Moment of Um

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Category: Education for Kids

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Science Fiction Guy
 Jan 16, 2023

 Jun 20, 2022
I love moment of Umm on brains on 😍

 Mar 20, 2022
Its a great podcast!5stars!


Moment of Um is your daily answer to those questions that pop up out of nowhere and make you go… ummmmmmm. Brought to you by your friends at Brains On at APM Studios.

Episode Date
Why is pee yellow?
May 30, 2024
Why were animals bigger in the past?
May 29, 2024
Why do sharks have to keep moving to stay alive?
May 28, 2024
How does your skin make a rash?
May 27, 2024
What’s the difference between AM and FM radio waves?
May 24, 2024
Why does ice help with swelling?
May 23, 2024
Why are spicy foods spicy?
May 22, 2024
Why does the sun stay in one place?
May 21, 2024
Do birds build a new nest every year?
May 20, 2024
When were tattoos first invented?
May 17, 2024
How did the days of the week get their names?
May 16, 2024
When were movies first made?
May 15, 2024
When were sewing machines first invented?
May 14, 2024
When did people start having pets?
May 13, 2024
How do drums work?
May 10, 2024
Why are bees black and yellow?
May 09, 2024
Why does your breath smell worse in the morning?
May 08, 2024
Why does hot sauce make your nose run?
May 07, 2024
Why is bird poop white?
May 06, 2024
How do you become a NASA astronaut?
May 03, 2024
How do shells get their shape?
May 02, 2024
Do snakes barf?
May 01, 2024
What happens when you pour salt on a snail?
Apr 30, 2024
What makes a good paper airplane?
Apr 29, 2024
How do birds make their eggs?
Apr 26, 2024
Do spiders have ears?
Apr 25, 2024
What would happen if it rained oobleck?
Apr 24, 2024
Do mice really like cheese?
Apr 23, 2024
How is wood made into paper?
Apr 22, 2024
How far has any astronaut traveled?
Apr 19, 2024
Do fish have tongues?
Apr 18, 2024
Are birds related to bats?
Apr 17, 2024
Why do bats sleep upside down?
Apr 16, 2024
Where does cinnamon come from?
Apr 15, 2024
What happens when big trucks roll over bacteria on roads?
Apr 12, 2024
Where does a candle go when it burns?
Apr 11, 2024
Why do bees buzz?
Apr 10, 2024
When your eyes are closed, are your pupils big or small?
Apr 09, 2024
How do cameras take photos and videos?
Apr 08, 2024
How and when did jokes start, and why?
Apr 05, 2024
What happens when lightning strikes water?
Apr 04, 2024
Why does bread change color and texture in the toaster?
Apr 03, 2024
Do worms sleep?
Apr 02, 2024
Which is older, the sun or the moon?
Apr 01, 2024
How can parrots mimic other sounds?
Mar 22, 2024
Can a moon have a moon?
Mar 21, 2024
If ants like sweet things, why don't they attack beehives?
Mar 20, 2024
What is tree bark made of?
Mar 19, 2024
How do vacuum cleaners work?
Mar 18, 2024
Would a flashlight turn on at lightspeed?
Mar 15, 2024
Why do we jump when we get scared?
Mar 14, 2024
How do microphones work?
Mar 13, 2024
Why do our lips get chapped?
Mar 12, 2024
Do eyeballs grow?
Mar 11, 2024
How do mushrooms grow if they don’t have seeds?
Mar 08, 2024
Do fish have allergies?
Mar 07, 2024
How do skunks spray their stink?
Mar 06, 2024
If the earth had rings, could we see them?
Mar 05, 2024
How do prescription glasses work?
Mar 04, 2024
What does earwax do for your ear?
Mar 01, 2024
What are eyebrows for?
Feb 29, 2024
What do germs and bacteria eat?
Feb 28, 2024
If hair is dead, how does it grow?
Feb 27, 2024
Why do we need toes?
Feb 26, 2024
Where do carrot seeds come from?
Feb 23, 2024
Why is air invisible?
Feb 22, 2024
Do cockroaches have hearts?
Feb 21, 2024
How do shoelaces come untied?
Feb 20, 2024
Why are some people lactose intolerant?
Feb 19, 2024
How many germs could we see without a microscope?
Feb 16, 2024
Why do crickets chirp?
Feb 15, 2024
What would happen if you took a party balloon to space?
Feb 14, 2024
Why does the moon change colors?
Feb 13, 2024
What happens if you put too much yeast in bread?
Feb 12, 2024
Why do we use toothpaste?
Feb 09, 2024
What's the sourest thing in the world?
Feb 08, 2024
What's inside teeth?
Feb 07, 2024
Why don't pine trees lose their needles in the winter?
Feb 06, 2024
Why do different countries have different flags?
Feb 05, 2024
Why do we need punctuation marks?
Feb 02, 2024
Why do words sound funny when repeated?
Feb 01, 2024
How does concrete harden?
Jan 31, 2024
Do spiders poop?
Jan 30, 2024
When were coupons invented?
Jan 29, 2024
How does a touch screen work?
Jan 26, 2024
What's the difference between a squid and an octopus?
Jan 25, 2024
How do we get milk from almonds?
Jan 24, 2024
Why are goats' pupils horizontal?
Jan 23, 2024
Do insects have ears?
Jan 22, 2024
Why does bamboo make a chattering sound?
Jan 19, 2024
How do trees make rings?
Jan 18, 2024
Why does steam travel up instead of down?
Jan 17, 2024
How do fish get into lakes?
Jan 16, 2024
Do butterflies sleep?
Jan 15, 2024
Why do I get so sleepy riding in a car?
Jan 12, 2024
Can one black hole eat another black hole?
Jan 11, 2024
Where do the insects go when Venus flytraps eat them?
Jan 10, 2024
How do narwhal tusks grow?
Jan 09, 2024
Why do our personalities change when we’re teenagers?
Jan 08, 2024
Why do fish jump out of the water?
Jan 05, 2024