By Steve Ellington

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Category: Home & Garden

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A podcast about plants for when you’re stuck inside.

Episode Date
episode 033: Ficus and Dallisgrass
Aug 16, 2022
episode 032: Turmeric and Sweet Potato
Aug 09, 2022
Episode 031: Alocasia and Persian Silk Tree
Aug 02, 2022
episode 030: Summer!
Jul 26, 2022
episode 029: Gardenia and Peony
Jul 19, 2022
episode 028: Sassafras!
Jul 12, 2022
episode 027: Arnica and Raspberry
Jul 05, 2022
episode 026: Milkweed and Bärlauch
Jun 28, 2022
episode 025: Virginia Bluebells and Elderberry
Jun 21, 2022
episode 024: Plantago and Oregano

What’s in a name? Apparently, quite a bit. Then Moon talks about about peeling leaves of the edible duct tape of the yard. Later, Steve talks about oregano, lightning and spoiled milk. Finally, we get to the bottom of the mystery of two plants with the same name.

Show Notes
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet on wikipedia
Common Names--Too Many Shared Names from the Wandering Botanist
Plantago on Eat the Weeds
Eat this, common plantain seeds
Herb Society of America Guide to the Genus Origanum
Carvacrol on wiki
Stack exchange thread on lightning and curdled milk
Listen to Goldschatz!

Jun 14, 2022
episode 023: Fennel and Serviceberry

This week on rootbound we talk about berries… and berries that aren’t berries… and things that aren’t berries that are berries. Then Jewel, general manager and creative director of the Gibson describes her resilient fennel plants and various facts about them — including how to repel ghosts. Steve brings visual aids to an audio medium and talks about berries some more. Finally, drinks are made.

Show Notes!
Berry (botany) on wikipedia
Fennel quick facts from the Herb Society of America
What is Kummel?
What is Fennel Pollen and How Should You Use it
Juneberry on Eat the Weeds (with recipes)
BlackForager video on Serviceberry
Cedar-Quince Rust
The Gibson (Jewel’s bar in DC - go there!)

Jun 07, 2022
episode 022: Gorse and Virginia Creeper

Evergreen or Deciduous? Then Eoin talks about a ubiquitous and flammable shrub. He doesn’t know whether he can smell it or not. Steve talks about a creeper that he is inviting to his backyard. Lastly, a song a bout a train.

Show Notes!
Gorse, Furze, Whin
Gorse Flowers on
Gorse and Fire Risk
A Christmas Childhood by Patrick Kavanagh
Gorse Fires by Michael Longley
Virginia Creeper on Wiki
Virginia Creeper on Fassaden Grün
The Last Scream of the Virginia Creeper
New Virginia Creeper by Old Crow Medicine Show
How to spell Eoin

May 31, 2022
episode 021: Peaches!
May 24, 2022
episode 020: Spring!

Record scratch! Vivaldi! This is a special spring episode of rootbound. Steve, Karla, Anwesha and Sinchan talk about spring and how it applies to plants while gazing at the Matterhorn. They also drink whisky.

Show Notes!
The Four Seasons
The Four Seasons Sonnets
The Matterhorn on Wikipedia
Location of Riffelalp
Tussilago (Coltsfoot) on Wiki
The Difference between Corms, Bulbs, Tubers and Rhizomes
Wikipedia on seed stratification
The Rise of the State Machines
Switzerland offers an unexpected trove of rare whiskies

May 17, 2022
episode 019: Jasmine and Silver Maple

This is not the chocolate episode. Then Max talks about the connection between a flower and family. Steve tells about backyard syrup experiments. The episode closes with a song about jasmine and a train ride in the Swiss mountains.

Show Notes!
Lindt Home of Chocolate
Blog about Indonesian jasmine by Lois
Video about jasmine tea scenting
Silver Maple vs Sugar Maple
Matt’s Habitats - DC area foraging walks
How to collect sap and make syrup
Melati Dik Melati
Visuals by Maximilian de Vree

May 10, 2022
episode 018: Crape Myrtle and Goosefoot
May 03, 2022
episode 017: Rhubarb and California Fan Palm
Apr 26, 2022
episode 016: Monstera Deliciosa and English Ivy
Apr 19, 2022
episode 015: Skunk Cabbage and Sunchoke

Wind-loving or Insect-loving? Then a guy named Steve talks about a plant that is not a skunk or a cabbage. Next, another guy named Steve talks about a plant that is not from Jerusalem nor an artichoke.

Show Notes!
Spring’s Weird, Smelly Wonder
Thoreau on What Skunk-Cabbage Can Teach Us About Optimism and the Meaning of Human Life
Jerusalem Artichoke Facts
Portrait of an Urban Beekeeper
Meadow Sweet Apiaries

Apr 12, 2022
episode 014: Wormwood and Plum

Lets ferment! Chantal explains a misunderstood plant and its alcoholic counterpart. Steve talks about the first domesticated fruit… and also alcohol. Later, Steve goes to bar and drinks alcohol.

Ethanol Fermentation on Wikipedia
Wormwood on Wikipedia
The Wormwood Society (Start your absinthe journey here)
NPR story about wormwood
Plums: A brief introduction
Tuica - Romania’s “White Lightning”
Hungary/Romania: Spirited Dispute Looms Over Right To Use Plum Brandy Name In The EU

Cocktails for the End Times — Chantal Tseng’s website.
Check out Chantal Tseng’s events, or get your own custom cocktails recipe, also read Chantal Tseng’s blog

Apr 05, 2022
episode 013: Comfrey and Ash
Mar 29, 2022
episode 012: Mulberry!

Ding ding ding! Another special single plant episode, this time about the mulberry! Stephanie explains her connection to the mulberry and some dazzling details about this ubiquitous but often overlooked tree. Later, Steve does a deep dive on two nursery rhymes.

Show Notes!
What is WWOOFing
Mulberry Wiki
Sericulture Wiki
Cassie Dickson Textiles on Instagram (small scale silk producer)
Here we go round the Mulberry Bush Poem Analysis
Stop Beatin’ ‘Round the Mulberry Bush, Count Basie and his orchestra
Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales, James Orchard Halliwell - 1849
Pop goes the weasel on Wikipedia
The Smarty Pants Podcast hosted by Stephanie Bastek

Mar 22, 2022
episode 011: American Hazelnut and Red Dead-Nettle
Mar 15, 2022
episode 010: Foxtail and Thyme
Mar 08, 2022
episode 009: Corn!

Today’s episode is all about Corn! Raluca and Steve compare notes about that ubiquitous plant. Sponsored by RuBisCo!

Show Notes!
wikipedia on mămăligă
Everything you need to know about Nixtamalization
Cultural ignorance paved the way for pellagra
Gorditas made in the comal (YouTube)
Corn by Blake Shelton (YouTube)

Mar 01, 2022
episode 008: Edelweiss and the Creosote Bush

Steve tries to pronounce Asteraceae. Later Christian explains Edelweiss and trough gardening. The conversation then shifts to a desert bush, chimney fires, Ötzi the Ice Man and Dune. Sponsored by Rocket Greens!

Show Notes!
An article on trough gardening
The Mystical and Mythical Edelweiss
Facts about chimney fires
The Wikipedia on Creosote
King Clone on Atlas Obscura
Copper in Ötzi the Iceman’s ax came from surprisingly far away
H.R. Giger on Dune
Alien Fondue
Listen to Christian Kriegeskotte’s LYNXX project

Feb 22, 2022
episode 007: Arugula and Pokeweed

All about salad! Jen explains her love for a spicy leaf. Steve talks about a questionable culinary choice. Brought to you by Spring!

Show Notes!
Acetaria: a Discourse on Sallets
America Blew it On Arugula
A recipe for Rucolino
Green Deane on Pokeweed
Listen to Polk Salad Annie by Tony Joe White on YouTube
Or on Apple Music

Feb 15, 2022
episode 006: Mangroves and Yerbaníz

The theoretical limit of rootbound. Then Anwesha talks about Mangroves and peak climate change behavior. Steve talks about Yerbaníz and his herbal tea experiments.

Show Notes!

The Kerala Backwaters on Wikipedia
Green Deane on Mangroves
2011 Story about Everglades tour guides charged with misdemeanor for feeding wild animals marshmallows
How to make fireweed tea (I used a similar process)
Las Hierbas de Tláloc

Feb 08, 2022
episode 005: Lavender and Yaupon

The definition of rootbound. Then Dave tells us about lavender, proper Latin pronunciation and a 16th century Swiss alchemist. Steve shares a beloved plant with an unfortunate Latin name. Brought to you by Scarlet Begonias.

Show Notes!

English vs Spanish Lavender (The lavender in my garden is English lavender, btw)
Paracelsus: the man who brought chemistry to medicine.
An old, and a bit strange documentary on Paracelsus (this is where the Paracelsus audio in this episode originates.)
Atlas Obscura article on Yaupon Holly

Feb 01, 2022
episode 004: Rose and Umarí

What is a Drupe? Harmony Ellington tells us about the Rose, The Galactic Center, feces and how humans are destroying the planet — among other things. Then Steve talks about an Amazonian fruit, regret and sorrow. This episode was brought to you by the Calvin cycle.

Show Notes!
wikipedia for rose oil
Is the really poo in your favorite perfume?
The music video for Roses by OutKast
Slowfood Foundation article on Umari
Youtube video about Umarí in Portuguese

rootbound theme music by Christian Kriegeskotte
Fake ads by David Lanni

Jan 24, 2022
episode 003: Cilantro and Mint

Steve uses an app in the woods. Then Steve talks with Karla about cilantro and mint. Also, be prepared for some noises. This episode is sponsored by Dirt.

Show Notes!
The Seek App
Wikipedia for pápaloquelite
Mint Car by the Cure
Cilantro by Patricia Taxxon

Jan 18, 2022
episode 002: Basil and Dandelion

The guest on episode 2 of rootbound is Maggie Dewane. You can listen to her on the excellent podcast The Watering Hole. Also over at Steve talks with Maggie Dewane about Basil and Dandelion + the definition of Sepal and clips from a German children’s television show. Brought to you by the color Green.

Show Notes!

Wikipedia entry on African Blue Basil
The intro to the german children’s television show Löwenzahn
The episode of Löwenzahn called Der Unkrautgärtner

Jan 11, 2022
episode 001: Mimosa and Bittercress

The guest on the first episode of rootbound is Ashley Holmes, co-host of The Watering Hole podcast and created of the YouTube channel, Ashley and the Planet

Show Notes!
An interesting episode of Radio Lab featuring Mimosa Pudica

Smarter Everyday films Bittercress in slow motion

Jan 08, 2022