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The Pivot Podcast hosted by former NFL Stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor & Ryan Clark.

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NFL Playoffs & The OG MVP: Brady or Rodgers?
With the NFL Playoffs underway, Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder are in Unc Mode as they sit down to reminisce about their playing days during the post season and also how they handled confrontation as well as disappointment over the years. Channing talks about fighting with a teammate in the locker room over something insignificant looking back how he had to apply that to his current life as he is a mentor and coach for younger generations. Ryan talks about how the approach has changed from being combative to learning how to move forward in life while Fred says it's important to have thick skin. Ryan and Fred talk about their postseason runs as players and the experiences they have relating it to current situations guys face today. Channing doesn't miss the opportunity to mix up the conversation with some laughs and bust on Ryan about some of his health issues over the years and referring to him as hollow. The three guys debate over the NFL's current MVP between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady making cases for both OG quarterbacks as well as who they feel will be the Super Bowl Champ after wildcard weekend. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK |
Jan 18, 2022
Dallas Cowboys Star & Legend: Micah Parsons & Michael Irvin
Dallas Cowboys Micah Parsons who was named to the NFL‘s AP ALL-Pro Defensive team sits down for an exclusive conversation with The Pivot Podcast. Ryan, Fred and Channing make a special trip to Dallas to visit the Cowboys Rookie two nights before his first NFL playoff game. Starting the night off with a friendly game of scrabble, Ryan calls out Micah for his competitive nature which leads the guys into a discussion about Micah’s journey to the NFL and his life on and off the field. Opening up about his struggles and strides as a rookie, Fred and Ryan offer their veteran perspective while listening to a wise beyond his years young man tell his most pivotal moments in his first year. The OGs are blown away by Micah’s humility and passion to be the best which make his attention to detail more significant Of course Channing doesn’t miss the chance to ask about Micah’s personal life as a young single man playing for the most storied franchise in sports which leads to a lot of laughs comparing Channing’s career approach to everyone else’s. As the conversation is wrapping up, Hall Of Famer and legendary Cowboy Michael Irvin surprises the guys when he walks through the door and sits down next to Micah. Sharing his vision and giving a past and present peek into what wearing the star represents. The Dallas Cowboys host the San Francisco 49ers Sunday in a NFC Wild Card Match Up at 430pm est. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK |
Jan 15, 2022
Is Marvin Lewis Returning to the NFL?
The next NFL Coach and living in the shadows of famous fathers...Marvin Lewis sits with Ryan, Channing and Fred in a rare and open conversation about life, his long tenure in the NFL and coaching some of the league’s more controversial players over the years. The group is joined by Ryan’s son Jordan - a defensive back for Arizona State University who details what it’s like being the son a star athlete. The inside stories and laughs go from Coach Lewis facing Ryan in division match ups to creating defensive schemes to stop Fred to Channing’s carefree off the field attitude sharing funny personal stories over the years. Marvin talks Super Bowl defense of the Ravens, four decades of coaching and his current stance on whether he will return to the NFL. It’s not easy for black coaches to get another run but he is ready to return and eager to answer the call from a NFL team. Channing asks Marvin about Chad as a player and if any of the antics bothered him while after asks what was the most disappointing thing Chad did as a player. Coach Lewis also sets the record straight about Chad living in the stadium and gives inside perspective to what went on behind the scenes of coaching the infamous wide receiver duo of Chad and Terrell Owens. Having two talented players who happened to be the league’s biggest personalities in the same locker room made for interesting stories in Cincinnati. Marvin, currently working as a Special Advisor to Head Coach Herm Edwards at Arizona State University, is now coaching the next generation of his NFL players which happen to be familiar names. Ocho’s son, Chad Johnson Jr is a wide receiver and Jordan Clark, Ryan’s son, who plays defense for the Sun Devils. Channing refers to Jordan as a trust fund kid because of who his father is and asks if that affects how he carries himself on and off the field. But to their surprise, Fred and Channing are both blown away by Jordan’s maturity and approach to the game while Marvin talks on the similarities and differences between these young men and their fathers as players. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK |
Jan 11, 2022
Ocho Talks Antonio Brown
In a special edition of The Pivot Podcast, Chad Johnson joins Ryan, Fred and Channing to talk everything AB and provide a player, friend and teammate perspective to the situation. Chad makes it clear that he loves AB while the guys don’t disagree with his playing ability but wonder if this time Antonio Brown has taken it too far and played his last down in the NFL. Chad, a new father, of baby girl Serenity, enjoys his first moments out of the house chopping it up with the fellas and gives a lot of laughs! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK |
Jan 10, 2022
The Truth
In a candid and respectful conversation, Channing and Fred open up and explain how they arrived at this point and the reason behind The Pivot of leaving their former show, I Am Athlete. Sometimes things just don't work out - as Fred explains to Ryan Clark, the behind the scenes moves that lead them to this decision. The three men discuss business and how pivoting is a part of life and at some point we all have to make tough decisions and change directions. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: YOUTUBE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK |
Jan 04, 2022