Public Defenseless

By Hunter Parnell

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Anyone paying attention can tell you that our criminal legal system is perpetuating cruelty and harm, but the complexity of the legal world overwhelms most people simply trying to get through another day. Public Defenseless explores the rot in the justice system and what we can do about it. Join host, Hunter Parnell, as he interviews top defense attorneys and criminal justice stakeholders from across the country as they pull apart the convoluted web of our criminal justice system. Like so many of you, Hunter is not an attorney, simply tired of a news cycle and talking heads that offer no real solutions to the ever-growing list of problems we face. Hunter hopes that with this information, you will share his belief that ordinary people still can make a difference.

Episode Date
170: The NDS Harlem Union's Fight for a Fair Contract Amidst New York's Housing Crisis w/William Botchway, Naomi Schachter, Jeremy Tinsley
Sep 29, 2023
169: How the Ever Expanding Pre-Trial Surveillance Impacts Alaska Public Defense w/Justin Racette
Sep 28, 2023
168: Alaska's Brief Moment of Criminal Justice Reform and their Turn to Tough on Crime Policies w/Mike Garvey and Megan Edge
Sep 26, 2023
BONUS: A New Database Providing Public Defenders the Latest Social Science Data for Court w/Eve Primus
Sep 25, 2023
167: Rebuilding the New York Legal Aid Society's Union Strength w/Jane Fox
Sep 22, 2023
166: How the Deck is Heavily Stacked Against Federal Public Defenders w/Colin Prince and Jay McEntire
Sep 21, 2023
165: Will a New Data Driven Approach Be the Key to the Future for Montana Public Defense w/Brett Schandelson
Sep 19, 2023
164: "Why Would You Even Ask That?" The Absurdity of America's Youth Justice System w/Iliana Pujols
Sep 15, 2023
163: Imagining Something Better than Washington's Patchwork Public Defender System w/Larry Jefferson
Sep 14, 2023
162: How the Georgia AG is using RICO to Punish Free Speech and Cop City Protesters w/Devin Franklin
Sep 13, 2023
161: The NAPD's Plan to Leverage the National Workload Study for Policy Victories w/Cydni Sanchez
Sep 12, 2023
160: Unveiling the National Public Defender Workload Standards and the Strategy to Implement Them w/Stephen Hanlon
Sep 12, 2023
159: The Communication Breakdown Eroding Trust in the Colorado Public Defender System w/Kiyomi Bolick, Mike Kubicek, and Oliver Rose Katz
Sep 08, 2023
158: What is Causing the Indiana Public Defender System to Fail w/Ashley Spolarich, Deana Martin, and Joel Schumm
Sep 07, 2023
157: The Racist History of the "Child Welfare" System w/Ieshaah Murphy
Sep 05, 2023
156: Death in Custody: How America Ignores the Truth and What We Can Do about It w/Jay Aronson
Sep 01, 2023
155: How the NY Legal Aid Created a Digital Forensics Unit to Push Back on the Power of Police and Prosecutors w/Jerome Greco
Aug 31, 2023
154: Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle: Why the Use and Expansion of RICO is Bad w/Martin Sabelli
Aug 30, 2023
153: The Coalition Fighting to End the Trial Penalty w/Martin Sabelli and Nathan Pysno
Aug 29, 2023
152: The Political and Personal Agenda Behind Governor DeSantis' Removal of State Attorney Monique Worrell w/Andrew Darling
Aug 25, 2023
151: Without Trust Between Client and Counsel, Litigation is Limited w/Alexander Kostal
Aug 24, 2023
150: To Fix Detroit Public Defense, There Must be a Fair Contract for the Neighborhood Defender Services of Detroit w/Cait De Mott Grady, Tom Molina-Duarte, Jonathan Roberts
Aug 22, 2023
BONUS EPISODE: Another Not Guilty Podcast: Murder-ring The Prosecution's Theory w/David Moore and Hillary King
Aug 21, 2023
149: It's Time to Abolish the Legalized Theft that is Civil Forfeiture w/Dan Alban
Aug 17, 2023
148: Jury Nullification, Conscientious Acquittal, and the Fight To Regain Jury Independence w/Clark Neily
Aug 15, 2023
147: Because of its Systemic Indifference to Suffering, Oklahoma Keeps Punishing Domestic Violence Survivors w/Colleen McCarty and Leslie Briggs
Aug 11, 2023
146: The Fulton County Jail, Cop City, and the Deafening Silence of the Georgia Public Defense Council w/Devin Franklin
Aug 10, 2023
145: What Led to the Unionization of Maryland Public Defense w/Edie Fortuna and Jose Teneza
Aug 08, 2023
144: The Campaign to Close Rikers Island w/Richard Willstatter and Stan German
Aug 04, 2023
143: The Never Ending Torture of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri at Guantanamo Bay w/Annie Morgan
Aug 03, 2023
142: The Fight for Human Rights at Guantanamo Bay w/John Baker
Aug 01, 2023
141: The Horrifying Surveillance Tech Coming to a Neighborhood Near You w/Dhruv Mehrotra
Jul 28, 2023
140: How to Use the Appellate System to Push Back on the Family Policing System w/Annick Lenoir-Peek
Jul 27, 2023
139: The Race and Class Dynamics Haunting the Connecticut Family Policing System w/Josh Michtom
Jul 25, 2023
138: The Driving Force Behind the Growth of Santa Barbara Public Defense w/Deepak Budwani
Jul 20, 2023
137: How the Civil Rights Corps is Uncovering and Challenging Prosecutorial Misconduct w/Peter Santina
Jul 18, 2023
136: If You Cannot Afford an Attorney, One Will not Be Appointed to You w/ Dr. Andrew Davies, Dr. Victoria Smiegocki, and Shelby Sirivore
Jul 13, 2023
135: While She Breathes, She Hopes for a Better Future for South Carolina Public Safety w/Cameron Blazer
Jul 11, 2023
134: The Colorado Bond Law Enriching the Bail Bond Industry w/Katie Yens
Jul 06, 2023
133: The Tech Solutions that can Propel Public Defense into the Future w/Rocky Ramirez
Jul 04, 2023
132: Autonomy to Decide: Managing an Effective Defense with a Challenging Client w/Randy Fiedler and Stacy Newman
Jun 29, 2023
131: How to Solve the Public Defender Shortage in Rural America w/Patrick Crowley, Michael Naughton and Jonathan Sacks
Jun 27, 2023
130: Poverty, Prison, and a Path to Redemption w/Champ Napier
Jun 22, 2023
129: It's Time to Value Paralegals and Social Workers as much as Attorneys w/ Latosha Watts and Taneal Behrens
Jun 20, 2023
128: Fostering the Public Voice of the Public Defender w/Kay Levine and Russell Gold
Jun 15, 2023
127: Secrets of the Killing State: How the Truth of Lethal Injection Could End the Death Penalty w/Corinna Lain
Jun 13, 2023
126: From Portland to Klamath Falls, Public Defense in Oregon is on Life Support w/Lee Wachocki and Eve Costello
Jun 08, 2023
125: You Might Go to Prison Even Though You're Innocent w/Justin Brooks
Jun 06, 2023
124: The Many Ways Alabama Denies People a Second Chance After Leaving Prison w/Stacey Fuller and Kathleen Henderson
Jun 01, 2023
123: How a Vicious Union Busting Campaign Could Cripple Louisville Public Defense w/Cat Vining and Morgan King
May 30, 2023
122: How the Municipal Public Defenders of Aurora, Colorado Fight Back Against Incompetence, Corruption, and Malpractice
May 26, 2023
121: 50 Shades of Grey Goes to Court: How to Present BDSM and Non-Monogamy in Court w/Jill Weinberg
May 25, 2023
120: The Bronx Defenders' Transformation from Scabs to Unionization w/Babatunde Aremu
May 23, 2023
119: Representing Youths is Just as Important as Representing Adults, and It's Time Public Defense Acted Like it w/Mary Ann Scali and HyeJi Kim
May 18, 2023
118: When Student Loan Payments Get Turned Back on, What Will Happen to Public Defense? w/Jane Fox and Kyle Morris
May 16, 2023
117: How the King County Public Defender Union is Becoming a Player in Washington Politics w/Elbert Aull
May 11, 2023
116: The Promise and Problems of Progressive Prosecution w/Keisha Hudson, Mano Raju and Ricardo Garcia
May 09, 2023
115: Is There a Better Way to Provide Public Defense w/James McDermott and Paul Chambers
May 04, 2023
114: How A Coalition of Prosecutors, City Attorneys, and Public Defenders Produces Better Working Conditions w/Alexandra Pray
May 02, 2023
113: A Broken Legal System, A Lack of Health Care, and How the US Keeps Puerto Rico Under its Thumb w/Diego Alcala
Apr 27, 2023
112: How Mitigation Confronts the Biases of Jurors, Judges, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders w/Victoria Rusk
Apr 25, 2023
111: A New Path for Public Safety in San Francisco w/Mano Raju
Apr 20, 2023
110: The Paper Prisons that Keep Millions of Americans From a Second Chance w/Colleen Chien and Alyssa Aguilar
Apr 18, 2023
109: What are a Lawyer's Ethical Obligations to Society? w/David Siegel
Apr 13, 2023
108: One Investigators Efforts to Revitalize Public Defense in Barron County, Wisconsin w/Felicia Tempel
Apr 11, 2023
107: Non-Capital Mitigation and the Quest to Inject Empathy into the Law w/Lindsay Bendell
Apr 06, 2023
106: How Unionization Enables Public Defenders to Get Victories in and Out of Court w/Garret Miller and Brooke Longuevan
Apr 04, 2023
105: Why it is so Difficult to Get the Innocent out of Prison w/Daniel Medwed
Mar 30, 2023
104: Unlocking the Potential of Public Defense in LA County w/Ricardo Garcia
Mar 28, 2023
103: How Public Defense is Failing in the West w/Emily Hamer
Mar 23, 2023
102: How the Delaware Law Enforcement Bill of Rights Keeps Cop Misconduct Hidden w/Kevin O'Connell, Misty Seemans, and Elliot Margules
Mar 21, 2023
101: Reflecting on Gideon v Wainwright, the Past, Present and Future of Public Defense w/Justine Olderman and Wes Caines
Mar 17, 2023
100: Do Sex Offender Registries Make Us Safer? w/David Garlock
Mar 16, 2023
99: There is no Public Defense Without Investigators w/Jon Lyon
Mar 14, 2023
98: Making the Case for the Abolition of Court Fees w/Priya Sarathy Jones
Mar 09, 2023
97: A Reason to Hope for Connecticut Public Defense w/TaShun Bowden-Lewis
Mar 07, 2023
96: How to Include the Formerly Incarcerated in Public Defense w/Anthony Graves
Mar 02, 2023
95: Why it's Time to Abolish Felony Murder Laws w/Nazgol Ghandnoosh
Feb 28, 2023
94: Where Will Maryland Public Defense Go With A New Chief Public Defender w/Natasha Dartigue
Feb 23, 2023
93: Why it is Time to Move Away from Assigned and Contract Public Defense Models w/Eve Primus
Feb 21, 2023
92: The Important Role Public Defense Played in New Jersey Bail Reform w/Joseph Krakora
Feb 16, 2023
91: If Iowa Public Defense is About to Collapse, What is Happening in Juvenile and Immigration Defense w/Rachel Antonuccio and Julia Zalenski
Feb 14, 2023
90: In Order to Review Hours of Video Evidence, Public Defenders Need New Tech w/Devshi Mehrotra
Feb 09, 2023
89: How to Pass on the Lessons from a 20+ Year Public Defender Career w/Andre Vitale
Feb 07, 2023
88: The Most Important Public Defense Victories Don't Happen in the Court Room w/Sam Allison Natale
Feb 02, 2023
87: How to Make the Case for Public Defense in a Conservative State w/Diane Lozano
Jan 31, 2023
86: The Resurrection of New York Public Defense w/Patricia Warth
Jan 26, 2023
85: The Challenges Public Defense Faces in Rural Georgia w/Michael Smith
Jan 24, 2023
84: How Anne Arundel County, MD Prosecutors Over Incarcerate the Community w/Felipe Gonzalez
Jan 19, 2023
83: The Everyday Citizens Uncovering Oklahoma Police and Prosecutor Misconduct
Jan 17, 2023
82: The Tech NonProfit Accelerating People Out of the U.S. Justice System w/Serena Chang
Jan 12, 2023
81: How to Craft Ethical Tech Solutions to the Many Issues with the Legal System w/Jason Tashea
Jan 10, 2023
80: Staff Assaults, A Decade in Solitary, and the Many Horrors of Massachusetts' Prisons w/Elizabeth Matos
Jan 05, 2023
79: What Could Yolo County Public Defenders Do if They Weren't Funded $16 Million Less than the Prosecutors? w/Tracie Olson
Jan 03, 2023
78: What's Plaguing Public Defense in Oakland County Michigan and New Hampshire? w/David Carroll
Dec 23, 2022
77: The Fallout of the Dobbs Decision on Louisiana Reproductive Healthcare w/Gwyneth O'Neill, Ellie Schilling and Michelle Erenberg
Dec 21, 2022
76: Trying to Keep Public Defense in North Dakota from Collapsing w/Travis Finck
Dec 16, 2022
75: Opioids, Addiction, and the Alabama Despair Machine w/Leah Nelson and Stacey Fuller
Dec 14, 2022
74: How Public Defenders can Take Back the Public Safety Narrative w/Emily-Galvin Almanza and Danielle Hopkins
Dec 09, 2022
73: How a Sixth Amendment Center Report Sparked Change in Utah Public Defense w/Richard Mauro
Dec 07, 2022
72: Why it is Time to End Life Sentences w/Alexandra Bailey and Nazgol Ghandnoosh
Dec 02, 2022
71: Every Public Defender Office Needs an Immigration Attorney w/Raha Jorjani
Nov 30, 2022
70: Challenging America's Punishment Bureaucracy w/Alec Karakatsanis
Nov 25, 2022
69: The Need for Holistic Family Representation w/Center for Family Representation New York
Nov 23, 2022
68: Why do we Punish People? w/Kaelen Perrochet
Nov 21, 2022
67: Managed Assigned Counsel: A Savvy Solution or a Simple Stop Gap? w/Jim Bethke
Nov 18, 2022
66: Is Incrementalism Enough to Fix the Criminal Legal System w/Jeff Blackburn
Nov 16, 2022
65: What Happened to the Prisoners Stuck in Jail During Hurricane Ian? w/Kathy Smith
Nov 14, 2022
64: How Public Defense can Win the Media Battle w/Maggie Shepard
Nov 11, 2022
63: Why do We Punish Domestic Violence Survivors? w/Alexandra Bailey
Nov 09, 2022
62: Why Does the Aurora City Council Want to Dismantle the Public Defender Office w/Doug Wilson
Nov 07, 2022
61: Uncovering the Misconduct of Police, Prosecutors, and Judges w/Johann Drolshagen
Nov 04, 2022
60: How Kansas Public Defense Got Headed in the Right Direction w/Heather Cessna
Nov 02, 2022
59: The Lawsuit Pushing to Change the Wisconsin Public Defense w/John Birdsall and Hank Schultz
Oct 28, 2022
58: Are Public Defense Unions the Key to Systemic Reform? w/Sam Allison-Natale and Bob Kolstad
Oct 26, 2022
57: Why More People and Public Defenders Need to Think and Advocate Systemically w/Olayemi Olurin
Oct 21, 2022
56: Could Veteran Treatment Courts be the Key to Unlocking Criminal Justice Reforms? with David Pelletier
Oct 19, 2022
55: Capital Representation and the Office of the Defender General w/Andrea Lyon
Oct 14, 2022
Andrea Lyon on the Need for the Defender General
Oct 14, 2022
54: The Public Defense Union Pushing to Change Colorado Public Defense with The Defender's Union of Colorado
Oct 12, 2022
53: What is Causing the Crisis in Oregon Public Defense w/Chris O'Connor
Oct 07, 2022
52: The Court Fines and Fees that Fund Alabama with Adam Danneman and Leah Nelson
Oct 05, 2022
51: The Texas Capital Punishment System is Designed to Kill w/Ray Keith
Sep 30, 2022
50: The Fees Making People Pay for Their "Free" Attorney w/Marea Beeman
Sep 28, 2022
49: How did Arizona Become so Pro-Mass Incarceration and What Can be Done About it? w/Nate Wade and Katie Gipson-McLean
Sep 23, 2022
48: The Recent Victories Igniting New Hope for Missouri Public Defense w/Mary Fox
Sep 21, 2022
47: In Small-Town Georgia, A Broken Taillight Can Lead to Spiraling Debt w/Nick Barber
Sep 16, 2022
46: Fighting Gun Violence Without Using Mass Incarceration in Cook County, IL w/Sharone Mitchell
Sep 14, 2022
45: Lawyers, Social Workers, Investigators, and the Whole Team that Makes the NAPD w/Lori James-Townes
Sep 09, 2022
44: Community Outreach and Staffing Shortages in Miami Public Defense w/Carlos Martinez
Sep 07, 2022
43: The Problem with Plea Deals with Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick
Sep 02, 2022
42: The Essential Role of Social Work and Mitigation Specialists in Public Defense with Justin Heim
Aug 31, 2022
41: Turning Public Defender Priorities into Public Policy Victories with Brad Haywood and Bryan Kennedy
Aug 26, 2022
40: How Moral Injury, Stress, and Trauma Impact Public Defense with Jenny Andrews
Aug 24, 2022
39: The Power of Public Advocacy in Alameda County Public Defense with Brendon Woods
Aug 19, 2022
38: Can the Michigan Model Pave the Way for Public Defense? with Kristen Staley
Aug 17, 2022
37: How to Train the Next Generation of Public Defense Leaders with Jeff Sherr and Heather Hall
Aug 12, 2022
36: Kentucky PD and The National Association of Public Defense with Ernie Lewis
Aug 10, 2022
35: Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Student Debt with Jane Fox and Kyle Morris
Aug 05, 2022
34: The History of Public Defense with Sara Mayuex
Aug 03, 2022
33: How Could Low Attorney Pay Cripple Massachusetts Public Defense w/Anthony Benedetti
Jul 27, 2022
32: Why Nevada Public Defense Failed and the Plan to Build it Back w/Franny Forsman
Jul 20, 2022
31: The Wrongful Conviction of Cyrus Wilson with Cyrus Wilson and Dawn Deaner
Jul 13, 2022
30: How Tennessee Fails to Protect Children Accused of Crimes w/Mark Stephens
Jul 06, 2022
29: The Role a Judge can Play in Reforming Public Defense w/Tom Boyd
Jun 29, 2022
28: Public Defense Commissions with David Kaplan and Sara Hildebrand
Jun 22, 2022
27: The Innocence of Barry Jones and the Impacts of Shinn vs Ramirez with Sylvia Lett and Andrew Sowards
Jun 17, 2022
26: Junk Science and the Makings of a Wrongful Conviction with Chris Fabricant
Jun 15, 2022
25: The Need for Mercy in the Kentucky Legal System w/Ed Monahan
Jun 08, 2022
24: How the Media Poisons Criminal Justice Discourse with Scott Hechinger
Jun 01, 2022
23: Gideon's Promise and Public Defense Culture with Jon Rapping
May 25, 2022
22: How Automation Can Help Public Defense with Rocky Ramirez and Paul Chambers
May 18, 2022
21: Public Defense Appellate Law and PD Commissions with Frances Brown
May 11, 2022
20: Representing Mothers in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Aisha McWeay
May 04, 2022
19: How Pennsylvania's Failure to Fund Public Defense Hurts Everyone w/Keisha Hudson
Apr 27, 2022
18: Data-Driven Public Defense Policy with Stephen Hanlon
Apr 20, 2022
17: Public Defenseless 202
Apr 13, 2022
16: Can Assigned Counsel Public Defense System Work? w/Tim Rensch & Bob Pesall
Apr 06, 2022
15: Was a Lawsuit Enough to Fix Missouri Public Defense? w/Anthony Rothert
Mar 30, 2022
14: West Virginia Public Defense with Dana Eddy & Stacey Fragile
Mar 23, 2022
13: How Florida Disregards the Right to Counsel w/Rex Dimmig
Mar 16, 2022
12: Why Are Virginia Public Defenders Only Paid to Work on a Case for Two Hours? w/Amari Harris
Mar 09, 2022
11: Is the Cannabis Industry Falling Short in its Fight? with Steve DeAngelo
Mar 02, 2022
10: How did Colorado Build one of the Best Public Defense Systems? w/Doug Wilson
Feb 23, 2022
09: What Can Cannabis Reform Teach us About Criminal Justice Reform with Christian Sederberg
Feb 16, 2022
08: Why Did Indiana's Public Defense System Fail? w/Larry Landis
Feb 09, 2022
07: The Power of Creating an Independent Public Defense System w/Ben Baur
Feb 02, 2022
06: How the Louisiana Public Defenders are Paid to Lose w/Derwyn Bunton & Trisha Ward
Jan 26, 2022
05: What's Causing the Crisis in Maine's Public Defense System w/Justin Andrus
Jan 19, 2022
04: Why is Public Defense Failing Nationwide? with David Carroll
Jan 12, 2022
03: Texas Public Defense with James McDermott and Scott Ehlers
Dec 20, 2021
02: Why is it Common for People to be Held for a Year With No Attorney in Mississippi? w/Andre De Gruy
Dec 20, 2021
01: Public Defense 101
Dec 20, 2021
Welcome to Public Defenseless
Dec 14, 2021