One Real Good Thing with Ellie Krieger

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Category: Food

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You don’t have to turn your life upside down to transform it for the better—small, realistic changes will get you there in a way that sticks. In each episode, renowned nutritionist and chef Ellie Krieger dives into one key thing you can do today to propel your life in a healthier direction. In conversation with food, nutrition and lifestyle experts, plus celebrity guests and friends, Ellie maps the path to a joyful, healthy life full of flavor, one “real good” thing at a time. 

Episode Date
Approach Food as Self Care, Not Self Control with Christy Harrison
In this episode Ellie speaks with Christy Harrison, registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, author of the book Anti-Diet, and host of the podcast Food Psych. Christy’s “one real good thing” –to approach food as self-care, not self-control---is an important shift in mentality that can help us move away from damaging diet culture toward true well-being. Christy and Ellie discuss how to practice “gentle nutrition” and find freedom, balance and pleasure with food. See for privacy information.
Jan 16, 2022
Let Go of Ambition in the Kitchen: Good is Good Enough! with Jenna Helwig
Ellie speaks with Jenna Helwig, author of the cookbook Bare Minimum Dinners and the food director at Real Simple magazine. Jenna’s “one real good thing”—to let go of ambition in the kitchen-- sounds counterintuitive at first, but here she reveals how taking a step back can actually help you enjoy more healthy home-cooked meals in a stress-free way.  Listen as she shares some of her favorite supermarket shortcuts, while Ellie also reveals her own hack for Indian food takeout and her secret kitchen mantra.   See for privacy information.
Jan 10, 2022
Reframe Food as Usually, Sometimes or Rarely (Notice there is no Never)
In this first episode of her podcast, Ellie speaks directly with listeners, introducing us to “one real good thing” that she thinks is one of the most transformative changes we can make. It’s a simple shift in mindset away from the all-or-nothing approach so many fad diets advocate, toward a more balanced, realistic food philosophy that is the foundation of all of her delicious, healthy recipes. Join Ellie as she helps us get out of the good/bad food trap and shares how her Usually, Sometimes and Rarely food perspective can put you on a lifelong path of flavorful, healthy eating. See for privacy information.
Dec 30, 2021