Trying Not to Care

By Ashley Corbo

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Living in a time with hookup culture, influencers and a global pandemic it’s pretty damn hard not to care about what’s going on. But let’s be real, some things just aren’t worth caring about. Trying Not to Care dives into life advice, mental health struggles, friendship fall outs, breakups, self love and much more. Listen every Monday and follow along on Instagram @ashleycorbo @tryingnot2carepodcast ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀

Episode Date
42: Things I'd Tell My Younger Self
hello!!!! today's episode is a super special one. I talk about everything I wish I could tell younger me and give you some big sister advice. I cover high school, competing with other girls, boy problems, breakups, mental health and self love.

my socials:
INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast
TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast
YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444

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Nov 28, 2022
40: Changing the Narrative and Proving People Wrong
HELLO BESTIES! today's episode is a short one but definitely one of my favorites. I talk about my experience and struggles with breaking an image given to me by my peers. It's hard to want to grow and be better when everyone around you expects you to stay the same.

I touch on:
- allowing people to control you and what you do
- breaking reputations
- proving people wrong is the best revenge

as always, let me know what you think! make sure to dm me your thoughts and questions over on instagram

my socials:
INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast
TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast
YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444

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Today's episode is sponsored by Uncommon Goods - To get 15% off your next gift, go to
Nov 21, 2022
39: Learning to Let Go and Welcoming Change
Trying Not to Care is sponsored by BetterHelp 
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today's episode I talk about learning to let go of the familiar and welcoming in bigger and better

- why I struggled with letting go
- why we fear change
- the fear of the unknown
- embracing change 

Trying Not to Care is sponsored by Uncommon Goods
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let's be besties! my socials: 
INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast
TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 
YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444
Nov 14, 2022
38: It's Cool to Not Be Cool
today's episode is all about how to ACTUALLY BE cool 

- avoiding being disliked
- trends and popularity 
- losing track of who you are 
- the more you fit in the less you stand out 
- being you is cool 

let's be besties! my socials: 
INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast
TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 
YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444
Nov 07, 2022
37: Backstabbers
happy halloween besties! today's episode we're talking about backstabbers

- my own experience
- why being backstabbed hurts so much
- being expected to get over it
- how to move on from being betrayed

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let's be besties! my socials: 

INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast

TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 

YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444
Oct 31, 2022
36: In My Selfish Era
this episode is for my besties who are ready to enter their selfish era and put more focus on themselves instead of everyone else around them

everything from
- why being so selfless can actually hurt you
- why you should be selfish
- relying more on yourself
- how being selfish can actually benefit others

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let's be besties! my socials: 

INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast

TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 

YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444
Oct 24, 2022
35: Being Delusional Is Fun
today I talk about how I owe my recent success to my mindset shift. I truly believe the more you think unrealistically and go after what you truly want, regardless of how unattainable it seems, the better chance you have at achieving those desires. 

- a little bit of my background + where/how I struggled 
- the perks of being delusional + why you should be delusional  
- why people want you to be "realistic" 
- why you struggle with being delusional 
- tips on how to shift your mindset 

This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp. To become a better problem solver check out Betterhelp + get 10% off your first month:

let's be besties! my socials: 
INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast
TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 
YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444
Oct 17, 2022
34: Situationships
I think this is my most requested I hope I hit all the points and did it justice. today we talk about situationships ♡

- the confusion in situationships 
- why they don't want to date you 
- the disrespect in situationships 
- red flags 
- when should you leave a situationship 
- heartbreak 
- how to get over a situationship ending 

let's be besties! my socials: 
INSTAGRAM: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast
TIKTOK: @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 
YOUTUBE: ashleycorbo444
Oct 10, 2022
33: Cool Girl Fall + New Beginnings
hi besties <3 happy October! to welcome in the new month I wanted to talk about how to use this month as a fresh start to reinvent yourself and to become a better version of you. 

in this episode I talk about:
  • why I thrive during new months + new beginnings 
  • transitioning into a new season gives you opportunity to transition into a new version of you
  • doing things to prepare yourself for hot girl fall that will stick with you for the rest of your life 
  • reinventing yourself (inner + outer) 
  • envisioning the best version of you 

let me know what you think! 

IG - @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast 
Tiktok - @lilbabyaries + @tryingnottocarepodcast 
YouTube - ashleycorbo444
Oct 03, 2022
32: Hot Girl Mindset
hi besties!!!! I hope you enjoy today's episode 

- being insecure growing up
- being hot comes from confidence 
- how to be confident 
- being unapologetically yourself 

let me know what you think! DM me on instagram: @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast 

tiktok: @lilbabyaries + @iamwayhotterthanu
youtube: ashley corbo  
Sep 26, 2022
31: The Bare Minimum + Higher Standards
happy monday besties・:*★:*:・゚☆

today's episode I talk about 
- having low standards 
- changing what you allow from others 
- raising your standards might make you feel lonely 
- how to higher your standards 

let me know what you think on IG!! @ashleycorbo + @tryingnot2carepodcast

my tiktok - @lilbabyaries + @iamwayhotterthanu
my youtube - ashley corbo 
Sep 19, 2022
30: Intuition vs Anxiety
hi luv bugs <3 happy monday :) today's episode is a short one but I talk all about:
- allowing anxiety to hold you back
- the difference between anxiety and intuition 
- how to make it easier to tell the difference 
- being okay with how things in your life unfold 

I hope you enjoy today's episode! let me know if you like these shorter episodes better & let me know your thoughts on this episode!!! 

➪ send me a DM on instagram @ashleycorbo & @tryingnot2carepodcast 
➪ follow me on tiktok @lilbabyaries & @iamwayhotterthanu 
➪ my youtube channel - ashley corbo 

Sep 12, 2022
29: Being Okay With Being Alone
hello <3 happy monday ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀

today's episode is a quick one but is all about being alone!!
- why we fear being alone
- learning to not rely on others 
- finding comfort in spending time alone 
- what you can gain from spending time alone 

DM me on instagram for questions, advice or your thoughts on this episode *:・゚✧*:・゚ @tryingnot2carepodcast @ashleycorbo 

Sep 05, 2022
28: Getting Over a Breakup
HAPPY MONDAY ‧₊˚✩彡 today's episode I talk about relationships not working out, how to get over someone, breakups being a blessing and being okay on your own. I hope you enjoy <3 DM me on instagram for questions, advice or your thoughts on this episode *:・゚✧*:・゚ @tryingnot2carepodcast @ashleycorbo 
Aug 29, 2022
27: Friendship Struggles
hello. happy monday <3 recently I’ve been reflecting on my current friendships and how they make me feel and I felt that it was only right to record another episode on friendship struggles. in today’s episode I talk about why I’ve had trouble keeping friends, different types of friendships, not being satisfied with your friendships and how to let go and move on from friendship breakups. I hope you enjoy 🤍 follow me on IG! @tryingnot2carepodcast & @ashleycorbo 

Aug 22, 2022
26: How to Be Successful & Why You Sabotage Success
hi!!! I asked on instagram what you wanted to hear moving forward and some of you expressed that you’d like me to talk about success. in today’s episode I talk about my experience with sabotaging my success, why we self sabotage, what holds us back from success and how you can be successful. if you have any suggestions/topics you want to hear, let me know over on IG @tryingnot2carepodcast & @ashleycorbo <3 I hope you enjoy <33

Aug 15, 2022
25: Anxiety About Aging
happy mf monday besties! as someone who is anxious about everything under the sun, there’s no surprise here that I also have anxiety about growing up and aging. today’s episode I talk about entering your 30’s, age limits, the weird stigma about aging and learning to be okay with it. if you love TNTC, check out @tryingnot2carepodcast on instagram and give it a rating on spotify & apple 🌈💗 luv u

Aug 08, 2022
24: Being in Your 20s
happy monday besties 🤗 I’m so happy to be back. thank u for allowing me to take time off to just figure my life out. In this weeks episode I talk about navigating your 20s and dealing with all the stress and anxiety that comes with the age. I talk about being selfish in your 20s and figuring out what’s best for you and your situation. 

Aug 01, 2022
23: Being the Main Character and Romanticizing Your Life
hi besties ⭐️✨💫 this week’s episode I talk about how to be the main character and finding little ways to romanticize your life :) :)

Jul 18, 2022
22: Being Who You Are and Not What Others Want You to Be
In this week’s episode, I fill you in on how I’ve been feeling lately, I talk about not having to have your life together to be respected and not having to be what others expect you to be. 

Jul 11, 2022
21: Pick Mes and Girls Girls
In episode 21, I talk about what it means to be a girls girl, why pick me energy has got to go and my new standard for girl friendships. FOLLOW ME ON IG!! @ashleycorbo & @tryingnot2carepodcast ✨🌟

Jun 27, 2022
20: No One Cares More Than You
In episode 20, I talk about how no one is REALLY concerned with what you’re doing. While you’re worried about how you‘re being perceived, those around you are worried about the same thing. FOLLOW ME ON IG ❤️ @tryingnot2carepodcast & @ashleycorbo 

Jun 20, 2022
19: I Have No Friends
In episode 19, I talk about comparing your friendships to others, FOMO, being left out and being your own bff. 

Jun 13, 2022
In episode 18, I talk all things hot girl summer - my essentials, the mindset and checking things off your bucket list. FOLLOW ME ON IG☀️ @ashleycorbo & @tryingnot2carepodcast 

May 31, 2022
17: Owning Who You Are
In episode 17, I talk about being proud of yourself, and not minimizing who you are for others. FOLLOW ME ON IG❤️ @ashleycorbo & @tryingnot2carepodcast 

May 23, 2022
16: Mental Illness Isn’t Quirky
**TW this episode discusses suicide & mental illnesses. SUICIDE LIFELINE: 800-273-8255** In episode 16, I talk about how it feels to struggle with your mental health and how people are shamed for their mental illness. 

May 09, 2022
15: Body Image and Embracing Yourself
*TW** this episode talks about EDs, body image and assault. In episode 15, I talk about struggles with negative body image, my experience with my body/ bad habits and ways to learn to accept yourself. 

May 02, 2022
14: Their Win Is Not Your Loss
In episode 14, I talk about allowing comparison to create envy and resentment towards others
Apr 25, 2022
13: You Are Not Your Mistakes
In episode 13, I talk about allowing yourself to grow from past mistakes and experiences that you are ashamed of. Forgiving yourself and moving forward is so important to live a happy and healthy life. 

Apr 18, 2022
12: People Pleasing
In episode 12, I talk all about people pleasing, why we do it and why it’s harmful

Apr 11, 2022
11: Your Comfort Zone
In episode 11, I talk about why stepping out of your comfort zone will help you and why it’s hindering your growth. 

Mar 28, 2022
10: Manifesting 101
HERE’S TO 10 EPISODES 🥂🥂 thank you for the last 2 months. I am so grateful for the love and support on this podcast! in episode 10 I break down manifesting and how to use it to live your best life ✨✨

Mar 21, 2022
9: The Truth Behind Influencing
In episode 9, I talk about everything that goes on behind the scenes of social media influencing. I go into detail about the perks of being a content creator all the way to the shady side of people and brands. 

Mar 14, 2022
8: Trusting the Process
In episode 8, I talk about the need for control, regrets and what’s meant to be will be. 

Mar 07, 2022
7: Imposter Syndrome
In episode 7, I talk about feeling like you’re a fraud no matter how successful you are. 

Feb 28, 2022
6: I Feel Like Everyone Hates Me
In episode 6, I talk about not letting how others perceive you affect your mental health and your everyday life. 

Feb 21, 2022
5: Self Love
In episode 5, I talk all about loving yourself the way you’ve learned to love others. 

Feb 14, 2022
4: Toxic Relationships and Breakups
In episode 4, I talk about toxic relationships and how to get over a breakup. 

Feb 07, 2022
3: WTF am I doing????
In episode 3, I talk about feeing confused af about life, lacking direction and comparing your journey to others.

Jan 31, 2022
2: Are We Even Friends?
In episode 2, I talk about sh*tty friends and moving on from a friendship breakup.


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Jan 24, 2022
1: Let’s ACTUALLY Do This Thing
In episode 1, I introduce TNTC podcast and share my experience with getting past the shame of posting seriously on social media and how you can too.⭐️

Jan 17, 2022