Selling Photography

By Tavis Guild

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Category: Visual Arts

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Listen and learn the blueprint and action steps to setting up a money-making studio! You will hear strategies and tips on how to market yourself to your dream clients. Each episode features one of the masters in the photography industry. Tavis interviews other successful artists who give away their best-kept secrets of building value, serving clients well, and accomplishing financial goals by selling photography. While listening to this you will quickly recognize that you too have what it takes to sell your photography too! Tavis is a business designer and photographer in Yakima, WA. He is the owner of Guild Canvas Company, an industry educator, and a photography business coach. Connect with Tavis:

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How to Design Your Photography Business Around The Lifestyle You Want With David And Whitney Scott
Asking the right questions will lead you to shape your business the way you want to serve yourself and your goals. If you want to have a lifestyle you wish to have where you don't work endless hours and break your back, you've got to work smart. Talk about pricing premium, clearly communicating your product's value to the right people, and protecting yourself from discount buyers. That's part of designing your photography business to reach a high level of success. David and Whitney Scott have been married for 20+ years, have worked together for over 13, and have renovated EIGHT homes and short-term rentals… and are still together and smiling!  Whitney started the photography business part-time back in 2005 after leaving a career in counseling. Her first "official" photo shoot was when she used a wrinkled sheet as a backdrop to photograph her daughter, Emma, for her first birthday. Friends were kind and allowed her to practice on them, and the business grew into a full-time job. In 2007, she had their second child, Ben, who became another adorable practice subject.   David left his long-time job in youth ministry to join her in the business full time in 2009.   They learned (understatement of the century) that entrepreneurship is challenging. And that working together is flat out hard. And they also decided to start homeschooling their kids during this time. But they were ridiculously optimistic. They were incredibly poor, but they were together and were doing what they loved. Now their kids are teenagers, and their photography skills have much improved. Entrepreneurship is always challenging but rewarding as well. Not only have they built a business they are proud of, but they also had the opportunity to educate other professional photographers at the international level. They are building the barn studio of their dreams right out their back door and dividing their time between serving their wonderful photography clients and serving their fellow professional photographers through their second business venture "Tribe of 5". In this episode, David and Scott share how they started in their photography business, conquered charging low to pricing premium, making the most of their 20-hour workweek time catering to only two clients a week. They also talk about taking advantage of Whitney's Psychology background when it comes to setting prices, zeroing in on buyers' psychology, and curating a pricing list to show the best that clients find the most value in to avoid confusion and making them happy and confident buyers. What you will learn from this episode: Learn how to structure your business around the lifestyle you want, so you get there faster Find out how to connect with the right people and charge premium Discover how to work with fewer clients and earn more "We have to be very strategic in deciding what we want for our life, and for us, it was family life. It was our number one objective. And then we structure our business to facilitate that goal." - David Scott Topics Covered: 02:40 - Working less and building a dream life: Strategically structuring your business to fulfill your business goals and a successful family life  06:15 - Taking the process slowly but steadily: Whitney taking us to their journey from pricing low to charging a premium 08:38 - The 20-hour workweek: Whitney sharing how they use their time and resources effectively and efficiently to reach the goal they set out at the start 11:02 - Leveraging Business Psychology: Talking about connecting with people and connecting to their imagery and communicating to your clients what gives them meaning and value in life   13:40 - Simplifying Pricing: Positioning yourself as the expert, giving your clients and curating the price list of only the best out there and doing away with confusion 19:26 - Highlighting your product's perceived value: David points out on selling to your clients a completely...
Mar 16, 2022
Why We Do It: Photographers on the Passion and Enthusiasm That Drives Them with Craig Mcneil
How can you be the best you in what you do so that you can be the best you for clients who trust you? We’ve long had this negative connotation around the idea of being different – that choosing to be what others aren’t is something that will do us no good towards becoming the best. Well, let me tell you – that’s not the case in doing business, for what actually sets you apart from the general market is the same thing that will lead you towards success. Do you want your products and services to be a one-of-a-kind thing, something that people won’t be able to find anywhere else? Do you want to upgrade your whole photography business but have no idea where to start yet? If you are ready to take the leap, reach great heights, and live a life of success, join us today as we discuss how you can start working on producing something others can’t! Craig McNeil is a photographer/entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado who has been in the industry of photography for 30 years now through his business, ( McNeil Designer Portraits). He is exceptional in translating his love of the outdoors and his passion for photography into beautiful family portraits that are cherished for a lifetime. Craig finds his greatest joy in unveiling the final art for the first time and seeing the look of enthusiasm and awe that his photography brings to his clients. In this episode, Craig talks about the power of being different in the industry of photography as he shares how passion and enthusiasm add to that fuel of authenticity that later on leads to one’s journey towards success. What you will learn from this episode: Understand how powerful being authentic is when doing photography as a business; Discover the reason behind passion and enthusiasm being your journey’s ultimate game-changers; and Gather tips from an expert about the things you can live by in order to excel at whatever it is that you choose to do and become “Be better at what it is that you do. There’s this thing I have, that is my philosophy. I have to be the best of me for me before I can be the best of me for you.” – Craig McNeil  Valuable Free Resource:  Today’s Photography Tips from Craig McNeil Don’t copy anybody else. Write down 10 specific things that make you different. Don’t try to be everything for everybody. Know where you excel at. Know your style. Focus on that. Be confident. Have faith in yourself. Persevere. Do not resort to being the cheapest guy on the market. Reflect on these: What products or services do you offer that can help celebrate your style? What is it that you do and how do you present it that allows you to charge more and be justified for it? Passion and enthusiasm for what you do is contagious. Love what you do and have a good mindset in relation to it. Get a good camera and learn how to use it. That will give you the results that you want. Do your research to find what’s going to make you different in a continuously evolving world of technology.     Topics Covered: 01:24 – This is Me: Craig reminds people to be as unique as one can be as he shares the power behind doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing 02:33 – Celebrating One’s Uniqueness: Those who are genuinely authentic are those whom the people want nowadays 06:01 – On Becoming an Expert: Talking about one’s focus alongside the importance of excelling on that specific thing you do best when doing photography 09:04 – Confidence, Faith, and Perseverance: Things to reflect on in order to know how you can be different in the market and avoid many struggles in the business 12:36 – Say No to being the Cheapest: Craig’s challenge for today’s listeners 15:46 – Passion and Enthusiasm are Contagious: Craig shares why loving what you do is a must in your journey towards success, especially when it’s coupled with a good mindset 19:12 – Guild Canvas Co.: What Craig likes about Travis’ business – the thing that makes
Mar 16, 2022
Navigating Through Life and Sales with the Power of Pictures with Sterling Hoffman
Have you always been feeling overwhelmed whenever you’re handling those big and mind-wobbling sales? Do you feel like you could do more to increase your sales and get more clients? Are you ready to find out how to make your clients feel like they’re in for a luxurious treat with the best value at the right price? When starting a photography business, it’s not all about the portraits and pictures you’ve taken, but also how well you keep your clients hooked on your artistry. Showing your clients you’re worth an investment is as important as giving only the best to your clients. So, how can you wow get more clients and finally get your big, mind-wobbling sale? If you are ready to take the risk, earn more, and touch lives through photographs, then sit back and get ready to be blown out. Widen your field, shift your perspective and become the best of the best once you’ve captured the essence of this sale-changing and money-making treat! Sterling Hoffman views each portrait commission as the opportunity to tell the profound story of a couple or a family. Much like creating a painting, he weighs the roles of background and lightning, of color, tone, and composition. It is his unique eye that elevates his portraits to a higher level and why his work is treasured by thousands of families coast to coast. In this episode, Sterling talks about how you can turn your informational appointment into a money appointment and get your clients hooked into your artistry. He also shares his experience and insights on how to get your clients to invest big and how you can handle those big sales. What you will learn from this episode: Discover how you should be treating your clients as soon as the first call and their first step into your gallery Understand that the advance purchase option is possible and what value it brings to the table once you’ve put it out Find out how to prepare yourself and your business to handle big and mind-wobbling sales “Far and above anything else, is that in the success pie, 80% of it is sales skills and not photography.” - Sterling Hoffman Topics Covered: 02:48 - Overcoming Those Big Numbers: Sterling shares his experience when handling big sales and mind-boggling numbers 06:26 - Handling the Crucial Call: Sterling talks about how the first call is the most important factor when meeting a client and trying to close a deal 11:18 - Immersing into the State of Relaxation: What should you do once a client steps into your gallery and how can you show that you care about them 15:11 - Fancy Schmanshy: Sterling explains how giving value and looking expensive will help you raise the bar 16:43 - Talking Money: Sterling shares his experience with prices and explains the importance of body language and confidence when it comes to pricing 18:58 - The Hidden Gem of a Nugget: How to turn an informational appointment into a money appointment 23:44 - Money Making Option: Sterling gives more tips on establishing an advance purchase option and how you can make it beneficial for you 26:17 - From Lenses to the Screen: Sterling shares how to connect with clients through the life-changing effect of a projector 34:21- To Me, From Me: Sterling shares what tips or lessons would he say to his past self 35:45 - More Than Meets the Eye: Sterling talks about his coaching business and what he has to offer Key Takeaways: “One of the biggest pitfalls of portrait artists is not being prepared for the big sale.” -Sterling Hoffman “They limit themselves by their price list. They either don’t have the confidence to put large packages or collections on their price schedule.” -Sterling Hoffman “The purpose of our collection is to drive the sale up. So the ala carte gives us our base sale, and the collections tempt them to go higher because of the value that's built into those collections.” -Sterling Hoffman “Our collections should always start above your average sale. The purpose of the collection is to get people to go up.”...
Mar 16, 2022
4 Best Photography Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business with Rachael Boer
Have you been doing everything in your business when you only just want to do what you love doing– capturing smiles and memories? Do you find yourself struggling to get new clients and just feel like you could give more than what other studios could offer? Are you ready to find out how you can be more present, get higher sales, and do what you love to do with lesser stress and effort than before? Taking pictures for a living isn’t so bad, but what happens if you’re doing all the managing and less of the picturing? Outsourcing isn’t something to be feared, in fact, it’s more of a blessing in disguise! You can’t be everything all at once. If that’s the case, then how would your business grow. Finding the balance of managing, marketing, and capturing pictures with the help of others is a step you could take to show the world what you have to offer. If you are ready to take the risk, earn more, and touch lives through photographs, then sit back and get ready to be blown out. Stop the chimping and grab those perfect photographic opportunities to capture better memories, touch more people’s lives and grow your business!  Rachael Boer, with over 13 years of experience in the portrait and wedding industry, brings creativity and vision to every photography session. Together with a small team of support staff, she has photographed hundreds of portrait sessions and weddings, and her clients are consistently thrilled by her stunning imagery high-quality artwork. Rachael's passion is giving families tangible memories of their most precious days together with the ones they love. In this episode, Rachael talks about why outsourcing isn’t something to be feared but rather be loved and how it can greatly help you focus on doing the things you love instead of doing the things you dreaded. She also shares her insights on how marketing also plays a crucial role and doing photography for a living is more than just taking pictures! What you will learn from this episode: Discover the importance of in-person sales and how it can turn your one-time clients into life-long partners Acknowledge outsourcing as a step for growth and stress-free business instead of something to be feared Understand how to give your website a bit of a pop and a touch of uniqueness with the power of copywriting I'm picturing that amazing relationship that we have with our clients and the service that we provide, to take something off their plate. I'm not thinking about pushing something on them that they don't want to buy. That's never the point, never the goal, and that will backfire on you in the long run.” - Rachael Boer Topics Covered: 01:08 - Looking Out of the Picture: Rachael talks about how outsourcing is a power-saver, timesaver, and lifesaver that you need in your business 03:08 - Chasing that Life-Changing Freedom: Rachael shares how she overcame her fear and realized that it was time for her to ask for help 08:27: Catching Clients, Capturing More Memories: Rachael explains how outsourcing allows you to expand and level up your business 10:48:  Finding the Focal Point of Marketing: Rachael talks about why you need to market your business actively instead of passively 11:53 - Speaking Photographs: Rachael shares why the message we put out about ourselves and how we talk and present our studio is important 12:30- Seeing More Than Just the Picture: How copywriting is as important as the visuals present in your website 20:23 - The Little Marketing Bucket: Rachael adds to the importance of having a budget and being strategic in your marketing 23:25 - Transcending Over the Commonalities: Rachael explains how sitting down with your clients will get you the most out of your clients and vice-versa 25:09 - What is the IPS Mastermind?: Rachael shares how she was able to build amazing relationships with clients and give better service through her story 28:46 - The Power of Connecting: How can in-person sales change your life as well as your...
Mar 16, 2022
In-Person Sales: Steps to Better Photography Sales with Rae Barnes
Have you always wanted to start shifting towards in-person sales in photography but you just haven’t found the drive to do so because of uncertainties and fear? Have you already experienced having clients who only purchase digital copies in order to avoid paying for something ‘more expensive’? Do you want to be able to help yourself and your clients in a way that serves both of you best? Do you want to live life away from the cages of disks and hard drives – a life that will live forever, something that you’ve always dreamt about? All of us here have a photography journey of our own, and without a doubt, change is something that scares the spirits out of people who once dreamt high. Some people undercharge clients for the service they provide while others assume clients already know whatever it is that they want. You’d want to have your product the best one you could ever find, but without elevating your service to a greater height, providing a low volume, high touch experience is something you wouldn’t have in this life.  Listen to this episode and be up for a treat that will serve you in packaging all the glorious experiences up at the same time! Rae Barnes is an award-winning entrepreneur, a photographer who has been in the industry of photography since 2004. She started as a wedding specialist, won numerous awards, and even got her works published in dozens of wedding magazines for her outstanding imagery. Currently, Rae specializes in family portraiture through IPS, mostly in Philadelphia where she resides.  In this episode, Rae and Tavis talk about the shift Rae had towards in-person sales as soon as she started doing family portraits. Here, Rae shares tips and stories that will help people realize how doing in-person sales pave the way towards memories that will stay in our hearts for the rest of our lives.  What you will learn from this episode:  Understand why shifting towards in-person sales is something you shouldn’t fear doing; Find out how you can help both yourself and your clients in living a life that isn’t caged in hard drives; and Discover tips and stories that will guide you in making that shift towards a well-lived and amazingly photographed life.  “Anyone who is scared to jump to in-person sales needs to realize that most people have no idea what to do with the portrait and they’re just going to live on a hard drive. We, as artists, have the capability to create something for them pretty simply that they will love and treasure forever.” – Rae Barnes  Valuable Free Resource:  How to Serve Best After Shifting from All-Digital to Doing In-Person Sales  First of all, do not be afraid of making that shift. Take that leap. Go ahead and let those who want to come to enter your new space. When thinking about starting IPS, take note of these things: Run your numbers Understand how experience can either raise or lower your value Provide higher service. Elevate the products that you offer. Invest in education for both yourself and your clients. Listen and learn from the success stories of different people. Have a plan on how you’re going to serve your clients. Preferably, have a meeting before the actual session.     Topics Covered: 02:29 – How It All Started: Talking about Rae’s shift towards in-person sales (IPS) – leaving the wedding industry and focusing on family portraitures from then on 07:07 – Rae’s How-To’s: Tips on where you should put your focus on when thinking about doing IPS 12:33 – Listen, Learn, Plan, and Practice: How to exponentially raise the value when photographing your clients’ wishes 18:52 – An Angel in Disguise: A narrative about Tavis and his wife’s experience of having no idea on where and what to start with 21:18 – Digitals Only, Please: Purchasing the digitals alone vs. entrusting all the work to your skilled photographer 22:58 – More on the Meetings: Rae shares how she did business back during the
Mar 16, 2022
4 Tips on Creating a Profitable and Sustainable Photography Business You Love
Have you been wanting to turn your passion for photography into high growing sales? Do you want to learn how to monetize your artistic talent and build your own business? Are you ready to find out how you can sell your photographs at the right price that can turn your one-time clients into lifetime partners? Photographs have the power to lock in time and reminisce the memories that were once made, but oftentimes, forgotten by the mind. There are so many things that go on into taking a picture, but what happens if you got the talent to capture the art that can last a lifetime and touch lives? Taking photographs can become your niche and help you start your very own business. If you are ready to take the risk, earn more, and touch lives through photographs, then sit back and get ready to be blown out. If the golden hour is called the “magic hour”, then you’ll become the golden photographer that will wow your clients away after this amazing treat! Tavis and Amy Guild are business designers and portrait artists based in Yakima, WA. A fun and vibrant style has given these two the opportunity to photograph over a thousand weddings and sessions in the past ten years all over the world. Passionate about people and wall portraits, helping photography business owners has been a natural extension of their work. They have been coaching entrepreneurs and teaching photography courses since 2011. In this episode, Tavis and Amy talk about how you can monetize your photography passion through the help of their newly-published podcast and what are the amazing things you can expect from the many more episodes to come. As a starting point, they also share the pillars of photography that can help you get better sales and maximize your business. What you will learn from this episode: Discover how you can turn your passion for photography into a business that can get you sales while doing what you love Get to know more about how Tavis and Amy came to be professional photographers and what can you learn from their life Understand what are the pillars of photography that can promise you better sales, more clients at a lesser time “And as photographers, I feel like it's our duty to be legacy-minded and to give people tangible products.” -Tavis and Amy Guild Topics Covered: 00:22 - Monetizing Your Photography Passion: Amy shares what the purpose of their podcast is 02:34 - Finding Composition in the Chaos: Amy shares how they became professional photographers 04:43 - Widening the Aperture: What are the things that Amy and Tavis did in their studio that opened them to better business 06:00 - Learning While We're Going: Amy share what their business model was and the lessons they learned from it 07:00 - Money Blocks: Tavis explains the important difference between meeting where your clients are at from meeting where you’re at financially 11:15 - Dream a Little and Go Big: Amy shares the reality of being a photographer and how larger sales are actually possible 12:39 - Taking Shots, Talking Sales: Tavis talks about the first pillar, in-person sales, and everything you need to know about it 15:15 - Does Size Really Matter?: Tavis shares the second pillar, the magic of removing everything small, and how it got them more sales 18:29 - Keeping it Authentic and Passionate: Tavis talks about how to build value into your artistry by doing the third pillar 19:48 - Expanding the Depth of Field: Tavis explains about why ditching the price sheet can truly change the dynamics and elevate your client’s experience 20:28 - Explaining Our World: What happens when you put up a price sheet and what happens if you don’t? 24:57 - Systems Like a Tripod: Tavis explains the importance of establishing the last pillar, a good system, in place before all the other possibilites 29:07 - Just a Quick Recap: Tavis does a quick recap of the pillars and shares exciting things to look forward to in the next episodes Key Takeaways: “Let's just put on...
Feb 19, 2022