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The Pivot Podcast hosted by former NFL Stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark.

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Mike Tyson High on Life, Fighting Under Influence, Loss, Legacy & 25 yrs Ago vs Holyfield
25 years ago today, the infamous fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield occurred…and man that doesn’t even seem that long ago which means we are getting old!  But in a special edition of The Pivot, we are sitting down with the legend himself, Mike Tyson in a conversation covering everything from boxing, the highs and lows, evolving, relationships and business endeavors.  Considered the baddest mother f’er on the planet, the respect and admiration spans decades but so do the questions, as Ryan, Fred and Channing dive into the life and legacy not only one of the world's greatest athletes of all time but one of biggest bad asses we've ever seen. Mike opens up about some of the low moments shaping the man he is today and the transition from athlete to entrepreneur which has helped him get back on his feet after years of trials and tribulations.  Crediting his wife Kiki for a lot of his transformation, Mike goes in depth about evolving, having his heart broken and going to jail, which ironically, he says was the most peace he ever had in his life. Without all the loss, we never would see the rise. Mike’s new venture of Tyson 2.0 with his cannabis, Tyson bites and chocolates are opened during the episode making for a raw but epic show. And of course, Channing and Mike have to talk about the females over the years and compare stories which has everyone in tears. Tyson also reveals that his recent fights he fought on shrooms and wish he was able to do it during his actual career. The Pivot releases new episodes at noon eastern every Tuesday with special drops on Fridays at 3pm est. Subscribe to our channel for new updates and extra content.  FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 28, 2022
Mike Tomlin on Pitt legacy, Super Bowls, Flores Hiring & Future without Big Ben
A man who needs no introduction...we have a great one for you today with an extended version of this episode and more to come during the week! In a rare sit down appearance, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach, Mike Tomlin joins The Pivot for a candid conversation talking about impactful moments over the years and sharing untold stories from Super Bowls to coaching dynamic players to inside look of being the NFL's only current black Head Coach.  Ryan, who played for Coach Tomlin, reminisces through their Super Bowl runs and legendary defense the team assembled in the late 2000's while Fred is eager to ask the question of why Coach didn't try to sign him when he became a free agent after all those high yardage games at Heinz Field. In awe of the relationship Mike T has developed his with the men who played for him, Channing enviously asks what is the secret to earning the respect of all and never having a losing season in 15 years. Continuing the conversation, the guys get into minority hiring around the league and how Brian Flores ended up as part of the current staff after controversy surrounded his release. Coach Tomlin says it was never the intent but describes the addition as a win for the organization to have Flores apart of the coaching regime. Ryan talks about some of his former Steeler Teammates and asks the specifically noting that this will be the first time in 15 seasons that Tomlin has coached the Steelers he has always had Big Ben at the helm to run his offense and how the team will move forward. In a lighter moment, Channing asks about the infamous Jacoby Jones return interference which cost Mike T a 100K fine in 2013 as we get the play by play of what really happened that day. Admiring the legacy Tomlin has formed, Fred, Channing and Ryan all share something special they take from their conversation and the mutual respect they have for his impact on the game. The Pivot releases new episodes every Tuesday at noon eastern with special drops on Fridays at 3pm est. Audio versions available on Spotify, Apple and all other major platforms. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 21, 2022
Garrett Wilson: New York Jets 1st Round Pick & Former OSU WR, Welcome to the NFL
Welcome to the NFL Garrett Wilson! New York Jets first round pick and star wide receiver joins The Pivot to chat with Ryan, Channing and Fred about the transition from Ohio State to the NFL. With high expectations to transform the Jets organization, Ryan talks to Garrett about his new relationship with quarterback Zach Wilson and what to expect out of this year’s offense. Garret shares what the first few weeks have been like post NFL draft, his experience of mini camp, the difference in match ups he will face and what it’s like playing in New York. Fred shares a lot of wisdom and his experiences to help open the eyes of Garrett as he enters his first year in the NFL and what to watch for and some areas to focus his energy on and off the field. Channing chastises Garrett about relationships and what the next few years will be like living in NY under the Broadway lights and attention. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 21, 2022
Gary Vee on Entrepreneurship, NFTs, American Dream & Future of Owning the NY Jets
From Belarusian Immigrant to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck (known as Gary Vee) joins The Pivot to share his journey of finding success and securing happiness.  This conversation with Channing, Fred and Ryan is filled with free game and has an entertainment value second to none. Pull out the notepads and be ready to soak up the financial advice, listen to the life lessons and absorb wisdom through experience.  Known for his motivational talks and digital content creation, Gary Vee has affected lives all around the globe and continues to inspire people with his over sharing of experiences and openness.  Starting off as a young business mind, first with his father’s business and then expanding into his own empire, Gary Vee shares what makes him still go hard everyday and the little things which have made a big impact on how he conducts his work everyday.  The die hard NY Jets fan, Gary Vee shares a story about publicly calling out former NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez and jeopardizing his client relationship with the organization by having a fan first mentality, which he firmly stands by today.  Ryan asks how he has time for family with all that he does in a day while Channing asks what is the end goal if money isn’t what he’s chasing than what is the purpose?  Diving into NFTs, Channing and Ryan try to soak up the basic knowledge behind this economic trend while Fred talks the business structure and where the world is headed because of NFTs. Gary Vee explains how the skepticism around NFTs can be compared to how the world 20 years ago didn’t understand the power of the internet or didn’t think buying alcohol online and dating apps would ever become popular let alone acceptable practices.  FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 14, 2022
Eric Dickerson: Iconic Running Back, The Pony Express Scandal & Top RB's in NFL
Eric Dickerson, The NFL's most iconic running back, joins The Pivot for a legendary conversation talking the Pony Express scandal, SMU's football death sentence, his NFL career and current running backs in the league today. The LA Rams hosted Channing, Fred and Ryan in the "Rams" Hollywood House for an evening of great conversation and memorable moments. Wasting no time, Ryan and Channing get right into Dickerson's days at SMU and the money scandals that followed him and his college teammates during that time and the infamous Trans Am story. Sharing what really transpired back then, Eric opens up about how all of that really played out and how it has affected his legacy. Fred talks the skill set of the NFL running back position during Eric's playing days and asks him who the #2 and #3 Rams running backs are in history and who the top 5 current backs today. Considering himself a Ram for life, the foursome discuss how Dickerson never wanted to play for another team, the current Rams roster with recent super bowl run and what really went on with the talked about ticket situation with Dickerson's seats. The Pivot Podcast releases new episodes on YouTube and all audio platforms every Tuesday at Noon eastern with special drops on Fridays at 3pm Eastern. Find exclusive Pivot merchandise and stay connected with us at Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 10, 2022
Cam Newton Challenges Channing on the Bottom 5, Talks Personal Miscues & Legacy
Opening up in a honest and humble conversation, Cam Newton sits down with Fred, Ryan and Channing to discuss everything that has been going on from football, to his personal life to recent issues with some of the statements he has made. A deep and impactful discussion between men on growth, learning from mistakes and how to keep moving forward when the cards are stacked against you. And Cam shared a powerful burst of what the fire he still has to play football every Sunday. Allowing the vulnerability to come through, Cam opens up about some mistakes he made with relationships and owning up to the responsibilities his choices have caused and accepting the fall out and positives that have come with it. Back to football- Cam challenges Channing on his statement of him not being one of the best 32 quarterbacks and asks him if the bottom of the pack is better than him. The two debate why he is or isn’t in that group and Channing says the league has deemed he is no longer going to be a starter a team. Fred believes Cam still can land on a team this season before they go back to talking about his college days and time at Florida, asking if the off the field incident that Cam got into during his early college which led him to leaving for Auburn. Ryan gets into Cam’s recent situation and the comments he made about women and he explains how they were taken out of context and how his remarks were intended. Understanding that his words will never be louder than the media’s, Cam shares his thoughts and the message behind his words. Understanding the role of being a black man and leader for youth, Cam talks about how his impact in the NFL should have been greater than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and the Peyton Manning’s of the world because of his influence on all communities and not just his play on the field. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 07, 2022
Aaron & Sanya Ross: 2 Champions, College Sweethearts Talk Love, RHOA & Parenting
Super Bowl Champion and 4x Olympic Gold medalist, who just happen to share the same last name, join The Pivot for our first ever couple to be on the show! That's right, Aaron Ross and Sonya Richards-Ross sit down with Ryan, Channing and Fred for a conversation filled with impactful moments of each's storied athletic career, highs and lows of their 19 year relationship and life now as parents finding their way into new passions. Sanya courageously opens up about her personal struggles on way to chasing gold at Beijing and shares how difficult the decision of having an abortion 2 weeks before the Olympic Games was on her and now husband Aaron. In an emotional statement, Sanya explains how the moment never gets easier to talk about but how she was able to find peace in the situation and alleviate blaming herself after missing Gold in an event that was supposed to be a lock for her. Dealing with the aftermath took a toll, but Sanya shares how she found comfort in her relationship and grace in winning gold again. Channing states how Sanya is the most successful athlete in the room and accomplished the most out of all of them and he raises the financial question if that was ever an issue in how little she made compared to her husband. Sanya and Aaron both laugh and say it was actually the opposite in college when Aaron called his then girlfriend his sugar mama! Reminiscing about the first time meeting Sanya in college, Aaron tells the guys how watching his wife work so hard at her sport at an early age motivated him to want to be the best at his. The first round NFL pick went on to win two Super Bowls with the NY Giants and both credit each other with finding the ultimate success in their passions. Aaron and Sanya discuss how becoming parents was a major transition in their lives as they both retired from their respective sports and adjusted to being together more and calling a new city home. Life with out football found Aaron in a two year rut where he can now look back and say he was in a depression but didn't know it while he was experiencing it. Currently, Sanya is part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta series that is airing now and the two talk about how they have embraced the show and found a way to become closer through it. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH |  YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 03, 2022
Andrew Whitworth Talks Super Bowl, Sean McVay, Retirement, Cincy & Carson Palmer
After 16 years in the NFL, All Pro and Super Bowl Champion Andrew Whitworth is finally hanging up his cleats. The 2021 Walter Payton Man Of The Year recipient, sits down with Ryan, Fred and Channing as the guys talk about how Whitworth did not leave any stone unturned throughout his professional football career, excelling on and off the field starting 235 out of 240 games. Ryan and Whit jokingly bond over their Louisiana roots and sharing a common friend in the Lombardi trophy while a salty Fred and Channing can only admire from a distance. Whitworth goes into great detail about Sean McVay and what makes him a great coach, noting that he's known for being an offensive guru, but Whit says that is almost a disservice to who he really is because what makes him rare is his ability to lead on all fronts and in tough situations. "He's one of one," Whit says, describing his former head coach. He goes on to explain how McVay was the core to uniting so many big personalities and widespread talent on the Rams Super Bowl team. Opening up about leaving Cincinnati, Whitworth reveals how he wrote a personal letter to owner Mike Brown, expressing his gratitude while looking for a way to work out a fair deal for him to play out his career with the Bengals. Despite what it seemed on the outside and to fans, the response from that letter is what eventually led Whitworth to join the Rams. Whit describes how he didn't want to be perceived as deserting the organization or compared to his former quarterback and teammate Carson Palmer for an abrupt exit and talks about how Palmer’s move ultimately soured the two’s relationship. Channing questions how a big offensive lineman lands Miss Louisiana as his wife and what the action in the bedroom is like after winning a super bowl. The guys pivot the conversation into marriage and family life as they talk about the example as men they set for their children and the values instilled no matter race, religion, skin color are important. Retiring as a Bengal or Ram, Whit said he’s uncertain yet but jokes he was waiting to see if he can get on the Eric Weddle plan of playing 3 games and a Super Bowl. Closing out the conversation, Fred rolls off all the accolades Whit has achieved in his long NFL tenure as the guys are in agreement that his day in Canton as a future hall of famer should be locked in. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH | YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 31, 2022
Omari Hardwick on Ghost, Evolution of Power, Working with 50 Cent & What’s Next
Most well known for his starring role as James “Ghost” St Patrick in the hit Starz series Power, Omari Hardwick sits down with the guys to talk about his career, behind the scenes life and how his character translates into his everyday persona. Crediting the show Power and the evolution of his character Ghost, Omari say his role allowed people to relate to the imperfections all of us deal with and made a cultural impact no just in the black community but resonating with all people. Omari opens up about his relationship with 50 Cent and how it helped shape his career and also shares insight about the personal bonds formed. An athlete before acting, Omari relates to the preparation and mindset one has when seeking perfection and trying to be the best at their craft. He explains to Fred, Ryan and Channing that the people who are a little off are the ones who we often admire as they choose to take risks and put themselves out there. Ryan dives into Omari’s upbringing and family life as he deals with personal choices under a microscope along the way, including his marriage to wife Jennifer. Channing asks about the sex scenes and what it’s really like with a camera that close during those moments! Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH | YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2022
Caitlyn Jenner: Wheaties Boxes to Woman of the Year & Talks Meeting Pete Davidson w/ Kim Kardashian
In a special Pivot conversation, Caitlyn Jenner joins Ryan, Channing and Fred in a rare and open discussion from sports, to transitioning, to transgender athletes, to dishing on all her children and even gets into where she stands on her own personal relationships.  Ryan opens up the conversation saying to Caitlyn, at one time as Bruce Jenner, you were the greatest athlete in the world and on Wheaties boxes...She responds yes, I have the greatest double in life- best male athlete and woman of the year, and jokes I bet you will never have another guest who can say that! As the conversation gets underway, Jenner recalls how her gender dysphoria began at an early age, and cropped up throughout her life, including at her highest moment, right after winning the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. Sharing with guys that she woke up the next morning with nothing on, staring at the gold medal and wondering what had she done, questioning herself if she created a larger than life male figure that she would be stuck with for the rest of her life. For Jenner, she shares that winning the Olympics is Caitlyn's fondest memory of Bruce.  With her children as her proudest accomplishment, Caitlyn shares about all of her kids and grandkids between the Jenner and Kardashian clans and what it was like telling them about her transition and the process of asking them before she did it. She shares how they were very afraid but in the end supportive of her choice to be happy and lives authentically.   Extremely happy for Kim's new relationship with Pete Davidson, Caitlyn jokes how they are happy to have a comedian in the family and have enough rappers and athletes and gushes about Travis Scott being a great father to Stormi and Devin Booker being a strong partner for Kendall. Sharing some of her parenting hopes, she only wants the best for all her children and if they are all happy then she's happy.  Channing turns the conversation personal when he dives into dating and how Caitlyn is spending her time nowadays. Caitlyn's business partner and friend Sophia Hutchins joins the conversation in a funny banter about relationships and makes it clear that there is nothing going on between the two and that she prefers males to females. Continuing the banter, they get into politics and Sophia is clear that if Bruce was the one running for Governor he would have won by a lot but being Caitlyn made that feat much harder.  Closing out the episode, Caitlyn shows off her gold medal to the guys who are in awe of this accomplishment and allow Caitlyn to reflect on the biggest pivot she has made and share her insight to others going through anything. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: MERCH | YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 25, 2022
Super Bowl Champion Ryan Mundy Talks Mental Health, CTE & Junior Seau's Death
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we wanted to do a special episode around mental health and generate awareness within our community to help reduce the stigma so many experience. Ryan Mundy, Super Bowl Champion and founder of Alkeme Health joins The Pivot to share his work in this space since retiring from the NFL.  RC, welcoming his former Steeler teammate, starts the conversation off by talking about their time in the league, their Super Bowl run and life after football.  Mundy talks about his experiences with counseling during football and what led him to purse a career and be an advocate for mental health, especially in the black community.  Fred opens up about dealing with anxiety and what’s the best way to present situations to kids and sharing advice for not getting caught up in social media.  Channing breaks down with the emotion he still deals with after losing friend and teammate Junior Seau to suicide.  Asking someone if they are ok and actually listening to the answer is a big part of checking on the people we love and care about. If you know someone who may be struggling, reach out to FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: WEBSITE | YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 21, 2022
Miami's Victor Oladipo Talks Injury Comeback, Jimmy Butler & Playing the Celtics
Ahead of Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals, Miami Guard, Victor Oladipo, joins The Pivot to talk about his storied comeback from injury and his journey that landed him on the Miami Heat. From #2 Draft Pick to five different teams to an injury that most thought he may never play again...Oladipo beat the odds to work his way back into the lineup in time for Miami to be heating up in the playoffs.  Victor explains the pain and frustrations behind his quad injury and the recovery process mentally and physically sharing the struggles but accepting the challenge to be better everyday. Fred shares his own challenges on rebounding from injuries and the emotions that come with it while Ryan discusses some specifics about the illness when he was on the Steelers to recovering and playing a year later in the Super Bowl.  The guys ask about the locker room and who the leaders are while wondering what playing with Jimmy Butler is like and the mindset the Heat have heading into the finals. Oladipo explains what makes the team so special is that they don't care about opinions of others and embrace being the underdog. When everyone counts us out, we just focus on winning and the leadership of Butler is the glue to the team right now. Ryan talks through the match up against the Celtics and the similarities the teams share but Oladipo recognizes it's going to be a fight but that his team is prepared for the fight. Channing asks about the rumors of Vic turning down 45million from Houston and Vic sets the record straight about those comments and then goes on to say how he is thankful for all the obstacles because they have landed him where he belongs now.  Closing out the show, Channing mentions to Oladipo how his wife is a big fan of Oladipo's music and asks if singing is his way of picking up girls. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 17, 2022
Myron Rolle, From Oxford to the NFL to Neurosurgery, the 2% way
A Rhodes Scholar, a father, a husband, a doctor, an athlete and now author…Myron Rolle joins The Pivot to talk about his book The 2% Way and his philosophy of how small improvements took him from Oxford to the NFL to Neurosurgery. Ahead of the book's release- Ryan, Channing and Fred sit down with Myron and pick his brain on his unprecedented journey. The guys talk about how rare it is to be successful at two demanding, high profile professions in medicine and professional sports, which also seem complete opposites- one is a sport for entertainment and the other is life and death. Although from the outside it seems very different, Myron explains how similar the two careers really are in philosophy, approach and mindset. Balancing both athletics and academics allowed for a seamless transition from one career to the other and is something he shares with young mentees today . Ryan had the chance to play with Myron in the league and embraced the opportunity of soaking up some of the knowledge he shared along the way as well as the immense respect for his medical work and sacrifice during the pandemic. Referring to him as the smartest player to ever play in the NFL, Channing asks Myron how he could know so much about the brain and consequences of playing football yet still desire to play such a tough sport which opens up the conversation on CTE and the work Myron has done through research and partnering with the NFL. Fred acknowledges the positives and a lot of the success stories surgeons have but the guys get into a tougher conversation on how some of the losses are handled and the pressures of working at highly touted hospitals and institutes such as Mass General and Harvard. Closing out the conversation, Ryan turns it over to Myron to share his message to young people and how it's never too late to choose a different path in life and the value of hard work. The 2% Way is available starting May 17th in all major bookstores and digital platforms. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 13, 2022
Charles Barkley on the Dream Team, Being Controversial & Retiring from Television
The always outspoken NBA legend and current television analyst Charles Barkley joins The Pivot in a wide open discussion on topics from his playing days, competing against MJ, criticism of his recent political and racial stances to his current tv career winding down. With only two years left on his television contract, Barkley is ready to sign off from the public eye and at peace with going into full retirement. “Fame is hard, a lot of prices to pay with fame,” he explains to Ryan, Fred and Channing and it’s ok to step back from it. Against social media and calling out people who hide behind it, Barkley explains the different world we live in right now and how everything thought and statement is under a microscope. Ignoring opinions that he is too controversial, Barkley defends his stances on certain hot topics recently especially with race crimes, police treatment and politics. Barkley credits his biggest inspiration, his grandmother, for his work ethic and staying out of trouble as he reminisces how he earned the larger than life nicknames from being 300 pounds playing college ball. Sharing stories about the 1992 Dream Team, Barkley goes into detail about how he believed he was the best player in the world until he got around Michael Jordan and laughed about the good ole’ days. Fred says Barkley never received enough credit for his contributions during that time while Channing challenges him saying he didn’t get the credit because he didn’t warrant that type of MJ attention! Barkley ends the episode addressing the elephant in room of people always judging him about not winning a championship- he defends his career saying “Hey, we got to the ok corral- we just didn’t win it, and I’m good with that”. Join Prize Picks now to compete against Channing, Fred and Ryan throughout the NBA Finals. Get a free $100 matched with your first $100 spent when you enter the code PIVOT. Start playing now: FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 10, 2022
Hall of Famer Warren Sapp Talks Early Symptoms of CTE and How He Manages Each Day
NFL Hall Of Famer and Super Bowl Champion Warren Sapp joins The Pivot in a conversation about lessons learned and life after football. In a honest and emotional discussion, Sapp talks about his struggles with memory loss and the side effects he is starting to experience as he hits that 20-year mark of playing football. Channing brings up Junior Seau and how hard that was to learn about as Sapp explains to Ryan and Fred the fears that lie ahead. Sapp admittedly discloses that it’s easier for him to recount stories when he is in a familiar environment like the locker room atmosphere and goes on to share some memories with Ryan, Fred and Channing of his playing days and his Super Bowl run along with leading one of the best defensive units in NFL history. Fred asks if Sapp thinks Aaron Donald is the best to play the position as he explains his answer. Leaning into the veteran perspective, The guys ask Sapp what advice he would give to younger players and youth today. Not shying away from his infamous Arizona incident from 2015 and how quickly things can change, “Dungy always told us five things that would keep us on the straight and narrow…And he was right,” Sapp says. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 07, 2022
Dana White Shares His Darkest Moment, Timeline of UFC, Talks Trump & Jake Paul
Dana White shares his dark moment around the sale of UFC, his relationship with Trump and addresses Jake Paul in an open and brutally honest discussion this week on The Pivot. The UFC President and Business Icon invites Ryan, Fred and Channing to UFC headquarters and doesn’t hold back as he talks tough topics with the guys. As Ryan asks Dana about his mindset during the business dealing of the UFC, Dana breaks down in a vulnerable moment saying how he shut down and went through a very dark time when the sale of the UFC was happening- “I locked myself in a hotel room off the radar and was really F’d up for a few days,” as he explains the moment. Dana goes on to share with Fred and Channing how when the UFC was a nothing brand yet that no one wanted to deal with, one person had his back and let him host events and that was Donald Trump. He discusses his long relationship with the former President and goes on to explain how we all have friends who we don’t always agree with on everything but it doesn’t change us from being their friend. Getting into the pay scale of fighters and often criticized business end of UFC, Dana explains his “eat what you kill”’motto which is something Channing is a big proponent of. One important message he gets across is that you don’t have to like everyone to do business as Dana explains his disdain for the likes of Tito Ortiz, Bob Arum and Jake Paul but doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of closing a deal. By the end of the conversation, Fred recognizes the respect level he has for Dana and explains how media misconceptions led him to have a pre-conceived notion about Dana but his openness and honesty changed that. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 03, 2022
Plaxico Burress on Getting Shot and How it Changed His Life Forever
With the NFL draft underway, we felt it was important to share this episode. We filmed this with Plax as we were just getting started with The Pivot because we felt his story was symbolic of what it means to Pivot. Plaxico was the 8th overall Pick in the 2000 NFL draft, was one of the top wide receivers in the league and is a super bowl champion. But one off the field slip up changed his career and the question always lingers “What If”…what if that never happened, what would the legacy be of Plaxico Burress. In a candid conversation, Plax opens up to Ryan, Fred and Channing about his journey to the league and the infamous night that changed his life forever. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 02, 2022
Ric Flair: The Nature Boy Discusses Loss of Son & His Own Near Death Experience
The Nature Boy joins the Pivot in an entertaining yet emotional conversation about life with Ryan, Channing and Fred. The conversation opens up with Flair explaining his inspiration for the larger than life persona he cultivated through his in-ring antics and lavish personality which became the standard of swagger for generations. "It all really started when I saw Joe Namath at Alabama and heard he slept with a hundred girls his freshman year and I said, that's my kind of man," Flair laughs while telling the story as the guys continue to reminisce with him over some of the more notable stories of his career. Wrestling was a gateway to being an entertainer for The Nature Boy who is proud of the reputation he created while setting a standard for people all over the world who genuinely admired him for his boastful behavior and carefree lifestyle. As the conversation continues, Flair opens up about some of the darker moments in his life: losing his son and his own near death experience. With the anniversary of his son's death near, Ric talks about the loss and how he cried everyday for years after losing him to a drug overdose. "For five years, I drank from 10 in the morning until 2am...Everyday I'd wake up and it's still right in front of me what happened," Ric shares in an emotional moment describing how hard it was to find his son and how it doesn't get easier even though it's been years. Offering comfort as fathers, the men relate to his post loss mentality and couldn't imagine being in that position. Flair goes on to share how he fortunate he feels to be alive and have made the global impact he did on so many lives sharing stories and conversations he's had with various celebrities and athletes over the years. Turning back to a positive note, Flair shares that his infamous coined phrase "Wooo!" was derived from Jerry Lee Lewis' 1957 hit "Great Balls of Fire" while listening to the song on a road trip. Channing goes right for the gusto asking if the rumored number of sleeping with 10,000 women is accurate...The Nature Boy breaks down the numbers by days and explains how although he doesn't know the exact number, it could be close to that figure! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 26, 2022
Shaq Opens Up About His Divorce & His Only Regrets: Penny Hardaway & Kobe Bryant
Shaquille O’Neal opens up about his divorce, relationship with Penny Hardaway and what really went on between him and Kobe Bryant in a rare look back into his life as he shares with the guys what keeps him up at night. For the most part, Shaq says how he’s lived life his way but as he’s become older, he looks back with a couple of regrets, the main one being his divorce and the other never reaching out to Kobe after they finished playing together. As Ryan leads the conversation about family and all of them making mistakes at one point or another over the years- the men discuss the point of coming to a realization that sometimes mistakes become decisions that can be difficult to come back from. The conversation takes a somber tone as Shaq shares how he is to blame for his marriage ending and the struggles he faced after not having his family with him everyday. Channing lightens the mood, by talking shit with Shaq about his reputation of missing free throws, his eyes being close together and can’t resist asking about the sexual challenges Shaq faces by being such a large human and curious to how it all goes down. Fred gets into the basketball conversation with Shaq and the guys take a trip down memory lane of how his career played out and what he would have done differently if given the chance. Being transparent about his playing days with the Magic his move to LA and then to Miami, Shaq shares how he believes Penny Hardaway was Kobe Bryant before Kobe was Kobe. “If Penny didn’t get hurt, he would have been one of the top 3 players in the history of game” Shaq says. Losing his sister unexpectedly and then dealing with the death of Kobe, Shaq regrets not picking up the phone and has no excuse but shares the lesson- we are never too busy to make a call. The Pivot Podcast releases new episodes every Tuesday at Noon eastern on YouTube with audio only versions available on Spotify, Apple and all other major platforms. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 19, 2022
Julianna Peña Confronts Ryan Clark on Why He Picked Amanda Nunes Over Her to Win
UFC Women’s bantamweight champion, Julianna Peña joins The Pivot and is ready to set the record straight with Ryan about who the champ really is after Peña pulled off the win against Amanda Nunes. “I’m here to say ‘I told you so,” to Ryan for picking against me and saying I didn’t have a chance,” Julianna first says as she sits down. Channing and Fred ofcourse egg on the banter and tell Ryan they might not be able to help him if she tries to fight him. Ryan admits he was wrong but that his UFC prediction was influenced by being a longtime fan of Amanda and he is sorry for shit talking her as an opponent. Learning more about Julianna’s journey to the top of the sport, Fred gets into her background as well as some of the legal troubles that she faced while coming up the ranks. “I only fight to get paid, no more street fights,” she jokes with the guys. Channing is amped up as he hears the fight in her and how much passion she has for being the best in the cage and her approach to being a professional athlete. The conversation moves into motherhood and relationships and the challenges facing female athletes to balance both the personal and work side of the sport. Preparing for the rematch in early summer, Julianna says how she still will approach the fight and training as if she is the challenger with a target on her back to be dethroned as the champion. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2022
Errol Spence’s Return to the Ring After Accident & Talks Sparring Floyd Mayweather
Ahead of his April 16th Showtime Pay Per View fight against Yordenis Ugas at AT&T stadium, Errol Spence sits down with The Pivot to talk his revival in life and the journey he overcame to get back in the ring. The 32 year old undefeated welterweight champion invited Ryan, Fred and Channing to his Dallas gym a week before his boxing comeback. After suffering a bad car accident where Spence was ejected from the vehicle and thrown in the middle of the road- the young champion wasn’t sure if he would ever step in the ring again, especially at a high level. After spending months in the hospital suffering severe injuries to his body and head, Spence worked tirelessly in therapy and rehabilitation to find himself back in the ring. It was a wake up call for me said the young fighter, I was surrounding myself with the wrong people and worried about the wrong things. Spence said getting a second chance in life helped him reconnect with family and his first love, boxing. With the opportunity of a lifetime on the line, Spence was set to fight Manny Pacquiao, for what would have been the fighter’s biggest match up and pay day of his career this far, only to be forced to back out days before the bout when he discovered having a torn retina. “The entire time I was trying to figure out how I could still fight and determine if it was worth it to only have one working eye the rest of my life…that’s how much it meant to me,” Spence emotionally explained when Ryan asked about that moment. With family and fatherhood his number one priority, proving himself to be the best in the sport is still at the forefront of Spence’s mind heading into Saturday. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 12, 2022
New Teeth, Who Dis?
The long anticipated reveal of Channing’s new teeth and the woman behind the magic is here! Watch the process of Channing going into his pre surgery appointment to getting fitted to the end results! The process is fascinating and leads into Ryan and Fred finding out more about the person tasked with this challenge. The guys invite the renowned Dr. Amira Ogunleye to sit down with them and share her success story from humble beginnings to being raised by her father to creating her own niche as one of the most sought after dentists in the world. Working with many well know A list celebrities and athletes, Dr. A has established herself as one of the most prominent women in the business. A true inspiration as a working mother and immigrant, Dr. A’s story is one we can all take away and learn from. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 11, 2022
Floyd Mayweather Gets Deep with Alex Rodriguez
As the guys wrap the interview the with A-Rod, Floyd shows up at A-Corp headquarters and the conversation gets good fast. The talk is candid and uncensored as Ryan, Channing and Fred pick the brains of two of the greatest athletes of all time. The men talk business, family, sports and legacy for one or the most riveting conversations. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2022
A-Rod Opens Up on the Highs & Lows of his Career to Becoming a Business Mogul
Alex Rodriguez joins The Pivot in a revealing and emotional tell-all conversation from growing up to baseball to business to personal relationships and how it impacted the man he is today.  The 14x All Star welcomes Ryan, Channing and Fred to his business headquarters in south Florida where a rare and unguarded ARod shares his experiences and the lessons he's learned along the way. "Such a humiliating time in my life...I was too much of a narcissist to think about taking my life, but that's just because I was so damn arrogant," Alex opens up about his PED suspension. Not holding back, Alex breaks down the pain he felt during his suspension and the amount of work he had to do mentally to return to baseball and getting his life back on track. Admittingly, he reveals how the person he was pre suspension is a version of himself he didn't like. Championing his time in therapy and how it saved his life, Alex talks about the dark times and hitting rock bottom. Sharing his personal story, in a heartfelt plea, he reminds anyone listening to this conversation who may be going through rough times to never give up because if he gave up, he wouldn't be sitting here today.  Reverting back to his childhood and growing up with his mom and siblings, Alex explains how his roots were developed and the simple things he learned as a child are the same core values he applies in his everyday adult life. Focusing on generational wealth and using his mom and family as motivation, the All Star turned Business Mogul shares how he took a little bit of money and built an empire in his life after baseball. From real estate investment, to technology to owning a NBA team- Alex describes the journey and his mentors along the way, including Magic Johnson, Warren Buffett and business partner Marc Lore, who helped provide a blueprint in business.   Turning the focus to family and being a girl dad, Ryan relates to some of the struggles they face walking the line between being a "cool dad" but also a protective one. Alex jokes that his family is very 2022 when he describes how he co-parents with ex-wife Cynthia and her husband while raising their girls together and doing joint family trips. Channing jokingly refers to himself and ARod as dimes and talks to Miami's most eligible bachelor about relationships and what it's like to be Alex Rodriguez trying to date.  Channing goes on to address the rumor of Alex having a reputation of being a bad teammate- the guys ask him about playing with Derek Jeter and if any animosity ever existed between the two iconic Yankee teammates.  As the conversation is wrapping...the guys are joined by a special guest when Floyd Mayweather drops by and sits down to talk with the guys. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 05, 2022
2x Super Bowl Champ Malcolm Jenkins Announces Retirement & Talks What’s Next
After announcing his NFL retirement on the Pivot Podcast, Malcolm Jenkins had an in-depth conversation with Ryan, Channing and Fred about life after football and lessons he’s learned along the way. Culminating a 13 year illustrious NFL career, Malcolm’s decision comes at a time when the 2x Super Bowl champ is ready to embrace a career change with efforts focused on film production and furthering his aspirations for cultural change. Channing talks about all the highs and lows of his career on the field while making a joke about not modeling his play after Ryan, who was known for his physicality while playing. “I wanted to save my body so I couldn’t play like Ryan,” jokes Malcolm. Ryan speaks with Malcolm about some of his efforts over the years to unite change and being outspoken for action in regards to equality and empowering women. Malcolm says without the empowerment of women and putting them in the forefront of life and business, we are at a disadvantage. Fred asks about his rocky relationship with Drew Brees and if the two have mended fences since the 2020 remarks from his former quarterback. Channing says he won’t be invited to Brees’ HOF induction and they laugh it off as Malcolm opens up that one person he has reached out to for leadership and mentorship is Jay Z. “It took me over a year to think about the right question to ask him when I had my chance so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for that first conversation,” Malcolm tells the guys. “He since has gone on to help shape some of my efforts with life after football.” Bonding over fatherhood, the guys discuss how parenting has changed over the years and how spending time with their children makes them better men, challenging them to be at their best always. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 01, 2022
Jalen Ramsey on Super Bowl win, Golden Tate feud, NFL contracts & Jacksonville
Jalen Ramsey on winning a Super Bowl, leaving Jacksonville, Golden Tate feud and his top WRs in the game. In his first interview since winning the Super Bowl, All Pro Jalen Ramsey sits down with The Pivot to share his journey to his first NFL Championship. Reflecting back to playing on sport's biggest stage, Jalen describes an unexpected play that caught him on the wrong end of Cincinnati's big score and admits there was nothing he could do but laugh to himself and say, "That was crazy, that really happened in the Super Bowl..I was for real laughing. Like, I got scored on in the Super Bowl bro." Jalen jokes how he was probably just as happy as Tampa Bay fans to have Tom Brady back so he no longer will be the last person Tom Brady threw a touchdown on. The conversation shifts to the beginning of his career as Fred asks him to open up about his experiences in Jacksonville and why he really wanted out from that organization. Jalen explains his disappointment from draft day with hopes he would be the first defensive player off the board or end up the #4 pick with the Dallas Cowboys. Channing commends Jalen for making the moves to get out of an organization and compares it to Fred's decision to stay with a team who had no chance of winning. Ryan and Channing dig into the off the field rumors and ask what really transpired between Jalen and Golden Tate, the mother of his children's brother. Referencing ongoing feuds, Fred asks who Jalen would rather face in a celebrity boxing match: Golden Tate or AJ Green to which the All Pro answers, AJ Green. Jalen expresses his love for being a girl dad and how he cares more what they think of him as a man than any of his football accolades. As the conversation wraps, Ryan puts Jalen in the hot seat to name his top five wide receivers currently in the league which he struggles to get them out in order before ranking the four DBs after him. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 30, 2022
Sportscaster Taylor Rooks: The way I look shouldn’t determine how good I am at my job
The multi talented sports journalist and broadcaster, Taylor Rooks, joins the Pivot to talk all topics from working as a female in sports, to dealing with physical appearance being a career factor to overcoming questions about her personal life while trying to keep the headlines focused on her interviews, not who she’s dating. Taylor shares her story and how she carved a niche for herself as one of the top females interviewers in sports media and how the climb in the industry is a struggle everyday. Channing comes right out and addresses the rumors swirling the internet about her personal relationships which she says is frustrating but always false! “Just because I stand next to someone or have chemistry in an interview doesn’t mean I’m dating them,” Taylor responded. Fred dives into the what they future holds for Taylor and if motherhood is something she is worries about affecting her career and Ryan talks about how the industry is changing and the respect Taylor has earned from the exclusive access to interviews she’s done. Tackling each day, Taylor shared wisdom she took from Serena Williams about always striving to be be better from one day to the next. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2022
First Take's Stephen A. Smith on Fame, Kyrie, Iverson, Dating & Being #1 on Sports TV
Stephen A. Smith welcomes Channing, Fred and Ryan into his home for a special edition of The Pivot. Working together at ESPN, Ryan and Stephen A. talk about how their relationship got off to a rocky start and how the two men were able to eventually figure it out and come to good terms. Never one to hold back his opinion, Stephen A. shares his thoughts on topics ranging from his personal life to Kyrie to James Harden partying to the Iverson days to taking over "First Take" from Skip Bayless. The former college athlete details his journey into sports media and growing up in a household of women who were his toughest critics. "I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I would be in a position where I'd walk into an arena and be more popular than 90% of the players," Stephen A. tells the guys as he opens up about his current stardom. Ryan talks about some of the more controversial stories Stephen A has sounded off on over the years including Colin Kaepernick, race issues and being suspended from ESPN. Rounding out the conversation, Fred talks about making mistakes along the way and relationships with athletes as Stephen A says: I don't try to protect players from being accountable, I try to protect players from being character assassinated for who they are,". Prying about the mysterious personal life of Stephen A. and why that is something he chooses not to share with the world, Channing says, "Why not talk about it, I mean I've seen your house, I'd date you". The First Take host jokingly responds, "I never ask anyone about their personal life, ever, So I don't answer questions about mine." FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2022
Former NBA star Michael Beasley Breaks Down Talking Loss, Kevin Durant & Needing Help
We sat down to talk to Michael Beasley about basketball and ended up having one of the most powerful and honest conversations... The former Number 2 NBA pick, Beasley opens up about his life without basketball and how he feels helpless and alone in a world once filled with money and fame. Breaking down how everyone in his life has stolen from him and created a narrative based on their own judgements of his reactions, Beasley tell Ryan, Fred and Channing how he’s done trying and ready to give up. Fighting through emotions, the guys talk his nba career, the loss of his mother, relationship with Kevin Durant and his current mental health as they try to work through what comes next for the once NBA superstar. Beas finds it important to talk about his own narrative instead of letting everyone think they know what goes on his life. Never judge a book by its cover, we all have stories and journeys that lead us to where we are in life. No matter who we are, we all need help along the way. We commend Beas for opening up and sharing his story and for the vulnerability to help impact others. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out and talk about it, holding things in does none of us any good. Mental Health is not something to take lightly. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 15, 2022
Antonio Brown on Longtime Feud with Ryan Clark, NFL Exits, Tom Brady, Kanye & What Team is Next
With all the recent interviews and media surrounding Antonio Brown, the conversation today as he joins The Pivot is raw, real and honest as it comes.  Antonio Brown clears the air with Ryan, talks about his NFL exits, gratitude for Tom Brady, relationship with Kanye, what's next for him as he looks to make his NFL return with sights set on Dallas as a possible home.  Sitting down for the first time since their longtime feud, Ryan And AB talk about how their once close friendship as teammates fizzled into years of animosity. Ryan shares his side as AB fires back on his thoughts of what went wrong- Claiming the other guys on team were jealous of his contract as a young player, Ryan pushes back that no one cared about the money, they were bothered when AB felt like he was the team and the final straw was his aggression towards HOF coach Dick Lebeau. The two hash it out and then go into Tampa situation and why other quarterbacks should trust AB in the future, referencing how it ended with Big Ben and Tom Brady. AB immediately shares his gratitude for Tom Brady and upmost respect for him changing his life and giving him a chance when he was in a dark place but says he can't control what the organization does. AB relies on Ryan to back him up on how only the ones in Pittsburgh knew how Bruce Arians treated him back then and how it carried over to Tampa years later. "Only you and I know what it was like..." Fred comes from a different point recalling their training days together and how much talent AB showed and how he's always been one of his favorite players.  Channing can't help himself as he dives into the female topic and asks AB what really went on the night before NY game with the girl which leads into a conversation about relationships, sex before games as AB tells him he is a different breed! AB opens up about his plans for the future and upcoming surgery, his music career, business relationship with Kanye and why Dallas may be a good home for him. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 09, 2022
Darren Waller: Over 100 Failed Drug Tests to Working in Grocery Store Before NFL Return
After battling years of addiction and drug abuse, NFL Tight End Darren Waller joins The Pivot to tell his story of hitting rock bottom and how he climbed his way back into the league and today is one of the NFL's top players in the game. Darren details his addiction battle starting at a young age and takes the guys through years of him playing at the college and NFL level where he played most of his early career under the influence. It started off with pain medicine to pills and spiraled into anything that could give him a quick fix. Playing through so many games high and lying to teammates, coaches, friends and family was the hardest part of his battle. Fred relates to how difficult playing through injury causes dependence on pain medication and how the addiction can creep up on you when it becomes part of a normal routine. Ryan asks what was the moment that flipped the switch for him to know that he needed to change...And Darren recalls a terrifying incident where he pulled into a parking lot and sat in his car breaking out into convulsions before waking up hours later all alone in a cold sweat not knowing where he was. At the time, His trainers for the Baltimore Ravens said his toxicology report indicated if he didn't get medical help he wouldn't be able to survive much longer which led him into the NFL Drug Rehab program. Through long periods of work and recovery, Darren wasn't sure if football would be in his future again and he humbly began a job at a grocery store stocking shelves and bagging goods. Channing in awe of his size, makes the joke that he had to be the largest human in the aisles everyday and what customers would do when they saw him. Since his comeback, the Las Vegas Raiders Tight End has played his best football the past couple years, being named to the Pro Bowl and more importantly has found balance and alternatives to keep his mind at peace away from the field. Darren spends a lot of his free time recording music, podcasting, volunteering and connecting with nature and faith. After a lot of off the field issues and mishaps overshadowed the Raiders on field success, Waller expressed his excitement for new head coach Josh McDaniels to bring an offensive mindset to the organization and a positive change in the locker room as well. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2022
Jana Kramer on Overcoming Infidelity & Healing from Divorce & Guys Talk Sex Addiction & Micro Penises
Star Actress, singer & podcaster Jana Kramer opens up to the guys after her recent divorce and describes how she was able to find peace again.  Jana doesn't hold back in an emotional and pivotal conversation of how she found a way to climb up after hitting rock bottom in her marriage and family life dealing with very public relationship issues. Being in the spotlight, everyone thinks you have a perfect life until it becomes headlines that your husband is a sex addict and habitual cheater. The cycle of abuse and taking someone back to preserve family values was the hardest situation to bounce back from Kramer explained.  After being married to ex NFLer Mike Caussin, Jana battled through infidelity and her ex going to rehab for sex addiction which spins the conversation as Channing and the guys question whether sex addiciton is really a thing or just an excuse for being a cheater.  The chart topping songstress, with a current number one single Story right now, details that reality of heartbreak and humiliation on how she handled everything playing out on the public stage and even did a show about it. Ryan tells Jana how in their culture, black women often protect their men not sharing what goes on with their relationships outside of the home so he is curious why Jana chose to openly share about her situation.  "I felt if I could help one person heal or learn from my experience then it was worth it," Kramer said. Fred doesn't find her actions petty or weak, he tells Jana she is brave for sharing and being able to bounce back stronger than before.  Kramer says how she was made to believe that the NFL locker rooms breed this type of behavior and the guys are the first to say that is not the case. Ryan speaks up immediately saying the locker room has some very good men and bad choices are a reflection of the person you are not an excuse for your environment. Of course Channing digs further into the sexual conversations and calls out Jana on a recent headline about her new boyfriend having a small penis which she laughs off and says is definitely not the case- "Having a micro penis is not what I said or what he has,"! Continuing the light and humorous tone, Channing challenges Jana to a sing off with Little Mermaid as the two break out into a duet, as they bond over parenting and always wanting a better life for your children.  FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 01, 2022
Ryan, Channing & Fred Reflect on Starting The Pivot, Talk Life on the Road & What's Next
After a wild and busy 7 weeks, Ryan, Channing and Fred sit down to reflect about life on the road, the grind launching The Pivot and share some of their best moments along the way. Ryan talks about the various guests we've had and the team's approach in searching out stories and traveling location to location to get it done. Fred leans in on the hustle and camaraderie between the guys and Channing shares his laughable moments as well as the teachable ones. Reflecting on the guests so far, the shows we've done and looking ahead for a preview of what's to come, It's all about the lessons learned and how to accept, adjust and move forward. We appreciate all of you rocking with us and joining us on this journey, we are just getting started! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2022
Ricky Williams: Failed Drug Tests, NFL Exit & Life Now
Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams opens up to Ryan, Channing and Fred on all the mystery surrounding his former NFL career as he went from one of the league's best running back's to a man living off the grid. Ricky tells the guys that playing in the league isn't for everyone and that it can be defined as crazy if you try to stay longer than your meant to be, even if your talent is at a high. Channing gets Ricky to open up about some specific moments and takes the chance to call him out on some of his questionable stances he took in the league as well as off the field. From failing drug tests to dressing in women's clothing to his free spirit approach to his personal life. The bond over the running back position between Fred and Ricky lead to talks about his incredible play on the field and the pace of him being one of the best rushers in the league and a hall of fame running back. Ryan poses the question, did the running back great leave the league far too soon before he really left his mark in the history books. The guys switch gears and talk about opportunities with HBCU's, despite going to a predominantly white college, Ricky has become a major advocate for working with the colleges. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2022
The LA Rams are Super Bowl Champions: Aaron Donald is 1 of 1
It's the first weekend without football, so we had to drop something to close out the season and what better way than to do a show from the home of the Super Bowl Champion LA Rams! Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris fresh off the Super Bowl parade sits down with Ryan, Channing and Fred for a celebratory conversation and look into the Rams comeback win against the Bengals. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 20, 2022
Floyd Mayweather on Logan Paul claims & not flying commercial in over 20 years
Floyd Mayweather answers Logan Paul claims, talks legacy, toughest opponent and relationships. The night before Super Bowl Sunday and the Champ himself sits down with Channing, Fred and Ryan to talk about life's pivots and opens up about his journey of becoming who he is today. Floyd attributes his success to making his dad proud and said one thing always at the forefront of his mind was to never let his father down. In boxing and in life, having the right people around you is everything and being able to put trust in himself has allowed him to excel in all areas. Being a father and watching his children grow and evolve is his biggest worry because of how life is so different than it was and it's not the same as it was for him as it is for them. Having many titles and accolades around the world, Floyd's most cherished name to go by today is "paw paw" and being a grandfather to KJ, the son of Iyanna Mayweather and rapper NBA Youngboy, is one of his greatest joys. Describing his journey of working from the ground up, putting in his own blood, sweat and tears...Floyd's approach paved the way for other athletes and entertainers to be their own boss and always wanted to be on a different path as he transitioned from boxer to promoter to iconic businessman. Quieting the accusations that the wealthy athlete owes Logan Paul money from their exhibition, Floyd explains that these types of claims come with the territory and that it's not money he personally owes to Logan but money that still comes in on the backend of PPV fights. He says that certain people should be appreciative of their biggest payday they had in life and be patient. Ryan starts explaining his excitement with his row one flight accommodations as Floyd interrupts asking what A1 means and confused that boarding passes are now on phone admittingly saying it's been almost 20 years since he has flown commercial. When Channing asks how he moves about the world, Floyd says let me show you- he grabs his phone and calls his pilot who is on stand by and ready to fly on a moment's notice. Chiming in on Floyd's infamous saying, having one is closer to having none, Ryan and Channing start digging in and ask about the women and at what point will Floyd be able to settle down and want to do "old man" stuff....the champ laughs it off and says what's for everybody else may not be for him. Before closing out the show, Ryan asks Floyd who his toughest opponent in the ring was and as a surprise to some, Floyd answers long time rival Manny Pacquiao who he defeated 10-2 in the ring. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 15, 2022
Super Bowl Weekend in LA with Terrell Owens
T.O. calls former agent Drew Rosenhaus a snake and discusses beef he has had with others over the years before he explains why he’s riding with his old team in Cincy to be Super Bowl champions. But before the episode gets started, Ryan addresses the public words exchanged between himself and T.O. over social media and how things got twisted into their blow up that they settle. Ryan and Fred peel back the many layers of Terrell Owens and uncover the true reason why he didn’t show up in Canton for his HOF induction and what really defines him as a person life after football. Not holding back, Terrell says how he really feels about his former agent Drew Rosenhaus referring to him as a snake and a person that can’t be trusted. As the conversation carries on, the banter between T.O. and Channing heats up about age, retiring, name calling and of course women! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 11, 2022
BeastMode Super Bowl Week
You asked and we delivered- It’s Super Bowl week and we are in Beast Mode. An exclusive sit down discussing the highs and lows with Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn joins Fred, Channing and Ryan this week on The Pivot for an in-depths and wide open conversation ranging from childhood to becoming International BeastMode. Talking off the field troubles, to family life, to infamous media battles to his running back fame to winning a Super Bowl...the discussion spans over a decade into reflection and perception of who the real Marshawn Lynch vs what the world sees. Not holding back, Fred, leads the conversation and gets right into it asking Marshawn how he has been able to parlay his story and career, the good and bad, into global stardom. “Most Athletes wouldn’t part with a check to be themselves but the path you’ve taken is just that..” He explains that loyalty is the most expensive thing he’s received in his life and opens up on how and why he treated the media a certain way while also detailing the biggest Pivots he’s had to make. Ryan asks about his approach to brands and controversial answers he’s given wondering if it was all part of the plan to distinguish himself in the light he has. Asking the tough questions and admiring his journey, the guys sit back and allow Marshawn to tell his side of things and answer the questions we've all wanted to know over the years. Marshawn opens up about the one thing that truly made him second guess his actions and that was the short time he didn’t speak with his mom, he realized how his life was off and that being a Mama’s boy is him inside and out. Channing closes out the show sharing a story of how him and Marshawn would hang nights before games but then go at it hard on the field every Sunday! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 08, 2022
Hue Jackson Same As Brian Flores?
The Audacity of HOPE...With the recent news of Brian Flores coming out with a lawsuit against the NFL, other coaches and players are speaking up too. During a phone conversation earlier today (published on @thepivot), Fred and Ryan talked to Coach Jackson to ask him about his tweet supporting Flores and reassuring his stance and legal action against the NFL. The tweet alluded to the fact that Jackson has evidence of similar situations happening to him during his short tenure with Cleveland and willing to offer those materials to strengthen his case. Former NFL Head Coach Hue Jackson joins the Pivot to talk about his experience of being a black coach in the NFL and similar situations he was faced with while working with the Cleveland Browns and other teams around the league. "They don't want to hire people who look like us," Coach Jackson tells the guys. Ryan, who played 8 years for Coach Mike Tomlin, says it takes a special person to be able to be a leader of all men, especially at the NFL level and he commends Tomlin on being that person all these year but also understands that Coach T did what he had to do to win. Jackson pushed back a little on Ryan saying he wished Tomlin did more to bring black coaches under his tree. The episode goes further to explain Hue's role in HBCU's and how that may be the only future black coaches have in succeeding. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 02, 2022
Being Nyjah Huston
Kicking off Black History Month with star power, Nyjah Huston joins The Pivot to talk about his rise to the top and managing the pressures of success and stardom. Sitting down with Ryan, Fred and Channing, Nyjah describes his childhood with a Rastafarian upbringing and how his strict lifestyle growing up with his father shaped the man he is today. Despite not speaking in over six years, Nyjah credits his father for helping him stay the course to becoming the best at his craft and providing him with the discipline to rewrite the history books. The guys discuss the differences fear and injury play into skateboarding while comparing it to football and the game they played for years. As the highest paid skateboarder living a young, loose lifestyle in Southern California, Channing and Ryan don’t miss the chance to ask Nyjah to dish on his bachelor lifestyle and what it’s like to be a single young black man who has With years at the top winning back to back championships and events, Nyjah explains to Fred that it was hard to tune out the naysayers but he remained humble and grounded which ultimately allowed him to bounce back and Pivot when an unexpected fall came his way. After a disappointing Olympics performance where he was the gold favorite, Nyjah took time to reflect upon the experience and open up on what went wrong and the aftermath of his experience. Joined by Chervin Jafarieh, Founder of Cymbiotica, who is a mentor and spiritual coach to Nyjah, the conversation further explores the importance of mental wellness and the necessary habits to sustain success at a high level and obtain optimal results in athletics as well as all areas of life. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 01, 2022
NFL Championship Weekend: The Price of Pain with Taylor Lewan
It was a Nashville kind of night when Titans Tackle Taylor Lewan joined Fred, Ryan and Channing on a special episode of the Pivot. Lewan, host of Bussin' with Boys, comes ready to have an open and somewhat painful conversation with the guys talking everything from football to life to well...pain. After falling short to the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional game this past Sunday, Taylor explains what went wrong to cause the AFC's #1 seed to be knocked out . "I didn't see it coming, we practiced harder and sharper than we did all season leading into that game," Lewan said. But as the guys pressed him on the inner workings of the team, Taylor defended his quarterback Ryan Tannehill saying he isn't the bad player everyone is making him out to be, he just didn't have the best day. The guys discuss the match ups heading into Championship weekend and why experience sometimes can exceed talent. Ryan and Taylor banter back and forth about him being a bully on the field, especially to DB's while Fred admires the mental toughness and dawg instincts the Pro Bowl Tackle possesses. The "Taylor to Taylor" respect continues as the former running back admires a lineman ready to lead the way through oncoming traffic on the field and relates to the mindset needed to play that position. Ryan asks the group what's the most pain they've experienced and the varied responses take on a conversation of their own, Pivoting from turf toe to rashes to well...the misuse of icy hot! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 28, 2022
5x Super Bowl Champ Charles Haley
5x Super Bowl Champion- 49er Cowboy and Hall of Famer Charles Haley joins The Pivot Podcast this week in a rare sit down and look back into his life on and off the field. As a player who spent his storied career avoiding the media and cameras off the field, the NFL’s long time bad boy doesn’t come in softly and fires off from the start, letting the guys know- Franchises don’t make the players, the players make the franchises. Alluding that this generation of players is softer than it was back in his day- Haley admits he doesn't watch much football because it's different now. “I’d talk about your mom, your wife , your kids, friends whoever because I needed to know who I’m playing with and know if you are a dawg or not,” Haley says. Fascinated by his larger than life persona, the guys try to tap in to his mindset on and off the field and why he developed such a bad reputation from walking around naked, to the infamous White House stories, to fighting with teammates to someone who should have been a first ballot Hall Of Famer.” Charles talks about only having one regret in his career and the differences between playing for the 49ers and the Cowboys. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 25, 2022
"I Have Crabs"
It’s Friday and we have a fun one for you! Ryan, Channing and Fred find themselves in Vegas with a last minute guest cancellation because of Covid so they decide to do a show with just the three of them which leads from one crazy topic to the next! Discussing the new Covid protocols of intimacy- Channing doesn’t hold back on his thoughts and recalls a story from his college football days of when he had crabs and didn’t know what to do during practice. Completely uncut and detailed, Fred covers his head as the story becomes more and more crazy. Ryan questions how they even ended up at this story. A new episode of The Pivot releases every Tuesday at noon eastern with special shows releasing on Fridays. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2022
NFL Playoffs & The OG MVP: Brady or Rodgers?
With the NFL Playoffs underway, Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder are in Unc Mode as they sit down to reminisce about their playing days during the post season and also how they handled confrontation as well as disappointment over the years. Channing talks about fighting with a teammate in the locker room over something insignificant looking back how he had to apply that to his current life as he is a mentor and coach for younger generations. Ryan talks about how the approach has changed from being combative to learning how to move forward in life while Fred says it's important to have thick skin. Ryan and Fred talk about their postseason runs as players and the experiences they have relating it to current situations guys face today. Channing doesn't miss the opportunity to mix up the conversation with some laughs and bust on Ryan about some of his health issues over the years and referring to him as hollow. The three guys debate over the NFL's current MVP between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady making cases for both OG quarterbacks as well as who they feel will be the Super Bowl Champ after wildcard weekend. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 18, 2022
Dallas Cowboys Star & Legend: Micah Parsons & Michael Irvin
Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons who was named to the NFL‘s AP ALL-Pro Defensive team sits down for an exclusive conversation with The Pivot Podcast. Ryan, Fred and Channing make a special trip to Dallas to visit the Cowboys Rookie two nights before his first NFL playoff game. Starting the night off with a friendly game of scrabble, Ryan calls out Micah for his competitive nature which leads the guys into a discussion about Micah’s journey to the NFL and his life on and off the field. Opening up about his struggles and strides as a rookie, Fred and Ryan offer their veteran perspective while listening to a wise beyond his years young man tell his most pivotal moments in his first year. The OGs are blown away by Micah’s humility and passion to be the best which make his attention to detail more significant Of course Channing doesn’t miss the chance to ask about Micah’s personal life as a young single man playing for the most storied franchise in sports which leads to a lot of laughs comparing Channing’s career approach to everyone else’s. As the conversation is wrapping up, Hall Of Famer and legendary Cowboy Michael Irvin surprises the guys when he walks through the door and sits down next to Micah. Sharing his vision and giving a past and present peek into what wearing the star represents. The Dallas Cowboys host the San Francisco 49ers Sunday in a NFC Wild Card Match Up at 430pm est. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2022
Is Marvin Lewis Returning to the NFL?
The next NFL Coach and living in the shadows of famous fathers...Marvin Lewis sits with Ryan, Channing and Fred in a rare and open conversation about life, his long tenure in the NFL and coaching some of the league’s more controversial players over the years. The group is joined by Ryan’s son Jordan - a defensive back for Arizona State University who details what it’s like being the son a star athlete. The inside stories and laughs go from Coach Lewis facing Ryan in division match ups to creating defensive schemes to stop Fred to Channing’s carefree off the field attitude sharing funny personal stories over the years. Marvin talks Super Bowl defense of the Ravens, four decades of coaching and his current stance on whether he will return to the NFL. It’s not easy for black coaches to get another run but he is ready to return and eager to answer the call from a NFL team. Channing asks Marvin about Chad as a player and if any of the antics bothered him while after asks what was the most disappointing thing Chad did as a player. Coach Lewis also sets the record straight about Chad living in the stadium and gives inside perspective to what went on behind the scenes of coaching the infamous wide receiver duo of Chad and Terrell Owens. Having two talented players who happened to be the league’s biggest personalities in the same locker room made for interesting stories in Cincinnati. Marvin, currently working as a Special Advisor to Head Coach Herm Edwards at Arizona State University, is now coaching the next generation of his NFL players which happen to be familiar names. Ocho’s son, Chad Johnson Jr is a wide receiver and Jordan Clark, Ryan’s son, who plays defense for the Sun Devils. Channing refers to Jordan as a trust fund kid because of who his father is and asks if that affects how he carries himself on and off the field. But to their surprise, Fred and Channing are both blown away by Jordan’s maturity and approach to the game while Marvin talks on the similarities and differences between these young men and their fathers as players. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 11, 2022
Ocho Talks Antonio Brown
In a special edition of The Pivot Podcast, Chad Johnson joins Ryan, Fred and Channing to talk everything AB and provide a player, friend and teammate perspective to the situation. Chad makes it clear that he loves AB while the guys don’t disagree with his playing ability but wonder if this time Antonio Brown has taken it too far and played his last down in the NFL. Chad, a new father, of baby girl Serenity, enjoys his first moments out of the house chopping it up with the fellas and gives a lot of laughs! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 10, 2022
The Truth
In a candid and respectful conversation, Channing and Fred open up and explain how they arrived at this point and the reason behind The Pivot of leaving their former show, I Am Athlete. Sometimes things just don't work out - as Fred explains to Ryan Clark, the behind the scenes moves that lead them to this decision. The three men discuss business and how pivoting is a part of life and at some point we all have to make tough decisions and change directions. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 04, 2022