Adventure Comics 247 the 1st Appearance of the 30th Century's super team. His love for this series and his personal history with this comic

Jan 25, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 005 -- My First Avengers

Ross has found the 'missing' 5th episode. He sits down for a quick episode about his 1st experience with a super team, The Avengers 105 from August 1972. 

Jan 23, 2022
Stop Let's Team-Up Episode 008 -- Champions 70s Style

Ross does his first Roll Call issue and it is The Champions of 1973. 

Jan 19, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 007 -- My Greatest Bruno

Ross gives you his take on My Greatest Adventure #80 June 1963 - 1st Appearance of The Doom Patrol. He really let's you know how much Bruno Premiani's art.  And how about that two Arnold Drake creations in 7 episodes. 

Jan 08, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 006 - Comforting Computo

Ross takes a quick break from work to seek comfort in a favorite comic. This go to comic is a joy of ride of a tale from his favorite era of the Legion

Jan 02, 2022
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 004 -- Titan Go Doom Patroling

This week Ross felt the need to talk about a great George Perez story. So he had you all pick it. New Teen Titans 13-15, where the Titans team up with The Doom Patrol vs the Brotherhood of Evil

Dec 23, 2021
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 003 -- JSA and Jennifer DeRoss

Ross welcomes Jennifer DeRoss author of Forgotten All-Star A Biography of Gardner Fox. We chat about All-Stars 14 & 44, how the book came to be, and maybe a tangent or 2.

Dec 11, 2021
Stop! Let's Team-Up Episode 002 - Single Issue Spotlight I

Today I talk about Justice League of America Vol 1 #10 a early JLA adventure by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky
Thanks to Martin Greay from No Too Dangerous For a Girl 2 blog

Dec 05, 2021
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Issue 001 -- Guardians of the Galaxy 1st Appearance

Welcome to our first Issue and thanks for listening. This issue Ross gabs about his love of comics, as he loves to do, and especially the first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy from January 1969. 

Nov 28, 2021
Stop! Let's Team-Up! Episode 000 -- Promo

Well Hello! T. Ross Aitken of the Gallifrey's Most Wanted team is branching out. Stop! Let's Team-Up! is a podcast about his favorite genre of comic books the Super Hero Team. Join him as talks about 1st appearances, story arcs, histories, creators, and roll calls of the great team books of all time. Hope you check us out starting Thanksgiving 2021

Oct 31, 2021
Stop! Let's Team-Up! is coming soon!

T. Ross Aitken from @gallifeysMWPod and @runciblereport is launching a new comic book related podcast. This show will celebrate all aspects of the genre.  Stay tuned for episodes about 1st Appearances, histories, roll calls, creators, and major storylines, of teams from every publisher. He is excited to share his love for these books with you. Catch our Twitter feed at @Jsa4e

Oct 23, 2021