Back to Square One

By Derek & Carmen

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Category: Leisure

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Welcome to Back to Sq 1 - a podcast hosted by best friends, Derek and Carmen. Join us as we work through life's biggest questions and explore modern topics through our shared lenses of growing up as second-generation Asian Canadians from the suburbs of Toronto. Who do you relate to more? Is it Derek - the entrepreneur, who strives to question the status quo and bachelor searching for the one while being haunted by a dysfunctional childhood? Or is it Carmen - your typical straight A's student who became a dentist, now married but still in search of purpose and happiness?

Episode Date
A Broken Beginning

In this episode, Derek shares the intimate memories of his broken childhood and reflects on the family dynamics that made him who he is today. Derek admits his fear of commitment, his struggles with intimacy, and relationships overall as a result of the conditioning and lack of family and togetherness in his life. 

Jan 12, 2022
Happily Ever After...

Welcome back! Carmen and Derek dig deep and retrace the steps on Carmen's journey with her husband, Eden. From long-time friends to now, life partners. 

Carmen describes the ups and downs of the marriage to date by answering a series of hard questions posed by a curious Derek. Carmen talks about what really matters in marriage. They also discuss what almost broke her marriage, what saved it, and what her and her husband have learned so far through individual and couples therapy.

Jan 05, 2022
Change is The Only Constant

In this episode, Derek and Carmen discuss the past, present and future of their friendship. Derek recounts moments in their friendship that made it difficult to remain close and discuss how friendships change when your bestie is dating one of your closest buddies. They talk about how the pandemic dug up past traumas and brought people closer together while tearing other relationships apart. Carmen confesses how all her friends having babies have changed her relationship with them and what the future has in store for her friendship with Derek as she plans to have a baby of her own in the near future.

Dec 29, 2021
Opposite-sex BFF's, whaaat? A walk down memory lane of our origin story.

Welcome to episode one of Back to Square One! Best Friends, Derek and Carmen take a walk down memory lane and revisit how they met and life growing up in the suburbs.  Join them as they sit down and dissect whether opposite-sex besties can be 100% platonic and if so, how? 

Carmen plans a big Christmas Party and Derek questions the guestlist as they argue whether invites should be based on history or relevance and discuss the drawbacks and benefits of being a part of a large, cliquey and asian friend circle.

Dec 21, 2021