Beyond The Lens

By Richard Bernabe

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Category: Visual Arts

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This photography podcast takes you ‘beyond the lens,’ exploring the arts, travel, conservation, entrepreneurship, creative culture, and more through deep-dive interviews with some of the world's most influential and inspiring people. 

Host Richard Bernabe is a renowned photographer, intrepid world traveller, explorer, author, and champion of wildlife and endangered species. He’s been hailed as one of the "Top 30 Influential Photographers on the Web" by the Huffington Post and Influence Digest's "20 Photographers Changing the World Through Social Media." He has travelled to more than 60 countries, capturing photographs and writing for clients including National Geographic, CNN, The New York Times and the BBC.

Episode Date
64. George Nobechi: The Concept of Nukumori and the Virtues of Patience, Quietude, and Photographing Everyday Life
Jun 10, 2024
63. Guy Tal: Landscape Photography, Self-Expression, Flow, Creativity, Artistic Style, and Being Extraordinary
May 25, 2024
62. Matt Richtel, NY Times Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist: Why Creativity is Terrifying, Finding Inspiration, and the Problem With Perfection
May 13, 2024
61. Art Wolfe: The Creation of ‘Wild Lives’ and Other Favorite Books, Keys to Making Wildlife Photos with Impact, and Escaping the Creative and Artistic Rut
May 01, 2024
60. Matthieu Paley: National Geographic Photographer on Travel, Languages, Cultural Customs, Donkey Stories, and Curiosity as a Superpower
Apr 18, 2024
59. Rick Sammon: Lessons from a Legend on Professional Smartphone Photography
Apr 03, 2024
58. Meet The New Hosts of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: Peter Gros and Dr. Rae Wynn-Grant
Mar 20, 2024
57. John Stanmeyer: National Geographic Photographer on the Power of 'I Don't Know' and the Beginner's Mind, Putting Down the Camera, and Perfect Travel Coffee
Mar 06, 2024
56. Dr. Tom Smith: How Not To Get Mauled By a Bear, Defensive Strategies, Safety, and Peaceful Coexistence
Feb 22, 2024
55. Mike Olbinski: Storm Chasing Photographer and Cinematographer on Tornado Encounters, Haboobs, Supercells, and Risk Taking
Feb 07, 2024
54. Matt Payne: Richard and Matt's Wild Ride Across The Drake Passage
Jan 29, 2024
53. Ami Vitale: National Geographic Photographer on Seeing with the Heart, Panda Love, and Authentic Storytelling
Jan 10, 2024
52. Hanne Strager: The Killer Whale Journals and Our Love and Fear of Orcas
Dec 28, 2023
51. William Neill on His New Yosemite Book, Insights Into Expressive Landscape Photography, and Being a Receptor For Inspiration
Dec 14, 2023
50. The Art of Branding: Lessons for Photographers on Personal Brand, Social Media, Sponsorships, and Marketing with Lexar's Joey Lopez
Nov 29, 2023
49. Will Burrard-Lucas, Wildlife Photographer, Inventor, Entrepreneur: Pursuit of the Black Leopard and Beyond
Nov 16, 2023
48. Terry White: Principal Director, Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe Inc. on Generative AI Photo Editing and Creation
Nov 02, 2023
47. Dr. Austin Gallagher, Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Host: Eye To Eye With Monster Great Whites from the ‘Belly of the Beast' and Shark Conservation
Oct 19, 2023
46. Wayne Suggs: Chasing the Light vs. Previsualization, the Magic of Wide-Angle Lenses, and Love for the Desert Southwest
Oct 03, 2023
45. Random Musings on Photography: Emotional Engagement, Playing to the Audience, and Creating For Yourself
Sep 24, 2023
44. On Location in Nairobi with Raabia Hawa: Founder and Executive Director of the Ulinzi Africa Foundation
Sep 07, 2023
43. Andrew McCarthy: Masterclass on All Things Astrophotography - GigaMoon, Planets, Galaxies, and ISS Transits
Aug 24, 2023
42. Steve McCurry: Lessons From 'Afghan Girl,' Near-Death Travel Experiences, and the Virtues of Persistence and Hard Work
Aug 11, 2023
41. Scott Kelby: Who Are the True Camera Innovators? Travel Photography, Sports and Gratitude
Jul 28, 2023
40. Nevada Wier: A Passion for People and Travel, Artistic Problem Solving, and Embracing Infrared Photography
Jul 14, 2023
39. Talor Stone and Greenland: Conservation and Documentary Photography at Earth's Northernmost Human Settlement
Jun 28, 2023
38. Borneo Trip Recap and Q&A with Richard: Orangutan Conservation, Canon R5 Wildlife Set Up, How to Sleep on a Plane and More
Jun 23, 2023
37. Carlton Ward, Florida Conservation Photographer: Path of the Panther, Remote Camera Traps, and Ghost Orchids
Jun 16, 2023
36. Daniel Sackheim: Emmy-Winning Director of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The X-Files on Filmmaking and Noir Street Photography
Jun 02, 2023
35. Art Wolfe, American Wildlife, Landscape, and Cultural Photographer: 'I've Lived the Life of 500 People'
May 19, 2023
34. Ian Plant and Rick Sammon: ‘Thinking vs Feeling’ Compositions, Visual Flow, and Photo Masters
May 05, 2023
33. Big Clouds, Big Ice: Chasing Danger and Beauty with Photographer Camille Seaman
Apr 21, 2023
32. Candice Millard and the River of the Gods: Genius, Courage, and Betrayal in the Search for the Source of the Nile
Apr 07, 2023
31. Kevin Kelly: Polymath and 'Most Interesting Man in the World' on AI Art, Vanishing Asia, and Excellent Advice For Living
Mar 24, 2023
30. Chris Rainier: TIME and National Geographic Documentary Photographer on Visual Storytelling and Sacred Places
Mar 10, 2023
29. Kristin Harila and 14 Peaks: A Historic Quest to Summit the World’s Biggest Mountains in Record Time
Feb 23, 2023
28. Joel Sartore: So You Want To Be a National Geographic Photographer?
Feb 10, 2023
27. Jeff Corwin: TV Host and Celebrity Wildlife Biologist on Snake Encounters, Endangered Species, and Steve Irwin
Jan 27, 2023
26. Photography From a War Zone: A Dispatch From Ukraine with Felipe Dana
Jan 13, 2023
25. Spencer Howard, Travel Guru: Maximizing Airline Points, Hotel Loyalty Programs, and Best Credit Cards For Cheap Luxury Travel
Dec 30, 2022
24. William Neill: Inside the Mind of a Landscape Photography Master
Dec 16, 2022
23. Will Travers, President of the Born Free Foundation: Why Wildlife Matters
Dec 02, 2022
22. Marc Muench: Insights on Photography Workshops, The Art of Seeing, and Ski Photography in Iran
Nov 18, 2022
21. Ankur Warikoo: Author of ‘Do Epic Shit’ on Lessons for Going Pro, Entrepreneurship, and Habits for Success
Nov 04, 2022
20. Gina Greer: Executive Director at the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO)
Oct 21, 2022
19. Richard Bernabe on Antarctica: Photography from the Bottom of the World
Oct 14, 2022
18. Alejandro Cartagena: Photographing Suburbia, the Success of Carpoolers, and Lessons in Self-Publishing
Oct 06, 2022
17. Ayman Hariri: A Conversation with the CEO & Co-Founder of VERO True Social
Sep 30, 2022
16. Sebastian Modak, Lonely Planet Editor-At-Large: The Power of Awe and the Assignment of a Lifetime.
Sep 23, 2022
15. Kenya Photography Safari with Richard Bernabe: Insights, Preparation, Gear and Strategies
Sep 09, 2022
14. Robin Thurston: CEO of Outside Inc. on the Outerverse and How Web3 Could Be a Big Deal for Creators
Aug 26, 2022
13. Dr. Peter Lindsey: Director of the Lion Recovery Fund
Aug 12, 2022
12. Levison Wood: Photographer, Author and 'Toughest Man on TV' Reveals the Art of Exploration
Jul 29, 2022
11: Sophy Roberts: Award-Winning Travel Writer on Hidden Africa and the Lost Pianos of Siberia
Jul 15, 2022
10. Moose Peterson: Nikon Legend Behind The Lens on Wildlife and Aviation Photography
Jun 29, 2022
9. Conrad Anker: Legendary Mountaineer on a Lifetime of Climbing and Remembering Galen Rowell.
Jun 17, 2022
8. Ellen Cuylaerts: Underwater Photography and Facing Your Fears
Jun 01, 2022
7. David Burkus: Best-Selling Author on Creativity Myths
May 20, 2022
6. John Paul Caponigro: Fine Art Photography and the Creative Life
May 05, 2022
5. 'Ask Me Anything' Episode with Richard Bernabe. Answering Listener's Questions
Apr 28, 2022
4. Marc Saltzman: USA Today Columnist on Demystifying Technology
Apr 22, 2022
3. Marc Cooke: Saving the Wolves of Yellowstone
Apr 07, 2022
2. Jerry Greer: CEO of Mountain Trail Press on Self Publishing Like a Pro
Mar 24, 2022
1. Rick Sammon: Canon Explorer of Light, Award-Winning Photographer, Author, and Musician.
Mar 11, 2022