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Category: Technology

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 May 16, 2022


A weekly podcast that covers the latest in tech, innovation and the ever interesting world of the information super highway. Co-hosted by Dagogo Altraide and Tawsif Akkas. Through The Web Podcast is part of the ColdFusion Collective.

Episode Date
Why AI Can Never Replace Musicians feat. Rick Beato
Apr 30, 2024
MKBHD vs. Humane AI Pin, Rabbit R1, AI Deception and more!
Apr 24, 2024
The Problem with Boeing (and the Aviation Industry) ft. Mentour Pilot
Feb 29, 2024
OpenAI's Sora Changes Everything, Runway vs. Sora and The Future of this Podcast
Feb 20, 2024
Scams, Frauds and Everything In Between ft. Coffeezilla
Dec 31, 2023
Reacting to our 2023 Predictions
Dec 20, 2023
Google Gemini Reactions, ByteDance vs. OpenAI, Tesla Recalls, Loneliness Epidemic and AI News Channel
Dec 19, 2023
Elon Musk MELTDOWN, OpenAI Sam Altman Chaos, Cybertruck Launch and China's Crazy Internet Speed
Dec 06, 2023
Humane AI Pin Reactions, WeWork Bankruptcy, SBF gets 100+ Years in Prison, and the final Beatles Song
Nov 15, 2023
Meta's Spooky New Product, X Bank, Qualcomm Can Change Everything, Humane and Leica's New Camera
Oct 31, 2023
Who uses a Foldable Phone?! Meta's Hardware Game, Cybertruck Rollout, CEOs Quitting and Best Birthday Gifts
Oct 24, 2023
Google Pixel, Meta Chatbots, Loneliness Epidemic, X's Community Notes and the LINE
Oct 17, 2023
New iPhone15 Issues, ChatGPT Can 'See, Hear, Speak', Meta Connect Updates, Sphere, SBF and more
Oct 03, 2023
Unity dumpster fire, Microsoft Event, AI Fatigue, iPhone 12 France Ban and Neuralink
Sep 26, 2023
WE ARE BACK! - South Korea, Lightphone, Nothing, X, Threads, Apple Event and...aliens (again)
Sep 18, 2023
Future of Smartphones and Tech w/ Nothing CEO Carl Pei
Sep 06, 2023
Why People Are Quitting Smartphones feat. Kaiwei Tang, Co-Founder of Light Phone Co.
Aug 08, 2023
Jul 25, 2023
OpenAI Under Investigation, NFTs Today, LG's Subscription Service, Threads, and Pimp My Ride?
Jul 18, 2023
Threads vs. Twitter - "The Clone Wars" are HEATING UP
Jul 10, 2023
Debating on Dead Internet Theory, Unicorn App Scams Investors, Pixel Fold, Lex trains Elon, and Meta's VR
Jul 03, 2023
Meeting Sam Altman, OceanGate, Zuck wants to fight Elon, Simpsons "Predictions", Netflix Subscription Spike and The Beatles
Jun 26, 2023
UFOs are BACK, lab-grown meat, Binance in trouble, Bing hates Chrome, new Twitter CEO and more
Jun 12, 2023
Apple has Cracked the Code with Vision Pro + Reacting to WWDC 2023
Jun 06, 2023
Nvidia's $Trillion Market Cap, Photoshop Generative Fill, HypeBeast Culture Economy and More
Jun 05, 2023
Biggest THREAT to Humanity, Fake AI Pentagon Image, Hype Cycle, Sam Altman and Fruit Ninja!
May 29, 2023
TikTok finally BANNED, Quantum Computing, Working From Home, Tesla's Adverts, Sam Altman & NEW INTRO
May 22, 2023
How To Scam JP Morgan, Google I/O Quick Recap, AI Datebots, Timbaland
May 15, 2023
Godfather of AI is SCARED, IBM Replacing Workers, Hollywood Writers Strike, Vice, BeReal, Pixel Fold
May 08, 2023
AGI and the Future, Snap AI Negative Reviews, Meta's Stock U-Turn, Grimes, MKBHD Shoes
May 01, 2023
MEGA AI EPISODE: Viral Drake AI Song, Joe Rogan AI Podcast, Snap AI, Adobe Firefly and More
Apr 24, 2023
INSANE AI Phone Scams, Elon's Everything App, Airpods or iPods, Replacing Your Friends on Group Chat
Apr 17, 2023
The POPE GOT US, A Letter to Pause AI, Twitter's Verification Mess, TikTok's Future, China's Shrinking Population
Apr 03, 2023
ABSURD TikTok Congress Hearing, GPT4, Fake Trump Photos, Hindenburg's Next Target, Nothing Launch ft. MKBHD
Mar 27, 2023
Digging Into Silicon Valley Bank, YouTubers Sued Over FTX, Everything Everywhere All At Once, GPT 4
Mar 20, 2023
Elon Musk Is Sorry, Black Mirror Dystopia, Adani, and GTA 6 Leaks
Mar 13, 2023
TikTok is EVERYWHERE, Volkswagen Incident, Meta Subscription, Nokia's new logo
Mar 06, 2023
The Law vs. Artificial Intelligence feat. LegalEagle
Feb 27, 2023
Bing will lie and call you weird things, Susan Wojcicki leaves YouTube, Runway Gen1 and UFOs
Feb 20, 2023
Google In Panic Mode, Bing Leapfrog, Buzzfeed, Netflix and Dating Apps
Feb 13, 2023
ChatGPT Competitor Is Here, Text to Music AI, MrBeast Cures Blindness, GalaxyS23 and the Adani Saga
Feb 06, 2023
Microsoft Word + ChatGPT?, Tech Layoffs Everywhere, Apple's Future and the Last of Us
Jan 30, 2023
ChatGPT Premium is here, Getty Images vs. Stable Diffusion, Pizza Hut, Exploding Chairs and Our Accents
Jan 23, 2023
We Predict 2023's Tech and Business Stories
Jan 16, 2023
Our Last Episode? Nuclear Fusion, TikTok, ChatGPT and more.
Dec 19, 2022
ChatGPT will change EVERYTHING, Lensa AI Controversy, FTX forcing regulations, Art v AI and...Coffee
Dec 12, 2022
Greatest Tech Entrepreneurs (Our Picks)
Dec 05, 2022
Is Twitter Overrated?
Nov 21, 2022
Digging Deeper Into FTX Controversy
Nov 21, 2022
FTX Meltdown, Zuckerberg Losing Ground, and Twitter Circus
Nov 14, 2022
What is wrong with Pantone?! Elon wants $8, Ethan Klein, Netflix Ads, Apple vs. Spotify and Lemmings
Nov 07, 2022
Elon has FINALLY done it. Metaverse, Ye x Adidas, Mr Beast and Apple's USB-C
Oct 31, 2022
Will A.I. Replace Musicians?
Oct 17, 2022
Deepfake Licensing, Tesla Robots, Elon Musk Twitter Takeover 2.0 and Google Pixel Watch Reactions
Oct 10, 2022
Struggles of Building Startups, Adam Neumann's Flow, Walmart Metaverse, Samsung Credit Card
Oct 03, 2022
Rockstar Hacked, NVIDIA GPUs, Twitch Gambling Ban, YouTube Shorts and Pixel Watch
Sep 26, 2022
Ethereum Merges, Patagonia Owner Gives Away Company, Adobe Eats Figma and Beast Burgers
Sep 19, 2022
Apple vs. The World, ColdFusion and the weird world of fake artists on Spotify
Sep 12, 2022
AI vs. Art, Survivorship Bias, Apple Event, Artemis and the Moon, Conspiracy Theories and $7.2 million
Sep 05, 2022
The New "Anti-Social Media", Netflix's Gaming Industry, Starlink & How Much Sleep Is Needed
Aug 30, 2022
Is Human Civilization Doomed? Adam Neumann is BACK, BeReal is the new ANTI-Social Media Crypto Layoffs, Instagram's Crisis
Aug 22, 2022
WE ARE BACK! - Recession, Meta's ChatBot, OnlyFans, TikTok Music, BMW's Heated Seats and a Long Overdue Catchup
Aug 15, 2022
Databrokers Want Your Data, Elon Musk Twitter Pull Out, Midjourney, Uber Leaks, and Concerning "NFT Loans"
Jul 14, 2022
Legal Rights of an AI, New Crypto Phone, Meta's Internal "Warning" and Burger King's Disastrous "Goody Bag"
Jul 04, 2022
TikTok - The New Search Engine, Nothing Phone, Dall E2 Mini & Dagogo wants to buy a laptop
Jun 27, 2022
Google Sacks Engineer for Claiming A.I. is Sentient, Crypto's Death Spiral, Netflix "Copying" Mr. Beast, and Farewell Internet Explorer...
Jun 20, 2022
Is Cancel Culture Real? + Audio Exclusive! [Minisode]
Jun 13, 2022
TikTok vs. The Music Industry, 100 Days of Ukraine War, and The End of Plastic?
Jun 06, 2022
Luna 2.0 Madness, Google take on Dall-E 2, Elon Musk Sued by Twitter Shareholders, Recession, Delivery Drones and More
May 30, 2022
Is the FAANG Era Over? [Minisode]
May 23, 2022
Farewell iPod, Spectacular Crypto Crash, Spotify's Metaverse Island, and the Great Resignation's Great Regret?
May 16, 2022
Netflix Sued By Shareholders, VR Brings Spiders To Your Mouth, Meta's Logo and TikTok "Steals" YouTube's Ways
May 09, 2022
Tesla Stocks Nosedive, Snapchat vs. the Metaverse, EU vs. Elon Musk, Apple's Self Service Repair and Are Humans Destined To Argue?
May 02, 2022
Why CNN+ Failed, Elon Close to Buying Twitter, Netflix Crashing, AI vs. Art and Google's "Anxiety Reducing" Notifications
Apr 25, 2022
Will South Korea Takeover America As The Next Cultural Superpower?
Apr 18, 2022
Twitter's Future under Elon, Streaming Subscription Fatigue, Amazon vs. Union and Coca-Cola's "Pixel Drink"
Apr 11, 2022
Elon Musk on Freedom of Speech, Telegram vs. Facebook, Dumbphones and Will Smith's Slap Breaking Records
Apr 04, 2022
Are smartphones getting boring?
Mar 28, 2022
China's 0-Covid Policy Is A Supply Chain Nightmare, Amazon Acquires MGM Studios, NFTs and Samsung's "Origami" Phone Leak
Mar 21, 2022
New Mac Studio, Spinal Implants, Animal Ethics...and Tinder
Mar 14, 2022
Economic Impact of Sanctions, Zuckerberg Podcast by Lex Fridman, Social Media, Bandcamp
Mar 08, 2022
Why is Everyone Quitting Their Jobs? AI Partners, YouTube, Ukraine-Russia's Impact on Tech, and More
Feb 28, 2022